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Call Number: SC0031
Creator: Cutler, Leland W. (Leland Whitman), 1885-1959.
Creator: Stanford University. Board of Trustees.
Title: Leland Whitman Cutler papers
Dates: 1909-1941
Physical Description: 1.5 Linear feet
Language(s): The materials are in English.
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Gift of Leland Cutler and the Board of Trustees, 1966.

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Separated Materials

Progress photos of Stadium construction
Date: 27 June 1921,
removed and placed in photo collection.


Leland Whitman Cutler was President of the Board of Trustees of Stanford University (1942-1954) and insurance businessman.


These papers are chiefly correspondence and working papers of the Board of Trustees. Included are reports and programs on future expansion of the University, papers of the Graduate School of Business and its Industrial Relations Division, the Lower Division, and the Department of Education. Correspondents include Charles A. Coolidge, E. P. Cubberley, Herbert Hoover, Judge Lorenzo Sawyer, Lewis M. Terman and Ray Lyman Wilbur. Also included are materials pertaining to the construction of the Stanford stadium.

General note

The following listing lists only unusual items in each folder which in general contains a large amount of correspondence relating to a specific subject.

Collection Contents

Box 1, Folder 1



Report re Memoranda on Annuity Retirement Plan.

Box 1, Folder 2

BOARD OF TRUSTEES (S.U.), File #1 1920-1931


Analysis of pension requirements, 7-Oct-29


Pamphlet on "The Skinner Organ."


Estimate of Income and Expenses and Cost of Consulting and Equipping New East Wing of S.U. Hospital, 18-Jul-28


Preliminary survey for proposed 100 bed wing of S.U. Hospital, 22-Jun-26


Additional Blanket Insurance Proposal and Plan Appraisal, 10-Aug-25


Modification of Resolution and Accounting Treatment of Amortization of Losses on Bond Transaction, 10-Aug-25


Accounting Review Concerning Treatment of Amortization of Losses on Bond Transactions.


Report re Minimum Requirements for Admission, (Undergraduate admission.) 1921

Box 1, Folder 3

BOARD OF TRUSTEES (S.U.), File #2 1933-1938


Pamphlet on "Outline and Estimate of a Plan of Group Insurance (Life, Health and Accident) for Employees of S.U." 19 Sep, 1934


ALS from E.P. Cubberley to R.L. Wilbur inviting the Trustees to see the new Education Building, 20-Sep-38


Fragment of memoirs by Charles A. Coolidge (d. 1937) who was original architect of S.U. buildings, re: meeting the Stanfords, drawing up building plans, lst excavations, Mission Style beginning, earthquake safety.


"Paper of Undergraduate Reactions to S.U." Prepared by Executive Committee of the Class of 1937 and addressed to the Board of Trustees. Covers such topics as: tuition, The Daily, the Board of Athletic Control and pre-reg.


Telegram from Herbert Hoover to Leland Cutler, 5-Mar-37


[Communism in Universities]: Copy of The American Citizen newspaper pub. in San Rafael, Calif. issue, Vol. II, No. 8; Copy of the New York American, 15 May 1936 12 Apr 1936


Reports on George S. Counts, "pro-Russian enthusiast" with excerpts from pamphlets "Dare the School Build a New Social Order?" and "The Social Frontier."


Pamphlet on "California Masonry and S.U."


Copy of an article written by Dorothy Stephenson re Herbert Hoover and The War Library, written for the New York Times before 1935


List of endowments, incomes from endowments and rate of income for years 1909-1910 and 1919-1934


Summary of investment provisions of endowments, With lists of: endowments subject to same trusts and original endowments; no instructions as to form of investment; capital increase since endowment, investment at discretion of the Board of Trustees; interest bearing securities; and approved securities. 9-Apr-35


S.U. Insurance Report, 1-Mar-35


Tribute to Wm. Mayo Newhall (trustee and pres. of the Board of Trustees) by the Board of Trustees whose meeting of Thurs. 6 Dec. 1934 was adjourned upon his death.


Proposal for construction of new dormitory for women, 9-Nov-35


ALS from E.P. Cubberley to Leland Cutler, 29-Aug-33


ALS from E.P. Cubberley to Leland Cutler, 24-Aug-33


Photostat copy of list of stocks, bonds given to S.U. by E.P. Cubberley.


Proposal for construction of San Francisquito Dam and Reservoir.


Statement of operating costs of S.U., 1932

Box 1, Folder 4

BOARD OF TRUSTEES (S.U.), File #3 1936-1941


Statement from R.L. Wilbur to parents of S.U. students re students' position in World War II, 18-Dec-41


Certificate of receipt to the Board of Trustees for safe deposit box at Wells Fargo Bank and Union Trust.


TLS from Lewis M. Terman to Leland Cutler, with biography of E.P. Cubberley (1868-1941). 14-Nov-41


Clip. from [Stanford Daily] re financial reorganization of ASUC.


Telegram from Herbert Hoover to Leland Cutler, 27-Aug-41


Report on Dr. Peter Loets and list of his publications.


Listing of salaries for D.S. Jordan, J.C. Branner and R.L. Wilbur.


Copy of resolution of Board of Trustees meeting of (Vol. V, p. 286) creating the office of chancellor for D.S. Jordan. 23 May 1913


Clip. re R.L. Wilbur remaining an extra year as pres. due to war crisis, June [1941]. 19


The Stanford Health Program, report by Thomas A. Storey. Reprint from Stanford Illustrated Review, May-40


Clip. from The Argonaut, re Monuments to Dr. Elias S. Cooper and Judge Lorenzo Sawyer at Laurel Hill Cemetery with picture of Cooper's monument. 28 June 1940


Clip. from [Women's City Club Magazine], re Lorenzo Sawyer with picture of his monument. July 1940


Diagram of Laurel Hill Cemetery from The Argonaut, 28-Jun-40


Report on The Crisis for Privately Endowed Institutions of Higher Education and a Possible Aid to their Situation with Reference to Stanford in Particular.


Stanford U. Hospitals and Wage Program, 18-Apr-40


List of monthly and annual costs and salary rates for Lane and Stanford Hospitals.


Memorandum of meeting between R.L. Wilbur and Leland Cutler, re disagreement over discussion held at informal luncheon of seven Board of Trustees members held the previous day. 20-Mar-40


Memorandum of informal luncheon. 19-Mar-40


Clip. re Dr. Hutchinson (Pres. of the U. of Chicago) seeking $12,000,000 fund.


Women in the Home program-general reference bibliography.


Copy of TL from Albert M. Bender to R.L. Wilbur thanking him for designating room in the U. library as the Bender Room, 20-Jan-40


Telegram from Herbert Hoover to Leland Cutler, 16-Dec-39


Telegram from Herbert Hoover to Leland Cutler, 10-Oct-39


Revised pension projection, 21-Mar-39


"Kraus Case Will Not Down." Pamphlet by Kraus Defense Committee (or League), release #15.


Blueprint of University Ave, underpass at Palo Alto. Road and street layout.


Map of S.U.


Diagram of Southern Pacific Co.-Pacific Lines-Palo Alto. Proposed Acquisition of Property.

Box 1, Folder 5



Proposed Wage Adjustments - Corporation Yard, 25-Jun-41


Examination of Financial Statements for year ending 31-Aug-40


Memorandum Relative to the Business Dept. of the U., 25-Oct-40

Box 1, Folder 6



History behind "Flora Sharon Endowment," 29-May-31

Box 1, Folder 7



Improvement Program.


Future Program.


Supplementary report on the Physical Condition of the Medical School and Hospital, 16-Sep-41


Memorandum report on the Physical Condition of the U., 16-Sep-41

Box 1, Folder 8



List of contributors to the G.J. Presley Scholarship Foundation.


Donations to same, cash and pledged. 6 Sep 1934-

Box 1, Folder 9



Study of the Effects of a Fifty Percent Increase in Commodity Price Levels on Securities Held in this General Fund of S.U. Bound volume.


Comments of Mr. Farrand Submitted to the Conference Held at S.U., to Consider the Study of Graduate (or other) Training for Business. 11-12 March 1926,


Funds available for reconstruction of the Assembly Hall for the Graduate School of Business, 27-May-37


Estimate of tuition fees on basis of expansion of classes in new quarters, 1937-1940


Suggested Assembly Hall Alteration Amortization Plan, undated


Suggested Assembly Hall Alteration Amortization Plan if recommended maximum registration is increased 10 students, undated


Funds required to meet general commitments made this year without any budget provisions therefor, undated


Alumni Bulletin - Graduate School of Business, 15-Jan-32


Graduate School of Business. A Brief Survey. 27-Nov-31


Enrollment statistics, 1924-1931


Curriculum for 1931-1932


Budget statistics, 1925-1931


Report of the Committee Appointed to Summarize the Views of the Stanford Conference on Business Education.


Cabin Assignment List [Family Club].


List of San Francisco Conference Members and out-of-town Conference Members of the Graduate School of Business at the Family Club.

Box 1, Folder 10

HANSON, AMY L. MATTER (beneficiary of Mrs. Stanford's will)


Copy of paragraph 1 of the Last Will of Jane L. Stanford and copy of a portion of paragraph XXII.

Box 1, Folder 11



Status of Proposed Industrial Relations Division.


Division of Industrial Relations, Graduate School of Business - Report.


TLS from John D. Rockefeller 3rd to Leland Cutler re Rockefeller's gift of $5,000 to the Industrial Relations Division, 18-Dec-36


S.U. Industrial Relations Division, Report on the Purposes of, 14-Jan-36


TLS from John D. Rockefeller 3rd to Leland Cutler re former's pledge, Lists conditions under which he will donate. 23-Mar-36


Receipt for 14 lunches at the Bohemian Club, 31-Jan-36

Box 1, Folder 12



Excerpt from minutes of Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees, 25-Feb-32


2 clips. from the San Francisco Examiner of re increase in Lower Division enrollment. 26-Feb-32


Stanford and Her Alumni; Some Observations and Suggestions.


Clips. from the San Francisco Chronicle re Lower Division, 19 and 20 Feb 1932


Graph of test scores entitled "junior college" and "high school."


Data taken from the Stanford Register, 1929-1930


Faculty Bulletin, 28-Dec-31


Data covering men students.


The Junior High School Idea, a report, 30-Apr-28


Envelope containing suggested resolutions for Lower Division.


Clip. from a San Francisco newspaper of re plans to abolish Lower Division. 18 Apr undated


Bulletin from the office of the Pres. explaining limitations of Lower Division, 6-May-27

Box 1, Folder 13



Blank pledge statement and receipt for the School of Medicine Endowment Fund.


Summary of Proposed Program.


List of possible Los Angeles contributors to the Endowment Fund.


Roster of the Committees of the School of Medicine Endowment Fund.


Los Angeles special list of contributors.


Santa Barbara special list of contributors.


Sacramento, Stockton and Fresno special list of contributors.


School of Medicine Endowment Fund - Executive Committee Minutes, 18 Dec ny


List of potential contributors, their professions and former contributions to other causes.


List of Board of Trustees assignments to potential contributors.


Stanford School of Medicine Endowment Fund Summary.


Outline of Proposed Plan of Campaign for Endowment for the School of Medicine.

Box 1, Folder 14



Board of Athletic Control Special Contract for Gardens and Planting at the Stadium, Sep-21


Stanford Stadium maps.


Report on the Stadium, 18-Apr-22


Memorandum of Suggested Changes in the Intercollegiate Agreement.


Agreement between the B.A.C. of Stanford and the ASUC, with partial draft of agreement Dec 1920


Agreement in financing the Stadium as finally drawn.


Report on the Stanford Stadium.


Map plan of the U. of Washington Stadium, with blank statement of pledge and blank receipt for admittance plaque. 18 March 1920,


Blueprint of the U. of Washington Stadium.


Subscription blank to Big Game and to Stadium Fund.


Report on the Stadium.


Diagrams of the Stadium with dimensions listed.


List of subscriptions to the Stadium.


Bulletin to Stanford Alumni from the Board of Athletic Control, 25-Jan-21


Financial statistics for Stadium seating.

Box 1, Folder 15



Financial estimates and plans for Stadium addition, 1925


Final estimate, contract for additional seats, etc., 1925


List of bids received for Stadium, 23-May-21


Board of Athletic Control contract and specifications for the Stadium, 5-May-21


Monthly Progress Estimate - contract with Palmer and McBryde.

Box 1, Folder 16



Bulletin re applications to Stanford U. School of Medicine, 1945

Box 1, Folder 17



Contract between the Board of Trustees and Tamblyn and Brown., 30-Jul-31


Pamphlet explaining Tamblyn and Brown's services


Report detailing Stanford's financial needs, prepared by Tamblyn and Brown.


Bulletin announcing new firm of Tamblyn and Tamblyn.


Pamphlet "The Tenth Generation" by Harry Stillwell Edwards, 1928

Box 1, Folder 18

WILBUR, RAY LYMAN - Leave of Absence While Sec. of the Interior


Questionnaire re policy of the University while Wilbur is away.