Preliminary Inventory to the Thomas Andrew Bailey and Paul B. Ryan collection, 1915-1979

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Preliminary Inventory to the Thomas Andrew Bailey and Paul B. Ryan collection, 1915-1979

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Thomas Andrew Bailey and Paul B. Ryan collection (Bailey-Ryan Collection),
Date (inclusive): 1915-1979
Collection number: 75003
Collector: Bailey, Thomas Andrew, 1902-
Physical Description: 17 manuscript boxes, 2 slide boxes, 13 microfilm reels, 1 phonotape (9 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, notes, photocopies of government documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915, and to the undeclared American-German naval war, 1939-1941. Collected by T. A. Bailey and Paul B. Ryan. Includes some papers of T. A. Bailey, relating especially to the Marshall Plan.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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World War, 1939-1945
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Ryan, Paul B.

Scope And Contents Note

The collection contains research materials relating to the sinking of the British liner Lusitania by a German submarine on 7 May 1915. Included are copies of the records of the British official inquiry; the legal proceedings held by a U.S. Federal Court; letters from archival sources in Great Britain, Germany, Canada, and the United States; and a file of letters written in 1934 by Admiral Arno Spindler of the German Navy to Professor Thomas A. Bailey. Additional files contain correspondence with various professional and naval technical agencies, individual experts, and John Light, a professional diver who examined the wreck of the Lusitania off the coast of Ireland.
The materials were collected by Professor Thomas A. Bailey, Stanford University, and Captain Paul B. Ryan, USN (Ret.), in preparation for the publication of their book The Lusitania Disaster: An Episode in Modern War and Diplomacy.
Captain Paul B. Ryan, USN (Ret.)

Container List

Box 1.

Major ship overhead - Requirements


Turner, Captain, biographical data


Furbringer, Rear Admiral Werner (shipmate of Kept. Lieut. Schwieger of U-20), letter from


Analysis of orders given to Captain Turner


Analysis of witnesses and their affiliations


Summary of 22 witnesses (statements sent in by U.S. Consul Wesley Frost)


Biographical data on Lord Mersey, Sir Edward Carson, Sir Fredrick Smith


Scott, Admiral Sir Percy, letter to The Times (London)


Malone, Dudley Field, obituary and statement


"The Great Lusitania Whitewash" by Paul B. Ryan, The American Neptune, January 1975


New York, SS, Open Ash Port Sinking


American Heritage, article purchased, not published as of May 1975


Book reviews - T. A. Bailey, published by American Historical Review


The Stephens Letter (copy) - an example of how Simpson handles evidence


Readers Digest condensed version of Simpson's book Lusitania


Ellis book's charts and diagram and testimony regarding location of torpedo hit


Judge Mayer and the Titanic law suit


Herzog's review of Simpson's book in Marine Rundschau, 1973


A partial tabulation of official British and German sources


Great maritime disasters, Titanic, etc.


New York Times


Questions answered in Bailey-Ryan book


New York Times index on Lusitania and news items


The Times (London) news items


World (New York) news items


Von Muller, Admiral, diary


British Cabinet and Parliament papers on Lusitania


Parliamentary debates, May 10-11, 1915


German archives and correspondence

Box 2.

Spindler, Admiral Arno, La Guerre Sous-Marine, Volume II, May 1915, cruise of U-20, U-27, U-28, U-30


German Naval Records, Admiral Spindler, Der Handelskrieg mit U-Booten


Foreign and German press analysis


German Foreign Office information on Lusitania and Schwieger


Royal Naval Reserved Merchant Cruisers (Brassey 1914)


American lives lost and U.S. ships sunk by U-boats, February 1, 1917


Judge Mayer's opinion in Lusitania trial, New York City, 1918


International law on visit and search




Charts used at Mersey Inquiry (compiled by Captain Turner)


Mersey Hearings - Inquiry (open)


Mersey Trial Proceedings in Camera


Mersey Report (Verdict)


List of Americans on board, Lusitania Claims, Senate Documents, 67th Congress, 2nd Session, No. 176


Report on loss of S/S Falaba (Mersey)


Location of ship sinkings in Queenstown area, May 5-7, 1915


Instructions to British merchant captains, 1915


Morton, Leslie, the look-out - a hero - decorated


Admiralty chart used at Inquiry, Adm. 116/1416, C7943, of steamers Atlantic, May 5-7, 1915


November 1907 article in Journal of American Society of Naval Engineers, a reprint of British Engineering article, August 1907


Boiler explosions


Schwieger, information on, from German sources and authors


Plan view of 4 decks and hold of Lusitania

Box 3.

Diagram of cargo storage on Lusitania (Mayer trial)


Profile of Lusitania, L. Peskett testimony (Mayer trial), Quadruple Screw Turbine Ship


Lusitania - Watertight compartmentation


Diagram of compartmentation of Lusitania, Peskett testimony (Mayer trial)


General correspondence with sources


Warning messages sent to Lusitania


British Naval Sea Patrol Officer, letter to Vice Admiral, Queenstown Patrol


Lord, Walter, correspondence with


The Goetz medal


Schwieger's war-patrol diary


Photographs (xerox copies) - Miscellaneous


Diagrams of torpedo run and track of Lusitania, May 7, 1915


Defense of the Realm Act




Photographs from U.S. Naval Historical Center, Washington, D.C.


Photographs (xerox copies) from U.S. National Archives


Engineering (British journal), illustrations, 1907


The Blue Riband

Box 4.

Copy of Lusitania's manifest


May, Commander W. E., R.N., correspondence (research)


British Public Record Office files


Simpson's books, book reviews


Simpson's books (U.S. and British) - Differences in the two editions


Churchill, Winston, 1937 article on Lusitania


Hoehling book Last Voyage of Lusitania, book reviews


U.S. press opinion on Lusitania


Analysis of boat drills, discipline of crew, life jackets, etc.


Microfilm roll #197 (witnesses, etc.)


Letters regarding London BBC broadcast on Lusitania




The Zig-Zag issue


U-boat characteristics


Survivor from ship William P. Frye, sunk by U-boat

Box 5.

Mayer Trial (New York Testimony), exhibits listed


John Light's marked-up copy of Simpson's book (British version)


Woodrow Wilson's note on Falaba to Lansing, June 2, 1915


U.S. Naval Attaché, Berlin, reports to Washington (O.N.I.)


U.S. Naval Historical Center, Washington, D.C. (xerox copies)


Ships sunk by U-boats


Cunard Company petition for limitation of liability

Box 6.

Analysis of instruction to Captain Turner of Lusitania


Correspondence - Miscellaneous


Federal Records Center (New York City), letters


Lusitania's Manifest - Correspondence


Port collector - Correspondence


Worley, Albert


Mayer Trial Testimony II, pages 240-480


Mayer Trial Testimony III, pages 481-717


Mayer Trial Testimony IV, pages 718-960

Box 7.

Wynne Hearings, Volume I, pages 1-196


Wynne Hearings, Volume II, pages 197-403


Proposed final decree by Cunard lawyers at Mayer Trial


Value of Lusitania freight - Mayer Trial


Interrogations and briefs (Cunard)


Mayer Trial Testimony, pages 4a-239 (includes list of witnesses)


Stephen's letter - Guns


Canadian troops on board?


Letter from U.S. Ambassador (Berlin) Dodd to T. A. Bailey, 1934, and page 2 of T. A. Bailey's letter


Guns - Greenwich Naval Museum

Box 8.

Spindler, Arno (German Admiral)


Correspondence regarding Colin Simpson's book


Letters in collecting evidence on Lusitania


O'Connor, Daniel (NBC)


Schwieger, Captain (of U-20)


Woodrow Wilson and Mexican question


Medal (Lusitania) by Goetz


Humfrey Jordan book on Mauretania (sister ship of Lusitania)


Professor Arthur Marder on Lusitania


Plans of Lusitania (xerox copies)


Walter Lord on Lord Mersey question


Guns on board Lusitania


Explosives, ammunition on board


Bryan, W. J.


"Was There a Gun?" Sports Illustrated, December 24, 1962


Sailing Instructions, British Merchant Marine


Light, John - Correspondence


Translation of German Documents including Patrol Reports of U-20

Box 9.

Xerox copies of originals sent by A. Worley


Microfilm #198 - List of officers and passengers, statements of witnesses, U.S. Consul Frost, Mersey Inquiry, lives lost, cargo


Letters from Canada's Department of National Defence on Canadian troops


Yale University on Colonel House - Letters


Cunard correspondence


BBC broadcast


Nicolas Tomalin of BBC, The Listener


U.S. statutes on munition cargo in ships


Letters to editors and book reviews


Life magazine article by Simpson


Correspondence regarding art work on the book


Naval Ordnance correspondence and information (guns)


International Law: information from American Journal of International Law on Lusitania


Dollar awards to survivors


U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Secret Dispatches on Unrestricted Submarine Warfare


Beach, Captain E. L. - Correspondence


Literary Digest excerpts


Illustrations - Permissions to reprint


Article by T. A. Bailey, "The Sinking of the Lusitania," American Historical Review, October 1935; "German Documents Relating to the Lusitania," Journal of Modern History, September 1936


List of journal and magazine titles regarding Lusitania


O'Connor, Daniel (NBC) - Letters


Article written for American Heritage (not published as of June 1975)


Light letters

Box 10.

Bribery, etc.


Miscellaneous British documents


Cunard - H.M. Government agreement


Mersey verdict (Original)


Lusitania 1913 trip after turbine


Mayer, Judge, obituary


Orduna, S/S, 16 inch guns




Mid-Channel issue and Zig-Zag


British journal - Miscellaneous


New York Times


May 1916-1965


November 1916


June 1915 -September 1915


May 1915




Mayer Trial and press


Correspondence (T. A. Bailey), 1930's


British Admiralty microfilm reels - List of contents

Microfilm cabinet

11 microfilm reels

Tape cabinet

1 sound tape recording