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Title: Song Feiqing (宋棐卿) papers
Date (inclusive): 1926-2013
Collection Number: 2013C4
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: Chinese and English
Physical Description: 13 manuscript boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 1 motion picture film reel (8.6 linear feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, legal and financial records, printed matter, motion picture film, and audiovisual material relating to operations of the Oriental Corporation in Tianjin, China, and subsequently in Hong Kong.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Song, Feiqing, 1898-1955.


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Materials were acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 2013, with additional materials acquired in 2017.

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Biographical Note

Born in 1898 to a Christian family in Shandong Province, the Chinese businessman Song Feiqing is best known for his role in modern China's industrialization and for promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in China. In the early 1920s, Song went to Chicago to study business management at Northwestern University. In 1925, he returned to China and spent the next several years working in his father's business in Tianjin. Seeing that China's industry was lacking entrepreneurship, especially in the textile market where foreign countries were profiting at China's expense, in 1932 Song established the Oriental Corporation (Dongya) in Tianjin. That corporation became China's first textile company to use Chinese wool to produce its yarn and to sell its products both domestically and internationally. By the 1940s, the corporation had become the largest yarn production company in China, having garnered more than 80 percent of the domestic Chinese market.
Song's entrepreneurship transformed the business environment in modern China. In addition, Song brought his religious beliefs into his management style and enterprise culture, as well as forming a social communication network that relied on the Christian spirit to serve his entrepreneurial purposes. After the Chinese Communists won the civil war and established the People's Republic in 1949, Song struggled to keep his enterprises intact but was unable to do so. In 1950, he moved his company to Hong Kong and later immigrated to Argentina. He died in Buenos Aires in 1955.

Scope and Content of Collection

The papers of Song Feiqing include correspondence, writings, legal and financial records, printed matter, motion picture film, and audiovisual material relating to the operations of the Oriental Corporation in Tianjin, China, and then in Hong Kong, including what part Christian beliefs played in Song's management practices. The papers also provide a rare glimpse into the formation of industrialization and entrepreneurship in China’s recent past.
An increment received in 2017 contains documents related to Song Feiqing's life and legacy collected by his children, including personal correspondence, writings, clippings, photographs, and Oriental Corporation records.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Oriental Corporation.
Business enterprises--China.
Business enterprises--China--Hong Kong.

Boxes 1-2

Biographical and historical file on Song Feiqing and the Oriental Corporation 宋棐卿生平和东亚毛纺织公司历史资料, 1965-2009

Box/Folder 1 : 1-2

Articles and reports on the Oriental Corporation and Song Feiqing in newspapers, magazines and the internet 近期在报纸、杂志和网络上有关东亚公司和宋棐卿的文章和新闻报道, after 1990

Box/Folder 1 : 3-5

Newspaper clippings 代较为久远的剪报, before 1990

Box/Folder 1 : 6

Biographical article on Song Feiqing by Wang Weigang, "Dong Ya Fang Zhi Da Wang Song Feiqing," originally published in the book Biographies of Chinese Capitalists in Taiwan 收录于《中国大资本家》一书中由王维刚撰写的"东亚纺织大王宋棐卿",最早在台湾出版, undated

Box/Folder 1 : 7

Biography of Song Feiqing authored by his daughter Song Yunzhang 由宋棐卿之女宋允璋撰写的《我国著名的民族纺织工业家—宋棐卿先生传记, 2001

Box/Folder 1 : 8

Biographical article on Song Feiqing and the Oriental Corporation in the book Chinese Business Giants in the Century, with English translation 《中国百年商业巨子(下)》一书中“宋棐卿和东亚毛纺织股份有限公司”一文及其英文翻译, 1997

Box/Folder 1 : 9

Biographical article on Song Feiqing and the Oriental Corporation by Li Jingshan and three others in the collection of Tianjin Wen Shi Zi Liao Xuan Ji, with English translation 收录于《天津文史资料选辑》中由李静山等人撰写的“宋棐卿与天津东亚企业公司”一文及其英文翻译, 1984

Box/Folder 2 : 1

Academic papers on the Oriental Corporation written by professors in the United States 美国教授撰写的关于东亚纺织公司的学术文章, 2009

Boxes 2-3

Publications that include articles on the Oriental Corporation and Song Feiqing 收录东亚纺织公司和宋棐卿相关文章的出版物, 1965-2005

Boxes 3-4

The Oriental Corporation records 东亚公司的相关资料, 1932-2000

Box/Folder 3 : 1

Company ordinances 东亚企业的企业条例, 1932-1980

Box/Folder 3 : 2

Employee handbook 东亚公司职工手册, 1935

Box/Folder 3 : 3

Song Feiqing’s participation in the Tianjin Guo Min Da Hui and his proposal to the government 宋棐卿参加国民大会并提交提案, 1935-1936

Box/Folder 3 : 4

"The Spirit of the Oriental" 东亚公司出版物《东亚精神》, 1945

Box/Folder 3 : 5

Employees' leisure activities and welfare in the Oriental Corporation 东亚公司职工娱乐活动和福利手册, 1948

Box/Folder 3 : 6

Research materials on Brazil and Australia’s wool industry 对巴西和澳大利亚羊毛工业的研究资料, 1948-1957

Box/Folder 3 : 7

Sewing machine history and a book list 纺织机历史及书单, 1951

Box/Folder 3 : 8

Business and trade with Japan and Germany 东亚公司的日本和德国合作伙伴, 1952

Box/Folder 4 : 1

Rules on training execution 训练实施办法, 1953

Box/Folder 4 : 2

Argentina business name list 阿根廷生意伙伴名单, undated

Box/Folder 4 : 3

A collection of the corporation’s songs 东亚歌集, undated

Box/Folder 4 : 4

The establishment of Tianjin Oriental Corporation in 1978 有关年天津东亚毛纺针织联合公司成立的文件, 1978

Box/Folder 4 : 5

Brochures on the history and products of Tianjin Oriental Worsted Mill Group 天津东亚毛纺织集团有限公司产品与历史宣传资料, 2000

Box 4

Documents for pretrial and trial on factory ownership in Hong Kong 有關香港工廠所有權問題的开庭相关文件, 1952-1963

Box/Folder 4:6

Copies of pretrial documents 庭审前预备会议的文件复印件, 1952-1958

Box/Folder 4:7

English translation of the tape recording for pretrial 庭审前预备会议录音的英文翻译, 1952-1958

Box/Folder 4:8

Miscellaneous documents, including letters and recordings, regarding legal actions 其他文件(信件、谈话记录和诉讼回复), 1955

Box/Folder 4:9

Letters exchanged with lawyer Alfredo Barry 与Alfredo Barry 律师的信件交流, 1955-1956

Box/Folder 4:10

Documents relating to preparation for trial 开庭的准备材料, 1957

Box/Folder 4:11

Pretrial with lawyers, 1957

Box/Folder 4:12

Correspondence between Harvey Sung and Attorney Currie 宋宇涵和律师Currie 之间的通信往来, 1957-1958

Box/Folder 4:13

Pretrial account of what happened with Hong Kong office 审前预备会议关于香港公司发生情况的叙述, 1958

Box/Folder 4:14

Letters between Hong Kong and California 年审前预备会议之后的香港和加州两地的通信摘要, 1961-1962

Box/Folder 4:15

Correspondence with lawyer, friends, and Song Yuhan before and after the trial 打官司前后与律师、朋友以及宋宇涵来往信件, 1962-1963

Boxes 5-6

Correspondence 通信, 1951-1961

Box/Folder 5 : 1

Notes on the exchange with Song Yuhan, Xianmin, Xianyong, and Du Zhishen 与宋宇涵、显勇、显民和杜之绅交流的条目记录, 1951 December 3 - 1952 November 28

Box/Folder 5 : 2

Between Du Zhishen, Shi Shaodong, and Song Xianmin discussing the business plan for the Hong Kong office 杜之绅、石少东和宋显民谈香港公司业务的通信往来, 1951-1953

Box/Folder 5 : 3

Relating to Draper Corporation in Brazil 有关巴西 Draper 公司的信件, 1951-1953

Box/Folder 5 : 4

Relating to trading with Japanese companies 与日本公司贸易往来的信件, 1951-1953

Box/Folder 5 : 5

Between Du Zhishen, Song Xianmin, and Song Feiqing 东亚企业公司香港分公司杜之绅、宋显民与宋棐卿的通信摘要, 1952

Box/Folder 5 : 6

Exchanged with Song Yunhua 与宋允华的通信, 1952-1953

Box/Folder 5 : 7-8

Between Song Yuhan, Song Xianmin, and Li Jingfang 宋雨涵和宋显民与李景芳的通讯往来, 1952-1959

Box/Folder 5 : 9

Du Zhishen and Li Jingfang (copies) 杜之绅与李景芳的原始信件复印件, 1952-1961

Box/Folder 5 : 10

Li Jingfang with Xianmin and Cunzhen (copies) 李景芳与显民存贞信件存底, 1953-1959

Box/Folder 5 : 11

Family members, 1955-1958

Box/Folder 6 : 1

From Xianmin and Xianzhi to Jiangfang (copies) 显智显民写给景芳信件存底, 1956-1957

Box/Folder 6 : 2

Family letters 家信, 1956-1960

Box/Folder 6 : 3

Yuzhen and other friends in Hong Kong 从 1955 来与玉珍等香港同仁的通信, 1957-1960

Box/Folder 6 : 4

Jingbo 与泾波夫妇的通信, 1958

Box/Folder 6 : 5

Friends and family, 1958-1960

Box/Folder 6 : 6

From Bo Yixiang to Li Jingfang 博义祥写给李景芳的信件, 1959

Box/Folder 6 : 7

Jingfang and Xianyong 年后景芳和显勇之间的通信, after 1955

Box/Folder 6 : 8

Oriental Corporation (after Song Feiqing‘s death) 棐卿去世后宋家与东亚的通信, after 1955

Box/Folder 6 : 9

Recent years and eulogy scripts for Mrs. Song 近些年的信件和对宋夫人的慰词, undated

Box 6

Other materials 其他文件(财务记录、经营计划和家庭事务), 1947-1961

Scope and Content note

Includes financial records, business plan, and family documents.
Box/Folder 6 : 10

Reports for chicken raising 关于建养鸡场的研究报告, 1952

Box/Folder 6 : 11

Documents relating to deposit in the New York Bank 有关在纽约银行存款的文件, 1954

Box/Folder 6 : 12

Documents relating to insurance claim 有关保险赔付的文件, 1958-1959

Box/Folder 6 : 13

Expenses at Berkeley 在伯克利的开销, 1961

Box/Folder 6 : 14

Signature book for Yuntai and Jingshu’s wedding 允泰和泾淑婚礼签名纪念册, 1947-1948

Boxes 7-8

Personal materials 宋棐卿的私人资料, 1951-1954

Box/Folder 7 : 1

Diary 1951 年到 1952 年的日记, 1951 December 1 - 1952 January 22

Box/Folder 7 : 2

Original correspondence to Song Feiqing relating to Hong Kong office 寄给宋棐卿有关香港公司的信件原件, 1952

Box/Folder 7 : 3

Bank account statement 宋棐清的银行对账单, 1952-1954

Box/Folder 7 : 4-10

Correspondence received and sent (personal, business) 宋棐卿的信件, 1953-1954

Box/Folder 7 : 11

Photocopy of Song Feiqing’s industrial plan "My Dream" 宋棐卿的工业计划《我的梦》复印件, undated

Box 8

Sound recordings of Song Feiqing’s funeral and obituaries 宋棐卿追悼会录音资料和讣告剪报, 1956

Film shelf

16mm motion picture film

Boxes 9-15

April 2017 increment, 1947-2013

General note

In instances where original folder titles were maintained, they are indicated by quotation marks around the title.
Box 9

Biographical notes and clippings, 1957, 2000-2013


Photographs, 1955, 2000-2010


The Oriental Corporation: A Review, 1947


Will of Li Jingfang (宋李景芳), 1960

General note

Ching Fan Lee Sung (宋李景芳) is Song Feiqing's wife.

Passports and letters, 1951-1962

Language of the Material: Letters in Chinese, English, and Latin.
Box 10

"Various receipts - Argentina," 1951-1955


Personal letters, 1952-1955


Journals, 1952


Correspondence, 1950-1960


The Oriental Corporation booklets, 1948


"Letters with Cardinal Tian - Awards too," 1951-1957


"Letters from Ma to 李靜山 - Stock Shares," 1962-1990

Box 11

Business documents and letters, 1970-2003


"Misc. letters from mom," 1957-1959


Transcribed diary, 1955


Family correspondence, 1987-2001


Documentation and correspondence following Li Jingfang's (宋李景芳) death, 1979-1985


"Remembrances by different people," 1969-1974

Box 12

"Shi Shao Dong & Mother's writings on Song Feiqing," undated


"Mother's (Song Li Jingfang) original writings on Song Feiqing's life," 1970


Li Jingfang's writings on Song Feiqing, 1969


"Sung Interviews: R1, R2, Albert, Allen," 2011

Scope and Contents note

Contains a DVD of interviews with several of Song Feiqing's children.

His Dream - Song Feiqing (他的梦 – 宋棐卿) revision recommendations, 2005


I Have a Warm Family 《我有一个温暖的家》, 2009

Box 13

My Dream 我的梦 by Jiang Zilong 蒋子龙, undated


Clippings, 2003-2009


F. C. Sung (Harry Sung) and Tianjin Oriental Corporation, undated


Thank you letters, 2006-2009


Orange yarn from Tianjin Oriental Corporation, undated

Box 14

Photograph album, 1947


Photograph album, 1950-1959

Box 15

Holy Bible: Papal Edition, 1952