Inventory of the Henry Clay Papers, 1825-1829

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Inventory of the Henry Clay Papers, 1825-1829

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Henry Clay Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1825-1829
Creator: Clay, Henry, 1777-1852
Extent: Number of pieces: 425
Repository: The Huntington Library
San Marino, California 91108
Language: English.

Administrative Information


The portion of Henry Clay's papers now in the Huntington Library consists of his official State Department correspondence only. These papers had been bequeathed to the Washington Cathedral by the late Mrs. Albert C. Janin (née Blair), who had inherited them from Gen. Thomas S. Jessup a close friend of Mr. Clay. The collection was purchased from the Cathedral in 1937, through the agency of Col. Thomas M. Spaulding.


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Henry Clay (1777 - 1852), American statesman, was born in Hanover County, Virginia. Representing his adopted state, Kentucky, he was a member of Congress off and on for almost fifty years, three times an unsuccessful candidate for the Presidency, and from 1825 - 29 Secretary of State.

Subject matter

Out - letters addressed by the Secretary of State and his Chief Clerk to foreign ministers, resident in the United States.
  • A. Negotiations relative to the abolition of discriminating duty of import and tonnage in the commercial intercourse of the U. S. with: Austria, Brazil, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Prussia, Sicily and the Papal States, Russia, Sweden.
  • B. U. S. - British diplomatic relations
    • I. Northeast boundary dispute (Maine & New Brunswick) 1828-29 : Letters and instructions to U. S. Agents, Albert Gallatin and William Pitt Preble
    • II. West India trade
    • III. Impressed seamen
  • C. Latin American republics
    • I. Independence of Brazil and Colombia : U. S. neutrality
      • 1. Privateers with Prizes in U. S. ports
      • 2. Rights of hospitality
    • II. The Panama Congress
  • D. Claims for indemnity
  • E. Points on international law in regard to shipping, extradition, piracy, &ca.

Countries addressed, four or more pieces

6 pieces
30 pieces
Free city of Bremen
4 pieces
4 pieces
Central America (& Guatemala)
6 pieces
30 pieces
4 pieces
16 pieces
34 pieces
Great Britain
120 pieces
16 pieces
13 pieces
9 pieces
9 pieces
38 pieces
6 pieces
Sicily and the Papal States
13 pieces
28 pieces
Sweden (& Norway)
21 peices

Some important or interesting items

  • Clay, Henry. To Henry U. Addington, Chargé d'affaires from Great Britain in respect to the Convention for more effectually suppressing the Slave trade. Apr. 6, 1825
  • _____. To Don Antonio Jose Cañaz, minister from Guatemala, respecting a Canal through the Province of Nicaragua. Apr. 18, 1825
  • _____. To the Baron de Mareuil, Minister from France, relative to Institutions in the U. S. for the deaf and dumb. Apr. 18, 1826
  • _____. To Charles R. Vaughan, Minister from Great Britain relative to the execution of the Convention of St. Petersburg. Oct. 12, 1826. ...Your note of the 20th. ult.
  • _____. To Don Hilario de Rivas y Salmon, Chargé d'affaires from Spain, concerning alleged violations of neutrality by the United States in allowing the building of ships employed against Spain, and in the conduct of Commodore David Porter's Mexican squadron in the port of Key West, June 9, 1827
  • _____. To Don José María Salazar, Minister from Coloumbia, that the United States join Great Britain and Colombia in an offer of mediation to put an end to the war between Brazil and Buenos Ayres. Oct. 31, 1826