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Almar & Marfoto Photographers records

Materials in this collections focus on the Sacramento photography agency Almar & Marfoto Photographers (also called Almar Studio) from 1905-1995. Included are photographs, correspondence and ephemera that document the operations of Almar & Marfoto Photographers; also included are also the...

Alpha Mu Fraternity, Beta Chapter records

The Alpha Mu fraternity was a high school fraternity that operated in the Sacramento Area from 1902 to 1910. Their records are comprised of the fraternity constitution, initiation ceremony, meeting minutes, correspndence, financial documents and objects used in initiations (1902-1915;...

Appleton family papers

The Appleton family papers consist of journals, letters, photograph albums, photographs, and printed material documenting the history of the Appleton family in Whitby, England, and Northern California (1873-1919).

Armstrong, Eleanor Wakefield and Nancy Phillips papers

This collection focuses on materials conerning Sacramento natives Eleanor Wakefield Armstrong (1914-2002) and her daughter, Nancy Phillips. The collections is comprised primarily of school records and ephemera documenting Eleanor Wakefield's studies and extracurricular activities at Sutter Junior High School and...

Benedix, Christian W. T. letters

Christian W. T. Benedix (1839-1919) was a German immigrant who operated a farm in Franklin, California. This collection consists of letters written by Benedix and addressed to family in Germany (1893-1906).

Bloom, Henry S. papers

Henry S. Bloom worked in the gold fields in California during the Gold Rush from 1850 to 1851. The collection is comprised of one folder correspondence and printed material, including newpaper clippings and a check (1851-1968, bulk 1851-1899).

Brown, Helen Dobson papers

Helen Dobson Brown (1908-2003) was a full-time clerk at the California State Library, and part-time camellia enthusiast and playwright. She authored several plays in the late-1930s which were performed at Sacramento venues. Her papers consist of handwritten and typescript drafts...

Carmichael Improvement Club records

The Carmichael Improvement Club formed in 1913 to "improve the general welfare and promote harmony and social unity" in the newly established Carmichael Colonies, an area bounded by Walnut Avenue and Lincoln Avenue north of the American River northeast of...

Citrus Heights Grandmothers Club No. 20 records

Founded in 1953, the Citrus Heights Grandmothers Club No. 20 hosted card parties and regular potlucks with entertainment by local speakers and performers through the 1970s. This collection is comprised of one bound volume (296 pages) of handwritten club meeting...

Davis, John W. papers

John W. Davis, a Sacramento architectural designer, worked for many years in partnership with local developer Jere Strizek to design and construct Sacramento's Town and Country Village shopping center and affordable homes in the Town and Country community, both located...

Dittnock family papers

The bulk of this collection is comprised of the papers of Julia, Charles and Maisie Dittnock, and printed material collected by the family while they resided in Sacramento. Papers include various certificates and diplomas from area schools and colleges, U.S....

Dole, Gertrude letters

One bound volume of 26 indexed letters handwritten by San Francisco educator Gertrude "Gerda" Dole (nee Kittleman) to her fiance Rodney Dole, over the summer of 1939 while she was a dancer at Eagle Theater in Roaring Camp for the...

Graves, Maurice L. collection of Sacramento restaurant menus

Maurice L. Graves was a cook and long-time California resident who worked for decades in Los Angeles and Sacramento-area restaurants. This collection is comprised of 110 restaurant menus collected by Maurice Graves from primarily Sacramento restaurants (1937-1997).

Guth family papers

George Guth and family ran a grocery store business in Sacramento in the late 19th century. Two bound volumes of script document the Guth family grocery business and genealogical history. Legal papers document transactions for the Lot 8 property ("Lavine"...

Haynes, Eugene H. papers

Herbert Haynes was a machinist at the Sacramento Air Depot at McClellan Air Force Base, this collection contains various financial documents and employment records with dates ranging from 1927-1966.

Honodel, Diane Jane papers

The Diane Jane Honodel papers span the years 1904 to 1982 and document elements of Honodel's personal and professional life, from her time as a Sacramento-area resident to her extensive involvement in theater. Her papers are comprised of a variety...

Julius Everson family papers

This collection is comprised primarily of correspondence within the Treat and Everson families (1860-1908), who founded the Elk Grove Building Company in 1876 with W. A. Chittendon. The company was responsible for the construction of many commercial structures in the...

Lawrence, Nancy Family papers

The Lawrence family lived in Sacramento, California, where Carl Lawrence was the owner of Lawrence Construction Company, a prominent building company in the Sacramento area during the 1950s and 1960s, and president of the Greater Sacramento Chamber of Commerce. His...

Litt, Clinton L. Sacramento Air Depot scrapbook

Clinton L. Litt worked as a mechanic and painter at Sacramento Air Depot, McClellan Field (later McClellan Air Force Base) from 1942 to 1953. This scrapbook documents his employment at the depot, and contains employment paperwork, news clippings, ephemera, photographs...

Miles, Ruth H. papers

This small collection consists of school report cards and an autograph book from Ruth H. Miles, a longtime resident of Sacramento.

Miller, Anastasia papers

Anastasia Elizabeth Miller (1887-1973) served for the American Red Cross as a nurse on the front lines in France during World War I and returned home to Sacramento to head the city's Well Baby Clinic for thirty years. These papers...

Orangevale Community Planning Advisory Council records

Since its formation, the Orangevale Community Planning Advisory Council has advised the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on issues relating to growth, zoning, traffic and environmental protection. This collection is comprised of records documenting the work of the Advisory Council...

Quinby, Edwin F. and Nancy letters

Edwin F. Quinby (1821-1852) was a Maine native who traveled west to take part in the Gold Rush, working at diggings throughout Northern California frrom 1849 to 1852. He died a week after returning back home to Maine in 1852....

Sacramento Amateur Movie Makers Club records

The Sacramento Amateur Movie Makers Club records are comprised of administrative records, minutes, newsletters, films, scrapbooks, photographs, awards and other printed material documenting the activities of the Sacramento Movie Forum (later Sacramento Amateur Movie Makers Club) from 1947 through 1989.

Sacramento Bakers Protective Association records

The Sacramento Bakers Protective Association operated from 1891 through the turn of the century for the purpose of improving working conditions in local bakeries and standardizing prices. The Association records consist primarily of meeting minutes detailing the group's operations (1891-1898,...

Sacramento Business and Professional Women's Club records

The Sacramento chapter of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs was founded in 1919 and its purpose was to promote and protect the interests of local professional women in the business and industrial fields. The club records...

Sacramento Ephemera Collection

The Sacramento Ephemera Collection consists of printed material produced by Sacramento businesses, chambers of commerce, sports teams, schools, government agencies, theaters and clubs. A range of formats includes tickets, programs, leaflets, advertisements, cards, letters, invoices and other forms of ephemeral...

Sacramento High School student misbehavior records

This collection consists of one journal containing brief descriptions of Sacramento High School student misbehavior (1910-1916) and correspondence between Principal Herbert O. Williams, Superintendent Charles C. Hughes, and parents and students.

Sacramento Northern Railway ephemera

The Sacramento Northern Railway was formed in 1918 and provided passenger rail service between the Sacramento Valley and Bay Area until 1941. This collection of ephemera includes a chart of trip fairs, timetables for employees with a route map, list...

Sacramento Opera Guild records

Founded in 1947, the Sacramento Opera Guild was established by Sacramento women to cultivate a wider public interest in operatic arts and to sponsor local performances and educational programs. The records of the guild include administrative records and meeting minutes...

Sacramento Toxics Alliance research collection

The records in this research collection document the operations of toxics groups and remediation projects in the Sacramento area from the early-1980s through the early-2000s.

Sacramento Tuberculosis Association records

Founded in 1919, the Sacramento Tuberculosis Association was dedicated to eradicating the communicable lung disease by educating Sacramentans about its spread and assisting patients through the process of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. This collection is comprised of annual reports for...

Sacramento Whiskers Club records

This collection contains various documents pertaining to the Sacramento Whiskers Club in the form of meeting minutes, letters, a roster, and a proclamation. The Sacramento Whiskers Club formed in 1922 for the purpose of commemorating the California Gold Rush.

Sims, H. Alan research collection on Sacramento maritime history

H. Alan Sims, an archivist with California State Parks Gold Rush Historic Sites Divisions, created a presentation called "Sacramento Port of Gold"; this collection contains 317 35mm color slides and clippings on the Port of Sacramento, Old Sacramento, and historic...

Tuesday Club of Sacramento records

The Tuesday Club of Sacramento was a social club to Sacramento civic and community interests for over 100 years, boasting a membership of more than 1,200 women at its height. This collection is comprised of records documenting the activities of...

Ward, Grant papers

Grant Ward (1918-1987) served as a commanding officer of the 3535th Navigator Training Wing at Mather Air Force Base in Sacramento. This collection includes newsletters, correspondence, photographs, ephemera, and other printed material documenting Grant Ward's service in the Army and...

Wenzel, Florine collection of Sacramento Saturday Club records

Florine Wenzel (1884-1984) was a Sacramento pianist and vocalist who served as president of the Sacramento M. T. A. (Music Teachers' Association) and later president of the Sacramento Saturday Club. Her papers are largely comprised of records from the Saturday...

Westin, Jean Eddy papers

Jeane Eddy Westin is a local author from the Sacramento area. The Westin papers collection consists of interviews on cassette tape and in printed form, several newspaper clippings, and correspondence related to her first book, . The book was published...

Women's Approach to Community Harmony (WATCH) records

Women's Approach to Community Harmony (WATCH) formed in 1963 as a fact-finding organization in North Highlands; its purpose was to familiarize community members with the pros and cons of controversial community issues. This collection is comprised of a scrapbook of...

Wright & Kimbrough correspondence

In 1903, Cecelia Phelan, wife of prominent Sacramento physician Gregory Phelan, sold her 142-acre ranch off J Street in East Sacramento through Wright & Kimbrough. This collection is comprised of correspondence between Mrs. Phelan and her son, Louis Phelan, and...

The Yorozu records

The Yorozu was a landmark Japanese department store that sold goods to the Issei community in Sacramento region and beyond for nearly 100 years. This group contains two boxes of financial and legal records for The Yorozu; the bulk regarding...