Finding Aid for the Exposition Universelle de Paris 1867 Album

Finding aid prepared by Michele Bigelow

Descriptive Summary

Title: Exposition Universelle de Paris 1867 album
Date (inclusive): 1867
Number: 2002.R.11
Creator/Collector: Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, 1826-1900
Physical Description: 1.0 album (30 photographs)
The Getty Research Institute
Special Collections
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California, 90049-1688
(310) 440-7390
Abstract: One album containing 25 photographs taken by Auguste-Rosalie Bisson (Bisson Jeune) and five taken by Charles-Louis Michelez. The album documents the buildings, grounds and exhibits of the 1867 Paris Exposition universelle in Paris.
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Language: Collection material is in French.

Biographical/Historical Note

Auguste-Rosalie Bisson, also known as Bisson Jeune (Bisson the younger), was a French photographer. He and his elder brother Louis-Auguste had a photography studio in Paris, Bisson frères, from 1841-1864.
Charles-Louis Michelez was a French photographer who had a studio in Paris from 1874 to 1884. He specialized in photographing works of art, and did so at the 1867 Exposition universelle.
Pierre Petit was a French photographer. He learned the daguerreotype process in Paris and then worked in André-Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri's photography studio. He opened his own studio in Paris in 1862. He was awarded the imperial commission for photographs of the 1867 Paris Exposition universelle, and is credited as such on the mounts. However, he took none of the photographs in this album.
When Napoleon III awarded Pierre Petit the exclusive right to take photographs of the exposition, other French photographers vehemently objected, and they were ultimately given the right to also take some photographs at the exposition.

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Exposition universelle de Paris 1867 album, 1867, The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, Accession no. 2002.R.11.

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Cataloged by Michelle Bigelow in 2007. Finding aid encoded by Linda Kleiger and Beth Ann Guynn in 2014.

Scope and Content of Collection

The album contains 25 photograpahs taken by Auguste-Rosalie Bisson and five by Charles-Louis Michelez. Pierre Petit is credited as holding the imperial commission for photography for the exhibition; however, he took none of the photographs. Almost all of the photographs in the album show exhibition building exteriors and interiors devoid of people. The photographs may have been taken before the opening of the exhibition.
The first photograph in the album, by Bisson, is a panoramic view of the entire exhibition, taken from above. Bisson's other photographs include exteriors of buildings; displays of statuary, paintings, porcelain and crystal; and interior views of the gallery of machines and the gallery of work. A photograph of the Russian gallery includes a row of men in various ethnic costumes standing to one side. Another interior gallery view shows the display of a Polish photographer, Maximilian Fajans of Warsaw; several examples of his work are visible, including portraits of various kinds and landscapes.
Michelez was known for taking photographs of arworks, and three of his photographs are of the Belgian, French, and Italian displays of paintings and other artworks. Another of Michelez's photographs is an uncaptioned view of horse carriages on a street; the fifth photograph by him is one of the few photographs in the album depicting people and shows a large group of guide-interpreters.
The pages are unnumbered. The mounts bear a letterpress caption above the image: Exposition universelle, 1867 Paris. Centered below each image is a crest with address: Ad on de la Concession, 47 rue Le Peletier. At the bottom left of each image is a caption identifying the photographer of that image, variously: Bisson J ne fecit photo; Michelez fecit photo. At the bottom right of each image is a caption crediting the photographer who held the imperial commission to photograph the Exposition: Pierre Petit Phot. de la Comm on Impérial. Typeset captions identifying each image are adhered to the lower right corner of the mounts on 29 of the 30 pages.
Titles are from the captions except for one which is devised.


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Michelez, C., Charles, 1817-ca.1883
Petit, Pierre, 1832-

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Exposition universelle de 1867 à Paris.

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Exhibition buildings--Paris--France

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Albumen prints--France--19th century
Paris (France)--Description and travel
Photograph albums--France--19th century
Photographs, Original

Container List


Exposition universelle de Paris 1867 Album

Page 1 recto

2002.R.11-1r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Vue générale de l'Exposition

Page 2 recto

2002.R.11-2r Michelez, Charles, Les guides-interprètes

Page 3 recto

2002.R.11-3r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Statue du roi de Prusse, parc prussien

Page 4 recto

2002.R.11-4r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Aquarium, jardin réservé

Page 5 recto

2002.R.11-5r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Parc égyptien, temple d'Edfou

Page 6 recto

2002.R.11-6r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Vue du parc, la ruine et le carillon

Page 7 recto

2002.R.11-7r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Palais, tente et abri du Bey de Tunis

Page 8 recto

2002.R.11-8r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Bains turcs

Page 9 recto

2002.R.11-9r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Pavillon chinois

Page 10 recto

2002.R.11-10r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Pavillion anglais

Page 11 recto

2002.R. 11-11r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Pavillon prussien

Page 12 recto

2002.R.11-12r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Pavillon du Portugal

Page 13 recto

2002.R.11-13r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Beaux-arts, section suisse

Page 14 recto

2002.R.11-14r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Isbaah russe

Page 15 recto

2002.R.11-15r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Vue du parc, la terre cuite

Page 16 recto

2002.R.11-16r Michelez, Charles, Horse carriages

Page 17 recto

2002.R.11-17r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Pavillon impérial, salon de l'Empereur

Page 18 recto

2002.R.11-18r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Galerie du travail, section française

Page 19 recto

2002.R.11-19r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Galerie du travail, section autrichienne

Page 20 recto

2002.R.11-20r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Galerie des machines, Tunis et Maroc

Page 21 recto

2002.R.11-21r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Galerie autrichienne, cristaux

Page 22 recto

2002.R.11-22r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Statues italiennes et exposition russe

Page 23 recto

2002.R.11-23r Michelez, Charles, Galerie italienne, peinture

Page 24 recto

2002.R.11-24r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Galerie française, cristallerie

Page 25 recto

2002.R.11-25r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Galerie française, porcelaines

Page 26 recto

2002.R.11-26r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Pavillon impérial

Page 27 recto

2002.R.11-27r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, La mosquée, parc égyptien

Page 28 recto

2002.R.11-28r Michelez, Charles, Beaux-arts, rue de Belgique

Page 29 recto

2002.R.11-29r Michelez, Charles, Beaux-arts, section française

Page 30 recto

2002.R.11-30r Bisson, Auguste-Rosalie, Russie, cost[umes]