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Register of the Alfred M. Lilienthal Papers, 1936-1997
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Folder 9




Box 116., Folder 1-8

Printed copies, 1968-1986


Drafts and research material

Box 117., Folder 1-8


Box 118., Folder 1-7


Box 119., Folder 1-4


Folder 5

Mailing lists

Folder 6


Folder 7-9

Minutes of board of directors annual meetings. Includes list of board members

Box 120., Folder 1

Political philosophy

Folder 2-5

Publicity material. Includes a description of Middle East Perspective by Charles W. Carruth


Subject file

Folder 6-8

Anne Frank diary - Controversy over Robert Edwards' article in the January 1981 issue. See also CORRESPONDENCE, British Anti-Zionist Organization; Greenstein, Tony; Ghilan, Maxim

Folder 9

Dissolution. Includes 1985 interview of AML upon publication of last issue

Folder 10

Incorporated status

Folder 11


Box 121., Folder 1-6

Myth-information (campaign exposing inaccuracies, bias, and misinformation in the media)

Folder 7

Organizational activities

Folder 8

Patxot, I. M.

Folder 9

Penetration of AML's office



Folder 10


Folder 11




Folder 12


Folder 13

Correspondence with Darryl Hickman

Folder 14

World Composition Services


Writings of AML

Box 122., Folder 1-12

General, 1971-1982


"Book and Perspective" column

Box 123., Folder 1


Folder 2

1973, December-1974, February



Folder 3


Folder 4


Folder 5

1974, October-1975, January



Folder 6


Box 124., Folder 1


Folder 2


Folder 3




Folder 4


Folder 5


Folder 6


Box 125., Folder 1




Folder 2


Folder 3


Folder 4


Folder 5

1977, December-1978, June

Folder 6

1978, June-December

Folder 7

1979, January-May

Boxes 126-145.


Scope and Content Note

Journals, magazines, newsletters, and newspapers, arranged alphabetically; and clippings, arranged chronologically. In English and Arabic

Journals, magazines, newsletters, and newspapers, arranged alphabetically

Box 126.




Box 127-129


Box 129.


Box 130.


Box 131-134


Box 135.


Box 136.


Box 137.


Box 138.



Clippings, arranged chronologically. Mainly in English

Box 139.


Box 140.


Box 141.


Box 142.


Box 143.


Box 144.


Box 145.

1983-. Includes clippings on "Arabs, Israelis, and World Jewry," 1956-

Box 146

CARD FILE, 1957-1978

Scope and Content Note

Calling cards and index cards of readers' responses to Goes the Middle East(1957), The Other Side of the Coin (1965), and The Zionist Connection (1978)
Box 146

Calling cards


Index cards of readers' responses to There Goes the Middle East (1957), The Other Side of the Coin (1965), and The Zionist Connection(1978)

Boxes 147-151.


Scope and Content Note

Scrapbooks of clippings, press releases, and correspondence. In English and Arabic
Box 147-151

13 scrapbooks of clippings mentioning AML, press releases, and correspondence. In English and Arabic



Vault, Reel 2 reels

"The Turbulent Middle East"

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 82070_f_0003791

TAPES, 1954-1991

Scope and Content Note

Phonotapes, phonotape cassettes, and videotapes of AML's speeches and interviews


* Cassette (C); reel-to-reel tape (R); video tape (V)
item 1 , item (1)

a) Sound recording of letter to Anthony Lewis ( New York Times)

Physical Description: C

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 82070_a_0000079

b) Dictation re sabotage of The Zionist Connection by Dodd Mead

item 2 , item (2)

a) Debate with Sidney Zion on TV program "Advise and Dissent"

Part I

Physical Description: C

b) Part II

item 3 , item (2)

a&b) Speech at UC Berkeley, CA, 2/15/83

Physical Description: C
item 4 , item (3)

a) Sound recording of Spiro Agnew on Zionism, 5/76

Physical Description: C

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 82070_a_0000078_a
item 5 , item (3)

a&b) Spiro Agnew on "Kup's show," Ch.31, UHF, 6/6/76

Physical Description: C
item 6 , item (5)

a) Phone conversation re Camp David on "As It Happens," CBC Radio Network

Physical Description: C
item 7 , item (5)

a) CJAD Montreal, 5/13/81

Physical Description: C
item 8 , item (6)

a&b) Appearance on Barry Farber's show, WMCA, 1971

Physical Description: C
item 9 , item (7I)

a) Talk on Deir Yassin Day at American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon, 4/15/73

Physical Description: C

b) Question and answer period

item 10 , item (8)

a&b) Speech, Ohio University, Athens, OH, 2/12/81

Physical Description: C
item 11 , item (10)

a) Braden-Buchanan show, WRC Radio, 3/13/80

Physical Description: C
item 12 , item (11)

a) Reply to CBS editorial, 5/4/79

Physical Description: C
item 13 , item (14)

a) Interview by press syndicate, Midweek #608, WTJX TV, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, 1/4/79

Physical Description: C

b) Hamilton Fish re Israel on John Collins' "Night Line," WVWI -CBS affiliate, 1/29/79

item 14 , item (17)

a) John Cooley - Trip I

Physical Description: C
item 15 , item (18)

a) Answer to CBS editorial (Sue Cott), 11/75

Physical Description: C

b) Debate with Martin Abend re Zionism, Metromedia, 11/75

item 16 , item (19)

a) Crossfire - Rochester, 1969

Physical Description: C
item 17 , item (22)

a) Moshe Dayan on "Meet the Press," 2/12/78

Physical Description: C
item 18 , item (23)

a&b) Coast-to-coast broadcast to 17 cities of speech "Where Goes the Middle East?" from Islamic Center in Detroit, MI, 3/1/70

Physical Description: C
item 19 , item (24)

a) Same as Tape 18, but better recording (except short of 5 minutes)

Physical Description: C

b) Khankhan interviews; Mrs. Sirhan

item 20 , item (25)

a) Former Israeli ambassador Simcha Dimitz on BBC, London, UK, 10/29/80. Led to equal time demand appearance of AML on "The World Tonight": "Israel and World Opinion," 10/30/80

Physical Description: C
item 21 , item (26)

a) Sound recording of telephone conversation with Salsbury ( New York Times), who refused to publish AML's article re Einstein and Israel

Physical Description: C

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 82070_a_0000082

b) Calif and Mohamed Mehdi letter - Kowity on Mohamed Mehdi

item 22 , item (30)

a&b) Barry Farber, WMCA AM, New York City, 6/4/79

Physical Description: C
item 23 , item (33)

a) Frustration re media; ad in New York Times (double standard)

Physical Description: C

b) Ad, 9/14

item 24 , item (34)

a) Ted Furey ( New York Times): controversy over ad, 3/17

Physical Description: C

b) Executor Nathan re Einstein's attitude toward Israel

item 25 , item (36)

a) Phone interview from room in Hotel Nova Scotia with CBC Radio for "Information Morning Program" of Don Donelly and Don Tremain, Halifax, Canada, 11/13/79

Physical Description: C
item 26 , item (37)

a) Promotion of The Zionist Connection on Don Harron's "Morning Side," CBC, Toronto, Ontario, 3/9/79

Physical Description: C
item 27 , item (39)

a) Speech, American Humanist Association, New York City, 11/14/77

Physical Description: C
item 28 , item (40)

a) I. L. Kennen, editor of Middle East Report, Washington, D.C., 3/17/74: answer to 3/10/74

Physical Description: C
item 29 , item (28)

a) Jack Jayes defends Dodd Mead, 5/8/78

Physical Description: C
item 30 , item (41)

a) Defense of Larry King (who cancelled AML's appearance on his show) by Joan S. of Dodd Mead, 1/18/79

Physical Description: C

b) Dictation re Tannenbaum and Soviet Jewry

item 31 , item (43)

a&b) News 8, "Probe," ABC TV, Dallas, TX, 4/2/79

Physical Description: C
item 32 , item (44)

a) Speech on Zionism and Racism, Tripoli, Libya, 7/25/76

Physical Description: C

b) End of speech; Gotfried Newburger, 7/25/76

item 33 , item (45)

a&b) Speech at Consumnes River College, Sacramento, CA, 5/4/76

Physical Description: C
item 34 , item (46)

a&b) Larry King Show on The Zionist Connection, Mutual Network, 4/15/79

Physical Description: C
item 35 , item (46)

Continuation of Tape 34

Physical Description: C
item 36 , item (46)

Continuation of Tape 35

Physical Description: C
item 37 , item (51)

a) George Ball [from 209 to 256 only]

Physical Description: C
item 38 , item (52)

a) Sound recording of Menuhin (tape #5)

Physical Description: C

Access Information

Use copy reference number: 82070_a_0000081
item 39 , item (53)

a) Joseph Harsch; Ashraf Ghorbal; Quandt; Platt; Harold Michaels ( Christian Science Monitor)

Physical Description: C

b) Harold Michaels: controversy re the Christian Science Monitor's review and discussion of the CIA

item 40 , item (54)

a) Harold Michaels re the Christian Science Monitor

Physical Description: C
item 41 , item (55)

a&b) Debate with Sol Stern on "Midday," Ch.5., New York, 10/8/80

Physical Description: C
item 42 , item (56)

a) Middle East diary and interviews of Nuri Pasha, Jamali, King Hussein, Mahmoud Younes

Physical Description: R

b) Hassan Heikal, Samir Rifai, and Prince Mashur of Saudi Arabia singing

item 43 , item (57)

a&b) Appearance on Mark Miller's show "In Depth," KCBS, San Francisco, CA, 5/6/76 (aired 5/15 on the 28th anniversary of Israel). See also Tape 136

Physical Description: C
item 44 , item (58)

a) TV Guide; Moise; Time; Journal; argument over ad and with William F. Buckley, Jr. at time of UN Resolution equating Zionism with Racism, 11/75

Physical Description: C

b) Debate with Martin Abend re Zionism, Ch.5, New York City, 8/15?/75

item 45 , item (59)

a) Nantucket interviews I, Summer 1971

Physical Description: C
item 46 , item (61)

a) Conversation at Nantucket with Mrs. Rand and Marta Davies re Zionism, Summer 1971

Physical Description: C
item 47 , item (62)

a) Interview by Nobile, 11/22/79 (or 78)

Physical Description: C

b) Nantucket

item 48 , item (62)

a) Nantucket, Summer 1971

Physical Description: C

b) Conversation with Bud Gifford, president of Providence Bank and director of Nantucket Bank re Berger and Hellers, Nantucket, Summer 1971

item 49 , item (63)

a&b) Speech and question and answer period, New York State University, New Paltz, NY, 5/1/79

Physical Description: C
item 50 , item (65)

a) Speech, Phoenix Club, AZ, 3/25/79

Physical Description: C
item 51 , item (66)

a) Conversation with Pomerantz re AML's letter to the New York Times, c. 10/30/77

Physical Description: C
item 52 , item (67)

a) Conversation with Butler, public affairs VP of Mutual Broadcasting, re cancellation of AML's appearance on the Larry King Show, 1979

Physical Description: C
item 53 , item (68)

a) Press conference, Montreal, Canada, 3/5/79

Physical Description: C

b) The Zionist Connection: recitation of monstrous activities of Dodd, Mead

item 54 , item (71)

a) Interview for radio workshop, Sacramento, CA, 5/4/76

Physical Description: C
item 55 , item (72)

a) Kay Radke of Dodd Mead and Joan S. the next day, 4/9/79

Physical Description: C

b) Phone conversation with Siegel ( New York Times) about AML's letter to the editor

item 56 , item (73)

a) Kay Radke: pressures from Dodd Mead, which refuses to pay promotion expenses for AML's book, 2/9-10/79

Physical Description: C

b) Kay Radke; Jack Jayes; Peter Taylor, 2/15-16/79

item 57 , item (74)

a) Speech, Sacramento College, CA, aired on AM and FM radio on 5/13/76

Physical Description: C
item 58 , item (75)

a&b) Speech, Mormon Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah, 10/15/70

Physical Description: C
item 59 , item (76)

a&b) Speech, Holiday Inn, San Francisco, CA, 3/16/79

Physical Description: C
item 60 , item (77)

a&b) Speech and question and answer period, UC Santa Barbara, CA, 4/23/76

Physical Description: C
item 61 , item (78)

Short spots, CBS: Kotch, Hellstrom Chronicle

Physical Description: R
item 62 , item (78)

Continuation of Tape 61

Physical Description: R
item 63 , item (79)

a) Kathy Telch ( New York Times), 1/24

Physical Description: C

b) Halo Lahe... (?)

item 64 , item (80)

a) Harding Bancroft ( New York Times), c. 1973

Physical Description: C
item 65 , item (81)

a&b) Debate with Morris Levinson, national vice chairman of ZOA, University of Texas at El Paso, TX, 11/26/69

Physical Description: C
item 66 , item (82)

a&b) Speech, 18th Annual Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 6/27/79 (with an introduction by John N. Booth)

Physical Description: C
item 67 , item (83I)

a&b) Speech, "Where Goes the Middle East?" Library Associates, University Club, Washington, D.C., 11/19/80 (after Ronald Reagan's election)

Physical Description: C
item 68 , item (83II)

a) End of question and answer period

Physical Description: C
item 69, item (85)

a&b) Debate with Bob Grant, WMCA Radio Metromedia, New York City, 11/13/74

Physical Description: C

b) Debate with Martin Abend, 11 and/or 12/74

item 70 , item (86)

a) UJA program, WOR, 10/26/75

Physical Description: C
item 71 , item (87)

a) Press conference, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, 10/25/73; and debate with S. G. Rich of the University of Utah, Provo, 10/25/73

Physical Description: C
item 72 , item (88)

a) Debate with Martin Abend, Metromedia TV, Ch.5, New York City, re the Sinai, 9/5/75, and re Zionism, 8/15/75

Physical Description: C
item 73 , item (89)

a) Debate with David Schoenbrum re the PLO on WPIX TV, New York City, 10/29/74; and with Martin Abend, Metromedia TV, Ch.5, New York City, 11/14/74

Physical Description: C
item 74 , item (90)

a) General Brown at Duke University Law School, 11/14/74; debate with Martin Abend, Ch.5, and with Elmer Berger, Ch. 11

Physical Description: C

b) Bob Grant's phone retraction, 11/19/74

item 75 , item (93)

a&b) AML in Bahrain: questions and answers re Arab public relations and education

Physical Description: C
item 76 , item (95)

a) Reply to CBS editorial on UN Resolution equating Zionism with Racism, repeated 5 times 11/12-13/75 (distributed as UN document A/10363 of November 17)

Physical Description: C

b) Bachwan

item 77 , item (96)

a) CBS editorials, TV - Radio, 11/14/75

Physical Description: C
item 78 , item (97)

a) Speech, "Where Goes the Middle East?" Columbia University, International Law Society, NY, 3/12/72

Physical Description: C
item 79 , item (98)

a&b) Speech on "Palestine Day," Damascus, Syria, 5/15/75 (substituted for Yasir Arafat)

Physical Description: C
item 80 , item (99)

a) Speech, Information and Foreign Affairs Committees of the People's Assembly, Cairo, Egypt, 6/10/75

Physical Description: C

b) Departure from Cairo; arrival in Libya; comments in New York City

item 81 , item (101)

a) Martin Abend's comments, 12/16+17+21+27/76; Clark Clifford on CBS TV, 12/27/76; Jimmy Carter re Palestine

Physical Description: C

b) McNeil-Lehrer Report: "Mideast" year end, 12/29/76

item 82 , item (102A)

a) Debate with Martin Abend re oil, the Middle East, and other topics, 12/5-6/76

Physical Description: C
item 83, item (102B)

a) Debate with Martin Abend, Metromedia TV, 2/19/74

Physical Description: C
item 84, item (102C)

a) Debate with Martin Abend, Metromedia TV, 6/8/74

Physical Description: C
item 85 , item (102D)

a) Debate with Martin Abend, Ch. 5, 3/20/78

Physical Description: C
item 86 , item (102E)

a) TV capsules: Martin Abend re the Middle East, 12/22-25/76

Physical Description: C

b) Tom Snyder: "Neo-Nazis," NBC TV, 11/22/76

item 87 , item (102F)

a&b) Debate with Martin Abend, Women's National Republican Club, New York City, 12/2/80

Physical Description: C
item 88, item (103)

a&b) Dave Marash: "Middle East Journal," CBS TV, 2/9-20/76 (interviews of Rashid Hussein and others)

Physical Description: C
item 89 , item (104)

a) I. F. Stone re Arabs on McNeil-Lehrer Report, 11/14/75

Physical Description: C
item 90 , item (105)

a) Agronsky and Company re Anwar Sadat, NET TV, 12/23/76

Physical Description: C

b) Agronsky and Company re Yitzhak Rabin, NET TV, 1/7/77

item 91 , item (106)

a) Martin Abend re Egypt, 1/77; Walter Cronkite re the Middle East

Physical Description: C
item 92 , item (107)

a) Anwar Sadat's press conference, Blair House, Washington, D.C., 4/6/77

Physical Description: C

b) Speech, "Zionist Manipulations to Induce Immigration to Israel," Libya, 1975

item 93 , item (108)

a) AML, Horowitz, and Van Zile on "Accent On" re the Arab Boycott, 5/12/77

Physical Description: C
item 94 , item (109)

a) Arab Boycott program, Part II, 11/14/77 (without AML); debate with Mohamed Mehdi on "Accent On"

Physical Description: C

b) Felicia Langer, WBAI, 10/76

item 95 , item (110)

a) News debate with Bob Grant, WPIX TV, Ch.5, New York City, 11/8/74; debate with Martin Abend, Metromedia, Ch.5, Nw York City, 11/11/74

Physical Description: C

b) Yasir Arafat on "Issues and Answers," 11/9/74

item 96 , item (111)

a) Debate with Bob Grant re the PLO, WMCA Radio, New York City, 11/13/74; Yasir Arafat and General Brown on CBS TV

Physical Description: C

b) Yasir Arafat on World Council of Churches panel, Metromedia TV, Ch. 5, 11/13/74

item 97 , item (112)

a) Debate with Bob Grant, WPIX TV, New York City, 10/16/74

Physical Description: C
item 98 , item (113)

a) Bob Grant's apology to AML, WMCA Radio, 11/18/74; Isaacs on Jews in American Politics

Physical Description: C

b) Yasir Arafat on "Perspective," ABC Radio, 11/17/74

item 99 , item (114)

a) Debate with Bob Grant, WPIX TV, 1/1/75

Physical Description: C
item 100 , item (115)

a&b) Debate with Arnold Forster, former president of the ADL, on Barry Gray's show, WMCA, New York City, 11/1/74

Physical Description: C
item 101 , item (116)

a&b) Headliner, Sunday Morning, WMAL TV, Washington, D.C., 3/10/74

Physical Description: C
item 102 , item (117)

a) Holliday (of Brown), Monday after Easter; John Lythe, ABC; problems re ad; letter to Fulbr.

Physical Description: C

b) 4/3

item 103 , item (118)

a) Struggle over costs; Holliday

Physical Description: C

b) Summary of 4/17

item 104 , item (121)

a) CBS TV special "Death of a King" on King Faisal's assassination, 3/25/75

Physical Description: C
item 105 , item (122)

a&b) King Faisal's assassination, 3/25/75: debate with Bob Grant, WPIX, New York City; debate with Martin Abend, Metromedia, Ch.5., New York City; AML's comments, WPIX; CBS/NBC/ABC TV news; Martin Abend and Mohamed Mehdi re King Faisal

Physical Description: C
item 106 , item (123)

a) Interview of Abu Nidal, Hotel Vendome, Beirut, 5/74 (just before Ma'alot - also used on BBC and ITV in London)

Physical Description: C

b) Departure for the Middle East, 4/74; first visit to Qatar

item 107 , item (124)

a) AML with Ted Furey and Steve Flanders on "Let's Find Out," WCBS, New York City, 11/10/74

Physical Description: C
item 108 , item (125)

a) Ted Cavenau: blackmail re Martin Abend column

Physical Description: C

b) Elmer Berger rebuts Cavenau

item 109 , item (127)

a) Robert Paradise ( Wall Street Journal); Bob Grant; Petroleum Week

Physical Description: C

b) Crisis over ad; Robert Paradise; R. Henry; Jack Jayes; Kircher

item 110 , item (128)

a) Debate with Martin Abend, Metromedia, WPIX TV, 2/5/75

Physical Description: C
item 111 , item (129)

a) Martin Abend, c. 75/76

Physical Description: C

b) Conversation with Nobile; talk-show with Tobin (of Continental Oil)

item 112 , item (130)

a) Chester Pozey: fears of running ad in Wall Street Journal

Physical Description: C

b) Wall Street Journal; Ted Phillips re USJ; Village Voice

item 113 , item (132)

a) Conversation with Harris Schnawi, WINS, Ch.11, re answer to Rabbi Tannenbaum, used four times c. 12/20/74

Physical Description: C

b) Conversation with Pat Tobias

item 114 , item (133)

a) News debate re with David Schoenbrun, WPIX TV, New York City, 10/29/74

Physical Description: C
item 115 , item (135)

a) Mrs. Sirhan, 9/70

Physical Description: C
item 116 , item (136)

a) Promises by Tobin to hold a roundtable

Physical Description: C

b) Visit to Tarrytown library: comments on book

item 117 , item (137)

a) Ted Furey's editorial on WCBS, 11/26-27/74 and AML's answer, 12/2/74

Physical Description: C
item 118 , item (138)

a) Phone conversation with Don Walker

Physical Description: C
item 119 , item (139)

a) Wall Street Journal: no help from Bill Rogers, Sue Reid

Physical Description: C

b) Wall Street Journal refuses to run ad; Higgins; Wayne, 2/5-6

item 120 , item (140)

a) "Ford and the Boycott," WPIX TV, New York City, 2/27/75; and various AML commentaries centering on Saudi Arabia

Physical Description: C
item 121 , item (141)

a) Claudia Wright's comments in Riyadh re pressures on Australia

Physical Description: C
item 122 , item (142)

a) Speech, Ohio University, Athens, 2/12/81

Physical Description: C

b) End of speech; question and answer period

item 123 , item (143)

a) The Zionist Connection discussed with Moshe Kagan and Sheldon Ranz, WBAI (Producer, Valerie Van Isler), 10/22/81

Physical Description: C
item 124 , item (144)

a) Dictation, 12/9/77 and 1978

Physical Description: C

b) 9/17

item 125 , item (145)

a) Baghdad, Iraq, V: interview of Saad Hamadi; conversation at Beach Club in Kuwait with editor Chehouri of Al Qabas, 5/29/80

Physical Description: C

b) Kuwait (5/29-6/27); VIP Lounge in Bahrain (AML predicts the assassination of Anwar Sadat [at 275])

item 126 , item (146)

a) Speech, "There Goes the Middle East," Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, 2/18/83

Physical Description: C
item 127 , item (147)

a) Talks with Gabby Baromky, acting president of Bir Zeit University; the former Governor of Jerusalem, in his law office; and refugees at a camp, 5/15-18/80

Physical Description: C
item 128 , item (148)

a) Interview on student radio station, Carleton University, Ottawa

Physical Description: C
item 129 , item (149)

a) Phone interview, WKPA, New Kensington, Pittsburgh, PA, Fall 1981

Physical Description: C
item 130 , item (151)

a) Interview with call-in questions on Bob Grant's show, WMCA, New York City, 10/6/81

Physical Description: C
item 131 , item (201)

a) Speech, College of Marin, Kentfield, CA, 5/6/76

Physical Description: C

b) End of speech; question and answer period

item 132 , item (202)

a) End of question and answer period of Tape 131 (disruption by Jews for Jesus)

Physical Description: C
item 133 , item (203)

a) Speech, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA, 5/1/76

Physical Description: C

b) End of speech; question and answer period

item 134 , item (204)

Same as Tape 133

Physical Description: C
item 135 , item (205)

a) Speech and question and answer period, San Francisco State University, CA, 5/6/76

Physical Description: C

b) End of question and answer period

item 136 , item (206)

a) "Sunday's Best," KCBS, San Francisco, CA, 5/15/76. See also Tape 43

Physical Description: C
item 137 , item (207)

a&b) Speech, Army Navy Club dinner, Washington, D.C., 5/1/75

Physical Description: C
item 138 , item (252)

a) Reply to WCBS editorial of 1/13-14/77, 1/18-19/77

Physical Description: C
item 139 , item (253)

a) AML in Amman, Jordan: voices of Palestinian refugees, 3/29/69

Physical Description: C
item 140 , item (301)

a) Discussion with Mohamed Mehdi on "Accent On" program entitled "An American Perspective on the Arab Boycott," WABC TV, 1/16/77

Physical Description: C

b) Martin Abend; Kennan, 1/77

item 141 , item (600)

a) Appearance on "The World Tonight," BBC, London, UK: "Israel and World Opinion," 10/30/80

Physical Description: C
item 142 , item (600)

Same as Tape 141

Physical Description: C
item 143 , item (601)

a) Speech, "Where Goes the Middle East?" Windsor Hotel, Montreal, Canada, 5/15/81 (meeting disturbed by Maronites)

Physical Description: C
item 144 , item (602)

a&b) Baghdad interview with editor Simawi of Al Baaf Magazine, 7/9/84

Physical Description: C
item 145 , item (603)

a) CBC after Israel's invasion of Lebanon, 9/82

Physical Description: C
item 146 , item (604)

a) Mid 70's, comments on Israeli pressure in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill - Scott vs. Percy, and leakage to Israel re Hawk sale to Jordan through Case and Bingham Zionist assistants

Physical Description: C
item 147 , item (703)

a) Debate with Martin Abend, Metromedia TV, 5/31-6/1/74

Physical Description: C
item 148 , item (705)

a) Phone interview with Tass, 5/13/80

Physical Description: C

b) Speech, Dutch Treat Club, New York City, 3/17/81; Harry Steiger

item 149 , item (706)

a&b) Phone interview by Terry Gross, WHYY, Philadelphia, PA, 3/18/83

Physical Description: C
item 150 , item (707)

a&b) Ad

Physical Description: C
item 151 , item (750)

a) Appearance on TV Forum, Ch.6, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 3/30/83 (with an introduction by Mrs. Santiago)

Physical Description: C

b) Speech, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, 3/31/83

item 152 , item (751)

a&b) Doug Carrick's show, WAVI, Dayton, OH, 12/16/81

Physical Description: C
item 153 , item (752)

a) Dictation re Henry Kissinger, 1/77

Physical Description: C
item 154 , item (753)

a&b) Grand Junction, CO; phone add-on from Phoenix, KREX Radio, 2/4/83

Physical Description: C
item 155 , item (754)

a) "Chez Ottawa," FM, 5/25/82

Physical Description: C
item 156 , item (755)

a) Discussion with Mohamed Mehdi on AP to AP (Arab People to American People) TV, New York City, 4/16/82 (aired 4/22, 4/24, and in May)

Physical Description: C
item 157 , item (757)

a&b) Dictation in Palestinian camp re Wachs

Physical Description: C
item 158 , item (758)

a&b) Call-in show, WTAR, Norfolk, VA, 4/27/82

Physical Description: C
item 159 , item (759)

a&b) Coverage of AWACS sale, News Center 4, WNBC TV, 10/28/81

Physical Description: C
item 160 , item (760)

a) "Inquiry," CFPL TV, London, Ontario, 3/21/86

Physical Description: C
item 161 , item (762)

a&b) Interview by Bob Grant, WMCA Radio, New York City, 12/15/80

Physical Description: C
item 162 , item (764)

a) Menachem Begin on "Meet the Press," 1977

Physical Description: C
item 163 , item (765)

a) Interview by Janet Langhart, WMCA Radio, New York City, 4/2/80

Physical Description: C

b) Khaled Fahoum, former chairman of the Palestinian National Committee, in Damascus, Syria; and assorted conversations at Israeli Airport with soldiers en route to West Bank

item 164 , item (767)

a) Phone calls after ad appears in the New York Times

Physical Description: C
item 165 , item (768)

a) Speech, "Middle East Terror," McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 3/26/86

Physical Description: C
item 166 , item (769)

a) Speech, "Where Goes the Middle East?" Dumbarton Town Hall, N.H., at Captive Nations Day Ceremony, 7/19/80

Physical Description: C
item 167 , item (770)

a&b) Interview for "Middle East in Focus," KPFK Radio, Los Angeles, CA, 12/8/82

Physical Description: C
item 168 , item (771)

a) "Newsmakers," WTMJ TV, Milwaukee, WI, 6/24/82

Physical Description: C
item 169 , item (772)

a) Appearance on "Day by Day," hosted by Andy Rapp, Ch.19, Delta College, University City, MI, 5/18/82

Physical Description: C
item 170 , item (773)

a) Speech, Monterey Institute of International Studies, CA, 2/14/1983

Physical Description: C
item 171 , item (801)

a) Interview by Pia Lindstrom re Iraq-Iran War on "Live at Five," NBC, New York City, 9/23/80

Physical Description: C
item 172 , item (802)

a) Answer to AML by R. P. Lochman of Detroit on "Day by Day," Ch.19, Delta College, University City, MI, 5/18/82

Physical Description: C
item 173 , item (803)

a) Speech, Princeton University, PA, 3/10/82

Physical Description: C

b) AML and two young lawyers on Ch.10, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

item 174 , item (804)

a&b) Speech, UC Berkeley, CA, 2/15/83

Physical Description: C
item 175 , item (805)

a&b) Interview by Janet Reid on "People Talk," KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA, 10/19/81

Physical Description: C
item 176 , item (807)

a) Interview by Rob Michaels on "Open Line," WBSM, 9/8/82

Physical Description: C

b) AWB and Al Green

item 177 , item (808)

a) Speech, "How the Palestinians Can Win," An-Najah University, Nablus, 12/7/81

Physical Description: C

b) Translation of speech, and question and answer period

item 178 , item (809)

a) KOY TV, Phoenix, AZ, 2/2/83

Physical Description: C

b) Questions

item 179 , item (810)

a&b) Speech, University of Arizona State, Phoenix, AZ, 2/3/83

Physical Description: C
item 180 , item (811)

a) Press conference, University of Arizona, Tucson, 2/9/83 (filmed by WGON TV; Tucson TV used part of it that evening)

Physical Description: C

b) Interview by Bert Sass, News Center 9, ABC; Carol Karsch, Tucson JCC secretary

item 181 , item (812)

a&b) Interview by J. Watson, WYIS, Phoenixville, PA, and call-in, 12/19/81

Physical Description: C
item 182 , item (813)

a) Interview by Prof. Dwight Simpson at San Francisco State University, 2/20/83; KQED, San Francisco, CA

Physical Description: C
item 183 , item (814)

a) Michael Anthony Hoffman II's comment on Zionism and Racism, and the Beirut massacres (leading to his dismissal from Ithaca radio station), 1982

Physical Description: C
item 184 , item (815)

a&b) Bill Smith's program, WIOD, Miami, FL, 1/13/82

Physical Description: C
item 185 , item (816)

Continuation of Tape 184

Physical Description: C
item 186 , item (817)

a&b) Speech, Glasgow University, Scotland, UK, 11/18/81

Physical Description: C
item 187 , item (818)

a) Phone interview from Mobile, AL, for "Open Line" with Christina Bowers, WKRG, New York City, 6/3/83

Physical Description: C
item 188 , item (819)

a) Speech and question and answer period, New York City, 5/31/79

Physical Description: C

b) End of question and answer period

item 189 , item (820)

a&b) "Rapline," WKPA, Pennsylvania, 7/6/82

Physical Description: C
item 190 , item (821)

a&b) Speech, Stetson University, Deland, FL, 1/6/82

Physical Description: C
item 191 , item (821)

a) Phone interview, WINZ, Miami, 12/82

Physical Description: C
item 192 , item (822)

a) Speech, Dade Community College, Miami, FL, 1/12/82

Physical Description: C
item 193 , item (823)

a&b) WSTV Radio, Steubenville, OH, 1/25/82

Physical Description: C
item 194 , item (900)

a) Prince Saud on "Issues and Answers," ABC TV, 5/29/77

Physical Description: C

b) Middle East

item 195 , item (901)

a) Speech, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J., 4/29/82

Physical Description: C
item 196 , item (42)

a) Appearance on Mike Seigel's talk show, WGBS, Miami, FL, 2/22/83

Physical Description: C
item 197 , item (52)

a) CBC Sunday Morning re the Middle East, 7/25/82

Physical Description: C
item 198 , item (3)

a) Speech, "Roots of the Middle East Conflict" (Part II), University of Ottawa, 3/24/86

Physical Description: C
item 199 , item (64)

a) Prof. Geo Lenczkowski and AML at Libyan Youth Conference, Tripoli, Libya, 5/16/73

Physical Description: C
item 200 , item (/)

a) Dictation from Bahrain, 6/5/80

Physical Description: C
item 201 , item (1)

a) Branden-Buchanan show, WRC, 2/9/83 (phone-in from Washington, D.C. to Tucson, AZ)

Physical Description: C
item 202 , item (2)

a) Terry Gross program, WHYY, Philadelphia, PA, 3/8/83

Physical Description: C
item 203 , item (3)

a) Interview with call-in questions, "Talk of Houston," KPRH Radio, Houston, TX, 9/30/83

Physical Description: C
item 204 , item (4)

a) Speech, 14th American Atheists Convention, Lexington, KY, 4/21/84

Physical Description: C

b) Speech, "Zionism, the Occupying Power," IPO Conference, Vienna, Austria, 5/13/84

item 205 , item (5)

a) Interview of Samawi, editor of Al-Baaf Magazine, Baghdad, Iraq; Arab chanting, 7/84

Physical Description: C
item 206 , item (6)

a) Conversation/interview of Samawi, 7/9/84

Physical Description: C
item 207 , item (7)

a) YMCA Jerusalem: Beit Sahour speech, 7/19/84

Physical Description: C
item 208 , item (8)

a) Interview in Cairo, Egypt (later used on Cairo Radio), 7/31/84

Physical Description: C
item 209 , item (9)

a) Remarks, Sabra & Shatila Memorial, Washington, D.C., 9/15/84 (includes Clovis Maksoud's remarks)

Physical Description: C
item 210 , item (10)

a) Remarks, Sabra & Shatila Memorial, Arab American groups, Washington, D.C., 9/15/84

Physical Description: C
item 211 , item (12)

a) Part of interview, WORT Radio, Madison, WI, 12/7/84

Physical Description: C

b) Part of press conference on 2nd visit to Prag, Czechoslovakia, 5/28/85

item 212 , item (13)

a) Interview by Abdul Salem Y. Massarueh for Arab newspapers at Foundry Restaurant, 3/10/85

Physical Description: C
item 213 , item (14)

a) Speech, Organization of Arab Students, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., 5/2/85

Physical Description: C
item 214 , item (15)

a) NAAA Convention - Authors' Roundtable, 5/5/85

Physical Description: C
item 215 , item (16)

a) Dictation for lectures at University of London, UK, and at Institute on Strategic Studies, 5/10+13/85

Physical Description: C

b) In discussion at Institute on Strategic Studies, 5/13/85

item 216 , item (17)

a) Speech, "Wanted: A New Middle East Policy," Freedoms Foundation, Valley Forge, PA, 6/4/85

Physical Description: C
item 217 , item (18)

Same as Tape 216

Physical Description: C
item 218 , item (19)

Same as Tape 216

Physical Description: C
item 219 , item (20)

Master copy of Tape 216

Physical Description: C
item 220 , item (23)

a) Speech, Cornell Club of Washington luncheon, Washington, D.C., 9/10/85

Physical Description: C
item 221 , item (24)

a) Interview by John McCullouch on his call-in show, WWWE Radio, Cleveland, OH, 10/14/85 (9:30-10:00)

Physical Description: C
item 222 , item (25)

a) Continuation of Tape 221 (10:00 - l0: 30 and 10:30-11:00)

Physical Description: C
item 223 , item (27)

a) Dictation of letter to the New York Times on the Achille Lauro highjacking, 10/14/85

Physical Description: C
item 224 , item (28)

a) Interview by Steve Dion, WGUN TV, Tucson, AZ, 11/25/85

Physical Description: C
item 225 , item (29)

a) "Crossfire" with Tom Braden, Congressman Dornan, and David Bar-Ilan, CNN, 12/5/85

Physical Description: C
item 226 , item (166)

a&b) Debate between Hyman Bookbinder (ADL) and Said Areikat (Palestinian Congress of North America) re Israel's raid on Iraq on John Cigna's show, KDKA Radio, Pittsburgh, PA, 6/17/81 (AML was cancelled out of the show, but was interviewed two days later after protesting)

Physical Description: C
item 227 , item (/)

a) Mark Schreiber, KQV, Pittsburgh, PA, Fall 1980 (sabotage SS)

Physical Description: C
item 228 , item (30)

a) Debate with Hal Saunders and Wolf Blitzer re the Middle East Conflict on BIZNET "Ask Washington," U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 12/10/85 (studio copy)

Physical Description: C
item 229 , item (31)

aML's recording of Tape 228

Physical Description: C
item 230 , item (33)

Interview by Merle Pollis, Radio 11, WWWE Cleveland, 1/7/86

Physical Description: C
item 231 , item (33)

Continuation of Tape 230

Physical Description: C
item 232 , item (36)

aML re Libya, 5/8/86

Physical Description: C
item 233 , item (7A)

a) Interview by Charles Metropolis, Radio Jordan, 7/20/84

Physical Description: R
item 234 , item (407)

Interview from Athens, Greece, of recent deportees; background on Al-Awdah ship, 2/11 or 12/88

Physical Description: C
item 235 , item (408)

Comments from Jerusalem on the Intifadah, 2/15/88

Physical Description: C
item 236 , item (409)

Further comments from Jerusalem on Soviet Jewry, universalism, the Holocaust, and Elie Wiesel, 2/88

Physical Description: C
item 237 , item (400)

aML in Gaza: interview of Abu-Rahmed; visit to Mrs. Nassar's home; hospital; reception at National Hotel, 2/88

Physical Description: C
item 238 , item (401)

Continuation of reception at National Hotel for Socialist International Union reception, 2/23/88

Physical Description: C
item 239 , item (402)

Press conference at PLO Office in Tunis, Tunisia, 3/6/88

Physical Description: C
item 240 , item (403)

Continuation of press conference

Physical Description: C
item 241 , item (405)

a) Conversation with Hassan Ahmed Khalil and family at Jalazone refugee camp, 2/21/88

Physical Description: C

b) Ecumenical service and other events at Athens; Al-Awdah ship happening

item 242 , item (406)

a) Continuation of Tape 241; report on the arrival of George Shultz in Jerusalem on the day of the attack on AML at Ramallah and struggle over tear gas canister, 2/26/88

Physical Description: C

b) Beginning of Tape 241 (talk with Palestinian family at Jalazone)

item 243 , item (/)

Talk with Sullivan, Ch.5, WNBC Radio?, 4/11/65?; threat on AML's life; Jeffrey Kolbrook, Rabbi Rappoport, Wellborn

Physical Description: C
item 244 , item (7II)

Dictation from Bahrain, 6/5/80

Physical Description: C
item 245 , item (100)

a) Debate with Bob Grant on "Newsmaker," 11/4/74

Physical Description: C

b) Nobile (1st tape): heated conversation over media distortions

item 246 , item (/)

a) Speech, "Where Goes the Middle East?" Princeton University, PA, 3/10/82

Physical Description: C
item 247 , item (/)

a) Call from anonymous protester re ad in the New York Times [up to 232]

Physical Description: C
item 248 , item (/)

News of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon [starts at 465]; AML on Counterpoint, Station CF, Montreal, 6/7/82; undetermined conversation

Physical Description: C
item 249 , item (/)

Dictation re Saudi psychosis following luncheon for AML at the Equestrian Club, and refusal of young Saudi leaders to participate in anti-Zionism campaign, 6/80

Physical Description: C
item 250 , item (/)

a) Phone conversations with various people at WABC re AML's demand for equal time on "Accent On," in particular with Douglas Land, attorney for WABC, re obligation to present both sides

Physical Description: C

b) Conversations with Skinner and Warren Richardson re the press

item 251 , item (/)

Press conference, National Press Club, Washington, D.C., 8/31/78

Physical Description: C
item 252 , item (/)

Speech, "Roots of the Middle East Conflict" (Part I), University of Ottawa, 3/24/86

Physical Description: C
item 253 , item (/)

Libyan memorial service and press conference sponsored by the USA Holy Land State Committee, c. Spring 1986

Physical Description: C
item 254 , item (/)

Speech and most of the question and answer period, Phi Beta Kappa Association, Washington, D.C., 10/16/85

Physical Description: C
item 255 , item (/)

Question and answer period, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, 3/21/86

Physical Description: C
item 256 , item (/)

Phone interview, KPFK Los Angeles, with Pacifica upon return from Palestine National Council meeting in Algiers, 12/1/88

Physical Description: C
item 257 , item (/)

Dialogue with Quebec Jewish community leader Stephen Lipper, Rick Moffat Show, CJAD Radio, Montreal, Canada, 3/22/88

Physical Description: C
item 258 , item (/)

a) Speech, "What Price Middle East Peace?" George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 1/26/88

Physical Description: C
item 259 , item (/)

Interview, "A.M." LBC Radio, London, Great Britain, 11/22/88, re significance of Algiers conference and statement by the Palestine National Council

Physical Description: C
item 260 , item (/)

Interview with call-in questions, "Talk of Houston," KPRH, Houston, Texas, 9/30/83

Physical Description: C
item 261 , item ( A )

a&b) Miscellaneous dictation with media and personalities at time of Unitarian Church speech, October 1980-1981

Physical Description: C
item 262 , item ( B )

a) Call for Middle East dialogue [from 40 to 79 only]

Physical Description: C
item 263 , item (RR1)

appearance on Radio Baghdad, Iraq, 3/24/65

Physical Description: R
item 264 , item (RR2)

7th Annual Asian Institute, Northwest Nazarene College, Nampa, Idaho, 1/8/70

Physical Description: R
item 265 , item (RR3)

Interview by Bob Grant, WMCA, New York City, 2/72 (day after ad in New York Times)

Physical Description: R
item 266 , item (RR5)

appearance on Radio Kuwait, 1974

Physical Description: R
item 267 , item (RR6)

appearance on Barry Farber's show, WOR, New York City, 1966

Physical Description: R
item 268 , item (RR7)

Rebuttal to Jim Branch's commentary of 12/2 on WRFM, New York City, 12/17/71

Physical Description: R
item 269 , item (RR8)

Ceremony by children at Palestinian Red Crescent, Tripoli, Libya, 5/73

Physical Description: R
item 270 , item (RR9)

appearance on Barry Gray's show, WMCA, New York City, 5/15/57

Physical Description: R
item 271 , item (RR10)

Appearance on "The World Tonight," BBC, London, UK, 5/16/74 (after Ma'alot and meeting Abu Nidal). This appears to be part II

Physical Description: R
item 272, item (RR11)

Interview on Radio Jordan, Amman, 1954

Physical Description: R
item 273 , item (RR12)

Speech, Unitarian Church, Nantucket, MA, 7/71("War Comes to Nantucket"). Question and answer period only

Physical Description: R
item 274 , item (RR13)

Speech, Los Angeles Breakfast Club, CA, 4/4/56

Physical Description: R
item 276, item (RR14)

Appearance on Radio Baghdad, Iraq, 6/65 (or 63)

Physical Description: R
item 276, item (RR15)

a&b) Speech, "Middle East: Friend or Foe?" Marine Memorial Building, San Francisco, CA, 4/9/56

Physical Description: R
item 277 , item (RR16)

Debate with Martin Abend re ad in the Wall Street Journal, Metromedia TV, Ch.5, New York City, Fall 1974

Physical Description: R
item 278, item (RR17)

Devotional address, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 10/15/70

Physical Description: R
item 279, item (RR18)

Debate with Martin Abend, Metromedia TV, Ch.5, 2/7/74

Physical Description: R
item 280, item (RR19)

Appearance on "Night Beat," WNBC Radio, with host John Nebel, Kevin O'Dougherty, Mr. Karash, and Rabbi Silver, 6/11/57

Physical Description: R
item 281, item (RR20)

Debate with Rabbi Silver re Arab Boycott on John Nebel's show, WNBC Radio, 4/11/65

Physical Description: R
item 282, item (RR21)

Continuation of Tape 281

Physical Description: R
item 283 , item (RR22)

Speech, Middle East Center, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 2/26/68

Physical Description: R
item 284 , item (RR23)

Speech, "A Jew Looks at Zionism: The Other Side of the Middle East Coin," SUNY, Albany, NY, 4/28/69

Physical Description: R
item 285 , item (RR24)

Speech, Youth Conference, Tripoli, Libya, 5/15/73 (25th anniversary of Israel)

Physical Description: R
item 286, item (RR25)

Appearance, Radio Damascus, Syria, 5/75 (at time when substitued for Yasir Arafat to give a speech on "Palestine Day," May 15)

Physical Description: R
item 287 , item (/)

Interview on "Headliner," WMAL TV, Washington, D.C., 3/10/74

Physical Description: R
item 288 , item (/)

a) Speech, "Where Goes the Middle East?" Student Center, University of Houston, TX, 11/30/67

Physical Description: R

b) Apperance with Reverend Anis Shorosh on "Anything Goes," KTRH, Houston, TX, 11/30/67

item 289 , item (/)

Speech, "Arabs, Israelis, Oil, and Trouble," Rotary Club, Nantucket, MA, 7/17/63

Physical Description: R
item 290 , item (/)

Radio interview on Libyan Broadcasting Service, Tripoli, Libya, 4/25/70

Physical Description: R
item 291 , item (/)

Press Conference, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 1/26/69

Physical Description: R
item 292 , item (/)

Debate with Sidney Zion and call-in period on "Advise and Dissent: The Community Response to McNeil-Lehrer," New York City TV, c. 1978

Physical Description: R
item 293 , item (1)

Prague, Czechoslovakia, 5/28/85 (or December 1988) [bad quality]

Physical Description: V
item 294 , item (2)

Press conference, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 5/29/85

Physical Description: R
item 295 , item (3)

appearance on Arab-American radio program, Tom Shire and Linda Simon, 3 callers, 6/22/85

Physical Description: C
item 296 , item (4A)

Speech, Lebanese Syrian Canadian Association, Montreal, Canada, 3/25/86

Physical Description: C
item 297 , item (4B)

Same as Tape 296

Physical Description: C
item 298 , item (5)

Memorial service for the victims in Lybia, Washington Hotel, and press conference organized by the Holy Land State Committee (HLSC), with AML and others speaking, 4/22/86

Physical Description: C
item 299 , item (6)

W. W. Baker on "Bob Grant Show," WABC-770 AM, 9/19/86

Physical Description: C
item 300 , item (7A)

Comments, Forum on Terrorism, 1987 Student Symposium on International Terrorism, Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi, 1/20-21/87

Physical Description: C
item 301 , item (7B)

Continuation of Tape 300

Physical Description: C
item 302 , item (8)

Speech, "What Price Middle East Peace?" George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 1/26/88

Physical Description: C
item 303 , item (9)

Operation "Shining Sun," a major offensive of the National Liberation Army of Iran, 3/28/88 (may include AML's commentary)

Physical Description: V
item 304 , item (10)

Phone interview by Judith Gabriel of Pacifica Radio, CA, 7/10/88

Physical Description: C
item 305 , item (11)

a) Speech, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, 3/28/89

Physical Description: C

b) Question and answer period

item 306 , item (12A)

aDC National Convention, Washington, D.C., 4/13-16/89. XII: "Eyewitness Israel" (includes AML's comments)

Physical Description: V
item 307 , item (12B)

Continuation of Tape 306: Saturday Awards Banquet

Physical Description: V
item 308 , item (13)

Speech and post-address conversations, Rotary Club of Washington, D.C., 6/14/89

Physical Description: C
item 309 , item (14)

Meir Kahane's speech followed by question and answer period, National Press Club, Washington, D.C., n.d.

Physical Description: C
item 310 , item (15)

aML meeting with Mr. Shen and Mr. Zhand from China, c. spring 1988

Physical Description: C
item 311 , item (/)

Interview by Bob Dalton and call-in on "For Your Information," WTOP, Washington, D.C., re The Other Side of the Coin, 1/19/66

Physical Description: R
item 312 , item (/)

Middle East Voices, 1958

Physical Description: R
item 313 , item (/)

Same as Tape 312 [not as good a recording]

Physical Description: R
item 314 , item (/)

"Empathy," WWDC, Washington, D.C., 2/3/76

Physical Description: R
item 315 , item (/)

Continuation of Tape 314

Physical Description: R
item 316 , item (/)

Press conference at Republican National Convention, San Francisco, 1956 (question of nationalization of Suez Canal)

Physical Description: R
item 317 , item (/)

"Middle East Crisis" on Face to Face, CBS, Salt Lake City, Utah, 10/28/73

Physical Description: R
item 318 , item (/)

Panel discussion on Brad Crandell's show, NBC, followed by a telephone poll, 7/18/66 - AML, Ben Davidson (Liberal party of New York State), Jacques Torzyner (president of ZOA), and Professor Robert Hirshfeld discussing whether "Mayor Lindsay and Governor Rockerfeller were right to snub King Faisal"

Physical Description: R
item 319 , item (/)

Same as Tape 318

Physical Description: R
item 320 , item (/)

Same as Tape 319

Physical Description: R
item 321 , item (/)

Interview by Haikal in Cairo, 1957

Physical Description: R
item 322 , item (/)

Speech, Freedom Club, Los Angeles, California, 4/3/56

Physical Description: R
item 323 , item (/)

Continuation of Tape 322

Physical Description: R
item 324 , item (/)

Interview by Tom Reeky on "Background," ABC, Michigan, on AML's speech at the University of Michigan two days earlier; and excerpts of Shimon Peres who spoke a week earlier

Physical Description: R
item 325 , item (/)

Colonel Mahmoud Younes, chairman of Suez Canal Authority, at luncheon of American-Arab Association, New York City, 1966 (introduced by General Wheeler)

Physical Description: R
item 326 , item (/)

Speech "The Road to Victory," Assuit University, Assuit, Egypt, 10/63

Physical Description: R
item 327 , item (/)

a) Wooster College, Wooster, Ohio, 3/13/68

Physical Description: R

b) Question and answer period

item 328 , item (/)

Speech, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 11/14/67

Physical Description: R
item 329 , item (/)

Continuation of Tape 328 (question and answer period)

Physical Description: R
item 330 , item (/)

Speech, "Middle East: Friend or Foe?" City Auditorium, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1/29/54

Physical Description: R
item 331 , item (/)

Speech, "The Middle East: Another Vietnam?" State University of Washington, Pullman, Washington, 1/13/70

Physical Description: R
item 332 , item (/)

arrival of John F. Dulles in Cairo, Egypt, 5/53

Physical Description: R
item 333 , item (/)

Speech, "The Middle East: Another Vietnam?" University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 5/16/67

Physical Description: R
item 334 , item (/)

Speech, "A Jew Demands Justice for the Arabs," and telephone tie-up to 15 cities, Islamic Center, Detroit, Michigan, 3/1/70

Physical Description: R
item 335 , item (/)

Speech, "Where Goes the Middle East?" University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 11/21/68

Physical Description: R
item 336 , item (/)

Speech, "Where Goes the Middle East?" Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, 2/10/55

Physical Description: R
item 337 , item (/)

Interview by Ezzidin Sirag, Libyan Broadcasting Service, Tripoli, Libya, on Palestine Day, 5/15/73

Physical Description: R
item 338 , item (/)

Interview on Radio Cairo [questions in French - AML's answers in English]

Physical Description: R
item 339 , item (/)

Morning Chapell Call Requiem, "Poposal for a New Middle East Prophecy," Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, 2/13/68

Physical Description: R
item 340 , item (/)

Speech, "Where Goes the Middle East?" Women's Society of Scarsdale, Community Baptist Church, Scarsdale, New York, 4/14/69

Physical Description: R
item 341 , item (/)

Miscellaneous dictation, including on Saul Bellow (after '67)

Physical Description: R
item 342 , item (/)

answer to CBS editorial on U.S. Middle East policy, New York City, 12/2/74

Physical Description: R
item 343 , item (/)

Miscellaneous dictatation

Physical Description: R
item 344 , item (/)

Radio announcement of AML's speech "The Middle East Crisis: What Should America's Role Be?" at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California, 4/27/76

Physical Description: R
item 345 , item (/)

Miscellaneous dictation, including open letter to Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay), c. April 1977

Physical Description: R
item 346 , item (/)

Speech, "Where Goes the Middle East?" American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird), Glendale, Arizona, 3/26/79

Physical Description: C
item 347 , item (/)

Speech and question and answer period, UNO group, Tokyo, Japan, 11/7/91

Physical Description: C
item 348 , item (/)

a) Question and answer period Kywa Kyokai, Diet Building, Tokyo, Japan, 11/7/91

Physical Description: C
item 349 , item (/)

a) Press conference, National Press Club, Washington, D.C., 6/12/85

Physical Description: C
Photo file

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1945-1984

Scope and Content Note

2,313 prints, 37 negatives, 146 negative strips, 13 contact sheets, and 13 slides depicting AML and others in the United States and in various countries of the Middle East
Folder mA

24 prints depicting AML, including 1 dressed as a Saudi prince at Nantucket and 1 behind the wheel of boat belonging to Parade Magazine editor Motley

Folder B

7 prints depicting AML during speaking engagements and interviews, n.d.

Folder C

5 prints depicting books written by AML and clippings mentioning AML

Folder D

15 prints depicting AML and other members of United Youth for Defense, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., General Hershey (head of draft), and former Midwest Governor Paul McNutt, as well as with Jackie Cooper and Alice Marble, 1941

Folder E

3 prints depicting AML in uniform in San Francisco as a consultant to the U.S. Delegation at the UN Conference, April 1945

Folder F

1 print depicting AML with members of the One World Club in Washington, D.C., 1946

Folder G

4 prints and 1 negative depicting AML in Egypt interviewing Gamal Abdel Nasser for NBC, 7 May 1953; with Prime Minister Mohamed Naguib, U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, and Harold E. Stassen, 11 May 1953; and with Mahmoud Younes, n.d.

Folder H

21 prints, 13 contact strips, and 4 negatives depicting AML visiting refugee camps in Gaza with Colonel Salah Gohar (before being stranded there for one month), 1953

Folder I

1 print depicting AML in Jerusalem with Rabbi Benjamin of Neturei Karta, 1953

Folder J

4 prints depicting AML in Lebanon at a press conference of Adlai Stevenson and John Foster Dulles at the American University of Beirut Alumni Club, 1953; and 1 print depicting Stevenson's son Borden

Folder K

5 prints and 7 slides depicting AML visiting refugee camps with Adlai Stevenson and Wilton Wynn in the Bakaa Valley, 1953

Folder L

5 prints depicting Adlai Stevenson with Camille Chamoun and Saab Salaam at the dedication of a hydroelectric plant in the Bekaa Valley; and 2 prints depicting Lebanese foreign minister George Hakim or Emile Boustany and Izzat Tannous, 1953

Folder M

2 prints depicting AML with U.S. ambassador to Lebanon Harold Mino, 1953

Folder N

6 prints and 1 negative depicting AML in Syria with President Adib Shishakly, July 1953

Folder O

1 print depicting AML at the British Empire Club, Providence, Rhode Island, 15 January 1954

Folder P

1 print depicting AML in Iraq in 1954, playing water polo with Prime Minister Fadhil Jamali at the Alwiya Club in Baghdad; and 4 prints of Babylon

Folder Q

1 print depicting AML at the Jordan Hospital with head of hospital Dr. Dejani, 29 August 1954

Folder R

10 prints depicting AML arriving in Beirut in August 1954, met by Mrs. Khartabil, Ludwig Tamari, and Izzat Tannous; and at a reception at the Alumni Club after addressing the Palestinian Arab Women League

Folder S

20 prints depicting AML in Lebanon with Camille Chamoun, Saab Salaam, and Sami Solh; and at a reception in Beirut given by the Minister of Information Ezzedine N'Souli, with Permanent Undersecretary Fouad Amoun and Wilton Wynn of AP, September 1954

Folder T

3 prints depicting AML visiting refugee camps in Lebanon, 1954

Folder U

20 prints and 2 negatives depicting AML in Egypt in 1954, including with Mohamed Naguib, Wilton Wynn, and Kennett Love during the celebration of the first anniversary of Egyptian Revolution outside of Alexandria; addressing the Rotary Club at the Nile Hilton in Cairo on October 12; and at a press conference given by Gamal Abdel Nasser

Folder V

9 prints depicting AML during his first visit in Saudi Arabia, including with Sheik Khalid Abdul Walid, Sheik Yousuf Yasin, and Minister of Information Abdullah Bulkair, 1954

Folder W

21 prints depicting AML in Syria in 1954, at a press conference in Aleppo and at the opening of the Damascus Fair, where copies of What Price Israel? are on display

Folder X

3 prints depicting AML in Rome, November 1956

Folder Y

8 prints depicting AML with Gamal Abdel Nasser at his home, Minister of Economy Abdul Mouneim Kaissouny, and Minister of the Interior Zakharia Mohieddine, 1956

Folder Z

5 prints depicting AML giving two different press conferences, one at the Semiramis Hotel in Cairo, 6 December 1956, with Wilton Wynn and Ibrahim Izzrat in the audience

Folder AA

11 prints depicting AML visiting Lebanon President Camille Chamoun in his summer residence at Beit Eldin, 1956

Folder AB

51 prints depicting AML in Lebanon, 1956-1957, including with Izzat Tannous, at various functions and at Baalbek on 4 July 1956 after a reception at the US Embassy

Folder AC

18 prints depicting AML in Egypt, 1956-1957, including with Anwar Sadat, with Egyptian Jews visiting a synagogue, with journalist Dorothy Thompson; smoking a narguilla; and with famed belly-dancer Nadia Gammal. Includes an autographed picture of Anwar Sadat

Folder AD

20 prints depicting AML speaking at the Propeller Club in Beirut, 7 January 1957, and at the airport leaving for Amman, where the plane was held for him as he was visiting King Hussein

Folder AE

1 print depicting AML after a lecture in the Midwest, Fall 1957?

Folder AF

16 prints of AML in Cologne, Germany, with UN armed forces before leaving for Cairo; and in Jerusalem attending an Easter service with General E. L. M. Burns, and at unidentified locations in the Middle East, 1958

Folder AG

142 prints of AML in Jerusalem at Easter and in Jordan, 1958, including at the opening of Parliament; with King Hussein and his Circasian guard; and at Mandelbaum Gate and Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Folder AH

39 prints of AML at Kalandra and other refugee camps in Jordan and among ruins of Israeli raid, 1958

Folder AI

52 prints of AML at Ismailia, Egypt, 1958, with Suez Canal Co. president Mahmoud Younes and with children of Ismailia, and on a visit to the Sphinx. Includes prints of ships in the Canal and of new housing in Suez after the war, as well as of AML with Egyptian military, and at al Gamma en route to Alamein

Folder AJ

9 prints of AML with Gamal Abdel Nasser, 11 June 1958

Folder AK

37 prints of AML in Iran, 1958

Folder AL

19 prints of AML in Iraq, May-June 1958, including with King Faisal in his garden with Prime Minister Nuri es-Said and with Foreign Minister Fadhil Jamadi. Includes prints of last celebration of National Development Week and of Saudi and Kuwaiti princes, in particular Saudi Prince Hishal

Folder AM

21 prints of AML in Lebanon, 1958, including with Mrs. Charles Malik and U.S. ambassador to Lebanon and Mrs. Donald Heath. Includes prints of Baalbek

Folder AN

24 prints of AML in Saudi Arabia, including at Nassiryah Palace with water deliverers, and with U.S. ambassador to Lebanon Donald Heath, 1958

Folder AO

31 prints of AML visiting refineries, ministries, and Saudi Arabia's Prince Mashur's school (called the King's Sons School) in Riyadh, 1958

Folder AP

21 prints and 6 slides of AML with Prince Mashur, 1958 (one of these was reproduced in Life Magazine)

Folder AQ

32 prints of AML in Syria in 1958, including with President Kuwathy and army officers on Syrian National Day

Folder AR

4 prints of AML at the University of Kansas in Lawrence for a symposium on foreign affairs, August 1958. Includes group picture and 1 with Harry Truman

Folder AS

4 prints of AML signing autographs after his lecture at a high school in Ridgewood, New Jersey, 2 December 1955

Folder AT

24 prints of AML in Israel (including talking with workers), Lebanon, and Cyprus, 1960

Folder AU

1 print of AML at the Rotary Club in Cairo, 15 January 1960

Folder AV

2 prints of AML at Oxford University where he lectured, 9 November 1960

Folder AW

5 prints and 1 negative of AML in Iraq with Chief Rabbi Khedouri Sasoon, December 1960

Folder AX

8 prints of AML in Kuwait, December 1960, including with Emir Abdullah Sabah and the British Governor General

Folder AY

1 print of AML in Spokane, Washington, 9 February 1961

Folder AZ

3 prints of AML at an Arab Oil Conference in Beirut, c. 1961-1962, including Abdullah Tariki, Minister of Petrol of Saudi Arabia, and Joe Ellinger of ARAMCO

Folder BA

15 prints of AML in Saudi Arabia, 1962, including with King Saud and his sons, Sheik Abdullah Sabah of Kuwait, and Gunnar Jarring

Folder BB

11 prints of AML in Egypt in 1963 at a luncheon honoring him at the Mohamed Ali Club with Vice-Premier Abdul Khader Hatem, Minister of Education Abdel Aziz El-Sayed, and Mohamed El-Bahey; speaking at the University of Assuit; and at the Nile Hilton with Tab Hunter

Folder BC

1 print of AML in Damascus with Syrian President Mamoun Kousberri, 1965; 2 prints of AML in Baghdad with Iraqi President Aref; and 1 print of AML in Beirut with his favorite taxi driver, 1965(?)

Folder BD

4 prints of AML with Gamal Abdel Nasser, June 1965; and 2 prints of AML giving a press conference in Amman, 17 June 1965 (Jordanian Ministry of Information forbad it to be publicized)

Folder BE

2 prints of AML with Adlai Stevenson at a meeting of the American Arab Association of Commerce and Industry in New York City, 1965

Folder BF

1 print of AML visiting the Eisenhower home in Abilene, Kansas, on a lecture tour in the mid 1960's

Folder BG

2 prints depicting bomb damage in Port Said during the 1967 War

Folder BH

13 prints depicting shelled refugee camps in the Gaza strip and East Jordan during the 1967 War

Folder BI

1 print of AML dancing at the Rockefeller Debutante Party, 24 November 1967

Folder BJ

2 prints of AML speaking at Wake Forest University, 13 February 1968; and 1 of AML showing his book The Other Side of the Coin to members of the Oklahoma Women's Club, 14 February 1968

Folder BK

6 prints of AML addressing the Freedom Club at the First Congregational Church in Pasadena, California, 11 March 1968, with Ed Delaney listening

Folder BL

30 prints depicting victims and destruction near Salt and other places after the Israeli air raids of March-April 1968

Folder BM

11 prints of AML at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, to debate W. Cleon Skousen, 18 April 1968

Folder BN

13 prints depicting AML at his office on 5th Avenue and 36th Street after it had been broken into, 1969

Folder BO

34 prints and 9 strips of negatives of AML on 1969 trip in Cairo, Beirut, Jerusalem, and in Jordan (in particular addressing the Lions Club of Amman), including with Jordanian Foreign Minister Musa Nassir and Bishop Stephen E. Bayne of St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem. Includes prints of the Allenby Bridge

Folder BP

3 prints of AML with Sheik Abdullah Salem, Emir of Kuwait, at a reception at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City in the early 1970's; and 1 print of AML at a session of the Kuwait Assembly in the early 1970's

Folder BQ

8 prints of AML in Amman, including with Prime Minister Abdel Moneim Rifai and at a PLO parade, 15 May 1970

Folder BR

8 prints of AML in Tripoli, visiting school children and with Major Hamza of the Libyan Revolutionary Council, June 1970

Folder BS

1 print of AML with Marion Hewitt Wells and her husband in Reno, Nevada, 7 March 1971

Folder BT

4 prints of AML in Egypt being interviewd for Cairo TV, October 1971

Folder BU

21 prints of AML in Qatar, 1972

Folder BV

11 prints of AML laying a wreath on Nasser's tomb on the second anniversary of his death, September 1972

Folder BW

1 print of AML in Bahrain; and 4 of AML in Israel with Black Panther leaders, 1973

Folder BX

15 prints of AML in Lybia visiting ruins; participating in the Extraordinary International Conference for Political Movements of European and Arab Countries Youth, 15 May 1973; and 2 with Nigerian Muslim Youth leader

Folder BY

3 prints of AML marching in Tripoli on Palestine Day, 15 May 1973

Folder BZ

7 prints of AML at Muammar Qaddafi's press conference, 1973

Folder CA

18 prints of AML participating in a protest march, with Muammar Qaddafi looking on, 1973

Folder CB

14 prints of AML with Muammar Qaddafi, 1973

Folder CC

1 print of AML in Beirut with members of the Indian Embassy, 1973

Folder CD

3 prints of a car wreck on some Lebanese road, 1974

Folder CE

14 prints of AML in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Libya(?), June 1974

Folder CF-CH

139 prints of AML in Qatar, including with the Emir, Sheik Al-Thani, and with the Minister of Information, Mahmoud Sherif, 1974

Folder CI

6 prints and 1 negative of AML with Yasir Araft after his speech to the United Nations, November 1974, and other PLO representatives. Includes U.S. Senator James Abourezk and Arab League ambassador Clovis Maksoud

Folder CJ

5 prints and 4 negatives of AML addressing a Libyan reception at the Biltmore Hotel in New York City, 1975

Folder CK

2 prints of AML in Damascus with the head of the Baath Party, 1975, 1976, or 1978

Folder CL

51 prints of AML in Saudi Arabia with King Khalid, in UAE with ruler Qassimi, in Libya with the Shiite Sheikh al-Sadr who disappeared, and in Kuwait, 1975

Folder CM

7 prints and 1 negative of AML in Syria, including with Hafez Assad, 1975

Folder CN

3 prints of AML in Egypt with Saed Marei, 1975

Folder CO

33 prints of AML in Tunisia with Palestinian orphans, and in Bahrain at time of the visit of Saudi Prince Sultan and Prince , 1975. Includes prints of AML with Sheik Issa Khalifa and photographing the Ardah dance with swords

Folder CP

8 prints of AML in Qatar, 1975

Folder CQ

3 prints of various personalities at the funeral of King Faisal, including King Khalid, Saudi Minister of Defense Prince Sultan, Anwar Sadat, Hafez Assad, Sheik Al-Thani of Qatar, Sheik Salami of Kuwait, and Algerian President Houari Boumedienne, 1975

Folder CR

1 print of AML on Channel 5 News, 5 September 1975

Folder CS

1 print of AML with William F. Buckley, Jr. and the crew of Firing Line, 29 November 1975 (or February 1976?)

Folder CT

4 prints and 1 negative of AML participating in a press conference in New York by the PLO observer to the United Nations, Zehdi Labib Terzi, 23 January 1976

Folder CU

2 prints of AML testifying before New York City's Council against its proposal to change the name of UN Plaza to Zion Square, February 1976

Folder CV

8 prints of AML in Syria, including with Hafez Assad, February 1976

Folder CW

47 prints of AML in Qatar, including visiting the National Museum, 1976. Includes possibly earlier prints

Folder CX

35 prints and 2 strips of negatives of AML in UAE, including lecturing in Abu Dhabi, 1976

Folder CY

49 prints and 14 strips of negatives of AML on lecture tour in California, including with King Fahd's son at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and with Moshe and Marutha Menuhin, April-May 1976

Folder CZ

3 prints of AML in Syria, at a dinner with friends, 1977

Folder DA

6 prints of AML appearing with Mohamed T. Mehdi on Accent On, WABC-TV, 16 January 1977

Folder DB

5 prints of a parade in New York City on Palestine Day, 15 May 1977

Folder DC

77 prints, 12 negatives, and 4 strips of negatives of AML in Iraq, including with Foreign Minister Sadoon Hamadi, Said Hammoudi, Saddam Hussein, and Vanessa Redgrave, 1978

Folder DD

26 prints of Iraq, 1978

Folder DE

39 prints and 9 strips of negatives of AML in Lebanon, including at a PLO training camp, 1978

Folder DF

6 prints of AML with Al-Quassimi, Emir of Sharja, UAE, and in New York with UAE Foreign Minister Ahmed Khalifa al-Suwaidi, 1978

Folder DG

3 prints of AML launching The Zionist Connection at a UN press conference in New York with PLO observer Zehdi Labib Terzi, 29 November 1978

Folder DH-DI

98 prints of AML greeting various ambassadors at a party launching The Zionist Connection at the Libyan Permanent Mission to the United Nations, New York, including with Libyan ambassador Mansur Kikhia, PLO observer Zehdi Labib Terzi, and Saudi ambassador Jamil Baroody, 29 November 1978 honoring the members of the delegation of the "Libyan People-to-People" diplomacy, including Billy Carter, Kurt Waldheim, and Egyptian ambassador Esmat Abdul Negrid, Spring 1979

Folder  mDJ

7 prints of AML at a Waldorf Astoria reception in New York honoring the members of the delegation of the "Libyan People-to-People" diplomacy, including Billy Carter, Kurt Waldheim, and Egyptian ambassador Esmat Abdul Negrid, Spring 1979

Folder DK

10 prints of AML at a Women's National Republican Club dinner honoring him and his book, April 1979

Folder DL

1 print of AML with Father Berrigan at Michigan State University in East Lansing for the 18th Annual Unitarian-Universalist Assembly, 27 June 1979

Folder DM

8 prints and 3 strips of negatives of AML participating in a protest march in New York City in behalf of Palestinian Sami Esmail, Fall 1979

Folder DN

2 prints and 1 negative of AML with Victor Lasky and Alice C. Plaisted at the National Press Club's Annual Book Party, 15 November 1979

Folder DO

22 prints and 5 strips of negatives of AML in Iraq; and 1 print of AML in Jordan speaking on Radio Amman, 1980

Folder DP

37 prints, 2 negatives, and 6 strips of negatives of AML, mostly in Bahrain, 1980, including with Emir Issa Khalifa; at in Kuwait with Al Qabbas J ; with Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky; with a Qatari editor; and with Mayor of Nablus and Mrs. Bassam Shakaa in London after the attempted assassination in a West Bank car bombing in which he lost his leg

Folder DQ

42 prints and 15 strips of negatives of AML in Saudi Arabia, mostly at ARAMCO installations and at the University of Dahrain, 1980

Folder DR

12 prints of AML in Vienna, Austria, speaking at the International Progress Organization Conference on Palestine, November 1980

Folder DS

57 prints and 18 strips of negatives of AML in Prague, Czechoslovakia, including at famed Jewish cemetery, 1980. Includes prints of drawings done by Jewish children

Folder DT

16 prints of AML in Dundee, Scotland, receiving a medal from the Lord Mayor, October 1980; in Lebanon, including with Yasir Arafat; in Jerusalem with Rabbi Hirsh; in Iraq, including with the Vice President Tarek Aziz; and lecturing on the West Bank, January 1981

Folder DU

2 prints of AML with Stephen J. Solarz at William Buckley's Firing Line 20th anniversary celebration, 1981?

Folder DV

2 prints of AML speaking at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal, Canada, on Palestine Day, 15 May 1981 (talk broken up by the Maronites)

Folder DW

2 prints of AML with Mohamed T. Mehdi on AP TO AP (Arab People to American People) TV, April 1982

Folder DX

74 prints and 23 strips of negatives of AML on a lecture tour in California, Arizona, and Oregon, February 1983

Folder DY

1 print of AML in Geneva, Switzerland, for the European Regional Preparatory Meeting of the International Conference on the Question of Palestine, July 1983

Folder DZ

21 prints and 3 strips of negatives of AML in Tunis, including with Yasir Arafat and Tunisian ambassador to the UN Mohammed Mestieri, July 1983

Folder EA

2 prints of AML in Baghdad, Iraq, for the International Conference on the Impact of the Gulf War on World Peace and Security, July 1984

Folder EB

1 print of AML at the Egyptian Mission in New York celebrating Egypt's National Day, 14 July 1984

Folder EC

2 prints of AML with Senator James Abourezk and Michael Saba

Folder ED

1 print of AML with Mohamed Ali in Chicago, 1960(?)

Folder EE

2 prints of AML with Fathi Arafat, President of the Red Crescent

Folder EF

2 prints of Yasir Arafat

Folder EG

1 print of AML with Saudi Foreign Minister Suqqaf and Jamil Baroody, Saudi ambassador to the UN

Folder EH

7 prints and 2 strips of negatives of AML in Jerusalem with Bishop Hilarion Capucci

Folder EI

4 prints of Lebanese President Fouad Shehab

Folder EJ

2 prints of AML at the Cairo Film Festival with actress Faye Emerson, Egyptian Minister of Education Abdel-Aziz es-said and journalist Ibrahim Ezzat

Folder EK

1 print of AML with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ismael Fahmy

Folder EL

1 print of AML in Damascus, Syria, with Khaled Fahoum, chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian National Council

Folder EM

4 prints of AML in Washington, D.C. and Saudi Arabia with King Faisal

Folder EN

1 print of AML with Asia Halaby in front of her home in Jerusalem

Folder EO

5 prints of UN troops and Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold in the Middle East, 1956-1957

Folder EP

1 print of AML with Heikal Mohammed Hassanein Richard Nixon, and Robert F. Kennedy

Folder mEQ

13 prints of King Hussein of Jordan, including with AML, Richard Nixon, and Robert F. Kennedy

Folder ER

1 print of Gunnar Jarring (of the UN Jarring Mission) in Beirut with Wilton Wynn of AP

Folder ES

1 print of Pope John Paul II

Folder ET

1 print of Iraqi Abdul Karim Kassim

Folder EU

2 prints of Austrian chancellor Bruno Kreisky

Folder EV

2 prints of Archbishop Makarios in Qatar with the Emir, Sheik Al-Thani, at a luncheon attended by AML

Folder EW

2 prints of Lebanese Patriarch Paul Meouchie, Lebanese Foreign Minister George Hakim, and Cardinal Spellman, 1958?

Folder EX

1 print of AML in Nantucket talking with U.S. Secretary of Navy William Mittendorff

Folder EY

1 print of AML in Jordan with Prime Minister Hazza Majali three days before his assassination

Folder EZ

7 prints and 1 negative of Gamal Abdel Nasser, including with AML and Mahmoud Riad visiting Gaza

Folder FA

2 prints of AML with Mr. Noaman of Yemen

Folder FB

1 print of Merle Oberon getting of the same plane AML was in, 1955

Folder FC

1 print of AML with Abdullah Philby, 1959

Folder FD

9 prints of Muammar Qaddafi, including with President Numeiry

Folder FE

2 prints of AML with Kamal Abdul Rahman

Folder FF

1 print of Anwar Sadat

Folder FG

3 prints of King Saud, and 1 print of Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud bin Faisal shaking hands with AML

Folder FH

1 print of Zehdi Labib Terzi holding a press briefing at the UN, 19 December 1977

Folder FI

8 prints depicting AML with foreign dignitaries at various UN receptions, including Jordanian Ambassador Hazem Nusseibeh; Kuwaitian ambassador Abdullah Bishara; PLO representative Farouk Kaddoumi; Iraqi ambassador Adnan Padachi and his wife; and the Tunisian ambassador to the UN Mohammed Mestieri introducing the Tunisian Foreign Minister

Folder FJ

2 prints depicting AML at a UN reception put on by the Sudanese delegation

Folder FK

2 prints depicting AML at a UN reception put on by the Omani delegation, for Omani National Day in 1981 and at some other time

Folder FL

2 prints depicting AML at the UN with Jordanian ambassador Abdel Moneim Rifai; British member of parliament Margaret McKay; Archbishop Philip Saliba; and Yemeni ambassador Noaman

Folder FM

2 prints depicting AML at the UN with Libyan ambassador Mansour Kikhia; foreign minister Ali Treiki; Secretary of the Arab League Chadli Klibi; Clovis Maksoud; for Libyan National Day in 1980 and at some other time

Folder FN

3 prints depicting AML at the UN with UAE ambassador; Madelyn Mallouf; Mrs. Roshan O. Pedder; in 1978 or 1979 and at some other time

Folder FO

3 prints of AML at the UN with UAE Ambassador Saif Ghorbash, Qatar Ambassador Jassim Jamal

Folder FP

1 print depicting AML at the UN with the Saudi consul general

Folder FQ

1 print of AML with Saudi Oil Minister Ahmad Zaki Yamani

Folder FR

3 prints of AML in Egypt at night clubs and at the Auberge des Pyramides

Folder FS

3 prints and 1 negative of AML in Kuwait dancing at the home of businessman Bader Mulla, and being interviewed by Kabussi of Al Qabas

Folder FT

3 prints of AML in Lebanon at party honoring him

Folder FU

11 prints of unidentified people and 1 one of AML with Algerian ambassador and Mrs. Benhima

Folder FV

29 prints depicting Egypt

Folder FW

15 prints depicting Israel

Folder FX

4 prints depicting Kuwait

Folder FY

10 prints depicting Lebanon and Jordan, including the Middle East shelf at the American University of Beirut Library

Folder FZ

9 prints depicting various pro-Israel demonstrations in New York City

Folder GA

4 prints depicting Saudi Arabia, including 1 of a convicted Saudi with hand severed

Folder GB

6 prints depicting Syria

Folder GC

3 prints depicting the Tunisian Trade and Tourist Office in New York City

Folder GD

1 print depicting a scene from the film Lawrence of Arabia

Folder GE

8 prints depicting Ingrid Bergman in the film Golda

Folder GF

19 prints depicting Anthony Quinn and others in the film Mohammad, Messenger of God

Folder GG

4 negatives and 42 strips of negative

Box: 154-260

Incremental materials

Scope and Content Note

This addition to the collection has not yet been described. Please let the Hoover Institution Archives know if you would like to see this material described.
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