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Modern novels, in XII volumes.
PR1295 .M68
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Modern novels, in XII volumes
Modern novels, in twelve volumes
Modern novels, in 12 volumes
Modern novels


Bentley, Richard, d. 1697, publisher.


1692 (issued)


Vol.I. The secret history of the most renowned Q. Elizabeth and the E. of Essex. 1695. The secret history of the Duke of Alancon and Q. Elizabeth. [1st ed.] 1691. [Brémond, Gabriel de] Hattige: or The amours of the King of Tamaran. [2d ed. in Eng.] 1683. Grenadine, Sebastian, pseud? Homais queen of Tunis. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1689. Behn, Mrs. Aphra (Amis) The lucky mistake. [1st ed.] 1689. -- Vol.II. [Claude, Isaac] The Count d'Soissons. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1689. [Bernard, Catherine] The Count of Amboise; or, The generous lover. [1st ed. in Eng.[ 1689. [Villars, de Mountfaucon, abbé de] The Count of Gabalis: or, The extravagant mysteries of the Cabalists. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1680. [Brémond, Gabriel de] The cheating gallant: or, The false Count Brion. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1677. -- Vol. III. [Bellon, Peter] The court secret. [1st ed.] 1689. 2 v. The perplex'd prince. [1682?] [Argences, d'] The Countess of Salisbury; or, The most Noble ORder of the Garter. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1683. 2 v. -- Vol. IV. The character of love, guided by inclination. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1686. The new disorders of love ... Tr. by Richard Gibbs. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1687. Brémond, Gabriel de. The triumph of love overfortune. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1678. [Victorious lovers, or Love victorious over fortune. 1st ed. 16--] The amorous abbess: or, Love in a nunnery. [1st ed in Eng.] 1684. -- Vol. V. Don Sevastian king of Portugal. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1683. Two new novels. I. The art of making love without speaking, writing or enterview of the lovers [by Sieur D.L.C.] II. The fatal beauaty of AGnes de Castro [by J.B. de Brilhac] [1st ed. in Eng.] 1688. Brémond, Gavriel de] The Princess of Montferrat. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1680-1681. 2 v. -- Vol. VI. Don Henriquez de Castro. Or, The conquest of the Indies. [1st ed. in Eng.] [1686][Valincour, J.B.H. du Trousset de] The life of Francis of Lorrain, duke of Guise. [1st ed? in Eng.] 1681. Fatall prudence, or, Democrates, the unfortunate heroe. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1679. Ottoman gallantries: or, The life of the Bassa of Buda. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1687. Meroveus a prince of the blood-royal of France. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1682. -- Vol. VII. [Préchac, de] The chaste Seraglian: or, Yolanda of Sicily. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1685. [Préchac, de] The Princess of Fess: or, The amours of the court ofMorocco. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1682. [The rival mother. 1st ed. 1692] The obliging mistress: or, The fashionable gallant. [1st ed.] 1678. [Bellon, Peter] The reviv'd fugitive. [1st ed.] 1690. -- Vol. VIII. [Oudin, C.F., sieur de Préfontaine] The extravagant poet. [1st ed in Eng.] 1681. [La Chapelle, Jean de] The unequal match: or, The life of Mary of Anjou queen ofMajorca. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1681-1681. 2 v. The amours of Bonne Sforza, queen of Polonia. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1684. [Rousseau de la Valette, Michel] Casimer, king of Poland. [1st ed? in Eng.] 1681. -- Vol. IX. [Brémond, Gabriel de] The happy slave. [1st complete ed. in Eng.] 1685. [Poisson] The gallant ladies, or The mutual confidence. [1st ed.] 1685. 2 v. Brémond, Gavriel de. Gallant memoirs: or The adventures of a person of quality. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1681. [Phillips, Edward] The minority of St. Lewis. [1st ed.] 1685. -- Vol. X. Brémond, Gabriel de. The pilgrim. [2d ed. in Eng. of pt. 1; 1st ed. of pt. 2] 1681-1684. 2 v. Blackbourn, Richard. Clitie. [1st ed.] 1688. The amours of Philantus and Bellamond. [1st ed.] 1690. [Germont, de] The Neopolitan, or, The defender of his mistress. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1683. -- Vol. XI. The cabinet open'd, or The secret history of the amours of Madam ofMaintenon, with the French King. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1690. [Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien] The amorous conquests of the Great Alcander, or, The amours of the French King, and Madam Montespan. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1685. The rival princesses: or, The Colchian court. [1st ed.] 1689. [Gallantry unmasked, or Women in their proper colours. 1st ed. in Eng. 1690] [La Roche-Guilhem, Mlle. de.] The Great Scanderberg. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1690. -- Vol. XII. [Fontanelle, B. Le Bovier de] New dialogues of the dead. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1683-1685. 2 v. [Trotti de La Chétardie] Instructions for a young nobleman: or, The idea of a person of honour. [1st ed. in Eng.] 1683. Vertue rewarded: or, The Irish princess. [1st ed.] 1693. [Cerdan, Jaan Paul, comte de] The emperour and the empire betray'd: by whom and how. 1682.


Erotic literature, French
England -- London


A reissue, with collective t.p, by Richard Bentley of "some 50 novels" originally issued by himself and others. Each novel has separate t.p., pagination, and signatures. See Plomer, Henry R. A dictionary of the printers and booksellers who were at work in England, Scotland, and Ireland from 1668 to 1725, p. 31.
The frontispieces in v.I, VIII, and X are the added illustrated title-pages, engraved, of the first novel in each volume.



Physical Description:

12 v. fronts (v.1-2, 8, 10) 15 cm.




PR1295 .M68


Illinois unknown place London : Printed for R. Bentley ...

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Secret history of the Duke of Alancon and Q. Elizabeth
Secret history of the Duke of Alancon and Queen Elizabeth
Hattigé, ou, Les amours du roy de Tamaran
Amours du roy de Tamaran
Hattige, or, The amours of the King of Tamaran
Amours of the King of Tamaran
Homaïs reyne de Tunis
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Galand escroc
Cheating gallant, or, The false Count Brion
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Perplex'd prince
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Countess of Salisbury, or, The most noble Order of the Garter
Most noble Order of the Garter
Character of love, guided by inclination
New disorders of love
Triomphe de l'amour sur le destin
Triumph of love over fortune
Victorious lovers, or, Love victorious over fortune
Love victorious over fortune
Cercle, ou, Conversations galantes
Conversations galantes
Amorous abbess, or, Love in a nunnery
Love in a nunnery