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A. Frank Randall Photographs of Apache Indians: Finding Aid
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Box 1

Photograph Album

The album is digitized in the Huntington Digital Library.

Box 1, Item 1

"Yours to help the oppressed. A. Franklin Randall. 1888." [Colorized portrait of A. Franklin Randall with shotgun and pioneer clothing]

Box 1, Item 2

Caption within photograph: "Nachez" or "Noi-chi-ri", son of Cochise, and wife. Chief of Chiricahua Apaches.

Randall's caption: Natches, new chief of the Chiricahua Apaches. Son of Old Cochise. Sent to Shonda in 1886.

Box 1, Item 3

Geronimo. Head war chief of the Chiricahua Apaches. Surrendered in 1886 and sent to Florida. The most noted renegade of the day. Campaign of 1883 and 1886.

Box 1, Item 4

Chatto. Chiricahua Apache. Chief of the band that killed Judge and Mrs. Comas in 1883 and took little Charley prisoner.

Box 1, Item 5

Chief Chihuahua, Chiricahua Apache. Sent to Florida spring of 1886 by Genl. Crook

Box 1, Item 6

Berrito & Dutche. Chief Berrito was with Chatto in their raids in 1883 in Arizona, N.M. and old Mex. Returned with General Crook to the reservation and his band now are farming.

Box 1, Item 7

Ramon's camp. He is Geronimo's Medicine Man.

Box 1, Item 8

Captain Crawford's orderly [Indian man leading a horse]

Box 1, Item 9

San Carlos Apaches working on their ditch

Box 1, Item 10

Photo caption: Apache scouts.

Randall's caption: Cayalero Apaches from Nanas band

Box 1, Item 11

Mojave Runners [Two Mojave Indian men with beaded neck chokers]

Box 1, Item 12

3 Graces from the Mojave Apaches [Three Mojave girls]

Box 1, Item 13

"Nal-tzuc-ei-oh". Apache squaw. Spy in Chiricahua Campaign

Box 1, Item 14

Charley, Apache fiddler [Apache man sitting with an Apache fiddle]

Box 1, Item 15

Chiricahua Apache Prince [Apache man with disk-jewelry, quiver, and shoulder blanket]

Box 1, Item 16

Caption within photograph: Apache boy and maiden.

Randall's caption: White Mountain Apache Squaw

Box 1, Item 17

Caption within photograph: "Ze-le" and wife, "Tzes-tone" [Faded caption] Apache Chief Randall's caption: Zeli and Squaw. Chief of the Chiricahua. Apaches

Box 1, Item 18

Loco. Ex-medicine man of the Chiricahua Apaches

Box 1, Item 19

Fort Apache, Arizona. Jan. '84

Box 1, Item 20

Chiricahua Bronco Squaws [Two girls with baskets and beaded jewelry]

Box 1, Item 21

White Mont. [Mountain] Apache camp

Box 1, Item 22

Augustine. Head Chief Jicarilla Apaches

Box 1, Item 23

Mescalero Squaw and papoose

Box 1, Item 24

Mojave Apache Chief [Possibly "Victorio" according to visiting scholar, March 2007]

Box 1, Item 25

Carjetero Apache squaws from Chief Sauches band [Young woman and girl with cape and wrap]

Box 1, Item 26

Joseffa Ircarilla, Apache belle

Box 1, Item 27

Frank Bennett. Chief of scouts in New Mexico. Victorio Campaign 1882.

Box 1, Item 28

Domingo [illegible word] renegade Mescalero Apaches

Box 1, Item 29

Mescalero Apache Squaw and Children

Box 1, Item 30

"Peaches" [Penaltish or Tzoch] and Scouts in employ of U.S.A.

Box 1, Item 31

Apache cherubs [Two Apache infants in papooses]

Box 1, Item 32

Tonto Apaches [Man in feathered headdress and woman holding basket]

Box 1, Item 33

White Mountain Apaches and Papoosi

Box 1, Item 34

"Got-ha", Warm Spring Apache. Grandfather of his tribe.

Box 1, Item 35

San Carlos Apaches [Two Apache men with basket hats]

Box 1, Item 36

San Juan, Head Chief of the Mescalero Apaches in New Mex.

Box 1, Item 37

Mautzili, War Chief of Mescalero Apaches in New Mex.

Box 1, Item 38

Old Mescalero Apache Squaw

Box 1, Item 39

Little Old Boy, Mescalero Apache Dwarf

Box 1, Item 40

Forty Horse, Apache Squaw, and sister. 40 horses is the Father's price for her

Box 1, Item 41

Apache boy and dove. Chiricahua

Box 1, Item 42

Apache boy painted for a play fight. S.C. [Possibly San Carlos?]

Box 1, Item 43

Corcara San Carlos Apache. A friend to the author

Box 1, Item 44

Coley, a good Indian Scout. San Carlos tribe S.C. [Possibly San Carlos?]

Box 1, Item 45

Tonto Apache Squaw Cradle [Apache woman with infant in a back papoose]

Box 1, Item 46

"Na-buash-i-ta". Medicine Man of the White Mountain Apache

Box 1, Item 47

Mescalero Apache Squaw and Children

Box 1, Item 48

Lance[?] warrior Jicarilla Apache

Box 1, Item 49

Apache bride and captive. In Cuyalino tribe

Box 1, Item 50

Romeo and Juliet. Jicarilla Apaches. [Possibly Augustine (22) and his wife Joseffa (26)]

Box 1, Item 51

Jose [illegible word] renegade in 1883

Box 1, Item 52

Apache mother and child [Apache woman holding infant in a papoose]

Box 1, Item 53

Mescalero Apache. Apache Curios

Box 1, Item 54

Har-li-mier. Mojave medicine man

Box 1, Item 55

San Carlos Apache belle. Chappas Squaw

Box 1, Item 56

Comanche John's squaw

Box 1, Item 57

Chiricahua Apache bronco boy

Box 1, Item 58

Papoosi U.S. Scout

Box 1, Item 59

Gorgonia, Mescalero Medicine Man. Apache convert

Box 1, Item 60

Pabla, Chief of Jicarilla Apaches

Box 1, Item 61

Apache Mothers. Fort Apache, 1884 [Two Apache women with infants in papooses]

Box 1, Item 62

Commanche John, son of old Chief Blues Knife [i.e. Comanche]

Box 1, Item 63

San Carlos Apache with skull smasher

Box 1, Item 64

Yuma Apache flutist

Box 1, Item 65

San Carlos Warrior Scout. 1887

Box 1, Item 66

Natches and Geronimo after their surrender in '86 at Fort Bowie, AZ

Box 1, Item 67

In the field after Geronimo. 1886. Lt. [Leonard] Wood, A.A.S.[?]; Lt. [Roger] Ames; Lt. [Wilbur E.] Wilder; Capt. [Henry W.] Lawton; Brig. Gen. [Nelson A.] Miles; Capt. [William A.] Thompson; Major [Amos S.] Kimball [A.Agm?] ; Lt. [John A.] Dapray; Lt. [Thomas J.] Clay.

Box 1, Item 68

Polly, Mojave Apache Squaw

Box 1, Item 69

Jicarilla Apache fox tamer

Box 1, Item 70

Apache sweat house. San Carlos

Box 1, Item 71

Apache camp scene

Box 1, Item 72

Fort Huachuca AZ. Bird's eye view

Box 1, Item 73

San Carlos Ind[ian] Agency. AZ

Box 1, Item 74

Mojave Apache dude

Box 1, Item 75

Jicarilla Apache Belle [Side portrait of Apache woman holding a basket]

Box 1, Item 76

Nusen and Squaw. San Carlos Apaches

Box 1, Item 77

Mescalero Apaches. N.M. [Apache woman and daughter wearing beaded necklaces and Western dresses]

Box 1, Item 78

Buffalo Jack. Scout in New Mexico

Box 1, Item 79

Arizona female scout, ‘86

Box 1, Item 80

San Carlos Apache scouts camp

Box 1, Item 81

Meat House on ration day. San Carlos, AZ

Box 1, Item 82

Cayalero[?] Apaches and ditch. San Carlos ‘86

Box 1, Item 83

Chief Antonio's band and ditch. San Carlos ‘86

Box 1, Item 84

Nautzili, war chief. Mescalero Apaches

Box 1, Item 85

Giant Cactus [Two men studying a giant cactus]

Box 1, Item 86

Cactus Boquet [sic]—Arizona

Box 1, Item 87

Yucca palm and cactus

Box 1, Item 88

Old Mission Santa Barbara

Box 1, Item 89

Old monk. Santa Barbara [Monk standing on bridge over pond at Mission Santa Barbara]

Box 1, Item 90

Chapel Camulos [Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 91

Old Mission Bells. Santa Barbara

Box 1, Item 92

Señora, Phillipi, Ramona, and Allisandro [Re-enactment of a scene from Helen Hunt Jackson's novel Ramona at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 93

Interior chapel, Camulos [Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 94

Father Salvierderra [A character portrayal from the novel Ramona at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 95

Old Mission Santa Barbara [View of bell tower between trees and cactus]

Box 1, Item 96

Old Bells, Camulus [sic] [Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 97

Margaritta [Girl carrying water pot, possibly at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 98

Spanish group on east porch [Possibly at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 99

Alessandro at so[uth] gate [Re-enactment of the novel Ramona at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 100

Ramona on the south porch [Re-enactment of the novel Ramona at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 101

Escape of Ramona [Re-enactment of the novel Ramona at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 102

The prospector's friend. Arizona [Donkey laden with prospecting supplies]

Box 1, Item 103

Hotel de Vandevere[?]. Fort Huachuca. AZ

Box 1, Item 104

The Spanish salute [One of the dancers is Antonio Coronel. Possibly at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 105

"La danca" National [Dancers are Antonio Coronel and Mrs. Brandt. Possibly at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 106

Spanish National dance. Cal. [The dancer on the left is Mrs. Brandt and the middle dancer is Antonio Coronel. Possibly at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 107

The corn grinder. Spanish. [Woman grinding corn, possibly at Rancho Camulos]

Box 1, Item 108

West front San Juan Mission [Ruins of corridors of Mission San Juan Capistrano]

Box 1, Item 109

Old tile roof, San Juan [Mission San Juan Capistrano]

Box 1, Item 110

Inside corridors San Juan Mission [Man standing against corridor pillar at Mission San Juan Capistrano]

Box 1, Item 111

Old bells, San Juan [Capistrano] Mission

Box 1, Item 112

The hermit's cabin on this Tujunga [Old man and his small house]

Box 1, Item 113

From Vasques [sic] Stronghold on the Tujunga. Cal. [View of stream]

Box 1, Item 114

Looking down the Tujunga from Vasques [sic] Stronghold

Box 1, Item 115

"Having good time, don't you think?" [Girl and dog on cart drawn by burro]

Box 1, Item 116

A corner at San Diego, Cal. [Men sitting on dock next to ship]

Box 1, Item 117

Residence of American Consul. Guaymas, Mex.

Box 1, Item 118

East side of Plaza Guaymas Mex.

Box 1, Item 119

Plaza Guaymas, Mex.

Box 1, Item 120

Fishermen. Guaymas harbor

Box 1, Item 121

Bird's eye view Guaymas, Mex.

Box 1, Item 122

Plaza de Armas y Palacio [Mexico]

Box 1, Item 123

Alisandro + Ramona at the window after the morning chant. "Beautiful Queen Princess of Heaven." [Re-enactment of the novel Ramona at Rancho Camulos] [This photograph was originally pasted on the inside of the album's back cover.]