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San Diego Museum of Man
1350 El Prado
Balboa Park
San Diego, California 92101
Phone: (619) 239-2001
Fax: (619) 239-2749
Email: museumofman@museumofman.org
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Boutelle (Abbie) Collection

This collection is made up of photographs of and by Mrs. Boutelle, and her friends and family. These black and white photographs are in albums that document the places and people that created the baskets and other artifacts that Mrs....

Davis (E.L.) Collection

Professional papers of archaeologist and curator Emma Lou Davis (1905-1988), including excavation notes, correspondence, and aerial photographs.

Goddard DuBois (Constance) Collection

Constance Goddard DuBois (1869-1934) was a historical novelist turned ethnographer. As a young woman she wrote historical fiction and became interested in the plight of the American Indian, especially the Mission Indians of Southern California. She became an activist for...

Kelly (Charles) Photograph Collection

The Charles Kelly Photograph Collection is comprised of a photograph album of Kumeyaay and Pala subjects from various reservations in San Diego County. The majority of the photographs are from the Inaja-Cosmit Reservation, but other locations include: Campo Reservation, Pala...

San Diego Natural History Museum Collection

This collection is made up of 121 negatives of various sizes. The photograph locations encompass sites in San Diego, California and Baja California, Mexico. The San Diego locations are as follows: the Mesa Grande and Pala Indian Reservations, Warner Springs,...