Register of the Inez Henderson Pond Collection, 1827-1962

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Register of the Inez Henderson Pond Collection, 1827-1962

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Title: Inez Henderson Pond Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1827-1962
Collection number: Mss10
Creator: Charles Pond II & Mary Pond Culbertson
Extent: 16 linear ft.
Repository: University of the Pacific. Library. Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections
Stockton, CA 95211
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Inez Henderson Pond was the granddaughter of R.W. Henderson who came to Stockton (Calif.) in 1860. Henderson practised dentistry there until his death in 1911. Her father, Walter R. Henderson, also practised dentistry in Stockton. He died in 1918. Her mother, Elizabeth Drown, was a descendant of Shem Drowne, the coppersmith who created the brass grasshopper atop Faneuil Hall in Boston. One of her cousins, W. Moran Drown, a well-known academic painter of the late 19th c., exhibited works at the Paris Exposition of 1900.
Mrs. Pond was born in Calaveras County (1891) but spent her early years in Stockton. Following graduation from Stanford University in 1914, Pond worked as a librarian with the Stockton Unified School District (1914-1920 and 1934-1955), as a publicist for the Stockton Chamber of Commerce and as a freelance journalist with the Stockton Daily Independent and Stockton Record (1930-1935).
In 1919 Inez Henderson married aviator, Charles McHenry Pond (b. 1882), son of Rear Admiral Charles F. Pond (1856-1929)---who had gained fame in 1897 as commander of the U.S. Marines that took Kapiolani Palace upon the deposition of Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii---and Emma McHenry. Charles McHenry Pond was the first pilot (1920) for the original air service connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles. At the time of their marriage, the Ponds lived in Stockton, where Mr. Pond operated a flying school. In 1921 Inez Pond moved with her husband to Berkeley where their two children, Charles "Chad" and Mary Virginia, were born. In 1930 Mr. and Mrs. Pond separated and the latter returned to Stockton with the two children. There she researched and published most of the articles upon which her reputation as a local historian rests. After 1935 the demands of her librarian's job obliged Inez Pond to set her career in journalism aside. Inez Pond retired in 1955 with the intention of resuming her career as an historian. During her final years she wrote both history and fiction but died of cancer (1962) before publishing anything substantial.
The Pond/McHenry family were prominent in many venues. Admiral Pond's mother-in-law, Ellen Metcalf McHenry (1827-1922), published considerable poetry in Bay Area newspapers during the late 19th century and was a friend of Ina Coolbrith. Her husband, attorney John McHenry (1809-1880), had been a friend of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren and a municipal court judge in New Orleans before coming to California (1850). He was active in San Francisco Democratic politics and an associate of David Broderick, but, as a Southerner, was obliged to retire from public life during the Civil War.
The Pond family were related to the renowned California landscape painter, William Keith (1838-1911)---a close friend of John Muir---through the marriage of Judge and Mrs. McHenry's other daughter, Mary, to the artist. Mary McHenry Keith (1852-1943), an active suffragette, was the first woman to graduate from Hastings Law School (1882). She gave a susbstantial collection of Keith's paintings to St. Mary's College, Moraga (Calif.), where art professor, Brother Cornelius, was the chief biographer of the artist (1938).
One of Admiral Pond's daughters, Elizabeth Keith Pond, was particularly close to Mary McHenry Keith, cared for her during her final years, and was her principal heir. Miss Pond established both the William Keith Memorial Sketch Club of Berkeley (1928), and, following Mrs. Keith's death, the Keith Art Association (1946). Elizabeth Keith Pond gave Judge McHenry's papers, her father's papers, and William Keith's papers to the Bancroft Library (1956). Miss Pond was also close to her sister-in-law, Inez Henderson Pond. The latter lived for awhile with Elizabeth Pond at the former Keith home in Berkeley. Miss Pond gave Inez Henderson Pond those family papers and Keith paintings which had not been formerly disposed of elsewhere (1957).

Scope and Content

In addition to Henderson/Drown family documents and Pond/McHenry family correspondence and photographs, the Inez Pond Collection consist of Inez Henderson Pond's research notes, drafts and published articles on Stockton, San Joaquin County, the Mother Lode and California, with particular emphasis on the Gold Rush period. Another prominent element in the collection is a group of writings, clippings and documents pertaining to William Keith and his family. These materials were probably collected by Mrs. Mary McHenry Keith and Miss Elizabeth Keith Pond, Mrs. Keith's niece and IHP's sister-in-law. Many photographs in the collection represent Henderson/Drown and Pond/McHenry family members. There is a large group of photographs of Admiral Pond in many of the locations in which he served, notably in China, Alaska, and Guam, as well as in the laying the Trans-Pacific Cable off Midway (1903), and, in the clean-up work following the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire (1906). Another important group of photographs is identified as having been taken by William Keith---rare snapshots of his wife, dog, and portrait subjects, as well as of landscape motifs.

Container List






i.1.1---Pond Collection--Background information by Ellen Deering


I.1.2---Inez H. Pond--Biography


I.1.3---Henderson/Drown family genealogy


I.1.4---R.W. Henderson, D.D.S.--Biographical statement


I.1.5---Walter R. Henderson, D.D.S.--Silhouette, business card


I.1.6---Do.--Odd Fellows' certificate, 1893


I.1.7---Do.--Professional & dental school papers


I.1.8---Drown Family [IHP's mother's family]--Misc. documents


I.1.9---Henderson Family--Business papers


I.1.10-IHP--Birth certificate & misc. docs.


I.1.11-IHP & Charles McH. Pond marriage, 1919


I.1.12-IHP--Business papers


I.1.13-"Chad" Pond--School work


I.1.14-Mary Virginia Pond--ephemera




I.2.1.1---Alan N. Ramsay to IHP, 1906-08 [17 items, 29 leaves] N.B.--Ramsay may have been a suitor, but, if so, a shy one. Although he and IHP never lived in the same locale for very long, he continued to write friendly, intimate letters to her for thirteen years. Ramsay never attended college and for some years was obliged to live in the wilds of Shasta County. He later served for two years with the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe during World War I. Inez Henderson, meanwhile, attended Stanford University, enjoying a rich and varied social life in Stockton and Palo Alto before marrying the scion of a Bay Area family more distinguished than her own.


I.2.1.2---ANR to IHP, 1909 [9 items, 23 leaves]


I.2.1.3---ANR to IHP, 1910 [14 items, 39 leaves]


I.2.1.4---ANR to IHP, 1911 [9 items, 26 leaves]


I.2.1.5---ANR to IHP, 1912 [11 items, 21 leaves]


I.2.1.6---ANR to IHP, 1913 [10 items, 20 leaves]


I.2.1.7---ANR to IHP, 1914 [7 items, 15 leaves]


I.2.1.8---ANR to IHP, 1917 [10 items, 17 leaves]


I.2.1.9---ANR to IHP, 1918 [9 items, 25 leaves]


I.2.1.10- ANR to IHP, 1919 [3 items, 9 leaves]


I.2.2.1: IHP to FAMILY & FRIENDS, 1908/09 [7 items, 14 leaves] Between 1909 and 1914 IHP was a student at Stanford. She wrote frequent letters to her mother detailing life at the school. She wrote somewhat less frequently, though on similar topics, to her father and maternal grandmother. Letters from 1918 on are to IHP from school friends.


I.2.2.2---IHP to FAMILY & FRIENDS, 1910 [7 items, 12 leaves]


I.2.2.3---IHP to FAMILY & FRIENDS, 1911 [11 items, 29 leaves]


I.2.2.4---IHP to FAMILY & FRIENDS, 1912-14 [11 items, 25 leaves]


I.2.2.5---IHP to FAMILY & FRIENDS, 1918 [4 items, 7 leaves]


I.2.2.6---IHP to FAMILY & FRIENDS, 1919 [2 items, 4 leaves]


I.2.2.7---IHP to FAMILY & FRIENDS, 1920s [10 items, 15 leaves]


I.2.3.1---Henderson/Drown Family Correspondence, 1890s [3 items, 3 leaves] These letters consist principally of family news sent to IHP's mother, Elizabeth Drown Henderson, or her mother, Mrs. Ella T. Drown, from relatives in New England. Letters from IHP's younger sister, Irma, to her mother and grandmother and a few items addressed to Dr. Walter R. Henderson make up the rest of this portion of the correspondence.


I.2.3.2---Henderson/Drown Family Correspondence, Pertaining to birth of ES Seymour, Jr. [IHP lst cousin], 1893 [7, 7]


I.2.3.3---Henderson/Drown Family Correspondence, 1900-08 [7, 7]


I.2.3.4---Henderson/Drown Family Correspondence, 1909 [7, 7]


I.2.3.5---Henderson/Drown Family Correspondence, 1910 [3, 3]


I.2.3.6---Henderson/Drown Family Correspondence, 1911 [3, 4]


I.2.3.7---Henderson/Drown Family Correspondence, 1912 [9, 11]


I.2.3.8---Henderson/Drown Family Correspondence, 1913-15 [13, 20]


I.2.3.9---Henderson/Drown Family Correspondence, 1916-18 [12, 21]


I.2.3.10-Henderson/Drown Family Correspondence, 1919/20 [3, 8]


BOX 3: HENDERSON/DROWN FAMILIES---CORRESPONDENCE, 1930-1960s For the most part, letters in this group were written either by IHP's business correspondents (esp. 1930-1939) or by her mother (until 1944), sister, and daughter, Mary Virginia Pond Culbertson.


i.3.1---1930 [8 items, 13 leaves]


I.3.2---E.D. Holden to IHP [re early Stockton], 1930-32,37 [18, 24]


I.3.3---1931/32 [7, 10]


I.3.4---1933/34 [13, 15]


I.3.5---1935-39 [10, 13]


I.3.6---1940-42 [14, 18]


I.3.7---1943 [9 items, 18 leaves]


I.3.8---1944 [8, 12]


I.3.9---1945 [15, 23]


I.3.10-1946 [16, 21]


I.3.11-1947 [14, 18]


I.3.12-1948 [6, 6]


I.3.13-1949 [4, 5]


I.3.14-1950 [16, 23]


I.3.15-1951 [5, 12]


I.3.16-1952 [18, 24]


I.3.17-1953 [9, 12]


I.3.18-1954 [34, 42]


I.3.19-1955 [39, 56]


I.3.20-1956 [24, 31]


I.3.21-1957 [7, 12]


I.3.22-1958 [10, 16]


I.3.23-1959 [1, 2]


I.3.24-1960 [6, 11]


I.3.25-1961 [23, 31]


I.3.26-undated [28, 30]


I.3.27-w/ 11/14/36 from Calif. State Ch. of Commerce


I.3.28-w/ 11/4/53 from Mary V. Pond Culbertson




i.4.1---Wm. H. Drown Copybook (c1880s) [contains clippings, essays and poems pertaining to Civil War viewed from northern perspective]


I.4.2---Sacramento and San Francisco concert and theater programs scrapbook, 1893- 1903 [emphasis on Frederick Warde]


i.4.3---Irma Henderson advertising and religious cards scrapbook, 1903 [olive green cloth covers]


i.4.4---IHP California history scrapbook, 1930s-50s [brown leatherette covers]


i.4.5---Stockton (Calif.) clippings [obits, history, social life]


i.4.6---Unidentified fragments [poetry, menus, notes]




I.5.1.1---Stockton years: memorabilia


A) By-laws, Morning Star Lodge No. 68, Masons, 1872:::::::


B) "A service of thanksgiving & prayer commemorative of the 100th anniversary of American independence," 1876:::::::


C) 4th public rehearsal, Stockton Choral Society, 1887 [2]:::::::


D) 2d anniv., lst Congregational church, 1891:::::::


E) Melvin H. Orr/Pamela E. Ladd wedding, 1892:::::::


F) 1st Congregational church program, 1903:::::::


G) 37th encampment, Rawlins Post 23, GAR, 1903:::::::


H) Newton Rutherford, Eagles membership cert., 1905:::::::


I) Stockton High School commencement program, 1909:::::::


J) Memorial Day, 1910:::::::


K) "Best wishes to Little Miss Drowne-Henderson Pond," c1922:::::::


L) Lorraine Cutting/Chas. Mack wedding, 1924:::::::


M) Georgea A. Catts/Edwin B. Fuld wedding, 1927:::::::


N) E. Holden calling card, c1930 [w/ notes on E.S. Holden]:::::::


O) "Lighted Candles," by Stockton Poetry Society, 1940:::::::


P) Recommendations of Citizens' Advisory Committee, Stockton::::::: School Board, 1947


Q) Geraldine C. Kennedy/Jeremy C. Cole wedding, 1951:::::::


R) Dee Morton Hays studio tea, 1952:::::::


S) Mabel Rubin drawings of Stockton homes exhibit, 1952:::::::


T) Frances Alice Mack/Philip C. Bush wedding, 1954:::::::


U) Nineteenth Century Club program, 1960/61:::::::


I.5.1.2---Stockton years: Yosemite Club--Constitution & By-laws, n.d. [c1890s?]


I.5.1.3---Stockton years: IHP's Book of Common Prayer, c1897


I.5.1.4---Stockton years: IHP's New Testament, 1898


I.5.1.5---Stockton years: IHP's Hymnal, c1898


I.5.1.6---Stockton years: IHP's autograph book, 1903


I.5.1.7---IHP Stockton High School sorority materials, 1909


I.5.1.8---Stockton years: dance programs, 1909-11


I.5.1.9---Stockton years: Picture postcards [chiefly California & Pittsfield, Mass.]


i.5.2.1---Stanford University: Dance programs, 1910/11 [social organizations incl. Encina Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi fraternities and Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Alpha Theta sororities]


I.5.2.2---Stanford University: Dance programs, 1912-14


I.5.2.3---Stanford University: Party invitations, 1910


I.5.2.4---Stanford University: Do., 1911


I.5.2.6---Stanford University: Do., 1912


I.5.2.7---Stanford University: leather book mark




i.6.1---Hymnal publ. Springfield (Mass.?), 1829


I.6.2---Notebook containing ruminations on the Deity (author unidentified), late 19thc


I.6.3---Edwin Markham & his family--Misc. docs.


I.6.4---"Boston Bill; Or, the Mad Mountaineer," 1881 [dime novel]


I.6.5---Misc. art exhibitions


A) Elmer E. Garnsey, n.d.:::::::


B) Huntington Library, 1957:::::::


C) Thomas Rowlandson, 1957:::::::


D) Oakland Museum, 1960


I.6.6---Misc. concert & theatre programs


A) Fritz Kreisler, 1915:::::::


B) Omar, the Tentmaker, 1915:::::::


C) Mme. Butterfly, 1916:::::::


D) Agnes Boone, dance program, 1930:::::::


E) Ruth St. Dennis, dance program, 1945:::::::


I.6.7---Misc. unrelated publ.


A) San Joaquin County Schools. "Course of study in reading," 1934:::::::


B) lst Annual Institute, Calif. History Foundation, 1948:::::::


C) The Call Number 19:1 (Fall 1957):::::::


D) Oregon El. Principals' Assn. Multiple roles of the elementary principal, 1957:::::::


I.6.8---Baker, Oregon---History clippings, 1959/60


i.6.9---California history---misc. publ.


A) Manual of Cumberland Presbyterian Church, San Jose, c1877:::::::


B) Rev. H.C. Haydon. "The Work: American Board," 1881:::::::


C) Evelyn Thurston & IHP. "History of San Joaquin County & Stockton," c1935 [for use by 4th graders in public schools]:::::::


D) "Nevada in 1856" [litho reproduced, 1935]:::::::


E) "A final bottle of champagne--another old mansion dies," SF Chronicle (8/12/54):::::::


F) Mills College. "Some drought-tolerant California native plants for the garden," n.d.


I.6.10-California tourism


A) "Redwood forest is feature of Oakland park," n.p., n.d. [c1930]:::::::


B) Winchester Mystery House, n.d. [1930s]:::::::


C) Motorland (May 1933) [fragments]:::::::


D) "Yosemite National Park," 1936:::::::


E) Yosemite visitor's guide, 1937:::::::


F) "Yosemite calls me back," 1951


I.6.11-Portraits of famous Californians [unident.]


I.6.12-IHP Stockton High diploma


I.6.13-Drown Family genealogies [4 blueprints]




i.7.1.1----Pond Family: McHenry/Pond genealogy


i.7.1.2----Pond Family: Adm. Chas. F. Pond (1856-1929)---Clippings


I.7.1.3----Pond Family: Emma McHenry Pond (1857-1934)---Clippings


I.7.1.4----Pond Family: Chas. McH. Pond (1882-19??)---Clippings


I.7.1.5----Pond Family: Elizabeth Keith Pond (d. 1955)---Biographical


I.7.1.6----Pond Family: Do.---"The William Keith Miscellanea" [poems], 1931


I.7.1.7----Pond Family: Do.---Scrapbooks, clippings, corresp.


A) Notebook of poems:::::::


B) Alice G. Howard. "Yours," 1900:::::::


C) Benjamin P. Kurtz. "Joseph Cummings Rowell," 1938


I.7.2.1----McHenry Family: John McHenry (1809-1880)---Biographical


I.7.1.2----McHenry Family: Ellen J. Metcalf McHenry (1827-1922)---Published poetry


I.7.1.3----McHenry Family: Do.---Manuscript poetry


I.7.1.4----McHenry Family: Do.---Corresp., 1868


I.7.1.5----McHenry Family: Other McHenrys


A) James McHenry (1753-1816):::::::


B) Elizabeth H. McHenry Samare (1847-1907):::::::


C) John McHenry, architect (1858-1935)




i.8.1.1----Pond Family: memorabilia


A) Univ. Calif. Class Day program, 1876:::::::


B) Univ. Calif. Commencement program, 1876:::::::


C) GAR encampment, Berkeley, 1910


I.8.1.2----Pond Family: unidentified pencil sketches [probably by Elizabeth Keith Pond]


I.8.1.3----Pond Family: Oil sketch of parrot [probably by Elizabeth Keith Pond]


i.8.2.1----McHenry Family: The Lost Cause: A Confederate War Record (1902-03) [4 issues]


I.8.2.2----McHenry Family: Scrapbook pertaining to US History [Southern bias], c1860-1920s


I.8.2.3----McHenry Family: Miscellany


A) "Town's Speller," n.d. [signed 'Emma McHenry']:::::::


B) John Howell. "Lure & lore of the West," n.d.:::::::


C) [book sale catalog, incl. (p. 13) law books from John McHenry library]:::::::


D) The Last Days 23:12 (Dec 1920) [incl. Ellen McHenry poem, p.7]:::::::


E) Rudyard Kipling. "The seal national anthem" together w/ clipping about seal extermination (1911)






ii.1.1----Early settlers of Stockton, Calif. [blue spiral notebook]


ii.1.2----Notebook of newspaper coverage San Joaquin County & foothills, 1850s [torn black leatherette covers]


ii.1.3----Notebook on library history in Calif. ["Ye Liberty Bell" No.761]


ii.1.4----Notebook of newspaper coverage, San Joaquin County & foothills, 1850s ["Compositions" mottled black & white paper covers]


ii.1.6----Notebook on SJ Co. agricultural [black leatherette; typescript]


ii.1.7----Material on E.S. Holden & steamer "Oregon" (1849-50)


ii.1.8----City of Stockton---statistical info, 1920s-30s


ii.1.9----San Joaquin County notes #1


ii.1.10--Do. #2


ii.1.11--Do. #3


ii.1.12--Chamber of Commerce---History


ii.1.13--Other notes from Stockton newspapers


ii.1.14--"Stevenson's Regiment in California by Francis D. Clark"


ii.1.15--Misc. notes


BOX 2: STOCKTON CH. OF COMMERCE SQUIBS & OTHER SAN JOAQUIN CO. ARTICLES [typescript drafts unless otherwise indicated]


ii.2.1----Roster of articles & squibs placed in 1932


ii.2.2----SJ Co. articles: Special topics (1932)


A) Leading hotels, restaurants, etc. in Stockton.:::::::


B) Charles Thomas' rammed earth home in Burkett Acres:::::::


C) SJ Co. airports:::::::


D) "The Battle of Waterloo":::::::


E) SJ Co. Fair:::::::


F) "1732--Bicentennial Year, Stockton, Calif.--1932":::::::


G) Haggin Museum:::::::


H) "Public projects in Stockton in 1932"::::::::


I) "The College of the Pacific celebrates 75th::::::: commencement"


J) The History of Capt. Weber's land patent:::::::


K) The Story of the San Joaquin River:::::::


L) Gold Rush express companies:::::::


M) The Stockton Police Dept.:::::::


N) The Stockton National Guard:::::::


O) "Field & stream--sure Stockton sportsmen":::::::


P) Stockton Female Seminary:::::::


Q) "The Delta Lands":::::::


R) "Westward Ho on the San Joaquin River":::::::


S) "Hospitality played a large part in the early history of Tracy"


ii.2.3----Stockton Deep Water Port, 1932, fol. #1


ii.2.4----Do., fol. #2


ii.2.5----Ch. of Commerce columns from Port News, 1932-33


ii.2.6----A.M. Robertson, Pres. Stockton. Ch. of C. "Stockton--Past, present & Future," 6/32. [speech given by AMR as part of dedication ceremony for Stockton Federal Bldg.; by IHP]


ii.2.7----Stockton: General sketches for Ch. of Commerce applications


A) "Stockton: The gateway to interior California":::::::


B) "Material prepared for 'Dobbsie' broadcast over Columbia network from Fox-California Theatre...":::::::


C) "Stockton":::::::


D) "Exploring the thousand miles of inland streams...," 1931:::::::


E) "Fishermen are getting out their rods...," 1932:::::::


F) "Stockton, The Home City---Its points of interest," 1933:::::::


G) "Stockton, The hub of central California":::::::


H) "In 1841, when the fields of the San Joaquin Valley...," 1933:::::::


I) "Stockton, whose roots reach deep into the historic soil...":::::::


J) "Long before the era of the white man...":::::::


K) "San Joaquin County & its resources":::::::


L) "San Joaquin County":::::::


M) "Signposts to Stockton's prosperity":::::::


N) "Stockton--Pioneer outpost on the San Joaquin":::::::


O) "Original personal radio talk, Rhodora Club":::::::


P) "Stockton--City of romance & pioneer pluck"::::::::


Q) "For Masonic Trestle Board":::::::


R) "Stockton: An inland port":::::::


S) "...coming to the crest of the coast range hills...":::::::


T) "Stockton: Gateway city of the San Joaquin Valley":::::::


U) "Stockton, oldest city in the San Joaquin Valley...":::::::


V) "Speech for Mr. Robertson, RPO, Apr 30":::::::


W) "Stockton--Portal of the San Joaquin"


ii.2.8----Stockton typescripts


A) "Stockton goes to the theater, pioneer style":::::::


B) "Stockton, 90 miles inland from the Golden Gate":::::::


C) "The port":::::::


D) "Life in the growing city":::::::


E) "Stockton--Oldest city in the San Joaquin Valley":::::::


F) "Honors in leadership go to Stockton State Hospital"::::::


G) "Stockton--The Home City w/ an industrial future":::::::


H) "Important dates in the founding of Stockton":::::::


I) "The floods":::::::


J) "Capt. Weber--The man who founded the city":::::::


K) "Stockton: The gateway to the mines":::::::


L) "Stockton: The Indian days":::::::


M) "Advertising directed to the feminine element":::::::


N) "Romance colored the simplest activities"


ii.2.9----"French Camp---an outpost of the Canadian trappers"


ii.2.10--Chas. M. Weber, III. Speech on occasion of laying of cornerstone of Stkn Federal Bldg., 6/32. [by IHP?]


ii.2.11--Stockton Regatta sketches


ii.2.12--"Stars of the Big Top on the golden trail" [Gold Rush circuses; many drafts w/ pencil corrections]


ii.2.13--California other---typescripts & manuscripts


ii.2.14--Fragmentary pencil drafts


ii.2.15--"With a man in sight for every event..." [sports journalism; possibly a student exercise]


ii.2.16--"Egypt & her possibilities" [possibly a student exercise]




ii.3.1----"A mountain fire," Guard & Tackle (1909) [Stockton High School]


ii.3.2----Literary essays on 19th & 20th c. British & American writers, fol. #1


ii.3.3----Do., fol. #2


ii.3.4----"You American women are cold!..." [short story]


ii.3.5----"Little Miss Pilgrim" and other stories & sketches by "Hannah Thorne"


A) "Wedding music":::::::


B) "Indians":::::::


C) "Hostage":::::::


D) "Personally conducted"


ii.3.6----"Part I: Pioneer Days" [portion of play set in 19th c. Stockton]


ii.3.7----"Part II: The sentimental '70's"


ii.3.8----unidentified play fragment, pp. 47-91 [set in Stockton, incl. character "Chips Hale"]


ii.3.9----"Buffalo! The cry was taken up from wagon to wagon" [fragment of novel about plains crossing]


ii.3.10--"Sally Love draped the folds of her India shawl..." [fragment of novel about plains crossing]


ii.3.11--unidentified novel fragment about Isthmus crossing & settlement of Stockton, Chapt. 1-5 [incl. character "Chips Hale"]


ii.3.12--"The story of Zicky (Zuleika)," 1952 [about Mrs. Mary McH. Keith]


ii.3.13--"Grandma knits a story: Willow District School"


ii.3.14--Notes & drafts for fiction projects


BOX 4: PUBLISHED ARTICLES ON LOCAL HISTORY TOPICS [clipped from Stockton Record or Stockton Independent unless otherwise indicated]


ii.4.1----Undated (6)


ii.4.2----1930 (47)


ii.4.3----1931 (51)


ii.4.4----1932 (45)


ii.4.5----1933 (35)


ii.4.6----1934 (36)


ii.4.7----1935 (11)


ii.4.8----Inez Pond's Stockton Record articles mentioned in Oakland Tribune (6-1-30)


ii.4.9----"The Big Trees of old Calaveras County...," Santa Fe Magazine (Sep 1932)


ii.4.10--"Trails of the pioneer," Motor Land (May 1931) [Murphys, Calaveras Co.]


ii.4.11--"City created by magic of situation," The Masonic World 13:2 (Aug 1931)




ii.5.1----Mother Lode sketches


A) "Historic Murphys":::::::


B) "Calaveras, land of romance...":::::::


C) "Lofty sentinels that sheltered the mammoth creatures..."[Calaveras Big Trees]:::::::


D) "Summer time is holiday time in Stockton" [misc. Sierra sidetrips]:::::::


E) "Follow the trail of the pioneer..." [Calaveras & Tuolumne misc.]:::::::


F) "When Mark Twain sat in the barroom of the old Tryon Hotel..."::::::: [Jumping Frog contest]


G) "A woman once asked, `Who is that Mother Lode...'"[Calaveras misc.]:::::::


H) "Crinoline days and ways live again for the visitor..." [Murphys]


ii.5.2----Pencil drafts: Placerville--Special topics


A) Calif. troops in Civil War:::::::


B) John Studebaker:::::::


C) "Odd place names of El Dorado Co.":::::::


D) "The old bell":::::::


E) Christian Science Church:::::::


F) Will O. Upton, Old-timer of Placerville:::::::


G) Misc. Placerville churches


ii.5.3----Calaveras Big Trees State Park dedication, 1935?


ii.5.4----Biographical clippings, Calif. personalities [possibly saved because of association w/ Wm. Keith]


A) Chas. Keeler, Berkeley poet (1937):::::::


B) John & Joseph LeConte (1940):::::::


C) John Muir (1925; 1953):::::::


D) Lillie V. O'Ryan, sculptress (1924)


ii.5.5----Mother Lode Misc.


SERIES III: Materials relating to William Keith & his family




iii.1.1.1----WILLIAM KEITH: Writings


iii.1.1.2----WILLIAM KEITH: Lecture by, 1894 or 95


iii.1.1.3----WILLIAM KEITH: Lists of works


iii.1.1.4----WILLIAM KEITH: Prints of various paintings


iii.1.1.5----WILLIAM KEITH: Bibliography


iii.1.1.6----WILLIAM KEITH: Writings about, folder 1


iii.1.1.7----WILLIAM KEITH: Writings about, folder 2


iii.1.1.8----WILLIAM KEITH: Business cards & invitations


iii.1.1.9----WILLIAM KEITH: Exhibition catalogs


iii.1.1.10--WILLIAM KEITH: Oakland Museum. An introduction to the art of William Keith


iii.1.1.11--WILLIAM KEITH: Keith Family Miscellany


iii.1.1.12--WILLIAM KEITH: Keith Art Assn. Bulletins v. 1-4 (1946-51); descr. brochure


iii.1.1.13--WILLIAM KEITH: Do.


iii.1.1.14--WILLIAM KEITH: William Dallam Armes. The man with a hoe. [essay on the famous Millet painting inscribed to Keith by author]


iii.1.2.1----MARY MCHENRY KEITH: Biographical


iii.1.2.2----MARY MCHENRY KEITH: Correspondence


iii.1.2.3----MARY MCHENRY KEITH: Shelflist of her library


iii.1.2.4----MARY MCHENRY KEITH: Cello recital programs


iii.1.2.5----MARY MCHENRY KEITH: Essay on her husband's character


iii.1.2.6----MARY MCHENRY KEITH: Clippings




iii.2.1----WILLIAM KEITH CLIPPINGS: During his lifetime, c1900-11


iii.2.2----WILLIAM KEITH CLIPPINGS: Obituaries






iii.2.5----WILLIAM KEITH CLIPPINGS: Anecdotes, trivia, relata


iii.2.6----WILLIAM KEITH CLIPPINGS: Retrospective exposition, 1912-13


iii.2.7----WILLIAM KEITH CLIPPINGS: Exhibit at SF World's Fair, 1940


iii.2.8----WILLIAM KEITH CLIPPINGS: Misc. paintings & exhibitions


iii.2.9----WILLIAM KEITH CLIPPINGS: Keith Memorial Hall, St. Mary's College, Moraga, Calif.


iii.2.10--WILLIAM KEITH CLIPPINGS: Biography by Brother Cornelius, 1942


iii.2.11--WILLIAM KEITH CLIPPINGS: Homesite plaque, 1954




iii.3.1----"The Record of the William Keith Memorial Sketch Club of Berkeley," Apr 1925-May 1928 ["Blue & Gold Composition No. 2347" paper covers]


iii.3.2----"The Record of the William Keith Memorial Sketch Club of Berkeley," Sep 1928-May 1931 [black paper cover w/ photo landscape pasted on front]


iii.3.3----Sketch Club Record Book III, 1931-33 [black covers w/ 2 ring binding]


iii.3.4----"The William Keith Memorial Sketch Club of Berkeley and San Francisco---Record Book IV," Feb 1934-Nov 1936 [grey-blue paper cover w/ photo forest landscape on front]


iii.3.5----"The Sketch Club's Book of Verses"


iii.3.6----"Reflections" by Pauline Webley Morgan




Box 1: Pond Family

Abstract: Including photographs of: Admiral Charles Fremont Pond, Emma McHenry Pond, Elizabeth "Bessie" Keith Pond, Charles McHenry Pond. Admiral Pond's photographs from Berkeley, Lake Tahoe, Alaska, Fort Ozama, Guam, Honolulu, Manila, Japan, Mare Island, Midway Island, China, San Domingo, Yerba Buena, San Francisco Earthquake and Fire 1906.

Box 2: Pond, Keith, Henderson, McHenry, Hay, Metcalfe, Ramsey, Clark Families

Abstract: Including photographs of: Inez Henderson Pond, Chad Pond, Mary Virginia Pond, William Keith, Mary McHenry Keith, Judge John McHenry, Ellen Metcalfe McHenry, William Hay, Emily Hay, Alan Ramsey, Elizabeth Clark.Two William Keith paintings, "Mary McHenry Keith" and "San Mateo Creek" hang at Holt-Atherton Special Collections.Oversize photo portrait of William Keith by W.E. Dassomniu with oversized materials in map case (Sept. 2010)

Box 3: Henderson, Drown, Trethwartha families, and miscellaneous indentified and unidentified photographs from the Pond Collection.