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Register of the Machado (Jess) Collection, 1846-1990
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1.1 Correspondence, 1960-89


1.2 Memorabilia: Clippings, awards, etc.


1.3 Personal Account Books, 1968-69


1.4 Miscellaneous Personal Papers (recpts., flyers, notes, etc.)


1.5 Misc. notes in spiral notebook


1.6 Meteorology coursework, LA City College, 1969


1.7 Notes for photo exhibit on wagons


1.8 Correspondence & documents relating to controversy over location of boundary of Alpine Co., 1980


1.9 City of Stockton's Silver Lake Camp


1.10 World War II U.S. Army Pacific Islands Ethnology Pamphlets


a-CincPaC. Guide to Western Pacific (Bull. 126-44), 1944.


b-WVTY, Armed Forces Radio. The Ulithi Encyclopedia, 1945.


1.11 Tombstone Epitaph 15:9,11 (Sep, Nov 1988);16:1-3 (Jan-Mar 1989)




2.1 Carson Pass Area Pamphlets:


a-Emigrant Road Dedication, 1959.


b-3rd Addendum to The Overland Emigrant Trail: A Guide to Trail Markers, Hope Valley to Emigrant Pass, 1970.


c-Tracy I. Storer. Natural History of Silver Lake Amador County, California, 1970.


d-El Dorado National Forest. "Emigrant Summit Trail: A National Recreation Trail Report," 1979.


e-Do. "Emigrant Summit National Recreational Trail Management Plan," 1985.


f-Do. "Decision Notice Finding No Significant Impact For the Emigrant Summit National Recreational Trail," 1985.


g-Jedediah Smith Draft National Trail Study, 1986.


2.2 Alpine & Mono County Place Names [source?; photocopy]


2.3 William E. Maule. "A Contribution to the Geographic & Economic History of Carson, Walker & Mono Basins," 1938.


2.4 W. Turrentine Jackson. "Report on the History of the Grover Hot Springs State Park Area & Surrounding Region of Alpine County," 1964.


2.5 -Dean William Taylor. "Checklist of the timberline flora at Carson Pass, Alpine, El Dorado, and Amador Counties, California," 1974.


2.6 -Susan K. Lindstrom. "A Cultural Reconnaisance of the Sorensen's Report, Alpine County, Calif." 1982.


2.7 -Bennyhof, J.A. et al. Emigrant Summit Trail: Archeological Investigation & Historic Research of the Trail From Caples Lake to Maiden's Grave, 1982.


2.8 -Do. Emigrant Summit Trail: Historic Background, 1982. [excerpt from 2.3]


2.9 -"Specifications for the Cultural Resource Survey, Emigrant Summit Trail," 1982.


2.10 -Earl Schmidt. "The Volcano Road," 1989; "Hearing Statement," 11-7-89; "To Some Key Gold Country and Sierra People," 11-22-89.


2.11 -Personal Emigrant Trail Notes






a-Leander Loomis. A Journal of the Birmingham Emigrating Company, 1928. [incl. W. Clayton. The Latter Day Saints' Emigrants Guide]


b-Personal Narrative of Nancy A. (Zumwalt-Cotton) Hunt.




a-19th c. maps of Carson Pass area


b-Seven modern USGS quad maps Carson Pass area showing course of Carson/Mormon Trail


c-Seven 1889 USGS quad maps Carson Pass area showing course of Carson/Mormon Trail


d-Eight photos illus. portions of Emigrant Trail from Sierra to Ft. Laramie (1840s- 1920s) [photocopies; sources?]


e-Jack L. Reveal, and James L. Reveal. "The Missing Fremont Cannon - An Ecological Solution?" Madrono 32:2 (4-26-85), 106-117.


f-Fancher Stimson. "Overland Journey to California by Platte River Route & South Pass in 1850," Annals of Iowa 13:6 (10-22), 403-440.


g-Jennie Dutton. "Across the Plains in 1850," Annals of Iowa 9:6-7 (7/10-10), 447- 83.


h-Leroy L. Kidder. "Story of a Siskiyou Argonaut," 1850.


I-William Edmundson. "Diary Kept by ... of Oskaloosa, While Crossing the Plains in 1850," Annals of Iowa 8:7 (10-08), 516-35.


m-W.W. Chapman. "Chapman Diary," Wyoming Historical Department Quarterly Bulletin 1:1 & 2 (8-15-24), 7-9.


n-Orange Gaylord. "Diary of ... to California & Oregon in 1850," Oregon Pioneer Association Transactions (7-19-17).


o-Merrill J. Mattes. "Joseph Rhodes & the California Gold Rush of 1850," Annals of Wyoming 23:1 (Jan. 1951), 52-71.


p-A.W. Harlan. "Journal of ... While Crossing the Plains in 1850," Annals of Iowa 41:1 (Apr. 1913), 32-62.


q-Henry Stirling Bloom. Carson Pass excerpts from Tales of the Pioneers of the Kankakee. [1850 crossing]


r-O.J. Hall. Carson Pass excerpts from Diary of a 49er.


s-Norma B. Ricketts. Carson Pass excerpts from Mormons & the Discovery of Gold.


t-John Udell. Carson Pass excerpts from Life & Travels of John Udell.


3.3: RED BINDER #1: "CARSON PASS JOURNALS" [excerpts relating specifically to Carson Pass region]


a-Abbey, James, 1850


b-Bailey, Washington, 1853


c-Cooke, Lucy, 1852


d-Cole, Gilbert, 1852


e-Chalmers, Robert, 1850


f-Clapp, John, 1850


g-Christy, Thomas, 1850


h-Delano, ?, 1849


i-DeWolf, Daniel, 1849


j-Daily, Robert S., 1850


k-Decker, Peter, 1849


l-Ferris, Mrs. B.G., 1852


m-Frink, Margaret, 1850


n-Hunt, Nancy A., 1854


o-Hixon, Jasper M., n.d.


p-Hulbert, Archer, 1849


q-Keith, F.F., 1850


r-Kilgore, W.H., 1850


s-Kelly, William, 1852


t-Langworthy, Franklin, 1850


u-Moorman, Madison, 1850


v-McGuirk Diary, 1852


w-McKinstry, Byron, 1850


x-Nelson, Amanda, 1876


y-Pigman, Walter G., 1850


z-Robinson, Zirkle D., 1850


aa-Reid, Bernard, 1849


bb-Read, George Willis, 1850


cc-Royce, Sarah, 1849


dd-Sawyer, Lorenzo, 1850


ee-Shepherd, J.S., 1850


ff-Shoemaker, ?, 1850


gg-Thissell, G.W., 1849


hh-Thomas, Dr., 1849


ii-True, Charles F., 1859


jj-Turnbull, ?, 1852


kk-Wilson, Luzina Stanley, 1849


ll-Wooster, David, 1850


mm-Wood, John, 1850


3.4 RED BINDER #2: "PICTORIAL HISTORY 1849" [photocopies of photos & illus. from many sources incl.:]


a-Albert, ?. A Button Collector's 2nd Journal


b-Betensley, Bertha. Antique Buttonhooks


c-Chapel, Charles E. The Gun Collector's Handbook of Values


d-Dunlop, Richard. Wheels West, 1590-1900


e-Dunlop, Richard. Wagons, Mules and Men


f-Hannon, Jesse Gould. The Boston-Newton Company Venture


g-Mattes, Merrill. The Great Platte River Road


h-Sichel, Marion. Costume Ref. 5 [!?]


i-Unruh, John D. The Plains Across


j-Wilcox, R. Turner. Five Centuries of American Costume


k-Wojcik, Donna M. The Brazen Overlanders of 1845


l-[no author provided] Personal weapons of the Traders & Trappers


3.5 BEIGE BINDER [excerpts]


a-John C. Fremont. Memoirs of My Life


b-Kit Carson. Autobiography




a-Miscellaneous JM notes


b-Frank J. O'Bryan. Overland Chronicle: Emigrant Diaries in Western Nevada Libraries




a-William Johnston. Overland to California, 1849.


b-R.C. Shaw. Across the Plains in '49, 1849.


c-James Bennett. Overland Journey to California, 1850.


d-Niles Searls. Excerpt from Overland to the Pacific, 1849.


e-Mrs. Pauline Wonderly. Reminiscences of a Pioneer, 1852.


f-Mary Jane Walker Caples reminiscences of 1849 crossing


g-Excerpt from the Peter Decker diaries of 1849 crossing


h-Excerpt from Thomas Christy. Across the Plains...


i-List of 1850 diaries


3.8: P.L. Platt & N. Slater. 1852 Traveller's Guide [spiral bound; red cover]


3.9: Miscellaneous Trail Diary Lists & Bibliographies; "The Overland Emigrant Trail to California Across the 40-Mile Desert in Nevada. A Guide to Trail Markers Placed on the Carson River Route & the Truckee River Route, Including a Map," 1968.


3.10: Dale L. Morgan. "The Diaries of 1849," appendix from Overland Diary of James A. Pritchard [2 copies w/ differing notes]




4.1: National Landscape Institute. Landscape Gardening, 1945. [olive gray binder; Lessons 1-14]


4.2: Do. [olive gray binder w/ "#7" on spine; Lessons 15-31]


4.3:Landscape Gardening Miscellany, 1934-48 [olive gray binder; incl. job announcements, corresp. w/ Natl. Landscape Inst. & Veterans' Admin., trade catalogs, etc.]


a-H.M. Butterfield essays on flower cultivation in California (1948)


4.4: Notes on California wild plants w/ emphasis on Central Valley [olive gray binder]


4.5: Silva of North America, n.d. [source?; excerpts?; photocopy]


4.6 "Big Trees of U.S."


4.7 Plants Miscellany (incl. trade catalogs, notes, flyers)


4.8 Landscape Gardening; Plant Life




5.1: Pamphlets on 19th c. Transportation:


a-Seidel Buggy Company, Richmond, Indiana, n.d. [illus. catalog, probably 19th c.]


b-Book Catalog No. 12 From Jack D. Rittenhouse Specialist in Books on Carriages, Coaches & Early Transportation, 1958. [2 copies]


c-Americana Review. Locomotive Advertising in America, 1850-1900, 1960.


5.2: Color Prints of Early American Carriages by Autoprints, N.Y., 1952. [eight 4x8" color photogravures on card stock; one 3x5" card w/ JM's notes in red ink]


5.3: Color Prints of Early American Locomotives by Autoprints, N.Y., 1950. [eight 4x8" color photogravures on card stock]


5.4: George Shumway. Conestoga Wagon, 1750-1850, n.d. [photocopy]


5.5: Reminiscences of Zadok K. Judd, Mormon Pioneer (Nauvoo, California, Utah, 1840s & 50s) [source?; photocopy]


5.6: James Shebl. "The American Adventure of Captain Charles M. Weber," 1990. [photocopy of typescript in canvas binder]




6.1: Raswan Index, vols. 1-4 [brochures]


6.2: Blue Arabian Horse Catalog, 1967 [brochures]


6.3: Arabian Horse Assn. materials


6.4: Misc. infor on JM's Arabian horses


6.5: Misc. info on other breeder's Arabian horses


6.6: Arabian Horse Assn., San Fernando Valley Newsletter (1960s)


6.7: San Joaquin Valley Arabian Horse Assn. Newsletter, 1963


6.8: Pamphlets & catalogs on Arabian horses


6.9: Horse auction programs


6.10: Arabian Horse Assn. San Fernando Valley Membership Directories


6.11: Misc. horse lore & notes


6.12: Blue Arabian Horse Catalogues, 1961 + suppl.; 1962 + suppl.


6.13: Arabian horse show catalogs, 1960s


6.14: Howard Marks Ranch. "Directory of Arabian Horsaes & Owners of the US," 1961, 1965


6.15: Prince Mohamed Aly. "Breeding of pure Arabian horses," 1935




7.1: Buds O' Blue, 1930 [Stockton High literary mag.]


7.2: Guard & Tackle, 1928-31 [4 Stockton High yearbooks]


7.3: Bucaneer, 1933-35 [3 Modesto Junior College yearbooks]




8.1: BINDER #1--Carson/Mormon Trail [17 sleeves, 307 slides]


8.2: BINDER #2--Sierras [24 sleeves, 420 slides]


8.3: BINDER #3--Sierras #2 [28 sleeves, 549 slides]


8.4: BINDER #4--California Scenery (other than Sierras) [24 sleeves, 441 slides]


8.5: BINDER #5--People; Wagons [19 sleeves, 359 slides]


8.6: BINDER #6--Urban Scenes; Slides Taken from Books [26 sleeves, 494 slides]


8.7: BINDER #7--Flowers; Birds; Animals [20 sleeves, 370 slides]


8.8: BINDER #8--Trees [10 sleeves, 174 slides]


8.9: BINDER #9--Arabian Horses [12 sleeves, 224 slides]




9.1.1: Small Photos (various sizes) Ancestral Pictures, c1890-1910 [18 b/w snapshots]


9.1.2: Small Photos (various sizes) Alpine Lake; Burl, 1930s? [2 b/w snapshots]


9.1.3: Small Photos (various sizes) Silver Lake CA, 1931-33 [33 b/w snapshots]


9.1.4: Small Photos (various sizes) Stockton Camp at Silver Lake, 1931-32 [12 b/w snapshots]


9.1.5: Small Photos (various sizes) Sierras, 1931-32? [21 b/w snapshots]


9.1.6: Small Photos (various sizes) Sierras, 1937 [16 b/w snapshots]


9.1.7: Small Photos (various sizes) South Pacific Islands, c1943-44 [49 b/w snapshots]


9.1.8: Small Photos (various sizes) South Pacific #2, c1944 [22 b/w snapshots]


9.1.9: Small Photos (various sizes) Unidentified Sierra Scenes, 1940s? [11 b/w snapshots]


9.1.10: Small Photos (various sizes) Yosemite, 1946 [22 b/w snapshots]


9.1.11: Small Photos (various sizes) Rock Formations [Devil's Postpile?], 1960s? [5 color snapshots]


9.1.12: Small Photos (various sizes) Mountain Scenes, 1960s? [11 color snapshots]


9.1.13: Small Photos (various sizes) Wildflowers, 1960s? [6 color snapshots]


9.1.14: Small Photos (various sizes) JM's Vineyard, Turlock, 1969 [4 color snapshots]


9.1.15: Small Photos (various sizes) Buildings, 1930s-60s [16 b/w & 2 color snapshots]


9.1.16: Small Photos (various sizes) People, 1930s-60s [27 b/w & 4 color snapshots]


9.1.17: Small Photos (various sizes) JM & wife, Marian, on the beach, 1969 [4 color snapshots]


9.1.18: Small Photos (various sizes) JM Family Pictures?, 1960s? [12 snapshots]


9.1.19: Small Photos (various sizes) JM's Arabian: Saandman, 1963-65, 1969 [18 b/w & color snapshots]


9.1.20: Small Photos (various sizes) JM's Arabian: Saandman, 1960s [7 b/w & color snapshots]


9.1.21: Small Photos (various sizes) Do., 1967 [9 color snapshots]


9.1.22: Small Photos (various sizes) Do.: Char Turf, 1965 [7 b/w & color snapshots]


9.1.23: Small Photos (various sizes) JM's Arabian: Saanda Fa, 1965 [8 b/w snapshots]


9.1.24: Small Photos (various sizes) Do.: Odette, 1967 [8 color snapshots]


9.1.25: Small Photos (various sizes) Arabian: Fadell, 1960 [5 color snapshots]


9.1.26: Small Photos (various sizes) Arabian: Fay, 1965 [6 b/w snapshots]


9.1.27: Small Photos (various sizes) Unident. Arabians, 1960s? [22 color snapshots]


9.1.28: Small Photos (various sizes) Miscellany, 1930s-60s (Southern California, cars, urban scenes, etc.) [22 b/w snapshots]


9.1.29: Small Photos (various sizes) Miscellany #2, 1930s-60s (Cars, cows, equipment, harbor scenes, etc.) [19 b/w snapshots]


9.1.30: Small Photos (various sizes) Picture Postcards (chiefly Sierras) [10]


9.2.1: Small Negatives Sierra Scenes, 1930s-60s [68 b/w negs.]


9.2.2: Small Negatives Sierra Cabin [Silver Lake?], 1930s/40s [15 b/w negs.]


9.2.3: Small Negatives South Pacific, c1943-44 [41 b/w negs.]


9.2.4: Small Negatives Sierra Views, 1940s? [50 b/w negs.]


9.2.5: Small Negatives Sierra Views #2, 1940s? [9 b/w negs.]


9.2.6: Small Negatives Sierra Views #3, 1940s? [50 b/w negs.]


9.2.7: Small Negatives Sierra Views #4, 1940s? [13 b/w negs.]


9.2.8: Small Negatives Buildings [28 b/w negs.]


9.2.9: Small Negatives People, 1930s-60s [52 b/w & 2 color negs.]


9.2.10: Small Negatives People, 1940s? [8 b/w negs.]


9.2.11: Small Negatives People #2, 1940s? [8 b/w negs.]


9.2.12: Small Negatives JM Family Pictures, 1960s [12 color negs.]


9.2.13: Small Negatives JM's Arabian: Saandman, 1960s [7 b/w negs.]


9.2.14: Small Negatives Plants, not in Sierras [3 b/w/ negs.]


9.2.15: Small Negatives Calif. Desert & Ocean [6 b/w & 3 color negs.]


9.2.16: Small Negatives Unidentified Maps & Blueprints, 1960s [11 b/w negs.]


9.2.17: Small Negatives Miscellany (cars, cows, urban & harbor scenes etc.), mostly 1940s [30 b/w negs.]


9.2.18: Small Negatives Unidentified, 1960s? [12 color negs.]


9.3.1: Larger Photos Silver Lake Region, (Photos by a Dr. Stein?), 1916 [5 8x10 b/w & 1 5x7 b/w]


9.3.2: Larger Photos Jess Machado Portrait in front of Sierra waterfall, 1930s [1 7x9 b/w]


9.3.3: Larger Photos Jess Machado's Arabian Horses, 1960s [24 8x10 & 1 4x6 b/w]


9.3.4: Larger Photos Realistic Visual Aids, Highland CA. "Across Early America," n.d. [24 8x10 b/w; Hollywood movie stills used to illustrate American westward migration]


9.3.5: Larger Photos Photo Album, 1940s [Chiefly snapshots of South Pacific]


9.4.1: Films Saanda Fa [Super 8]


9.4.2-3: Films Unidentified [2; Super 8]