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Courtesy of Society of California Pioneers


Autobiography and Reminiscence of Alvin Aaron Coffey, Mills Seminary P.O., 1901.
Institutional Records Digitization Project: Reminiscences of Early Pioneers: 1900-1904


Autobiographies and Reminiscences of California Pioneers, p.45-52, Vol. 1. This is a typed transcript, bound into a volume, of the member's autobiographical reminiscence created as an institutional record for the Society of California Pioneers. The transcription includes a reference to a photograph of the member in a set of bound volumes. It appears that the photographs in this set were dispersed throughout the regular photography collection, but the photographs referenced in the related materials may or may not be these same photographs. The reminiscence spans the period of April 2, 1849 (St. Louis, Missouri) to 1851, Coffey's first return to Missouri but it is mainly the year 1849, from his overland journey to California with his master, Dr. Barrett. Coffey gives his reactions to his enslavement and accuses Barrett of taking money given to him to secure Coffey's emancipation. He then sold Coffey to another master. Geographic details in this reminiscence are incomplete.


Coffey, Alvin Aaron, 1822-1902, creator


1901 (issued)

Contributing Institution:

Society of California Pioneers