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Courtesy of Anaheim Public Library


Anaheim Post Office, Clementine Street, Group Portrait [graphic]
Digital Anaheim


Anaheim Post Office building, located at corner of Clementine and Oak Street, Anaheim; image shows corner of building, with 23 postal employees standing in front on sidewalk, indentified left to right as Henry Baxter, Bill Llewellyn, Charles Johnson, Charles Hedges, George Bouge, George Tedrick, Harry Whitaker (postmaster), Harry Guthrie, Forrest Twinsmen, Frank Montenyohl, Frank Glick, Ray Philipps, George Cupps, Dan Collins (carrier), John Jenkins, Kenneth Snyder, Wilbur Brown, Arthur Fennegan, Harvey Kirk, Ernest Glick, Clair Leibhart, and Earl Baum; fire hydrant, hand cart and automobile are visible at far left; another hand cart and a second automobile are visible at far right; signage above awning of building reads "U.S. POST OFFICE"


Bassett, Richard Santa Ana, California, 1970s, photographer.

Contributing Institution:

Anaheim Public Library