Lockwood de Forest landscape drawings 0000184B

Architecture and Design Collection, Art, Design & Architecture Museum
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University of California
Santa Barbara, California, 93106-7130

Title: Lockwood de Forest, Jr., landscape drawings
Identifier/Call Number: 0000184B
Contributing Institution: Architecture and Design Collection, Art, Design & Architecture Museum
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 60.0 Linear feet (11 flat file drawers, 2 tubes, 2 small boxes)
Date (bulk): Bulk, 1922-1949
Date (inclusive): 1917-1955
Location note: Box 1-2/ ADC-regular 11 Flat File Drawers/ADC-flat files 2 Rolls/ADC
creator: De Forest, Lockwood III, 1896-1949

Biographical/Historical note

Lockwood de Forest III was born in New York City. He was the youngest of the three children of Lockwood de Forest II, landscape painter, amateur architect and interior designer, former partner of Louis Comfort Tiffany, art dealer and an acknowledged authority on Indian Architecture. In 1912 de Forest Jr. was sent to the Thatcher School, Ojai, California, where he developed a deep love for Californian landscapes and plein air painting. de Forest attended Williams College for one semester, worked briefly for a landscape architect in Baltimore and took a summer class in landscape architecture at Harvard University prior to serving as a volunteer in World War I .
He returned to California after the war to embark on a brief and unusual professional education. He studied Landscape Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley for one year. In 1921 he traveled for three months in Italy, Spain, France and England studying historic gardens and public parks, especially fascinated by Spanish fountains, the gardens of Seville and the Maria Luisa Park by J. C. N. Forestier. He also spent several weeks studying plants at Kew Gardens.
From 1921 to 1922 he worked in Santa Barbara with the landscape architect Ralph Stevens. From 1922 until his early death in 1949, apart from one year serving in the second world war, deForest practiced as a gentleman landscape architect in the affluent communities of Santa Barbara county. His practice was largely residential, although he worked on several schools, including Thacher, and was a consultant to a number of civic organizations.
de Forest was an engaging figure who was greatly appreciated by his clients for his wit, casual dress and strong passion for cars. His Model A Ford car was stripped down to the chassis, had Buffalo hide covered seats, and a rear platform for carrying plants.
From 1925 until 1942 he co-edited The Santa Barbara Gardener with his wife, Elizabeth Kellam de Forest. This magazine was modest, with no illustrations, and provided gardening advice for what they considered an unique horticultural area. While the main emphasis was on horticulture, many articles state de Forest's design philosophy clearly.
de Forest's designs often used clear formal and axial geometries combined with carefully selected plants complimenting the colors and textures of the regional landscape. His horticultural knowledge was considerable and he played a major role in introducing and experimenting with the use of new plants from South Africa. Rejecting stylistic eclecticism his designs are notable for very simple detailing and bold sometimes theatrical effects achieved entirely with plants. He was one of the earliest Californian landscape architects to question the ubiquitous and generous use of irrigated lawns. His early training as a landscape painter accounts for the painterly quality in much of his work. One consistent theme in his writing is the capturing of views of the regional landscape through the elimination of views of the middle ground.
Val Verde (1926-1949), was his most significant project and involved a highly creative collaboration with Wright Ludington. Ludington was a gifted amateur painter, a major collector of Classical art and a pioneering collector of modern painting. In two major periods in the 1920s and 1930s deForest transformed the rather boxy house designed in 1915 by Bertram Goodhue into a remarkable evocation of a classical villa with an abstract and dramatic garden setting off Ludington's collection of classical sculpture.
de Forest’s own small courtyard house and garden (1927) foreshadowed many of the qualities of modernist Californian gardens of the 1940s. His use of sharawadgi expanded the sense of space by completely dissolving the garden's boundaries. At the William Dickenson estate (1929-1932) in Hope Ranch, one of his largest commissions, silver tones subtly unified the garden with the regional setting of ocean and mountains in the late afternoon.
From 1927-1942 and 1945-1949 he provided design advice to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, which is devoted to the display of native plants, and served on numerous committees and as a trustee. He laid out trails to enhance visitor appreciation of the existing native plant communities with minimal disturbance and collaborated with Beatrix Farrand on the design of the Wildflower Meadow. In the late 1930s he disagreed strongly with some of her formalist proposals, believing that the garden should have a simple naturalistic character.
His practice was profoundly affected by the Depression. Commissions were smaller and maintenance became a major design factor. In a number of projects in the San Francisco Bay region designed with the architect, William Wurster, he explored the simple use of geometrically patterned colored concrete. de Forest also began to practice architecture on a small scale, designing minor remodeling projects and a series of small ranch houses and beach houses. The Moderne Nicholas Ludington house(1932) and the Reese Taylor house (1936) at Carpinteria were illustrated respectively in House Beautiful and Country Life in America. In these and other houses he experimented with unusual and highly practical details for cabinets and lighting.
From 1942 to 1944 deForest served as a volunteer with the Camouflage Division of the U. S. Air Corps. This experience undoubtedly influenced his final transformation of Val Verde, where the formerly white walls were skillfully painted in numerous coats to create the illusion of an old weathered villa.
His post-war practice included the design of several small houses, most notably the Ernest Watson weekend house, Montecito (1948) which was published by Sunset magazine as an innovative example of a well planned small house. The house appears to sit in the landscape without a garden foreground as a result of his use of local boulders and a palette of largely native plants. The axial Sterling Morton garden (1948-1949) was one of his most grandiloquent mountain-oriented vistas.
While little known at the time of his death de Forest seemed eager to fully embrace modernist ideas. There is little doubt that his work influenced Thomas Church. Following his death in 1949 the entry terraces to the Santa Barbara Art Museum were made into a public memorial, one of a very small number of public monuments to American landscape architects. - David Streatfield

Scope and Contents note

The de Forest collection consists primarily of landscape drawings, arranged alphabetically by project name. The majority of these drawings relate to residential projects in Southern California, including large estates such as “Val Verde.” Non-residential projects include the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, clubs, schools, exhibits, and a few commercial properties. Occasionally included are drawings of the buildings designed by architects such as Chester L. Carjola, William W. Wurster, George Washington Smith, Robert Stanton, Requa and Jackson, Lutah Maria Riggs, and George Washington Smith.
The collection also contains a small amount of textual records, including some specifications and other project files. These records also include de Forest’s copy of his pamphlet The Plants of Santa Barbara, and a card file that served as a catalog of plants for the Santa Barbara region.

Preferred Citation note

Lockwood de Forest, Jr. landscape drawings, Architecture and Design Collection. Art, Design & Architecture Museum; University of California, Santa Barbara.

Conditions Governing Access note

Open for use by qualified researchers.

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Box 2

Plant files on cards undated

Physical Description: 0.5 Linear feet 1 card box

Scope and Contents note

Santa Barbara plants file, arranged alphabetically within four topics: trees and shrubs, vines, perennials and bulbs, and grasses.
Drawer 103, FlatFile 2

Abbott, T.C. house Sandyland (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1948

Drawer 103, FlatFile 3

Adler, Herman house Codornices Rd. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1932

creator: Wurster, William Wilson

Alexander house undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 4

Drawings undated

Box 1, Folder 1

Project files undated

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawing and list of plants.
Drawer 103, FlatFile 5

Alisal Guest Ranch (Solvang, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 103, FlatFile 6A-6B

Allen, Benjamin house Tollis Ave. (Montecito, Calif.) 1928

creator: Soule, Murphy and Hastings.
Drawer 103, FlatFile 7

Allred, Fred L. house alterations Sycamore Canyon Rd. (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1943

Drawer 103, FlatFile 8

Appleton, Frank house Sullivan Canyon Rd. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1946

creator: May, Cliff, 1908-1989

General note

No #. House designed by Cliff May.

Artist studio for model exhibit 1937

Drawer 103, FlatFile 9

Drawings and project files 1937

Drawer 103, FlatFile 10

Aspinwall, Lloyd house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 10A

AWVS Canteen (American Women's Volunteer Service) (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1942

Drawer 103, FlatFile 11

Baer, Francis house (Pasadena, Calif.) 1936

Drawer 103, FlatFile 12

Bailard, Gordon house (Carpinteria, Calif.) undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 13

Baker, Bernard house undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 14

Baldwin, Franklin house (San Marino, Calif.) 1928

creator: Johnson, Reginald D., 1882-1953
Drawer 103, FlatFile 15

Baldwin, L.G. house San Leandro Ln. (Montecito, Calif.) 1924

Drawer 103, FlatFile 16

Bard Preliminaries undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 17

Barker, Charles A. Jr. house (Hidden Valley, Calif.) 1942

Drawer 103, FlatFile 18

Barker, William H. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 19

Barnes house undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 20

Barnig-Gould house undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 21

Bates house undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 22

Berg house undated


Better Homes Committee (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 22A

Drawings nd

Box 1, Folder 2

Project files nd

Scope and Contents note

Notes and small scale drawings.
Drawer 103, FlatFile 23

Bigelow house 1696 E. Valley Rd (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated, after 1928

Scope and Contents note

House was originally designed by George Washington Smith in 1928, for James Canby.
Drawer 103, FlatFile 24

Bigelow, Mary B. house, San Ysidro Rd (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1928

Drawer 103, FlatFile 25

Birk, Andrew H. house Paloma Dr. Hope Ranch (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1942

Drawer 103, FlatFile 26

Bliss, F. C. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1926


Body, William house El Camino de la Luz (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1948

Drawer 103, FlatFile 27

Drawings 1948

Box 1, Folder 3

Project files 1948

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings.
Drawer 103, FlatFile 28

Boeseke, Mrs. Elmer Jr. house undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 29

Bogan, Mrs. F. house Hot Springs Ave. (Montecito, Calif.) 1947

Drawer 103, FlatFile 30

Borie, A.E. house Alston Rd. (Montecito, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 103, FlatFile 31

Bothin, Mrs. Henry E. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1932

Scope and Contents note

Includes drawings of Tea Garden structure, as well as sketches of individual letters used as templates for the wrought iron letters for the back of the Tea House wall (spelling out the phrase: Mar Y Cel).
Roll 2, Drawer 103, FlatFile 32

Brady, R. McCleland house Humphry Rd. & Eucalyptus Ln. (Montecito, Calif.) 1929

Drawer 103, FlatFile 33

Brackett, J.W. house Arrellaga St. (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1922

Drawer 103, FlatFile 34

Brambilla, Nino beach development Cabrillo Blvd. & Santa Barbara St. (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1947

Drawer 103, FlatFile 35

Breckinridge house undated

Drawer 103, FlatFile 36

Briggs, Walter M. house 16 Green Ln. (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1945

Drawer 103, FlatFile 37

Brines, Rolland house Via Dichosa Hope Ranch (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 38

Brown, Elizabeth house alterations (San Marino, Calif.) undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 39

Brown, Willard E. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1929

Drawer 55, FlatFile 40

Bucklew, Orpha house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1933

Drawer 55, FlatFile 41

Buena Vista 4 (Montecito, Calif.) 1935

Drawer 55, FlatFile 42

Buffum, Mrs. W.H. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1922

Drawer 55, FlatFile 43

Bullard, Sellar house (Goleta, Calif.) undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 44

Burkett house (house plans) undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 45

Burnap house undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 46

Burnham, S.B. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1945

Drawer 55, FlatFile 47

Bush, James Irving house undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 48

California Department of Transportation new state highway (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 49

Carlson house undated

Box 1, Folder 4

Project files nd

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawing.
Drawer 55, FlatFile 48

Architectural drawings undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 50

Carpenter house undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 51

Carpinteria Women's Club building (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1933


Carter house undated

Box 1, Folder 5

Project files nd

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings and notes.
Drawer 55, FlatFile 52

Architectural drawings undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 53

Cate School (Santa Barbara School for Boys) building (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1928

Drawer 55, FlatFile 54

Cavanaugh house undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 55

Chalifoux, Harold L. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1945

Drawer 55, FlatFile 56

Chase, Harold S. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1947

creator: Stevens, Ralph T
Drawer 55, FlatFile 57

Chatfield-Taylor, Mrs. house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 57A

Church of Christ Scientist, First building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1932

Drawer 55, FlatFile 58

Clendening, Mrs. Logan house (Montecito, Calif.) 1938

Drawer 55, FlatFile 59

Cleveland, Walter J. house alterations 1946

Drawer 55, FlatFile 60

Clover, Rosa house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 61

Clyde, George W. house 1933

Drawer 55, FlatFile 62

Coffin, Sarah house (Montecito, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 55, FlatFile 63

Coleman, Joseph house (Montecito, Calif.) 1927

Drawer 55, FlatFile 64

Community Arts Association School of Arts building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 65

Community Arts Association studio building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 66

Conklin house undated

Scope and Contents note

One partial pencil drawing showing 3 trees in a row and the corner of a garage, only.
Drawer 55, FlatFile 67

Conrad, Barnaby house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 55, FlatFile 68

Cooluris, Peter house (Ventura, Calif.) undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 69

Corlett house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1948


Cowlishaw, R.W. house 1948

Box 1, Folder 6

Project files 1948

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings, notes and fabric swatches.
Drawer 55, FlatFile 70

Architectural drawings 1948

Drawer 55, FlatFile 71

Cowlishaw, R.W. beach house undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 71A

Cows head undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 72

Cramer, N. house undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 73

Crane, Mrs. W.D. house (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Crocket, Fred house undated

Box 1, Folder 7

Project files nd

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawing.
Drawer 55, FlatFile 74

Architectural drawings undated

Drawer 55, FlatFile 75

Crockett house undated

Drawer 54, FlatFile 76

Cudahy, Misses house (Montecito, Calif.) 1930


Cymbidium orchid show (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1946-1948

Box 1, Folder 8

Project files 1946-1948

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings.
Drawer 54, FlatFile 77

Architectural drawings 1946-1948

Drawer 54, FlatFile 78

Dabney, C.W. Jr. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 54, FlatFile 79

Dabney, Mrs. S.R. house alterations (Serena, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 54, FlatFile 80

Dabney, S.B. house undated

Drawer 54, FlatFile 81

Dakin house undated

Drawer 54, FlatFile 82

Davis, G.P. house alterations (Montecito, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 54, FlatFile 83

de Forest, Lockwood house Todos Santos Mission Canyon (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1927, 1956

Drawer 54, FlatFile 84

de Goicouria, Mrs. A.V. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1924


Denison, John H. Jr. house (Big Horn, Wyoming) 1934

Box 1, Folder 9

Project files 1934

Scope and Contents note

Set of specifications.
Drawer 54, FlatFile 85

Architectural drawings 1934

Drawer 54, FlatFile 86

Dennison, Mary R. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 54, FlatFile 87

Dickinson, William R. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

creator: Johnson, Reginald D., 1882-1953

Scope and Contents note

House designed by Reginald Johnson.
Drawer 54, FlatFile 88

Dietrich Estate (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 54, FlatFile 89

Doan house undated


Donlon, Barney house (Oxnard, Calif.) 1949

Box 1, Folder 10

Project files 1949

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings and plant list.
Drawer 54, FlatFile 90

Architectural drawings 1949

Drawer 54, FlatFile 91

Dos Pueblos Ranch house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1947

Drawer 54, FlatFile 92

Dryer, Joseph E. house (San Diego, Calif.) 1924

Drawer 54, FlatFile 93

Duane, W.M. house undated

Drawer 54, FlatFile 94

Dunn, Harry L. house (Pasadena, Calif.) 1935

Drawer 54, FlatFile 95

Dunn, Louis C. house (Pebble Beach, Calif.) 1947

Drawer 54, FlatFile 96

Eaton's Newhall restaurant (Newhall Ranch, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 54, FlatFile 97

Edwards house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 54, FlatFile 98

Edwards, F.B. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1924

Drawer 54, FlatFile 99

Edwards, Hubert L. house (Saticoy, Calif.) 1923-1924


Ehrlich, G.C. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1945

Box 1, Folder 11

Project files 1945

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings.
Drawer 54, FlatFile 101

Architectural drawings 1945

Drawer 54, FlatFile 102

Ehrlick house 1946

Drawer 54, FlatFile 103

Eichhiem, Henry house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1923

Drawer 54, FlatFile 104

Eichler, R. house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 105

Essington, David W. El Sereno Motel building (Serena, Calif.) undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 106

Evans, Ellicott house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 107

Ewing, Mrs. James house (Ventura, Calif.) undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 108

Ferree, Joel M. stable building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 109

Feurt, Woody garden for von Romberg house (Montecito, Calif.) 1948

creator: Riggs, Lutah Maria, 1896-1984

Scope and Contents note

Original house designed by Lutah Maria Riggs for Baron von Romberg and his wife, Emily Tremaine. File contains 9 sketches, graphite and colored pencil, on tracing paper and 3 yellow sheets of paper with notes and sketches regarding elevation of land, site lines, and placement of trees.
Drawer 53, FlatFile 110

Finger, H.J. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1927


Fior, Sylvester house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1941

Box 1, Folder 12

Project files 1941

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings.
Drawer 53, FlatFile 111

Architectural drawings 1941

Drawer 53, FlatFile 112

Fithian house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 113

Fithian, Anne Stow house (Montecito, Calif.) 1945

Drawer 53, FlatFile 114

Fitzgerald (Fitchgerald ?) house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 115

Fleischman, M. C. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1929

Drawer 53, FlatFile 116

Flowers, Mrs. U.G. house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 117

Forbes house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 118

Foster, Clair B. house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 119

French, Harold Jr. house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 120

Gale house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 121

Gavit, E. Palmer house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 122

Geyman, M.H. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1928

Drawer 53, FlatFile 123

Gladwin, Harold S. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1945

Drawer 53, FlatFile 124

Gladwyl house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 125

Gledhill, W. Edwin house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1926

Drawer 53, FlatFile 126

Glines, John house (Santa Maria, Calif.) undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 127

Goldstein property (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 128

Goodhue, Hugo Kimball house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 129

Gosnell, Mary house (Ojai, Calif.) undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 130

Gourley, Marjorie house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1937

Drawer 53, FlatFile 131

Graham, Walter C. house 1948

Drawer 53, FlatFile 132

Gray, Mrs. Roland house (Ventura, Calif.) 1924

Drawer 53, FlatFile 134

Green, John H. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1948

Drawer 53, FlatFile 134

Greene, Luther house (Montecito, Calif.) 1945

Drawer 53, FlatFile 135

Gresinger house (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Griffeth, Mrs. Claude M. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1946

Box 1, Folder 13

Project files 1946

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawing.
Drawer 53, FlatFile 136

Architectural drawings 1946

Drawer 53, FlatFile 137

Griffith, Dorothy house undated

Drawer 53, FlatFile 138

Griffith, G. P. house 1936

Drawer 53, FlatFile 139

Griffith, Millen house (Ross, Calif.) 1939


Griffith, Mrs. Richard (Seavery) house (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1947

Box 1, Folder 14

Project files 1947

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings and notes.
Drawer 53, FlatFile 140

Architectural drawings 1947

Drawer 53, FlatFile 141

Griffith, Richard house (Hidden Valley, Calif.) 1934-1937

Drawer 53, FlatFile 142

Griffith, Richard house (San Marino, Calif.) 1929

Drawer 53, FlatFile 143

Gross, Cortland house (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 52, FlatFile 144

Gunn, W.A. house (Coronado, Calif.) 1924

Drawer 52, FlatFile 145

Guyman, E.T. house (San Diego, Calif.) 1922

Drawer 52, FlatFile 146

Hale house (Pasadena, Calif.) undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 147

Hamilton, George L. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 148

Hammett, Buell house (Painted Cave, Calif.) undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 149

Hammond house undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 150

Harmon house (Ojai, Calif.) 1930

Drawer 52, FlatFile 151

Hazard, Mrs. E.N. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1923

Drawer 52, FlatFile 152

Hearney, J.W. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1937

Drawer 52, FlatFile 153

Henderson, C.B. house (Hillsborough, Calif.) 1930

Drawer 52, FlatFile 154

Herbert house undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 155

Herter, Everit house (Coronado, Calif.) 1942

Drawer 52, FlatFile 156

Hickok house undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 157

Hill, Fentris house (Montecito, Calif.) 1948

Drawer 52, FlatFile 158

Hoffman, Bernard house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1923

Drawer 52, FlatFile 159

Hoffman, Bernard and Irene "Las Encinas" house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1920, 1947

Drawer 52, FlatFile 160

Hooker, Miss Marion house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1947

Drawer 52, FlatFile 161

Horticultural exhibit undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 162

Howe house undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 163

Hughes, E.C. house (Santa Cruz, Calif.) undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 164

Hunt, Clyde house (Ventura, Calif.) 1937

Drawer 52, FlatFile 165

Hunter, Mrs. Robert house undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 166

Hunter, Robert house undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 167

Ide, Carson W. house undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 168

Isham, Ralph house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1916

Drawer 52, FlatFile 169

Jackson, Charles H. Jr. "San Carlos Ranch" house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 170

Jameson, John A. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1933


Johnson, W.E. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1930

Box 1, Folder 15

Project files 1930

Scope and Contents note

Notes and small scale drawings.
Drawer 52, FlatFile 171

Architectural drawings 1930

Drawer 52, FlatFile 172

Johnson, Mrs. Granville house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 52, FlatFile 173

Jordano, J.D. house undated


Joyce, Thomas H. house (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1946

Box 1, Folder 16

Project files 1946

Scope and Contents note

Notes, specifications and small scale drawings.
Drawer 52, FlatFile 174

Architectural drawings 1946

Drawer 52, FlatFile 175

Kaime, Mrs. Alva house (Montecito, Calif.) 1937

Drawer 52, FlatFile 176

Kaime, Mrs. Alva house (San Marino, Calif.) 1934

Drawer 52, FlatFile 177

Kallman's Garden Nursery building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1945

Drawer 51, FlatFile 178

Kellam, F.B. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1923-1928

Drawer 51, FlatFile 179

Kellam, Garath house (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 51, FlatFile 180

Kelleher house undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 181

Kellogg, Donald house circa 1947


Kendrick, George S. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1941-1945

Box 1, Folder 17

Project files 1941-1945

Scope and Contents note

List of plants.
Drawer 51, FlatFile 182

Architectural drawings 1941-1945

Drawer 51, FlatFile 183

Kerr house 1948

Drawer 51, FlatFile 184-185

Kimball house undated

Scope and Contents note

Two different houses, unidentified locations, dates. Job #s 1390 (2 drawings), 1543 (1 drawing).
Drawer 51, FlatFile 186

Kimble, Orval house (Fillmore, Calif.) 1947

Drawer 51, FlatFile 187

Knapp, M.D. house (Carpinteria, Calif.) undated


Knight, E.C. house undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 188

Knight, Mrs. Samuel house 1933

Drawer 51, FlatFile 189

Knoepke house (Ojai, Calif.) undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 190

Knowles, Joseph house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 190A

Kohlsaat house undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 191

Landrith, Miss M. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1923

Drawer 51, FlatFile 192

Laughton, Charles house (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1944

Drawer 51, FlatFile 193

Le Bard, Frank house (Ventura, Calif.) undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 194

La Cumbre Country Club building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1955

Drawer 51, FlatFile 194

Leupp, Ethel L. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1935

Drawer 51, FlatFile 196

Levy, Henry house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1928

Drawer 51, FlatFile 197

Lewis, J.D. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1926

Drawer 51, FlatFile 198

Lewis, Robert house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Liepold house undated

Box 1, Folder 18

Project files nd

Scope and Contents note

List of plants.
Drawer 51, FlatFile 199

Architectural drawings undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 200

Lindermann house undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 201

Little Town Club building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 202

Lloyd, Francis house (Santa Cruz, Calif.) undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 203

Lloyd, Mrs. Francis V. house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 2-4

Lloyd, Mrs. Francis V. house and barn (Santa Ynez, Calif.) 1945

Drawer 51, FlatFile 205

Lobero Theatre (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 206

Longhorne "Rancheria Motel" building (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 51, FlatFile 207

Lowry, Capt. George M. house (Hillsborough, Calif.) 1945


Lucking, R. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1946

Box 1, Folder 19

Project files 1946

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings.
Drawer 51, FlatFile 208

Architectural drawings 1946

Drawer 51, FlatFile 209

Ludington, C.H. "Val Verde" house (Montecito, Calif.) 1926-1930

Drawer 51, FlatFile 210

Ludington, C.T. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1933

Drawer 51, FlatFile 211

Ludington, Nicholas house (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1932

Drawer 51, FlatFile 212

Ludington, Wright S. "Val Verde" (Montecito, Calif.) 1930-1949

Drawer 75, FlatFile 213

Luton, George R. house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 214

Luton, George R. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1929

Drawer 75, FlatFile 215

Lyon, Richard house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 216

MacBeth, A.B. house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 217

MacKnight house (South Pasadena, Calif.) 1938

Drawer 75, FlatFile 218

Macy, Lydia Bodero house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1933-1947

Drawer 75, FlatFile 219

Mar Monte (Biltmore Hotel?) building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 220

Marin, Antonia house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1920-1924

Drawer 75, FlatFile 221

Marso, Mrs. Helen house (Montecito, Calif.) 1942

Drawer 75, FlatFile 222

May, Miss house (San Francisco, Calif.) undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 223

McCabe, R.E. house (Santa Maria, Calif.) 1928

Drawer 75, FlatFile 224

McCall, J S. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1934

Drawer 75, FlatFile 225

McCauley, Edward Jr. house (Hillsborough, Calif.) 1932

creator: Wurster, William Wilson
Drawer 75, FlatFile 226

McCormack house undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 227

McCormick, Allister house (Montecito, Calif.) 1930

Drawer 75, FlatFile 228

McCormick, Stanley art gallery 1942


McCormick, Stanley house "River Rock Estate" (Montecito, Calif.) 1931-1932

Box 1, Folder 20

Project files 1931-1932

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings.
Drawer 75, FlatFile 229

Architectural drawings 1931-1932

Drawer 75, FlatFile 230

McDougall, Mary B. house (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1938


McDuffie, W.C. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1946

Box 1, Folder 21

Project files 1946

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings.
Drawer 75, FlatFile 231

Architectural drawings 1946

Drawer 75, FlatFile 232

Mckinley, J.W. house (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1948

Drawer 75, FlatFile 233

McMillan Room at Golden Gate International Exposition (San Francisco, Calif.) circa 1939

Drawer 75, FlatFile 234

McMillan, P.D. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1950

creator: Riggs, Lutah Maria, 1896-1984
Drawer 75, FlatFile 235

McMillian house undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 236

McMurtry, Edward D. studio (Pasadena, Calif.) 1935

Drawer 75, FlatFile 237

Meeker, Arthur house (Montecito, Calif.) 1929-1932

Drawer 75, FlatFile 238

Meigs house undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 239

Mellinger house undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 240

Merrit, J.B. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1936

Drawer 75, FlatFile 241

Mesa Union elementary school building (Ventura, Calif.) 1938-1939

Drawer 75, FlatFile 242

Metcalf, J.E. house (Piedmont, Calif.) undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 243

Meyer, Ms. house undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 244

Minot, J.G. house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 245

Mission Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1940

Drawer 75, FlatFile 246

Montecito gas station building (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 247

Montecito water district (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 75, FlatFile 248

Monterey school district (Monterey, Calif.) 1947-1948

Drawer 74, FlatFile 249

Moore, Joseph C. house (Santa Ynez, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 250

Moseley, H.P. house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 251

Mosle, Mrs. G.R. house (Ojai, Calif.) 1924

Drawer 74, FlatFile 252

Mulhauser, Frank house (Montecito, Calif.) 1927-1929

Drawer 74, FlatFile 253

Mulholland house undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 254

Museum of Natural History building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 255

Myrick, Donald house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1928

Drawer 74, FlatFile 256

Myrick, Mrs. Herbert house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 257

Nelson, C.N. house 1934

Drawer 74, FlatFile 258

Nelson, Leslie house undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 259

Nelson, William P. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1926-1931

Drawer 74, FlatFile 260

Neustadler, Mrs. Louis W. house (Montecito, Calif.) undated


New College (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 261

Newell, George house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 262

Newhall Land and Farming Co. motor hotel (Castaic Junction, Calif.) 1944

Drawer 74, FlatFile 263

Newhall, George house (Coronado, Calif.) 1924

Drawer 74, FlatFile 264

Nixon, Mrs. Stanhope house undated


Oak Park tennis courts (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1924

Box 1, Folder 22

Project files 1924

Scope and Contents note

Set of specifications.
Drawer 74, FlatFile 265

Architectural drawings 1924

Drawer 74, FlatFile 266

Ojai Valley Country Club cottages (Ojai, Calif.) 1935-1936

Drawer 74, FlatFile 267

Ordway Jr., Samuel H. house alterations (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 74, FlatFile 268

Osgood, Mrs. house undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 269

Parker Tract (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 270

Parrot, Kent house (Montecito, Calif.) 1937-1940

Drawer 74, FlatFile 271

Patrick, Kirk house undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 272

Patterson, Mrs. E.L. "The Five Acres" house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1922

Drawer 74, FlatFile 273

Penton, John A. "La Ladera" house (Montecito, Calif.) 1930

Drawer 74, FlatFile 274

Perkins, F.H. house (Ojai, Calif.) 1925

Box 1, Folder 23

Peters, W.W. kitchen alterations 1931

Box 1, Folder 23

Project files 1931

Scope and Contents note

Small scale blueprints.
Drawer 74, FlatFile 275

Phillips, L. R. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


The Plants of Santa Barbara 1926

Box 1, Folder 24

Project files 1926

Scope and Contents note

Pamphlet compiled by deForest on the native plants of Santa Barbara.
Drawer 74, FlatFile 276

Plaza Rubio (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1924

Drawer 74, FlatFile 277

Porter, George F. Winery (Ojai, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 278

Price, Francis house (Montecito, Calif.) 1949

Drawer 74, FlatFile 279

Pritchett house Garden St. (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Pritchett Memorial 1935

Box 1, Folder 25

Project files 1935

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawing.
Drawer 74, FlatFile 280

Architectural drawings 1935

Drawer 74, FlatFile 281

Protant house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1924

Drawer 74, FlatFile 282

Raymond, Robert S. house (Ventura, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 283

Requa, Mrs. Mark L. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1937

Drawer 74, FlatFile 284

Riemer, Alfred house (Ojai, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 285

Robbins, Mrs. George B. house (Hillsborough, Calif.) 1931-1932

Drawer 74, FlatFile 286

Rosecrans, W.S. house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 74, FlatFile 287

Rosemary Farms (Santa Maria, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 288

Ruddock, A.B. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1945

Drawer 73, FlatFile 289

Russell, Henry house (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1937

Drawer 73, FlatFile 290

Rutherford Estate (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1925

Drawer 73, FlatFile 291

Ryerson, Joseph T. house 1942

Drawer 73, FlatFile 292

Saint Vincent's Orphanage building (Goleta, Calif.) 1925-1928

Drawer 73, FlatFile 293

Salisbury, Mrs. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 294

Samarkand Hotel (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 295

San Diego County General hospital (San Diego, Calif.) 1944

Drawer 73, FlatFile 296

Sanders, Franklin house (Montecito, Calif.) 1942

Drawer 73, FlatFile 297

Sanderson, Mary Jane and Clara house (San Francisco, Calif.) 1936

Drawer 73, FlatFile 298

Sandy Land Cove (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 299

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1937-1943

Drawer 73, FlatFile 300

Santa Barbara County Grower's Cooperative Farmer's Market (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1946

Oversize-box 4, Folder 1

Santa Barbara Gardener artwork 1929-1931

Scope and Contents note

Artwork on boards for covere of magazine, by Charles Paine.
Drawer 73, FlatFile 301

Santa Barbara Girls' School (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1924


Santa Barbara Harbor (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1930


Santa Barbara Museum of Art (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1944-1949

Box 1, Folder 26

Project files 1944-1949

Scope and Contents note

Drawer 73, FlatFile 302

Architectural drawings 1944-1949

Drawer 73, FlatFile 303

Santa Barbara School (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1932

Drawer 73, FlatFile 304

Santa Barbara State College (Goleta, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 305

Santa Maria Inn (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 306

Santa Paula Elementary School District West School (Santa Paula, Calif.) 1951

Drawer 73, FlatFile 307

Saticoy School building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1942

Drawer 73, FlatFile 308

Seavey, Mrs. Walter H. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1929

Drawer 73, FlatFile 309

Sedgwick, Francis M. house (Goleta, Calif.) 1932-1934

Drawer 73, FlatFile 310

Seeber, L.W. house (Ventura, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 311

Shadow Ranch (Canoga Park, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 312

Shane house undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 313

Shaw house undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 314

Shore, Fred A. house (Ventura, Calif.) 1935

Drawer 73, FlatFile 315

Shuman, Mrs. C.R. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1922

Drawer 73, FlatFile 316

Simpson, Gordon house (Pasadena, Calif.) 1936

Drawer 73, FlatFile 317

Skinner, J.F. house (New Canaan, CT) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 318

Slaeter, Mrs. William house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 319

Slater, Mrs. William A. house undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 320

Sloss, Leon, Jr. house (Woodside, Calif.) 1935

Drawer 73, FlatFile 321

Smith, Rober L.I. house (San Marino, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 322

Smith, Mrs. Boardman F. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 323

Smitheram, R.W. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1924-1925

Drawer 73, FlatFile 324

Snook, W. Sayer house (Orinda, Calif.) undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 325

Snow, Robert Keith house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1932


Spaulding house undated

Drawer 73, FlatFile 326

Spear, Mrs. house undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 327

Stanton, Robert house (Pebble Beach, Calif.) undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 327A

Stark, Mrs. J.G. (Edith L.) house (Montecito, Calif.) 1928

Drawer 72, FlatFile 328

Starland house (Ojai, Calif.) 1927

Drawer 72, FlatFile 329

Steedman, George F. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1922-1925

creator: Smith, George Washington, 1876-1930
Drawer 72, FlatFile 330

Steedman, Mrs. J.H. house Ashley Rd. (Montecito, Calif.) 1923

creator: Soule, Murphy and Hastings.

Stelling, Martin house (Rutherford, Calif.) 1940, 1945

Box 1, Folder 27

Project files 1940, 1945

Scope and Contents note

List of plants.
Drawer 72, FlatFile 331

Architectural drawings 1940,1945

Drawer 72, FlatFile 332

Steuard, Ralph house (Santa Paula, Calif.) 1944

Drawer 72, FlatFile 333

Stevens house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 334

Stewart, Mary house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 335

Stewart, R.G. house (Ventura, Calif.) 1937

Drawer 72, FlatFile 336

Storke house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 337

Stott, L.N. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1925

Drawer 72, FlatFile 338

Stout, Mrs. Frank D. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1932-1937


Swann, H. house undated

Box 1, Folder 28

Project files nd

Scope and Contents note

Notes and small scale drawings.
Drawer 72, FlatFile 339

Architectural drawings undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 340

Swift house undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 341

Swift, E.H. house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 342

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Reese house (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1936

Drawer 72, FlatFile 343

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Reese beach cottage (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1945-1947

Drawer 72, FlatFile 344

Teague, Charles C. house (Santa Paula, Calif.) 1939

Drawer 72, FlatFile 345

Thatcher School (Ojai, Calif.) 1928-1945

Scope and Contents note

Dating from 1928 - 1945 and including partial sketches of floor plans; drawings for the Memorial Outdoor Chapel; suggestions for a fountain between the Library and the School building; sketchy landscape plan for the Library; and 3 site plans at the scale of 1 inch equals 30 feet, and 1 inch equals 50 feet. One of the site plans apparently was from the office of Carleton M. Winslow.
Drawer 72, FlatFile 346

Thomas house undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 347

Thomas Larkin School (Monterey, Calif.) 1940

Drawer 72, FlatFile 348

Thomas, Bishop N. S. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1931

Drawer 72, FlatFile 349

Tiers, Alexander house (Monterey, Calif.) undated


Tiers, Alexander house undated

Box 1, Folder 29

Project files undated

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawing.
Drawer 72, FlatFile 350

Architectural drawings undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 351

Tighe house undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 352

Treat, S.W. house (Ojai, Calif.) undated

Drawer 72, FlatFile 353

Tremaine house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

creator: Neutra, Richard Joseph, 1892-1970

General note

Drawer 590, FlatFile 354

Underhill house undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 355

United States Navy (Monterey, Calif.) 1941-1942

Drawer 590, FlatFile 356

Upson, Mrs. Henry S. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 357

Urmston house (Pebble Beach, Calif.) undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 358

Urmston, Mrs. J.K. house (San Marino/Pasadena, Calif.) undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 359

Valentine, Mary house (Pasadena, Calif.) undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 360

Valley Club (Montecito, Calif.) 1929

Drawer 590, FlatFile 361

Van Fossen, Gladys R. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1940

Drawer 590, FlatFile 362

Van Wyck, Cecil house (Pasadena, Calif.) undated


Ver Halen house undated

Box 1, Folder 30

Project files undated

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings and notes.
Drawer 590, FlatFile 363

Architectural drawings undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 364

Wack house undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 365

Wainscoat, Mrs. Lloyd house undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 366

Walker house undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 367

Wallace, Nan house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1946

Drawer 590, FlatFile 368

Walska, Mme. Ganna house (Montecito, Calif.) undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 369

Washburn, Mabel C. house 1934

Drawer 590, FlatFile 370

Watson, E.C. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1948-1949

Drawer 590, FlatFile 371

Watters house undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 372

Welch house undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 373

Weld, Mrs. George F. house undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 374

Wendel, Fred E. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1941

Drawer 590, FlatFile 375

West End Mission Ridge (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1921

Drawer 590, FlatFile 376

White, E.B. house (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1946-1947

Drawer 590, FlatFile 377

White, N.L. house undated


Wilbur, Brayton house (Hillsborough, Calif.) 1935-1936

Box 1, Folder 31

Project files 1935-1936

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawings and one photograph.
Drawer 590, FlatFile 378

Architectural drawings 1935-1936

Drawer 590, FlatFile 379

Wilbur, Mrs. Van Rensselaer "Villa Calafia" house (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1945

Drawer 590, FlatFile 380

Williams, L. Kemper house (Montecito, Calif.) 1937-1947

Drawer 590, FlatFile 381

Wilson, J.P. house (Montecito, Calif.) 1931

Drawer 590, FlatFile 382

Witter, Guy house (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1947

Drawer 590, FlatFile 383

Womens Club undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 384

Young Apartments (Carmel, Calif.) 1941

Drawer 590, FlatFile 385

Zalesky, Zelim house (Montecito, Calif.) 1938


Unidentified houses undated

Box 1, Folder 32

Project files undated

Scope and Contents note

Small scale drawing and notes.
Drawer 590, FlatFile 386

Architectural drawings undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 387

unidentified client (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 389

unidentified commercial project (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 390

unidentified country club undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 391

unidentified office undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 392

unidentified recreation center 1946

FlatFile folder 386

Unidentified shopping center (Montecito, Calif.) undated

General note

Drawer 103, FlatFile 1

Riviera Area Map (reference file) undated

Drawer 590, FlatFile 393

unidentified misc. drawings undated