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173 Canal is the date palm groves of south of Basrah, the center of Iraq, a date-producing and exporting town. The branches with the dates are being cut down and the fruit is then being plucked off the branches. Canal in the date-palm groves of south of Basrah. They are fresh water canals fed by the Shatt-el-Arab (after the rivers Euphrates and Tigris have merged the double river is called Shatt-el-Arab) This fresh-water river runs for about 80 miles through date-palm groves until it runs into the Persian Gulf. The strong tides (incoming tides) stops the fresh water from running south, it is dammed up, the level in the river and the canals rises and in that NATURAL way the date palm groves receive in irrigation. The Arabs say that the date-palm must stand with its head in the heat of the sun but with its feet in the cool water. The canals facilitate transportation of the bulky crop.
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