The Descriptive Finding Guide for the Alfred M. NeyPersonal Papers SDASM.SC.10231

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Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: San Diego Air and Space Museum Library and Archives
Title: Alfred M. Ney Personal Papers
Identifier/Call Number: SDASM.SC.10231
Physical Description: .25 Cubic Feet The collection contains items reflecting the life and career of Alfred Ney, including documents, drawings, and photographs. The collection consists of one gray archival box 12-1/2 x 5-1/4 x 10-3/4 inches.
Date (bulk): bulk
Abstract: The collection contains items reflecting the life and career of Alfred Ney, including documents, drawings, and photographs. Ney worked for Packard, Convair and Bendix, among others.
Physical Description: The collection consists of one gray archival box, 12-1/2 x 5-1/4 x 10-3/4 inches. The collection contains items reflecting the life and career of Alfred Ney, including documents, drawings, and photographs.

Biographical / Historical

Alfred Marcel Ney was born January 31, 1902 in St. Petersburg, Russia, the son of French teacher Pierre Ney and his wife, Marie-Lise. The family returned to Toulon, France, in 1903. Alfred attended the Lycee Colbert in Toulon and the Ecole Centrale des Artes et Manufactures in Paris, earning his engineering degree in 1922 – the same year he arrived in the Unites States to observe the auto industry. He worked for a short while with the Packard Motor Car Company as part of a crew that installed a Packard X-24 engine into Lt. Alford Williams hydroplane for the Schneider Cup competition; however, the plane was not completed in time for the race. He married Anna Gerber on September 2, 1926 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Anna was born on June 14, 1906 in Kiev, Russia, and arrived in the United States in August 1921. During the 1930s, Alfred worked for Vincent Bendix in designing his little known concept car, the Bendix SWC - the “Steel Wheel Car” which is on display at the National Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Indiana. Ney left Bendix in 1937 and joined the newly formed Pratt and Whitney Division of United Aircraft as an automotive engineer. Alfred worked briefly at a number of different aerospace firms before settling at Convair in 1946. He worked on engines in the Propulsion Department until he retired in 1965. Alfred passed away on August 26, 1991 at the age of 89 years old, and was predeceased by Anna who passed on August 3, 1989 at the age of 83.

Conditions Governing Access

The collection is open to researchers. Some restrictions may apple.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

The collection was donated to the Museum.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

General Dynamics Corporation. Convair Division
Nuclear Aircraft
Ney, Alfred


SERIES I: Documents


Folder 1 – Newsletter and Articles Includes bulletins from Machine Design, 1958-59.


Folder 2 – San Diego Aircraft Engineering Employee Handbook


Folder 3 – Personal Notes Consists of a handwritten timeline, 1947-48.


Folder 4 – Spiral Notebooks Personal notes continued.


Folder 5 – Technical Memorandums Three memorandums, 1947-48.


Folder 6 – Weekly Reports 5 reports, 1947-48.


Folder 7 – Cooling/ Exhaust/ Air Conditioning Documents


Folder 8 – Loose Manual Pages Includes 5 pages of ‘Rivet


Folder 9 – XP-92/Offenhauser Engine Documents


Folder 10 – Miscellaneous Documents


SERIES II: Reports


Folder 11 – Reports prepared by A.M. Ney

Physical Description: “Reliability Test Outline for the Valve, Fuel, Staging Disconnect Shut-off”; GD Convair, 10 Oct. 1960; “Specific Test Conditions for the Fuel Fill and Drain Rise-off,” GD Convair, 22 March 1961.

Folder 12 – The Fundamentals of Flight-Induced and Forced Cooling by J.H. Browster, III


Folder 13 – High Altitude Auxiliary Power Unit Development by H.F. Dunholter


Folder 14 – Estimating Reliability by Test-to-Failure Report 2X-7-014, 30 June 1956


Folder 15 – Elements of Fluid Mechanics, Nov. 1962-March 1963


Folder 16 – Convair Astronautics Design Manual Section 1, Ch. 2 Human Engineering, 3 March 1961


Folder 17 – A.P.U. Vibration Analysis for XP-92, 24 May 1948


Folder 18 – Report on Offenhauser Tests for January-June 1948 (2 copies)


Folder 19 – Nuclear Powered Flight Progress Report, John Hopkins University, 14 Jan. 1947


Folder 20 – Estimating Reliability by Attribute Testing Report ZX-7-011, 21 Nov. 1955


Folder 21 – Report on Paint Stripping and Cleaning Compounds for Aircraft USES-Investigation of “Madaco Sol Oil” “G-BEX-D”, and “Ameroid Duosol” Degreasing Compounds, 8 May 1945


Folder 22 – Methods for Estimating Pressure Losses in Ducts. Report No. R-109, 26 Feb. 1942


Folder 23 – Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics with Reliability Applications Report ZX-7-012, 25 Feb. 1956


Folder 24 – Airfoil Section Data Obtained in the N.A.C.A. Variable-Density Tunnel as Affected by Support Interference and other Corrections Report No. 669, 1939


Folder 25 – An Investigation of Aircraft Heaters XVIII, A Design Manual for Exhaust Gas and Air Heat Exchangers, August 1945


Folder 26 – A Proposal for Cryogenic Insulation Research Volume 1 Technical and Management Report No. GD/A-DDB64-009, 10 April 1964


Folder 27 – Analysis of Aircraft Ejector Cooling Performance Report R-447-A, 30 October 1945


Folder 28 – German Radiator and Oil-Cooler Construction Project No. DP-156, Sept. 1947


Folder 29 – A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Exhaust Ejectors for Cooling at Low Speeds, July 1943


Folder 30 – An Experimental Investigation of Rectangular Exhaust-Gas Ejectors Applicable for Engine Cooling ARR No. E4E31, May 1944


Folder 31 – Research and Development of Inserted Instruments and Materials for High Temperature Measurements in Ramjet Exhausts USCAL Rept. 4-4, 23 May 1947


Folder 32 – The Fundamentals of Cooling Power for Incompressible Flow from Momentum Theory Report R-143-E


Folder 33 – Airesearch Oil Coolers Performance and Selection Catalog No. LM-2, 2 July 1945


Folder 34 – Preknock Vibrations in a Spark-Ignition Engine Cylinder as Revealed by High-Speed Photography Report No. 785, 1944


Folder 35 – Ground Tests of Exhaust Gas Thrust Augmenters Report R-50, 20 November 1940


Folder 36 – Comparison of Exhaust Jet Propulsion and Supercharger Systems at Military and Cruising Power Report R-65, 7 April 1941


Folder 37 – Exhaust Ejector Tests On a Single Cylinder R-2800 Engine Report R-309-B, 12 July 1943


Folder 38 – An Experimental Investigation of the Design Variables for NACA Submerged Duct Entrances RM No. A7I30, 8 Jan. 1948


Folder 39 – Tests of an Annular Ejector System for Cooling Aircraft Engines ACR No. 3J27, October 1943


Folder 40 – The Effect of Exhaust-Stack Shape On the Design and Performance of the Individual Cylinder Exhaust-Gas Jet-Propulsion System, November 1942


Folder 41 – Design of Nozzles for the Individual Cylinder Exhaust Jet Propulsion System, April 1941


Folder 42 – Tests of Exhaust Propulsion Nozzles Report 3E21, May 1943


Folder 43 – Convair Very High Altitude Auxiliary Power Unit Development Report ZK-115-032, 2 August 1948


Folder 44 – Convair Propulsion Laboratory Report ZK-002, 2 August 1948


SERIES III: Drawings


Folder 45 – Model X Underwing Nacelle

Physical Description: 1.P&WA JT9D-1. 2. GE CTF39.

Folder 46 – Convair Model 30, 1/50 scale model


Folder 47 – Engines (General)

Physical Description: Includes Offenhauser; horse power correction factors; power plant test stand; engine data C-75, Series 13; nose gear switch, jet pump; single engine installation; cooling flower, Lawrence Engr & Research; integrated bleed air anti-icing & A/C system, Tokken F-28.

Folder 48 – Miscellaneous Drawings

Physical Description: Includes shear web hole reinforcement; instrumentation schematic; general arrangement model P; Meyer & Drake Dyno set-up; plaster pattern; nomenclature (2 copies); nomenclature wing-general cutaway (2 copies).

SERIES IV: Photographs


Folder 49 – Photographs Thirteen Convair B&W photographs.