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Register of the Karl Boromäus Frank Papers, 1937-1961

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Karl Boromäus Frank Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1937-1961
Collection number: 71044
Creator: Frank, Karl Boromäus, 1893-
Collection Size: 10 manuscript boxes, 1 envelope, 7 microfilm reels (4 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Writings, correspondence, clippings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the communist, socialist, and anti-Nazi movements in Germany, post-World War II reconstruction in Germany, and political psychology.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: German and English.

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1971.


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Alternative Form Available

Also available on microfilm (7 reels).

Access Points

American Friends of German Freedom.
Council for a Democratic Germany.
Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands.
Neu Beginnen (Movement)
Sozialistische Arbeiterpartei Deutschlands.
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands.
Anti-Nazi movement.
National socialism.
Reconstruction (1939-1951)--Germany.

Biographical Notes

Born May 31, 1893 in Vienna, Austria; died 1969 in New York City.
Pseud.: Paul Hagen; Wilhelm (Willi) Mueller; and Maria.
Studied at the University of Vienna: psychology, biology, and philosophy; graduated in 1918.
Thesis: Ph.D. Philosophy (1918) -- "Contributions to the Psychology of the Lie."
Author; lecturer; member Austrian communist party, 1919; member German communist party, 1920; from 1923 on member of the right-wing of the communist party; 1932 member SAP; left the communist party in 1929; associated with a discussion group, sometimes called "Miles Group" (Miles is pseud. for Walter Loewenheim); 1932 joined the Social Democratic Party; representative of the "Neu Beginnen" group in various countries (Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, England); came to the United States 1935/36 to raise funds, again in 1937, 1938 and 1939; married Anna Caples in 1937; participated in founding "American Friends of German Freedom" (was Director of Research, and Reinhold Niebuhr was Chairman) and the "Council for a Democratic Germany"; sometime Director of the New York branch of the "Overseas Branch" of the O.W.I.; spent the last two decades of his life as a practicing psychologist in New York.
Publications: "Ueber Volks - und Rassenaberglauben" ("The Bias of those who Believe in National and Racial Prejudices and Superstition"). Vienna & Leipzig, Suschitzky, 1918.
"Will Germany Crack?" Harper, 1942.
"Germany After Hitler." Farrar & Rinehart, 1944.
"Erobert, Nicht Befreit; das Deutsche Volk im Ersten Jahre der Okkupation." (Research Bureau Am. Ass. for a Democratic Germany), 1946.
Contributor to Herald Tribune Book Review; Survey Graphic; Nation; New Republic; Parent Teacher; Partisan Review; Common Sense.

Scope and Content of Collection

Writings, correspondence, clippings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the communist, socialist, and anti-Nazi movements in Germany, post-World War II reconstruction in Germany, and political psychology. Also available on microfilm (7 reels).

Container List



Box 1

Articles, book manuscripts, and other writings arranged chronologically, 1939-1945.

Box/Folder: 2 : 1

"What not to do with Germany; a Critical Review of our Present Peace Plans."

Box/Folder: 2 : 2

"Germany After Hitler." Farrar & Rinehart, 1944. Ms. (also comments and reviews).

Box/Folder: 2 : 3

"Will Germany Crack?" Harper, 1942 (comments and reviews).

Box/Folder: 2 : 4-7

Clippings for proposed studies on


"Psychoanalytical Interpretation of History."


"The Archaic: 1. West; 2. East."


"German Psychology."

Box/Folder: 2 : 8

Published articles.

Box/Folder: 2 : 9




Box/Folder: 3 : 1-3

Speakers' engagements, 1939-1942.

Box/Folder: 3 : 4

Lectures, 1943.

Box/Folder: 3 : 5-6

Lectures, 1944.

Box/Folder: 4 : 1

Lectures, 1945.

Box/Folder: 4 : 2

Newspaper clippings on lecture subjects, 1945-1946 (Dorothy Thompson, etc.).

Box/Folder: 4 : 3

Speeches, 1944.

Box/Folder: 4 : 4

Lectures on "Political Irrationality," 1958-1960.



Box/Folder: 5 : 1

Formation of the Council for a Democratic Germany (Letters of or to Thomas Mann, Louis Lochner, etc.).

Box/Folder: 5 : 2

Society for the Prevention of World War III, Inc., New York.

Box/Folder: 5 : 3-4

Rex Stout Group (Stout was President of the Society for the Prevention of World War III).

Box/Folder: 5 : 5

"Neu Beginnen."

Box/Folder: 5 : 6

Writers' War Board (Chairman: Rex Stout).

Box/Folder: 5 : 7

Voice of Freedom; monthly bulletin of the International Co-ordination Council, v. 1, no. 1, Sept. 1941 - no. 8, July/Aug. 1942 (Frank was instrumental in organizing this council).

Box/Folder: 6 : 1

Germany (American Association for a Democratic Germany).

Box/Folder: 6 : 2

Postwar Germany (pamphlets, reprints, SIB Sozialdemokratischer Informations Brief, published by the Auslandsbüro "Neu Beginnen," 1939).

Box/Folder: 6 : 3

Selected credentials, etc.

Box/Folder: 6 : 4

Autobiographical notes and projects presented to the OSS (Office of Strategic Services).

Box/Folder: 6 : 5

Department of Justice. Foreign Agents Registration Section.

Box/Folder: 6 : 6

The trip to Germany ("which never came off").

Box/Folder: 6 : 7


Box/Folder: 6 : 8

Visa question and Congressional action (re lecture trip to Canada).

Box/Folder: 6 : 9

Immigration and Naturalization Service (regarding trip to Europe).

Box 7

Attacks on Karl Frank

Box/Folder: 7 : 1

Attacks against Hagen in the Press.

Box/Folder: 7 : 2

Güunther Reinhardt and Walter Winchell attacks, (official letter to Neue Volkszeitung, N.Y., 1945).

Box/Folder: 7 : 3

More slanderous accusations (Ruth Fischer and The Network).

Box/Folder: 7 : 4

Hagen defenders (statements, letters, 1937, 1940-41, 1961).

Box/Folder: 7 : 5

Investigation of Paul Hagen, 1940.

Box/Folder: 7 : 6

Ruth Fischer and The Network.

Box/Folder: 7 : 7

A plan to make contact with the German underground movement (Lt. Col. Julius Klein) 1942.

Box/Folder: 7 : 8

Knox College, Galesburg, Ill. (two courses taught by Frank, 1945).

Box/Folder: 7 : 9

Applications for a teaching position in social psychology, 1946-1947.



Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence with Fritz Erler, Willy Brandt, Carl Zuckmayer, Thomas Mann, Dr. Hans E. Hirschfeld, Laumann, Gerth, Grzesinski, Gurland, Ruth Fischer, and others. (See appended list of correspondents)
Box 8 : 1-11

A - L.

Box 9 : 1-12

M - Z.

Box 9 : 13

Unidentified correspondence.

Box 10

Originals which have been xeroxed.


List Of Correspondents


Adamec, Charles J. (Dean of Knox College)


Adelphi College (New York)


Adler, Friederich (Letters to Dr. Mara Loewenstein and Dr. Wilhelm Ellenbogen)


Almond, Gabriel (Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York)


American Association for International Law (New York)


American College Bureau (Chicago, Illinois)


American Friends Service Committee Program in Austria


American Platform Guild (New York)


American Political Science Association


Das Andere Deutschland; Der Beauftragte in Süudhilfe (Osorno, Chile)


Anderson, Mrs. Evelyn (The Tribune, London)


Anglemeyer, Mary (Post Librarian, New York)


D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc. (London)


Arnhold, Erna


Ascoli, Max


Asher, Robert


Auerbach, Carl (Office of Economic Stabilization)


Baerensprung, H.W.


Baldwin, Roger (American Civil Liberties Union)


Bauer, Fritz


Beaty, Lt. Col. John O.


The Bell Syndicate, Inc. (New York)


Bernenko, Herbert (Men's Club of the Church in the Gardens, New York)


Biemiller, Andrew J. (Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.)


Binder, Carroll (Foreign Editor of The Chicago Daily News)


Bingham, Alfred M.


Blankinship, Rex, M.D. (Letter to Mrs. M.W. Barrett, Norfolk, Virginia re Mrs. Frank)


Blatt, Max


Blencke, E. Elizabeth


Bliven, Bruce (The New Republic)


Blumenthal, H. Walter (Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, Washington, D.C.)


Boeker, Alexander (Human Events)


Boenheim, Felix, M.D. (Letter to Mr. Tillich)


Books, New York Herald Tribune


Borgess, Elizabeth Mann (University of Chicago)


Brandstrom-Ulic, Elsa


Brandt, Karl (Economist, Food Research Institute, Stanford University)


Brandt, Willy (Mayor of Berlin)


Braun, Hans


Brill, Major


Brody, Sylvia


Brunauer, Mrs. Esther Caukin


Brunner, Robert (Psychiatric Books, New York)


Bry, Gerhard


Burger, Mrs. Richard (Dorothy S.)


Buttinger, Joseph


Cantril, Hadley (Princeton University)


Carter, Edward C.


Churchill, Frank Spooner, M.D.


The Church-in-the-Gardens, New York


Cohen, Carl


Cohen, Felix


Colclough, Elizabeth


Colgate University (signed Charles A. Choquette)


The Cooperative League of the United States of America, New York


Coser, Lewis A.


Cowling, Elizabeth


Cripps, Lady


Currie, Lauchlin (The White House, Washington, D.C.)


DAD Tucuman, (Buenes Aires) (includes letter from Bruno Suess)


Davis, Elmer (Office of War Information)


Davis, Mrs. Rodney


Denison, W.H.


Denny, George V., Jr.


Department of Justice


Department of State, press release


Deutsch, Hermann


Donaldson, Henry H.


Dorn, Walter M.


Dorner, Lydia


Downing, George E.


Doyle, James


Drechsler, Hanno (Institut fuer wissenschaftliche Politik, Marburg a.L., Germany)


Drob, Judah (Socialist Party of Michigan)


Dufty, Bill (Americans for Democratic Action)


Duncker, Hermann


Eckardt, H. von


Eckardt, Ursula von (Foreign Policy Association, Speakers Bureau)


Edinger, Lewis J.


Ehrmann, Henry W.


Eisler-Pleuchot, Elfriede


Elder, Arthur A. (Workers Educational Service, University of Michigan)


Eliasberg, George (and Vera)


Emerson, William


Enderle, August


Erler, Fritz


Farrar and Rinehart (Publishers, New York)


Farren, Harry D. ("Wake Up, America!" Debate-in-Print; American Economic Foundation, New York)


Feakins, William B.


Ferber, Martin


Filley, Walter, Jr.


Fischer, George


Fischer, Louis


Fischer, Ruth and Adolf Weingarten ("The Network", New York)


Fowler, Henry H. (Foreign Economic Administration)


Fox, Dixon Ryan (New York State Citizens Council for a Durable Peace)


Fox, Mary (League for Industrial Democracy, New York)


France, Ethel


France, Prof. Royal W. (Rollins College)


Frank, Hans (Karl Frank's brother)


Frank, Mrs. Karl (letters signed "Bi")


Frank, Peter (Karl Frank's nephew)


Franke, Vera


Frankel, Mrs. Hilde


Fredrikson, Mrs. Hildegard


Freedland, Jean


Freedman, Abraham L.


Free World


Friedman, Samuel H. (The Call)


Fry, Varian (American Labor Conference on International Affairs, New York)


Gardiner, Arthur Z


Gattis, C.H. (Seaboard Air Line Railroad Co.)


Gauss, Christian (Princeton University)


Gerth, H.H. (University of Wisconsin)


Gezork, Herbert (Letter to Miss Hartog)


Giddens, Josephine


Ginsburg, David


Godell, Mrs. Charles (American College Bureau, Chicago)


Gold, Mary Jayne


Goldbloom, Maurice J.


Gordon, J. King (The Nation)


Graham, Bess F. (Young Women's Christian Association, Alton, Illinois)


Greyl, Eva Toni


Gross, Murray


Grossman, Kurt R. (letter to Heinrich Dietz)


Grzesinski, Albert C.


Guggenheim, John Simon (Memorial Foundation, New York)


Guttentag, Werner


Hafkerbrick, Hanna (Connecticut College)


Haldemann (Julius) Publications


Hall, Helen


Hanna, Prof. John


Hannemann, Maria


Harvard University


Hasche, Paul


Haskell, Gen. William N. (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, Inc. New York)


Heckert, Robert


Heermance, Edgar L.


Hellersberg, Dr. Elisabeth F.


Herling, John


Herling, Mary Fox


Hermens, Ferdinand A.


Hertz, Dr. Paul (Berlin, Germany) (Senator)


Hillebrand, Eric A. (German American Congress for Democracy)


Hiller, Kurt


Hirsch, Helmut (Roosevelt College of Chicago)


Hirsch, Paul


Hirschfeld, Dr. Hans E.


Hochman, Julius


Hoeber, Johannes U.




Holbrook, Sabra


Hollander, Sidney


Honnold, William L.


Hovde, Bryn J.


Hraswith, Josef


Ingersoll, Julia D. (Rockford College, Illinois)


Isenberg, Gerda


Jeffrey, Newman


Johnson, Maj. Lent C.


Jones, Prof. Howard M.


Juchacz, Marie


Kaskel, Joseph (Deutsche Blätter, Santiago de Chile)


Kaskel, Lilo


Klatt, Werner


Klein, Ernest L.


Klein, Lt. Col. Julius


Kleinman, S., M.D.


Kliem, Kurt (Institut für wissenschaftliche Politik, Marburg a.L., Germany)


Knoeringen, Waldemar von


Kowler, S.


Krahn, Elmer A. (The New Milwaukee Leader)


Kramer, Ernst


Kraus, Dr. Wolfgang H.


Kuh, Edwin J., Jr.


LaFollette, Hon. Charles M. (Congressman) (Letter to Reinhold Niebuhr)


Lafrentz, F.W. (American Surety Company, New York)


Lamm, Hans


Lampel, Mrs. Martin


Landau, Dr. Edmund


Lang, Erna and Joseph


Lange, Dr. Victor (Cornell University)


Laumann, Kurt


Lee, Dwight L. (Clark University, Massachusetts)


Lefebre, Marshall


Leighton, Joseph A.


Lengh, Dr. Franz


Lewinski, Eva (International Rescue and Relief Committee, New York)


Lewis, David (Co-operative Commonwealth Federation of Canada)


Littell, Normann M. (Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.


Lochner, Louis P.


Loeb, Ellen


Loeb, James Jr. (Union for Democratic Action, Washington, D.C.)


Lowenthal, Richard


Luft, Dr. Lothar


Luttermann, K.


International LYCEUM Association (Chicago, Illinois)


Maencken, Otto


Maley, Alexander B.


Mann, Thomas


Mark, Agathe


"Markoosha" (?)


Marseille, Walter W.


Mason, Edward S.


Matzenauer, Eva


Matzenauer, Friedrich


Matzenauer, Grete


Matzenauer, Lutz


Maurer, Erwin


"Maxwell" (?) (War Department, Office of the Under Secretary, Washington, D.C.)


May, Stacy (McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Inc., New York)


Maynard, William Doby


McClurg, A.C., & Co. (Chicago, Illinois)


McClurg, Miss Peggy (Union for Democratic Action, Chicago, Illinois)


McCullogh, Frank (Union for Democratic Action, Chicago, Illinois)


McGohey, John F.X.


Mead, James M.


Mellen, Sydney L.W.


Mendelsohn-Kirchner, Eva


Mendershausen, Horst


Meyer, Hans B.


Meyer, Richard A.


Minkel, Lester M.


Modern Age Books, Inc., New York


Morrison, Edith G.


Morse (Inspector, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, New York)


Motherwell, Mrs. Hiram


Muller, Henry E. (Unitarian Service Committee, New York)


National Educational Committee for a New Party (New York)


Nehring, A. (Fordham University)


Neuhaus, Dr. F.T.


New Europe (New York)


Niebuhr, Reinhold


Office For Emergency Management, Washington, D.C.


Ogar, Ted (United Autobmobile Aircraft and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, Detroit, Michigan)


Ogden, Urban L. (The First Christian Church, Duncy, Illinois)


Oldenberg, Prof. O.


Ollendorf, E.


Ollendorf, Robert


Open Forum Speakers Bureau, Boston, Massachusetts


Ottman, W.P.


Pactel, Karl Otto


Paige, Maud


Peat (Harold R.) Inc. (New York)


Pepper, Lisl Kallberg


Perry, Bernard B. (Current Books, Inc., New York)


Phillips, William


Piper, Otto A. (Princeton Theological Seminary)


Pinchot, Cornelia Bryce


Pinchot, Gifford


PM Daily (New York)


Poole, DeWitt C.


Porter, Paul R.


Pratt, Eliot


Pratt, James


Pratt, Trude


Preisz, Hugo


Pringsheim, Karl


The Progressive (Madison, Wisconsin)


Pusch, Werner


"Raemaker" (?)


Randall, Mrs. Mercedes


Ranke, Hubert


Reich, Ilse OllendorfReich, Wilhelm, M.D.


Reissig, Herman F. (First Union Congregational Church, Quincy, Illinois)


Reizenstein, Mrs. Florence S.


Resek, Judith (Queens College, New York)


Reuther, Victor G. (United Automobile, Aircraft, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America)


Reventlow, R.


Reynolds, Alice H.


Riesenfeld, Dr. F.D.


Robert, Oscar


Roberts, Elizabeth


Roosevelt, Eleanor


Rosenbaum, Max (East Bronx Community Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A., New York)


Rossi, Florence (International Solidarity Committee and Socialist Party, New York)


Rother, Bruno


Rother, Rudolf (Bergverlag Rudolf Rother, Munich, Germany)


Rothfels, Prof. Hans


The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London


Rutz, Henry (Office of War Information, Washington, D.C.)


Saint Clair, Mrs. Peyton (Michaela, Karl Frank's daughter)


Sarah Lawrence College (New York)


Save Europe Now Committee (South Bend, Indiana)


Scherber, Hans


Schmidt, Duscha


Schmidt, Erich


Schocken, Thomas D.


Schoettle, Erwin


Schonfeld, Otto P.


Schwarz, Dr. Paul


Schwarz, Dr. Rudi


Schweitzer, Arthur


Seidlin, Oskar


Selig, Anna M.


Shaw, David C.


Shuster, George N.


Simons, Hans (The New School, New York)


Sizes, Mrs. W.


Smith, Anthony W. (Congress of Industrial Organizations, Washington, D.C.)


Snevily, Henry M. (The Bell Syndicate, Inc., New York)


Snyder, George M.


Social-Democratic Federation of U.S.A. (New York)


Socialist Party (New York)


Sonnemann, Ulrich


Sprengel, Rita


State Department, Passport Division, Washington, D.C.


Stecher, Ada E.


Steen, Margaret H. (The Masters School, New York)


Stein, Alexander


Steinberg, Karin M.


Stevenson, Adlai E.


Stewart, William H. (Saint Mark's Methodist Church, New York)


Stinnes, Edmund H.


The Summer Institute for Social Progress at Wellesley, Massachusetts


Survey Associates, Inc., New York


Survery Graphic (New York)


Tanner, Mrs. Mary F.


Taurer, Bernhard


Taylor, Amos E. (Department of Commerce, Washington)


Thompson, Dorothy


Tillich, Prof. Paul (Council for a Democratic Germany, New York)


True, Mrs. George R.


Tschermerinsky-Maslow, A. (American Friends of German Freedom, New York)


Tumarin, Bertha


Ulich, Prof. Robert (Harvard University)


Victor, Walther


Viking Press


Villard, Oswald Garrison


Vischer, Wilhelmina


Voorhis, Jerry (U.S. Congressman)


Voss, Carl Hermann


"Wake Up, America!" Debate-in-Print, New York


Walker, Patrick Gordon


Walker, Stanley


Walser, Frank


Warburg, James P.


Wasjadnock, Mrs. Otto


Wechsler, James


Weil, Helen


Weiss, Dr. Franziska


Weiss, Hilda (Connecticut College)


Welsh, Dale D. (University of Dubuque, Iowa)


Westermeyer, Prof. H.E.


Wilhide, Dr. Ross (First Methodist Church, Kenton, Ohio)


Willard, Ernst


Willcox, Walter F.


Wille, Werner


Willen, Mrs. Joseph


Williams, Edward Y.


Williams, Dr. H. Franklin


Williams, Howard Y. (Union for Democratic Action, Chicago, Illinois)


Wolf, Herman


Wolff, Hugh W.


Woll, Matthew (American Association for a Democratic Germany, New York)


World Citizens Association (Chicago, Illinois)


Wrightson, Jim


Yost, Charles


Youthbuilders (New York)


Zoller, E.


Zuckmayer, Karl


Zuckmayer, Winnetou