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Register of the Howard Palfrey Jones Papers

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Howard Palfrey Jones papers,
Date (inclusive): 1930-1973
Collection number: 74019
Creator: Jones, Howard Palfrey, 1899-
Physical Description: 128 manuscript boxes, 3 card file boxes, 3 cubic ft. boxes, 5 envelopes, 2 oversize boxes, 8 slide boxes, 2 motion picture film reels, 12 phonotape reels. (63 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Writings, correspondence, reports, research files, studies, and printed matter, relating to public finance and postwar reconstruction in Germany, 1945-1951, and to American relations with Indonesia and other areas of East Asia.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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Scope and Content of Collection

Writings, correspondence, reports, research files, studies, and printed matter, relating to public finance and postwar reconstruction in Germany, 1945-1951, and to American relations with Indonesia and other areas of East Asia.

Access Points

Soekarno, 1901-1970.
United States. Dept. of State.
Economic assistance, American--Asia, Southeastern.
Reconstruction (1939-1951)--Germany.
Asia, Southeastern.
East Asia.
East Asia--Foreign relations--United States.
Indonesia--Foreign relations--United States.
United States--Foreign relations.
United States--Foreign relations--East Asia.
United States--Foreign relations--Indonesia.
Diplomats--United States.

Biographical Note

1899 January Born, Chicago, Illinois
1921 B.Litt., Columbia University, New York
1923-1925 Manager and Editor, Evansville, Indiana Press
1925-1927 Instructor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
1927-1929 Editor-in-Chief, Nellis Newspaper Chain, Mt. Clemens, Michigan
1931-1939 Editor, National Municipal Review, New York
1931-1938 Executive Director, National Municipal League, New York
1934-1938 Director of Research, New York State Commission on Revision of Tax Laws, New York
1933-1939 Lecturer, Professor, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York
1934-1935 Lecturer, Graduate School, New York University, New York
  Lecturer, New York Institute of Banking, New York
1938-1942 Civil Service Commissioner, New York State
1943 Deputy Comptroller, New York State
1943-1947 Major to Colonel, General Staff Corps, U.S. Army
1950-1951 Director, Berlin Element, U.S. High Commissioner for Germany, Berlin
1951-1954 Counsellor of Embassy and Chargé d'Affaires of American Embassy, Taipeh, Taiwan
1954-1955 Chief of Mission, U.S. Economic Aid Mission to Indonesia
1955-1958 Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Far East
1958-1965 United States Ambassador to Indonesia
1965-1968 Chancellor, East-West Center, University of Hawaii, Honolulu
1968-1973 Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford, California
1969-1972 Trustee, Christian Science Publishing Society, Boston, Massachusetts
1971 Author, Indonesia: The Possible Dream
1973 September Died, Atherton, California

Container List

Box 1-20

Correspondence, 1934-1973

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
Box 1

General, 1956-1970


Unidentified, 1949-1971


Abdulgani, Roeslan, 1958-1971


Abdurachim, Kaka, 1967


Abdurrachman, Oemi, 1968-1969


Abidin, Zainal, 1969


Adams, Cindy, 1965-1971


Adams, Joey, 1965-1968


Adamson, G. W., 1970


Adamson, Neil C., Jr., 1970


Adcock, Clarence L., 1964


Adiutomo, Thomas S., 1966


Adler, Mortimer, 1970


Admawiria, S. S., 1964


Affeld, William C., Jr., 1967


Agbayani, Adeudato J., 1965


Agung, Ide Anak, 1967-1971


Agus Sumantri mantik, 1966


Ahmed, Zahir, 1968-1969


Alexander and Baldwin, 1966-1967


Alexander, Paul J., 1966


Alexander, Vera, 1969


Alford, Harold D., 1965


Alicia Patterson Fund, 1967


Alisjahbana, S. Takdir, 1966


Allen, Donald S., 1964


Allen, George V., 1964


Allen, Raymond B., 1960-1967


Allerton, John G., 1967


Allison, John M., 1965-1971


Allman, William, 1964-1965


Almosudirdjo, Prajudi, 1967


Alton, William H., 1969


American Field Service - Students, 1965


American Foreign Service Association, 1962-1964


American Institute of Architects - Hawaii Chapter, 1968


American International School, 1965


American Legion Magazine, 1961


American Management Association, Inc., 1967


Amussen, Robert M., 1965


Ananda, Peter, 1969


Anderson, Benedict R. O'G., 1969-1970


Anderson, Helen S., 1971


Anderson, Jean, 1967


Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. J. F., 1966


Anderson, R. E., 1963-1967


Anderson, Robert, 1966


Andrews, David K., 1968


Andrews, John K., 1969


Andrews, Richard B., 1960


Andrews, Robert W., 1970-1971


Ankerman, Gerald, 1968-1969


Ann Arbor Press, 1968


Ansberry, Louise, 1965-1967


Anstruther, Mrs. Peter, 1968


Antara News Agency, 1967-1968


Arajanwalla, Mrs. Piloo K., 1970


Ardi, Toni, 1965-1968


Armstrong, Hamilton Fish, 1964


Armstrong, Kim, 1969


Arnold, H. H., Jr., 1963


Arnold, Paul, 1966


Aron, Glen M., 1972


Aronowitz, Leonard, 1965


Arrowsmith, D., 1969


Asia Society, 1970-1971


Asian Development Bank, 1966-1967


Aspen Institute For Humanistic Studies, 1966


Atkinson, T. W., 1968


Authors Guild, Inc., 1971-1972


Ave, Joop, 1970


Ayres, Arthur, 1970


Azwar, T. A. H., 1964

Box 2

Babbitt, Marcy, 1972-1973


"Back Number" Wilkins, 1963


Bacon, Ruth E., 1964-1971


Bade, Florence H., 1971


Bagdja, Doesnaedi, 1967


Bahr, Dr., 1963-1964


Bailey, Frank L., 1970


Baird, Matthew, 1965-1966


Baker, Edgar R., 1962


Baker, Elizabeth, n.d.


Baker, John C., 1967-1971


Baker, John M., 1967-1968


Baker, Russell, 1965


Baldwin, Charles F., 1968


Baldwin, Henry, 1967


Baldwin, I. L., 1971-1972


Balinong, Conchita, 1963


Ball, George W., 1964-1968


Bank of the Manhattan Co., 1949


Bannigan, John A., 1971


Barati, George, 1967


Barger, Herman H., 1964-1968


Barlow, Elizabeth G., 1971


Barnes, Rudolph C., 1968


Barnes, Lt. Gen., Verdi B., 1965


Barnett, Robert C., 1966


Barnett, Robert W., 1968-1971


Barrett, Edward W., 1965-1971


Barringer, Holda C., 1970


Bartlett, Thomas A., 1971


Bas, K. J., 1964


Basoeki, Col. R. Agoes, 1968-1969


Bates, Isabel, 1972


Battle, Lucius D., 1964-1965


Bauernschmidt, John, 1968


Baugh, Jerry P., 1959-1960


Bauman, Helen Wood, 1967


Beach, Gen. Dwight E., 1966


Beaver, Helen D., 1969


Bechtel, S. D., 1963-1964


Beckmann, George M., 1967


Beers, Howard W., 1965-1971


Bell, Bernard R., 1968


Bell, Eleanor, 1965-1967


Bell, James D., 1964-1971


Bellande-Signe, Suzanne, 1967-1969


Belmont, Alan H., 1972


Bennet, Augustus W., 1967


Benson, Brien, 1969-1972


Benson, George C., 1967-1970


Berding, Andrew H., 1960


Berg, Richard W., 1964


Berger, Samuel D., 1967


Bernard, Sir Dallas, 1970


Bernard, J. E., 1951


Bernice P. Bishop Museum, 1966


Bernstein, Bernard, 1963-1964


Bernstein, Richard, 1971


Biddle, Eric, 1965-1971


Bingham, Woodbridge, 1966


Bintara, B. P. H., 1964


Bitker, Mrs. Bruno V., 1971


Bitner, Harold M., 1968


Bixler, Julius S., 1966-1968


Black, Robert S., 1964-1969


Blackwelder, Justin, 1966


Blair, William McC., 1965-1966


Blaisdell, Thomas C., Jr., 1965-1966


Blodgett, Mr. and Mrs. Jerre R., 1972


Blok, Adele, 1968-1972


Blum, Dieter J., 1968-1969


Boelter, L. M. K., 1964-1966


Boeringer, Carl, 1968-1969


Boestaman, Soekondo, 1968


Boll, Carl R., 1969-1971


Bolling, Landrum R., 1971


Bolton, Bruce W., 1968


Bolton, Gertrude, 1971


Borel, Paul A., 1960


Borkin, Joseph, 1970


Bornet, Barbara, 1966-1967


Borton, Hugh, 1967

Box 3

Boston University, 1965


Bottoms, W. F., 1964


Bowie, Robert R., 1966


Bowles, Chester, 1963-1966


Boyer, Neil, 1969


Boyll, Jack R., 1971


Boynton, Stephen W., 1971


Braderman, Eugene, 1963


Bradley, Harry L., 1971


Bradley, Robert W., 1964


Bredin, J. Bruce, 1964-1971


Bredlow, Warren K., 1970


Breidster, Gen. Waldemar F., 1971


Brembeck, Cole S., 1965-1966


Brement, Marshall, 1961


Briggs, Patricia G., 1965-1966


Britton, O. O., 1971


Bronisch, G. P., 1965-1969


Brook, Thomas L., 1969-1972


Brooks, Lady, 1970


Brooks, Phillips, 1968


Broomfield, William S., 1967


Brotosoedjono, Wedo G., 1966


Brown, Arthur B., 1964


Brown, Edmund G., Sr., 1972


Brown, Foster S., 1966


Brown, Robert L., 1967


Brown, Winthrop G., 1964-1966


Brownell, John A., 1968


Bruce, Robert, 1968


Brunner, Gunter, 1965


Bryan, Thomas P. 1967


Buchanan, Wiley T., Jr., 1965


Buchi, Hans, 1968


Buck, David D., 1971


Buckmaster, Henrietta, 1968-1971


Budiardjo, Ali, 1968


Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, 1964


Buie, Thomasine K., 1967


Bulger, Paul G., 1964


Bundy, William P., 1964


Bunker, Ellsworth, 1965-1970


Bunnell, Frederick, 1965-1972


Burgess, David S., 1965


Burke, John W., Jr., 1960


Burke, Thomas J., 1964


Burling, Mrs. Edward B., 1966-1967


Burn, North, 1966


Burns, Deborah, 1966


Burns, John A., 1964-1968


Busching, Howard C., 1965


Bush, Monroe, 1965


Bushner, Rolland H., 1963-1970


Business Council, 1963


Businessmen's Information Center, 1968


Butcher, Charles, 1966-1967


Butts, R. Freeman, 1965


Byrd, Pratt, 1965


Cabot, Charles C., Jr., 1972


Cadagan, C. C., 1968


Cades, J. Russell, 1967


Calhoun, John A., 1966


Campbell, Bonham C., 1966-1967


Campbell, O. W., 1964-1966


Campbell, W. Glenn, 1967-1972


Campello, Robert, Jr., 1968-1971

Box 4

Candlin, A. H. Stanton, 1970


Cannon, Sherman, 1967-1969


Cantlon, C. E., 1969


Capella, Basil, 1966-1967


Cargo, William I., 1964


Carnadi, R., 1968


Carpenter, General John W., III, 1968


Carret, Philip L., 1968-1972


Carroll, Anne L., 1966-1967


Carter, Vincent M., 1965


Cate, Karl, 1964-1967


Celick, Lt. Col. A. J., 1969


Chadwick, Kathy, 1968


Champion, E. R., 1970


Chan, Wing-Tsit, 1966


Chandler, Alfred D., 1964-1971


Chandler, George, 1969-1971


Chang, Aida, 1968


Chang, Clarence F., 1968


Chang, Donald M., 1964-1965


Chaplin, George, 1966-1969


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, 1965-1966


Chavan, Anant R., 1968


Chawner, Lowell J., 1968-1969


Chayes, Abram, 1964


Cheek, Debra S., 1966


Chen, King C., 1968


Chen, William, 1965


Cheng, David, 1967


Chennault, Anna, 1966


Chiang Ching-kuo, 1955


Chiang Kai-shek, Mme., 1955-1970


Chien Shin-liang, 1965


Childs, Richard S., 1944-1970


Ching, Hung-wo, 1966-1971


Chinn Ho, 1967


Chipman, Thelma, 1967


Cho, Sung Il, 1969


Choi, Wan Bok, 1965-1966


Christian Science Monitor, 1960


Chu, Hung-ti, 1967


Ciancimino, Frank E., 1971


Cisler, Walker L., 1966-1972


Citadel Publishing Co., 1964


Clark, Dale, 1968


Clark, T. C., Jr., 1965


Clark, William, Jr., 1971


Clegg, Mrs. C., 1968-1969


Cleveland, Harlan, 1969


Cleveland, R. G., 1968


Clough, Barbara M., 1964-1968


Clough, Meriam A., 1969


Coates, Byron C., 1969


Coates, Haskell, 1970


Coburn, Mary, 1971


Cochran, Katherine L., 1971


Cochrane, Willard W., 1965-1966


Coe, Bob, 1967


Coffin, L. H., 1964


Colbert, Vice Adm. R. G., 1971


Colby Junior College, 1970


Coleman, David S., 1967


Coleman, James J., 1968-1969


Colligan, Francis J., 1967


Collins, Gen. James F., 1963


Collins, Ray, 1966


Collins, Sumner, 1965


Colosimo, Mrs. Peter, 1964-1972


Columbia University, 1964-1967


Combs, Stanley L., 1968


Committee of Six, 1968-1969


Commonwealth Club of California, 1968


Conlan, Bill, 1971


Conlon, Dorothy, 1967


Conlon, Mr. and Mrs. Richard P., 1972


Connor, Frank H., 1970-1971


Conover, Harry, 1970


Conti, William, 1967


Continental Oil Company, 1967-1969


Cooley, George, 1966-1971


Coolidge, Harold J., 1964-1967


Cooper, A. Speight, 1971


Cooper, Ward, 1970


Cordier, Andrew W., 1965-1971


Cordiner, Ralph, 1960


Cornell University - Graduate School, 1967


Cornell University - Modern Indonesia Project, 1966-1969

Box 5

Cosmos Club, 1965-1972


Cottle, Sidney, 1971


Council on Foreign Relations, 1965


Cousins, Norman, 1970-1972


Coward-McCann, Inc., 1965


Craig, Clayton B., 1966-1969


Crawford, Robert H., 1967


Crocker, Mrs. Stuart M., n.d.


Crockett, William J., 1966


Cronk, Edwin M., 1966


Cross, Charles T., 1970


Crum, Eleanor, n.d.


Crum, Frank, 1968


Cullen, Susan A., 1965


Culley, Perry, 1964


Cullman, Howard S., 1967


Cumming, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh S., Jr., 1971


Cupp, Donald E., 1971


Current, Inc., 1968


Cushing, R. L., 1968


Cutting, Windsor, 1965


Czayo, Mr. and Mrs. George M., 1964


Czyzak, John J., 1963-1964


Dagher, Sami, 1969


Dakan, Robert T., 1964-1968


Daly, Charles U., 1966-1971


Damon, G. Huntington, 1972


Dandison, Basil G., 1965


Danforth Foundation, 1970


Daniel, Lewis, 1964


Darling, Frank C., 1972


Da Silva, Jack, 1966


D'Auvray, J. V. Flor, 1965-1966


Davidson, Arthur D., 1965


Davies, Erica, 1971


Davis, Alton, 1971


Davis, Saville, n. d.


Davis, Spencer, 1969


Daycroft School, Inc., 1970-1971


Deamer, William C., 1964


DeBeausset, Mr. and Mrs. Val, 1967-1972


DeFranco, Leo, 1965-1966


DeGeer, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 1966


De La Mare, Arthur, 1970


Delson, Robert, 1967


De Puy, Clifford, 1967


De Queljoe, David H., 1964-1969


Derachman, 1966


Desmond, Robert W., 1964-1970


Desmond, Thomas C., 1962


Development and Resources Corp., 1968


Dexter, John B., 1967


Dharma, Laksamana, 1969


Diah, B. M., 1967-1968


Dibble, Arnold, 1965


Dickinson, Mrs. William C., 1970


Diefenbach, Dale A., 1969


Dilliard, Irving, 1967-1970


Dilling, Mildred, 1966


Dillingham, Benjamin F., 1964-1965


Dillingham, Lowell S., n.d.


Djaafar, Hasan, 1963-1967


Djajadiningrat, Roswitha, 1967-1971


Djatikusumo, G. P. H., 1965


Djian, Tan Tek and Nora, 1966


Djojonegoro, Sukarno, 1967


Djuanda, 1958


Dodds, Dr. and Mrs. Harold W., 1966


Dodds, John W., 1969-1971


Domke, Paul C., 1964


Donohew, Jack N., 1968


Dorman, Dan E., 1965-1968


Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1965


Douds, Regina, 1966


Douglas, James, 1960


Douglas Oil Co., 1967


Douglas, William O., 1962-1970


Douglass, Inman H., 1970


Dowd, Harriet L., 1965


Drachkovitch, Milorad M., 1969


Draper, William H., Jr., 1966-1969


Driver, Thomas T., 1965


Drizari, Nelo, 1965-1969


Drummond, Roscoe, 1968-1972


Drummond, Roscoe and Geoffrey, 1969-1970


Drumright, Mr. and Mrs., 1965-1969


Drysdale, Peter, 1970


Duggan, William, 1965-1966


Duke, C. Martin, 1964


Dulles, Eleanor Lansing, 1969


Dumbros, Nicholas, 1967


Duncan, Sir Val, 1970


Dunne, F. P., Jr., 1964-1968


Durbrow, Elbridge, 1968


Durso, Leonard M., 1968-1969

Box 6

East-West Center, University of Hawaii, 1964-1969


Echols, John M., 1962-1966


Ecker-Racz, L. L., 1965-1971


Eckman, Arthur W., 1969-1972


Eddie, Scott M., 1968


Edin, Barbara, 1967


Eells, Richard, 1966


Egger, Rowland, 1962-1967


Ehrlichman, John D., 1972

Additional Note

Photocopies in collection. Originals may be seen on request.

Eichelberger, Harold C., 1968


Eldridge, Donald A., 1966


Elegant, Robert, 1965


Elkins, Herbert M., 1969


Elliott, L. W., 1960


Ellis, Perry, 1965


Ellis, William A., 1964-1965


Emmerson, John K., 1972


Emmons, Arthur B., III, 1961


Engman, Charles A., 1965


Epton, Nina, 1964


Esposito, Vincent, 1966


Ethel, Col. Willis G., 1966-1967


Etherington, Mrs. Sanford G., 1965-1967


Evans, Glenn, 1970


Evans, Luther H., 1967


Everton, John Scott, 1965-1972


Ewell, Raymond, 1970


Ewing, Russell H., 1968


Fabik, R. Adm. T. J., 1965


Fahs, Charles B., 1967


Failing, Mrs. Clark, 1963


Falconi, Baron and Baroness Filipo, 1966-1970


Fales, Herbert P., 1966-1971


Fearey, Robert A., 1971


Federation of Japan Tuna Fishermen's Cooperative Association, 1967


Federspiel, Howard M., 1967


Feldman, George J., 1966


Felt, Adm. H. D., 1966


Feraru, Arthur, 1965


Fidel, E. Allen, 1960


Fifield, Russell H., 1962-1970


Fippin, William H., 1967


First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1964-1969


First National City Bank, Djakarta, Indonesia, 1967-1968


Fischer, Louis, 1964-1965


Fisher, Dorothy G., 1969


Flanagan, Mrs. Thomas, n.d.


Fleischman, Julius, 1966


Fleming, H. L., 1967


Fletcher, Richard R., 1964


Flinn, Daniel F., II, 1968


Flinn, Richard D., 1968-1970


Fogg, Ernest L., 1965


Foisie, Philip, 1971


Foley, Andrew J., 1971-1972


Folger, William, 1962


Follis, R. Gwin, 1963-1967


Ford, Clayton D., 1970-1972


Ford Foundation, 1967


Forster, J. Frank, 1966


Fox, Edwin L., 1964-1967


Franco, Napoleon, 1964


Franklin Book Programs, 1971


Fraser, Rodney, 1970


Frautshi, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, 1971


Freeman, Andrew A., 1962


Freeman, Fulton, 1971


Freeman, Orville, 1961


Freeman, W. Waldo, 1971


Freidus, Alberta, 1967


Frey, Mr. and Mrs. Richard C., 1970


Friend, Theodore W., III, 1967


Fujiyama, Naraichi, 1964


Furuuchi, Hiroo, 1966-1967


Gadbois, George H., Jr., 1966


Gaevernitz, Gero von, 1967-1969


Gainsbrugh, Martin R., 1967


Galbraith, Francis J., 1965-1972


Gale, Mary W., 1968-1971


Gallagher, Cornelius E., 1964


Gallman, Waldemar J., 1959-1960


Gallup, George, 1965


Gange, John, 1965-1966


Garinger, Joanne, 1967-1969

Box 7

Garnett, Christopher, B., Jr., 1965


Gautier, Kenneth F., 1964


Gaylor, Judith, 1965


Geist, John F., 1968


Gerbode, Mrs. Frank, 1966-1967


Gerson, Suzanne, 1968


Getchell, John S., 1969


Ghazali bin Shafie, 1969


Gibson, Weldon B., 1965-1969


Gilchrist, Andrew, 1966-1971


Gilliland, Nancy, 1968


Gilstrap, Sam, 1964-1971


Glassburner, Bruce, 1965-1968


Gleimius, Rudolf, 1966-1969


Goan, Mrs. The Eng., 1966


Goding, M. W., 1963


Goeshteim, Ilse, 1962


Goinga, Cornelius J., 1967


Gold, Vladimir, 1968


Goldberg, Harry, 1968-1969


Golden, Jack, 1965


Goldman, Anna F., 1963-1965


Goldstein, Ilse, 1965-1967


Golt, R. S., 1971


Goodfriend, Arthur, 1965-1970


Goodspeed, H. Kent, 1965-1966


Goransson, Tord, 1962


Gordon, S. C., 1969


Gornel, Daniel L., 1964-1966


Gostanian, E. L. Rose, 1968


Goto, Y. Baron, 1964-1965


Gould, Joseph S., 1965


Graebel, Gertrude, 1965-1968


Graham, Frank P., 1967


Grant, Robert Y., 1964-1966


Grauer, Ben, 1966


Graves, Judy, 1971


Graves, Thomas A., Jr., 1965


Gray, Jonathan, 1969


Green, George L., 1967-1968


Green, John, 1971


Green, Marshall, 1962-1970


Greenfield, James L., 1964


Gregorian, Arthur T., 1972


Groener, Mary E., 1964


Groth, Edward M., 1966


Gufler, Bernard A., 1960


Guggenheim, Harry F., 1965


Guild, Douglas S., 1965


Gulliksen, Gail J., 1969


Gullion, Edmund A., 1968-1971


Gunn, Edward K., 1966


Gurow, George, 1960-1970


Habberton, John, 1960


Habein, Harold C., 1970


Hadinoto, Nangkah, 1965


Hadinoto, Sujono, 1969


Hadji Halid, 1967


Hague, T. M., 1971


Hahn, Robert P., 1971

Box 8

Haij, Lie Tong, 1966-1967


Haines, Harry C., 1965


Hall, Albert H., 1965


Hall, James J., 1964


Hall, Lloyd A., 1965


Hall, Theo E., 1968


Hallett, Mr. and Mrs. George H., Jr., 1966


Hamblin, F. N., 1968-1969


Hamengku Buwono IX, 1960-1965


Hamid, Annie, 1967


Hamilton, Thomas H., 1964-1967


Hammond, Mrs. David E., 1962-1970


Hamzah, Brig. Gen., 1967


Han, Ki Uk, 1968


Hanifah, Abu, 1968-1970


Hanna, Paul R., 1964-1972


Hannah, Norman B., 1964-1965


Hannon, Stuart L., 1966-1969


Hansen, Margaret, 1969


Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, Inc., 1965-1971


Hardi, Dr., 1969


Harding, R. N., 1964-1969


Harjono, 1967


Harker, Charles A., 1968


Harper, Robert W., 1965


Harrell, C. A., 1965


Harrelson, Mary, 1967


Harriman, W. Averell, 1963-1971


Harris, Elaine, 1970


Harris, Gen. Hunter, 1965


Harris, Michael, 1968


Harris, Mrs. William H., Jr., 1964-1966


Harrison, Tom, 1966


Hart, Sam, 1965


Harvard Club of Boston, 1972


Harvey, Barbara, 1968


Harvey, Col. William W., Jr., 1965-1967


Haryono, Joseph, 1970


Hasannuddin, Oteng, 1968


Hasibuan, Hadeli, 1969


Hassell, Arthur, 1966-1967


Hassler, Mrs. Russell H., 1970


Hastings, Edwin K., 1966


Hata, Samuel T., 1968


Hatta, Mohammad, 1964-1971


Hawaii - Department of Planning and Economic Development, 1966


Hawaii Island - Chamber of Commerce, 1965


Hawaii School For Girls, 1966


Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Day, 1966-1971


Hayes, Samuel P., 1964-1970


Hays, Howard H., 1968


Hayward, Henry, 1971


Hayward, Adm. John T., 1968


Head, Simon, 1969


Hecht, Frank A., 1967-1969


Hedlund, John C., 1970


Heilpern, Bert, 1966-1967


Heinicke, Dr. and Mrs. Kurt, 1972


Helbig, Al, 1966


Heller, Walter W., 1971

Box 9

Henderson, James E., 1960


Henderson, John W., President, Washburn University of Topeka1968


Henderson, John W., State Department1960-1971


Henderson, Loy W., 1959-1961


Hengst, Marilyn, 1968


Henniker-Heaton, Peter J., 1969


Herman, Alexander C., 1960-1971


Herman, Pat, 1964-1967


Herman, Theodore, 1971-1972


Hersubeno, Mr. and Mrs. S. Sunarti, 1966-1970


Hertell, Hiram H., 1966-1971


Herter, Christian A., Jr., 1970


Hertz, Paul, 1955-1960


Hewitt, Mrs. Edwin S., 1967-1971


Hiatt, Robert, 1968


Hiemke, Hugo W., 1969


Hien, Tan Sing, 1967


Higgins, Benjamin, 1966


Higgins, Frank H., 1970-1971


Higgins, Mrs. Herbert N., 1964


Hiller, H., 1953


Hillhouse, A. M., 1965-1966


Hilsman, Roger, 1964-1970


Hind, Robert L., Jr., 1968


Hjermstad, Mrs. S. L., 1968


Ho, Sie Pek, 1966


Hobson, Jim, 1971


Hodge, Charles Lee, 1964


Hodges, Luther H., 1964-1972


Hohenberg, John, 1967-1971


Hohnen, Ross A., 1966


Holliday, George W., 1964


Hollowell, Fred S., 1946


Holmes, Julius C., 1963


Holmes, William J., 1965-1970


Holstein, Benjamin M., 1965


Honolulu Police Department, 1968


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1965


Hoover Institution, 1968


Hope, A. Guy, 1965


Hopkins, Frank S., 1969


Hopper, Richard H., 1964-1966


Horn, Robert C., III, 1967


Hornbeck, Stanley K., 1964-1965


Hornney, Lee, 1971


Horwitz, Robert, 1966


Hotel Duta Indonesia, 1967


Houghton Mifflin Co., 1968


House Foreign Affairs Committee, 1969


Howard, Arthur L., 1966


Howard, Frances H., 1967-1968


Howard, John, 1964-1965


Howe, Arthur, Jr., 1965


Howell, Henry Adam, 1967-1968


Howland, Harold E., 1964-1969


Hoxie, R. Gordon, 1971


Hubbard, James C., 1968


Huben, Cal von, 1972


Huffman, Charles E., 1968


Hughes, Mildred, 1960-1964


Hughes, Robert H., 1968


Hughes, Thomas Lowe, 1967-1972


Humelsine, Carlisle H., 1964


Humphrey, George M., 1960


Hunter, John, 1966


Hurley, Thomas E., 1963


Hurst, Russell E., 1964-1965


Hurwick, Melvin A., 1971-1972


Hussey, William B., 1968


Hutasoit, Dr. and Mrs., 1966


Hutchins, Lt. Gen., C. E., Jr., 1968


Huth, Donald E., 1964


Huttrer, Charles P., 1968


Hutzel, John M., 1972


Hwang Chang Foong, 1965

Box 10

Ikeda, Hayato, 1964


Ikehara, Sadao, 1968


Ilott, Sir John, 1967


Indonesia House, 1965-1966


Indonesian-American Society, 1965-1971


Ingraham, Edward C., 1962-1972


Ingram, Donald, 1966


Inouye, Daniel K., 1968


Institute of Current World Affairs, 1966


Institute of International Education, 1964-1968


Institute of World Affairs, 1970


Inter-Continental Hotels, 1966


International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1949


International Development Corp., 1970


International House, 1967


International Studies Association, 1968


International Union of Local Authorities, 1948


International Year Book and Statesmen's Who's Who, 1964


Irani, Marie, 1964-1972


Irwin, John N., II, 1971


Iskander, Otto, 1966-1967


Island Realty, North Haven Me., 1963


Ismael, Tan Sri, 1967


Istanto, Joseph F., 1966-1969


Isthmian Lines, Inc., 1966


Ito, Keiichi, 1967


Ivey, John E., Jr., 1965-1966


Jackson, Lura, 1968


Jackson, S. J., Jr., 1959


Jackson, W. Bart, 1969


Jacobsen, James, 1965


Jamieson, James P., 1962


Jandrey, Frederick, 1965-1967


Jansen, William H., 1964-1965


Jennings, Peter, 1965-1966


Jennings, Mrs. Robert, 1966


Jensen, Daniel L., 1969


John Day Co., Inc., 1964


Johnson, Dallas, 1968-1971


Johnson, Ladd I., 1962-1971


Johnson, Lyndon B., 1964-1967

Additional Note

Photocopies in collection. Originals may be seen on request.

Johnson, Mrs. Lyndon B., 1966

Additional Note

Photocopies in collection. Originals may be seen on request.

Johnson, Mrs. Ralph, 1966-1968


Johnson, Rossall J., 1966


Johnson, U. Alexis, 1965-1968


Johnson, Walter, 1966


Johnstone, William D., Jr., 1964-1967


Johnstone, L. Craig, 1971


Johnstone, William C., 1966


Joiner, Charles A., 1965-1970


Jones, Gardiner B., 1966


Jones, Garth N., 1966


Jones, J. Wesley, 1966


Jones, Joseph L., 1964-1971


Jones, Marshall P., 1965


Joshi, A. C., 1967


Joyce, Robert P., 1960


Judd, Dorothy L., 1965


Judd, Walter H., 1963


Jung, Clarence, 1963-1971


Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pa., 1970-1971


Jusuf, General and Mrs. M., 1969


Kagan, Sioma, 1970


Kahin, George McT., 1963-1972


Kahn, Harold L., 1968


Kalaidjian, William G., 1959-1965


Kalaris, George, 1969


Kalb, Bernard, 1966-1971


Kalish, Stanley E., 1971


Kanahele, George S., 1968


Kao, T., n.d.


Kaplan, H. Eliot, 1964-1970


Karamoy, Willy A., 1965


Kato, Yuichi, 1968


Kaufman, Harold J., 1969-1971


Keim, S. R., 1966


Kekumano, Charles A., 1968


Kenda, William, 1968-1969


Kennedy, Ethel, n.d.

Additional Note

Photocopies in collection. Originals may be seen on request.

Kennedy, John F. - Library, Oral History Projects, 1969-1972


Kennedy, Robert F., 1964

Additional Note

Photocopies in collection. Originals may be seen on request.

Kennedy, Mrs. Stanley C., 1968


Kerker, Philip, 1967


Khaiser, M. Z., 1967


Khosla, J. N., 1965-1966


Khouw Bian Tie, 1963-1967


Kidder, Randolph A., 1964-1968


Kiefer, Alexander F., 1970


Kindig, E. B., 1971


King, Archie, 1966


King, Marian, 1971-1972


Kingsley, Mrs. Wm. J., 1971

Box 11

Kirpal, Prem, 1967


Kiyooka, Mrs. Eiichi, 1965-1968


Klare, George R., 1967


Kleiman, Robert, 1965


Kleinjans, Everett, 1970


Knebl, F., 1965


Knowland, William F., 1970


Koch, Henry, 1949


Kocher, Eric, 1967-1968


Kohler, Foy, 1964


Kojima, Kiyoshi, 1968-1971


Koontz, Elizabeth D., 1969


Korbel, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, 1965-1966


Korten, David, 1971


Kosasih, B. E. Anwar, 1965


Kothari, Shanti, 1968


Krishner, Bernard, 1964-1966


Kroeger, Louis J., 1957


Kroner, F. R., 1946


Krueger, Cliff W., 1967-1969


Kruidenier, David, 1971


Kruse, Charles C., 1962


Kuper, Charles A., 1967


Kusuma-Atmadja, M., 1965


Kuusisto, Allan A., 1969


Kwik, Angie, 1966


Lacey, John A., 1964-1965


Ladejinsky, Wolf, 1965


Laise, Carol C., 1968


Lamb, Allan Jackson, 1967


Lancaster, Louis, 1968


Land, William, 1968


Landman, David, 1971


Lasker, Mrs. Albert D., 1966


Latham, Donald C., 1970


Lavan, J. F., 1966


Laves, Walter H. C., 1964-1965


LaVoie, W. R., 1965-1966


Leavey, Ed, 1966


Lederer, A. M., 1969


Lee, Dorothy M., 1966


Lee, Guy A., 1961


Lee, Hahn-Been, 1971


Lee, Harry A., 1970


Lee, Jack C., 1968


Leggett, Mr. and Mrs. Allan, 1965


Leguebe, Jacques, 1970


Leigh, W. Colston, 1961-1969


Leishman, Thomas L., 1972


Leitenbauer, P. Matth., 1966


Lemle, Edna F., 1967-1968


Lentzen, T. L., 1964-1965


Lenzen, Theodore L., 1967


Lenzinger, Carol, 1965


Lepawsky, Albert, 1962-1971


Lev, Arlene, 1964


Lev, Daniel S., 1965-1968


Levi, Edward H., 1965


Levy, Walter J., 1964-1972


Li, Kung Ti, 1965-1966


Library of Congress, 1969


Liddle, Clifford S., 1969


Lie, Edward, 1965


Life Magazine, 1968


Lightner, E. Allan, Jr., 1968


Lilly, P. A., 1969


Linch, Sam N., 1965


Lindley, Ernest K., 1964-1971


Lindquist, Robert S., 1961


Lindsey, Jack, 1968-1971


Ling, Shen S., 1966


Lingenfelder, Laura, 1967


Lipkin, Arthur B., 1971


Lisle, Robert, 1968


Litchfield, Edward H., 1960-1965


Litchfield, Mary, 1960-1964


Little, Evert T., 1964-1966


Little, L. K., 1965-1967


Locke, Lucy, 1969


Lockhard, Craig A., 1967


Lockhart, Frank P., Jr., 1960


Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1964


Loeffler, Helen, 1968


Loewenstein, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 1967-1969


Longyear Historical Society, 1970


Lord, Mrs. Everett W., 1966


Louchheim, Katie, 1962-1966


Love, Marianne, 1962-1964


Love, Maryanna, 1962


Lowrey, John J., 1966

Box 12

Luce, Clare Boothe, 1967-1971


Luce, Henry R., 1966-1967


Luhulima, Sonja, 1965-1969


Lundberg, N. H., 1966


Lyndman, Jack W., 1964-1971


Lyon, Cecil B., 1960-1966


Lytle, James A., 1971


Maarfia, Mohamed, n.d.


McCabe, Robert, 1965


McCandless, Lee, 1968-1971


Macapagal, Diosadado, 1970


McClain, Anita, 1969


McClean, John G., 1966-1971


McCloy, John J., 1963-1972


McConaughy, Walter P., 1966-1970


McConough, Patrick J., 1971-1972


McCormack, James, 1970


McCormick, Charles P., 1960-1966


McCoy, Donald Y., 1966


McCoy, Gerard L., 1960-1965


McCoy, Gilbert E., 1966


McCoy, K. Z., 1964-1966


McCue, Donald B., 1970


McCusker, Paul, 1969-1972


McElroy, James T., 1966


McElroy, Jesse D., Jr., 1966


McFarland, H. F., 1968-1971


McGinley, Laurence J., 1966-1970


McGraw, Col. W. C., Jr., 1968


McInnes, Mrs. Russell, 1971


McIntire, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1971


McIntosh, Edward L., 1968


McKay, J. A., 1967


McKee, Burtt F., 1966


McLellan, Robert, 1969


Macmillan Company, 1971


McMillan, Sidney L., 1969


McMillion, Ovid M., 1965


McMullen, Dan D., 1966-1971


McMullen, Mrs. Frances, 1968-1972


McMullen, J. H., 1964-1966


McMullen, Jack L., 1967-1968


MacNaughton, Boyd, 1968


MacNaughton, Malcolm, 1967-1968


Macomber, William B., Jr., 1970


MacPherrin, John, 1965-1972


McPherson, George H., 1969


McQuesten, Fern, 1968


Maddox, William P., 1959-1960


Magnusson, William L., 1969


Mahajani, Usha, 1968


Mahony, Walter B., Jr., 1972


Makarim, Nono A., 1968


Malau, A. S., 1965


Malik, Adam, 1967


Mallory, Walter H., 1964


Malone, Julia T., 1967


Malott, Deane W., 1965-1971


Malott, Robert H., 1969


Maltman, David, 1968


Mangkoesasmito, Prawoto, 1960


Manglapus, Raul S., 1968


Mankind 2000 International, 1968


Manley, James C., 1969


Manupassa, Leny, 1965-1967


Mao Lan-tuan, 1968


Maran, Mr., 1968


Marble, Eugene S., 1965-1966


March, Bob, 1964-1967


Marcos, Ferdinand E., 1967

Additional Note

Photocopies in collection. Originals may be seen on request.

Marcus, Aaron G., 1972


Mark, Shelley M., 1966


Marquis - Who's Who, Inc., 1956-1970


Marsh, Harry W., 1965-1971


Marshall, A., 1934


Marshall, C. B., 1962


Marshall-Thomas Co., 1967


Martadinata, Mrs., 1966


Martens, Robert J., 1965-1966


Martin, Edwin W., 1967-1970


Martin, Graham, 1966-1967


Martin, Harold C., 1971


Martokoesoemo, S. B., 1969

Box 13

Masagung, 1971


Mashudi, Kepala, 1966


Masland, John W., 1966


Mason, John B., 1965


Mason, Judith, 1968-1969


Masters, Edward, 1966-1970


Mathewson, Stephanie, 1965


Matlock, Clifford, 1970-1971


Matthews, Kenneth, 1969


Mau, Edward S. C., 1968


Maurer, W., 1969


Mautner, Karl, 1964


Mayberry, Katherine H., 1962


Maynard, David M., 1965-1971


Maysenhalder, Ronald, 1969


Medeiros, Mrs. Michael, 1972


Meeman, Edward J., 1964-1965


Mehta, Rama, 1967


Mein, George G., 1965


Mein, John G., 1959-1964


Meissner, Charles, 1965-1968


Meissner, Rendall, 1965-1966


Meissner, Virginia Ann, 1965-1969


Men's Forum Club, 1969


Merner, Garfield D., 1965-1972


Mertz, Frederic, 1971


Mertz, Mrs. R. E., 1964-1972


Messegee, Gordon H., 1965-1971


Metcalf, W. C., 1969


Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1970


Metzger, Stanley D., 1965


Metzke, Erwin J., 1968


Meyers, Howard, 1967-1968


Meyner, Robert B., 1965


Michaelson, J. Leon, 1964


Michigan Daily, 1965


Midkiff, Frank E., 1968


Mifune, Toshiro, 1967


Miller, Frank J., 1964-1970


Miller, J. D. B., 1964


Miller, Paul A., 1968


Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight S., 1968-1969


Minick, Susan, 1969


Mitchell, William F., 1966


Miyake, James, 1967


Montalvo Association, 1966


Montenegro, Daniel W., 1964


Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies, 1968


Moor, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J., 1971


Moore, F. J., 1964-1968


Moore, Frank C., 1949-1970


Moore, James A., 1966


Moore, Mrs. Persis, 1962


Moore, Robert W., 1960-1967


Moran, H. O., 1968


Morgan, George A., 1965-1970


Morgan, Patricia, 1971


Moriarity, Gene, 1964


Morris, Brewster, 1968-1971


Morris, Michael B., 1968-1969


Morrissey, F. W., 1965


Mott, Rodney L., 1963-1971


Moyer, Raymond T., 1970


Mueller, Frederick H., 1960


Muhammed, Abdullah, 1968


Muhtasib, Mohammed A. K., 1962


Muller, Steven, 1966


Mulligan, Tom, 1965


Murfin, Thomas H., 1966


Murphy, Robert, 1966


Musser, Ruth, 1964-1966


Myers, Rowland M., 1968-1969


Myra, Allen, 1964

Box 14

Nagy, J., 1970


Nair, K., 1968


Nakamura, Edward, 1968


Nanna, Lillian, 1965


Nasution, Gen. A. H., 1969


Nata, A. O. P., 1966-1969


Natawidjaja, R. J. S. Rachman, 1967


Nathan, Robert R., 1970


National Academy of Sciences, 1967-1969


National Council for the Social Studies, 1967


National Municipal League, 1964-1971


National Parks Association, 1965


Nature Conservancy, 1968


Nau, Alfred, 1966


Neilson, N. Paul, 1963


Neilson, Paul, 1968


Neisser, Walter R., 1966-1971


Nelson, George, Jr., 1967


Nelson, Robert C., 1972


Nelson, Vincent E., 1964


Neumann, Peter N., 1970


New England Life, 1969-1970


New York Times, 1965


Newell, James P., 1967-1968


Newman, Mrs. Philip F., 1964


Niedermeyer, B. E., 1964


Nijhoff, Martinus, 1968


Nishihara, Kenneth, 1968


Nixon, Richard M., 1970-1971


Noltin, Frederick E., Jr., 1965


North American Aviation - Management Club, Inc., 1965


Northwestern University Press, 1966


Novogrod, R. J., 1964-1968


Nugent, John M., Jr., 1969


Nundy, Kaki, 1969


Nuuveen, John, 1962-1968


Nyack Journal-News, 1965


Oakley, Mrs. H. P., 1968


Odell, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 1971


Oetama, Janey, 1970


Okita, Saburo, 1971


Okumoto, Peter T., 1968


Olds, Dr., 1967


Olson, W. A., 1967-1968


Oltmans, Willem L., 1970-1972


Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy, 1966-1972

Additional Note

Photocopies in collection. Originals may be seen on request.

O'Neill, R. R., 1966


Oppenheimer, Fritz, 1966


Osborn, David L., 1971


O'Sullivan, James L., 1964


Oswald, John W., 1965-1967


Ota, Charles S., 1968


Otis, Elizabeth R., 1963-1970


Ourfalian, George, 1965


Outrigger Canoe Club, 1967-1969


Paauw, Douglas S., 1962-1963


Pacific and Asian Affairs Council, 1970


Pacific Area Travel Association, 1968


Pacific Far East Line, Inc., 1969


Pacific Islands Forum, 1966


Pacific Tropical Botanical Garden, 1966


Paget, Roger, 1968-1970


Paku Alam VIII, 1961-1962


Palar, L. N., 1965-1968


Palfrey, Col. Campbell, Jr., 1966


Palfrey, John, 1971


Palfrey, Thomas R., 1971


Palmer, John H., 1972


Palmer, Joseph N., II, 1962


Palmer, William E., 1965-1967


Palmos, Frank, 1969


Panglaykim, J., 1965-1966


Pant, Apa B., 1962-1970


Pao, Johnson Chun-ti, 1967


Park, Richard L., 1965-1966


Parker, Daniel, 1966


Parker, Harrison, 1965-1971


Parker, Mack L., 1964


Parkhurst, Virginia, 1971


Parmer, J. Norman, 1968


Parry, Mrs. Marian, 1967-1971


Parsons, Howard L., 1964


Parsons, J. Graham, 1960


Pate, Mrs. Maurice, 1965


Paton, Mrs. Sandy, 1969


Patterson, Floyd, 1967


Pauker, Guy, 1966-1971


Paul, Arthur, 1968


Pearson, John, 1967


Peel, Roy, 1966-1970

Box 15

Pelzer, Karl J., 1966


Penguin Books, Ltd, 1962


Penn, Stuart L., 1968


Pensa, Paolo, 1965


Percy, Charles H., 1967-1972


Perkins, Milo, 1968


Perry, Russell L., 1968


Peters, Richard, 1964


Peterson, Avery F., 1965-1966


Peterson, Edwin E., 1963-1964


Peterson, John R., 1967-1969


Petroleum and Trading Corporation, 1963-1969


Pfeiffer, William L., 1953


Pforzheimer, Carl H., Jr., 1964-1970


Phelan, Simmons and Ungar, 1965


Phelps, Dudley F., 1964


Phelps, Walter W., 1970


Philippine-American Press Agency, 1965


Philippine National Bank, 1966


Pickens, Peter E., 1968


Pierson, John H. G., 1967


Pifer, Alan, 1971


Place, William O., 1968


Poch, Tod, 1968


Poletti, Charles, 1961-1966


Polsky, Anthony, 1968


Pond, Elizabeth, 1971


Porter, Dwight J., 1964-1968


Porter, William J., 1965


Potter, Mrs. Ann, 1967


Pound, E. Jeanne, 1972


Pound, Mrs. W. James, 1971


Powers, John, 1966


Powers, Joshua B., 1969


Prajogo, Consul General, 1967


Prawiro, Radius, 1968


Preer, Elizabeth, 1962-1969


Price, Gwilyam A., 1965


Price, Harry B., Jr., 1966


Pringle, Robert M., 1970


Prochnow, Herbert V., 1962-1968


Prud'homme, Hector, 1959


Pryor, Millard H., 1964-1965


Public Administration Clearing House, 1948


Puhan, Alfred, 1966-1969


Punahou School, 1965


Puradindja, Kusna, 1968


Purbaja, M. K. A., 1965


Purnell, Lewis M., 1965-1972


Purukan, Paul, 1971-1972


Puspokusumo, G. P. H., 1967


Quino, Eduard, 1966


Qureshi, Anwar Iqbal, 1966


Rabinowitz, Aaron, 1966


Radvanyi, Janos, 1972


Radway, Fred S., 1963


Rahman, Tatiana, 1964


Rahman, Tunku Abdul, 1969


Rajepakse, Jayanath, 1964


Ramnath, J., 1966


Ramp, Stephen R., 1967


Randall, Clarence B., 1964


Rankin, Karl L., 1962-1965


Rare Book Company, 1971


Rasjid, Harun, 1965


Rathvon, Lora C., 1970


Raupe, Craig, 1965


Razak, Abdul, 1968


Re, Edward D., 1968


Read, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 1970


Read, Nicholas C., 1970


Reader's Digest, 1961-1963


Reischauer, Edwin O., 1964-1971


Rendall, John L., 1970


Rendall, Judy, 1971


Rendall, Leonard, n.d.


Rendall, Willard J., 1965-1966


Rennie, William R., 1971


Renz, Dora, 1967


Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc., 1966-1969


Reyes, Narciso, 1962-1972


Rhatigan, Margie, 1967


Rice, Edward E., 1966-1967


Rice, John S., 1962


Rich, Robert G., Jr., 1969


Richards, Florence S., 1961-1969

Box 16

Richardson, Kenneth, 1968


Richardson, Virginia, 1965-1967


Richardson, William S., 1966-1968


Richter, Anne, 1969


Rickart, Nancy, 1965


Ricks, College, Rexburg, Idaho, 1968


Riddleberger, James W., 1970


Riggs, Barbara, 1968-1969


Riggs National Bank, Washington, D.C., 1962


Rightor, C. E., 1962-1968


Riley, Herb, 1970


Riley, Lawson H., 1965-1966


Rinden, Robert W., 1965


Risson, Arnold, 1964


Roberts, Chalmers M., 1963-1971


Robertson, Walter S., 1962-1968


Robey, King, 1967


Robinson, Gilbert A., 1972


Robinson, Hamlin, 1965-1966


Rockefeller, John D., III, 1962-1968


Rockefeller, John D., IV, 1964-1970


Rodrigoes, John S., 1965


Rogers, Lindsay, 1964


Rohrer, Mrs. Grant, 1962-1965


Rollins, Harry T., 1963


Romulo, Carlos P., 1966


Roney, Don, 1969


Rooney, John J., 1968


Roosman, Raden S., 1966


Rose, Elizabeth H., 1968-1969


Roseman, Alvin, 1964


Rosen, Herman P., 1968


Rosenbaum, Samuel R., 1962


Rosene, Mrs. B. N., 1968


Rosengren, Col., 1968


Rosner, Dan, 1966


Rostow, Walt W., 1963


Roth, William M., 1968


Rountree, William M., 1962-1971


Roush, Carroll J., 1970


Routt, Garland C., 1966


Rowland, Genevieve, 1965


Rubottom, Roy R., 1962-1970


Rudinger, Lillian, 1966-1968


Rusk, Dean, 1965


Rusk, Eleanor J., 1969


Russell, Francis H., 1965


Russell, Hilda, 1964-1966


Russell, Mary F., 1960


Rutherford, M. R., 1962-1963


Ryan, Guy, 1968


Ryan, John D., 1968


Ryerson, Knowles A., 1965


Sadik, Achmad, 1962


Sadikin, Ali, 1969


Sahib, Sonja M., 1969


Salen, Elly, 1962


Sammartino, Peter, 1962


Samson, Henry T., 1963-1964


Sanders, Sol W., 1966


Santoso, Mrs. Sri H., 1965-1966


Sarjadi, Soegeng, 1965-1967


Sartono, 1962-1969


Sastraatmadja, 1967-1968


Sastroamidjojo, Ali, 1969


Saturday Review, 1966-1967


Sauell, Isabelle R., n.d.


Saunders, John B. deC. M., 1964


Scalapino, Robert A., 1963-1966


Schaleben, Arville, 1971


Schmidt, Hannah, 1969


Schmitt, Gerhard, 1960


Schneidman, Harold F., 1967


Schoenbrun, David F., 1967-1970


Schroeder, Celia T., 1969-1970


Schwartz, Louis, Jr., 1964


Schweidler, Irene, 1965


Schweitzer, Pierre-Paul, 1967


Sebald, William, 1961-1970


Seed, Allen H., Jr., 1966


Seeley, Paul S., 1967


Seidman, J. S., 1963-1970


Selby, R. W., 1962


Selective Service System, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1968


Selkirk, 1963


Selznick, Miriam R., 1971


Sen, Sudhir, 1965-1967


Senu, A., 1967


Service, Richard, 1964


Shann, K. C. O., 1964


Shaplen, Robert, 1969

Box 17

Sharma, Narendra P., 1969-1970


Sharp, Adm. U. S. G., Jr., 1964-1965


Sharpe, Blanche W., 1970


Shaw, Carroll K., 1967-1968


Shaw, Patrick, 1964-1967


Sheaves, R. S., 1968


Shenfield, Hale, 1965


Sherrod, Robert, 1967


Shields, Thomas, 1967


Shinoda, Minoru, 1966-1969


Shoemaker, James, 1965


Shute, Ben, 1966


Siagian, Sabam, 1966


Sie Pek Ho., 1967


Siffin, William J., 1960-1967


Sigma Nu Fraternity, 1970-1971


Simmons, Robert G., 1955


Simon, Milton, 1969-1972


Simon, Sheldon W., 1970


Simonetti, Thomas, 1966


Sinclair, Gregg M., 1965-1968


Singer, Russell E., 1969-1970


Singh, Jasdip, 1969


Singh, L. P., 1966-1968


Sitompul, Bernhard, 1965


Sjarif Thajeb, 1971


Skole, Guenter, 1964


Skolnik, Olga, 1946-1969


Slowinski, Walter A., 1967


Smiley, Joseph R., 1968


Smith, Adele M., 1971


Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Datus C., Jr., 1968-1972


Smith, E. P., Jr., 1965


Smith, Edward C., 1965-1970


Smith, George F., 1968


Smith, H. Alexander, 1962-1965


Smith, Horace H., 1965-1967


Smith, James H., 1972


Smith, Karen H., 1971


Smith, N. J., 1967


Smith, Nolle R., 1965


Smith, Ray W., 1971


Smith, Col. Robert M., 1968


Smith, Mrs. Theo. C., 1969


Smith, Walker W., 1962


Smyser, A. A., 1965-1967


Smyth, Frances S., 1965-1972


Sneider, Richard L., 1968


Snowden, George W., 1966


Snyder, Richard E., 1963


Soebchan, M., 1965


Soedjatmoko, 1964-1970


Soegondho, 1968


Soenarjo, Inc. J., 1967


Soetisno, Chandra D., 1968


Soewargana, Oejeng, 1965-1970


Sokol, Anthony E., 1967


Solomon, George, 1964


Sons in Retirement, 1969


Sorensen, Wendy, 1962-1965


Southard, Frank A., Jr., 1965-1967


Spaulding, William E., 1971-1972


Spigler, Donald S., 1964


Spinks, Charles N., 1965-1967


Spoehr, Alexander, 1965-1966


Sprat Bay Club, Inc., St. Thomas, V. I., 1963


Sprouse, Philip D., 1966


Stahl, O. Glenn, 1968


Standard Oil Company, 1966-1969


Stanford Research Institute, 1968


Starobin, Joseph R., 1968


State of Hawaii, 1968


State - USIA Recreation Association, Inc., 1970


Stauffer, John N., 1969-1971


Stebbins, Henry E., 1966


Stedman, Adelaide, 1969-1971


Stedman, Louise A., 1964


Steeves, John M., 1964-1972


Steinberg, David, 1965


Steiner, Arthur H., 1965


Steinhauser, Samuel S., 1970


Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. M. J., 1971


Stevenson, William E., 1962-1970


Stewart, E. E., 1969


Stewart, James L., 1971


Stewart, Paul A., 1970


Stiller, Helene, 1969


Stinnes, Margiana, 1971


Stoessel, Fredric, 1972


Stoessel, Walter J., Jr., 1964


Stoffer, Dr., 1969


Stokely, Hugh L., Jr., 1965


Stoker, Emory D., 1964


Stone, Donald C., 1949-1967


Straus, Robert K., 1971


Stroh, A. H., 1962-1967


Strombeck, Natalie, 1969

Box 18

Strout, Richard L., 1971


Student Center Foundation, 1965


Stutesman, John H., Jr., 1959


Subandrio, Dr., 1965


Subardjo, Ahmad, 1969-1970


Subroto, Mrs. Gatot, 1969


Sudhir Sen, 1965


Sudiarso, Iravati, 1965-1966


Sudiasih, Oka, 1969


Sukarno, 1958-1966

Additional Note

Photocopies in collection. Originals may be seen on request.

Sukarno, Ratna Sari Dewi, 1965-1967

Additional Note

Photocopies in collection. Originals may be seen on request.

Sukawati, Jjokorda, 1968


Sullivan, Charles A., 1965


Sullivan, William H., 1960


Sumitro, 1968


Suparsono, Mrs. S. A., 1970-1971


Suprapto, R. Hadi, 1969


Surwargana, Oejeng, 1964


Susanto, Markus, 1968


Sutadji, Ari, 1969


Sutijipto, Maj. Gen., 1968


Sutikno Lukitodisastro, 1969


Sutjipto, Danukusumo, 1965


Sutomo, 1959


Suwarto, 1966


Swaminathan, Sri Lata, 1970


Swearingen, Roger, 1965


Sweetland, Monroe, 1962-1969


Swett, Douglas B., 1968


Swisher, Capt., 1946


Swiren, Mr. and Mrs. Max, 1968-1969


Sworakowski, Witold, 1968


Sycip, W., 1966


Tahapary, Dary, 1967


Tahija, Julius, 1962-1969


Tan, Mr. and Mrs. Kok H., 1965-1967


Tan, Tjin Kie, 1966


Tangkilisan, Mr. and Mrs. P. M., 1963-1971


Tanguy, Charles R., 1968


Tanimoto, R. Brian, 1971-1972


Taubenblatt, Selig A., 1969


Taylor, Carl, 1965-1966


Taylor, Harold, 1966-1967


Taylor, Maurice F. W., 1964


Taylor, Gen. Maxwell D., 1962-1972


Tejera, Paris, 1971


Temple, A. L., 1966


Temple of Understanding, Inc., 1968-1969


Tenney, Edward V., 1969


Terrel, Charles L., 1968


Terry, Helen, 1968-1971


Thajeb, Sjarif, 1962


Thauer, Falak, 1967


Thé, Robert, 1967


Thomas, Paul F., 1967


Thomas, Reuben R., 1965


Thompson, E. N., 1965-1972


Thompson, Meg, 1964-1967


Thompson, Milton S., 1964


Thomson, James C., Jr., 1966


Thorngren, Mrs. Dale, 1966


Thull, Beulah, 1955-1970


Tierney, Thomas M., 1966


Time, Inc., 1966-1968


Tjahjono, Henty, 1966


Tjanorawibawa, Renatus, 1969


Tjokroadisumarto, Widjonarko, 1966


Tojib, 1967-1968


Tokuyama, Jiro, 1967


Tolman, Norman H., 1969


Tong, Hollington, 1965-1966


Toussaint, Donald R., 1968


Towl, Andrew R., 1972


Trager, Frank N., 1968


Travelodge Corporation, 1968


Trawan, 1968


Traythan, Dr., 1967


Trent, Mary Vance, 1959-1971


Troster, Marguerite, 1970


Trott, Lamarr B., 1968


Trumbull, Robert, 1965-1967


Tsang, Chiu-sam, 1969


Tse, K. K., 1962-1968


Tsouvalis, Mary, 1968


Tsukiyama, Martha, 1968


Tubby, Roger, 1961


Tullis, Garner H., 1969


Tuthill, John W., 1962


Tweedy, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B., 1966-1967


Tweedy, Mary Johnson, 1966-1971


Twigg-Smith, Thurston, 1965-1966


Tyler, Josephine, 1966


Tyler, William R., 1962


Tyrrell, W. B., 1968

Box 19

Ulinski, John A., Jr., 1966


Underhill, Francis, T., Jr., 1971


Unger, Leonard, 1969-1970


United Airlines, 1969


U.S. Department of State, 1957-1971


U.S. Peace Corps, 1962-1966


University Affiliates, University of California, Los Angeles, 1965


University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, 1968


University of Oregon, 1967


Van Den Berghe, L. A., 1966-1967


Vandivier, Philip F., 1962-1964


Van Dusen, A. C., 1965


Van Orsdel, Ralph A., Jr., 1968


Van Stirnum, John, 1969


Van Swearingen, J. A., 1965-1966


Van Vorst, William D., 1966-1971


Vereniging Van Nederlandse Gemeenten, 1948


Vernon Church Flowers, 1968


Veteran's Administration, 1963


Viddicombe, Edward, 1960


Vilmur, Robert, 1965


Viner, George, 1968


Vittrup, R. L., 1964


Von Benschoten, Birney, 1964


Votaw, Maurice E., 1965


Wackermann, Robert L., 1967


Waddell, H. Newton, 1966


Wager, Paul, 1966


Wajima, Eiji, 1968


Walker, D. Merle, 1965-1967


Walker, Mrs. H. Alexander, 1963-1968


Walker, Henry A., Jr., 1968


Walkin, 1965-1970


Wall, A. E. P., 1965


Wallerstein, Morton L., 1968-1971


Wanacek, Earl M., 1972


Wang, Gen. S. M., 1965-1966


Warner, H. H., 1964


Warwick, J. R., 1971


Watrous, Jerome A., 1962-1967


Watt, James, 1971


Weaver, Mrs. Samuel P., 1965


Weidner, Edward W., 1966


Weiss, Carl, 1962


Weitz, Rudolph W., 1962-1971


Weiz, G., 1964


Welch, Wilford H., 1971


Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass, 1966


Wells, Herman B., 1963-1965


Wells, Neilson P., 1970


Welsh, D. J., 1962


West, Susan W., 1970


Western Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, 1969


Western U.S. - Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, 1970


Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pa., 1958


Westphal, Albert C. F., 1966-1968


Wheeler, Crawford, 1962-1965


Wheeler, Rae, 1967


Whinery, Marion, 1961


Whipple, Dorothy, 1966-1967


Whitehill, Clayton, 1961-1962


Whitted, S. F., 1966


Whittington, Floyd L., 1963-1969


Wick, Charles Z., 1965


Widjojo, Nitisastro, 1972


Wiggins, J. R., 1960-1971


Wilcox, Francis O., 1962-1964


Wilder, Mrs. Kinau, 1967


Willenbrock, Mildred, 1962-1970


Williams, Diane D., 1969-1970


Williams, Francis, 1960


Williams, J. Emlyn, 1970


Williams, Ruth M., 1965-1967


Willner, Roth Ann, 1967


Willoughby, Alfred, 1957-1971


Willoughby, Betty C., 1962


Wilsey, H. Lawrence, 1965-1967


Wilson, Howard E., 1965


Wilson, Logan, 1968


Wilson, Willard, 1965


Winkler, Bruno O., 1964-1966


Winn, Conchita, 1964-1967


Winn, Ed, Jr., 1964


Winn, Edward B., 1960-1967

Box 20

Wirosuhardjo, Kartomo, 1969


Witeck, John M., 1968


Witeck, Mrs. John M., 1968


Wohl, Paul, 1970


Wolfe, Bertram D., 1970


Woo, Manuel, 1967-1968


Woodbury, Susan, 1966


Woodman, Everett M., 1972


Woods, Ray, 1966


Woodward, Helen, 1971


Woodward, Vernon E., 1965-1971


World Affairs Council, 1968


Wright, James A., 1968-1971


Wright, Timothy W., 1967


Wukasch, Don C., 1964


Wyatt, Wilson W., 1963-1972


Wyman, Oliver B., 1955


Yamada, Tadayoshi, 1962-1971


Yamamoto, George, 1968


Yamato, Kei C., 1966-1970


Yamin, R. A. Siti Sundari, 1963


Yee, S. K., 1967-1970


Yen Chia-kan, 1964-1971


Yost, Charles W., 1972


Young, Alice, 1965


Young, Clarence W., 1971


Young, John P., 1966


Young, Kenneth, 1967-1968


Yuchengco, Mrs. Paz, 1963


Yuen Chen-yu, 1968


Zain, Zairin, 1964


Zdunek, E. W., 1962


Zilmer, Bertram G., 1969


Zítek, Jan, 1958

Additional Note

Photocopies in collection. Originals may be seen on request.
Box 21-49

Speeches and Writings, 1950-1971.

Scope and Content Note

Drafts, manuscripts, and printed copies of speeches and articles by Howard P. Jones, arranged alphabetically by title or subject. The drafts for Jones' book Indonesia: The Possible Dream are arranged by arbitrarily assigned letters to differentiate between them and are not necessarily in the order in which they were written.
Box 21

"America and Indonesia," speech to the American Association in Djakarta, April 8, 1958,

Physical Description: 3 copies in English, 1 copy in Indonesian (2 printed, 1 typewritten, 1 carbon).

"America Faces Asia," speech to the Graduate School of Banking, University of Wisconsin, August 24, 1965,

Physical Description: 6 copies (2 printed, 2 typewritten, 2 carbons).

"American Aid in Asia," n.d.

Physical Description: 4 copies.

"American Image in Indonesia," Far East Chiefs of Mission Conference, Baguio, 1962.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

"American-Indonesian Relations," speech at the Chiefs of Mission Conference, Baguio, The Philippines, 1965.Slightly altered version of this speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, New York, New York, June, 1965.

Physical Description: 4 copies (2 carbons of each version).

"America's Responsibilities and Opportunities in Asia," speech at the University of Denver, January 14, 1957;at the University of Utah, January 16, 1957;at the Boise Valley World Affairs Association, Boise, Idaho, January 19, 1957.

Physical Description: 2 carbon copies.

"Approach to a New Nation," n.d.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 carbon).

"Asia - A Study in Contrasts," speech to the Western Concrete Steel Institute, Monterey, California, May 14, 1969. Speech appears in its Proceedings of the Annual Spring Conference, p. 9


"Asia Through Indonesian Eyes, speech at the Asia-Pacific Seminar, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, January 21, 1966.

Physical Description: 2 photocopies.

"Berlin Family," n.d.Typed draft


"Broadest Concept of Conscience and National Service," speech to the Special Interest Meeting of Biennial Meeting, August 27, 1971.

Physical Description: 8 copies (2 typewritten, 5 photocopies, 1 draft).

"Building Mutual Understanding," speech to the Djakarta Rotary Club, November 25, 1968.

Physical Description: 2 printed copies.

"Can Germany Be Democratized?" n.d.Typed draft


Civil Service Program for Germany, n.d.Typed draft


"Contempt of Court," unpublished manuscript, n.d.


Chapters 1 through 19

Box 22

Chapter 20 through summary


Contempt of Court Case Studies, n.d.Arranged alphabetically by state (47 states included). Typed carbons


"Countering the Soviet Threat in the Far East," article in the Department of State Bulletin, July 16, 1956.Printed copy


"Crisis in Asia," speech at the Annual District 500 Conference of Rotary International, April 22, 1966.

Physical Description: 3 carbon copies.

"Decade of Change in Southeast Asia," speech to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, Washington, D.C., April 23, 1960.

Physical Description: 7 printed copies.

Diary notes, October 13, 1964.3 copies. October 15, 1964.1 copy. January, 1964.1 copy


"Do We Really Want Peace?" n.d.

Physical Description: 1 mimeographed copy.

"The East-West Center - Its Purposes, Its Prospects, Its Potential," n.d.

Physical Description: 2 drafts.

"Economic Problems in Asia," February 4, 1956.Reprint of an article from the Department of State Bulletin, March 5, 1956.


"Education for Tomorrow in Asia and the Pacific," September 14, 1966.

Physical Description: 1 carbon.

"Encounter With the Soviet Secret Police," n.d.

Physical Description: 5 copies (1 typewritten, 4 carbons).

"Engineering and the Building of Nations," speech to the Planning Meeting for an International Conference on the Role of the Engineer in Development of Emerging Nations, February 13, 1967.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 carbon).

"Fraulein's Road," article in The American Legion Magazine, July, 1961.

Physical Description: 6 copies (2 printed copies, 4 carbons).

"How the Christian Science Sentinel and the Herald of Christian Science help the Individual Christian Scientist in the Healing of the Nations," n.d.

Physical Description: 3 copies (2 typewritten, 1 photocopy).
Box 23

Impressions of Japan, October, 1971.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

"Importance of Asia," article in Vital Speeches of the Day, November, 1962.Printed copy


"Importance of Supporting Cultural Activities in the Community," speech to the Honolulu Symphony Society, Honolulu, Hawaii, September 28, 1967.

Physical Description: 2 copies (typewritten, 1 carbon).

"Indonesia: A New World Power Emerges," speech at the World Affairs Council, San Francisco, California, October 30, 1962.

Physical Description: 6 copies (2 typewritten, 3 carbons, 1 photocopy).

"Indonesia Alters Its Course," speech to Members of the War College, Washington, D.C., March 1, 1966.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

"Indonesia: Anchorman of Southeast Asia," speech to the Commonwealth Club of California," September 6, 1968.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 photocopy, 1 carbon).

"Indonesia - Land of Promise," October, 1956.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 carbon).

"Indonesia 1969," speech to the American Men's Association, n.d.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 photocopy).

Indonesia: The Possible Dream. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 1971.


Draft A, Part I, Foreward, Chapters 1-6


Draft A, Part II, Chapters 1-3

Box 24

Draft A, Part II, Chapters 4-14

Box 25

Draft A, Part III, Chapters 1-9

Box 26

Draft A, Part III, Chapters 10-14; Part IV, Chapter 4

Box 27

Draft B

Box 28

Draft C,

Physical Description: 20 chapters
Box 29

Draft C,

Physical Description: 17 chapters
Box 30

Draft D

Box 31

Draft E

Box 32

Draft F

Box 33

Draft G

Box 34

Draft H, Prologue - Chapter 16

Box 35

Draft H. Chapter 17 - Epilogue

Box 36

Draft I


Draft J, Foreward - Part III, Chapter 2

Box 37

Draft J, Part III, Chapter 3; Appendix B

Box 38



Biographies of principal characters




Title page


Selected bibliography


Extra chapters





Box 39

Rough draft, notes

Box 40

Rough draft, notes

Box 41

Rough draft, notes

Box 42

Rough draft, notes

Box 43

Rough draft, notes

Box 44

Scrapbook of reviews, correspondence, clippings

Box 45

"Inside East Germany," n.d.

Physical Description: 6 copies (2 typewritten, 1 photocopy, 3 carbons).

"Insular Southeast Asia," March 1, 1966.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 carbon, 1 photocopy)

Introductions for speakers


Sidney Cottle, n.d.


John K. Emmerson, June 19, 1969


Paul Hanna, n.d.


President Sukarno, October 9, 1963


"Is Christian Science Relevant to the Diplomatic Service?" 1971 (?)

Physical Description: 1 photocopy.

"Is the Tide Turning in Asia?" Speech to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, Washington, D.C., April 23, 1960.

Physical Description: 8 copies (3 typewritten, 1 carbon, 2 Department of State reprints, 1 printed copy from the Air Intelligence Training Bulletin, September 1960, 1 USIS Special Release reprint.

"Make the `E' in Travel Stand for Education," speech to the Pacific Area Travel Association, Taipei, Taiwan, February 13, 1968.News Release copy from the East-West Center


Miscellaneous notes, drafts, outlines


Miscellaneous speech notes, clippings, outlines, parts of speeches


"Nationalism and Beyond," speech to the Manila Rotary Club, Manila, The Philippines, August 8, 1963.USIS Reprint


"Nederlandse Omroep Stichting," Radio panel discussion, May 24, 1970.


"Need for Innovation," speech at the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Concord, Massachusetts, May 2, 1971.

Physical Description: 2 typewritten copies.

"A New Dimension in Foreign Affairs," speech at Colby Junior College, New London, New Hampshire, November 18, 1970;Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, May 31, 1970.

Physical Description: 8 copies (1 typewritten, 5 photocopies, 1 printed), part of draft, extra pages, excerpts.

"The New Dimension in Foreign Affairs," Central Union Church, October 18, 1967.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 carbon).

"The New Dimension in International Affairs," speech to 1967 Rotary International Convention, Nice, France, May 24, 1967.9 copies (5 printed copies, 2 typewritten, 1 photocopy, 1 carbon). Slightly altered version of this speech to the Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, California, September 6, 1968.2 carbon copies


"New Dimensions in International Understanding," speech to the Friends and Alumni of the University of Hawaii, Hilo Campus, November 16, 1967.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.
Box 46

"The New Germany," n.d.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

"A New Indonesia Emerges," n.d.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 carbon).

"The New Nation: Some Considerations of Psychology and Approach," n.d.

Physical Description: 4 copies (1 typewritten, 3 carbons), 1 draft.

"1934. Black Clouds on the Horizon," n.d.

Physical Description: 4 copies (1 typewritten, 2 carbons, 1 mixed).

"Olga, a Russian Woman," (possible title), unpublished manuscript, n.d.


"On the Governance of the University," speech, November 4, 1965.Typed draft


"Operation Scarlet Pimpernel," n.d.

Physical Description: 6 copies (1 typewritten, 5 carbons).

Oral History Interview for the John F. Kennedy Library,


Palo Alto, California, June 23, 1969.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 photocopy).

Boston, Massachusetts, March 20, 1970.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 photocopy).

Boston, Massachusetts, April 9, 1970.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 photocopy).

"The Pacific Era - Portents for Peace or War," speech at the 51st Annual Meeting, National Association of County Agricultural Agents, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, November 2, 1966.

Physical Description: 3 copies (1 typewritten, 1 carbon, 1 photocopy).

"Prospects for American Business in Southeast Asia," Hawaiian Sugar Planter's Association Meeting, December 5, 1967.

Physical Description: 1 photocopy, 1 draft.

"The Role of the East-West Center in the Development of the Pacific Basin," speech to the American Society for Engineering Education, December 28, 1966.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.
Box 47

"Seeing the Spice Islands with Sukarno," n.d.

Physical Description: 5 copies (2 typewritten, 3 carbons).

"Situation in Indonesia As Of October 7, 1965," October 7, 1965.

Physical Description: 1 photocopy.

"The Sparks Fly Upward," n.d.

Physical Description: 1 photocopy, note

Speech at Akademi Ilmu Pelajaran Open House, June 3, 1964.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 carbon).

Speech at Fairleigh-Dickinson University, Rutherford, New Jersey, October 6, 1962.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

Speech at the American Association Dinner, December 23, 1959

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech at the American Men's Association Luncheon for President Sukarno, December 22, 1964.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech at the Ceremony Aboard the S.S. "Steel Executive" Marking the Arrival of Equipment for the Urea Fertilizer Plant, Palembang, Indonesia, November 15, 1961.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy. (Proposed)

Speech at the Ceremony Dedicating the New Building at the Public Service Center, Gadjah Mada University, Jogjakarta, Indonesia, September 19, 1961.

Physical Description: 4 copies (1 carbon, 3 USIS Special Release reprints), 1 draft, notes.

Speech at the Cornerstone Laying Ceremony of the Hall to House the U.S.-Provided Atomic Reactor in Bandung, Indonesia, April 9, 1961.

Physical Description: 1 USIS Special Release reprint.

Speech at the Dedication Ceremony of the Sriwidjaja Fertilizer Plant, July 4, 1964.

Physical Description: 2 USIS Special Release reprints, 1 carbon copy (proposed).

Speech at the Dedication of the Djakarta By-Pass Highway, n.d.

Physical Description: 2 carbon copies.

Speech at the Dedication of the Jefferson Library, Jogjakarta, Indonesia, December 28, 1959.

Physical Description: 3 copies (2 typewritten, 1 carbon), 1 rough draft.

Speech at the Dedication of the Little Mosquito Island, V. O. R. February 26, 1964.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech at the Dedication of the New Chancery, Djakarta, Indonesia, September 24, 1958.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech at the Governor's Prayer Breakfast, Honolulu, Hawaii, February 18, 1966.

Physical Description: 3 copies (2 typewritten, 1 carbon), 2 newspapers clippings of speech.

Speech at the Labor Day Reception Given at the American Embassy, Djakarta, Indonesia, September 5, 1960.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 USIS Special Release reprint).

Speech at the Opening of the U.S. Space and Economic Development Exhibit at Bandung, Indonesia, December 27, 1962.

Physical Description: 4 copies (1 typewritten, 3 USIS reprints).

Speech at the Presentation of a T-34 Airplane, October 27, 1961.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy, 2 drafts.

Speech at the Recognition Ceremony, Kennedy Theatre, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, May 31, 1968.News Release copy from the East-West Center


Speech at the Signing of the Food-For-Peace Program, October 26, 1961.

Physical Description: 3 copies (1 carbon, 1 photocopy, 1 mimeograph).

Speech at the Signing of the Food-For-Peace Program, February 19, 1962.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy (proposed), notes.

Speech at the Signing of the Food Program Agreement, December 23, 1960.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy (proposed), notes.

Speech at the Signing of the Third Surplus Agricultural Commodities Agreement, November 5, 1960.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy (proposed), notes.

Speech Before the German World Economic Society, October 2, 1950.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

Speech for Luncheon (proposed), n.d.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

Speech on Independence Day, July 4, 1961.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

Speech on Independence Day, July 4, 1962.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech on Independence Day, July 4, 1963.

Physical Description: 1 USIS Special Release reprint, 1 draft.

Speech on Independence Day, July 4, 1964.

Physical Description: 1 USIS Special Release reprint.

Speech on the Occasion of Ceremonies for the New USOM Building, December 5, 1960.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy (proposed), notes.

Speech on the Occasion of Presenting Three Indonesian Pieces from the "Asian Artists in Crystal" Exhibit to President Sukarno at Tjipanas, Indonesia, August 1, 1959.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy. (proposed).

Speech on the Occasion of the Signing of the First Development Loan Fund Agreements with Indonesia, June 26, 1959.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy (proposed).

Speech on the Occasion of the Starting of the M.T.T. Supported Training at Bogor, Indonesia, September 2, 1963.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy with handwritten notes.

Speech on the Opening of the International Shop, November 30, 1964.Notes


Speech on the Turning Over of Vehicles to the Indonesian Red Cross from the American Red Cross, June 30, 1962.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy (proposed).

Speech on U.S. Foreign Policy, June 4, 1959.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy, 1 mimeographed synopsis.

Speech to Sukarno, July 16, 1964.Notes

Box 48

Speech to the American Businessmen's Club, February 19, 1964.Draft


Speech to the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, New York, New York, October 17, 1962.

Physical Description: 3 copies (2 typewritten, 1 photocopy).

Speech to the American Men's Association, Djakarta, Indonesia, February 4, 1969.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy. 1 draft.

Speech to the American Men's Association, Djakarta, Indonesia n.d.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech to the Business Advisory Council, Hot Springs, Virginia, May 13, 1960.

Physical Description: 10 copies (9 mimeographed, 1 carbon), 1 draft.

Speech to the Delegates to the Mexico-United States Inter-parliamentary Conference, April 12, 1968.

Physical Description: 5 copies (1 typewritten, 4 News Release from the East-West Center reprints).

Speech to the Djakarta Rotary Club, November 25, 1958.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech to the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Menlo Park, California, August, 1969.

Physical Description: 1 draft.

Speech to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia, February 5, 1959.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 carbon).

Speech to the Foundation, Charlestown, New Hampshire, May 16, 1971.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 photocopy), 1 outline.

Speech to the Fourth Biennial Japan-American Pacific Area Conference of Mayors and Chamber of Commerce Presidents, November 5, 1957.

Physical Description: 2 Department of State press release reprints.

Speech to the Graduating Class, Principia Upper School, St. Louis, Missouri, June 1, 1968.

Physical Description: 12 copies of the speech in booklet entitled "Progress at Principia," 1 Commencement program.

Speech to the Honolulu Federal Executive Association, Tenth Annual Awards Luncheon, April 20, 1966.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech to the Journalism Faculty and Students of Padjadjaran University, May 13, 1963.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 carbon).

Speech to the National Foreign Trade Council, New York, New York, April 4, 1956.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech to the Pacific Conference on Urban Growth, May 2, 1967.2 News Release from the East-West Center reprints


Speech to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, England, February, 1969.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech to University Presidents, Washington, D.C., April 17, 1956.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.
Box 49

Statement for The Honolulu Advertiser, April 26, 1966.

Physical Description: 2 carbon copies, 1 newspaper clipping.

Statement on Cancellation of Entertainment of The Crew of the U.S. Cruiser St. Paul, November 2, 1959.

Physical Description: 2 USIS Special Release reprints.

Statement on President Eisenhower, March 28, 1969.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

Statement on the Occasion of Indonesian Hero's Day, 1960.

Physical Description: 4 copies (1 typewritten, 3 carbons).

Statement Upon Arrival in Djakarta, July 29, 1960.

Physical Description: 9 copies (1 typewritten, 8 carbons).

"Ten Years of Indonesian-American Economic Cooperation," originally written February, 1961;updated to February 7, 1962.

Physical Description: 1 mimeographed copy.

The Three Faces of Asia," speech at Ricks College, Rexburg, Idaho, October 3, 1968.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy with handwritten notes.

"Tomorrow's Indonesia," n.d.

Physical Description: 7 copies (1 typewritten, 6 photocopies).

"Toward Understanding," speech to The American Men's Association, Djakarta, Indonesia, February 2, 1965.

Physical Description: 8 copies (1 typewritten, 4 carbons, 3 USIS Special Release reprints), 2 drafts.

"Toward Understanding New Nations," n.d.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 mimeographed, carbon).

"Turnaround in Indonesia," Reader's Digest, March, 1970.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

"Under Pressure? There's a Way Out," The Truth That Heals - A Christian Science Radio Series, November 7, 1971.

Physical Description: 1 radio program transcript.

"U.S. Economic Policy and Programs in the Far East," speech to the Far East-America Council of Commerce and Industry, New York, New York, October 4, 1956.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy, 1 reprint from the Department of State Bulletin, October 22, 1956.

"U.S. Objectives in Indonesia," speech to the American Community At Bandung, Indonesia, February 23, 1960.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Unused speeches

Physical Description: 1 typewritten, 1 photocopy.

"Walk At Liberty," speech at The Daycroft School Commencement, Greenwich, Connecticut, May 29, 1971.

Physical Description: 6 copies (3 photocopies, 3 reprints in booklet containing Commencement addresses), 4 Commencement Programs.

"Working Together in Achieving Liberty and Justice For All," speech to the Police Association, July 16, 1967.

Physical Description: 2 carbon copies.

"World Review - March 24, 1960," March 24, 1960.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

"Youth and the World's Future," speech to the Troy Boy's Club, Troy, New York, January 13, 1970.

Physical Description: 2 copies (typewritten, 1 photocopy).
Box 50-91

Subject File, 1939-1972.

Scope and Content Note

Reports, memoranda, printed material, lists, clippings, etc., arranged alphabetically by title or subject.
Box 50

Adams, Sherman


Agricultural development


Alliance for Progress


American Foreign Service Association


American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, Inc


American Society for Engineering Education






Economic conditions




Newspaper clippings


Asian Almanac


Asian Survey


Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)


Atlantic Community News




Baguio, Philippines


Ball, George W


Barnett, A. Doak


Barnett, Robert W


Bavaria, Statistical Handbook, 1946


Berding, Andrew




Economic conditions




Berlin wall (1961-)

Box 51

Biographical material


Babbitt, Marcy, "The Life of a Diplomat." Manuscript




Book lists




Clippings, 1948-1972

Box 52



Guest lists, telephone lists, address lists, calling cards


Interview with Howard P. Jones, 1949




Notes, notebooks, meetings and conferences

Box 53

Organization membership lists, conference lists, calling cards






Richards, Florence, "Able Midwesterner in Southeast Asia," The Diplomat, October, 1962.


Travel Itineraries, authorizations, schedules


Trip to Washington, D.C., March, 1970.


Black, Eugene R


Boothe, Laurence


Bowles, Chester


Bunche, Ralph


Bundy, McGeorge


Bundy, William


Bunker, Ellsworth


Burns, Governor John A


Business and Society


Campbell, W. Glenn




Chandler, George


Chiang Ching-kuo


Chicago, University, Academy for Policy Study



Box 54



Education of adults


Foreign relations




United States




Chinese in Indonesia


Christian Science


Christian Science Monitor


Christian Science Sentinel


Cities and towns




Wisconsin - Milwaukee


Civil service law - New York (State)


Cleveland, Harlan


Colby Junior College, New London, New Hampshire


Collected memoranda, letters, 1948-1971


Congresses and conventions


Belgrade, 1961


Conference of Foreign Ministers, Manila, Philippines, 1963


Cottle, Sidney

Box 55

Council on Economic and Cultural Affairs


Council on Foreign Relations


Couve de Murville, Maurice


Davis, Saville






Diplomatic and consular service


Dominican Republic


Dulles, John Foster


Durbrow, Elbridge


East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii


Clippings, news releases, reprints, newsletter, notes




Grants and grant recipients


Office memoranda, miscellaneous


Report by Howard P. Jones and Arthur Goodfriend on Asia trip, 1967


Economic assistance in southeastern Asia


Economist, The

Box 56



Southeastern Asia


Social values


Educational research


Eisenhower, President Dwight D


Emmerson, John K


Employment (Economic theory)






Economic Integration


Fearey, R. A


Fei, W. H


Felt, Adm. H. D


Food relief, American


Foreign Policy Reports


Foreign Service Association


Foreign Service Institute


Frankel, Charles


Freeman, Orville


Gardner, John W


Gaud, William S




Civil service, 1945


Currency question


Elections, September 6, 1953


Foreign exchange, 1947




Public finance

Box 57

Public relations


Refugees, 1949


Territory Under Allied Occupation, 1945-1955,Bipartite


Control Office


Office memoranda






Goldberg, Arthur J


Gomulka, Wladyslaw


Goodfriend, Arthur


Great Britain


Control Commission for Germany


Foreign relations - Indonesia

Box 58

Hamilton, Thomas H


Harriman, W. Averell




Department of Planning and Economic Development




Hays, Wayne L


Heller, Walter W


Herter, Christian


Higgins, Frank H


Hilsman, Roger


Hong Kong


Hoover Institution, Stanford, California


Hornbeck, Stanley K


Hughes, R. John


Hughes, Thomas L


Humanism - Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies


Humphrey, Hubert H


Iceland - History


Illinois Research



Box 59





Abdulgani, H. Roeslan




Agricultural economics


Aidit, Dipa N


Anak Agungi


Antara News Bulletin, 1967(incomplete)

Box 60

Antara News Bulletin


January, 1969(incomplete)


February 1-6, 1969(incomplete)


February 7-12, 1969(incomplete), miscellaneous copies


Anti-American demonstrations


Anti-Communist movements

Box 61

Armed forces


Baduj people


Bank of China


Barito River


Bey, Arifin


Botanical gardens




Caltex-Pacific Oil Company




Damar, Satya


Darmanto, R. M


Derachman Sarmin


Description and travel




Diah, B. M




Economic conditions


Economic planning


Economic relations

Box 62





Fishing industry


Focus on Indonesia


Foreign capital investment


Foreign investment law

Box 63

Foreign relations










Southeast Asia


United States


Foreign trade


Galbraith, Francis J


Hamengku Buwono IX, Sultan


Hanifah, Abu

Box 64

Hatta, Mohammad






Malaria eradication


Himpunan Mahasiswa Indonesia (HMI) - Indonesian Association of Students




Japanese occupation, 1942-1945


Revolution, 1945-1949




Bandung Conference, 1954


Pemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia (PRRI) Rebellion, 1958

Box 65

Tri-partite Talks, 1964


West Irian Dispute




"Hubungan Sipal dan Militer" (Civil and Military Relations)




Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung


Independence Day




Indonesian Economic Review


Indonesian Spectator, The


International Rice Research Institute




Jones, Howard P., Clippings, October, November, 1962




Jusuf, Mohammed


Kesatuan Aksi Mahasiswa Indonesia (KAMI)


Khouw Bian Tie


Kusumowidagdo, Suwito

Box 66





Leimena, Johannas


Leimena, Mrs. Prawiradilaga


Library development


Lubis, Mochtar


Lukman, Mohamad H


Lydman, Jack


Malik, Adam






Molucca Islands






National Academy of Sciences - Workshop on Food, May, 1968


National Press Digest

Box 67

Natural resources




New Guinea


News on Indonesia


Newspaper clippings, 1958-1972


Newspaper photocopies, New York Times, 1964-1965






Officials and employees, notes by Howard P. Jones

Box 68

Pacific-Indonesia Business Association


Pagoejoeban Pasoendan




Panglaykin, J




Pauker, Guy J


People's Consultative Congress


Political leaders


Political parties




Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI)


Politics and government







Box 69





Rachman, Tunku Abdul


Rasad, Raffly




Report on Indonesia, 1952-1953(incomplete)


Republic of Indonesia - Information Office


Revolution Fund, The


Roem, Mohammed


Rural development


Sadli, Mohammad


Sajidiman, General


Saleh, Chaerul


Salim, Emil


Sastroamidjojo, Ali


Science and technology


Sen, Sudhir


Simatupang, General




Sjahrir, Sutan


Smith, H. Alexander

Box 70

Social life and customs






Student unrest








Article by Sukarno, Le Monde, May, 1964


Biographical information

Box 71

Clippings, articles, 1958-1968




Kennedy, John F. - Library, Oral History Interview, Bogor, Indonesia, August 1, 1964




Notes, memoranda about Sukarno










Television broadcast, transcript, "Face the Nation," January 31, 1965

Box 72

Sukisman, Lt. Col


Sulong, Zainal






Sumarno, General


Supardjo, General




Tan, T. K


Thajeb, Sjarif


Tolbert, Stokes M


United Nations


University of California - Airlangga University Affiliation

Box 73

University of California - School of Medicine Project, 1959Pictorial report


University of Kentucky Project, Bogor, 1957-1966


Van Mook, Hubertus J


Wirjodiprodjo, General Hartono


Wirjopranoto, Sukardjo


Yani, Achmad


Indonesian-American Society of the United States

Box 74

Indonesian Chinese


Indonesian Current Affairs Translation


Indonesian newspapers, miscellaneous copies, 1958


Indonesian Students Association in the United States, The


Indonesian Summer Institute


L'Institut International de Finance Publiques


Institute of Current World Affairs


Institute on World Affairs

Box 75

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development


International business enterprises


Asia Development Bank


International Christian Leadership


International development




Southeast Asia


International economic assistance - Indonesia


International economic relations




U.S. - Japan


International education

Box 76

International Peace Academy


International relations






International security - Japanese-American Seminar


International Studies Association


International trade - Pacific




Communist strategy


Economic assistance - Indonesia


Economic conditions



Box 77



Whaling industry


Johnson, U. Alexis


Johnson, President Lyndon B


Jones, Joseph L


Journal of Social and Political Ideas in Japan


Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania




Kennedy, President John F




Library, Waltham, Massachusetts


Kennedy, Robert F. - Visit to Indonesia, 1962

Box 78

Kleinjans, Everett




Khrushchev, Nikita S


Lea, Homer - burial


"Liberty" (pamphlet)


Macapagal, President Diosadado


McMurty, R. Gerald


McNamara, Robert S






Clippings, news releases


Economic conditions


Foreign investment


Maphilindo, 1963




Printed material





Box 79

Man - Influence on nature


Marcos, President Ferdinand E


Mastick, Seabury


Mexico - United States Interparliamentary Conference, 1966


Michener, James A


Mikoyan, Anastas


Miscellaneous - Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, maps, printed material


Mossman, James


Municipal government


East (Far East)


France - "Le Probleme de la Reconstruction in France"




Union Internationale Des Villes et Pouvoir Locaux

Scope and Content Note

(International Union of Local Authorities)

National Academy of Sciences


National Planning Association




Looking Ahead

Box 80

Natural resources - Japan


Near East


New York (State)




Dutch East India Company


Luns, Joseph


Press summaries


Nixon, President Richard M


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)


Nuveen, John




Organization for European Economic Cooperation


Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA)


Pant, Aba


Parsons, J. Graham


Pate, Maurice


Pauker, Guy



Box 81

Percy, Senator Charles




Petroleum products


Pham Van Dong


Phan Quang Dan


Philippine Islands - Foreign relations - Asia






Fifth East-West Philosopher's Conference


Political parties (United States)




Prevent World War III, November-December, 1949


Propaganda - Anti-American


Reischauer, Edwin O




Reuter, Ernst


Riddleberger, James W


Robertson, Walter S


Romulo, Carlos P

Box 82

Rotary Club, Honolulu, Hawaii


Rotary Club Convention, Nice, France, May, 1967


Rostow, Walt W


Rusk, Dean






Newspaper clippings


Ryuku Islands


Sakharov, Andrei




Schermerhorn, Ir. W


Schulte, Ernst


Sharp, Admiral U.S.G




Smith, Horace H


South America


Southeast Asia

Box 83

Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group








Objectives and operations






Stevenson, Adlai E


Sugar growing - Hawaii


Swearingen, Rodger






Economic conditions

Box 84

Taxation research


Taylor, General Maxwell




Temple of Understanding, The




Economic conditions


Municipal government


Townsend, Robert


United Nations


United States


Allied Commission for Reparations, 1945


Armed Forces


Civil service


Department of Agriculture


Farm Security Agency


Food supply


Department of Commerce


Department of State


Agency for International Development (AID)


Committee on Institutional Cooperation

Box 85

Department of State


Agency for International Development (AID)


Committee on Institutional Cooperation


Reciprocal Trade Agreement Program


Department of the Air Force - Air War College


Department of the Army - Industrial College of the Armed Forces


Department of the Navy - Naval War College



Box 86

Global Strategy Discussion


Department of the Treasury


Press service


June - November, 1947


December 1947 - February 1948


Tax Study

Box 87

Economic assistance - Indonesia


Economic conditions


Embassy Translation Unit Press Review, April 1967 - July 1967 (incomplete)

Box 88

September 1967 - February 1969(incomplete)

Box 89

European Recovery Program


Foreign relations








Miscellaneous clippings, 1958-1969




Foreign economic relations - Indonesia


Griffin Mission to Southeast Asia, 1950


Information Service, 1954-1968(incomplete)


International Cooperation Administration (ICA) - Indonesia

Box 90

The National War College


Office of Economic Opportunity


Office of the Military Government for Germany


Office memoranda




Technical assistance - Asia


United States - Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Exchange


Urban renewal

Box 91



Vietnam conflict, 1961-1975


Clippings, news releases, news commentaries


Printed material


Postwar planning


Volunteers for International Technical Assistance (VITA)




Weller, H. L


Western Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, May, 1969


Wheelock College, Boston, Massachusetts


Wolfe, Bertram D


Woods, George D


World Affairs Forum


World Bank


World Politics


World War, 1939-1945




Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force


Yamato, Kei C


Yen Hsi-shan

Box 92-93

Ambassadorial Office File, 1958-1971.

Scope and Content Note

Briefing books, cables, lists, meeting notes, office memoranda, telegrams, accumulated by Howard P. Jones primarily during his years as Ambassador to Indonesia.
Box 92

Briefing books


Cables, 1959-1971


Embassy residence employees


Foreign Affairs Manual Circular


Guest lists, address lists, telephone lists


Letter of resignation, draft


Meeting notes, miscellaneous notes

Box 93

Office memoranda


Telegrams, 1959-1969

Box 94-97

Appointment Books, 1953-1967.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Box 94


Box 95


Box 96


Box 97


Box 98

Phonotapes, 1959-1968.

Scope and Content Note

13 tapes, arranged alphabetically by title or subject.
Box 98

American Society of Newspaper Editors, Speech by Howard P. Jones. 2 tapes, n.d.


Fourth of July Statement by Howard P. Jones, n.d.


Humphrey, Vice-President Hubert H. Speech at the Kennedy Theatre, Honolulu, Hawaii. January 2, 1966.


Interview. Howard P. Jones and Robert Campello, Jr., San Francisco, California. November 27, 1968.


Interview. Howard P. Jones and Betty Cass, Madison, Wisconsin. October 21, 1962.


Interview. Congressman Silvio O. Conte. November 6, 1959.


Signing of D.L.F. Loan. Dr. Subandrio and Howard P. Jones. 2 tapes, n.d.


Signing ceremony at Ministry of Finance. March 18, 1959.


Signing of loan agreement between United States and Indonesia. March 29, 1959.


Valley Chapter of the North American Aviation Management Club. Speech by Howard P. Jones. Studio City, California. July 21, 1965.


Book with lists of subjects and explanation of use of Keysort Card File

Box 99-100

Keysort Card File, 1954-1965.

Scope and Content Note

Collected clippings and notes recorded on Keysort cards, coded by subject, geographical area, and date, to allow quick retrieval of subject matter.
Box 101-103 , Reading room workstation

Declassified U.S. government records 1959-1970

Scope and Content Note

Formerly security-classified records of the U.S. government, released in full or in part. Includes some government records determined by the government to be unclassified. Arranged chronologically by date of release by Hoover
Box 101-102

Pre-2010 release of photocopies of declassified records

Scope and Content Note

The original documents were declassified by the U.S. Department of State and have been integrated into the collection.
Box 103

Pre-2010 release of report with classified material deleted

Box/Folder: 103 : 1

"The Indonesian Doctrine of Territorial Warfare and Territorial Management (U)," by Guy J. Pauker. Memorandum RM-3312-PR November 1963Prepared for: United States Air Force Project Rand

Reading room workstation

2010 release of records 1960-1968

Scope and Content Note

Cables, reports, and other records relating to Indonesia. Available as PDF files. The PDF files are page images, so full-text search is not possible

2011 September release of records 1959-1970

Box/Folder: 103 : 2

Guy J. Pauker, "The Indonesian Doctrine of Territorial Warfare and Territorial Management (U)" November 1963

Scope and Content Note

Declassified copy of report prepared for United States Air Force Project Rand (Memorandum RM-3312-PR)
Box/Folder: 103 : 3-4

Unclassified cables, memos, reports, and printed matter concerning Indonesia 1959-1970

Scope and Content Note

Some are photocopies


Envelope A

3 photos of Howard P. Jones; 5 photos of Howard P. Jones and Mrs. Jones; 2 photos of Mrs. Howard P. Jones; 1 photos of Howard P. Jones and Mrs. Jones with unidentified woman; 1 photo of Jones with unidentified woman; Jones and unidentified man at the Pacific Area Travel Association Conference, February, 1968; Jones and Walter Robertson and other participants at Colombo Plan Meeting , Wellington, New Zealand, 1956; 1 photo of Jones and Prince Paku Alam VIII with daughters, Retno Suskamdani and Retno Widanarni, and sons, Harlo Ambarkusuma and Hario Probokusuma; 1 photo of Jones and other participants at the Global Strategy Discussion, Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, June 1970; 1 photo of Jones and other participants at Aspen Executive Program, 1966; 1 photo of Jones and Mrs. Jones with Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Sitompul; 1 photo of the American Embassy, Djakarta, Indonesia; 1 photo of the Ambassador's residence, Djakarta, Indonesia; 15 photos of wall signs and billboards with Indonesian nationaliss propaganda; 1 photo of Otto Djaya and Jones; 1 photo of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Istanto; 1 photo of Mr. Chu Sunario; 1 photo of Mr. Derachman; 1 photo Komodor Udara Tjilik Piwar; 1 photo of President Sukarno and Mme. Dewi Sukarno; 1 photo of President Sukarno at the opening ceremony of Universitas "Lambung Mangkurat;" 1 photo of Angie Kwik; 1 photo of Ambassador and Mrs. Apa Pant with two children; 1 photo of the Hotel Pago Pago International; 1 photo of Herbet Moller,

Envelope B

6 photos of concentration camp victims, Germany, World War II,

Envelope C

22 photos of Berlin Military Post of the United States High Commissioner of Germany,

Envelope D

7 photos of Jones and Vice Admiral Frederick N. Kivette; 1 photo of Kivette; 3 photos of Jones and Mrs. Jones with unidentified people; 1 photo of Jones with unidentified man; 1 photo of USS St. Paul,

Envelope E

18 miscellaneous photos of acquaintances, unidentified people and scenes,


2 binders of photographs


1 binder of photographs


Increment received January 1982

Box 114

Personal matters; writings, including class material on military government in Germany

Box 115

Speeches and miscellaneous files

Box 116


Box 117

Personnel files; United States

Box 118-121


Box 122-123

Postwar reconstruction, in Europe and in Taiwan

Box 124-127


Box 127

Nuclear proliferation; Radio Australia broadcasts

Box 128

U.S. government memoranda; conference papers

Box 129

Studies; miscellaneous research files; Refugee Relief Act; printed matter

Box 130-132


Box 133

Phonotapes, photographs, memorabilia

Box 134

Card file