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Register of the Randall Chase Gould Papers, 1895-1975.
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Series Description

Box No. 1.

Correspondence, 1927-1959.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
Box No. 2-4.

Subject File, 1898-1966.

Scope and Content Note

Newspaper and magazine clippings, scrapbooks, memorabilia, etc., arranged chronologically or alphabetically by title or subject.
Box No. 5-6.

Speeches and Writings, 1921-1955.

Scope and Content Note

Newspaper columns and articles, magazine articles, miscellaneous drafts, arranged chronologically or alphabetically by title or subject.
Box No. 7-9.

Scrapbooks, 1937-1938.

Scope and Content Note

Newspaper clippings primarily of the bombing of Shanghai, China, in three scrapbooks.


Scope and Content Note

See photo card catalog.

Container List



Box 1.

General, 1937-1950


Unidentified, 1937-1950


Bickel, Karl A., 1927-1950


Carpenter, Alva, C., 1954


Chen, Eugene, 1933-1938


Christian Science Monitor, 1949-1953


Fitch, G. A., 1937


Forman, Harrison, 1951


Fujihashi, Ichiro, 1937


Gannett, Lewis, 1928


Gould, Mr. and Mrs. George, 1943


Grew, Joseph C., 1945


Hornbeck, Stanley K., 1938


Howard, Roy W., 1927


Kuhns, Elinor, 1949


MacMurray, J. V. A., 1928


Mandel, Benjamin, 1954


Marshall, Jim, 1938


Penniston, John B., 1938


Schnacke, Robert H., 1958


Soong, Norman, 1949


Steiner, H. Arthur, 1951


Sun Yat-sen, Mme. (Soong Ching-ling), 1936


Sung I-chung, 1938


Wedemeyer, Lieutenant General Albert C., 1947


SUBJECT FILE, 1898-1966

Box 2.

Associated Press releases, n.d.

Box 3.





Newspaper, magazine clippings, 1919-1951


Scrapbook, 1898-1934




Borodin, Mrs. Michael M., "How I Kept My Health and Cheerful Disposition within the Prison Walls of China through Physical Culture," n.d.


China - Foreign Policy - Japan


China - History - Republic, 1912-1949


Collected memoranda, letters, 1927-1949


Miscellaneous printed matter

Box 4.

"The Occupation of Nanking." Two Accounts by Eye-Witnesses, n.d.


Powell, John W., 1954-1961


Sino-Japanese Conflict, 1937-1945


U.S. - Foreign Relations - China



Box 5.

Newspaper columns, clippings




















Miscellaneous, n.d.

Box 6.

Titled writings, 1921-1955


"Biographical Sketch of General Chiang Kai-shek," typewritten with handwritten insertions. 1 page


Book reviews, carbon and typewritten copies of book reviews by Randall Gould for the Christian Science Monitor, 1950-1953


"Captives of the Mikado," Far Eastern Survey, June 1, 1942. 2 printed copies. 4 pages


"Changing Japan," n.d. Printed copy. 2 pages


"A Chinese Warlord," The Nation, June 29, 1927. Printed copy. 1 page


"Civil War in China is Not Surprising," The China Digest, October 23, 1926. Printed copy. 1 page


"Colors Change in China," n.d. Printed copy. 5 pages


"Covering the War," Leica Photography, December, 1937. Printed copy. 2 pages


"Editor Mellen Creates a Story," August 30, 1921. Printed copy of editorial. 1 page


"The Foreign Mentality in China," T'ien Hsia Monthly, n.d. Printed copy. 14 pages


"Foreign Views on General Chiang," The China Critic, November 5, 1936. Printed copy. 2 pages


"A Foreigner Looks at the New Life Movement," T'ien Hsia Monthly, n.d. Printed copy. 8 pages


"The Future of Shanghai," The China Critic, January 27, 1938. Printed copy. 2 pages


"Glimpses Across the Pacific," The China Critic, December 12, 1935. Printed copy. 2 pages


"Gould Comes Through with 'Scoop,'" The Shanghai Spectator, February 23, 1933. Printed copy. 1 page


"If You Fight You May Get Hit," unpublished report, 1949. Carbon of typewritten manuscript and photocopy. 68 pages


"Madame Sun Yat-sen Keeps Faith," The Nation, n.d. Printed copy. 2 pages


"Mayor Wu and Shanghai," The China Critic, April 8, 1937. Printed copy. 2 pages


Memo on References of Randall Gould, 1950. 2 typewritten copies. 3 pages


"Newspapers in China," The Chinese Nation, June 18, 1930. 2 printed copies. 2 pages


"An Open Letter to Lin Yutang," The China Critic, December 19, 1935. Printed copy. 3 pages. (With clipping of newspaper reply from Lin Yutang)


"An Open Letter to Our Readers," n.d. Carbon of editorial, 1 page


"Planned, Not Pork-Barrel, Expenditure," The China Critic, October 5, 1933. Printed copy. 2 pages


"Private Enterprise in Postwar China," China Trade News, January, 1945. Printed copy. 3 pages


"Recruits Drifting in Add to China Staffs, Editor & Publisher, October 16, 1937. Printed copy. 1 page


"Shanghai's Economic Anxieties," The China Critic, May 5, 1938. Printed copy. 2 pages


"Sian Background," n.d. Printed copy. 2 pages


"A Trip to the War Zone," The Chinese Nation, July 16, 1930. Printed copy. 3 pages


"What Happens to Press When Commies Come," Editor & Publisher, January 6, 1951. Printed copy. 1 page


"When the Reds Came," Pen, January, 1955. Printed copy. 4 pages


"Why Yenching Has Succeeded," Peking News, June 22, 1927. Printed copy. 2 pages


Untitled drafts and articles






Miscellaneous, n.d.


SCRAPBOOKS, 1937-1938

Box 7-9.




Box A-V

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