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The Finding Aid of the Chuck Waters Papers 0122
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Table of contents What's This?

Box 1-7

Series 1: Scripts 1982-1998

Scope and Content

The series is comprised of scripts and script notes from movies and television shows that Waters worked on.
Box 1

Bad Boys 1982

Box 1

American Dreamer 1983

Box 1

Distant Thunder 1983

Box 1

Mischief ( Heart and Soul) 1984

Scope and Content

The original title of this film was Heart and Soul. The final title was Mischief.
Box 1

At Close Range 1985

Box 2

Dalton 1985

Box 2

Lady Blue 1985

Box 2

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: Hero in the Family original script is titled Astronaut and Son 1986

Box 2

Russkies 1986

Box 2

The Golden Child 1986

Box 3

Colors 1987

Box 3

Couch Party 1987

Box 3

Necessity 1987

Box 3

Fletch Lives! 1988

Box 3

Knightwatch 1988

Box 3

Arachnophobia 1989

Box 4

Call from Space 1989

Box 4

Collision Course 1989

Box 4

Ernest Goes to Jail 1989

Box 4

Nasty Boys 1989

Box 4

Ernest Scared Stupid 1991

Box 4

Boiling Point 1992

Box 4

Fire in the Sky 1992

Box 4

Freejack 1992

Box 5

Malice 1992

Box 5

The Thing Called Love 1992

Box 5

Cops and Robbersons 1993

Box 5

Pointman 1993

Box 5

Last of the Dogmen 1994

Box 5

Op Center 1994

Box 6

The Crossing Guard 1994

Box 6

The Fantasticks 1995

Box 6

Robin Cook's Terminal 1995-1996

Box 6

Flubber 1997

Box 6

Isn't It Romantic? 1997

Box 6

Wrongfully Accused 1997

Box 7

The Sky's on Fire 1998

Box 7

Series 2: Career 1970s-1990s

Scope and Content

The series is comprised of articles, stunt reels and other materials documenting Waters' career in stuntwork.
Box 7

Articles 1970s

Box 7

Filmography 1980s-1990s

Box 7

Stunt Reel 1970s-1990s

Physical Description: (1 DVD)

Thank You Letters from Actors and Producers 1983-1992

Physical Description: (waters00088.pdf - waters00099.pdf)

Series 3: Photographs 1965-1996

Physical Description: (113 photographs, 5 article clippings, 2 photocopies, 1 postcard, and 1 sheet of production information)

Scope and Content

The series is comprised of photographs from movies and television shows that Waters worked on. Pepperdine has digital surrogates of this series that can be accessed here: http://pepperdine.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/landingpage/collection/p15730coll12. Originals have been kept by Chuck Waters.

The Russians are Coming the Russians are Coming 1965

Physical Description: (waters00101.tif - waters00103.tif)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1966

Physical Description: (waters00001.tif, waters00002.tif)

Batman 1966

Physical Description: (waters00003.tif, waters00004.tif)

The Time Tunnel 1966

Physical Description: (waters00005.tif, waters00104.tif)

Custer (The Legend of Custer) 1967

Physical Description: (waters00006.tif, waters00105.tif)

The Molly Maguires 1970

Physical Description: (waters00007.tif - waters00009.tif, waters00087.tif)

The Grissom Gang 1971

Physical Description: (waters00010.tif)

The Exorcist 1972

Physical Description: (waters00077.tif - waters00082.tif, waters131.jpg - waters132.jpg, waters00084.pdf, waters00085.pdf, waters130.pdf)

Now You See Him, Now You Don't 1972

Physical Description: (waters00011.tif)

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes 1972

Physical Description: (waters00012.tif - waters00013.tif)

High Plains Drifter 1972-1973

Physical Description: (waters00014.tif - waters00019.tif)

The Parallax View 1974

Physical Description: (waters00020.tif - waters00022.tif, waters00083.pdf)

The White Dawn 1974

Physical Description: (waters00023.tif)

Three for the Road 1975

Physical Description: (waters00107.tif - waters00109.tif)

Swashbuckler 1975 November

Physical Description: (waters00110.tif, waters00024.tif, waters00133.pdf)

The Ultimate Warrior 1975

Physical Description: (waters00111.tif)

The Deer Hunter 1977-1978

Physical Description: (waters00025.tif - waters00032.tif, waters00086.tif, waters00134.pdf)

Every Which Way But Loose 1978

Physical Description: (waters00033.tif - waters00036.tif)

Eagle's Wing 1978

Physical Description: (waters00037.tif - waters00039.tif)

The Fantastic Seven 1979

Physical Description: (waters00040.tif)

Melvin and Howard 1980

Physical Description: (waters00041.tif, waters00042.tif)

Honky Tonk Freeway 1981

Physical Description: (waters00043.tif, waters00044.tif)

Bad Boys 1983

Physical Description: (waters00045.tif - waters00054.tif)

Yellowbeard 1983

Physical Description: (waters00112.tif, waters00113.tif)

Sudden Impact 1983

Physical Description: (waters00055.tif)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984

Physical Description: (waters00114.tif)

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color Hero in the Family 1984

Physical Description: (waters00056.tif, waters00057, tifwaters00115.tif - waters00120.tif)

Scope and Content

The original title of this production was Astronaut and Son.

American Dreamer 1984

Physical Description: (waters00058.tif - waters00060.tif)

At Close Range 1985

Physical Description: (waters00061.tif - waters00062.tif)

Colors 1987

Physical Description: (waters00063.tif)

Nichols and Dymes 1989

Physical Description: (waters00064.tif - waters00067.tif)

Stolen Woman: Captured Hearts 1996

Physical Description: (waters00068.tif, waters00121.tif)

The Mask of Zoro 1998

Physical Description: (waters00122.tif)

The Sky's on Fire 1999

Physical Description: (waters00123.tif)

Stills for Stuntman Association Book 1968-1969

Physical Description: (waters00124.tif - waters00126.tif)

Various Photos of Chuck Waters Training 1968-1990s

Physical Description: (waters00127.tif - waters00129.tif, waters00071.tif - waters00076.tif, waters00106.tif)