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Adohr Farms Collection

This collection consists of publicity materials for Adohr Milk Farms. Box 1 contains 27 photographs of Adohr Farms dairy operations in Reseda and Buttonwillow, California, that have been mounted on black board and captioned. Box 2 consists of 8 digitized...

Allen (Mariette Pathy) Collection

The collection consists of photographs relating to cross-dressing and transsexuals published in advertising literature, periodical articles, and brochures.

American Expeditionary Forces Photograph Album

World War I photo album taken with the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe, including six aerial views. The album includes images depicting citizens with their goats, monkeys, and donkey carts; soldiers and pilots; a set of photographs taken "1918 Thanksgiving...

Art and Print Collection

The Art and Print Collection is a collection created by Special Collections and Archives staff containing a variety of drawings, paintings, prints and other artwork donated to the Oviatt Library.

Barks (Carl) Correspondence Collection

Carl Barks started drawing for Walt Disney in 1935. In 1943, he began drawing Disney stories for Western Printing and Lithography which produced the Dell and Gold Key comic books. Barks retired from the Disney Studio in 1966, but continued...

Beale's Cut Photograph Collection

The Beale's Cut Photograph Album contains 24 color slides and photographs of Beale's Cut, located in the Newhall area of Los Angeles. In 1854, Phineas Banning created a narrow cut through the Newhall Pass area, to accommodate stagecoach traffic to...

Betty and Martin's Travel Journal

Married couple Betty and Martin kept this journal on road trips around Southern California to such locations as San Jacinto, Arroyo Seco Canyon, Big Pines, Mission San Fernando, Palmdale, Riverside, and other areas.

Booth (Edwin) Family Collection

The Booth family is the well-known 19th century American theatrical family that includes Edwin Booth and his brothers, John Wilkes and Junius Brutus Booth, Jr. Edwin made his stage debut in 1849. The collection contains family records of Edwin Booth...

Bristow (Gwen)

Gwen Bristow, an author and journalist, wrote the best-selling novel , published in 1938, as the second work in her Plantation Trilogy. The collection consists of a scrapbook, primarily comprised of newspaper clippings, compiled about publication and success of the...

Brown (John) Letter

John Brown was an abolitionist who moved with his family to Kansas Territory in 1855 so he could participate in the fight to keep Kansas from becoming a slave state. In this letter, he discusses his move to Kansas with...

Bryant (Richard H.) Collection

Richard H. Bryant served in the US Army in the Pacific theater during World War II, and was awarded the Bronze Star. While serving overseas, he corresponded via V-mail and regular post with his sisters Wava and Beverly in Florence,...

Burkhardt (Hans) Collection

The Hans Burkhardt Collection consists of items produced by or related to the artist Hans Burkhardt, including multiple exhibition posters, an article on a 1975 Burkhardt exhibit held at CSUN, and an original linoleum print by Burkhardt.

Burlingame (George and Cecilia) Papers

George Burlingame was a local businessman who resided in the Westwood area of Los Angeles from 1931 until 1954. The George and Cecilia Burlingame Papers include records from the Loomis family, Cecilia Burlingame's family name. The correspondence, business records, and...

California Gold Rush Correspondence Collection

Letters discussing business and travel in California during the gold rush from various goldminers to family and friends written between 1853 and 1863.

California Historic Photographs Collection

The California Historic Photographs Collection consists of a number of photographs taken in California during the 19th and early 20th centuries, including photographs of buildings and landscapes in various locations throughout the state as well as photographs related to public...

California Tourism and Promotional Literature Collection

Tourism and real estate promotion have been longtime means of encouraging people to vacation and settle in California. The California Tourism and Promotional Literature Collection includes county, regional, and statewide promotional literature used to promote tourism and real estate development...

Carte de Visite Collection

Cartes de visite are a small type of photograph patented in Paris, France in the 1850s, made when a photograph printed on thin paper is mounted onto a thicker piece of paper. Cartes de visite were printed in a standard...

Chappell (E.) World War II Royal Air Force Diary Collection

E. Chappell, from North Barnsley, Yorkshire, volunteered to serve with British forces during World War II on May 26, 1941, and was called to serve with the Royal Air Force (RAF) on June 30, 1941. He served in the RAF...

Chinese Alliance Society from Chi-Lang Photograph

A photograph depicting members of the Chinese Alliance Society from the Chin-Lang residence of the Chich-Kung Tong, headquartered in San Francisco (probably Grand Ave.) celebrating the establishment of the Republic of China, 1911-1912.

Chinese Americans in San Francisco, Monterey, and Portland Photograph Collection

The collection includes photographic negatives of Chinese and Chinese Americans around 1900. Photographs were taken in San Francisco and Monterey in California, and in Portland, Oregon.

Clingman (W.F.) World War II Journal

W.F. Clingman, a United States Coast Guard officer, kept this handwritten journal from September 22nd to October 3rd, 1945 while assisting in minesweeping operations in the Kii Channel (Kii Suido) in Japan after the end of World War II. In...

Cobb (Irvin) Letter

In this letter Irvin Cobb of Santa Monica, CA asks Edwin Shallant whether a float representing African Americans could be included in the upcoming Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena on behalf of Claude Honeybuss, who is seeking sponsorship for...

Confederate States of America Bond

The collection consists of a bond issued by the Confederacy during the Civil War. The bond, issued on May 1st, 1861, is in the amount of 100 dollars and has 16 coupons attached.

Cours d'Economie Politique Notebook Collection

This collection consists of three booklets of handwritten notes in French taken from a course on political economies during the 19th century.

Craig (Chase) Collection

W. Chase Craig (1910-2002) illustrated, wrote and produced comic books from the mid 1930's until his retirement from Western Printing and Lithography in 1975. Craig wrote and drew the first issues of Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes, and Merrie Melodies for...

Cross Dressing Newsletters Collection

This collection consists of newsletters issued by local chapters of Tri-Ess (an educational and support group for heterosexual cross dressers) in the United States, and independent groups in the US and abroad. The newsletters report local activities, discuss current topical...

Culinary Pamphlet Collection

The Culinary Pamphlet Collection includes product advertising literature, government and non-profit organization pamphlets, brochures on food preparation and cooking equipment, and independently written recipe booklets. Most were published in the United States.

Cunningham (David W.) Diary Collection

David W. Cunningham kept a daily diary from 1883-1900. In them he recorded a variety of details describing daily life. Nine such diaries make up the collection. Entries are brief, taking about half of a page in the pocket diary.

Dailey (Jan) and John Money Correspondence Collection

Jan Daily, a sex researcher and author, corresponded with Dr. John Money, sex researcher and co-founder of the Gender Identity Clinic at Johns Hopkins, for 17 years. The correspondence begins with Jan Dailey, who lived near Los Angeles International Airport,...

Daily Reminder Diary

Entries in this diary, a 1925 Daily Reminder Book, start in 1936, when the author was a young girl. She initially wrote about attending various social functions, going to church, and a part-time job. Other entries cover single days, such...

Dargan (James F.) Civil War Diary and Scrapbook

James F. Dargan served as a Union solder in the US Civil War. Between September 17, 1862 and August 27, 1863 he kept a diary which includes descriptions of his enlistment, camp life, gossip about fellow soldiers, military discipline, and...

Davis (L. Clarice) Collection

L. Clarice "Cal" Davis was an art book dealer in Sherman Oaks, California. The collection consists of correspondence and sale records for "Derriere le Miroir," a collection of birthday cards sent to William Randolph Hearst by King Features Syndicate comic...

Denman Family Photograph Collection

The collection consists of photographs of the Mayne R. Denman family of Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Mr. Denman worked for the Smith Premier Typewriter Company in eastern Ohio and West Virginia. There is a Los Angeles address on one of the photographs.

Diocese of Rochester Record Book

This bound volume dates from 1675 to 1726, and contains various records generated by members of the Diocese of Rochester, including copies of leases, indentures, marriages, and bills of sale.

Dreiser (Theodore) Letter

A novelist, editor, and political activist, Theodore Dreiser was born in Indiana in 1871, and died in Hollywood, California in 1945. In 1939, while living on Hayworth Avenue in Los Angeles, he wrote to columnist Rob Wagner granting him permission...

Early Los Angeles Court Transcript Collection

The Early Los Angeles Court Transcript Collection (1885-1904) consists of transcripts of court cases in Los Angeles, California from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The collection contains some transcripts of trials, but the majority of documents are transcripts...

Early Manuscripts and Engravings Collection

The Early Manuscripts and Engravings Collection is a collection created by Special Collections and Archives staff containing leaves from manuscripts and engraved prints from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

Edison (Thomas A.) Photograph

Black and white photograph of Thomas Edison, dated 1912. Matting is inscribed, "To JC Brown, Thomas A. Edison."

Emler (Mahala E.) Diary Collection

Mahala E. Emler, of Coshocton and Cambridge, Ohio, kept a diary from 1943 to 1967 in which she describes her daily routines, events, marriages, births, her local community, and events of national significance including the conclusion of World War II...

Fine Press Prints, Broadsides, and Ephemera Collection

The Fine Press Prints and Broadsides Collection consists of broadsides, book prospectuses and other printed ephemera sent to the Oviatt Library from various fine art printing presses and printers in the United States.

Flanders (Alton L.) World War I Correspondence Collection

Alton L. Flanders served in the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines infantry battalion during World War I. The collection consists of four letters he sent to his cousin Mrs. Jason Coppernoll in Johnstown, NY, in which he documents his experiences at...

Fleming (Raymond C.) Collection

Raymond Fleming enlisted in the US Army on January 29, 1942 on Christmas Island, where he worked as an Assistant Engineer. He served in the Pacific Theater as an Army Engineer throughout 1942.The collection documents his experiences on Christmas Island...

Forsha (Stiles E.) Civil War Correspondence Collection

The collection consists of items related to the attempted resignation of Union Soldier Stiles E. Forsha from his position as the Regimental Quartermaster of the 7 Regiment, Iowa Infantry in 1862. Materials in the collection include Forsha’s letter of resignation,...

Fox (Peren) Letter

This collection consists of a handwritten letter from Peren Fox to his wife, Ida, regarding the delay of his return to Mariposa due to business matters, and the envelope for the letter, which includes a cancellation mark dated March 12,...

Free Status Affidavits Collection

This collection consists of five affidavits sworn to before the Justice of the Peace in Frederick County, Maryland between 1817 and 1857. The affidavits affirm that five African-Americans were persons who were either free born, claiming deeds of manumission, or...

Ganong (Whitfield T.) World War I Diaries

The collection consists of two handwritten diaries written by Canadian Private Whitfield T. Ganong from 1918-1919, which document the daily experiences of his battalion in Europe during World War I. Also included is Ganong’s pay book, which states his rate...

Gay Greeting Card Collection

This collection consists of 33 gay Christmas and Valentine greeting cards.

Geiger (Milton) Papers

Milton Geiger wrote radio and television scripts as well as motion picture plays, theater plays, and short stories, some of which were performed or directed by Orson Welles, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Edward G. Robinson, Lorne Greene, and Richard Dreyfuss....

Gilbert (Peggy) Collection

Peggy Gilbert (1905-2007) was a saxophonist and band leader. From the 1930s through 1996 she led several all-girl orchestras and bands. An advocate for women musicians, she arranged for bookings and contracts. She was an active member in Local 47...

Gleason (Raymond) Correspondence Collection

The collection consists of 19 letters sent between Raymond Gleason, his mother (T.M. Gleason), future wife (Ida Gravenow) and friend (Z. Bojanie) while serving overseas in the US Navy during World War I. The correspondence begins in 1916 with the...

Haldeman-Julius (Emanuel) Big Blue Books and Larger Books Collection

Emanuel Haldeman-Julius (1888-1951) moved to Girard, Kansas in 1915 to begin writing for , a leading socialist newspaper in pre-World War I America. In 1919, he purchased a partnership with Louis Kopelin in the newspaper and its printing facility with...

Haldeman-Julius (Emanuel) Little Blue Books Collection

Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, a newspaper publisher, opened a publishing house in Girard, Kansas, where he published small, inexpensive paperback books, including classic works of literature and essays on myriad topics, for the working and middle classes. The publications in the are...

Haldeman-Julius (Emanuel) Publishing Records

Emanuel Haldeman-Julius Publishing Records consists of a small number of business records, the personal records of Jack Botwin, the printing plates for one title, and articles about the Haldeman-Julius Collection at the Leonard H. Axe Library (formerly the Porter Library)...

Hammond-Chambers (R. H. B.) Logbook Collection

R. H. B. Hammond-Chambers served on the H.M.S. Royal Arthur, H.M.S. Plyades, H.M.S. Blake, and H.M.S. Duke of Wellington in the region of Australia and New Zealand in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He kept these logbooks, dated...

Harris-Wheeler Collection

The collection consists of scrapbooks which include clippings from the , , , , and .

Hayes (Sam) Scrapbook

Scrapbook which includes newspaper and periodical clippings from the late 19th century, as well as a Thanksgiving dinner menu dated November 30, 1893.

Heart Mountain Relocation Center Collection

The Heart Mountain Relocation Center was built during the summer of 1942 and received its first contingent of Japanese-Americans August 12, 1942. It is located in Park County, northwestern Wyoming. The collection contains Community Camp Council meeting minutes, camp laws,...

Hirstel Family Collection

The Hirstel Family Collection consists of a photo album which contains snapshots taken while the Hirstel family was on vacation, primarily of camp grounds and other outdoor locations in California, Washington, and Oregon; correspondence exchanged between Harold Hirstel and his...

Homosexual Information Center Subject Files

The Homosexual Information Center (HIC), is a nonprofit organization committed to gathering and disseminating information and data to the public regarding all aspects of homosexuality. It was founded in the late 1960s by the Tangent Group, which in 1965 formally...

Household Recipe Book

Bound household recipe book that includes handwritten recipes for food, including "French Pot au Feu" and "a Pickle," and other household supplies, including "Marking Ink" and "blacking," among other things.

Irvin (Frank A.) Papers

Frank A. Irvin was a First Lieutenant in the 7th Iowa Infantry during the US Civil War. He was assigned to the US Signal Corps, and served as Aide-de-Camp to General Franklin's Staff. He participated in the Vicksburg (May 19-July...

Japanese-American Internment Camp Materials

The Japanese-American internment camps during World War II were administered by the War Relocation Authority. Camp inmates independently wrote and distributed many of their own documents associated with the camp newspapers, camp stores, school publications, and other camp activities. This...

Japanese-American Relocation Center Newspapers

During the internment of the Japanese-Americans from 1942-1945, newspapers recording camp activities and providing news of events outside the camps were issued by the internees from the beginning of their confinement in temporary assembly centers and permanent relocation centers. This...

Jennings (Dale) Scrapbook Collection

Scrapbooks in the collection primarily consist of advertisements clipped from periodicals and newspapers, as well as photographs. Each volume has a theme, and was created between 1950 and 1996.

Johnson Family Echo Lake Photograph Collection

The collection consists of loose photographs taken during a 1922 vacation to Echo Lake, California. It includes captioned photos of the Johnson family picnicking, swimming, hiking, and raising a flag, as well as images of their cabin. Also included are...

Johnson (Victoria Lynn) Collection

The collection consists of photographs of Victoria Lynn Johnson and Bob Guccione, a news release, and other materials.

Jorgensen (Christine) Cross Dressing Correspondence Collection

The collection consists of three letters concerning cross dressing and Christine Jorgensen, one of the first people in the United States to speak publicly about having sex reassignment surgery. One letter is from Eddie Emory, another is from Stephen G....

Journal of a Trip from Liverpool to San Francisco

This is a handwritten travel diary of a young Englishwoman's first visit to the United States. It dates from April to June of 1895 and begins with her voyage on the "Teutonic" to New York. The journal includes her train...

Kelly (Laura A.) Travel Diary

Laura Kelly's travel diary includes entries made during a trip from San Francisco, overland to New York, and across the Atlantic to Europe from April 22, 1905 to August 12, 1905, as well as a motor trip to several Southern...

Killion (Tom) Prints Collection

The Tom Killion Prints Collection consists of eight woodcut prints of the United States, Europe, and Africa by the artist Tom Killion, which were among the sixty-five prints used to illustrate his fine press book, . Also included in the...

Kistler Printing and Lithography Collection

William A. Kistler established a printing business in Los Angeles in 1910. After World War I he purchased a lithography firm where both he and his son practiced lithography for several years. The collection contains the commercial work of Kistler...

Klein (Violet Atkins) Papers

Violet Atkins Klein wrote novels, short fiction, and scripts for radio and television. The collection documents the writing process, including research materials and drafts. The legal materials document Klein's interaction with the publishing industry, and her efforts to have script...

Kolb (Dr. Leon) William Hogarth Engravings Collection

William Hogarth was a famous English painter, printmaker, satirist and editorial cartoonist who lived during the early 18th century. The collection consists of a number of engravings by or in the style of Hogarth.

Kraemer-Milligan Family Collection

John Thomas Milligan raised white Leghorn chickens on his Oakgrove farm near Stithton, Kentucky. He migrated to the San Fernando Valley in 1922 and started The California White Leghorn Breeding Farm in the Lankershim area of the Valley (now North...

Ku Klux Klan, Realm of California Records

During the 1910s, the Klan, which had been defunct since the concluding decades of the 19th century, was revived in Atlanta, Georgia and spread across the country within a decade. The Klan's revival was due in part to urbanization and...

Kuehn (Truman C.) White Rock Advertisement Collection

The consists of an original color advertisement for White Rock Mineral Water produced in 1907 and published in , and correspondence between Kuehn, the and the Coca Cola Bottling Company of Los Angeles regarding the advertisement.

La Rochester Mexico Photograph Collection

This collection consists of a dozen black and white photographic prints taken of various locations in Mexico by the La Rochester photography agency in the early 20th century. It includes interior and exterior shots of Tepozotlan, an interior shot of...

Lake Tahoe Photograph Album

This photo album includes snapshots of Lake Tahoe, its surroundings, and some vacationers taken in 1902.

Lambert (Thomas G.) Letter Book

Thomas G. Lambert traveled to California during the gold rush. He wrote a letter to his "Dear Parents" in a Cooke & Le Count's California Letter Book. In it he gives them a "confidential" account of his friends and acquaintances...

Lapin (Harvey and Connie) Collection

Harvey and Connie Lapin's son Shawn was diagnosed with severe autism as a child. In the 1970s, they became activists in advocating for autistic children and adults, and Shawn became national poster child for the National Society for Autistic Children...

Lawrence County, Alabama Writ of Execution

The collection consists of a fieri facias writ of execution issued in Lawrence County, Alabama in 1860, which commands any state sheriff to seize the sum of two thousand dollars in court ordered damages from a number of debtors. The...

Legal and Financial Documents on Slaves and Slavery in the United States Collection

Purchased by the library in the late 1970s, this collection consists of bills of sale, bonds, writs, promissory notes, summons, wills of slave owners, and inventories of slaves. It also includes some criminal cases involving slaves and an anonymously authored...

Lens (Sidney) Photograph Collection

The collection consists of photographs, some mounted, by Sidney Lens. Mr. Lens is depicted in some of the photographs.

Library of the Institute for the Study of Women in Music Collection

The Library of the Institute for the Study of Women in Music was established in the Music Department by Jeannie Poole, Head of the Music Library and Professor Beverly Grigsby in 1985 to collect the music of women composers. The...

Linden (Joyce) San Fernando Valley History Collection

Joyce Linden lived with her family on a 15 acre ranch in Northridge, California in the late 1940s and 1950s. The collection consists of items collected by Linden related to the history of the San Fernando Valley and her family’s...

Los Angeles Assessor's Book

Dated 1854, this book was written and signed by the first elected Assessor of San Diego County, Antonio Franco Coronel. Titled in English on its spine and Spanish on its title page ("Duplicado del Libro de Avaluos"), it consists of...

Los Angeles Department of Health Bulletin Collection

The was an irregular mimeographed publication first issued in 1934 by the Los Angeles Department of Health. Each issue was written by health officers in the Department on a current health topic.

Los Angeles Earthquake Damage Photograph Collection

The collection primarily consists of photographs taken of building and freeway damage caused by the San Fernando earthquake in February of 1971. Included are slides of the Los Angeles Aqueduct and Olive View Medical Center.

Los Angeles Record "Heroes of Health" Articles Collection

This collection consists of three articles from 1933 published in the as part of a series written by Rodney Dutcher called “Heroes of Health.” In the series, Dutcher sought to illuminate the efforts of the United States Public Health Service...

Los Angeles Slums and Fire Hazards Photograph Collection

This collection consists of six photographs of fire hazards in slum neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California during the 1940s.

Los Feliz and Silverlake Real Estate Collection

The collection consists of sales brochures, aerial photographs, newsletters, and other documents obtained by Douglas and Eunice Goodan during the course of their real estate work in the Los Feliz and Silverlake areas of Los Angeles. They operated Hoover Real...

Lu (Lisa) Press Kit Collection

These press kits from the 1990s and 2000-2001 were issued by movie studios to publicize upcoming and newly released motion pictures. Some are devoted to a single film; other kits cover a studio's seasonal or annual releases. They contain production...

Lymburner (Marl A.) World War II US Army Training Collection

This collection of training materials from Fort Benning during World War II was created by an unnamed enlisted man in the US Army. It consists of combat training pamphlets, Conference Course Training Bulletins, and other materials, including maps and a...

Magnus (Charles) Illustrated Song Sheets Collection

Charles Magnus was a print publisher and lithographer from New York City who sold letter sheets, maps, song sheets, envelopes and other prints from 1850 to 1899, and was especially popular during the Civil War. The collection consists of two...

Marks (Carole) Papers

The collection consists of materials from Marks' sex research, including a questionnaire, essays and notes about sex-related themes in classical literature.

Martin (Ray) Music Scores Collection

Ray Martin (1918-1988) was a composer, arranger, and conductor for BBC-TV, Columbia Records, RCA, and motion pictures. The collection contains the original manuscript scores in the composer's hand, and are numbered 1 through 342. There are nearly 600 pieces, including...

Mayo (Lee W.) Collection

Lee Mayo enlisted in the US Army in October of 1941, just before Pearl Harbor Day. He kept a diary, titled "My Life in the Service" between July 23, 1944 and December 18, 1945, while moving around the South Pacific....

McPherson (Mrs. Isaac Vanbert) Letter

In this letter to Horatio McPherson, Mrs. Isaac Vanbert McPherson describes family life in Los Angeles in 1870.

Miss Griffith Letter

This collection consists of a handwritten letter dated August 10, 1925, from a Miss M. Simpson to Miss Griffith, confirming a reservation made by Miss Griffith for two single bedrooms and a sitting room for five days at a hotel...

M'Liss, Child of the Sierras Collection

The collection consists of promotional materials for an 1879 production of , a play based on a short story by American author Bret Harte starring actress Annie Pixley. Items in the collection include a poster advertising a specific performance, and...

Mortensen (Detective E. B.) Daily Reports Collection

Daily reports of cases assigned and daily activities submitted by Officer E. B. Mortensen to Police Captain George K. Home.

Muraoka (Eddie S.) Collection

Eddie S. Muraoka was interned during the Second World War at Manzanar Internment Camp in Manzanar, CA. The collection includes scrapbooks filled with news clippings on Japanese-American internment, dated 1942-1980s. It also includes loose issues of , , , and...

Musicians, Singers, and Actors Photograph Collection

The collection consists of snapshots and studio photographs of well known figures in the entertainment industry, including several of actors in the film , band leaders Count Basie and Benny Goodman, opera signer Placido Domingo (including an autographed program), and...

Nineteenth Century Photograph Collection

This collection consists of tintypes, ambrotypes, and cartes de visite of unrelated individuals, probably photographed in the United States during the 1860s and 1870s. The cartes de visite are photographs of Civil War soldiers, mostly officers. There is one early...

Norman Corwin United Nations Radio Drama Scripts Collection

The collection consists of two scripts for United Nations Radio Dramas written by American writer Norman Corwin during the Golden Age of Radio. The first script, "Could Be," which was also produced by Corwin, first aired in September of 1949...

Olive View Hospital Earthquake Damage Collection

The collection consists of photographs of earthquake damage to the Olive View Hospital in 1971. It also includes newsclippings from and.

Osborne (Dr. Leonard) Journal

Dr. Leonard Osborne, fleet surgeon in the US Navy during the War of 1812, kept this journal from 1809 to 1815. In it, he describes medical lectures he attended, some medical treatments, and his experiences during the war, including the...

Palmer (Lillian and Herbert) William Hogarth Engravings Collection

William Hogarth was a famous English painter, printmaker, satirist and editorial cartoonist who lived during the early 18th century. The collection consists of 19 prints of engravings by or in the style of Hogarth, including the full series, .

Pasadena Scrapbook Collection

Two scrapbooks of news clippings, broadsides, and correspondence about Pasadena, California and its citizens, dated between 1900 and 1945.

Peterson (Charles H.) Pocket Diary Collection

During the US Civil War, Charles H. Peterson participated in the Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness, and Petersburg campaigns. He kept these diaries from 1863 to 1865. He tucked notes, correspondence, currency, and newspaper clippings between the pages.

Poor Housing Conditions in Los Angeles Scrapbook

This scrapbook was created by the Los Angeles Bureau of Housing and Sanitation, under director M. S. Siegel, to document poor and slum housing conditions in Los Angeles during 1938. It consists of black and white photographs and negatives, some...

Prince (Virginia) Papers

Virginia Prince established, edited, and wrote for the magazine . As editor and writer for , Prince collected newspaper clippings, magazine articles, cartoons, and photographs on cross dressing that appeared in other print media outlets. The clippings date from the...

Psychological Warfare Branch Scrapbook

Scrapbook of newspapers, leaflets, and other items regarding the Psychological Warfare Branch for US Pacific forces during the Second World War.

Puck Cartoons Collection

The Cartoons Collection consists of full color cartoons published in magazine, which was a weekly humor magazine published from 1871 until 1918. Items in the collection have been removed or reprinted from issues of the magazine, and include centerfold, cover,...

Relief and Support Groups for Japanese Americans during World War II Collection

Many non-governmental groups sought redress for Japanese Americans interned during World War II. This collection contains reports, correspondence, publicity, and other documents issued by the Committee on Resettlement of Japanese Americans, National Japanese American Student Relocation Council, Pacific Coast Committee...

Road Maps of California, Other Western States, and the United States Collection

This collection includes 169 route maps and 22 sheet maps issued by the Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC). Some of the card maps identify gas stations and rest stops along the highways.

Roman Prints Collection

The Roman Prints Collection consists of 4 graphic prints done in 1974 and signed by the artist, Roman, and donated to the CSUN University Library.

Roxburghe and Zamorano Clubs Keepsake Collection

The Zamorano Club is Southern California’s oldest organization of bibliophiles and manuscript collectors. The Roxburghe Club was formed in San Francisco on April 3, 1928 and was named in honor of the original Roxburghe Club of England. The purpose of...

Royal (Captain William) Journal and Account Book

Captain William Royal was a local official in southeast Georgia from the mid-1860s to mid-1880s. He kept a journal and account book in which he detailed his work with the African-American and white communities in the immediate aftermath of the...

Sales and Notes Payable Book

This handwritten volume dates from 1826 to 1830 and includes records of sales and notes payable for an unknown store probably located in Massachusetts. Customers hailed from Provincetown, Kingston, Boston, Charlestown, Plymouth, and other areas in Massachusetts. Entries are organized...

San Fernando Earthquake Damage Photograph Collection

This collection includes photographs of damage caused by the 1971 Sylmar earthquake.

Sell (John M.) Civil War Collection

John M. Sell of Erie, Pennsylvania enlisted in the 83rd Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers July 29, 1861. He was commissioned First Lieutenant on August 27 and promoted to Captain on September 4 the following year. Captain Sell was struck...

Sissman (L. E.) and Charles Kaplan Correspondence Collection

The collection consists of three letters exchanged between L.E. Sissman and Professor Charles Kaplan in the English Department of California State University, Northridge after he reviewed Sissman's "War Requiem."

Smith (Wilfred Cantwell) Papers

Professor Wilfred Cantwell Smith was the foremost Canadian scholar on Islam and comparative religion. He founded the Institute for Islamic Studies at McGill University in Montreal in 1951, helped establish the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard,...

Society for the Second Self (Tri-Ess) Records

Tri-Ess is a non-profit educational, social, and support group for heterosexual cross-dressers, their partners or spouses, and their families. The collection contains the records of Tri-Ess and its chapters since its inception in 1976 through 2005. It includes correspondence, directories,...

Southern California Photograph Album

Photo album includes snapshots of Southern California. Views of Catalina, Coronado, Pasadena, Redlands, Riverside, Mexico, the Sweet Water Dam, Hollywood, the San Gabriel Mission, West Lake Park, Hotel Green, and Redondo Beach are included.

Southwest Indians Photograph Collection

The Southwest Indians Photograph Collection consists of photographs and photographic plates of Native Americans in the southwestern United States, taken by Calista Potter Thresher around 1900.

Stanford (Ann) Collection

Ann Stanford, born in 1916, was an American poet and professor at California State University, Northridge. The Stanford Collection consists of three pieces of correspondence regarding publication of some of her poetry, and an offprint of , dated between 1971...

Stanley S. Slotkin Printed Book Leaves Collection

Stanley S. Slotkin was a successful Los Angeles businessman who owned the medical and party supply rental company Abbey Rents. He was also an avid collector of antique bibles and other rare books, amassing hundreds of thousands of books which...

Stauffer (Nelson) Civil War Diary

Nelson Stauffer enlisted in Co. A, 63rd Regiment, Illinois Infantry during the US Civil War. He kept a diary from 1862-1865. In it, he writes of his enlistment, training, troop movements, interactions with other soldiers, daily work assignments, patrolling, and...

Stevenson (Glen W.) Collection

Glen W. Stevenson was assistant to Frank W. Bireley, founder and head of Bireley's, Inc., producers of Bireley's non-carbonated sodas. Bireley's Inc. is credited with the design and construction of the first automated juice extractor. The collection consists primarily of...

Stilwell (Donald Hiram) Photograph Collection

Donald Hiram Stilwell served in the Navy from 1908-1912 as an enlisted man and was posted in Asia for most of his enlistment. From 1912-1917, he worked in a naval shipyard in Maryland. In 1917 he rejoined the Navy, serving...

Stone Houses of the San Fernando Valley Collection

The collection contains the research notes, news clippings, interviews, and photographs for Albert Knight’s manuscript and documentation for the creation of a historical district in that area.

Stutts (Ann) Olympic Games Collection

Assembled by CSUN Professor Ann Stutts, the collection consists of brochures, posters, printed materials, and ephemera on various Olympic Games from 1936-1990. The bulk of the material dates from the 1970s and 1980s. There is considerable material on the summer...

Taylor (George and Anna) Papers

The consist of photographs, postcards, and other materials created during the Taylor's two trips to California in 1904 and 1910/11. The latter trip was the couple's honeymoon.

Transgender Resources Collection

The Transgender Resources Collection consists of materials related to the transgender experience in the United States, particularly California. Items in the collection include fliers and brochures for transgender events in Los Angeles, materials from the Transgender Law Center in San...

Traubel (Helen) Collection

Helen Traubel was an American opera singer, best known for her Wagnerian roles. This small collection consists of a letter from the office of Pope Pius XII to Helen Traubel thanking her for a phonograph record that she presented to...

Travel Scrapbook Collection

This collection of two scrapbooks, created by an unknown individual, consists of travel photographs and picture postcards of Canada and Asia taken in 1919.

Venereal Disease Program Scrapbook

This small collection consists of a scrapbook containing clippings from local newspapers, articles by health officer George Parrish, and issues of the California State Department of Public Health's .

Victorian Sheet Music Covers Collection

The Victorian Sheet Music Covers Collection consists of approximately 840 sheet music covers produced in the United Kingdom during the Victorian era, which depict various aspects of British life and culture at the time, and demonstrate the development of printing...

Walter Jerome La Novia Ranch Collection

Walter Jerome lived on a ranch in Zelzah, California, now Northridge, with his wife Helen and his children in the late 1920s and early 1930s. He kept a diary from November 27, 1927 to January 15, 1930, in which he...

War Relocation Authority Collection

The War Relocation Authority (WRA) was created on March 18, 1942, by Executive Order of the President, No. 9102. This new civilian agency was to be responsible for "the relocation (of evacuees) in appropriate places, providing for their needs in...

Ware (Harriet) Collection

The collection consists of a scrapbook by an unknown creator, which contains news clippings, programs and other announcements about Harriet Ware, her music, and her performances. It also includes a phonograph recording and correspondence from Leila Sherman concerning the donation...

Webb (Francis Gilbert) Correspondence Collection

Francis Gilbert Webb (1853-1941) was a well-known English music critic and musicologist writing from the turn of the 19th century until 1932 as 'Lancelot" of . The collection consists of the correspondence files of Mr. Webb and the correspondence of...

Wheat (Carl I.) 'Flush Times in the Diggins' Research Collection

This collection consists of letters, diaries, and other materials compiled by Carl Wheat while researching Captain Leonard W. Noyes, with an introduction and explanatory notes by Wheat.

Wilson (Robert Curtis) Art Collection

Robert Curtis Wilson was an artist, teacher and author who earned his bachelors and masters degrees from San Fernando Valley State College, which later became California State University, Northridge. The collection consists of multiple pen and ink drawings done by...

Wing (Ah) Letter

Ah Wing was a dry goods and grocery merchant in a Placer County, California mining town. He wrote this letter regarding an overdrafted account to Mr. J. Dixon in 1907 on an invoice form for his General Merchandise Store.

Wohlfert (Ethel) Scrapbook Collection

The Ethel Wohlfert Scrapbook Collection consists mostly of correspondence, with some additional news clippings and ephemera from 1938 to 1945. A majority of the correspondence is from Wohlfert’s brother-in-law, Albert Wohlfert, who was a sergeant in the United States Air...

Women Composers Music Manuscripts Collection

This collection includes music manuscripts for works composed by women, including Emma Lou Diemer, Cynthia Clark Brown, Melanie Newton Williams, Catherine Parsons Smith, Therese Radic, and Victoria Twigg.

Wood (Raymund F.) Iskandar al-Magribi and the Memoirs of Cherif Soliman Collection

The collection consists of drafts of , correspondence related to research and publication, and administrative records. It includes a Spanish translation of and a photocopy of the French translation from the Arabic of .

World War II Joke and Humor Collection

The World War II Joke and Humor Collection consists of jokes, poems, rhymes, letters, cartoons, and other humorous materials read by and exchanged between soldiers serving in World War II. Common topics are sex, women, military life, commanding officers, and...

Wylie (Ruth Shaw) Music Scores Collection

Ruth Shaw Wylie was a flautist, pianist, professor, and composer. During her career she composed over 50 pieces of music including ballet, chamber, piano, choral, and orchestral works. The collection consists of working drafts, master sheets, and performance scores of...

Young (Amos C.) Collection

Amos C. Young, a resident of Portland, Maine, was a relative of Civil War Veteran George H. Young. His journals and account book date from 1856-1869. The collection also includes advertising materials.

Young (George H.) Diaries

George H. Young was a US Civil War volunteer, and relative of Amos C. Young. Following the war, he migrated to and settled in Yuba County, California. The diaries he authored document his time fighting in the Civil War, and...

Zeitlin (Josephine ver Brugge) Aldous Huxley Collection

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), a British author best known for his novel , immigrated to the United States in 1937, where he remained until his death. He began working with Jacob Zeitlin shortly after coming to the US, and corresponded with...