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AAUW Santa Cruz Records

This collection consists of meeting minutes, scrapbooks, clippings, and other material, from the Santa Cruz branch of the AAUW.

Abbott (Charles H.)Photographs

This collection contains photographs taken by Abbott during his tour of duty as a member of the 23rd Engineers in Europe during and after WWI.

Abbott (Chuck and Esther) Slide Collection

This collection contains scenic and urban views throughout the United States and Canada with an emphasis on malls, redevelopment, signage, urban blight and visual pollution. Also included are slides of downtown Santa Cruz before and after the creation of the...

Acid Test Poster Reprint Collection

The Acid Tests were a series of multimedia events held by author Ken Kesey and his associates, nicknamed the Merry Pranksters, from 1965-1966, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area but also in Portland, Los Angeles, and Mexico. Centered around...

Adams (Ansel) Photographs

485 black and white photographs by Ansel Adams documenting the land, building sites, and early activities of the University of California Santa Cruz campus.

Aerial photographs

This collection contains thirteen aerial photographs of Seacliff, Watsonville, Pajaro Valley, Cabrillo College and Ben Lomond areas taken for the Santa Cruz County Advertising Committee.

Alien Registration Materials

Collection includes alien registration forms completed by W. B. Yeats, Ezra Pound & Dorothy Pound as well as a broadside notice, a clipping and Register of Aliens. Also included is a 1970 letter to the bookdealer, concerning the material.

Alternative Comic Book Collection

This collection consists of feminist, queer and alternative comic books.

"An Evening with Elie Wiesel" Event Materials

This small collection contains publicity materials for the event "An Evening with Elie Wiesel".

Angel Island Oral History Project

Collection includes photocopies of transcripts or summaries of 62 oral histories from Chinese immigrants detained at Angel Island Detention Station between 1910 and 1940.

Angel Island oral history project, 1975-1990

This collection includes copies of transcripts or summaries of 62 oral histories with Chinese immigrants detained at Angel Island Immigration Station between 1910 and 1940. Includes 12 female and 40 male detainees, along with 3 inspectors, 2 interpreters, and a...

Angulo (Jaime de) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, family journals, field notes, typescripts, manuscripts, poetry, artwork, family photographs & album pages.

Annie Wells photographs, 1988-1997

The collection consists of matted photographs from Well's career as a Pulitzer-prize winning photojournalist

Anzaldúa (Gloria) Altares Collection

This collection of figurines, small clay pots, masks, rattles, candles, altar cloths, and other ephemera was used by Gloria Anzaldúa as altar (altares) objects at her home in Santa Cruz, California. These altares were an integral part of her spiritual...

Aptheker (Bettina) Papers

This collection contains biographical material, correspondence, instructional materials, research notes, grant proposals, writings, speeches, lectures, and material concerning her political activism, including the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley and the trial of Angela Y. Davis.

Aptos PTA Scrapbooks

This collection consists of two scrapbooks from 1928-1930 documenting the newly re-organized Aptos P.T.A. and the new school and some notebook pages from 1932-1933.

Aquilanti (Giancarlo) Music Scores

This collection consists of scores and notes documenting the collaboration between Giancarlo Aquilanti and Bob Weir to orchestrate a number of Grateful Dead songs. The core of the collection is the 196-page bound set of scores, inscribed by Aquilanti, that...

Archer (Kate Rennie) Papers

Archive contains correspondence, manuscripts of published and unpublished poems and stories, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs and miscellaneous items documenting the literary activity of a San Francisco Bay area poet and a poetry teacher Kate Rennie Archer.

Asian travel collection

This assembled collection contains brochures, maps, guidebooks and literature documenting travel through and tourism in China, Japan and Korea during the early twentieth century.

Asian/Pacific Islander Lesbian Collection

This collection includes books, periodicals, newsletters and photographs relating to lesbianism and women's issues in Asia, women's communities and other issues important to the Asian Pacific Island Queer Women (APIQW).

Balloon Newspaper Epoch

This microfilm contains documents; cartoons; work of the "coocoo poopoo & peepee novelty co."; clippings related to an exhibit at McHenry Library, University of California, Santa Cruz; photographs of the artists; and issues of , , , , and .

Barati (George) Papers

Contains biographical material, correspondence, writings and speeches, concert programs, scores, photographs, recordings, posters, and miscellaneous materials documenting Maestro George Barati's professional career as a conductor, composer, cellist and music educator.

Baruch (Ruth-Marion) Photographs and Papers

Ruth-Marion Baruch (June 15, 1922-October 11, 1997) was a documentary photographer, poet, and educator who was most known for her 1960s photographic series and , the former of which she collaborated on with her husband Pirkle Jones, who was also...

Bateson Family Papers

This collection includes family correspondence, notebooks, address books, sketchbooks, school papers from Anna Aiken Bateson, William H. Bateson, Caroline Beatrice Bateson, and John, Martin and Gregory Bateson.

Bateson (Gregory) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, octopus and cetacean observation materials, marginalia, published and unpublished articles and reprints.

Beard (Samuel N.) Papers

This collection consists mostly of television scripts and short stories by Mr. Beard about life in the agricultural packing industry of California's Salinas and Imperial Valleys. A small portion of the material includes correspondence, photographs, and articles.

Beatles Collection

This collection includes scrapbook, photo album, loose snapshots, game and fan magazines.

Bell (Eric Temple) Papers

This archive contains manuscripts, and typescripts for many of Bell's works both mathematical and science fiction.

Bellamy (Fenton G.) Collection

This collection consists of a small number of published broadsides and pamphlets from 17th century Britain, and several documents from the 19th century.

Bennett (Ann) Theater Reviews

This collection contains theater reviews written by Bennett for the Register-Pajaronian

Bicycle Safety Video series

This collection contains the masters of three videos on bicycle safety produced by UCSC Transportation and Parking Services with the Office of Traffic Safety.

Blair (Edwin J.) Papers

This small collection contains a few pieces of outgoing correspondence and incoming correspondence from Kenneth & Miriam Patchen to Edwin Blair. Included are five "painted letters" with envelopes as well as miscellaneous printed pieces advertising Patchen's Painted Poems.

Blauding (Captain) Photograph album

This album of 56 mounted photographs was given to Captain Blauding by Mrs. John L. Mitchell as a souvenir of a trip to the Pacific Coast in 1887.

Bottoms (Tom and Rita) Collection

This collection contains printed material; three painted books and two silkscreen portfolio sets by author Kenneth Patchen.

Bowen (Gaza) Papers

This collection includes files, notebooks and slides as well as artist's books and installation pieces from "Biblioteca Memoria".

Brett Weston photographs, ca. 1929-1989

This collection includes 260 photographs and portfolio, "Portraits of my father : ten photographs" gifted from Christian Keesee

Brewster (James A.) Papers

Includes journalism and an autobiography by the American writer James Brewster, as well as documents and other materials related to him.

Bristol (Horace) papers

This is a small collection of correspondence, biographical materials, and 5 photographs taken by Horace Bristol in California in the 1930s.

Brown (Norman O.) Papers

This collection contains personal, family and business correspondence (mostly incoming) and documents covering the years from Norman O. Brown's arrival in the United States in 1936, to his death in 2002. The bulk of the material covers the time he...

Brown (Steve) Papers

The collection documents Brown's involvement with the Grateful Dead, focusing on the years 1972-1976, when he worked for both Round Records and Grateful Dead Records in a variety of capacities. In addition to tours by the Grateful Dead, the Jerry...

Bullock (Edna) Photographs

Selected black and white photographs taken by Edna Bullock, 1976-1994.

Bullock, (Wynn) Papers

This collection includes some biographical material including a small amount of correspondence, writings, teaching materials, clippings & printed appearences. Also included is a selection of gelatin silver photographs and a color photograph.

Cage (John) & Brown (Norman O.) Photographs

This collection includes 30 b/w (5"x7") photographs of a John Cage and Norman O. Brown lecture at Wesleyan in 1988. The photographs were taken by Nancy Walz.

Cage (John) Mycology Collection

This collection includes books, correspondence, journals, newsletters, pamphlets, ephemera and realia related to Cage's interest in the study of mushrooms.

Cain (Stanley A.) Papers

This collection includes biographical materials, correspondence, writings, speeches and conference proceedings as well as leaf book text and drawings, research notes and research material not by Cain.

California Christmas Tree Growers Records

This collection contains the CCTG's newsletters no. 1-119 with some meeting notes and a scrapbook of organization's activities and publicity.

California Ephemera Collection, 1870-

This assembled collection contains stationery samples, packing labels, calendars, trade cards, brochures, advertisements, souvenir albums, travel pamphlets, theater programs & playbills and other miscellaneous materials

California Federation of Women's Clubs Records

Convention, board minutes and reports, club histories, yearbooks, journals, and articles recording the general history and activities of the California Federation of Women's Club and the individual clubs within the region.

California Historical Documents

The collection includes correspondence and legal documents from Santa Cruz County, California.

California Missions Research Notes

Research notes and notebooks on the inhabitants of the Spanish Missions and settlements of California, 1766-1908.

California Pre-Statehood Documents

Collection includes correspondence, fiscal and legal documents, and proclamations from California, 1797-1850.

Camp Wasibo Collection

This collection contains songbooks, a campground map, a woman counselor's costume and headband, 2 books relating to Camp Wasibo and the Camp Fire Girls, and a scrapbook with photographs.

Campbell, Elizabeth Ballard family papers

This collection contains correspondence between Elizabeth Campbell, her husband William Wallace Campbell, their sons and family members as well as her notes, diaries, manuscripts, photographs and ephemera collected on six total solar eclipse expeditions: Jeur, India (1898), Alhama de Aragon,...

Campbell (Virginia C.) Papers

This collection contains some correspondence and paper ephemera, as well as photographs and slides of the early campus.

Caras (Sylvia) Papers

Contains a miscellaneous collection of writings, xerox art work, photographs.

Carlyle Bibliography Collection

This collection contains an incomplete set of photocopied references for by Rodger Tarr.

Carlyle (Thomas) Collection

This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, paintings and other graphic materials.

Carr (Fredda C.) Photographs

The Fredda C. Carr Photographs document the people and local activities of San Lorenzo Valley, California from the 1950's through the 1980's.

Carver (Raymond) Correspondence

Correspondence between Raymond Carver and David Swanger, 1977-1988. Also included is one letter from Tess Gallagher (Mr. Carver's wife) to David Swanger.

Carver (Raymond) Photographs

A small collection of thirty one family snapshots of Raymond Carver's early family life.

Chadwick (Alan) Papers

This collection includes manuscript and typescript pages of poems, plays and stories by Chadwick. Also included are publicity shots and copies of theater reviews from Chadwick's theater days in South Africa.

Cholmely Family Collection

This collection consists of publication announcements, newspaper clippings, one handwritten letter, and one note, all about or by members of the Cholmley family

Chuck and Esther Abbott slide collection, ca. 1950-1976

This collection consists of slides taken by the Abbotts, who photographed U.S. shopping malls and other sites depicting urban development in the 1950s and 1960s. Also includes slides of the Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz, California. The Abbotts were...

Clark (Jonathan) Photographs

This collection contains photographs taken by Jonathan Clark from 1969-1973.

Clyde Manley photographic collection, 1900-1910

Contains glass plates and negatives of the Manley family in Hawaii during the early 1900s. Also includes images of Colorado College, Colorado, the Manley's Ben Lomond home and the Santa Cruz area

Cohen (Elizabeth) Collection

This collection comprises documents, apparel, musical instruments, and equipment used in, or acquired during, Elizabeth Cohen's work with Grateful Dead band members Bob Weir and Mickey Hart on various projects....

Colburn (Forrest D.) Collection of Photographs of Mexico and Peru

58 historical photographs of Mexico and Peru by various photographers collected by Forrest D. Colburn.

Collection of Kenneth Patchen Photographs

This collection contains 22 gelatin silver photographs of Kenneth Patchen.

Collection of photographs by Brett Weston, ca. 1955-1975

This collection includes photographs by Brett Weston taken during a twenty year period from 1955-1975

Couples Club Records

Includes club correspondence, minutes and some scrapbook materials.

Cowell Ranch Records

This collection contains various record books, ledgers, cash books, tax records and artifacts from the Cowell properties and businesses, Henry Cowell Lime & Cement Company and Cowell Portland Cement Company.

Crawford (Russell Tracy) papers

This collection contains the papers of Russell Tracy Crawford, an astronomer and professor at the University of California for several decades in the 20th century. Materials include personal and professional correspondence, research notes and charts related to his extensive work...

Curtis (Gordon) Photograph Collection

This small collection contains twenty five snapshots of a family on their ranch which appears to be located in San Benito County, San Juan Bautista area.

Daley (Jim) Memoir Typescript

This collection consists of an unpublished draft of a memoir by a Deadhead who toured and taped for ten years. Fan-recorded tapes were a significant part of the Deadhead subculture, and those who taped at shows were often highly professional...

Dasmann (Raymond F.) papers

This collection contains papers which document the career of conservation biologist Raymond F. Dasmann, covering his career as a professor of Environmental Studies at the University of California, his field research and publications, and his professional activities for a number...

DeCou (Branson) Archive

Glass lantern slides, negatives, photographic albums, notebooks, travelogues, and miscellaneous artifacts that document DeCou's travels in five continents and subsequent travel lecture tours ca. 1920-1941.

Diary of a Farmwoman

This is the diary of a single woman, identified only as 'X', living near Topeka, Kansas in 1890.

Dickerman (Albert) Scrapbooks

This collection consists of clipping scrapbooks from California and Michigan newspapers compiled by Albert Dickerman (1840-1917), Civil War veteran, G.A.R. member, Watsonville attorney and judge.

Dodd (David) Grateful Dead Collection

This collection contains published periodical and unpublished manuscript material pertaining to the Grateful Dead and their fans, the Deadheads, compiled during the preparation of Dodd's coauthored book, (Greenwood, 1997), as well as drafts and associated materials used in the preparation...

Dorn (Arlene) Papers

This collection contains materials relating to Arlene Dorn's work with migrant students, teachers and education officials in helping to develop the Binational Education Program. Dorn played a key role in developing a standardized student progress form that is recognized as...

Duncan (Robert) Papers

This small collection includes a letter to N. O. Brown, a couple of annotated manuscripts, cards, print appearances, clippings and dealer catalogs.

Durham Women's Club records

This scrapbook contains records, photographs, clippings, and ephemera from the Durham Women's Club

Dwork (John R.) Tape Collection

This collection of 692 cassette tapes was created by John R. Dwork, a well-known Deadhead author, editor, and publisher. The collection primarily documents the range of recordings available to Deadheads before the advent of digital media and the Internet. The...

Eliot (T. S.) Papers

This small collection includes correspondence, playbills from performances of Eliot's plays, an annotated, corrected copy of "East Coker", a copy of "Natarejah" by Tambimuttu, obituaries, news clippings about Eliot and a selection of published appearances of Eliot's works.

Ellison (Ralph) Collection

The majority of this collection consists of photocopies of short stories, essays, reviews, speeches by Ellison and interviews with Ellison. Two folders contain original material signed by Ellison. The books and selected serials have been cataloged separately.

Engel (Mark) Papers

This collection includes materials documenting Engel's time as a student of Gregory Bateson and his involvement in the selection of essays for by Gregory Bateson.

[Examples of toy and movable, miniature, and artists' books produced by Emily Martin at the Naughty Dog Press, with other accompanying miscellaneous material pertaining to her work]

Consists of 4 examples of Emily Martin's work in the area of toy and movable, miniature, and artists' books, a set of instructions on how to manipulate the "hexa-flexa-gon" (one of the 4 examples mentioned above), 4 printed announcements of...

Fetzer (A. W.) Photographs

Collection includes glass plates and prints.

Fitch Family papers

This collection includes a small collection of letters and documents including a letter from Sara Fitch to her son Captain Henry D. Fitch, some letters between Joseph McKinley and his grandmother Josefa Carrillo Fitch of Healdsburg, California concerning "Valle de...

Fletcher (Colin) Papers

This collection includes manuscripts & drafts of both Colin Fletcher's published and unpublished material, personal and business correspondence, scrapbooks and biographical material, photographs, slides & maps related to his travels and writings, as well as some audio media and realia.

Flux year box 2 [art original]

Wooden box with objects in compartments

Fluxkit [art original]

Attache case containing various objects in 4 compartments

Foote (Carol) photographs of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This collection consists of approximately 7000 images of campus life taken by Carol Foote at the University of California, Santa Cruz, from 1978 to 1982. It contains black and white negatives, proof sheets, and photographic prints. Included are performances, portraits,...

Frank Kofsky Audio and Photography Collection of the Jazz and Rock Movement

This collection includes photographs and audio recordings of interviews with renowned jazz and rock musicians, created by jazz scholar Frank Kofsky in the late 1960s. Included are photographic prints, contact sheets, negatives, and 35mm slides of such recording artists as...

Freeland (Lucy Shepard) Papers

This collection includes a small amount of family material, correspondence, an unpublished memoir; research notes, drafts, manuscripts and typescripts for Sierra Miwok book; Chichimeco field notes and an unpublished manuscript on Charles d'Orleans.

Friedland (William) papers

Student conducted interviews, fieldnotes, and audio cassettes regarding migrant farm labor.

Fullerton (William B.) Civil War Letters

This collection consists of letters from William Fullerton to and from his family during his term of enlistment in the Union Army from 1862-1865.

Fungal Jungle

This collection contains an annotated typescript photocopy & photographs for Arora's preliminary field guide "Fungal Jungle".

Gail (Dr. Charles E.) Photographs

This collection contains gelatin silver photographs of Okinawa, taken from 1951-1952.

Gainer (Elizabeth Butler) Papers

Papers documenting the history and geneology of the families Butler, Jones, Morgan, and Thomas from seventeenth-century Wales and England to the United States.

Garfield Park Improvement Club Records

Contains photocopies of club by-laws, rosters & minutes from 1924-1967.

Garland (Terri L.) Photographs

Contains some photographs from Garland's series "American White Racism - A Social Document" , "The Good Books - Katrina Bibles and Prayer Books" as well as a few miscellaneous photographs.

Gavere (Cor de) papers

A small collection of loose sketches, sketchbooks and oil paintings.

Giffen (Helen S.) Papers

This small collection includes Helen Giffen's notes & manuscripts on Georgiana Bruce Kirby.

Goldring (Alissa) Photographs

This collection consists of prints, negatives, slides and color transparencies of Mexico as well as printed materials. Also included are photographs of the 1969 UC Extension class "Project FIND" taught by Ansel Adams.

Grateful Dead Bean Bears Collection

This collection includes 89 stuffed bears in 10 sets or editions. Each bear wears a tag indicating a name and birthday, and a short story relating to a Grateful Dead venue. Also included are six edition cards, 2nd through 7th....

Grateful Dead records, ca. 1965-2008 (bulk 1965-1995)

This collection includes business records, publications, audio and video recordings, photographs, graphics, ephemera and realia of the Grateful Dead. Also included is fan-based Deadheads' correspondence & ephemera.

Grateful Dead Records: Press

This series includes clippings and articles from newspapers, journals, ephemeral publications, and web sites, etc. with announcements, essays, reviews, commentary and criticism on the band and its performances, recordings, and cultural impact and influence.

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.1 History

Contains limited biographical material about the band, band members and awards given to the band.

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.10 Realia

This series includes three-dimensional objects used by the band in road tours, in performances, and in recording sessions, and also large objects and decorative pieces gifted to the band by fans. Included are such objects as instruments, equipment, stage props,...

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.11 Decorated Envelopes

This series includes decorated No.10 business envelopes sent to the Grateful Dead Ticket Service by fans when requesting tickets. Decorated envelopes date from 1983 to 1996.

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.12 Back Stage Passes, Tickets & Laminates

This series includes samples of backstage passes, tickets and laminates from Grateful Dead concert venues. Uniquely designed laminate badges, fabric passes and mail order tickets, as well as mass produced tickets from ticketing outlets are included. Not all venues are...

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.2 Business Records

This series contains materials pertaining to the business practices of the Grateful Dead. It includes financial and accounting documents, and documentation from the production and promotion of various Grateful Dead projects including album production, merchandise sales, and publications. The Grateful...

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.3 Show Files

This series contains various materials documenting concerts performed by the Grateful Dead, as well as some show materials from related bands such as the Jerry Garcia Band, RatDog, and Furthur. Included are show contracts and production information, tour itineraries and...

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.5 Correspondence

This series contains incoming correspondence to the Grateful Dead, in large part letters and postcards received from fans.

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.6 Photographs

Contains several thousand images taken by both professional and non-professional photographers of the Grateful Dead and the Deadhead scene around their shows.

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.7 Media

This series includes examples of non-commercial, and in some cases unofficial audio and video recordings, variant editions, and fan recordings.

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.8 Posters

This series includes posters from concerts and venues at which the Grateful Dead performed, and other posters of events and performances that were collected by the band and by Grateful Dead Productions' office staff.

Grateful Dead Records: Ser.9 Artwork

This series contains artwork created by Grateful Dead band members, and art pieces created by professional and amateur artists that were gifted to the band. Work is both two-dimensional and three-dimensional in structure and of mixed materials.

Graves (Sewell F.) Photograph Collection

This collection consists of photographs of the Graves and Byrne families lives in Santa Cruz at the turn of the 20th century.

Group Four Records

This collection contains the records & activities of Group Four. It covers the formation of the group, the 1991-1992 conferences held at Esalen and the subsequent publishing project resulting in the publication of in 1996 by Celestial Arts Press.

Grushkin (Paul) Papers

This collection consists of interview transcripts and associated research material compiled by Paul Grushkin for his book, (New York: Abbeville Press, 1987).

Gunderson, James and Peter Coha Comic Book Collection

This collection consists of over 2,400 comic books published by Marvel Comics, primarily during the Silver and Bronze Ages of Comic Books, which is characterized by the popularization of the superhero genre. Included are issues featuring the first appearance of...

Gurcke (Starr P.) Papers

This collection includes translations of California pre-statehood documents as well as some research materials and work papers.

Haan (Kilsoo) Papers

Correspondence, clippings, commentaries, and other writing, including texts for the , written by Haan in his role as a Sino-Korean Peoples' League representative.

Hair (Jim) Photographs

This collection contains photographs of early UCSC faculty and Santa Cruz eccentrics including Alan Chadwick, N. O. Brown, Gregory Bateson, Mary Holmes, William Everson, Peter Demma, etc.

Hale (Titus) Papers

This collection contains four books of research done by Hale on the titles to property of Rancho San Andreas for his partition suit entitled Briody vs. Hale, 1877.

Hall (M. C.) Collection

Contains photographs and clippings from Hall's career as promoter of automobile rallies and tours to Yosemite and as automobile editor for the San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Call, and the Daily Palo Alto Times.

Happy Valley School Collection

This collection contains materials relating to the history of Happy Valley School and it's surrounding community.

Harrison (Lou) Papers: Artwork

This series contains drawings, paintings, calligraphy samples, and projects done by Lou Harrison as well as artwork given to him by others.

Harrison (Lou) Papers: Correspondence

Collection includes incoming and outgoing letters from Lou Harrison and friends.

Harrison (Lou) Papers: Music Manuscripts

Series 1: Music Manuscripts contains complete autograph music scores, sketches, revisions and fragments produced by Harrison during his seventy five years of writing music.

Harrison (Lou) Papers: Notebooks

This collection contains the notebooks kept by Lou Harrison over the course of his life.

Harrison (Lou) Papers: Personal materials

This series contains biographical materials about Lou Harrison and family, contracts and awards given to Harrison.

Harrison (Lou) Papers: Photographs and Media

This series contains album pages, snapshot and photographs documenting Harrison life as well as aluminum records and master vinyl LPs of some of his music and music of his friends.

Harrison (Lou) Papers: Print Appearances

This series contains printed materials about Lou Harrison and his performances.

Harrison (Lou) Papers: Realia

This series contains three dimensional artwork and objects made by and given to Harrison.

Harrison (Lou) Papers: Writings

This series contains writings by Lou Harrison as well as by other writers about Harrison. Also included are Harrison's research materials on Charles Ives, Virgil Thompson, Henry Cowell and Korean music.

Heinlein (Robert A. and Virginia G.) Papers

The collection documents the professional and personal lives of science fiction author Robert Heinlein and his wife, Virginia Heinlein. Materials in the collection include manuscripts, short stories, articles, book reviews, screen plays, television and radio programs, personal and professional correspondence,...

Helen Hyde Woodcuts, 1903-1914

Helen Hyde was raised in San Francisco, then lived in France, Germany and Japan. She spent 15 years in Tokyo mastering traditional Japanese brush painting and woodcuts. She died in Pasadena, California. This is a small collection of colored woodcuts...

Helen S. Giffen papers, circa 1980-1989

This collections includes Helen Giffen's manuscripts and notes for her research on Georgiana Bruce Kirby

HerBooks Feminist Press Archive

This collection includes correspondence, business records, manuscripts, and ephemera on the subjects HerBooks has published.

Hofstadter (Marc) Papers

Research notes and correspondence.

Hollow Hills Farm Photographs

This small collection contains photographs of Noël Sullivan's Hollow Hills Farm in Carmel Valley, ca. 1948-1949

Hosmer (Helen) Papers

This collection consists of a small incomplete run of the Rural Observer, a newsletter put out by the Simon J. Lubin Society, published and edited by Helen Hosmer, a letter to Carey McWilliams and miscellaneous papers from the Simon J....

Hotel & Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union, Local 2, San Francisco Records

Leaflets, posters, newsletters and photocopied correspondence related to union activities and events from 1974-1985.

Huebner (Karla) Papers

This collection contains files relating to the National Writers Union (NWU), Local 3, Delegate Assemblies, and misc. files documenting Huebner's years as an activist in the NWU and Local 3.

Hyde (Helen) Woodcuts

This is a collection of 59 individually titled colored woodcuts by Helen Hyde. They depict everyday life in Japan, China and Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century....

Japanese American Evacuation & Relocation Collection

This collection includes individual case histories, posters and ephemera from the evacuation and relocation of Japanese American citizens, 1942-1944

Jeffers (Hamilton Moore) papers

This collection documents the work of Hamilton Moore Jeffers, an astronomer who spent much of his career at the Lick Observatory. Materials include his professional and personal correspondence, some research notes, personal and family photographs, class notes from his student...

Jensen (Kenneth) Papers

This collection contains research notes on the lime industry in the Santa Cruz area, as well as the final draft of , Jensen's senior thesis.

Jochimsen ( Marion L.) Paintings

This collection contains 21 tempera portrait paintings done by Jochimsen along with a couple of photos of her, color transparencies of the paintings, her scrapbook and a holograph autobiography.

Johnson (Ray) Mail Art

This collection includes 10 letters and 24 items of mail art created by Ray Johnson.

Johnson, (Thomas V.) Papers

This small collection includes family correspondence and business papers.

Jones (Peder) Papers

The collection contains copies of Jones' senior thesis, unpublished manuscripts, and other writings, as well as ephermera, pamphlets, posters, and Fluxus art from his time at UCSC and in Berkeley.

Jones (Pirkle) Photographs and Papers

Pirkle Jones (January 2, 1914-March 15, 2009) was an award-winning documentary photographer and educator who was most known for his photographic series , which he collaborated on with Dorothea Lange, and , a collaboration with his wife Ruth-Marion Baruch, who...

Jorgensen (Victor H.) Papers

This collection includes writings, correspondence, photographs, transparencies, slides, negatives, and printed material.

Keeler (James E.) Papers

Contains correspondence, family photographs, school papers, drawings, diary and notebooks, academic papers, articles & lectures. Also contains William F. Keeler's Mayport diaries, from 1878-1886.

Kelley (Douglas McGlashan) Papers

This collection consists of correspondence, television scripts and publications related to the criminological and pedagogical work of psychiatrist Douglas McGlashan Kelley.

Kenneth Patchen Festival Records

Contains correspondence, publicity including catalog layout sheets, photographs, slides, recordings, an artifact and mail art material generated and collected mainly by Trumbull Art Gallery director during the Kenneth Patchen Festivals held between 1987-1991 in Warren, Ohio. Included are festival exhibit...

"Kenneth Patchen: Hurrah for Anything" Film Production Records.

Contains transcripts, outtake reels and video tapes to "Kenneth Patchen: Hurrah for anything", a documentary on poet and novelist Kenneth Patchen produced by KQED Event & Presentation Unit in 1982.

Kessler (Chester) Papers

This collection contains a storyboard, worksheets, frame drawings, a film and photographs for an animated film adapted from Kenneth Patchen's novel , as well as photographs of Kenneth and Miriam Patchen by Chester Kessler.

Korean War Photographs

This collection contains 71 gelatin silver photographs of the Korean War.

Kretschmer (Ernest T.)Archive

This collection includes programs, posters, and ephemera related to the Cabrillo Music Festival, Santa Cruz Symphony, Cultural Council of Santa Cruz, the Crown College Concerts at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Watsonville Concert Association, Barati Ensemble, and Santa...

Kron (Gerald E.) papers

This collection documents the professional career of astronomer Gerald E. Kron and contains materials created during his time at the Lick Observatory from the 1930s until 1965, as well as later in his career. It includes correspondence, observation logs and...

Lauritzen (Erik M.) Photograph Collection

This collection consists of photographs by other photographers given to or acquired by Erik M. Lauritzen.

Lauritzen (Erik M.) Photographs

This collection contains negatives, photographs and digital prints by the American photographer Erik M. Lauritzen, as well as posters, exhibit announcements, reviews, correspondence, writings by and about him, artwork and ephemera.

Lawler (Charles B.) Photographs

This collection consists mostly of b/w and color snapshots of Lawler's sculptures.

Lemieux (David) Collection

This collection comprises David Lemieux’s concert taping equipment, used to record more than 40 Grateful Dead concerts, 1989-1991.

Leon and Jeannette Rowland collection

This collection primarily comprises collected research documents on the history of people and places in Santa Cruz County from pre-statehood California to 1951. Included are scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, articles, writings, notes, notecards, and other research documents created and collected by...

Levy (Robley) Papers

Contains papers of Robley Levy, 2nd District Supervisor, Santa Cruz County from 1982-1992.

Linah (Michael) papers

This collection documents the Grateful Dead-related work of Michael Linah (1943-1985), the editor and publisher of the newsletter and sticker series. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Linah attended MIT, where he became interested in directing bridge tournaments. In 1975, he became...

Lindquist (Svea V.) and Olson (Helga) Papers

This collection contains biographical material, correspondence, photographs and information about "The Rock Garden Nursery" in San Mateo, CA.

Lipset (David) Papers

This collection includes correspondence, interviews, research articles, photographs and manuscript pages pertaining to by David Lipset.

Long (Peggy) slides of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This collection consists of 301 photographic slides taken by Peggy Long at the University of California, Santa Cruz, from 1964 to 1968. The images of the campus include early construction, aerial views, and events significant to campus history, such as...

Louie (David Wong) Papers

This collection consists of manuscript versions of short stories written by Dabid Wong Louie in the late 1970's and 1980's, many of which were published in .

Lovett (Louise) Papers

Contains diaries and an account book from , the Sheppa family farm in Soquel, a scrapbook of Mrs. Lovett's mother, Nina Sheppa, programs and ephemera from the local W.C.T.U. and clippings about life in Santa Cruz by Georgianna Bruce Kirby

Lowry (Alexander) Photographs

This collection consists of black and white photographs taken of downtown Santa Cruz, California, immediately after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and scenes of the University of Califoria, Santa Cruz Campus.

Marcus (Morton) Poetry Archive

This collection includes biographical material, correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, teaching materials, poetry and film criticism.

Martha Washington Camp no. 3 Minutes Book

This volume contains the minutes of the Martha Washington Camp, no. 3, Santa Cruz.

May (James Boyer) Correspondence

This collection correspondence between Kenneth Patchen, Miriam Patchen and James Boyer May between 1956-1972, as well as a small collection of printed material documenting Kenneth Patchen's jazz-poetry period and his degenerating medical condition.

Mayall (Nicholas U.) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, administrative files, photographs, charts, meeting notes, research, and writings of astronomer Nicholas Ulrich Mayall.

Mayo, Harry Surfing Photography collection

This collection includes photographs and films of Santa Cruz surfing during the mid-20th century, primarily centered around activities of the Santa Cruz Surfing Club. Also included are correspondence, organizational documentation and ephemera relating to the Santa Cruz Surfing Club and...

Mazzeo (Rosario) Photographs

This collection includes 50 gelatin silver photographs with 40 negatives taken by Mazzeo.

McCallister (James D.) Papers

This collection documents the creation, revision, and publication of a literary novel, , set in the Grateful Dead milieu. It traces the writing process from early notes through final draft, demonstrating how the Grateful Dead phenomenon informed the novel and...

McHugh (Tom) Papers

Includes three scrapbooks related to Santa Cruz County history.

McLaughlin (Sigrid) photographs of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This collection consists of approximately 290 images of campus views, landmarks, students, and architecture taken by Sigrid McLaughlin at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1998 and 1999. It contains negatives and 4 x 6 color prints.

McLean (Hulda Hoover) Papers

Includes correspondence, speeches, minutes, memoranda, reports, studies, newspaper clippings, reference material, and scripts for a radio broadcast program called "Your County Government Report" documenting Hulda Hoover McLean's civil service activities during her terms on the Santa Cruz County Board of...

Mello (Henry J.) Papers

This collection includes Sacramento Capital Office Legislative records (1977-1996), Gilroy District Office files (1977-1996), Monterey District Office files (1977-1996), Salinas District Office files (1977-1996), and Santa Cruz District Office files (1975-1996) documenting the career of California State Assemblyman and...

Millman (Susana) Slide Collection

This collection of 1,206 slides is a representative selection of the Grateful Dead photography of Susana Millman. She began photographing the band in the early 1980s, and from 1985 to 1995, she had extraordinary access to concerts, backstage areas, and...

Moholy-Nagy (Sibyl) Collection

This collection includes correspondence, clippings, articles, typescripts, and photographs documenting architectural styles worldwide taken mostly in the 1960's by the architectural historian and critic Sibyl Moholy-Nagy. The images and articles relate to the history of architecture and were used to...

Native Daughters of the Golden West, Santa Cruz Parlor no.26, Records

This collection consists of the minute books, roll books & cash books of the Santa Cruz Parlor no.26.

Neufeld family archives, 1840-1996

Includes materials relating to Henry and Hedy Neufeld, their children John and Anne (later Anne Frederike Neufeld Levin), and other members of the family. Includes material relating to the family in Germany, the escape to the United States by members...

Nina Graboi papers, ca. 1960-1999

This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts and research materials for her book "One foot in the future: a woman's spiritual journey"

Nixon (Stu) Collection

Contains Stu Nixon's personal collection of clippings, articles, tour program notes, magazines and ephemera concerning the Grateful Dead music group and their followers.

Oblique Aerial Photographs

Contains 59 (8 x 10 inch) photographs of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties taken by Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Inc.

Operation Crossroads

This collection includes annotated typescript and photographs of Galtsoff's report as an observer of the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests and the destructive results of the tests on the sea life in the area.

Operation Crossroads : a report of non-participating scientific observer, ca. 1946-1947

Paul Galtsoff was an observer of the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests and reported on the destructive results of the tests on sea life in the area. This collection includes seventy-four annotated typescript carbon pages, with photographs, of his report

Outcalt (Miller) Photographs

This collection contains color prints of Miller Outcault's experiments in photography and macrophotography.

Paine (Charles and Barbara) Collection

Consists of incoming correspondence from Miriam Patchen, painted books, signed and unsigned books, and miscellany printed ephemera produced by poet-novelist Kenneth Patchen.

Pajaro Valley Oil Company Records

Business papers and clippings from the Pajaro Valley Oil Company, 1901-1902.

Papier Mache Press Records

This collection includes publication and business records of Papier Mache Press, including editorial, production, sales, and marketing files, as well as manuscripts....

Paradise Women's Improvement Club Records

This collection contains the minutes of the general and executive board meetings, financial records, club histories, and clipping files of the disbanded club.

Parker (Alan and Beatrice) Collection

The archive consists of two rare book collections featuring works by Kenneth Patchen and James Joyce collected by Alan and Beatrice Parker. In addition to the published works, The Kenneth Patchen collection includes incoming correspondence from Kenneth and Miriam Patchen...

Parsons (H. F.) Account Book

This small collection contains an account book 1883-1890, with cash income and expenses for Parsons and son, William B. Parsons, as well as loose letters, receipts and ballots for the Democratic Primary Election.

Patchen (Kenneth) Papers

This collection contains biographical material, correspondence, manuscripts, bound first editions, rare silkscreen and painted book editions, painted poems, works of art including illustrations, paintings, papier-mâché sculptures and decorated furniture, scrapbooks, photographs, slides, recordings, musical scores, and clippings documenting the creative...

Patchen (Magel and Ruth) Collection

This collection contains correspondence from Miriam Patchen, books, printed material and family photographs on Kenneth Patchen as collected by his sisters Magel and Ruth Patchen.

Patchen (Miriam) Papers

This collection contains biographical material, correspondence, photographs, musical scores, audio recordings, a film and an artifact, documenting Miriam Patchen's promotion of her late husband's work.

Patterson (Noel L.) papers

This collection contains correspondence, appraisals and maps of real estate in Santa Cruz County as well as some personal papers of Noel Patterson.

Patton(Gary) Political Papers

This archive contains the political papers of Gary Patton, the Third District Supervisor of Santa Cruz County from 1975-1994.

Petersen (Robert M.) Papers

This collection consists of poetry, prose, and lyrics written by Robert M. "Bobby" Petersen, along with some supporting material: notes, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera.

Peterson (Robert) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, drafts and annotated typescripts of poet, Robert Peterson.

Pierce Family Albums

This collection contains one photograph album of the Walter S. Pierce family's life in San Francisco, one album of the family's summer camping expeditions in the Santa Cruz mountains, and one scrapbook documenting Edwin Pierce's 1904-06 summer adventures in Marin...

Pilkington (Maude C.) Papers

Includes biographical material, clippings, travel magazines, photograph albums of Maude Pilkington and her husband Richard Lukens.

Plumley (William) Collection

This collection contains correspondence from Kenneth and Miriam Patchen to Hortense Baer written between 1946-1972, and ephemera on Kenneth Patchen.

Podesta (Edward A.) Collection

This collection contains propaganda leaflets, flyers, and other documents collected by Podesta during his tour of duty as a military historian during the Korean Conflict/War.

Pogonip perceived: the unveiling of a landscape

This collection consists of photographs and captions from the exhibition "Pogonip perceived; the unveiling of a landscape."

Postmark Collection

This small collection contains post cards with special day stamps, place stamps, and opening & closing day stamps collected by Preston Sawyer.

Powell (Ronald G.) Photographs

This collection contains photographs with captions of the Loma Prieta Lumber Company, the Molino Timber Company, the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, the Soquel Demonstration State Forest, and Powell's "photo journeys" of Northern and Central California's Coast Range mountains...

Quinn (J. J.) Photograph Album

This album contains photographs of the Navy's early LTA (Lighter-than-Air) crews and early flights at Akron, OH, Lakehurst NAS, Roosevelt Field, NY, and Rockaway NAS, NY. Also included are photos Charles and Anne Lindbergh inspection of a dirigible and test...

Rees (Steve) photographs of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This collection consists of more than 2700 images of campus life taken by Steve Rees at the University of California, Santa Cruz, from the fall of 1966 through the spring of 1967. These black and white, 35mm negatives chronicle the...

Remak (John) Collection

This collection contains WWII propaganda publications, documents and leaflets produced by the American Psychological Warfare Division(PWD) and SHAEF, as well as examples of German counterpropaganda. Also included are a few propaganda samples from the Korean War.

Reynolds (Earle and Akie) Archive

This collection includes correspondence, publications, scrapbooks, photographs, realia and audio/audio-visual materials related to the evolution of Earle Reynolds and his family as peace activists.

Rice (Ray) Films

This collection consists of short animated films created and produced by Ray Rice from 1965-1979.

Roth (William M.) Correspondence

This collection contains outgoing and incoming correspondence (letters from William Roth, Kenneth Patchen, Miriam Patchen, Jonathan Williams, J. B. de C. H. Sanders and Josephine Miles) documenting professional and personal relationship between William M. Roth and Kenneth Patchen.

Rotkin (Michael) papers

This collection contains files pertaining to Santa Cruz County politics in the 1970's

Round Valley Garden Project Collection

Includes copies of the log book, meeting notes, planting and pruning schedules, letters, publications related to Round Valley and Alan Chadwick.

Rydell (Roy) Papers

This collection includes correspondence, client files & sketches, business papers, scrapbooks, family photographs and photograph albums.

Sale (Arthur) Papers

This collection includes incoming correspondence, manuscript drafts of early poetry and later typescript drafts for an unpublished book "Under the Bomb: Neo-Georgian poems".

San Francisco Chief of Police Department correspondence

Sixty one items mainly written by law enforcement officers and detectives to Henry H. Ellis, San Francisco Chief of Police from 1873 to 1877. Also includes a letter from Patrick Crowley and a list concerning number of Chinese arrests from...

San Jose Water Company Receipts

A collection of receipts of the San Jose Water Company from 1869-1935 (bulk 1869-1872). Also included are some undated supply lists and an issue of "The Spillway" (v.2:9) a monthly newsletter published for the employees of the San Jose Water...

Santa Cruz Business and Professional Women's Club Records

This collection includes the business papers, correspondence, minutes, scrapbooks and artifacts of the Santa Cruz Business and Profewssional Women's Club.

Santa Cruz County Documents Collection

This collection contains Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors record books and miscellaneous legal documents related to or created by Santa Cruz County government.

Santa Cruz County Historic Photograph Collection

This collection contains original photographs and copy prints of Santa Cruz County from 1866-1995.

Santa Cruz County Telephone Directories

This is an incomplete collection of Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company directories for Santa Cruz County. Also included is one directory for Monterey and San Benito Counties and one "Special Directory" for Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek and Felton and one...

Santa Cruz County Theatre Collection

Actor and writer David Sheaffer's collection of documents and memorabilia related to theater in Santa Cruz County, California, especially the Bear Republic Theater.

Santa Cruz Portland Cement Co. Records

This collection contains two ledger books from the Santa Cruz Portland Cement Company and one folder of miscellaneous business papers from 1928-1930.

Santa Cruz Woman's Club Records

This collection contains scrapbooks, minutes, treasurer's report and yearbooks of the club.

Sawyer (Preston) Collection

This collection includes correspondence, postcard collections, postmark (opening day and final day) collections, historical photographs of Santa Cruz area and the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, photo albums and scrapbooks of the early film stars and movie...

Schiffrin (Andrew) papers

Research notes relating to Santa Cruz County Lighthouse Field and Grey Whale Ranch.

Schmidt (Eric N.) Papers

The collection contains 53 color prints of the UCSC Farm and Garden Project. The photographs were taken by Eric N. Schmidt during his apprenticeship, and the images celebrate the land, the work, and the lives of staff and apprentices dedicated...

Schnittger (Roberta) Family Photographs

This small collection contains family photographs of Angel Island (Ft. McDowell), Camp Reynolds (aka West Garrison), ca. 1880-1920, the S.F. earthquake and fire in 1906 and a couple of framed items.

Sedletzky (Marcel) Archive

This collection contains Marcel Sedletzky's architectural projects & teaching slide collection, architectural renderings and plans, project photographs and a limited amount of personal papers and project correspondence.

Seven examples of Japanese bound books /

Title from descriptive sheet in box

Shameless Hussy Press

This archive documents the over fifty titles published by the Press; the business and distribution activities of the Press; and the cultural environment in which the Press existed (represented by feminist, literary, political, and business publications received by the Press)....

Shane (Charles Donald and Mary Lea) papers

This collection contains the papers of Charles Donald Shane, director of the Lick Observatory from 1945-1958, and his wife, Mary Lea Shane. Most of the materials are from Charles Donald Shane's professional work at the Lick Observatory and with the...

Shiffert, (Edith M.) Papers

Contains biographical material, diaries, correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts of published and unpublished poetry, prose, and translations, notebooks, books and other printed material, photographs, art work, and video recordings documenting Edith Shiffert's life and literary activity in United States and Japan.

Shirk (Patricia and Richard) collection of photographs

Black and white photographs of various sizes, mounted and unmounted.

Shirk (Richard K.) Photographs

35 color photographs and CD-ROM disk, 1970-1983; plus a 3 page resume summarizing Richard Shirk's education and experience.

Shuman (Labron K.) Collection

Includes Shuman's observer notebook, clippings and transcripts of the 1961 Eichmann trial in Jerusalem.

Silverstein (Tina) photographs of the University of California, Santa Cruz

The collection contains 56 color slides of the UCSC Farm, taken by Tina Silverstein during her apprenticeship with the Agroecology Program, as it was then called. The images were captured on four different dates: August, 1983, November, 1984, May, 1985,...

Sinclair (Gordon R.) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, publications, news clippings & photographs documenting the City of Santa Cruz's bid for the new U.C. campus led by Santa Cruz Sentinel's Managing Editor, Gordon R. Sinclair.

Singer (David) Poster Collection

San Francisco rock concert posters produced by David Singer for promoter Bill Graham.

Soroptimist International of Santa Cruz Records

This collection includes the minutes, newsletters, press books, financial papers, treasurer's reports, song sheets, scrapbooks and photograph albums of the Santa Cruz club.

South Pacific Commission Archive

This collections contains records and publications of the South Pacific Commission.

Stage and Movie Set Photograph Collection

Photographs of stage and movie sets from ca. 1910-1930s.

Stanford (David) Papers

This collection includes original and photocopied manuscripts, including descriptions of protest events in early University of California, Santa Cruz, years; autobiographical and travel journals, cartoons and Animal Mitchell Publications by UCSC student David H. Stanford.

Stanley Habitat Restoration Group Records

This collection documents the work of John and Mary Stanley of the Stanley Habitat Restoration Group, a pioneer in the field of habitat restoration in the greater San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. It contains project plans, field maps, drawings,...

Stegner (Wallace) Interview

This collection includes typescripts of the interview as well as correspondence relating to the editing and publication of the interview.

Steinbeck (John) Collection

A collection assembled by the Library in the late 1960s. Includes limited biographical material, correspondence, and typescripts, articles and clipping files.

Stereograph Cards Collection

This collection includes images of Santa Cruz County and R.E. Wood's ranch in Boulder Creek from 1875 along with images outside Santa Cruz County, California and the United States and as well as stereo viewers.

Sticky Wicket Scrapbook

This scrapbook contains newspaper articles, menus, artwork and photographs documenting the Sticky Wicket café in Aptos, CA.

[Support Living Artists ephemera].

Broadsides, folded sheets, and ordering forms for works of Susan E. King and the Paradise Press.

Swanger (David) Papers

This collection contains correspondence, poetry, fiction and prose writings by UCSC education and creative writing Professor Emeritus David Swanger.

Tanner (Nancy Makepeace) Papers

This collection includes preliminary & corrected drafts for and plans for a second book.

A Terrace Point Lagoon Study

This collection includes manuscript notes, maps, typed letters, slides, and pamphlets related to the proposed use of a lagoon by the University of California, Santa Cruz, for marine research and instruction.

Testa (John) Photographs

This collection contains photographs of the construction at the Lick Observatory from 1946-1948 taken by John Testa. Testa drove trucks at the construction site.

Theater Programs Collection

This collection contains a variety of theater playbills and programs from the New York city area.

Thiermann (Eric) photographs of the University of California, Santa Cruz

This digital collection contains images selected from 90 rolls of black and white negatives taken by Eric Thiermann, 1966-1969. Most of the photographs were taken for the second Cowell College yearbook, "Markings ’67", when Thiermann was a member of the...

Thimann (Kenneth V.) papers

This collection documents the career of Kenneth V. Thimann, particularly his extensive publishing activity and professional involvement in the scientific community. The largest portion of the collection comprises alphabetical subject files that reflect his activity within national and international scientific...

Thorne (John E.) papers

John Ebson Thorne (January 20, 1921-May 10, 2002) was a San Jose-based attorney and activist who specialized in civil rights and constitutional law. Over the course of his career, Thorne extended his legal services to organizations including the Mississippi Freedom...

Tucker (Richard Hawley) papers

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Richard Hawley Tucker, an astronomer who worked at the Lick Observatory from 1893 to 1926. It includes family letters, professional correspondence, research materials, manuscripts, reprints, memorabilia, and photograph albums showing life...

Turner Family Album

This collection includes the Turner family and vacation photographs depicting locations in the Central Valley near Ceres, Yosemite and Santa Cruz county beaches.

Turtle Island Press archive [ca. 1970-1980]

This collection documents the history of the press and its authors and their publications. Includes correspondence, typescripts, manuscripts, proofs and publications

Twersky (Lori) Papers

This collection contains business files, cassette tape interviews, early writings, drafts of "Bitch Book of Women in Rock", correspondence, notebooks, art work, clippings and appearences.

Vasilevskis (Stanislaus) papers

This collection documents the career of Lick Observatory astronomer Stanislaus Vasilevskis, and includes his professional correspondence, International Astronomical Union documentation, notes and reports from various astronomical and astrometric conferences, subject files, materials on various research programs at Lick Observatory, lectures...

Veres (Peter) Papers

Contains correspondence, manuscript pages and clippings relating to his published work "The Argument of Innocence". Included also are the transcript and audio recording to "Miriam Patchen, an interview with Peter Veres", 1974.

Verna Johnston photographs, ca. 1950-2000

Consists of slides, matted and/or framed black and white photographs and color photographs of Johnston's environmental photography.

Vestal (David) Photographs

Contains twelve photographs taken by David Vestal. Also included are two photographs taken of Vestal.

Viehoever (Arno) Collection

Contains artifacts from the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.

Vision Santa Cruz Records

Records from Vision Santa Cruz, formed and incorporated by City Council of the City of Santa Cruz after October 17, 1990 earthquake to plan for and rebuild downtown area. Includes Executive Board agendas, findings, etc.

Wallner (William E.) photographs

This collection contains 61 studio portrait photographs and 15 photographic art reproduction taken by Wallner.

War ephemera collection, 1914-1945

This collection contains war posters and pamphlets from World War I and World War II.

Washburn (Henry) photographs and scrapbooks

This collection contains Henry Washburn's photographs of the 1938 Watsonville flood, High School Forestry classes and Farm Bureau activities. Also included are five scrapbooks of newspaper clippings documenting farming activities in Santa Cruz County.

Wheeler (Dorothy Deming) Scrapbooks

This collection includes scrapbooks, horse lineage charts, and ephemera relating to Wheeler's activities as women's polo champion, horse breeder, and promoter for the sport of polo in Santa Cruz. Much of the material covers Pogonip Polo Club, Santa Cruz, Wheeler's...

Wiley (Patricia S.) Rose Collection

This collection contains materials from Roses of Yesterday and Today, formerly known as Lester Rose Gardens, in Watsonville, Calif. Includes scrapbooks & albums, business papers, artwork, miscellaneous publications, and photographs and catalog run.

William G. Mackenzie Papers, ca. 1960-1990

Clippings, research material, correspondence and organizational documents related to the activities of the M.A.I.A. Foundation (Migration and Adaptation in the Americas Foundation) and William G.Mackenzie, one of the organization's founders

Wilson (Charis) Papers

This collection includes typescripts of unpublished transcripts of Wilson discussing the Edward Weston Photograph Collection at UCSC and his photography.

Wilson (Virginia C.) Collection

This collection contains 24 photograuvres printed on silk, 2 "Artist-Proof Edition" lithographs, all from .

Winslow (Kathryn) Collection

This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and printed material documenting patronage and friendship of Kathryn Winslow to Kenneth and Miriam Patchen. Also included are papers pertaining to fund raisers held for Patchen in Chicago at "Studio for Henry Miller" during...

Wittwer (Johnny) Papers

Contains correspondence, performance guides and a photo documenting a Poetry and Jazz session performed by Kenneth Patchen and 'New Bed of Roses Chamber Jazz Group' by jazz musician Johnny Wittwer.

Women Veterans & Civilian Support of S. C. Co. records

This collection includes minutes, personal histories, resource material, photographs, calendars and scrapbook covering the ten year history of the group.

Woolf (Virginia) Letters

This collection includes 4 letters from Virginia Woolf to R. Ellis Roberts.

World Fairs and Expositions Ephemera collection, ca. 1893-1950

An assembled collection of World's fairs ephemera and memorabilia, mostly from the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exhibition, SF, and the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, SF. Also includes a small amount of material from the 1939 New York World's Fair,...

Wright (Fred) Correspondence

Consists of incoming correspondence from Miriam Patchen to Fred Wright between 1972-1990, and some printed material on Kenneth Patchen post-1972, that documents activities to promote the legacy of her late husband.

Wright (William H.) Papers

This collection includes lecture notes and manuscripts.

Wyckoff (Florence R.)

This collection includes books, periodicals, files, correspondence, research materials, government publications, and miscellaneous materials related to Florence Wyckoff's activism in the fields of health, housing, social work, cultural affairs, education, and the welfare of migrant farmworkers.

Yamashita (Karen Tei) Papers

Karen Tei Yamashita (January 8, 1951) is a novelist, short-story writer, playwright, and professor, known for her works of Asian American literature and magic realism, including (2010), which was a finalist selection for the National Book Award. This collection documents...

Yeats (W. B.) Letters

This collection contains 11 letters from William Butler Yeats to R. Ellis Roberts.

Zwart (Frank) Papers

This digital collection contains 264 black and white images from Frank Zwart's work as yearbook student photographer for Cowell College "Markings, 1969".