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Courtesy of UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library


Laguna Rancho, Residence of Geo. W. Burbank, Tomales Tp. Marin Co. Cal.


Content/DescriptionMain image of Victorian house with circular drive surrounded by gated pastures, orchards, farm buildings and rolling hills with a pond in the foreground. Two marginal images show a lake and woods. The property was located along the banks of the Estero San Antonio Laguna. George Walton Burbank (1929-1901) was a leading figure in Tomales Township. He came to California in 1854 and after a short time in the gold fields became a farmer. He was followed to California by his brother Luther Burbank, a noted horticulturist.


Moore, E.S., artist
Britton & Rey, lithographer
Moore & DePue, publisher



Contributing Institution:

UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library