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Finding aid to the Alfie Kulzick Chatterbox Bar Collection 1979-2005 SFH 663
SFH 663  
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Series 1: Administrative 1983-1990

Physical Description: 5 folders

Scope and Contents

Contains confirmation of two ads for the Datebook in the San Francisco Chronicle, hand-written calendars for bands and staff, lease, permits, and other legal documents relating to the Chatterbox business. Also, one cassette tape of a promotional spot that aired on KALX just prior to the bar opening.


Arranged by type and then chronologically.
box 1, folder 1

Legal papers 1986-1990

oversize-box 3, folder 3

Public Notice 1986

Material Specific Details: One oversized folder containing Public Notice to sell alcoholic beverages.
box 1, folder 2

Chatterbox templates and newspaper ads circa 1986-1990

Scope and Contents

Templates for Chatterbox fliers and ads.
box 1, folder 3

Chatterbox band and staff calendars 1986-1987

box 1, folder 4

KALX Chatterbox cassette 4/3/1986

Material Specific Details: Short radio blurb for the Chatterbox opening. KALX's Billy Jam talks about the Chatterbox opening with clips of Alfie Kulzick describing the bar.

Series 2: Writings 1987, 2003, 2010

Physical Description: 2 folders

Scope and Contents

Book proofs and correspondence.


Arranged by type and then chronologically.
box 1, folder 5

Book proofs and review 2003

Scope and Contents

Book proofs for the book Chatterbox: biography of a bar, 1986-1990 by Alfie Kulzick . Also contains a review of the book by Sammy Shiraco from the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association.
box 1, folder 6

Correspondence and notes 1987 circa 1990 2010

Scope and Contents

Contains a thank you note from Lethal Gospel , a party invitation, a Valentine's Day card from Touch Me Hooker , and a review of the bar from San Francisco Focus magazine. Also, Bathroom Tales : with four anecdotes of bar bathrooms, including the Chatterbox.

Series 3: Events 1986-1993 ( bulk 1986-1990)

Physical Description: 9 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains fliers for events and bands playing at the Chatterbox and other bay area locations. The bulk of material is for bands and events held at the Chatterbox. Some original pasteups are present. Also included is a small collection of band stickers. List of fliers with dates in each folder.


Fliers are arranged chronologically. Band stickers alphabetically.
box 1, folder 7

Chatterbox fliers 1986

Material Specific Details: Bands include: 16 Walls; Boss Hoss; Celebrity Skin; Crash-n-Burn; Flying Color; Jesters of Destiny; Lazy Sunday Dreamers; Miserable Sex; Monster Zero; Our Lady of Pain; Pirates of Venus; Piston Love Machine; Popopies; Psychic Orphans; Ragged Edge; Sister Double Happiness; Speed Queens; Spot 1019; Touch Me Hooker; Trouble Clef; War Pigeons.
box 1, folder 8

Chatterbox fliers 1987

Material Specific Details: Bands include: Assassins of God; Bad Boys; Beloved; Bleyarton; Bomb; Boss Hoss; Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys; Change; Crawlspace; Demolition Gore Galore; Den 55; Donner Party; Drunk Injuns; Electric Peace; Gasm; God (from Jerusalem); Gork; Hanging Party; Head; Helios Creed; Heru-Ra-Ha; Housecoat Project; Jackal Johny; Jackson Saints; Kooch Bahar; Kwik Way; Lazy Cowgirls; Lazy Sunday Dreamers; Lethal Gospel; Locust; No Grenades; Noize Boyz; Oblivious; Osgood Slaughter; O-Type; Papa Wheelie; Ramonas; Razers; Revolver; Santa Clan; Scavengers; Short Dogs Grow; Sid Terror and the Undead; Sister Double Happiness; Sludge; Social Goddess; Social Unrest; Speed Queens; Spot 1019; Dough Boys; Dwarves; Grifters; Muskrats; Phantom Creeps; Scavenger; Social Club; Threnody; Time 2; Touch Me Hooker; Trouble Clef; Witness.
box 1, folder 9

Chatterbox fliers 1988

Material Specific Details: Bands include: Attitude; Balls of Steel; Bar-Donkeys; Beauty of Dogs; Black Windows; Bourbon Deluxe; Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys; Bush of Bushes; Cathouse; Coffin Break; Coppa Feelie with Lord Jim; Dead Jacksons; Donkey Kong; Dwarves; Eyeball; Fifteen Minutes; Flower Leperds; Frontier Wives; Gang War ; Gaping Wounds; Gasm; Hell's Kitchen; Hippie Bitch; Holly Rock; House of Wheels; Housecoat Project; Jackson Saints; John Thaxton Experience; Johnny's Problem; Koel Family; Last Laugh; Lethal Gospel; Max Volume and the Naked Lady Wrestlers; Motorcycle Boy; Noize Boyz; Osgood Slaughter; Papa Wheelie; Phantom Creeps; Phantom Rose; Pigmy Love Circus; Ramonas; Repo; Rotting Humans; Rough Mix; Sacrifice Choir; Scapegoat Lemonade; Scarface; Short Dogs Grow; Sid Terror; Siren Kings; Sludge; Smashrag; Sonic Brain Jam; Spot 1019; Stevie Stiletto; Stone Juju; Stunt Cok; Stupid Bloody Cabaret; Tex and the Horseheads; The Fluid; The Snags; The Witnesses; Touch Me Hooker; Trouble Clef; Wages of Sin; Wandering Minstrels; White Stagg; Witnesses.
box 1, folder 10

Chatterbox fliers 1989

Material Specific Details: Bands include: Alin Black and the Thrill Kills; Bacchus; Balls of Steel; Bug Tussel; Cactopus; Cameltoe; Chicken Hawk; Crankincest; Dwarves; ED; Eye Ball; F-Boyz; Field Trip; Frisco Droogs; Fuck Ups; Gargoyles; Go, Dog, Go!; Goodbye Gemini; Haunted Garage; Hell's Kitchen; Hit 36; Industrial Rainforest; Jackson Saints; Jill the Witch; Leroy's Pleasure Missile; Lethal Gospel; Love Gods; Married with Children; Mom; Monster Zero; Mud Puppies; Nag Nag Nag; Nirvana (show cancelled); No Alternative; Noize Boyz; Osgood Slaughter; Papa Wheelie; Parasite; Pink Fix; Poison Whiskey; Rough Mix; S.F. Dogs; Sacrifice Choir; Saigon Saloon; San Francisco; Sentimental Boobs; Short Dogs Grow; Shot Gun Mama; Slang; Sludge; Smashrag; Smokin' Rhythm Prawns; Snags; Something Scaley; Sonic Brain Jam; Speed Racer; Spiderbaby; Splat; Spot 1019; Squawk; Steel Pole Bathtub; Stevie Stiletto; Stone Fox; Stunt Cok; The Alley Boys; The Mice; The Red Room; Turbosluts; Underdog; Voltage; White Trash Debutantes; Wrekking Machine; Yeastie Girlz.
box 1, folder 11

Chatterbox fliers 1990

Material Specific Details: Bands include: Assassins of God; Bacchus; Balls of Steel; Boubon Deluxe; Dama Thrush; Dracula Milktoast; Dwarves; Engine Joe; Flesh and; Spirit; Fungus; Happy World; Hemi; House of Wheels; Iron Scrotum; Izabella; Jill the Witch; Lethal Gospel; Mach Turtle; Medicine Men; Noize Boyz; S.F. Dogs; Shit Howdy; Shooting Gallery; Sialagogue; Sloth; Sonic Brain Jam; Spiderbaby; Splat; Stevie Stiletto; Stunt Cok; Suicide Shake; Third Rail; Thurston Howl; Turmoil; Urge; Voltage; Zona Roja.
oversize-box 3, oversize-folder 1

Chatterbox fliers 1986-1990

Material Specific Details: Bands include: Bad Boys; Balls to the Teakettle; Beauty of Dogs; Bleyarton; Boss Hoss; Bourbon Deluxe; Cactus Liquors; Clear Black Paper; Crankicest; Dead Jacksons; Dracula Milktoast; Gaping Wounds; Gargoyles; Gratefuldeadkennedys; Hemi; House of Wheels; Kwik War; Lethal Gospel; Noize Boyz; Optidelics; Osgood Slaughter; Papa Wheelie; Potential Threat; Repo; Sacrifice Choir; Scapegoat Lemonade; SF Dogs; Speed Queen; Speed Racer; Stevie Stiletto; The Beloved; The Doughboys; The Fluid; The Ramonas; Touch Me Hooker; Ugly But Proud.
box 1, folder 12

Other venue fliers 1979-1993

Scope and Contents

Fliers for other Bay Area venues, though mostly San Francisco. Venues include the Mabuhay Gardens, the Covered Wagon, Graffiti, Nightbreak, DNA Lounge, the Roxie Cinema, Frederika's, Ye Rose & Thistle, Bears Lair, the Palms, Back Dor, Berkeley Square, Club Generic, Chi Chi Club, Chameleon Club, The Stone, V.I.S Club, San Francisco Music Works, Kennel Club, Oasis, Sixth St. Rendezvous, Crystal Pistol, and El Rio. Bands include: Bad Boys; Celebrity Skin: Checkered Demon; Come Clean; Den 55; Dwarves; F-Boyz; Flipper; Frontline; Gargoyles; Go! Dog, Go!; Grinch; Gutter Boy; Haunted Garage; Hell Cows; Jackson Saints; Joneses; Momma Stud; Mother Lode; Noize Boyz; Penetration; Phantom Creeps; Pigmy Love Circus; Rough Mix; Rug Doctor; Scouts Honor; Screaming Bloody Marys; Short Dogs Grow; Sid Terror and the Undead; Sister Double Happiness; Sonic Brain Jam; Special Forces; Speed Racer; Spot 1019; Stevie Stiletto; Stimmies; Stone Fox; Stone Juju; Stunt Cok; Suicide Shake; Ted Zeppelin; The Kage; The Known; Third Rail; Thurston Howl; Turmoil; Urge; Vanilla Whores; Voltage; Wages of Sin; Watchmen; Wicked Thrill; Wig Torture; Wilma Don't Tap; Zona Roja. Also, one flier for the Mabuhay with "Knuke the Knack", a flier for the Roxie Cinema featuring a Saturday midnight showing of Derek Jarman's Jubilee and New Wave shorts from 1979, and a flier (drawing by "Spain") for a Warren Hinckle debate at New College from 1987.
oversize-box 3, oversize-folder 2

Other venue fliers 1980-1993

Material Specific Details: Folder contains 6 fliers from the Sound of Music, Covered Wagon, The Deaf Club, I-Beam, Slim's featuring the following bands: Alien Beach Head, Gargoyles, Hippie Bitch, House of Wheels, Mother Lode, Noize Boyz, Osgood Slaughter, Porch, Screaming Bloody Marys, Short Dogs Grow, Speed Queens, Speed Racer. Includes a poster for Short Dogs Grow album, "Matt Dillon".
box 1, folder 13

Band stickers circa 1986-1990

Material Specific Details: Bands include: Alley Boys; Balls of Steel; Breakouts; Bug Tussel; Dama Thrush; Eye Ball; Gargoyles; Go, Dog, Go!; Hell's Kitchen; Lethal Gospel; Mach Turtle; Monster zero; Osgood Slaughter; Parasite; Sentimental Boobs; Slambodians; Sonic Brain Jam; Speed Racer; Touch Me Hooker; and Tunnel Creeps. Some miscellaneous non-band stickers also present.

Series 4: Publications 1979-2005

Physical Description: 2 folders

Scope and Contents

Rock magazines or weeklies with articles about musicians. Topics covered include: Jane Dornacher; Rotten Records; Ralph Pheno; Iggy and the Stooges; Sea Hags; Housecoat Project; Sid Terror and the Undead; Iggy Pop; The Jam; Los Microwaves; The Ramones; Linda Perry; 4 non-blondes. List of magazines with dates in each folder.


Arranged alphabetically by title.
box 1, folder 14

Magazines 1984, 1988, 1994

Material Specific Details: Three titles: Bitch-The women's rock mag with a bite; Catscratch music magazine; The Quake-FM99
oversize-box 2

Magazines 1979-2005 (bulk 1980-1996)

Material Specific Details: Titles include: Artbeat; Arthur; Bomp!; Deadbeat; Ny Rocker; San Francisco Bay Guardian; SF Weekly; Sound Check; Zero Magazine