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Courtesy of UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library


[Mule packed with pork barrels. Mssrs. Lord and Bauerman and muleteer at Colville.]


Photograph shows three men with a mule with two casks tied to its back at the British North American Boundary Commission base in Colville; also shows two Boundary Commission huts (cabins). John Keast Lord, second from left, and Hilary Bauerman, right, with a muleteer at far left are identified in the caption of the copy at the archives of the Royal Corps of Engineers, Chatham (as reproduced in John Falconer. "Photography and the Royal Engineers," The Photographic Collector 2:1, Autumn 1981, p. 44.) The casks are identified as pork barrels and the location "at Colville."


Great Britain. Army. Royal Engineers., photographer
Great Britain. North American Boundary Commission, creator



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UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library