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Series I: San Diego City Planning 1951-1974 and undated

Box-folder 1:1

Off-Street Downtown Parking Projects: Reports and Correspondence 1951-1969

Box-folder 1:2

Report on the Collection, Treatment and Disposal of the Sewage of San Diego County 1952

Box-folder 1:3

The Civic Auditorium for San Diego-A Report by the City Planning Commission 1953

Box-folder 1:4

Condensed Economic Report—Proposed Construction Project—Plaza Auditorium and Garage 1954

Box-folder 1:5

Report on Off-Street Parking Plan for the Central District of San Diego 1955

Box-folder 1:6

Financing Off-Street Parking in the Central District of San Diego Using the Parking District Law of 1951 1956

Box-folder 1:7

Planning Advisory Service Report: Floor Area Ratio 1958

Box-folder 1:8

Better Transportation for Your City: a Guide to the Factual Development of Urban Transportation Plans 1958

Box-folder 1:9

Estimated Usage, Proposed Marston Company Parking Garage 1958

Box-folder 1:10

Results of Downtown Parking Studies 1956-1958 1958

Box-folder 1:11

Population Trends and Projections of the San Diego Metropolitan Area 1958

Box-folder 1:12

A Program for the Development of Public Office Buildings 1959

Box-folder 1:13

San Diego County Regional Plan: Objectives and Policies 1960-1963

Box-folder 1:14

This is Your City (blight abatement) 1960

Box-folder 1:15

Blight Abatement Yardstick Report 1961

Box-folder 1:16

Report on Costs and Financial Feasibility 1961

Box-folder 23:1

The San Diego General Plan Study 1961

Box-folder 1:17

Neighborhood Analysis: Part I, A Description of Existing Conditions in the “Bay Area” 1961

Box-folder 1:18

Neighborhood Analysis: Part I, A Description of Existing Conditions in the “Bay Area” (second copy) 1961

Box-folder 1:19

Centre City: Governmental Facilities 1961

Box-folder 1:20

Factual Data Report of Proposed Civic Center and Auditorium Site 1961

Box-folder 1:21

Regional Planning for San Diego County, report by Willis Miller c.1961

Box-folder 1:22

Master Plan of Freeways and Major Streets 1962

Box-folder 1:23

Non-Residential Land Use in San Diego 1962

Box-folder 1:24

Citizens Advisory Committee for General Plan Review 1962

Box-folder 1:25

Community Concourse, Centre City, Exhibition-Parking Facility: Preliminary Report 1962

Box-folder 1:26

Report of the Citizens Charter Review Committee 1962

Box-folder 1:27

Racial and Ethnic Relations in Metropolitan San Diego 1963

Box-folder 1:28

The Older Half: 1963 Program for Community Improvement 1963

Box-folder 1:29

Pockets of Poverty: A Study of Deprivation in Two Areas of the City of San Diego 1964

Box-folder 1:30

The General Plan San Diego 1985 1964

Box-folder 2:1

The General Plan San Diego 1985 1964

Box-folder 2:2

The General Plan San Diego 1985 1964

Box-folder 21:1

Land Use Allocation for San Diego Border Area Program 1964

Box-folder 2:3

San Diego Border Area Program Overview and Technical Report 1 1964

Box-folder 2:4

San Diego Border Area Program Technical Reports 2-4 1964

Box-folder 2:5

Centre City 75: A Transportation Plan for Centre City, San Diego 1964

Box-folder 2:6

Centre City, San Diego: A Plan for Improvement 1964

Box-folder 2:7

The San Pasqual Valley 1964

Box-folder 2:8

San Diego Border Area Program: Reports and Correspondence 1964-1968

Box-folder 2:9

Developing Metropolitan Transportation Policies: A Guide for Local Leadership 1965

Box-folder 2:10

Open Space for Urban America 1965

Box-folder 2:11

Harbor 101-A Report on Existing Conditions and Recommendations 1965

Box-folder 2:12

Centre City: 75-A Development Plan for Centre City 1965

Box-folder 2:13

Economic Analysis of Three Alternative Zoological Developments in the San Pasqual Valley 1965

Box-folder 2:14

Centre City: An Analysis of Construction & Demolition 1960-1965 c.1965

Box-folder 2:15

Projection Seventy, Center City: Project Program Report c.1965

Box-folder 2:16

A Coordinated Data System for Metropolitan San Diego 1966

Box-folder 2:17

Nonresidential Land Use Inventory 1966

Box-folder 2:18

Study Design-Comprehensive Planning Program San Diego County 1966

Box-folder 2:19

Summary of Conclusions: General Economic Analysis of Future Land-Use Markets, South San Diego Border Area 1966

Box-folder 23:2

San Diego Border Area Plan 1966

Box-folder 2:20

Harbor 101 Project Proposals 1966

Box-folder 2:21

Population and Housing Map, San Diego County, January 1, 1966 1966

Box-folder 2:22

Civic Affairs Survey 1966

Box-folder 2:23

Report of Civic Facilities Corporation 1966

Box-folder 2:24

City of San Diego Industrial Park c.1966

Box-folder 2:25

Historical Survey of Old Town Plaza c.1966

Box-folder 2:26

San Diego Regional Plan Bulletin 1966-1967

Box-folder 2:27

Proposed San Diego General Plan (includes map) 1967

Box-folder 2:28

San Diego County Population Projections—1990 1967

Box-folder 2:29

Regional Plan Bulletin 4: Historic Development of San Diego County 1967

Box-folder 2:30

San Diego County General Plan 1990 (map) 1967

Box-folder 2:31

Progress Guide and General Plan for the City of San Diego 1967

Box-folder 3:1

Progress Guide and General Plan for the City of San Diego 1967

Box-folder 3:2

Public Opinion Questionnaire, San Diego Metropolitan Area Transportation Study 1967

Box-folder 23:3

Preliminary Regional General Plan, San Diego County 1990 1967

Box-folder 3:3

Market Potential for an Improved Harbor 101 Project Area 1967

Box-folder 3:4

Final Report: Embarcadero Development Study 1967

Box-folder 3:5

Citizen Involvement in Urban Planning: the San Diego Experiment 1967-1968

Box-folder 3:6

Progress Guide and General Plan for the City of San Diego 1967-1969

Box-folder 3:7

City of San Diego Population and Land Use Bulletin 1967-1971

Box-folder 3:8

San Diego Agriculture: Problems and Prospects 1968

Box-folder 3:9

Local Government and Pre-Planned Communities in San Diego County 1968

Box-folder 3:10

Centre City Employment and Business Census 1968

Box-folder 3:11

Horton Plaza Renovation Correspondence 1968

Box-folder 3:12

Planning Alternatives for the Border Area 1968

Box-folder 3:13

Manual of Program Summaries for Assisting Community Improvement and Development 1968

Box-folder 3:14

Market Potential for an Improved Harbor 101 Project Area 1968

Box-folder 3:15

Parking Inventory 1968: Downtown and Outlying San Diego Business Areas 1968

Box-folder 3:16

1968 Traffic Flow Map, San Diego Metropolitan Area 1968

Box-folder 3:17

Citizens Advisory Committee General Plan 1968

Box-folder 3:18

San Diego 1968: View from the Core Conference 1968

Box-folder 3:19

Community Promotion Program Study Report 1968

Box-folder 3:20

Technical Support Documents, Regional General Plan, San Diego County 1990 c.1968

Box-folder 3:21

City of San Diego Points of Interest 1968-1969

Box-folder 3:22

Housing Program and Housing Element Memorandums 1968-1969

Box-folder 3:23

Horton Plaza Expansion and Redevelopment: Reports and Editorials 1968-1969

Box-folder 3:24

Off-Street Parking Organization, Financing and Development for Neighborhood and Community Business Districts 1969

Box-folder 3:25

Report on Small Park Acquisition by San Diego County Comprehensive Planning Organization 1969

Box-folder 3:26

San Diego Model Cities Program Submission II 1969

Box-folder 3:27

Off-Street Parking Organization, Financing and Development for Neighborhood and Community Business Districts 1969

Box-folder 3:28

Horton Plaza Parking Study for City of San Diego by National Garages, Inc. 1969

Box-folder 3:29

San Diego’s Offshore Area 1969

Box-folder 3:30

San Diego County Population and Housing Bulletin 1969-1971

Box-folder 3:31

Aspirations San Diego, 1970-2070 1970

Box-folder 3:32

Report on Multi-Problem Families 1970

Box-folder 3:33

San Diego’s Industry 1969-1990: A Planning Analysis 1970

Box-folder 4:1

Initial Housing Element 1970

Box-folder 4:2

San Diegans Inc Newsletter on Centre City Transportation 1970

Box-folder 4:3

Description and Location of the Disadvantaged-Handicapped Population: Grossmont Junior College District 1970

Box-folder 4:4

Map: Major Statistical Areas with Subregional Areas and 1970 Census Tracts 1970

Box-folder 4:5

Transit Development Plan & Program 1970

Box-folder 4:6

Preliminary Ocean Beach Implementation Plan 1970

Box-folder 4:7

San Diego County Planning Data 1970-1972

Box-folder 4:8

Population and Housing Estimating Systems 1971

Box-folder 4:9

Proposed Information System for Planning Vol I 1971

Box-folder 4:10

A Decent Home for Every San Diegan 1971

Box-folder 4:11

Special Study Profile: San Diego City 1972

Box-folder 4:12

Attitude Survey Summary Report 1972

Box-folder 4:13

1970 Census Sub Regional Area Datatables and Computer Maps 1972

Box-folder 4:14

Alternative Regional Growth Forecasts, Population and Employment 1975-1995 1972

Box-folder 4:15

1970 Census Tract Map 1972

Box-folder 4:16

Plan: Comprehensive Planning Organization of the San Diego Region 1974

Box-folder 4:17

Temporary Paradise? A Look at the Special Landscape of the San Diego Region 1974

Box-folder 4:18

Tri-City Hospital Master Plan Application 1974

Box-folder 4:19

San Diego City College Redevelopment Project Undated


Series II: Community Plans 1958-1974

Box-folder 4:20

Mission Valley Plan 1958

Box-folder 4:21

Spring Valley Today & Tomorrow—Public Affairs Research Institute 1958

Box-folder 4:22

South Bay Industrial Study 1959

Box-folder 4:23

Solana Beach, 1959-Public Affairs Research Institute 1959

Box-folder 4:24

Report on Del Mar-Public Affairs Research Institute 1959

Box-folder 4:25

Preliminary Master Plan for Montgomery Field 1960

Box-folder 4:26

Public Facilities Plan for the Kearny Mesa Area 1960-1961

Box-folder 4:27

Preliminary Development Plan for Camp Elliott 1961

Box-folder 4:28

Ocean View Blvd.—47th St. Area Plan 1962

Box-folder 4:29

The Elliott Community Plan 1962

Box-folder 4:30

Frontier-Midway Area Plan 1962

Box-folder 4:31

Del Mar/Torrey Pines Community Plan 1962

Box-folder 4:32

Morena Area Plan 1963

Box-folder 4:33

Frontier-Midway Area Background Data Report II: Pilot Area Study Program 1963

Box-folder 4:34

Urban Design Manual of Goals: San Diego Border Area Program c.1963

Box-folder 4:35

Existing Conditions Mid-City 1964

Box-folder 5:1

Feasibility Study, Mid-City Project 1964

Box-folder 5:2

Mira Mesa Community Plan 1964-1965

Box-folder 5:3

San Diego State College Area Plan 1965

Box-folder 5:4

Mid-Century Development Plan 1965

Box-folder 5:5

La Jolla Shores Height Limit Zone 1965

Box-folder 5:6

Southeast San Diego: An Analysis of Construction and Demolition 1960-1965 1966

Box-folder 5:7

Rancho Bernardo Community Plan 1966

Box-folder 5:8

San Diego Old Town Study 1966

Box-folder 5:9

Economic Development Analysis of the Frontier-Midway Area 1966

Box-folder 5:10

Compendium of San Diego Community Plans 1967

Box-folder 5:11

La Jolla Community Plan 1967

Box-folder 5:12

Criteria, Old San Diego Architectural Control District 1967

Box-folder 5:13

San Ysidro Economic Potential 1968

Box-folder 5:14

Peninsula Community Plan 1968

Box-folder 23:4

Old San Diego Community Plan 1968

Box-folder 5:15

Revised East Mission Valley Area Plan 1968

Box-folder 5:16

Official Assessment Bond Prospectus, Del Mar Heights-East and West 1968

Box-folder 5:17

Community Planning Groups Information 1968-1969

Box-folder 5:18

Southeast San Diego Community Plan 1969

Box-folder 5:19

North Park Commercial Area Plan 1969

Box-folder 5:20

Industrial, Residential, and Commercial Analysis of West Mission Valley 1969

Box-folder 5:21

Midway Community Plan 1969

Box-folder 5:22

San Ysidro Community Plan 1970

Box-folder 5:23

University Community Master Plan (including map) 1970

Box-folder 5:24

Park North-East Community Plan 1970

Box-folder 5:25

Mission-Pacific Beach Community Plan 1970

Box-folder 5:26

Clairemont Mesa Community Plan 1970

Box 5:27

Kearny Vista Community Plan 1970

Box-folder 5:28

Morena Area Precise Plan: Existing Conditions Report c.1970

Box-folder 5:29

City of Poway Incorporation Application and Report 1972-1974

Box-folder 5:30

Uptown Community Plan 1974

Box-folder 5:31

Precise Plan for Mission Beach 1974

Box-folder 5:32

Preliminary Lemon Grove Community Plan 1974


Series III: Economic Development 1949-1975

Box-folder 5:33

San Diego Business Survey 1949-1970

Box-folder 5:34

Economic Survey of the San Diego Downtown Area 1958

Box-folder 5:35

Planning for New Growth-New Jobs 1962

Box-folder 5:36

Housing Market Analysis for Centre City Area, San Diego 1962

Box-folder 5:37

Market Analysis, South of Broadway Area, Centre City, San Diego 1962

Box-folder 5:38

San Diego Metropolitan Area, Bank of America Municipal Bond Department 1963

Box-folder 5:39

San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau Reports 1964

Box-folder 6:1

General Economic Analysis of Future Land-Use Markets, South San Diego Border Area 1964

Box-folder 6:2

Centre City Hotel Market and Location Analysis, San Diego 1964

Box-folder 6:3

Focus on San Diego County: An Economic Study of the San Diego Metropolitan Area 1965

Box-folder 6:4

San Diego City in Motion: Viewpoints of the Nation’s Leading Financiers 1965

Box-folder 6:5

Supplement, San Diego Manpower Resources Survey 1960-1965 1965

Box-folder 6:6

Industrial Data, San Diego County c.1965

Box-folder 6:7

Results: Industrial Climate Audit c.1965

Box-folder 6:8

San Diego Economic Development Research Program: Summaries and Recommendations 1966

Box-folder 6:9

Guide for Economic Development Programs 1966

Box-folder 6:10

Provisional Overall Economic Development Program for the City and County of San Diego 1966

Box-folder 6:11

City of San Diego Industrial Park c.1966

Box-folder 6:12

Drafts: Summary and Suggestions on the San Diego Economic Development Research Project c.1966

Box-folder 6:13

Community Guide to San Diego County 1967

Box-folder 6:14

Annual Review of San Diego Business Activity 1967-1969

Box-folder 6:15

San Diego Market Analysis 1967-1969

Box-folder 6:16

San Diego Economic Bulletin 1967-1971

Box-folder 6:17

Union-Tribune Index: San Diego Business Activity Monthly Summary 1967-1973

Box-folder 6:18

Annual State of the City Address 1967-1973

Box-folder 6:19

Monthly Summary of Business Conditions in Southern California 1967-1975

Box-folder 6:20

Digest of Insurable Loans 1968

Box-folder 6:21

Parking Industry Operating Cost Survey 1968

Box-folder 6:22

Economic Development Research Program: An Updating of the Original 1966 Study 1969

Box-folder 6:23

Input-Output Seminar on Structure of San Diego Economy 1969

Box-folder 6:24

San Diego Economic Development Research Program: An Updating of the Original 1966 Study 1969

Box-folder 21:2

Industrial Development Map of San Diego County c.1969

Box-folder 6:25

Comprehensive Planning Organization Initial Employment Survey 1970

Box-folder 6:26

Annual Review of San Diego Business Activity 1970-1972

Box-folder 6:27

Alternative Regional Growth Policies: Population/Employment Survey 1970

Box-folder 6:28

Annual Review of San Diego Business Activity 1971-1973

Box-folder 6:29

This is Your Economic Opportunity Commission: Special Report 1972

Box-folder 6:30

San Diego Overall Economic Development Program 1973

Box-folder 6:31

A Look at Economic Development Corporation and the Economic Growth of San Diego County 1973


Series IV: City of San Diego Finances 1934-1979

Box-folder 6:32

Newspaper Clippings on San Diego Zoo and City Administrative Cut 1934-1978

Box-folder 6:33

City of San Diego Manager’s Reports 1940-1950

Box-folder 6:34

City of San Diego Annual Financial Reports 1948-1953

Box-folder 7:1

City of San Diego Proposed Pay and Position Classification Plan 1951

Box-folder 7:2

Critical Community Facility Deficiencies 1951

Box-folder 7:3

City of San Diego Annual Financial Reports 1954-1958

Box-folder 7:4

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1955-1956

Box-folder 7:5

Brochures on Tax Dollars and Local Government 1955-1967

Box-folder 7:6

Capital Improvements Program 5 Year Projection Reports 1957-1960

Box-folder 7:7

San Diego Police Department Annual Reports 1958-1962

Box-folder 7:8

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1959-1960

Box-folder 7:9

City of San Diego Annual Financial Reports 1959-1962

Box-folder 7:10

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1960-1961

Box-folder 7:11

San Diego Civil Service Commission Annual Reports 1960-1964

Box-folder 7:12

Metropolitan San Diego Salary Survey 1961

Box-folder 7:13

Case for Better Utilization of Fire Manpower 1961

Box-folder 7:14

Compensation Plan for the City of San Diego 1961

Box-folder 7:15

City of San Diego Annual Report 1961-1962

Box-folder 7:16

City of San Diego Operations Report 1961-1962

Box-folder 7:17

Capital Improvements Program Reports 1961-1964

Box-folder 7:18

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1962-1963

Box-folder 7:19

Annual Metropolitan San Diego Salary Survey 1962-1966

Box-folder 7:20

Salable City Owned Property Reports c.1962-1977

Box-folder 7:21

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1963-1964

Box-folder 7:22

City of San Diego Annual Financial Reports 1963-1966

Box-folder 8:1

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1964-1965

Box-folder 8:2

Final Status Report, Capital Improvements Program 1964-1971

Box-folder 8:3

City Manager’s Comments to Mayor and City Council on Revenue Report, Municipal Services, Inter-Governmental Relations 1965

Box-folder 8:4

Mayor’s Committee on Municipal Finance: Revenues 1965

Box-folder 8:5

Mayor’s Committee on Municipal Finance: Inter-Governmental Relations 1965

Box-folder 8:6

Mayor’s Committee on Municipal Finance: Municipal Services 1965

Box-folder 8:7

Centre City: An Analysis of Tax Assessments 1960-1965 c.1965

Box-folder 8:8

Mayor’s Committee on Municipal Finance: Summary Report 1965-1966

Box-folder 8:9

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1965-1966

Box-folder 8:10

Progress Report for Mayor’s Committee on Municipal Finance 1965-1966

Box-folder 8:11

Capital Improvements Program Reports 1965-1967

Box-folder 8:12

San Diego City Civil Service Commission Schematic Classification Outline 1965-1970

Box-folder 8:13

City of San Diego Executive Salary Review 1966

Box-folder 8:14

Port of San Diego Annual Report 1966

Box-folder 8:15

Capital Improvement Authorizations 1956-57 through 1965-66 (maps) 1966

Box-folder 8:16

Memorandum and Notes on City’s Finances 1966

Box-folder 8:17

Report on Implementation of Recommendations of the Mayor’s Committee on Municipal Finance c.1966

Box-folder 8:18

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1966-1967

Box-folder 22:1

November 1967 City Election Data 1967

Box-folder 8:19

City of San Diego Budget Preparation Manual 1967

Box-folder 8:20

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1967-1968

Box-folder 8:21

San Diego Unified Port District Annual Report 1967-1972

Box-folder 8:22

Budget Estimates for Regions of San Diego 1968

Box-folder 8:23

Capital Improvement Needs 1968-69 through 1988-89, Working Draft 1968

Box-folder 9:1

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1968-1969

Box-folder 9:2

City of San Diego Annual Financial Reports 1968-1970

Box-folder 9:3

Capital Improvements Program Reports 1968-1970

Box-folder 9:4

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1969-1970

Box-folder 9:5

City of San Diego Water Utilities Department Annual Financial Reports 1969-1972

Box-folder 9:6

San Diego Stadium Authority Annual Financial Report 1969-1972

Box-folder 9:7

City of San Diego Capital Improvements & General Fund – Unallocated Reserve 1970

Box-folder 9:8

City of San Diego 1970-1971 Salary Ordinance 1970

Box-folder 9:9

Long-Term Leases of City Land, $1 or Less 1970

Box-folder 9:10

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1970-1971

Box-folder 9:11

City of San Diego Annual Financial Reports 1971-1972

Box-folder 9:12

City of San Diego Annual Budget 1971-1972

Box-folder 9:13

Capital Improvements Program Reports 1971-1972

Box-folder 9:14

Planetarium Authority Annual Financial Report 1972

Box-folder 9:15

City of San Diego Preliminary Budget 1972-1973

Box-folder 9:16

Capital Improvements Program Reports 1973

Box-folder 10:1

City of San Diego Preliminary Budget 1973-1974

Box-folder 10:2

Report: Financing of City and School District Facilities in Developing Areas (Mira Mesa) c.1974

Box-folder 10:3

City of San Diego Preliminary Budget Vol. I 1974-1975

Box-folder 10:4

City of San Diego Preliminary Budget Vol. II 1974-1975

Box-folder 10:5

City of San Diego Fiscal Data 1979


Series V: County of San Diego Finances 1949-1978

Box-folder 10:6

City-County Fiscal Relationships in San Diego County, California report 1949

Box-folder 10:7

Synopsis of a Report Entitled: An Analysis of the Benefits from Selected Services of San Diego County 1953

Box-folder 10:8

County of San Diego: Property Valuations, Tax Rates, Useful Information for Taxpayers 1965-1967

Box-folder 10:9

Statistics and Data on San Diego City and County 1969-1978

Box-folder 10:10

County of San Diego Annual Report 1971

Box-folder 10:11

County of San Diego: Property Valuations, Tax Rates, Useful Information for Taxpayers 1972

Box-folder 10:12

San Diego County Grant Inventory 1972

Box-folder 10:13

Annual Budget Report, City of Chula Vista 1972-1973

Box-folder 10:14

Annual Budget Report, City of La Mesa 1973-1974

Box-folder 10:15

County of San Diego: Property Valuations, Tax Rates, Useful Information for Taxpayers 1974

Box-folder 10:16

Final Budget, County of San Diego 1975

Box-folder 10:17

County of San Diego: Property Valuations, Tax Rates, Useful Information for Taxpayers 1975

Box-folder 10:18

County of San Diego: Property Valuations, Tax Rates, Useful Information for Taxpayers 1976

Box-folder 10:19

County of San Diego: Property Valuations, Tax Rates, Useful Information for Taxpayers 1978


Series VI: Urban Observatory 1969-1976

Box-folder 11:1

National Urban Observatory Conferences 1969-1970

Box-folder 11:2

San Diego Urban Observatory Reports and Agreements 1969-1972

Box-folder 11:3

Citizen Attitude Survey 1970

Box-folder 11:4

The Indianapolis Police Fleet Plan 1970

Box-folder 11:5

Measuring the Effectiveness of Local Government Services: Recreation and Solid Waste Collection 1970-1971

Box-folder 11:6

Urban Observatory Annual Reports 1970-1973

Box-folder 11:7

Citizen Attitudes in San Diego Report 1971

Box-folder 11:8

City Taxes and Services: Citizens Speak Out Publication 1971

Box-folder 11:9

Citizen Participation Groups in San Diego Report 1971

Box-folder 11:10

Community Leadership Development Program Report 1971

Box-folder 11:11

A Study of Problems and Methods of Police Recruitment from Disadvantaged Minorities 1971

Box-folder 11:12

Up-Grading Education for Minority Police Officers 1971

Box-folder 11:13

Framework for the Measurement of Programmatic Effectiveness 1971

Box-folder 11:14

A Study of the Social Service Delivery System in Poverty Areas of San Diego 1971

Box-folder 11:15

Options for Improving the Care of Neglected and Dependent Children 1971

Box-folder 11:16

Introduction to Sample Surveys for Government Managers 1971

Box-folder 11:17

Home Management Training Program 1971-1972

Box-folder 11:18

Opportunities for Volunteer Service in the City and County Government-Case Study: San Diego 1972

Box-folder 11:19

Citizen Power report 1972

Box-folder 11:20

A Study of Drinking Drivers in San Diego County 1972

Box-folder 11:21

The Dimensions of Juvenile Arson and False Fire Alarms for the Urban Areas of San Diego 1972

Box-folder 11:22

Consumer Counseling Manual for Homeownership 1972

Box-folder 11:23

A Study of Local Government Finance in San Diego SMSA 1972

Box-folder 11:24

Training Program for Community Development and Personnel in Model Cities 1972

Box-folder 11:25

Toward a Social Report for the City of San Diego 1972

Box-folder 11:26

Paying for Public Schools, Issues of School Finance in California 1972

Box-folder 11:27

User’s Guide to Profiles of Change Information Package 1972

Box-folder 11:28

Executive Training Institute Grant Memo (Urban Observatory) 1972

Box-folder 11:29

Measuring the Effectiveness of Local Government Services: Transportation c.1972

Box-folder 11:30

Urban Observatory Quarterly Reports 1972-1973

Box-folder 11:31

Fire Protection Capabilities and Problems in San Diego County, California 1973

Box-folder 11:32

Shifting Public Functions and the Distribution of Tax Burden by Economic Class: A Model and Empirical Observation 1973

Box-folder 11:33

A Study of San Diego City Charter Amendments 1973

Box-folder 11:34

The Quality of Life in San Diego: Selected Indicators of Urban Conditions and Trends 1973

Box-folder 11:35

Future Planning for Change in the Human Services: A Continuing Education Program for the San Diego Region 1973

Box-folder 11:36

San Diego Citizens’ Needs in Transportation, Recreation, and Housing 1973

Box-folder 11:37

Policewomen on Patrol 1973

Box-folder 11:38

Balanced Community Policy: An Evaluation of the Concept, Its Feasibility and Administrative Requirements for the City of San Diego 1973-1974

Box-folder 12:1

San Diego Manpower Study Project: An Assessment of San Diego Manpower Programming and Its Future Directions 1973-1976

Box-folder 12:2

San Diego: An Economic Analysis Volume I-II 1974

Box-folder 12:3

San Diego: An Economic Analysis Volume III-IV 1974

Box-folder 12:4

A Purchasing Management Audit of the City of La Mesa 1974

Box-folder 12:5

Emerging Issues in Local Government Law 1974

Box-folder 12:6

Recasting the Budgetary Process 1974

Box-folder 12:7

The Quality of Life in San Diego: Selected Indicators of Urban Conditions and Trends 1974

Box-folder 12:8

Legal and Effective Control Over Containers 1975

Box-folder 12:9

Status of Women: Quality of Life in San Diego 1975

Box-folder 12:10

Energy Consumption in Urban Transportation: Future Alternatives 1976

Box-folder 12:11

Local Government Attitudes Survey- County Summary 1976

Box-folder 12:12

A Fire Training Simulator 1976

Box-folder 12:13

Directory of San Diego Area Public Administrators 1976

Box-folder 12:14

San Diego Technology Action Center (SANDTAC) Twelve Month Report 1976


Series VII: Water Resources & Flood Control 1949-1978

Box-folder 12:15

San Dieguito and San Diego Rivers Investigation 1949

Box-folder 12:16

Operation and Maintenance Manual, San Diego River and Mission Bay Project, Pacific Ocean to Mission Valley 1955

Box-folder 12:17

Flood Control Report on San Diego River in Mission Valley (photo, map) 1957

Box-folder 12:18

Flood Control Report on San Dieguito River 1960

Box-folder 12:19

Flood Control Report on Otay River 1960

Box-folder 12:20

Report of the Flood Control Advisory Committee 1962

Box-folder 12:21

The San Diego Water Supply c.1962

Box-folder 12:22

City of San Diego Council Policy on Water and Sewer Facilities in Previously Developed Areas 1966

Box-folder 12:23

San Diego County Regional General Plan, Public Facilities c.1966

Box-folder 12:24

Master Water Plan 1967

Box-folder 12:25

Guidelines for the Use of San Diego’s Floodplains 1967

Box-folder 12:26

Tijuana River Flood Plain, Correspondence and Maps 1968-1973

Box-folder 12:27

Peñasquitos Sewer District, 1970 Sewer Bonds, Series A 1970

Box-folder 12:28

Drainage and Flood Control Background and Policy Study (map) 1970

Box-folder 12:29

Tijuana River Valley Land Use and Flood Control Alternatives Report 1973

Box-folder 12:30

San Diego River Mission Valley Flood Control Task Force Report 1973

Box-folder 12:31

California Department of Water Resources Bulletin No. 189, Waste Water Reclamation 1973

Box-folder 12:32

Newspaper Articles on Water Issues 1973-1977

Box-folder 12:33

New Perspective on Flood Control Solutions: The San Diego Experience 1974

Box-folder 12:34

California Department of Water Resources Bulletin No. 160-74, The California Water Plan Outlook in 1974 1974

Box-folder 12:35

California Department of Water Resources Bulletin No. 200, California State Water Project 1974

Box-folder 12:36

California Department of Water Resources Bulletin No. 80-5, Reclamation of Water from Wastes in Southern California 1975

Box-folder 12:37

California Department of Water Resources Bulletin No. 198, Water Conservation in California 1976

Box-folder 12:38

Water in the San Diego Region 1977

Box-folder 12:39

California Department of Water Resources Bulletin No. 202-76, Water Conditions and Flood Events in California, Water Year 1975-1976 1977

Box-folder 12:40

Water Resources Committee, Meeting Transcripts and Correspondence 1978


Series VIII: Sports Facilities 1964-1971

Box-folder 13:1

Economic Feasibility of the Proposed All-American Stadium for San Diego 1964

Box-folder 13:2

San Diego All-American Stadium—Phase 2 Report 1964

Box-folder 13:3

Preliminary Financing Report, All-American Outdoor Stadium for the City of San Diego 1965

Box-folder 13:4

Official Statement, San Diego Stadium Authority 1966

Box-folder 13:5

San Diego Stadium Authority, Annual Financial Report 1966-1967

Box-folder 13:6

San Diego Stadium Dedication Booklet 1967

Box-folder 13:7

Program, San Diego Chargers vs. Detroit Lions 1967

Box-folder 13:8

San Diego International Sports Arena Brochure 1967

Box-folder 13:9

San Diego Stadium Authority, Annual Financial Report 1971


Series IX: Parks and Recreation Facilities 1955-1973

Box-folder 13:10

Re-Evaluation of Standards and Criteria for Budgeting Playground Services (report) c.1955-1956

Box-folder 13:11

A Master Plan of Parks and Recreation 1956

Box-folder 13:12

Proposed Fortuna Mountain-Mission Gorge Metropolitan Park Report 1960

Box-folder 13:13

California Public Outdoor Recreation Plan, Parts I and II 1960

Box-folder 13:14

Maintenance Program for Beach Facilities 1960

Box-folder 13:15

California Recreation Statutes by City and County 1960

Box-folder 13:16

San Diego County Regional Plan, Objectives and Policies: Part 4, Recreation 1961

Box-folder 13:17

City of San Diego Council Policies, Recreation Related 1962-1972

Box-folder 13:18

Park and Recreation Citizens Study Committee Final Report 1963

Box-folder 13:19

Park and Recreation Citizens Study Committee Final Report (2nd copy) 1963

Box-folder 13:20

Park and Recreation Related Publications and Directories 1963-1967

Box-folder 13:21

Transcript of Hearing on the Subject of Neighborhood Parks and Open Space in Subdivisions 1964

Box-folder 13:22

Southern California Regional Recreation Area Study 1964

Box-folder 13:23

Trails for San Diego (report) 1966

Box-folder 13:24

San Diego Recreation Councils 1966

Box-folder 13:25

Recreational Use Surveys and Statistics 1966-1967

Box-folder 13:26

City of San Diego Urban Beautification Program 1966-1967

Box-folder 13:27

Legislation for Administration of Tideland and Submerged Land Trusts (includes map) 1966-1967

Box-folder 13:28

San Diego Area Recreation Survey 1967

Box-folder 13:29

Open Space in California: Issues and Options c.1967

Box-folder 13:30

Open Space for San Diego (report) 1968

Box-folder 13:31

City of San Diego Park Inventory 1970

Box-folder 23:5

Los Peñasquitos Regional Park Land Acquisition Report 1970

Box-folder 13:32

A Plan for the Preservation of Natural Parks for San Diego 1973

Box-folder 13:33

A Plan for the Acquisition of Park Reserve Lands 1973


Series X: Mission Bay 1934-1976 and undated

Box-folder 13:35

Mission Bay Development—Correspondence 1934-1945

Box-folder 21:3

Mission Bay Dredging 1935-1946

Box-folder 13:35

Preliminary Landscape Plan of North Easterly Portion of Mission Bay State Park, Blueprint (map) 1935

Box-folder 13:36

Preliminary Landscape Plan of North Easterly Portion of Mission Bay State Park, Map (map) 1935

Box-folder 13:37

Flood and Silt Conditions in Mission Bay 1935

Box-folder 13:38

Memo and Blueprint of Mission Bay State Parks—Works Progress Administration (includes map) 1937

Box-folder 13:39

Tentative Development Plan—Mission Bay State Park 1939

Box-folder 13:40

Report on Cooperative Beach Erosion Study Mission Beach, California 1942

Box-folder 14:1

Correspondence and Memoranda 1944-1976

Box-folder 22:2

Landscaping Plans on Adjacent to State Park Loans (includes maps) 1945

Box-folder 14:2

Preliminary Report on Suggested Sluicing of Mission Bay Flood Control Channel 1945

Box-folder 21:4

Mission Bay—Property Acquisition 1946

Box-folder 14:3

Landscape Improvement of Mission Bay—Preliminary Layout, Santa Clara Point (map) 1946

Box-folder 14:4

Master Ditto Copies—Miscellaneous 1946-1950

Box-folder 21:5

City Planning Department, Mission Bay Improvements: Cost Allocation-Salaries 1946-1951

Box-folder 14:5

Improvement of Mission Bay—Preliminary Layout, Santa Clara Point—Before Parking Lot Revisions (map) 1947

Box-folder 14:6

Mission Bay Recreational Park—Guest Housing Survey 1948

Box-folder 14:7

Improvement of Mission Bay—General Plan (map) 1948

Box-folder 14:8

Improvement of Mission Bay—Preliminary Layout of Lunch and Dining Terraces, Santa Clara Point (landscape plan) 1948

Box-folder 14:9

Proposed Expenditures—Mission Bay Bonds 1949

Box-folder 14:10

Permits for Work in Navigable Waters 1949

Box-folder 14:11

Bids for Mission Bay Development Projects (Dredging, Demolition, Bridge Construction) 1949-1951

Box-folder 14:12

De Anza Point Project on Mission Bay (Stabilization of Dredged Fill) 1950

Box-folder 14:13

The Corps of Engineers in California 1950

Box-folder 14:14

Report of Mission Bay Development 1952-1963

Box-folder 14:15

Articles about Mission Bay in Periodicals and other Publications 1952-1963

Box-folder 14:16

Mission Bay Park—Plans for Development 1952-1953

Box-folder 22:3

Mission Bay Park—Plans for Development (map) 1952-1953

Box-folder 14:17

Mission Bay Park Dredging—Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings 1952-1955

Box-folder 14:18

San Diego Reports—Mission Bay Progress Report 1953

Box-folder 14:19

Report on Mission Bay—Recreation, Navigation, Flood Control 1954

Box-folder 14:20

Review of the Effects of the Mission Bay Jetties upon Sand Migration 1954

Box-folder 14:21

Schematic Survey for the Progressive Development of Mission Bay Park 1955

Box-folder 22:4

Mission Bay Master Plan & Development—De Anza Cove (includes maps) 1955-1959

Box-folder 14:22

Mission Bay Recreation Area—Proposed Master Plan 1956

Box-folder 14:23

The Potential of San Diego Bay—A Feasibility Survey 1956

Box-folder 21:6

Mission Bay Recreation Area Master Plan Map 1956

Box-folder 21:7

Mission Bay Recreation Area Master Plan Map—Land Area Uses 1956

Box-folder 14:24

A Survey of the Mission Bay Administration 1956

Box-folder 14:25

Mission Bay Master Plan & Development File #1 1956-1957

Box-folder 14:26

Detailed Study of Santa Clara Point 1957

Box-folder 14:27

Mission Bay Small Craft Harbor (Preliminary Draft) 1957

Box-folder 14:28

History and Development of Mission Bay 1957

Box-folder 14:29

History and Development of Mission Bay (2nd copy) 1957

Box-folder 14:30

Mission Bay Recreation Area Master Plan Map 1957

Box-folder 14:31

Oneonta Lagoon, Small Craft Harbor, San Diego County 1957

Box-folder 14:32

Marine Advisors: Excerpts from Mission Bay Development: An Evaluation of Pertinent Oceanographic Factors 1957

Box-folder 14:33

Marine Advisors: Mission Bay Development: An Evaluation of Pertinent Oceanographic Factors 1957

Box-folder 14:34

Mission Bay Park Organization and Operations Manual 1957-1958

Box-folder 14:35

Master Plan of Mission Bay Park—Quivira Basin 1957-1958

Box-folder 14:36

Quivira Basin (includes maps) 1957-1959

Box-folder 15:1

Mission Bay Master Plan & Development File #2 1958

Box-folder 15:2

Special Meeting of the City Planning Commission 1958

Box-folder 15:3

Land Use Survey, Mission Bay Recreational Park 1958

Box-folder 15:4

Mission Bay Recreation Area—Some of the Basic Design Factors 1958

Box-folder 15:5

Mission Bay Recreation Area—Planning Director’s Report and File 1958

Box-folder 15:6

Mission Bay Recreation Area Master Plan Map (includes map) 1958

Box-folder 21:8

Mission Bay Land and Water Use Map 1958

Box-folder 15:7

Report of Soil Investigation, Mission Bay 1958

Box-folder 15:8

Specifications for Mission Bay Dredging and Revetment 1958

Box-folder 15:9

Organization and Operation of Mission Bay 1960

Box-folder 15:10

Report of Total Number of People on the Beaches and in the Swimming Areas of the South District of the Cities Beaches 1961

Box-folder 15:11

Mission Bay Park Events and Promotion: Summary Research and Specific Recommendations 1961

Box-folder 15:12

San Diego Marine Park at Mission Bay-Cost Estimate and Summary 1962

Box-folder 15:13

Signs—Mission Bay Park 1963

Box-folder 15:14

Mission Bay Park—Design Principals 1963

Box-folder 15:15

The Modern Marina: A Guidebook for the Community and Private Investor Interested in Marina Development 1963

Box-folder 15:16

Mission Bay Park Operating Rules and Regulations 1963

Box-folder 15:17

Oceanside Small Craft Harbor Dedication, Official Souvenir Program 1963

Box-folder 15:18

Water Resources Development in California 1963

Box-folder 15:19

Final Report-Part I: Harbor Island 1964

Box-folder 15:20

California Small Craft Harbors and Facilities Plan—Comprehensive Report 1964

Box-folder 15:21

Articles about Mission Bay in Periodicals and Other Publications 1964-1974

Box-folder 15:22

Mission Bay Park—Planning, Engineering, Finance, 1965-1965 1965

Box-folder 15:23

Mission Bay Brochures, Guides, Ephemera 1965-1969

Box-folder 15:24

Dana Point Harbor—Interior Design 1966

Box-folder 15:25

Instructions to Lessees Covering Preparation and Submission of Construction Plans 1966

Box-folder 15:26

History and Development of Mission Bay Aquatic Park 1967-1970

Box-folder 15:27

Mission Bay Park Map 1968

Box-folder 23:6

Master Plan Recommendations for Mission Bay Aquatic Park 1969

Box-folder 15:28

Water-Based Recreation: Supply and Demand Considerations: An Interdisciplinary Bibliography 1970

Box-folder 15:29

Mission Bay Small-Boat Harbor and Marine Park-Review and Recommendations 1970

Box-folder 15:30

Mission Bay Park “Mystic Maze”—Traffic Conditions 1970

Box-folder 15:31

Water-Based Recreation: Supply and Demand Considerations: An Interdisciplinary Bibliography 1971

Box-folder 15:32

Mission Bay Park Map 1972

Box-folder 15:33

Maps—Rowing (includes architectural drawings) 1973-1974

Box-folder 15:34

Sail Bay: Master Plan for Improvements 1978

Box-folder 15:35

Proposed Mission Bay Park Master Plan for Land and Water Use 1978

Box-folder 15:36

Engineering Report—Fiesta Island Bridge and Street Improvements—Mission Bay 1978

Box-folder 15:37

Mission Bay—Preliminary Sketches and Clippings Undated

Box-folder 16:1

Brief on Mission Bay Park Undated

Box-folder 16:2

Report on Proposed New Mission Beach Amusement Park Undated

Box-folder 16:3

The New Mission Beach Amusement Park Undated

Box-folder 16:4

Mission Bay (grid map) Undated

Box-folder 16:5

Structural Drawing of Bridget and Retaining Walls Undated

Box-folder 16:6

Boat House and Snack Bar—Bonita Bay (blueprint) Undated

Box-folder 16:7

Proposed Plan—Santa Clara Point-Recreation Area-First Layout (map) Undated

Box-folder 16:8

Oceanside Harbor, Oceanside, California Undated

Box-folder 16:9

Marinas—Rules and Regulations Undated

Box-folder 16:10

Mission Bay Pamphlets, Brochures and Leaflets Undated

Box-folder 21:9

Mission Bay Park & Recreation Area—Index of Drawings Undated


Series XI: Balboa Park 1930-1975 and undated

Box-folder 16:11

Natural History Museum: Handouts on Activities and Scientific Data 1930-1959

Box-folder 16:12

A Report on the Natural History Museum 1949

Box-folder 16:13

Sub-Committee Reports, Balboa Park Citizens Study Group 1957

Box-folder 16:14

Balboa Park Citizens Study Committee Final Report 1957

Box-folder 23:7

Planetarium of the Hall of Science c.1957

Box-folder 16:15

Services and Loans Catalog, Department of Activities, Natural History Museum 1957-1959

Box-folder 16:16

Natural History Museum, Report to George Bean c.1958

Box-folder 16:17

Alternate Uses of Buildings in the Prado and Palisades Areas, A Part of the Master Plan for Balboa Park 1959

Box-folder 16:18

Preliminary Draft, Alternate Uses of Buildings in the Prado and Palisades Areas, A Part of the Master Plan for Balboa Park 1959

Box-folder 16:19

Correspondence, Ford Building Remodel 1959-1960

Box-folder 16:20

Preliminary Draft, Alternate Uses of Buildings in the Prado and Palisades Areas, A Part of the Master Plan for Balboa Park with Diagrams Illustrating Draft of Balboa Park Master Plan 1960

Box-folder 16:21

Master Plan for Balboa Park 1960

Box-folder 16:22

Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego: Programs and Annual Report 1962-1963

Box-folder 16:23

Balboa Park Activity Center Map 1966

Box-folder 16:24

House of Pacific Relations Flier 1967

Box-folder 16:25

Spanish Village Art Center Overview c.1975

Box-folder 16:26

Museum of Man: History and Architecture Undated


Series XII: San Diego Miscellanea 1935-1981 and undated

Box-folder 16:27

Tourist Guide Books to San Diego and Attractions 1935-1947

Box-folder 16:28

City Manager Government in San Diego 1939

Box-folder 16:29

Tourist Maps of San Diego and Attractions c.1940s

Box-folder 16:30

Spanish Village Art Quarterly, Vol 1, No. 1 1941

Box-folder 16:31

City of San Diego Year Books 1944-1949

Box-folder 16:32

La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club booklet c.1945

Box-folder 16:33

Your City Grows: The San Diego Story 1949

Box-folder 16:34

Booklets on Historic Places of San Diego 1949-1967

Box-folder 16:35

Organization Charts of the City of San Diego 1952

Box-folder 16:36

City of San Diego Informational Publications 1952-1973

Box-folder 16:37

San Diego Today 1953

Box-folder 16:38

San Diego Unified School District Statistical Reports 1954-1967

Box-folder 16:39

Library Service and Performance Standards for the City of San Diego 1956

Box-folder 16:40

Your Career with the City of San Diego 1956

Box-folder 17:1

UCLA Master’s Thesis: The Old Globe Theater at San Diego 1957

Box-folder 17:2

An Airport for Southwest United States-Mexico c.1959

Box-folder 17:3

San Diego County Agencies Emergency Phone Numbers c.1960

Box-folder 17:4

U.S. Naval Air Station Miramar c.1960

Box-folder 17:5

San Diego Tourist Brochures c.1960s

Box-folder 17:6

City of San Diego Telephone Directories 1960-1968

Box-folder 17:7

Southern California Salutes Your Navy in San Diego 1962

Box-folder 17:8

Study Guide for Botanical Garden Project 1962

Box-folder 17:9

Annual Banquet of the Golden Plate of the Academy of Achievement 1962

Box-folder 17:10

San Diego County Operations Center booklet 1963

Box-folder 17:11

California Review, 2 Issues 1963-1964

Box-folder 17:12

City of San Diego Boards and Commissions c.1963-1964

Box-folder 17:13

San Diego City and County Guide Map—First National Bank 1964

Box-folder 17:14

Franklin Roosevelt’s Fourth Term Acceptance Speech 1964

Box-folder 17:15

The Western Explorer, Journal of the Cabrillo Historical Association 1964-1967

Box-folder 17:16

Fortune, March 1965 1965

Box-folder 21:10

Nine Three Nine Coast Promotional Brochure (Apartment Building) 1965

Box-folder 17:17

City of San Diego Civil Service Commission 50th Anniversary 1915-1965 1965

Box-folder 17:18

San Diego Promotional Booklets c.1965-1976

Box-folder 17:19

Boy’s Clubs of San Diego 1965-1966

Box-folder 17:20

San Diego Planetarium 1965-1971

Box-folder 17:21

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies Promotional Book c.1966

Box-folder 17:22

San Diego Facts Book 1966

Box-folder 17:23

A Coordinated Data System for Metropolitan San Diego 1966

Box-folder 17:24

Employee Relations and Personnel Administration 1966

Box-folder 17:25

Navy and Marines Public Affairs materials 1966-1968

Box-folder 17:26

Fishery-Oceanography Center, La Jolla 1967

Box-folder 17:27

General Atomics Programs and Brochures 1967

Box-folder 17:28

Index Cards Used for Tours with Facts about San Diego Businesses and Locations 1967-1970

Box-folder 17:29

San Diego Unified School District Statistical Report 1967-1968

Box-folder 17:30

Employment Practices, City of San Diego 1968-1969

Box-folder 17:31

Article on Early History of San Diego 1968

Box-folder 17:32

Ethnic Distribution Report 1969

Box-folder 17:33

San Diego County 200th Anniversary Map and Guide 1969

Box-folder 17:34

National Publications with San Diego as Feature Subject 1969

Box-folder 17:35

City of San Diego Telephone Directories 1969-1974

Box-folder 17:36

Beginnings: San Diego Public Library History 1882-1970 1970

Box-folder 17:37

San Diegans Inc Newsletter, Spring 1970 1970

Box-folder 17:38

Correspondence Regarding Visit of Mayor of Westminster, England 1970

Box-folder 17:39

A Community Guide to San Diego County 1971

Box-folder 17:40

Notes for Speeches About City Employees and Issues c.1971

Box-folder 23:8

Convair Aerospace Division of General Dynamics—50th Anniversary 1973

Box-folder 17:41

Management Plans for Cabrillo National Monument 1974

Box-folder 17:42

Resident Facility Classification Program Directory, County of San Diego 1974

Box-folder 17:43

Newspaper Clippings about San Diego History 1978-1981

Box-folder 17:44

Index Cards with Addresses of San Diego Organizations Undated

Box-folder 21:11

Inventory of Source of San Diego Statistical Material Undated


Series XIII: State of California 1957-1972 and undated

Box-folder 17:45

Tax Digest 1957

Box-folder 17:46

Special Districts in California 1960

Box-folder 17:47

Census of Governments, Government in California 1962

Box-folder 17:48

Reclamation of Land for Public Use—San Jose City Planning Commission 1962

Box-folder 17:49

California Statutes Relating to Public Acquisition of Off-Street Parking Facilities 1963

Box-folder 17:50

University of California, San Diego Academic Master Plan 1963

Box-folder 18:1

Highway Tax Structure in California c.1963-1965

Box-folder 18:2

California Statewide Information System Study 1965

Box-folder 18:3

California Statistical Abstract 1965

Box-folder 18:4

Statistical Supplement to Eighteenth Annual Report to the Governor of California by the Director of Public Works 1965

Box-folder 18:5

Focus on Orange County 1965

Box-folder 18:6

State of California Information System Study: City-State Information Flow 1965

Box-folder 18:7

California Crime Rate 1952-1964 Up 76%--Why? c.1965

Box-folder 18:8

California Tax Study Part II, Property Taxes 1966

Box-folder 18:9

Guide to California Special Assessment Acts 1966

Box-folder 18:10

California Official Highway Map 1966

Box-folder 18:11

California Tourism Industry—Trends and Investment Opportunities 1967

Box-folder 18:12

1967 Improvement Report, Los Angeles 1967

Box-folder 18:13

Recommended Roles for California State Government in Federal Urban Programs 1967

Box-folder 18:14

The Mexican “Amparo” as a Supplemental Remedy for the Redress of Citizen Grievances in California 1967

Box-folder 18:15

Summary of Remarks: Prospective Dimensions of Growth Problems in California 1967

Box-folder 18:16

Monthly Report of Building Permit Activity in the Cities and Counties of California 1969

Box-folder 18:17

Pollution: Air, Water, Land, Noise 1969

Box-folder 18:18

The Southern California Report: A Study of Growth and Economic Stature 1970

Box-folder 18:19

University of California, San Diego Financial Report 1970-1971

Box-folder 18:20

California Journal, Vol II, No 4 1971

Box-folder 18:21

California Roster 1971-1972: State, County, City and Township Officials 1971-1972

Box-folder 18:22

Developing Community Service and Continuing Education Programs in California Higher Education Institutions 1972

Box-folder 18:23

Assembly Bill 1971: Redistricting of California Undated


Series XIV: Miscellaneous Publications 1904-1976

Box-folder 18:24

Drinks as They Are Mixed by Leading Bartenders 1904

Box-folder 18:25

Anna Lois Brown Master’s Thesis: “An Analysis of an Employee Attitude Survey” 1956

Box-folder 18:26

Forms of Metropolitan Governments 1958

Box-folder 18:27

Regional Markets of the United States, A Study of the West Against Nationals Backgrounds 1961

Box-folder 18:28

The West: Studies Against Regional and National Backgrounds 1961-1963

Box-folder 18:29

Handbook of Federal Aids to Communities 1963

Box-folder 18:30

US Department of Commerce: City Government Finances 1963-1964

Box-folder 18:31

Urban Mass Transportation Legislation 1964

Box-folder 18:32

Public Works Re-evaluation: Consultants—Expanding or Declining Role 1964

Box-folder 18:33

Plight of Home Rule 1964

Box-folder 18:34

Cluster Development 1964

Box-folder 18:35

Institute of Governmental Affairs, Occasional Paper Series No. 1-3 1964

Box-folder 18:36

The Negro in the West 1964

Box-folder 18:37

Planning, Administration, and Maintenance of Community Amenities 1965

Box-folder 18:38

Fundamentals of Information Processing and Computers for State and Local Government 1965

Box-folder 18:39

The Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations 1965-1966

Box-folder 18:40

Boston Redevelopment Authority Annual Report 1966

Box-folder 18:41

Metropolitan Data Center Project 1966

Box-folder 18:42

EDP Systems & Programming Standards Manual 1966

Box-folder 18:43

US Navy Promotional Pamphlets c.1966

Box-folder 18:44

Modernizing State Government 1967

Box-folder 18:45

Community Action for Balanced Development—Bank of America 1967

Box-folder 18:46

Governing Urban Society: New Scientific Approaches 1967

Box-folder 18:47

Tenant’s Rights: Legal Tools for Better Housing 1967

Box-folder 19:1

Community Leader’s Guide—Bank of America 1967

Box-folder 19:2

Guidelines for Organization and Operation of Community Action Programs 1967

Box-folder 19:3

Historic Preservation, Vol 19, Nos. 3-4 1967

Box-folder 19:4

Municipal Finance, Volume XXXIX, No. 3: National Conference on Local Government Fiscal Policy 1967

Box-folder 19:5

Article: Empirical Evidence of the Changing Pattern of Personal Income Taxes Paid by Income Classes, 1951-1962 1967

Box-folder 19:6

Business Week: How the Rules on Antitrust are Changing 1967

Box-folder 19:7

United States International University booklet 1967-1969

Box-folder 19:8

Metropolitan Surveys 1968

Box-folder 19:9

Business Amid Urban Crisis 1968

Box-folder 19:10

Mayors Evaluate Business Action on Urban Problems 1968

Box-folder 19:11

Urban Data Service: Housing Needs 1969

Box-folder 19:12

Census Use Study: User Manual, Reports 1-5 1969-1970

Box-folder 19:13

Census Use Study: Reports 6-14 1969-1971

Box-folder 19:14

City Management and Model Cities c.1970

Box-folder 19:15

Student-Originated Studies: Guide for Preparation of Proposals and Operation of Projects 1970

Box-folder 19:16

Technology for the Cities 1971

Box-folder 20:1

A Design for Action to Improve State and Local Programs for the Aging 1971

Box-folder 20:2

Revenue Sharing: Reform Renewal for the 1970s 1971

Box-folder 20:3

National Municipal Policy, National League of Cities 1971-1972

Box-folder 20:4

Community Development Evaluation Series No. 6, Annual Arrangements Phase I 1972

Box-folder 20:5

The Federal Budget and the Cities 1973

Box-folder 20:6

Transportation Perspectives, Vol. I, No. 1 1976