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Courtesy of UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library


Lakeport, Lake County, California: The Switzerland of America.


Content/DescriptionLarge central image is overview of the town, waterfront and distant hills, showing docks, buildings and farms. Marginal images of prominent businesses and landmarks include map of Plates Addition, tin shop and hardware storefront on Chamblin block, Witter Springs [resort] near Upper Lake, H. Cohn & Son grocery and hardware store, Farmers Savings Bank storefront, McCraney & Sons storefront, Mound Cottages Hotel, Bank of Lake storefront, Lakeport Democrat storefront, Whitton's Stable, Uncle Sam Mountain from Upper Lake, Tunis Lumber Merchant, storefronts on Levy block 1875, Pioneer Store.


Inchbold, Stanley, 1856-, artist



Contributing Institution:

UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library