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Courtesy of UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library


Birds-eye view of Prescott, A.T. looking north east : sketched by C.J. Dyer.


Content/DescriptionLarge central view, with vignette of Prescott in 1864, two vignettes of mountains in the area, and at bottom several vignettes of public and business buildings. Marginal views include Thumb Butte, Granite Mountain, Sherman House, store of M. Goldwater and son, L. Bashford and Co., Diana saloon (billiards hall), Geo. H Curry jewelry store, office of Dr. F. K. Ainsworth. Also includes public school, county courthouse, Prescott in 1864 as well as references to numerous other businesses, churches, ect. Key to prominent locations.


Dyer, C.J., 1836-1912, artist



Contributing Institution:

UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library