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Addendum to the Bill Rosendahl-Adelphia Communications Corporation Collection of Public Affairs Television Programs

This addendum to the Bill Rosendahl-Adelphia Communications Corporation Collection of Public Affairs Television Programs contains master video recordings of a variety of news and public affairs shows that were produced by Bill Rosendahl in 1999 and 2003. Many programs in...

Addendum to the Willow Wray Collection of the Writings of Lord Dunsany

The Addendum to the Willow Wray Collection of the Writings of Lord Dunsany consists of poems, essays, short stories, and reel-to-reel tape recordings of the Anglo-Irish author Lord Dunsany (1878-1957).

Arkoff (Samuel Z.) Papers

The Samuel Z. Arkoff Papers consist of pressbooks, posters, lobby cards, film stills, combined continuities, publicity files and organizational files chronicling Samuel Z. Arkoff's career as a motion picture producer and executive.

Asseyev (Tamara) Television Production Materials Collection

The collection consists of production files (budgets, contracts, correspondence, scripts, continuity photographs, etc.) for several television mini-series and movies that Tamara Asseyev produced.

Autograph Collection

This collection consists of autographs of ecclesiastical figures, presidents, entertainers, and other personages, from the late sixteenth century to the mid twentieth century.

Beverly (Bob) Papers

The Bob Beverly Papers consists of the district office files of this long-serving state legislator from the South Bay (1967-1996) of Los Angeles County.

Big Pine Citizen Newspaper Collection

The was the weekly newspaper of Big Pine, California, a town in the northern Owens Valley of the California Sierras. The collection holds issues from the years 1922, and 1924 to 1928, the decade in which the Owens Valley Water...

Black (J. D.) Papers

The J. D. Black Papers (CSLA-15) contain photographs, publications, correspondence, and organizational records related to J. D. Black's career and business in Big Pine, California. Of particular value are the records of the reparations organizations of Big Pine active during...

Blackstone (Richard) Military Papers

The Richard Blackstone Military Papers consist of materials related to the life of Richard Blackstone, especially his service in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 32nd Regiment, in the Civil War.

Boltenstern (Werner von) Postcard Collection

The Werner von Boltenstern postcard collection is one of the largest publicly-accessible collections in the United States. It contains approximately 1 million postcards from around the world, dating from the beginnings of postcard production in the late 19th century, and...

Boltenstern (Werner von) Shanghai Photograph and Negative Collection

The Werner von Boltenstern Shanghai Photograph and Negative Collection consists of negatives and photographs of Shanghai, China, in the later 1930s and 1940s. Especially valuable are the images of Jewish refugees from Nazi-ruled Europe living in Shanghai.

Boltenstern (Werner von) Travel Records Collection

The Werner von Boltenstern Travel Records Collection chiefly consists of government travel documents and the personal record-keeping that von Boltenstern maintained during his world-wide travels.

Bourdet (Christie Miles) Rudyard Kipling Collection

The Christie Miles Bourdet Rudyard Kipling Collection consists of one box of letters and news clippings, one box of Kipling related glassware and one oversize box containing mainly newspaper obituaries.

Boyle (John W.) Film Stills and Photograph Collection

The John W. Boyle Film Stills and Photograph Collection consists of film stills and photographs related to movies that this cinematographer shot in the 1910s and 1920s.

Broadway Theater Collection

This artificial collection consists of four photographs of the Ziegfeld Follies and the title cover for "The Haunting Melody" from the Broadway musical "Vera Violetta."

Brother Henry F.S.C., Microfilm Collection of Early Roman Catholic California

Series One of the collection consists of forty-three microfilm reels of California mission registers from the 19th and 20th century as created by Brother Henry, F.S.C.

Burk (Margaret Tante) Collection on Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

This collection consists of Margaret Tante Burk's research and writings for her proposed book on the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (the book was never published). The collection contains rough drafts, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, news clippings, newsletters, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, books,...

Burk (Margaret Tante) Papers

This collection consists of the personal papers of Margaret Tante Burk, author, and long-time publicist and champion of Los Angeles' famed Ambassador Hotel. Besides these notable accomplishments, Margaret Tante Burke served as the first female vice-president of a financial institution...

Burns (Fritz) Papers, CSLA-2

The collection contains business files from Fritz Burns's association with Fred W. Marlow. There is also biograpical information about Burns and photographs of Burns, his wife Gladys, son F. Patrick, and others. Many photographs show Hawaiian hotels in which Burns...

Burns (Fritz) Papers, CSLA-4

The Fritz Burns Papers contain materials related to the life and career of this major developer of real estate in the Los Angeles area in the 1920s, and then in the late 1930s through the 1970s. The holdings consist of...

California and Los Angeles History Photographs Collection

This collection consists of photographs of places, persons, and events in California and Los Angeles History.

California Map Collection

This artificial collection consists of maps of California, ranging from Eagle Rock, in Los Angeles city, to San Diego.

Catholic Human Relations Council Collection

The Catholic Human Relations Council Collection consists of the administrative and organizational records, and resource files of a lay Catholic civil-rights organization of the 1960s and 1970s active in Los Angeles.

Catholic Labor Institute Collection

This collection consists of photographs and organizational subject files of the Catholic Labor Institute that document the organization's early history in Los Angeles from the late 1940s through the early 1950s, and then the final years of its existence, the...

The Citizen and Cheviot Chatter

This collection (see box list) contains the run, from 1927 through 1960, of a local Culver City, California, weekly newspaper. This weekly was originally called the Western Citizen as witness to its coverage of communities in western Los Angeles (Mar...

Civil War Memorabilia Collection

This collection consists of ribbons, medals, and correspondence related to the Civil War and the post-Civil War organizations the Woman's Relief Corps and the Grand Army of the Republic.

Collection of Film Stills and Film Actors and Actresses Photographs

This small, artificial collection consists of film stills and photographs of film actresses and actors from the 1920s and the 1930s.

Deck (Father Allan, S.J.) Letter Collection

This collection consists chiefly of letters of political personages that Father Allan Deck, S.J., received from 1959 to 1963.

Dockweiler Family Collection

This part of the Dockweiler holdings at Loyola Marymount University consists of clippings, photographs, ledgers, ephemera, and miscellany such as correspondence.

Dockweiler Family Papers

The Dockweiler Family Papers, CSLA-12, includes both textual and non-textual materials, and runs from 1827 to 1996, with the bulk dates between 1890 and 1950. The holdings on Isidore B. Dockweiler anchor this collection; most material after 1950 concerns Mary...

Documents for the History of Nineteenth-Century Los Angeles, 1846-1908

This collection contains twenty-four documents on the history of nineteenth-century Los Angeles, some of which are in Spanish and others in English.

Documents for the History of the Daniel Freeman Family and the Rancho Centinela.

This collection consists of primary sources (mostly copies) and notes that Betty Forsyth (d. 2006) compiled on the Daniel Freeman family, their Rancho Centinela, and local towns, such as Inglewood, California.

Documents for the History of the Machado Family and the Rancho la Ballona

CSLA-32 consists of materials that Mrs. David S. (Betty) Forsyth collected on the Machado family, whose history in Los Angeles dates to the late 18th century, and on its Rancho La Ballona, which the Mexican government officially granted to the...

Dolores del Río "Ramona" Film Stills

This small collection consists of the six film stills from the 1928 version of "Ramona", starring the great Mexican actress Dolores del Río.

Donahue (Lester) Performing Arts Collection

The Lester Donahue Collection consists of materials on performing artists that Donahue, himself a concert pianist, collected. The collection also contains a substantial amount of material pertaining to Madame Helena Modjeska, the nineteenth-century actress who immigrated from Poland to the...

The Donna Reed Show Collection

The collection includes production documents (correspondence, schedules, contracts, budgets, scripts, etc.) from The Donna Reed Show television series.

Edwards (Edna) Interviews

This collection consists of textual and audio materials documenting Edna Edwards' interviews with children's literature authors and illustrators. The interviews were conducted in the early 1970s. Some of the interviews were published, while others remain unedited on cassette tape.

Ehrlich (Richard) Holocaust Archives Series Photograph Collection

The Richard Ehrlich Holocaust Archives Series consists of sixteen prints of digital photographs that photographer Richard Ehrlich took of the archival holdings of the International Tracing Service (ITS), in 2007. In addition, there are print-outs of captions for the exhibit....

Engh (Michael, S.J.) Collection of Mary Julia Workman Research Materials

This collection consists of research notes and materials that Professor Michael Engh, S.J., then of the Department of History, Loyola Marymount University, compiled for a proposed biography of Mary Julia Workman (1871-1964), a Roman Catholic social activist and member of...

Ephemera Collection

The majority of Collection 071 consists of leaflets, pamphlets, programs, photographs, brochures, broadsheets, and newspaper clippings, on a run of topics that ranges from travel and tourism to Roman Catholicism.

Ferrini (Bruce) Liturgical Manuscript Leaf Collection

The Bruce Ferrini Liturgical Manuscript Leaf Collection consists of manuscript leaves of mostly liturgical texts from late medieval and early modern Europe.

Film and Television Screenplay Collection

This collection consists of screenplays, dating from 1924-2005, donated by Father Michael Mandala, S. J., of the Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood, CA. The provenance of the materials is unknown, but it is thought that Blessed Sacrament Church gained possession...

Fraser (J. T.) Personal Papers and Collection of International Society for the Study of Time Records

This collection contains the personal papers of J. T. Fraser and records of the International Society for the Study of Time, which he founded.

Freeman Family (Daniel) Papers

The Daniel Freeman Family Papers richly document the business and development enterprises of Daniel Freeman (1837-1918), one of California's major land developers and businessmen in the late nineteenth century. Besides Daniel Freeman, this collection also contains extensive business records for...

Gabrieliño Indians Publications Collection

This collection brings together publications about the Gabrieliño Nation of Southern California. It includes books, periodical and newspaper articles, dissertations, and government documents, and covers the Nation's rich history, from prehistoric times to the present.

Gaudette (Thomas A.) Papers

The holdings in the Thomas A. Gaudette Papers consist of materials that Gaudette gathered to document both his work in community organizing as well as that of other persons and groups.

Hal Pereira Film Sketches

The Hal Pereira Film Sketches Collection consists chiefly of the film sketches that art director and designer Hal Periera created for Hollywood films in the 1950s and 1960s.

Holzman (Benjamin) Papers

The collection consists of textual and non-textual material related to the life and professional career of Benjamin Holzman (1891-1963), a newspaper show business critic and press agent, who worked and lived on both the East and West Coasts. Materials include...

Hurley/Wright Surveyors Map Collection

This collection contains plat maps and other maps from counties of Southern California, spanning the years from 1855 to 1968.

Jacobs (Arthur P.) Collection

The collection includes files from his publicity firm (15 linear feet); production files from his motion pictures (65 linear feet); art work; photographs; sound recordings; books and other memorabilia.

Jenkins (Allen) United States Army Discharge Papers

This collection contains the United States Army discharge papers of one Allen Jenkins in 1868, ending his service that began in the Civil War.

John F. Dockweiler Political Realia Collection

This collection consists of realia related to the political campaigns of John F. Dockweiler for governor and United States Congressman in 1938.

KCET-TV Collection of "California Connected" production files

The collection contains files created during the production of the television program “Calfornia Connected," a weekly news and public affairs magazine that reported on civic issues throughout the state of California. Contents in the production files include memos, contracts, calendars,...

KCET-TV Collection of "California Connected" video recordings

The collection contains 144 master recordings on video and 98 duplicates on DVD of the television program "Calfornia Connected," a weekly news and public affairs magazine that reported on civic issues throughout the state of California. The aim of the...

KCET-TV Collection of "Life and Times" production files

Collection CSLA-38 contains documents created during the production of "Life and Times," a half-hour public affairs series produced by and broadcast on KCET-TV from 1992 to 2007. The collection is comprised of 128 boxes, which contain administrative notes, script revisions,...

KCET-TV Collection of "Life and Times" video recordings

This collection contains master recordings of "Life and Times," a half-hour public affairs series produced by and broadcast on KCET-TV from 1992 to 2007. From its start, the show aired Monday through Friday. Over the course of its 16-year run,...

Keane (James) Collection of Fritz Burns Biographical Materials

The collection contains the materials that James Keane used to write his biography of Fritz Burns: notes, the manuscript of Keane's book, photocopies of primary source materials, business brochures, and copies of business and personal correspondence of Fritz Burns. There...

Korbonski (Andrzej) Collection of Research Materials on Communist Poland

This collection consists of Radio Free Europe reports, photocopies of declassified U. S. Department of State documents and Polish government documents that Dr. Andrzej Korbonski gathered for research on his homeland of Poland under Communism.

"LA 2000" Records of the 2000 Democratic National Convention

LA Convention 2000 and LA HOST, jointly known as "LA 2000," were responsible for bringing the 2000 Democration National Convention. This collection conists of the records documenting this effort.

LAAMP Collection

Documenting the history of a Los Angeles educational reform organization, the holdings of the LAAMP (Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project) Collection consist of textual materials: subject files, correspondence, minutes and agendas of committee meetings, reports and studies, brochures, and publications...

Learn Collection

The collection contains the records of the nonprofit educational reform organization, LEARN (Los Angeles Educational Alliance for Restructuring Now), a major reform movement in one of the nation's largest school systems, the Los Angeles Unified School District. The holdings in...

Llywelyn (Father Dorian, S.J.) Collection of Jesuit Mission DVDs

The Father Dorian Llywelyn, S.J., Collection of Jesuit Mission DVDs contains nine Spanish-language documentaries. The documentaries were produced by Jesuit production company El Estudio de Video Roque González de Santa Cruz between 2005 and 2011. Not widely available in the...

Loyola Marymount University Archives, 1865-[ongoing]

Account ledgers, agenda and minutes, agreements and contracts, architectural drawings, articles of incorporation, artifacts, audio tape, books and booklets, brochures, bulletins, bylaws, calligraphy, catalogs, certificates, charters, compilations and summaries, correspondence, deeds, donor lists, event programs, financial statements, flyers, grant proposals,...

Loyola Marymount University Civil War Collection

This collection consists of photographs, letters, a diary, a map, and government bonds related to the American Civil War (1861-1865).

Loyola Marymount University Newspaper and Periodicals Collection

This artificial collection consists of newspapers and periodicals of historical interest.

Luckman (Charles) Papers

This collection consists of the personal papers of the architect and business leader Charles Luckman (1909-1999). Luckman was president of Pepsodent and Lever Brothers in the 1940s. In the 1950s, with William Pereira, he resumed his architectural career. Luckman eventually...

Mahony (Patrick) Collection of Lord Dunsany Materials

This collection consists of the personal correspondence of the Anglo-Irish playwright and author Lord Dunsany to Patrick Mahony, periodical articles on Lord Dunsany, and programs. Patrick Mahony, himself an author, collected the materials.

Masterson (William F.) Papers

The William F. Masterson Papers consist of the records of his work with PICO (Pacific Institute for Community Organization) and covers the development of various PICO organizing projects throughout the United States, as well as the internal growth and workings...

Mitchell (Daniel T.) World War II Correspondence Collection

This collection contains a run of correspondence that Daniel T. Mitchell authored while in the U.S. Army during World War II.

Morrison (Carroll and Lorrin) Photographic Collection

The Carroll and Lorrin Morrison Photographic Collection, 1889-1964, consists of materials, primarily photographs, collected by the Morrisons during their tenure as editors of the Journal of the West.

Nineteenth-Century Almanacs Collection

This small, artifical collection consists of three almanacs from the 1890s.

O'Connell (Arthur) Papers

This collections contains the records of the film career of Arthur J. O'Connell (1908-1981), a major charactor actor in Hollywood from the 1940s through the 1970s.

Pardee Dam Construction Photograph Album

This collection consists of a photograph album of the construction of the Pardee Dam in northern California, compiled by the Atkinson Construction Company, builders of the dam.

Rancho La Ballona Map

This collection consists of a map hand-drawn in 1876 on linen cloth of Rancho La Ballona, which covered present-day Venice, Culver City, and West Los Angeles. In the 1820s, Agustín and Ygnacio Machado settled this area, which served as...

Rebuild LA Collection

The Rebuild LA Collection contains the administrative and organizational records of Rebuild LA, the most important response to the Los Angeles riots of 1992. The collection spans the entire life of the organzation from its beginning in 1992 to its...

Riordan (Richard J., Mayor) Administrative Papers

The collection contains records from the Los Angeles mayoral administration of Richard J. Riordan. The holdings in this collection span the years from 1980 to 2001, focusing on the years in which Richard J. Riordan was mayor of Los Angeles...

Roberti (David A.) Papers

These papers document the years David Roberti spent as California State Assemblymember for the 48th District (1967-71) and as California State Senator (1971-94). This includes his years as President Pro Tem of the Senate (1980-1994). The Roberti Papers consist of...

Robinson (Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E.) Collection of Film Stills and Photographs

This small collection consists of film stills, publicity portrait photographs of film actors and actresses, and personal photographs that Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Robinson donated to Loyola Marymount University.

Roos (Mike) Papers

Mike Roos was California Assemblyman representing the 46th Assembly District, one of the most diverse areas of Los Angeles. The collection spans Roos's tenure in the California State Legislature from 1977 to 1990, with additional material from 1991, and totals...

Rosendahl (Bill)-Adelphia Communications Corporation Collection of Public Affairs Television Programs

The Bill Rosendahl-Adelphia Communications Corporation Collection of Public Affairs Television Programs consists of videotapes and DVDs, which document the public affairs television programming of Century Communications Corporation and Adelphia Communications Corporation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area between 1987 and...

Rouault (Georges), Miserere, Prints No. 11 and No. 56

This art collection consists of two prints from the Miserere series of George Rouault.

Ryan, S.J., (Harold F.) Catholic Authors Collection

The collection consists of one box of folders of biographical information on various Catholic authors that the Rev. Harold F. Ryan, S.J., collected.

San Francisco Bay Area Water Company Maps

This small, artificial collection consists of maps outlining the holdings and the water rights of water companies in the San Francisco Bay Area in the first two decades of the twentieth century.

Scott (Joseph) Collection

The Joseph Scott Collection consists of scrapbooks, an audio recording of a dinner given for Jospeh Scott, and a transparency of a photograph of the same.

Sefton (Thomas W.) Laurel and Hardy Collection

The Thomas W. Sefton Laurel and Hardy Collection consists of photographs, movie stills and posters, correspondence, memorabilia, and scripts related to the great movie comedy team of Stan Laurel (1890-1965) and Oliver Hardy (1892-1957).

Sheet Music Collection

This collection consists of sheet music for movies and Broadway musicals, as well as piano pieces.

Spanish Civil War Pamphlet Collection

This collection consists of pamphlets relating to anti-Communism and the Spanish Civil War of 1936 through 1939.

Spearman, S. J., (Arthur D.) Autograph Collection

The Arthur D. Spearman, S. J., Autograph Collection (1925-1947) consists of 1 box (.2 linear feet) of autographed letters and cards that Father Spearman collected.

Stage and Film Magazines Collection

The Stage and Film Magazines Collection consists of periodicals devoted to the theater and to cinema.

Swarts (Heidi) Collection of PICO and PACT Materials

The Heidi Swarts Collection spans the years 1989-2005 and contains letters, government documents, flyers, memos, and other organizational records from the People Improving Communities through Organizing (PICO) and the People Acting Together in Community (PACT) organizations, acting, in this case,...

Thalmann (Max) Collection

The Max Thalmann Collection consists of the art work of this German Expressionist, along with some supplementary materials on his life.

Theater Programs Collection

This collection consists of programs from theaters on the East Coast of the United States, from the early twentieth century.

United States Army Signal Corps World War I Photograph Collection

This collection consists mainly of photographs of United States Army troops and officers on the Western Front in World War I, both on the front and in the rear.

University Archives Athletics Records

This collection consists of records created by the Athletics Department of Loyola Marymount University from 1973-2009, after the merger of Loyola University and Marymount College. This includes correspondence, memoranda, resolutions, program proposals, board meeting agendas and minutes created by the...

University Archives Student Organizations Records

This collection consists of records created by the student organizations of Loyola University (before the Loyola University and Marymount College merger) and Loyola Marymount University from 1917-2012. Records include student organization constitutions and bylaws, correspondence, memoranda, event flyers, newsletters, playbills,...

Venegas Family Papers

The Venegas Family Papers document extensively the history of this family, headed by Dolores (1900-1991) and Miguel Venegas (1897-1994), in Los Angeles and the state of Jalisco, Mexico, through textual and photographic materials, DVDs, and Roman Catholic realia.

Views of Southern California Collection

This collection consists of a photoengraving, periodical illustrations, maps, and mechanical reproductions of artwork depicting Southern California in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Wachs (Joel) Papers

This collection contains constituent correspondence, mayoral and city council campaign records, and some personal papers of Joel Wachs, Los Angeles city councilman from 1971 until 2001. The holdings are especially valuable for understanding the critical mayoral campaigns in Los Angeles...

Which Way, LA? Collection

The Which Way, LA? Collection consists of audiotapes, with some transcripts, of the major public affairs program in Los Angeles, "Which Way, LA?."

White (Stephen Mallory) Papers

The collection consists chiefly of materials pertaining to Stephen Mallory White's career as an attorney. Also, there is correspondence between White and his family (in particular with his wife Hortense) and a small amount of material pertaining to his political...

Wilder (Thornton N.) Papers

The papers consist of correspondence (letters and postcards) from Thornton Wilder to his friend, Everett W. Gibbs.

Workman (family) albums

This collection consists of family albums, newspaper clippings, photographs, and ephemera related to the Workman family of Los Angeles, important players in the politics and development of Los Angeles in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Workman family members...

Workman Family Papers

These holdings consist of materials related to the life and accomplishments of a leading Los Angeles family, the Workmans, influential in city politics, social work, and prperty development.

WPA Transcriptions and Translations of Los Angeles City Archives Records

This collection consists of transcriptions and translations of registers of Spanish-language legal documents from Los Angeles under the rule of Mexico, such as the . This work of transcription and translation was project C-6975 of the Federal Works Progress Administration...

Wrather Investment Corporation Incorporation Records

This collection consists of the legal records documenting the incorporation in 1961 of the various business holdings of Jack Wrather into a publicly owned company.

Wrather (Jack and Bonita Granville) Papers

The Jack and Bonita Granville Wrather Papers consist of textual and non-textual materials dating from the period 1890 to 1990. They document the considerable careers of Jack (1918-1984) and Bonita Granville Wrather (1923-1988) in the areas of entertainment, business, and...

Wray (Willow) Collection of the Writings of Lord Dunsany

The Willow Wray Collection of the Writings of Lord Dunsany consists of signed and unsigned manuscripts, letters, photographs, clippings, and numerous published works of Lord Dunsany.