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Register of the Lampson (Robin) Collection, 1868-1975
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1.1-Miscellaneous clippings about Lampson's activities (1934-41)


a- "Relics Will Be Shown at Mills", Oakland Tribune (3-1-34) [William Morris]


b-"Robin Lampson Visits Sacramento" Pacific Bindery Talk 8:5 (1-36)


c-"Poet to tell of argonauts Monday night," The Daily Californian (7-10-36)


d-"Fan-about-town," SF Chronicle (8-4-36)


e-"Peninsula Art Notes," Burlingame Advance-Star (11-28-36)


f-"Fall Occident to appear today," Daily Californian (12-3-36)


g-"Lampson Contracts To Write New Novel", Carmel Pine Cone (1-22-37)


h-"Lampson Lectures", SF News (1-26-37)


i-"Robin Lampson busy," San Jose Mercury-Herald (2-14-37)


j-"Poets Publish Verse", Berkeley Gazette (4-15-37)


k-"Robin Lampson to lecture on material in unpublished book," Daily Californian (7- 9-37)


l-"Local notes," Oakland Post-Enquirer (7-10-37)


m-"Author to set lecture," Alameda Times-Star (7-12-37)


n-"Robin Lampson to lecture on campus," Berkeley Gazette (7-12-37)


o-"Robin Lampson to read poems at UC," SF Examiner (7-12-37)


p-"Poet will talk on new book," Daily Californian (7-13-37)


q-"Robin Lampson at U.C. Hall," SF Examiner (7-14-37)


r-"Noted writer in Wheeler lecture," Daily Californian (7-23-37)


s-"Berkeley poet finds east lures & claims Bay talent,"Oakland Tribune (9-11-37)


t-"Old West lives again...," Oakland Tribune (11-28-37)


u-"Robin Lampson wins new poetry honors", Berkeley Gazette (1-6-39)


v-"School For Poets Now Offered", Berkeley Record (1-6-39)


w-"Poem by Lampson Wins Recognition", Oakland Tribune (1-9-39)


x-"Book-and-Author Gossip:", SF Chronicle (1-10-39)


y-"Berkeley Poet Gets National Recognition", SF Mission Enterprise (1-13-39)


z-[Lampson appearance announcement], Berkeley Courier (1-14-39)


aa-[same as previous] Albany, Calif. Enterprise (1-19-39)


bb-"Out of Print", The Carmel Cymbal (12-8-39) [2 items,incl. photo]


cc-"So Many Books!" Oakland Tribune (7-24-41)


1.2-"THE QUESTION MARK COLUMN" THE INDEPENDENT [Richmond, Calif.] (1969) [15 contributions by and references to Robin Lampson]




a-"A Pioneer of Calaveras Co.," Mother Lode Magnet (5-31-11) [obit. of RL's grandfather]


b-"Born Free-Lion cub's journey," SF Chronicle (4-8-66)


c-"To have lived in vain...," The Almanac (10-21-66)


d-"A man to remember," [John Steinbeck] SF Chronicle (1-5-69)


e-"Local Plan to Stop Flood Havoc Is Advanced", The Independent (4-16-69)


f-"In Yosemite Valley It's Suddenly 1970," SF Chronicle (5-11-69)


g-"Robin Lampson Speaker For Soroptimists", The Independent (10-7-69)


h-"48th annual dinner draws 160 poets" Independent-Gazette (3-21-74)




a-"At Russ Whitings"


b-"Robin Lampson Oct. 17, 1970, Coolbrith Banquet; readings from Death Loses A pair of Wings"




d-"Robin Lampson & M.F.L. [Margaret Fraser Lampson, his wife] talking and reading"


e-"Special talk about Judah in California and yellow fever at Columbia and U.O.P in 1971"


f-"'The Man Who Gave the Golden Spike'," written and recorded by Robin Lampson, plus a tribute to D. Hewes by Jim Sleeper


g-"Backstage of a Biography by Robin Lampson, plus recording of Death loses a pair of wings"


h-"Robin Lampson reading 'A Casual Stroll on Telegraph Hill', plus New Vistas article on opening of Silverado Museum in St. Helena"


i-"Poems by Margaret Fraser Lampson, read by her on December 14, 1970"


j-"M.F.L.- one"


k-"M.F.L's poems, August 24, 1971"




a-envelope addressed to Miss Faith Fraser of Hewitt Hall, Barnard College, N.Y. [sister-in-law to Lampson includes: newsclippings; "Grades of Intelligence" by Mary A. Holt and "Why the Bostonian Lost Out" by Denis A. McCarthy (1927)]


b-University of California, Phi Beta Kappa Annual Public Address [poster]


c-Tom Hood. The Rhymester (1905). [RL copy a gift of H.K. Cummings, to whom he later dedicated sonnets]


d-San Francisco Souvenir letter by RL, n.d. [probably 1938]


e-list of lecture topics, n.d. [late 1930s]


f-Robin Lampson education and experience sketch, n.d. [c1940]


g-RL Letterhead


h-Leaflet on East Bay Collectors Club [postage stamps]


i-Laughter out of the ground [publisher's cover design]


j-Gleeson Library "Nuremberg Chronicles" exhibit program


k-handwritten "Why I Collect Stamps" by RL written on New York Delta, Phi Beta Kappa invitation to initiation of Dwight David Eisenhower


l-Notice for Estate hearing requested by Everett Lampson, brother of Robin, for estate of Augustus Lampson, 11-24-61




2a.1-MANUSCRIPTS: "Sonnets to Cummings" (1916-19) [9x7 binder]


2a.2-MANUSCRIPTS: Sonnets (1916-19); Notes, jottings, fragments (1933-34) [9x7 binder]


2a.3-MANUSCRIPTS:"Sonnets to F.T.R." [Frances Teresa Russell] (1921, 31)


2a.4-MANUSCRIPTS: Terza rima sonnets (1931-33) [9x7 binder]


a-"Conscious of Mortality"




c-"How Long the Sunlight"


d-"The Truth About Beauty"


e-"To English Poetry"


f-"To a Famous Man Dying"


g-"On Consciousness I & II"


h-"Outraged Hand"


i-"Maxim Gorky Loves the Sun"


j-"Prayer For a Song I & II"


k-"Only the Happy"


l-"No Night Annuls"


m-"A Woman Protests"


n-Sonnets To Margaret [6]




2a.5-MANUSCRIPTS:"Submissions to magazines" (1917-39) [9x7 binder]


2a.6-MANUSCRIPTS:"Two poems from 'Death loses a pair of wings'": "Night Is No Haven" and "Bitter, Sunlight and Earth";"Prologue from pt. 5 of Laughter out of the ground"


2a.7-MANUSCRIPTS:"Julia Altrocchi"


a-two 3"x4" photographs of Robin Lampson


b-tribute to Julia Cooley Altrocchi, written by Robin Lampson; read at UOP Institute and Writers Conference Luncheon, April 7, 1973


2a.8-PUBLISHED POETRY: author's copy of "The Mending of a Continent"


2a.9-PUBLISHED POETRY:"After the Prickings and Half-Hurts", Prologue part 5 of "Laughter out of the Ground"; "Redirect to D.J. Hall's Response to Lampson on 'Macbeth's Response'"


2a.10-PUBLISHED POETRY:"When I behold a clock that tells the time..." Kaleidograph (11-32)


2a.11-PUBLISHED POETRY:"The sail" [tr. from Lermontov] Westward (8-33)


2a.12-PUBLISHED POETRY:"The Mending of a continent" [author's special illuminated copy]


2a.13-PUBLISHED POETRY:"The mending of a continent," Best poems of 1937


2a.14-PUBLISHED POETRY:"Sometimes I envy the blind," Best poems of 1938


2a.15-PUBLISHED POETRY:"Before Balboa," The North America Book of Verse, v. 3 (1939)


2a.16-PUBLISHED POETRY:"To keep our scorn immortal," The North America Book of Verse,v.3 (1939)


2a.17-PUBLISHED POETRY:"How long the sunlight," The Theosophical Forum (5-47)


2a.18-PUBLISHED: San Francisco Souvenir by Robin Lampson (1938)


2a.19-PUBLISHED: On Reaching Sixteen and Other Verses by M. Robbins Lampson (1916)


2a.20-PUBLISHED: A Song of Pindar in Hades by Robin Lampson (1935) large format (stored with oversize collections)




2b.1-ESSAYS & CRITICISM:"Poetic grist," Westward 3:1 (Aug 1933)


2b.2-ESSAYS & CRITICISM:"The myth of only one true sonata form," Fantasy (1936)


2b.3-ESSAYS & CRITICISM:"A writer's view," Oakland Tribune (11-4-38)


2b.4-ESSAYS & CRITICISM:"The Lyre Versus The Opinion Mill" California Monthly (11-41)


2b.5-ESSAYS & CRITICISM:"Could it have been called Shakespeare's hoist with his own petard?," CEA Critic 36 (3-74)


2b.6-REVIEWS:"POETIC VIEWPOINT," [Robin Lampson, editor/critic] BERKELEY COURIER (1933-1935)


a-(4-26-33) [5 reviews, incl.: Tennyson; Mildred Anderson; Nell Wilson]]


b-(5-10-33) [5 reviews, incl.: Claire Thomson; Jo Woodfin; Kate Archer; Rosalie Moore & Helen Lehman]


c-(8-2-33) [5 reviews, incl.: Thomas Vaughan; Winifred Stewart; Arthur Merrill; Dora Hagemeyer; Lori Petri]


d-(9-1-34) [6 reviews, incl.: Anne Hamilton; Carl Burklund; Donald Paquette; Charles Ballard; Mabel Mays]


e-(9-8-34) [4 reviews, incl.: William Leonard; Raymond Kresensky; Lawrence Harper]


f-(9-15-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Mabel Mays; Ellen Campbell; Douglas Branch; Frost; Chaucer]


g-(9-22-34) [6 reviews, incl.: Martha Weiss; Joyce Hoeft; RL; Florence Hult]


h-(9-29-34) [4 reviews, incl.: Constance Lewis]


i-(10-6-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Stanley Blackpool; Lew Sarett; Keith Thomas; Winifred Stewart]


j-(10-13-34) [7 reviews, incl.: Don Blanding; Louise Barber; Charles Malam; Paul Engle]


k-(10-20-34) [2 reviews, incl.: Jeffers; Derrick Lehmer]


l-(10-27-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Tessa Webb; Maria Lorenzini; Elsa Gidlow


m-(11-10-34) [1 review]


n-(11-17-34) [5 reviews, incl: Kate Archer; Strickland Gilliland; Vachel Lindsay]


o-(11-24-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Mabel Mayers]


p-(12-1-34) [1 review, incl.: John Keats]


q-(12-8-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Tessa Webb; Mary Provines; Arthur Price; Pearl Mayefsky]


r-(12-15-34 ) [3 reviews, incl.: Virginia Ferguson; Walter Kidd]


s-(12-22-34) [5 reviews, incl.: Harriet Monroe; Thomas Tusser; Shakespeare; Scott; Tennyson; Clement C. Moore; Thomas Chubb; RL]


t-(12-29-34) [4 reviews, incl.: Edna Millay; Paul Engle; Keith Thomas]


u-(1-5-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Loverne Wilson; Raymond Larsson; Nora Mahon]


v-(1-12-35) [3 reviews, incl.: RL on terza rima]


w-(1-19-35) [5 reviews, incl.: Wilder Bentley; Harriet Monroe; Maxine Wilson; Georgia Lockwood]


x-(1-24-35) [6 reviews, incl.: Bonaro Overstreet; Edna Yelland]


y-(2-2-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Jeffers; Stevens]


z-(2-9-35) [8 reviews, incl.: Grace Minard; Helen Hunter; Nora Mahon; Leon Richardson; Mabel Mays]


aa-(2-16-35) [6 reviews, incl.: Claude McKay; Marie Welch]


bb-(2-23-35) [6 reviews, incl.: RL; Derrick Lehmer]


cc-(3-2-35) [4 reviews, incl.: RL; Eunice Lehmer; Arthur Price; Carol Egland]


dd-(3-9-35) [5 reviews, incl.: Edna Yelland; Gretchen Van Rumble]


ee-(3-30-35) [6 reviews, incl.: Wilder Bentley, RL]


ff-(4-6-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Claire Thomson]


gg-(4-13-35) [1 review on terza rima]


hh-(4-20-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Marie Welch; Ruth De Menezes]


ii-(6-8-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Margaret Trusler; Yetza Gillespie]


jj-(6-15-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Mary Arden; Ernest Hemingway; RL]


kk-(6-29-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Noboru Itamura; Arthur Price; Margaret Fraser]


ll-(7-6-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Noboru Itamura; Margaret Fraser; RL]


mm-(7-13-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Genevieve Taggard; RL]


nn-(7-20-35) [5 reviews, incl.: Chard Smith; Russell Loines; Dorothy Bennett]


00-(8-3-35) [2 reviews, incl.: Katherine Chapin; Kenneth Robinson]


pp-(8-10-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Margaret Fraser; David Greenhood; Laura Everett]


qq-(8-17-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Benjamin Musser; Margaret Trusler]


rr-(8-24-35) [2 reviews, incl.: W.R. Benet; Ted Olson]


ss-(8-31-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Yeats; Lori Petri; RL]


tt-(9-7-35) [5 reviews, incl.: Bonard Overstreet; Alex Schmidt; RL]


uu-(9-14-35) [2 reviews, incl.: Charles Malam; RL]


vv-(9-21-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Beulah May]


ww-(9-28-35) [4 reviews, incl.: Stanley Ferber; Janet Calhoun; I.E. Nelson; RL]


xx-(10-5-35) [3 reviews, incl.: Sir Wm. Watson; Margaret Fraser]


yy-(10-12-35) [3 reviews, incl.: RL]


zz-(10-19-35) [5 reviews, incl.: Tom Bair; Beulah May]


2b.7-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Charles Scribner's Sons. "Laughter out of the ground," Scribner's Fall Books, 1935


2b.8-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Dorothy Fraser. "Laughter out of the ground," The Occident (1935)


2b.9-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Constance D. Lewis. "Laughter out of the ground," Shards (1936)


2b.10-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Bonaro W. Overstreet. "More music than gold," Voices 84 (Winter 1936)


2b.11-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Charles Scribner's Sons. "Death loses a pair of wings," Scribner Fall Book List, 1939


2b.12-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Anne Hamilton. The Seven Principles of Poetry (1940)


2b.13-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Edward Shipsey. "Death loses a pair of wings," The Owl (Feb 1940)


2b.14-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: T.D.A. Cockerell. "Death loses a pair of wings," Bios 11:1 (3-40)


2b.15-CRITICAL WRITINGS ABOUT ROBIN LAMPSON: Franz Schneider. Students examine their professors (ed. 1939; ed. 1967)




3.1-Corresp. w/ Frances Theresa Russell, Stanford U. (4-18-21)


3.2-Corresp. w/ Ernest Tu (1927-35) [3 items; 5 photos of ET]


3.3-Corresp. re Tungsten stock (1927-28)


a-Mrs. Myrle R. Lampson from J.G. Clark, 10-1-27


b-Stockholders of Tungsten Production Co. from Independent Securities Exchange, 9-1-27


c-Myrle R. Lampson from J.G. Clark, president of Tungsten Production Company, Inc., 12-27


d-To "friend" from Independent Securities Exchange, 8-2-28


e-Myrle R. Lampson from Independent Securities Exchange, 5-9-29


3.4-Corresp. w/ Marie de L. Welch (1934-35) [1 letter; 2 poems]


3.5-Corresp. w/ S.A. Coblentz, ed. of Wings (1935-37) [2 items]


3.6-Corresp. w/ Jake Zeitlin, bookstore, Los Angeles (1935-39) [5 items]


3.7-Corresp. w/ "Who's Who in America" (1936) [3 items]


3.8-Corresp. w/ UC Dean of Summer Sessions (1936-37) [8 items]


3.9-Corresp. w/ University of Buffalo (1937-39) [6 items]


3.10-Corresp. w/ Alexander G. Weygens, printer (1937) [1 item]


3.11-Corresp. w/ Esther Travaglio (1937-39) [4 items]


3.12-Corresp. w/ Phyllis Wrightson & Bernard Zakheim (1938)


a-Phyllis Wrightson, 4-26-38


b-Bernard Zakheim and Phyllis Wrightson, "Tolland Hall frescoes UC Med School," 1938


3.13-Corresp. w/ Esther Whitson Cope (1939) [2 items]


3.14-Misc. corresp., 1930s


a-"Margaret," 8-1-32


b-Gilbert von Klatt, 12-13-35


c-Charles Scribners Sons, 12-15-35 [Telegram re "copies of Laughter to be autographed for the Carl K Wilson store, Fresno"]


d-Adele Levi, 5-6-37 [in appreciation of his "epic poem"]


e-Lawrence Lee, Charlottesville, Virginia, 6-3-37


f-Harold Vinal, 8-9-37 [re Voices review of RL work]


g-M.D. promoting a "No" vote on Prop. 2, "State Humane Pound Act," 10-3-38


h-Mira Maclay, California Arts & Architecture, 6-5-39


3.15-Misc. corresp., 1940s


a-"Concerning Black Mack & Black Mack, an Advertisement of a Semi-Private Press" 7-19-40 (answ. 1/3/41)


b-Madeline Elder, 4-22-40


c-Hagemeyer, 8-28-40


3.16-Misc. Corresp., 1960s


a-Val Gielgud, Sussex England, 8-3-68


b-"Chick," 7-24-69 [contributions to "Question Mark Column"]


c-RL positive response re pro-govt. editorial on anti-Vietnam protests, n.d. [1965-70]


3.17-Lampson's Stamp Shop, Richmond CA--Account Book (1960s)




4.1-Western Writers Congress, San Francisco (1936-37) [10 items]


4.2-Correspondence (1936-1940)


a-Bernice Hubbard, Executive Secretary, Class Department, 6-15-36


b-Boyd B. Rakestraw, Asst. Dir. UC Extension, 4-29-39


c-Lou Richardson, student, 5-26-40


d-Bernice Hubbard, 2-1-40


e-Bernice Hubbard, 2-16-40


4.3-Clippings (1936-1940) [58 items; chiefly re RL at UC Extension]


4.4-UC Extension Course Materials , 1936-37 [3 items] [brochures; course descriptions, etc.]


4.5-UC Extension Course Materials , 1937-38 [6 items] [brochures; Verse Writing course descriptions; pay stubs, etc.]


4.6- UC Extension Course Materials , 1938-39 [13 items] [brochures; Verse Writing course descriptions; salary records, etc.]


4.7- UC Extension Course Materials , 1939-40 [13 items] [brochures; Verse Writing course descriptions; salary records, etc.]


4.8- UC Extension Course Materials , 1940-41 [8 items] [brochures; Verse Writing & Early Calif. Writers course descriptions; salary records, etc.]


4.9-Robin Lampson autograph


4.10-drawing of "John Carr Blacksmith" shop






a-Robin Lampson to Dr. R. Coke Wood, Director of Calif. History Foundation at UOP; explaining general contents of the collection.


b-"Confessional" of Mrs. Sarah Mitchell written on Hotel St. Nicholas stationary, San Francisco [12 pp.; photocopy]


c-Seven pages of correspondence between Mrs. Mitchell and "Charlie" [photocopy]




a- Robin Lampson to Dr. R. Coke Wood


b- two envelopes -- one addressed to Mrs. Mitchell and another addressed to Mrs. Mitchell (letters from Livingston); description cards of envelopes and main characters and general description of events


c-"Confessional" from Mrs. Mitchell [12 pp.]


d-Sallie from Charlie, 6-7-1887


e- Do., 6-14-87


f- Do., December 1, 1888


g- Do., December 7, 1888


h- two photo copies of above letter


i- Sallie from Charlie, October 11, 1889


j- two photo copies of above letter


k- Sallie from Charlie, August 11, 1890


l- single photo copy of above letter




a- Sallie from Charlie, June 20, 1887


b- Sallie from Charlie, June 22, 1887


c- Martha from Livingston, June 25, 1887


d- Mrs. Mitchell from Livingston, December 5, 1888 [telegram; photocopy included in introductory letter from Robin Lampson, above]


e- Mrs. Mitchell from Livingston, December 10, 1888 [telegram; photocopy included in introductory letter from Robin Lampson, above]


f- Sallie from Livingston, October 3, 1889


g- Sallie from Livingston, October 8, 1889


h- Sallie from Livingston, October 9, 1889


i- Sallie from Livingston, October 12, 1889


j- Sallie from Livingston, October 14, 1889


k- Sallie from Livingston, October 15, 1889


l- Sallie from Livingston, October 18, 1889


m- Sallie from Livingston, October 19, 1889


n- Sallie from Livingston, October 22, 1889


o- Sallie from Livingston, October 23, 1889


p- Sallie from Livingston, two letters, no date


q- Sallie from Livingston, July 2, 1890


r- Sallie from Livingston, December 28, 188?


s- Sallie from Livingston, October 26, 1889


t- Sallie from Livingston, October 23, 1889




a-"Judge Terry's Widow Dies At Age of 86," February 16, 1937 [photocopy]


b-"The Sharon Contract Case," S.F. Evening Bulletin (September 28, 1885) [photocopy]


c-"An Outgrowth of the Sharon Case," S.F. Evening Bulletin (October 5, 1885) [photocopy]


d- "The Sharon-Hill Case," S.F. Evening Bulletin (Sept. 29, 1885) [photocopy]


e- "Ex-Senator Sharon," S.F. Bulletin (November 6, 1885) [photocopy]


f- Sallie from Charlie, Sunday, ? 1888


g- Sallie from Charlie, July 6, 1890


h- Sallie from Charlie, August 9, 1890


i- Sallie from Charlie, August 12, 1890


j- Sallie from Charlie, August 15, 1890


k- Sallie from Charlie, August 18, 1890


l- Sallie from Charlie, August 26, 1890


m-Piper analysis of Sharon-Hill Holographs


5.5-Frederick Law Olmsted & UC Landscaping: 26 pages of 3 checks each; establishing funds for University of California at Berkeley


5.6-Golden Spike:Photograph of "The Last Spike"


5.7-Golden Spike:"Coke - KOVR"


5.8-Golden Spike:Golden Spike Centennial Celebration--official program Tickets and general information


5.9-Golden Spike:Golden Spike Centennial Celebration Commission


a-Golden Spike Centennial welcoming letter, invitation and reservation card


b-Golden Spike Centennial response to RSVP and thanks for attending


c-The Independent; Owens Publications identifying Robin Lampson


d-Southern Pacific Bulletin May 1940


e-New Vistas, Weekend Magazine, Berkeley Gazette (3/14/70)


f-"The Question mark column," The Independent (8-19-69)


g-"Strange Story of Missing Golden Spike" by Robin Lampson, The Independent (6-4-69)


h-Hansen Planetarium brochure


i-"100 years ago, the last spikes were driven and a continent was joined -- but not without some last-minute hitches", Stanford Observer (4-69)


j-"Old engines to join gold spike centennial", Palo Alto Times (3-20-69)


k-"Historic Document of Famed Railroad Event Is Owned By Berkeley Woman", Oakland Tribune (12-22-37)


l-"Yankee Know-How Wins Again", SF Chronicle (5-18-69)


m-"It's Begun: Week of the Golden Spike", SF Chronicle (5-4-69)


n-"National Historic Site: Ground-breaking", Southern Pacific Bulletin (8-68)


5.10-Golden Spike: Celebration, San Francisco


a-Welcome letter to the "Wedding of the Rails"; including name tags for Mr. & Mrs. Robin Lampson


b-Map of the San Francisco waterfront


c-"The Last Spike is Driven", National Golden SpikeCommission Official Publication, Winter 1969, Volume 37, Number 1


5.11- Golden Spike: "David Hewes Material"


a-Southern Pacific Bulletin (May 1940)


b-photograph of David Hewes


c-Goldsmith bill to David Hewes




6.1-Jack London : "London Collection"


a-"The Question Mark" The Independent (11-17-1969)


b-"UOP Acquires Full Works of Jack London," Sacramento Bee (12-8-1971)


c-"Collection of Jack London Books Presented to UOP", Stockton Record (12-14- 1971)


d-9 page handwritten list of Jack London collection


e-"What's New About London, Jack?", Jack London (1876-1916) [incl. Jackson High School Program for play Gold]


f-October 7, 1975 letter to Lampson from David H. Schlottmann


g-Note to Fred Lockley from Jack London w/ photograph [photocopy]


6.2-Yellow Fever : Robin Lampson. "Backstage of a Biography" [Wm. C. Gorgas] California Monthly (9-39)


6.3-Yellow Fever : R.L. Hughes, MD. "The Great destroyers" (1915).


6.4-Yellow Fever : William C. Gorgas, MD. "Journal of Willieam C. Gorgas, Chairman of the Yellow Fever Commission" (1919).


6.5-Yellow Fever : Albert E. Truby, MD. Memoir of Walter Reed: The Yellow Fever Episode (1943).


6.6-Yellow Fever : J.M. Keating. History of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878, in Memphis, Tenn. (1879).


6.7-Yellow Fever : Henry Rose Carter, MD. The Early History of Yellow Fever (1931).