Register of the Tone (John Henley) Family Collection, 1900-1995

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Register of the Tone (John Henley) Family Collection, 1900-1995

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Title: Tone (John Henley) Family Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1900-1995
Collection number: Ms34
Extent: 6 linear ft.
Repository: San Joaquin County Museum.
Lodi, CA 95241
Language: English.

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personal name

Benjamin, Theodosia (1905- )
Benjamin family
Tone family
Gibbons, Alice Tone (1906- )
Tone, John Henley (1826-1902)
Kerr, Mary Tone (1912-1940)
Tone, Margaret Donnolly (1907- )

corporate name

Waterloo Cooperative Club (Waterloo, Calif.)
Linden Irrigation District (Calif.)


Programs - California - Stockton
Business records - California - Waterloo
Ranchers - California - Waterloo
Printed ephemera - California - San Joaquin County
Real estate development - California - San Joaquin County
Catholic Church - California - San Joaquin County
Church schools - California - Stockton

geographic name

Waterloo (Calif.) - History - Sources
Waterloo (Calif.) - Social conditions


John Henley Tone (1826-1902) was one of the earliest settlers of San Joaquin County (Calif.). He came overland to California (1849) and within a year had settled on the farm site still occupied by his descendants. Tone farmed wheat, barley and livestock. In 1855 Tone married Alice Walsh (1838-1924) who bore him eight children, of whom seven survived into the twentieth century. The six Tone daughters became Mrs. John T. [Mary] Doyle, Mrs. S.M. [Margaret] Storer of San Pedro, Mrs. F.B. [Catherine]Cluff of New York, Mrs. R.J. [Ella] Benjamin, Mrs. H.J. [Anna] Condit of Stanislaus County (Calif.) and Miss Alice Tone. John Nicholas Tone (1866- ) was the sole male offspring.
John N. Tone, who inherited the family lands, married (1904) Grace Talbot (1873- ). They had six children: Margaret, Alice, John, Mary, Richard and Theodore. Their son, John Harold Tone (1909- ) and his wife Marjory, presently raise Arabian horses on the Jack Tone Ranch.
Alice Tone Gibbons (1906- ), second child of John N. and Grace Talbot Tone, was a long-time amateur historian who published articles on various San Joaquin County topics in the local press. Her most important work was My Pioneer Grandfather, John Henley Tone (1974).
Mary Gene Tone Kerr (1912-1940), fourth child of John Nicholas Tone, was a nurse living in San Francisco. She is represented in this collection by a childhood scrapbook.
Theodosia Benjamin (1905- ), a daughter of R.J. and Ella Tone Benjamin, graduated from St. Agnes College High School, Stockton (1923), then studied art at the University of California, later supporting herself as a secretary in the County Counsel's office for twenty-three years, while painting and writing poetry. Her art work, chiefly representing local scenes, has been exhibited at several venues in San Joaquin County. Her puppet play, "The Gingersnap House," was performed in Sacramento (1971). She belonged to the American Association of University Women, the Stockton Pen Women, the Stockton Art League, the Sierra Club and the Women's Auxiliary of the San Joaquin Pioneers Society.
Margaret Donnolly Tone (1907- ), graduated from St. Agnes College High School (1925). She was the wife of Richard Tone, a son of John N. Tone. Her brother, William Donnolly, apparently attended the same school between 1924 and 1930. Donnolly's wife's name was Mary. His father, also William Donnolly, acquired land in San Joaquin County in 1910.

Scope and Content

Alice Tone Gibbons' papers consist of her published writings. The Theodosia Benjamin papers consist of theater programs, business papers and school books relating to the Benjamin family and the transcript of an interview with Theodosia Benjamin by retired University of the Pacific faculty, Jerry Briscoe (1995). The Tone/Donnolly Family papers consist of biographical materials on John Henley Tone and his descendants; Tone and Donnolly Family schoolwork, scrapbooks, correspondence and business papers; general materials on San Joaquin County (Calif.) and on the Catholic Church in San Joaquin County.





1.1: Theodosia Benjamin interviewed by Jerry Briscoe, 1995 [transcript]


1.2: Theatre programs


a-"The Limited Mail," Avon Theatre, Stockton, n.d. [c1890]


b-Kathrin Hilke, dramatic soprano, n.d. [c1897]


c-"Sousa & his band," T & D Theatre, 12-29-21


d-Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Stockton H.S., 1-22-25 [program & texts sung]


e-"The Gypsy Baron," Stockton H.S., 11-17-44


f-Marian Anderson, Stockton H.S., 2-19-46


g-Iva Kitchell, Stockton H.S., 2-19-48


h-Les Compagnons de la Chanson, Community Concert Assn., 1956


i-Myra Kinch & Co., Community Concert Assn., 1961


j-The Paulist Choristers, n.d.


1.3: Miscellaneous Family Business Papers


a-James U. Castle from Sheriff Thos. Cunningham---rcpt., 6-14-1872


b-J.H. Tone from Austin Bros. Hardware, Stockton---rcpt. , 11-7-1889


c-A.L. Cowell, atty. To Robt. J. Benjamin, 5-9-35 [incl. Env.]


d-A.L. Cowell, atty. To Ella T. Benjamin, 5-9-35 [incl. Env.]


1.4: 19th c. Funeral Programs


a-Geoffrey Tangier Smith, 2-12-1891


b-Thomas Flood, 3-18-1896


1.5: Materials pertaining to Waterloo, Calif.


a-"Stephens Subdivision at Waterloo," n.d. [parcel map; 2 copies]


b-Waterloo Cooperative Club. "Waterloo, California," n.d. [c1907] [7 copies]


c-"Waterloo-Comstock Ridge," n.d. [notebook containing many pp. list of names of local residents; membership list? for Waterloo Cooperative Club]


1.6: Materials pertaining to Linden Irrigation District


a-Letter to "Voters," 9-24-31 [2 l.; 2 copies]


b-Linden Irrigation District proposal, 9-25-31 [incl. Map]


c-? To Linden Land Owners Protective Assn., 193?


d-Ralph G. Houston, Pres. Linden Irrigation Dist. To Electors & Land Owners, 2-12-34 [2 l.; 2 copies]


1.7: Political ephemera


a-San Joaquin War Savings Stamp Committee. "What are you doing?" n.d. [c1942]


b-"Retain Michael N. Canlis, Sheriff," n.d. [c1960; bumper strip]


c-"Re-elect the President," 1972 [Nixon sticker]


1.8: Benjamin Family School Books & Other Printed Matter


a-The Pacific Coast Entertainer 1:10 (4-24-1895)


b-Rice's "Rational Speller," 1908 [belonged to Theodosia's brother, Robert T. Benjamin]


c-"The New England Primer," 1915 [purchased by Theodosia Benjamin at Panama Pacific Exposition, SF]


d-Californians, Inc. "California where life is better," 1925




2.1-"The Jack Tone Shop---Antiques," South Stockton News (1-29-64)


2.2-"My Pioneer Grandfather, John Henley Tone" (1974)


2.3-"My Pioneer Grandfather, John Henley Tone by Alice Tone Gibbons published," North Stockton News (8-21-74)


2.4-"St. Mary's features old foot scrapers," North Stockton News (6-23-76)


2.5-"Who was Mr. Smith?" Country Living (Apr 1983) [early San Joaquin County dairyman, John A. Smith]


2.6-"Tokay Colony School" Country Living (May 1983) [article cut out---DW 11-99]


2.7-"School Days! School Days! School Days!" Pt. 2 Country Living (Jun 1983)


2.8-"School Days! School Days! School Days!" Pt. 3 Country Living (Aug 1983)


2.9-Tone Family Tree


2.10-"One of San Joaquin's pioneers [John Henley Tone] passes away," Stockton Evening Mail (6-12-02)


2.11-"John Tone & the story of Audubon Party's [18]49 journey to California," Stockton Record (7-9-32)


2.12-"Audubon Party members turn to ranching," Stockton Record (8-28-43)


2.13-William J. Rogers. "Jack Tone Story: Adventurous tale of early times," Stockton Record (3-22-56)


2.14-Frances Walling. "The Battle of Waterloo," Stockton Record (1-18-70)


2.15-"Jack Tone: He came to find gold, but he found a home," Stockton Record (n.d.; c1970)


2.16-Debbie Sonniksen. "Family farming & horses...The Jack Tone Story," Country Living (Sept 1982)


2.17-Miscellaneous Tone Family Members


a-"Society" [Jacqueline Jean Tone] Stockton Record (4-11-36)


b-"Plaque honors member of Audubon Party [John Henley Tone]," Stockton Record (12-20-37)


c-"Mrs. Grace Tone interviewed as Linden Centennial celebration starts," Linden Herald (4-27-63; 5-9-63)


d-Herb Stoy. "People at work [Elizabeth Tone]," Stockton Record (1-7-65)


e-"Antique dealer [Richard Tone] milks market," Lodi News-Sentinel (7-8-71)


2.18-Kathleen Tone file


a-"Seven year old member of Tone family [Kathleen Tone] wins tanbark acclaim," Stockton Record (5-9-49)


b-"Kathleen Tone," San Joaquin Valley Rancher (Jun 1950)


2.19-Mary Genevieve Tone Kerr Scrapbook, 1923 [incl captions by MGT; in Tone Family Memorabilia Box]




3.1-Margaret Donnolly valentines, c1915


3.2-Margaret Donnolly schoolwork, 1918-1925


3.3-Margaret Donnolly schoolwork, c1930


3.4-Margaret Donnolly industrial arts workbook, n.d.


3.5-Margaret Donnolly juvenile art work, n.d.


3.6-William Donnolly schoolwork binder, 1924-1930 [chiefly work in penmanship, history & English]


3.7-Wm. Donnolly loose schoolwork, 1924-1930


3.8-Mary Donnolly [wife of William D.] corresp., 1946


3.9-Wm. Donnolly Deed to lot in El Ricardo Terrace, 1923




4.1 USDA. Bureau of Soils. Stockton Sheet (1905) [5 copies]


4.2 Mary H. Lapham & W.W. Mackie. Soil Survey of the Stockton Area, California (1906) [7 copies]


4.3 Calif. State Automobile Assn. Bay & River Districts (n.d.; before Bay Bridge) [3 copies]


4.4 Stockton Rainfall Charts


a-"Rainfall in Stockton since 1849," Stockton Record (1919, 1922, 1930)


b-Stockton Savings & Loan. [Rainfall in Stockton since 1849] (1949)


4.5 Misc. San Joaquin County Maps, 1907-1961


a-"...Subdivision at Waterloo," n.d.; c1907 [portion missing]


b-School Districts map, n.d. c1960 [blackline copy on yellow paper]


c-"Civil Defense Evacuation Route Map," 1961


4.6 Waterloo Cooperative Club. Waterloo, California (n.d., c1907)


4.7 Stockton Business Ephemera, 1910-1940 [7 items, chiefly ads]


4.8 Stockton Social Organizations, 1915-c1930


a-218 2:4 (Sep-Oct 1915) [Stockton Elks]


b-The Loyal Knight 1:8 (Jun 1917) [Stockton Knights of Columbus]


c-By-laws of the San Joaquin Pioneer and Historical Society (n.d., c1930)


4.9 Misc. Stockton Pamphlets, 1914-1931


a-"Stockton's Fight for Freedom," reprint from Los Angeles Times (7-5-14) [circulated by Merchants, Manufacturers & Employers Assn. of Stockton, Calif.]


b-For a Greater Stockton (7-15-14; 11-6-14) [Open Shop advocacy by Merchants, Manufacturers & Employers Assn. of Stockton, Calif.]


c-"Vote YES for the Drugless Practice Act No. 46," 1914


d-The Federation of American Farmers---What is it? What has it accomplished? (1922) [organization founded in Stockton; 2 copies]


e-"Proposed Calaveras River School/Vote YES on Bonds, 12-11-26"


f-"Profitable Channels to ---" (1931) [fund-raising brochure for San Joaquin Pioneer & Historical Society's Haggin Museum]


4.10 Linden High School Publications, 1926-1930


a-Linden Leaves (1926-27 [6]; 1927-28 [4]; 1928-29 [4]) [magazine]


b-Linden Leaves (1927) [yearbook]


c-Linden Weekly (Jun 1930) [newspaper]




5.1 Haydock translation of the Vulgate Bible, 1582-1609. NY: Edward Dunigan, 1859 [lists all family marriages, 1855-1968; family births, 1823-1991]


5.2 Theodore Tone's 1st communion certificate, St. Anne's Church, Stockton, 5-25-24


5.3 Panacea (1929) [St. Joseph's Home & Hospital, Stockton Annual]


5.4 Pioneer California Missionary, Father Junipero Serra, 1937


5.5 Misc. San Joaquin County Catholic Publications


a-The Parish Record 6:3 (Feb 1906) [St. Mary's Parish, Stockton]


b-"St. Michael's Day Festival Program, Sunday, September 25, 1955"


5.6 St. Agnes Academy [College], Stockton Publications, 1920-23


a-The Cauldron (1920-21) [yearbook]


b-The Cauldron (1921-22) [yearbook]


c-The Cauldron [newspaper] (Nov, Dec 1921; May 1923)


d-"St. Agnes College Bluebook," 1926; n.d. [1 used & 1 blank examination book]


5.7 "Washington---Lincoln---Blaine/What they say," n.d. c1880 [pro-Republican Catholic political pamphlet; 2 copies]




6.1 Mary Gene Tone Scrapbook, 1923


6.2 The Polytechnic, Dec 1923 [Polytechnic H.S., San Francisco Yearbook]


6.3 Mary Gene Tone Kerr Scrapbook, 1926-1937


6.4 Mary Tone Kerr Schoolwork [nursing school], 1930-31


6.5 Miscellany


a-S.J. Rodnich from Mary Donnolly---Rcpt. for hay, 6-16-83


b-Easter gift tags, n.d.; c1890 [2]


c-Address book, n.d.; c1890 [brown leather cover]


d-"Compliments of Mr. & Mrs. Reinhart," 9-19-00 [handwritten visiting card]


e-Expenses book, n.d.; c1900 [red cover]


f-fragment of The Leader (8-12-05) [Irish Catholic newspaper; unclear why saved]


g-Peter Musto Sr. death announcement, 1-9-10


h-"Loan your Uncle Sam a quarter...," n.d.; c1917 [handwritten request for funds, WWI]


i-"Come help save Old Glory...," n.d.; c1917 [handwritten request for funds, WWI]


j-Arlene Arnold---St. Joseph's Home & Hospital graduation certificate, 1920


k-Stockton H.S. mechanical drawing exercise, 4-28-27 [pencil; by Montalto Egnozio]


l-31 printed photos of radio stars, n.d. c1928


m-St. Mary's H.S., Stockton [?] Graduation Program, 6-45


n-H. Liebes, San Francisco, 1-6-50 [rcpt. For Eliz. A. Tone's wedding dress]


o-"Jack Tone Antiques" South Stockton News (11-4-64) [adv.]


p-Child's spelling test, n.d. ["W.D. May"]


q-Mother's Day card to "Grandmother" from "Richard & Patty," n.d.


r-Roll of visual word puzzles for children, n.d.


s-"50 + Club Membership Certificate," n.d. [blank]


t-[anonymous oil painting of Jack Tone home], n.d.


u-Butterick Publ. Co. "Letter W, No. 1744," n.d.