Inventory of the Labor Herald Photograph Collection No. 12

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Inventory of the Labor Herald Photograph Collection No. 12

Accession number: 1988/109

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Labor Herald Photograph Collection No. 12
Accession number: 1988/109
Creator: California CIO Industrial Union Council
Extent: 1 box (27 folders)
Repository: San Francisco State University. Labor Archives & Research Center
San Francisco, California 94132
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Language: English.

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This photograph collection was generated by the Labor Herald, the official newspaper of the California CIO Industrial Union Council. The collection was donated to the Labor Archives and Research Center by Paul Chown in 1988. Mr. Chown, a longtime member and official of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) also served as the newspaper's last editor from January 1952 until the suspension of publication in May 1953. This collection was processed by Carol Cuenod, under the direction of Karen Lewis, January-February, 1992.


The building of the California CIO, beginning in the mid-1930s, was a period of tremendous union activity and organizing. The Labor Herald, published weekly, recorded CIO activity from 1937 to 1953. The paper began as a voice for the CIO in Northern California; in 1941, it extended its coverage to all of California. A Southern California edition and a Southern California editor was added in 1945. Unions made per capita payments to support the newspaper and this provided a subscription to each member. The California CIO, under such leaders as Harry Bridges and Philip Connelly, reflected progressive, left-wing leadership. The photo collection records its activities, especially during the 1940s, the World War II years and the tumultuous period after the war which saw bitter strikes and a major political battle against the Taft-Hartley Bill.
The California CIO and its support to the Labor Herald was severely cut back in 1949 when the CIO leveled charges of communist-dominated leadership against eleven national unions as well as the California CIO. In November 1949, these unions were expelled from the CIO. Their charters were lifted along with that of the California CIO. The Labor Herald continued publication with some support coming from those unions which survived the subsequent raids by AFL or newly-chartered CIO unions. After 1952, Harold Rossman, the paper's editor since 1941, departed and his position was filled on a voluntary basis by Paul Chown until the Labor Herald ceased publication in May 1953.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of 280 photographs covering the decades 1930s-1960s; the bulk is from the 1940s. It represents a visual record of the leaders, meetings, strikes, World War II activities, Labor Day parades, and anti-Taft-Hartley demonstrations of major CIO unions in California.
The collection is divided into two series: 1) portraits of individuals or small groups of individuals, arranged alphbetically by the key figure of the photograph (others are cross-referenced), and 2) subjects, according to subject headings determined by the archivist.
There are 144 photographs of CIO leaders and a few legislators supported by these unions such as Culbert Olson and Helen Gahagan Douglas. Among the 136 photographs arranged by subject, two events are well documented: the UE strike at US Motors, Los Angeles, 1946, with nine photos by Otto Rothschild; 24 photographs of the Labor Day Parade, San Francisco Civic Center Plaza, 1947, with floats and banners stating an anti-Taft Hartley Bill theme.
Most of the images are 8 x 10 glossy prints; many are marked with red pencil used by newspaper editors. There are 27 folders: 10 for individuals, 17 for subjects. All the photographs are housed in one document box.
This guide includes a folder-by-folder listing, enhanced by descriptive entries. There are also identified individuals from the photographs in the subject folders which are listed alphabetically and cross-referenced to the subject folder.

Individuals in Subject Photographs

Addes, George Folder 11: UAW
Addiego, Frank Folder 11: UAW
Bell, Lily Folder 26: WOMEN
Bingham, Brad Folder 14: UE
Brant, Carl (?) Folder 14: UE
Bridges, Harry Folder 18: MARITIME Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Eugene Burke Folder 18: MARITIME
Cayton, Revels Folder 26: WOMEN
Connelly, Philip Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Fagerhaugh, Ole Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Fernandes, Johnnie Folder 11: UAW
Frankensteen, Richard Folder 11: UAW
Gillespie, William Folder 11: UAW
Goldmann, William Folder 11: UAW
Govea, J. G. Folder 11: UAW
Halling, Bjorne Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Heide, Ruby Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Horne, Lena Folder 26: WOMEN
Jelusich, Al Folder 11: UAW
Jenkins, Dave Folder 12: CALIF.CIO Folder 22: PARADES--LABOR DAY 1947
Johnson, Joe Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Jones, Cleo Folder 11: UAW
Kibre, Jeff Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
King, Jean McKillup (?) Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Lynden, Richard Folder 18: MARITIME Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Michener, Lew Folder 11: UAW
Miranda, Fred Folder 11: UAW
Owens, Dayton Folder 11: UAW
Paton, Eugene Folder 18: MARITIME
Patterson, James Folder 11: UAW
Pettit, Eugene Folder 11: UAW
Pinsky, Paul Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Poohar, Nicholas Folder 14: UE
Povlichenko, Ludmilla Folder 26: WOMEN
Quintell, Fred Folder 11: UAW
Roberts, Holland Folder 22: PARADES--LABOR DAY 1947
Robertson, J. R. "Bob" Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Roesch, Paul Folder 11: UAW
Schmidt, Henry Folder 18: MARITIME
Schnur, Paul Folder 12: CALIF. CIO
Seguri, Rose Folder 26: WOMEN
Sentna, Bill Folder 14: UE
Stewart, Tom Folder 11: UAW
Thimmes, James Folder 12: CALIF. CIO Folder 25: UNIONS - GENERAL
Thomas, R. J. Folder 11: UAW

Container List



Box-folder 1/1

Adams, George


Allen, Assemblyman Charles O.


Atkinson, Florence


Baltrun, Sonia


Barilone (?), John


Barlow, Ed

see: Tandy, Frances (2)

see: Bridges, Harry


Berland, Samuel


Bettman, John (2)

see also: Heide, Paul


Broadhead, George


Brudney, Goodman

see also: Heide, Paul


Bryson, Hugh (3)


Bulcke, Germain

see also: Schnur, Paul


Burke, Eugene

see also: Bridges, Harry

see also: Subject Folder 18: Maritime Unions

Box-folder 1/2

Bridges, Harry (17)

see also: Murray, Phil,

see also: Subject Folder 18: Maritime Unions

see also: Subject Folder 12: California CIO

Box-folder 1/3

Caldwell, Malcolm


Campo, Arnold


Cayton, Revels

see also: Bridges Harry,

see also: Subject Folder 26: Women


Chambers, Joe "Red"


Chavez, Cesar


Clark, Robert (2)


Condon, Congressman Robert


Connelly, Philip M. (4)

see also: Bridges, Harry (2)

see also: Murray, Phil

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Conway, Jerry

see: Thimmes, Jim


Cooley, Roland


Crawford, Matt

see: Cayton, Revels


Curran, Joe

see also: Subject Folder 18: Maritime Unions

Box-folder 1/4

Daugherty, James


Despol, John


Douglas, Congresswoman Helen Gahagan


Drum, Frank

see: Heide, Paul; Thimmes, Jim


Drury, James

see: Fox, Ernest


Eden, Phil


Edises, Bertram

see: Walker, Doris Brin


Ellis, Charles

see: Murray, Phil


Fagerhaugh, Ole

see also: Reynolds, Jack C.

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Fernandes, John


Foulkes, Louis


Fox, Ernest (2)


Fox, Elsie

see: Fox, Ernest

Box-folder 1/5

Gahagan Douglas, Helen

see: Douglas, Helen Gahagan


Galliano, James J.

see: Reynolds, Jack C.


Gandsey, James M.

see: Shibley, George


Gillespie, Chris


Gladstein, Richard


Goldblatt, Louis (3)

see also: Bridges, Harry


Goldner, Sanford


Gonzales, Oscar

see: Chavez, Cesar


Grennard, Elinor


Griffin, Kitty (2)

see also: Heide, Paul


Halling, Bjorne

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Hawkins, Congressman Gus


Hedley, David

see also: Schnur, Paul


Heide, Paul

see also: Reynolds, Jack C.


Heide, Ruby

see also: Heide Paul

see also: Schliff, Paul

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Hendricks, Frank

see: Schnur, Paul


Herman, James


Hillman, Sidney


Howard, Kenneth W.


Jacobson, Nathan

see: Bryson, Hugh


Jenkins, Dave

see: Schnur, Paul

see also: Subject Folder 22: Parades, Labor Day

Box-folder 1/6

Kearns, Arthur


Kenny, Attorney-General Robert


Killovan, Pat

see: Murray, Phil


Lawrence, Bill


Lewis, Richard


Lynden, Richard

see also: Subject Folder 18: Maritime Unions

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


MacFarland, Leslie


Marcotti, Jack


Martinson, Ole

see: Taylor, Senator Glenn


Mayhugh, Spencer, Jr.

see: Shibley, George


McCord, W. E.


McDonald, David J.


McGuire, Tom


McKenna, James


Michener, Lew

see also: Subject Folder 11: UAW


Michener, Mary


Miller, Congressman George

see: Polvorosh, Tony


Mitchell, John


Munier (?), O. A.

see: Bryson, Hugh


Murdock, Steve


Murray, Phil (6)

see also: Bridges, Harry (3)

see also: Thimmes, Jim

Box-folder 1/7

Nixon, Russ


Olson, Governor Culbert


Parker, Nick


Patterson, James E.

see: Shibley, George


Pinsky, Paul (2)

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Polvorosh, Tony


Posner, Jerome (2)


Powers, Chase

see: Robinson, Reid

see also: Travis, Maurice


Rathborne, Mervyn (3)

see also: Thimmes, Jim


Reynolds, Jack (2)


Robinson, Reid (2)


Robson, Paul


Roger, Sidney

see: Schnur, Paul


Roosevelt, Congressman James


Philipps, Father Charles

see: Murray, Phil

Box-folder 1/8

San Jules, Jim

see also: Thimmes, Jim


Schliff, Paul


Schliff, Lilly

see: Schliff, Paul


Schmidt, Henry

see also: Subject Folder 18: Maritime Unions


Schnaittacher, Sylvain


Schnur, Paul (5)

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Selly, Joseph

see: Tandy, Frances (2)


Silbey, George


Slaby, Frank (2)

see also: Heide, Ruby


Slade, Albee


Smith, Charles


Smith, James P.


Stofle, Emma


Stuyvelaar, Herman


Sturtevant, Roy

Box-folder 1/9

Tandy, Frances (2)


Taylor, Senator Glenn


Thimmes, James P. (4)

see also: Murray, Phil

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO

see also: Subject Folder 25: Trade Unions -Gen'l.


Thomas, R. J.

see also: Subject Folder 11: UAW


Thomas, L. B.

see: Mitchell, John


Thompson, Frank


Travis, Maurice

see also: Robinson, Reid


Turner, Leo

Box-folder 1/10

Van Curin (?), William


Vernon, E. H.

see: Reynolds, Jack C.


Walker, Doris Brin


Wallace, Vice-President Henry


Weakley, Ronald


West, Daniel A.

see: Shibley, George


Willard, Bert

see Murray, Phil


Williams, Claudia

see: Heide, Paul


Wilson, George

see: Rathborne, Mervyn


Wolff, George



Box-folder 1/11

AUTO WORKERS, UNITED (UAW): UAW Texas delegates; Local 76 golf team; North American parade float, Otto Rothschild, photographer; Local 76 supporting welders' strike at Chevrolet 1941; demonstration with UAW banner; R. J. Thomas speaks at meeting, banners for Locals 406, 216, 809 displayed; Richard Frankensteen speaks to Regional War Policy conference, Los Angeles, 1942-43 (?); Local 76 on parade, Oakland.

Box-folder 1/12

CIO-CALIFORNIA: CIO Convention, 4th Annual; delegates seated at table; a group of San Francisco delegates to CIO Convention, Portland, 1948; CIO canteen, World War II; Philip Connelly speaks to CIO leaders in Los Angeles; night photo of CIO Center, Los Angeles; Dave Jenkins speaks to meeting at CIO Building, San Francisco; Dick Lynden conducts CIO-PAC class at Asilomar, 1947.

Box-folder 1/13

DEMONSTRATIONS: Seamen picket with NMU banner, San Francisco; anti-Taft-Hartley Bill meeting, outdoors; Phil Connelly speaks to crowd, Pershing Square, Los Angeles (?); San Francisco Civic Center meeting; pickets protesting Tenney Committee, Oakland, 1947; pickets, San Francisco, 1948.

Box-folder 1/14

ELECTRICAL, RADIO AND MACHINERY WORKERS OF AMERICA, UNITED (UE): Membership meeting; General Cable workers; striker cooking; members on parade 1945; leafleting for GE strike 1951; Local 1412 Christmas party with Santa Claus; Westinghouse strike 1946; Westinghouse workers; Women's Auxiliary preparing parcels; Local 1421 meetings; membership meeting in Ontario ballpark; District 10 officers 1959; UE meeting, Otto Rothschild, photographer.

Box-folder 1/15

FISHERMEN: Fishermen, Local 33 parade with banner, Otto Rothschild, photographer; San Pedro fishing fleet; fleet during festival.

Box-folder 1/16

FOOD, TOBACCO & AGRICULTURAL WORKERS (FTA): Picketline in lockout at Libby, jurisdictional dispute with Teamsters; cannery workers picket, jurisdictional dispute with Teamsters.

Box-folder 1/17

HISTORICAL: Bonus Army Riot, Washington, D.C., 1932; breadline, New York.

Box-folder 1/18

MARITIME UNIONS: "Bloody Thursday" observances, San Pedro; Henry Schmidt. dinner speaker before banners for ILWU Local 6 and Maritime Federation of the Pacific Women's Auxiliary; Bridges, Curran, Burke and Selly in conversation; Maritime Federation of the Pacific charter for the Marine Cooks and Stewards, San Pedro, 1938; Joint Maritime Action Committee meeting, San Francisco Ferry Building 1948; Bridges with other ILWU leaders; seamen warking on deck in storm, Joe Rosenthal, photographer; seamen on parade holding "Maritime Unity" signs, Los Angeles, Otto Rothschild, photographer.

Box-folder 1/19

MOONEY MEMORIAL SERVICE: Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, 1942.

Box-folder 1/20

OFFICE AND PROFESSIONAL WORKERS OF AMERICA, UNITED (UOPWA), Local 225, Cutter Strike, 1947: Contract signing with union and employers; protest meeting before plant, mass picketing at Cutter.

Box-folder 1/21

PARADES: ILA, San Francisco, 1936-37 (?); Newspapermen (?), San Francisco; United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing & Allied Workers of America (UCAPAWA), San Francisco, 1937-38 (?); CIO float, Los Angeles, 1946-47 (?); CIO Council/Honolulu Conservatory of Music float, Oakland, 1935; Women on parade, Oakland (?); ILWU Auxiliary and ILWU members, Oakland (?); band on parade; Local 10 float on Market Street, San Francisco; longshoremen on Market Street, San Francisco.

Box-folder 1/22

PARADES - LABOR DAY, SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC CENTER, 1947: ILWU Local 10 float; ILWU Local 6 Drum Corps, warehousemen with Local 6 banner; San Francisco CIO Women's Auxiliary Council truck with anti-Taft-Hartley sign; California Labor School float; Marine Cooks & Stewards float with anti-Taft Hartley theme; Ship Scalers float with anti-Taft-Hartley theme; United Steel Workers float; United Office & Professional Workers of America float with anti-Taft-Hartley and "Third Party '48" signs; United Furniture Workers of America marching with banner; Marine Firemen (MFOW) float with anti-Taft-Hartley theme; Amalgamated Lithographers float; children watching parade from Lincoln's statue; "CIO Marches" sign before reviewing stand, City Hall.

Box-folder 1/23

STRIKES: CIO Local 576 pickets at "Mr. Segal's" home; oil workers picket in strike against Union Oil, San Pedro harbor area (?); scab car in ditch; News Vendors picket at Examiner.

Box-folder 1/24

STRIKES - UE: Mass picketing, Ontario; US Motors, Los Angeles 1946, Otto Rothschild, photographer; Local 1481 strike at Cadet 1964.

Box-folder 1/25

TRADE UNIONS: Meeting of Steel Workers, James Thimmes in front row; officers and shop stewards, East Bay Machinists; photo of letter to Warehouse Unions Servicemen's Committee, World War II, from Pvt. Roy B. Gutsch, 1942.

Box-folder 1/26

WOMEN: Women employees before Capital Mfg. Co./ Don Juan, many Hispanics; women packing boxes during World War II at California CIO office (?); Local 6 precinct worker speaking to woman at door (both Black); Rose Seguri shows document to women office workers; Ludmilla Poulichenko, in uniform, speaks at mike; Lena Horne with Black cast of a musical; "Miss UE 1421."



Box-folder 1/27