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Register of the Lampson (Robin) Collection, 1868-1975

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Title: Lampson (Robin) Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1868-1975
Collection number: Mss56
Creator: Robin Lampson
Extent: 3.5 linear ft.
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personal name

Lampson, Robin (1900-1978)
Lampson, Margaret Fraser
Sharon, Sarah Althea Hill (1853-1937)
Sharon, William (1821-1885)
Terry, David Smith (1823-1889)
Gorgas, William Crawford (1854-1920)
Hewes, David (1822-1915)
Olmsted, Frederick Law (1822-1903)
London, Jack (1876-1916)

corporate name

University of California, Berkeley -Curriculum


Poets, American -California -Berkeley
Gold mines and mining -Poetry
Yellow fever -Poetry
California -Poetry
Historical poetry, American -California


Robin Lampson (1900-1978) is best remembered for his verse novels, "Laughter out of the ground" (1936)--an epic of the California Gold Rush--and "Death loses a pair of wings" (1939)--the tale of Dr. William Gorgas' victory over yellow fever. In the years immediately following World War I, Lampson studied English and Russian at Stanford University. In 1922 he was sent to Russia with the American Relief Administration. There he administered the distribution of food relief in the vicinity of Tashkent for about two years. Following his return to the United States, Lampson worked at a variety of jobs, eventually returning to college at the University of California, where he received an A.B. degree in 1932. From this date, his poetry began appearing with some frequency in literary journals. As a poet, Lampson was a neo-classicist, preferring rhyming sonnet structures to free verse. He invented a sonnet type that borrowed rhyme-schemes from Renaissance Italian terza rima.
Following the publication of his best-selling "Laughter out of the ground," Lampson wrote literary criticism and produced radio programs for San Francisco Bay area outlets. He also became an adjunct English instructor at the University of California (1937-1941). During these years he researched and wrote most of his extended works on themes drawn from California history, including The Mending of a Continent (1937) and San Francisco Souvenir (1938). He seems to have contemplated a work on the William Sharon-Althea Hill relationship, although no such poem was ever completed. Beginning in the 1930s Lampson also operated a stamp shop in Richmond, California.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of: drafts of works; literary reviews, by and about Robin Lampson; clippings describing Lampson's activities; bulletins & hand-outs describing his teaching activities; professional and personal correspondence; research materials on Sharon-Hill, Frederick Law Olmsted and the landscaping of the University of California, the Golden Spike, Jack London and yellow fever; as well as photographs, some business papers and memorabilia.

Container List




1.1-Miscellaneous clippings about Lampson's activities (1934-41)


a- "Relics Will Be Shown at Mills", Oakland Tribune (3-1-34) [William Morris]


b-"Robin Lampson Visits Sacramento" Pacific Bindery Talk 8:5 (1-36)


c-"Poet to tell of argonauts Monday night," The Daily Californian (7-10-36)


d-"Fan-about-town," SF Chronicle (8-4-36)


e-"Peninsula Art Notes," Burlingame Advance-Star (11-28-36)


f-"Fall Occident to appear today," Daily Californian (12-3-36)


g-"Lampson Contracts To Write New Novel", Carmel Pine Cone (1-22-37)


h-"Lampson Lectures", SF News (1-26-37)


i-"Robin Lampson busy," San Jose Mercury-Herald (2-14-37)


j-"Poets Publish Verse", Berkeley Gazette (4-15-37)


k-"Robin Lampson to lecture on material in unpublished book," Daily Californian (7- 9-37)


l-"Local notes," Oakland Post-Enquirer (7-10-37)


m-"Author to set lecture," Alameda Times-Star (7-12-37)


n-"Robin Lampson to lecture on campus," Berkeley Gazette (7-12-37)


o-"Robin Lampson to read poems at UC," SF Examiner (7-12-37)


p-"Poet will talk on new book," Daily Californian (7-13-37)


q-"Robin Lampson at U.C. Hall," SF Examiner (7-14-37)


r-"Noted writer in Wheeler lecture," Daily Californian (7-23-37)


s-"Berkeley poet finds east lures & claims Bay talent,"Oakland Tribune (9-11-37)


t-"Old West lives again...," Oakland Tribune (11-28-37)


u-"Robin Lampson wins new poetry honors", Berkeley Gazette (1-6-39)


v-"School For Poets Now Offered", Berkeley Record (1-6-39)


w-"Poem by Lampson Wins Recognition", Oakland Tribune (1-9-39)


x-"Book-and-Author Gossip:", SF Chronicle (1-10-39)


y-"Berkeley Poet Gets National Recognition", SF Mission Enterprise (1-13-39)


z-[Lampson appearance announcement], Berkeley Courier (1-14-39)


aa-[same as previous] Albany, Calif. Enterprise (1-19-39)


bb-"Out of Print", The Carmel Cymbal (12-8-39) [2 items,incl. photo]


cc-"So Many Books!" Oakland Tribune (7-24-41)


1.2-"THE QUESTION MARK COLUMN" THE INDEPENDENT [Richmond, Calif.] (1969) [15 contributions by and references to Robin Lampson]




a-"A Pioneer of Calaveras Co.," Mother Lode Magnet (5-31-11) [obit. of RL's grandfather]


b-"Born Free-Lion cub's journey," SF Chronicle (4-8-66)


c-"To have lived in vain...," The Almanac (10-21-66)


d-"A man to remember," [John Steinbeck] SF Chronicle (1-5-69)


e-"Local Plan to Stop Flood Havoc Is Advanced", The Independent (4-16-69)


f-"In Yosemite Valley It's Suddenly 1970," SF Chronicle (5-11-69)


g-"Robin Lampson Speaker For Soroptimists", The Independent (10-7-69)


h-"48th annual dinner draws 160 poets" Independent-Gazette (3-21-74)




a-"At Russ Whitings"


b-"Robin Lampson Oct. 17, 1970, Coolbrith Banquet; readings from Death Loses A pair of Wings"




d-"Robin Lampson & M.F.L. [Margaret Fraser Lampson, his wife] talking and reading"


e-"Special talk about Judah in California and yellow fever at Columbia and U.O.P in 1971"


f-"'The Man Who Gave the Golden Spike'," written and recorded by Robin Lampson, plus a tribute to D. Hewes by Jim Sleeper


g-"Backstage of a Biography by Robin Lampson, plus recording of Death loses a pair of wings"


h-"Robin Lampson reading 'A Casual Stroll on Telegraph Hill', plus New Vistas article on opening of Silverado Museum in St. Helena"


i-"Poems by Margaret Fraser Lampson, read by her on December 14, 1970"


j-"M.F.L.- one"


k-"M.F.L's poems, August 24, 1971"




a-envelope addressed to Miss Faith Fraser of Hewitt Hall, Barnard College, N.Y. [sister-in-law to Lampson includes: newsclippings; "Grades of Intelligence" by Mary A. Holt and "Why the Bostonian Lost Out" by Denis A. McCarthy (1927)]


b-University of California, Phi Beta Kappa Annual Public Address [poster]


c-Tom Hood. The Rhymester (1905). [RL copy a gift of H.K. Cummings, to whom he later dedicated sonnets]


d-San Francisco Souvenir letter by RL, n.d. [probably 1938]


e-list of lecture topics, n.d. [late 1930s]


f-Robin Lampson education and experience sketch, n.d. [c1940]


g-RL Letterhead


h-Leaflet on East Bay Collectors Club [postage stamps]


i-Laughter out of the ground [publisher's cover design]


j-Gleeson Library "Nuremberg Chronicles" exhibit program


k-handwritten "Why I Collect Stamps" by RL written on New York Delta, Phi Beta Kappa invitation to initiation of Dwight David Eisenhower


l-Notice for Estate hearing requested by Everett Lampson, brother of Robin, for estate of Augustus Lampson, 11-24-61




2a.1-MANUSCRIPTS: "Sonnets to Cummings" (1916-19) [9x7 binder]


2a.2-MANUSCRIPTS: Sonnets (1916-19); Notes, jottings, fragments (1933-34) [9x7 binder]


2a.3-MANUSCRIPTS:"Sonnets to F.T.R." [Frances Teresa Russell] (1921, 31)


2a.4-MANUSCRIPTS: Terza rima sonnets (1931-33) [9x7 binder]


a-"Conscious of Mortality"




c-"How Long the Sunlight"


d-"The Truth About Beauty"


e-"To English Poetry"


f-"To a Famous Man Dying"


g-"On Consciousness I & II"


h-"Outraged Hand"


i-"Maxim Gorky Loves the Sun"


j-"Prayer For a Song I & II"


k-"Only the Happy"


l-"No Night Annuls"


m-"A Woman Protests"


n-Sonnets To Margaret [6]




2a.5-MANUSCRIPTS:"Submissions to magazines" (1917-39) [9x7 binder]


2a.6-MANUSCRIPTS:"Two poems from 'Death loses a pair of wings'": "Night Is No Haven" and "Bitter, Sunlight and Earth";"Prologue from pt. 5 of Laughter out of the ground"


2a.7-MANUSCRIPTS:"Julia Altrocchi"


a-two 3"x4" photographs of Robin Lampson


b-tribute to Julia Cooley Altrocchi, written by Robin Lampson; read at UOP Institute and Writers Conference Luncheon, April 7, 1973


2a.8-PUBLISHED POETRY: author's copy of "The Mending of a Continent"


2a.9-PUBLISHED POETRY:"After the Prickings and Half-Hurts", Prologue part 5 of "Laughter out of the Ground"; "Redirect to D.J. Hall's Response to Lampson on 'Macbeth's Response'"


2a.10-PUBLISHED POETRY:"When I behold a clock that tells the time..." Kaleidograph (11-32)


2a.11-PUBLISHED POETRY:"The sail" [tr. from Lermontov] Westward (8-33)


2a.12-PUBLISHED POETRY:"The Mending of a continent" [author's special illuminated copy]


2a.13-PUBLISHED POETRY:"The mending of a continent," Best poems of 1937


2a.14-PUBLISHED POETRY:"Sometimes I envy the blind," Best poems of 1938


2a.15-PUBLISHED POETRY:"Before Balboa," The North America Book of Verse, v. 3 (1939)


2a.16-PUBLISHED POETRY:"To keep our scorn immortal," The North America Book of Verse,v.3 (1939)


2a.17-PUBLISHED POETRY:"How long the sunlight," The Theosophical Forum (5-47)


2a.18-PUBLISHED: San Francisco Souvenir by Robin Lampson (1938)


2a.19-PUBLISHED: On Reaching Sixteen and Other Verses by M. Robbins Lampson (1916)


2a.20-PUBLISHED: A Song of Pindar in Hades by Robin Lampson (1935) large format (stored with oversize collections)




2b.1-ESSAYS & CRITICISM:"Poetic grist," Westward 3:1 (Aug 1933)


2b.2-ESSAYS & CRITICISM:"The myth of only one true sonata form," Fantasy (1936)


2b.3-ESSAYS & CRITICISM:"A writer's view," Oakland Tribune (11-4-38)


2b.4-ESSAYS & CRITICISM:"The Lyre Versus The Opinion Mill" California Monthly (11-41)


2b.5-ESSAYS & CRITICISM:"Could it have been called Shakespeare's hoist with his own petard?," CEA Critic 36 (3-74)


2b.6-REVIEWS:"POETIC VIEWPOINT," [Robin Lampson, editor/critic] BERKELEY COURIER (1933-1935)


a-(4-26-33) [5 reviews, incl.: Tennyson; Mildred Anderson; Nell Wilson]]


b-(5-10-33) [5 reviews, incl.: Claire Thomson; Jo Woodfin; Kate Archer; Rosalie Moore & Helen Lehman]


c-(8-2-33) [5 reviews, incl.: Thomas Vaughan; Winifred Stewart; Arthur Merrill; Dora Hagemeyer; Lori Petri]


d-(9-1-34) [6 reviews, incl.: Anne Hamilton; Carl Burklund; Donald Paquette; Charles Ballard; Mabel Mays]


e-(9-8-34) [4 reviews, incl.: William Leonard; Raymond Kresensky; Lawrence Harper]


f-(9-15-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Mabel Mays; Ellen Campbell; Douglas Branch; Frost; Chaucer]


g-(9-22-34) [6 reviews, incl.: Martha Weiss; Joyce Hoeft; RL; Florence Hult]


h-(9-29-34) [4 reviews, incl.: Constance Lewis]


i-(10-6-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Stanley Blackpool; Lew Sarett; Keith Thomas; Winifred Stewart]


j-(10-13-34) [7 reviews, incl.: Don Blanding; Louise Barber; Charles Malam; Paul Engle]


k-(10-20-34) [2 reviews, incl.: Jeffers; Derrick Lehmer]


l-(10-27-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Tessa Webb; Maria Lorenzini; Elsa Gidlow


m-(11-10-34) [1 review]


n-(11-17-34) [5 reviews, incl: Kate Archer; Strickland Gilliland; Vachel Lindsay]


o-(11-24-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Mabel Mayers]


p-(12-1-34) [1 review, incl.: John Keats]


q-(12-8-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Tessa Webb; Mary Provines; Arthur Price; Pearl Mayefsky]


r-(12-15-34 ) [3 reviews, incl.: Virginia Ferguson; Walter Kidd]


s-(12-22-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Harriet Monroe; Thomas Tusser; Shakespeare; Scott; Tennyson; Clement C. Moore; Thomas Chubb; RL]


t-(12-29-34) [4 reviews, incl.: Edna Millay; Paul Engle; Keith Thomas]


u-(1-5-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Loverne Wilson; Raymond Larsson; Nora Mahon]


v-(1-12-35) [3 reviews, incl.: RL on terza rima]


w-(1-19-35) [5 reviews, incl.: Wilder Bentley; Harriet Monroe; Maxine Wilson; Georgia Lockwood]


x-(1-24-35) [6 reviews, incl.: Bonaro Overstreet; Edna Yelland]


y-(2-2-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Jeffers; Stevens]


z-(2-9-35) [8 reviews, incl.: Grace Minard; Helen Hunter; Nora Mahon; Leon Richardson; Mabel Mays]


aa-(2-16-35) [6 reviews, incl.: Claude McKay; Marie Welch]


bb-(2-23-35) [6 reviews, incl.: RL; Derrick Lehmer]


cc-(3-2-35) [4 reviews, incl.: RL; Eunice Lehmer; Arthur Price; Carol Egland]


dd-(3-9-35) [5 reviews, incl.: Edna Yelland; Gretchen Van Rumble]


ee-(3-30-35) [6 reviews, incl.: Wilder Bentley, RL]


ff-(4-6-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Claire Thomson]


gg-(4-13-35) [1 review on terza rima]


hh-(4-20-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Marie Welch; Ruth De Menezes]


ii-(6-8-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Margaret Trusler; Yetza Gillespie]


jj-(6-15-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Mary Arden; Ernest Hemingway; RL]


kk-(6-29-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Noboru Itamura; Arthur Price; Margaret Fraser]


ll-(7-6-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Noboru Itamura; Margaret Fraser; RL]


mm-(7-13-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Genevieve Taggard; RL]


nn-(7-20-35) [5 reviews, incl.: Chard Smith; Russell Loines; Dorothy Bennett]


00-(8-3-35) [2 reviews, incl.: Katherine Chapin; Kenneth Robinson]


pp-(8-10-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Margaret Fraser; David Greenhood; Laura Everett]


qq-(8-17-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Benjamin Musser; Margaret Trusler]


rr-(8-24-35) [2 reviews, incl.: W.R. Benet; Ted Olson]


ss-(8-31-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Yeats; Lori Petri; RL]


tt-(9-7-35) [5 reviews, incl.: Bonard Overstreet; Alex Schmidt; RL]


uu-(9-14-35) [2 reviews, incl.: Charles Malam; RL]


vv-(9-21-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Beulah May]


ww-(9-28-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Stanley Ferber; Janet Calhoun; I.E. Nelson; RL]


xx-(10-5-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Sir Wm. Watson; Margaret Fraser]


yy-(10-12-35) [3 reviews, incl.: RL]


zz-(10-19-35) [5 reviews, incl.: Tom Bair; Beulah May]


2b.7-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Charles Scribner's Sons. "Laughter out of the ground," Scribner's Fall Books, 1935


2b.8-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Dorothy Fraser. "Laughter out of the ground," The Occident (1935)


2b.9-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Constance D. Lewis. "Laughter out of the ground," Shards (1936)


2b.10-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Bonaro W. Overstreet. "More music than gold," Voices 84 (Winter 1936)


2b.11-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Charles Scribner's Sons. "Death loses a pair of wings," Scribner Fall Book List, 1939


2b.12-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Anne Hamilton. The Seven Principles of Poetry (1940)


2b.13-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Edward Shipsey. "Death loses a pair of wings," The Owl (Feb 1940)


2b.14-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: T.D.A. Cockerell. "Death loses a pair of wings," Bios 11:1 (3-40)


2b.15-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Franz Schneider. Students examine their professors (ed. 1939; ed. 1967)




3.1-Corresp. w/ Frances Theresa Russell, Stanford U. (4-18-21)


3.2-Corresp. w/ Ernest Tu (1927-35) [3 items; 5 photos of ET]


3.3-Corresp. re Tungsten stock (1927-28)


a-Mrs. Myrle R. Lampson from J.G. Clark, 10-1-27


b-Stockholders of Tungsten Production Co. from Independent Securities Exchange, 9-1-27


c-Myrle R. Lampson from J.G. Clark, president of Tungsten Production Company, Inc., 12-27


d-To "friend" from Independent Securities Exchange, 8-2-28


e-Myrle R. Lampson from Independent Securities Exchange, 5-9-29


3.4-Corresp. w/ Marie de L. Welch (1934-35) [1 letter; 2 poems]


3.5-Corresp. w/ S.A. Coblentz, ed. of Wings (1935-37) [2 items]


3.6-Corresp. w/ Jake Zeitlin, bookstore, Los Angeles (1935-39) [5 items]


3.7-Corresp. w/ "Who's Who in America" (1936) [3 items]


3.8-Corresp. w/ UC Dean of Summer Sessions (1936-37) [8 items]


3.9-Corresp. w/ University of Buffalo (1937-39) [6 items]


3.10-Corresp. w/ Alexander G. Weygens, printer (1937) [1 item]


3.11-Corresp. w/ Esther Travaglio (1937-39) [4 items]


3.12-Corresp. w/ Phyllis Wrightson & Bernard Zakheim (1938)


a-Phyllis Wrightson, 4-26-38


b-Bernard Zakheim and Phyllis Wrightson, "Tolland Hall frescoes UC Med School," 1938


3.13-Corresp. w/ Esther Whitson Cope (1939) [2 items]


3.14-Misc. corresp., 1930s


a-"Margaret," 8-1-32


b-Gilbert von Klatt, 12-13-35


c-Charles Scribners Sons, 12-15-35 [Telegram re "copies of Laughter to be autographed for the Carl K Wilson store, Fresno"]


d-Adele Levi, 5-6-37 [in appreciation of his "epic poem"]


e-Lawrence Lee, Charlottesville, Virginia, 6-3-37


f-Harold Vinal, 8-9-37 [re Voices review of RL work]


g-M.D. promoting a "No" vote on Prop. 2, "State Humane Pound Act," 10-3-38


h-Mira Maclay, California Arts & Architecture, 6-5-39


3.15-Misc. corresp., 1940s


a-"Concerning Black Mack & Black Mack, an Advertisement of a Semi-Private Press" 7-19-40 (answ. 1/3/41)


b-Madeline Elder, 4-22-40


c-Hagemeyer, 8-28-40


3.16-Misc. Corresp., 1960s


a-Val Gielgud, Sussex England, 8-3-68


b-"Chick," 7-24-69 [contributions to "Question Mark Column"]


c-RL positive response re pro-govt. editorial on anti-Vietnam protests, n.d. [1965-70]


3.17-Lampson's Stamp Shop, Richmond CA--Account Book (1960s)




4.1-Western Writers Congress, San Francisco (1936-37) [10 items]


4.2-Correspondence (1936-1940)


a-Bernice Hubbard, Executive Secretary, Class Department, 6-15-36


b-Boyd B. Rakestraw, Asst. Dir. UC Extension, 4-29-39


c-Lou Richardson, student, 5-26-40


d-Bernice Hubbard, 2-1-40


e-Bernice Hubbard, 2-16-40


4.3-Clippings (1936-1940) [58 items; chiefly re RL at UC Extension]


4.4-UC Extension Course Materials , 1936-37 [3 items] [brochures; course descriptions, etc.]


4.5-UC Extension Course Materials , 1937-38 [6 items] [brochures; Verse Writing course descriptions; pay stubs, etc.]


4.6- UC Extension Course Materials , 1938-39 [13 items] [brochures; Verse Writing course descriptions; salary records, etc.]


4.7- UC Extension Course Materials , 1939-40 [13 items] [brochures; Verse Writing course descriptions; salary records, etc.]


4.8- UC Extension Course Materials , 1940-41 [8 items] [brochures; Verse Writing & Early Calif. Writers course descriptions; salary records, etc.]


4.9-Robin Lampson autograph


4.10-drawing of "John Carr Blacksmith" shop






a-Robin Lampson to Dr. R. Coke Wood, Director of Calif. History Foundation at UOP; explaining general contents of the collection.


b-"Confessional" of Mrs. Sarah Mitchell written on Hotel St. Nicholas stationary, San Francisco [12 pp.; photocopy]


c-Seven pages of correspondence between Mrs. Mitchell and "Charlie" [photocopy]




a- Robin Lampson to Dr. R. Coke Wood


b- two envelopes -- one addressed to Mrs. Mitchell and another addressed to Mrs. Mitchell (letters from Livingston); description cards of envelopes and main characters and general description of events


c-"Confessional" from Mrs. Mitchell [12 pp.]


d-Sallie from Charlie, 6-7-1887


e- Do., 6-14-87


f- Do., December 1, 1888


g- Do., December 7, 1888


h- two photo copies of above letter


i- Sallie from Charlie, October 11, 1889


j- two photo copies of above letter


k- Sallie from Charlie, August 11, 1890


l- single photo copy of above letter




a- Sallie from Charlie, June 20, 1887


b- Sallie from Charlie, June 22, 1887


c- Martha from Livingston, June 25, 1887


d- Mrs. Mitchell from Livingston, December 5, 1888 [telegram; photocopy included in introductory letter from Robin Lampson, above]


e- Mrs. Mitchell from Livingston, December 10, 1888 [telegram; photocopy included in introductory letter from Robin Lampson, above]


f- Sallie from Livingston, October 3, 1889


g- Sallie from Livingston, October 8, 1889


h- Sallie from Livingston, October 9, 1889


i- Sallie from Livingston, October 12, 1889


j- Sallie from Livingston, October 14, 1889


k- Sallie from Livingston, October 15, 1889


l- Sallie from Livingston, October 18, 1889


m- Sallie from Livingston, October 19, 1889


n- Sallie from Livingston, October 22, 1889


o- Sallie from Livingston, October 23, 1889


p- Sallie from Livingston, two letters, no date


q- Sallie from Livingston, July 2, 1890


r- Sallie from Livingston, December 28, 188?


s- Sallie from Livingston, October 26, 1889


t- Sallie from Livingston, October 23, 1889




a-"Judge Terry's Widow Dies At Age of 86," February 16, 1937 [photocopy]


b-"The Sharon Contract Case," S.F. Evening Bulletin (September 28, 1885) [photocopy]


c-"An Outgrowth of the Sharon Case," S.F. Evening Bulletin (October 5, 1885) [photocopy]


d- "The Sharon-Hill Case," S.F. Evening Bulletin (Sept. 29, 1885) [photocopy]


e- "Ex-Senator Sharon," S.F. Bulletin (November 6, 1885) [photocopy]


f- Sallie from Charlie, Sunday, ? 1888


g- Sallie from Charlie, July 6, 1890


h- Sallie from Charlie, August 9, 1890


i- Sallie from Charlie, August 12, 1890


j- Sallie from Charlie, August 15, 1890


k- Sallie from Charlie, August 18, 1890


l- Sallie from Charlie, August 26, 1890


m-Piper analysis of Sharon-Hill Holographs


5.5-Frederick Law Olmsted & UC Landscaping: 26 pages of 3 checks each; establishing funds for University of California at Berkeley


5.6-Golden Spike:Photograph of "The Last Spike"


5.7-Golden Spike:"Coke - KOVR"


5.8-Golden Spike:Golden Spike Centennial Celebration--official program Tickets and general information


5.9-Golden Spike:Golden Spike Centennial Celebration Commission


a-Golden Spike Centennial welcoming letter, invitation and reservation card


b-Golden Spike Centennial response to RSVP and thanks for attending


c-The Independent; Owens Publications identifying Robin Lampson


d-Southern Pacific Bulletin May 1940


e-New Vistas, Weekend Magazine, Berkeley Gazette (3/14/70)


f-"The Question mark column," The Independent (8-19-69)


g-"Strange Story of Missing Golden Spike" by Robin Lampson, The Independent (6-4-69)


h-Hansen Planetarium brochure


i-"100 years ago, the last spikes were driven and a continent was joined -- but not without some last-minute hitches", Stanford Observer (4-69)


j-"Old engines to join gold spike centennial", Palo Alto Times (3-20-69)


k-"Historic Document of Famed Railroad Event Is Owned By Berkeley Woman", Oakland Tribune (12-22-37)


l-"Yankee Know-How Wins Again", SF Chronicle (5-18-69)


m-"It's Begun: Week of the Golden Spike", SF Chronicle (5-4-69)


n-"National Historic Site: Ground-breaking", Southern Pacific Bulletin (8-68)


5.10-Golden Spike: Celebration, San Francisco


a-Welcome letter to the "Wedding of the Rails"; including name tags for Mr. & Mrs. Robin Lampson


b-Map of the San Francisco waterfront


c-"The Last Spike is Driven", National Golden SpikeCommission Official Publication, Winter 1969, Volume 37, Number 1


5.11- Golden Spike: "David Hewes Material"


a-Southern Pacific Bulletin (May 1940)


b-photograph of David Hewes


c-Goldsmith bill to David Hewes




6.1-Jack London : "London Collection"


a-"The Question Mark" The Independent (11-17-1969)


b-"UOP Acquires Full Works of Jack London," Sacramento Bee (12-8-1971)


c-"Collection of Jack London Books Presented to UOP", Stockton Record (12-14- 1971)


d-9 page handwritten list of Jack London collection


e-"What's New About London, Jack?", Jack London (1876-1916) [incl. Jackson High School Program for play Gold]


f-October 7, 1975 letter to Lampson from David H. Schlottmann


g-Note to Fred Lockley from Jack London w/ photograph [photocopy]


6.2-Yellow Fever : Robin Lampson. "Backstage of a Biography" [Wm. C. Gorgas] California Monthly (9-39)


6.3-Yellow Fever : R.L. Hughes, MD. "The Great destroyers" (1915).


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