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Inventory of the Consolidated Virginia Mining Co. Records, 1876-1955
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Section I - Correspondence and business papers

Box 1

1921-1939, Dec.

Box 2

1939-1948 (bound group)



Box 3


Box 4


Box 5



Section II -Volumes


Consolidated Virginia Mining Company

Volume 1

1919-1920 Ledger

Volume 2

1920-1923 Stock Ledger & Transfer Journal

Volume 3

1921-1924 Stock Ledger & Transfer Journal

Volume 4

1921-1932 Stock Certificate Account Book

Volume 5

1923-1934 Cash Book

Volume 6

1926-1935 Ledger

Volume 7

1928-1935 Journal (account book)

Volume 8

1932-1935 Cash Book

Volume 9

1933-1934 Cash Book

Volume 10

1935-1937 Loans and Interest Journal

Volume 11

1935-1937 Pay Roll Ledger

Volume 12

1935-1946 Stock Certificate Account Book

Volume 13

1937-1939 Pay Roll Ledger


Other Material

Volume 14

1921-1935 Ophir Mining Co. - Stock Ledger & Transfer Journal

Volume 15

1931-1935 Zeb Kendall, Mrs. Zeb Kendall, Abe L. Kendall - Joint Account Book

Volume 16

1936-1938 Mexican Gold & Silver Mining Co. - Account Book


Section III - Map Rolls




1 General map of surface claims for Comstock Mines, including California, Consolidated Virginia, Best & Belcher, Gould & Curry, Savage, Hale & Norcross, Chollar, Potosi, Bullion, Exchequer, Yellow Jacket, and Sutro Tunnel. Cloth-backed - ink. HOFFMANN, Charles Frederick, cartographer. [1879?]


2 General map of levels and inclines for Ophir, Consolidated Virginia, Best & Belcher, Gould & Curry, Savage. Draft, pencil and ink. Cloth-backed.


3 General map of surface claims for Capital, Alta, Lady Washington, Justice Mill Site, Woodville, North Monumental, Monumental, Echo, Silver Hill Mining Co., Gold Canon Creek, Devil's Gate Toll Road. Ink on brown paper.


4 General map of surface claims from Lone Cabin Placer to Sunshine. Ink and pencil draft on white paper.


5 General map of surface claims, including Fairfax, July Lode, Plutus, Miami, Ohio, Shamo, March, Rocky Bar. Ink and pencil on printed Plat Claim Form. 1900


Individual Mines


6 Alpha, Emma, Star of the West, Ohio, Como Chief. Surface claims. On verso: pencil notations. Ink on white paper.


7 Alpha, Exchequer, Bullion. Surface claims. Black and red ink on brown paper.


8 Auer, John (ground claimed by), Bailey Mine, including Lafayette Consolidated Mining Co., Great Eastern. Surface claims. Red and black ink on brown paper. On verso: Sutro tunnel Shaft.


9 Bonanza (North) - Flowery Dist. Surface claim. Ink on brown paper.


10 Bryan (L.G.). Surface buildings, tunnels, hoist, mill, Flowery Ravine, etc. Red ink on brown paper.


11 Champion Consolidated Mining Co., including Kossuth, Webber, Silver Central Co., Carson Co.. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper.


12 Comstock (North), Pioneer (including also Spanish Co., Scorpion Silver Mining Co.). Surface claims. Red and black ink on brown paper. On verso: Gold Hill Co., Scorpion, & Sierra Nevada.


13 Consolidated Virginia, California, Ophir, Vermont. Workings. (Includes Virginia & Truckee Railroad track and Sutro tunnel). Ink and color on brown paper.


14 Consolidated Virginia, California Mining Co. and surrounding mines. Surface claims. Black and red ink on brown paper.


15 Consolidated Virginia Mining Co., Ophir, California, and Consolidated Virginia Mines. On oil skin. 1936, Feb.


1) 60' level


2) 145' level


3) 245' level


4) shovel-pit assay map.


SQUIRES, Howard W., cartographer.


16 Consolidated Virginia and Ophir Mines: Assay plans: 1933-1934


1) 75' level workings

Physical Description: (1 oil skin, 1 colored blue line print)

2) 123'-104' levels

Physical Description: (1 oil skin and 1 blue line print)

3) 138'-111' levels

Physical Description: (1 oil skin)

4) 207'-187'-163' levels

Physical Description: (1 oil skin)

5) 237' level

Physical Description: (1 oil skin)

6) California claim - East ore body

Physical Description: (1 oil skin)

7) Ophir claim - North Extension - 146' level

Physical Description: (1 oil skin)

8) Ophir - A & A Workings (Blocks C-D-E-F)

Physical Description: (1 oil skin)

9) Ophir - Mexican and Boucher Winze 250' level

Physical Description: (1 ink and color and 1 oil skin colored)

10) Composite map of Ophir and Consolidated Virginia workings - negative photostat. OSBORNE, W. L., cartographer.


17 Consolidated Virginia corresponding to Ophir (level 1921 maps). Oil skin ink and color.


1) Con Virginia 1000'


2) Con Virginia 1200


3) Con Virginia 1500


Ophir 1366


4) Con Virginia 1550


Ophir 1400


5) Con Virginia 1600


Ophir 1445


6) Con Virginia 1650


Ophir 1500


7) Con Virginia 1700


8) Con Virginia 1750


Ophir 1600


9) Con Virginia 1800


10) Con Virginia 1950


11) Con Virginia 2050


Ophir 1900


12) Con Virginia 2150


Ophir 2000


18 Consolidated Virginia - Bonanza. Shaft map, cross section. On oil skin.


19 Consolidated Virginia Mining Co. - Cyanide Mill designed by Lou M. Louis. 1935, Aug. 21

Physical Description: Twenty blue prints (and 3 duplicate copies).

POWELL, C. A., cartographer.


20 Consolidated Virginia - Savage & Norcross - Ventilating. Map to accompany report on ventilating system at North End Mines. Blue print. 1914, Jan.


LIDDELL, Chas. A., cartographer.


21 Consolidated Virginia Mining Co. - Mine Dumps (printed with MS. notations) 1947, Dec.


1) Con Virginia Dump

Physical Description: (2 blue prints)

2) Ophir Dump


3) Ophir Dump


4) C.C. Dump


5) C.C. Dump, Brewery Dump.


SQUIRES, Howard W., cartographer.


22 Cosmopolitan Stope (incomplete?). Ink on brown paper.


23 Croton & North Ophir, Conflict between. Surface claims. Ink and pencil on brown paper.


24 Fairfax, Spring Garden, Butcher. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper.


25 Fairfax, Vermont, Venis [sic] and others. Surface claims. Ink and color on oil skin.


26 Gold Lead, Margarita, Comstock. Surface claims. Black and red ink on brown paper.


27 Golden Eagle Mine & Independent. Inclines. Draft, pencil.


28 Joe Scates. Surface claim. Pencil draft on brown paper.


29 Juniper Claim, Golden Era Claim, Prospect Claim. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper.


30 Justice Blaine. Surface claim. Pencil draft on brown paper. On verso: draft. 1901, Oct. 5


MORAN, W. T., cartographer.


31 Margarita, Marsano, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, Esperance, Manhattan Consolidated. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper.


32 Mary Ann, Northern Light, Butcher, Vermont, Venis [sic], also North Consolidated Virginia, Kearsarge, Light, California Consolidated, Joe Scates. Surface claims. Ink, outlined in color on brown paper.


33 Mexican Shaft and Mt. Blanc Shaft. Pencil draft on oil skin.


34 Monte Cristo Mine. Surface Claim. Draft, pencil and ink.


35 New York-Nevada Mining Co. Claims, Gold Hill Mining District, Storey Co. Blue print with MS. notations.


NICKERSON, Geo. S., cartographer.


36 Northern Belle, Golden Eagle, Oest, Boston. Surface claims. Blue print. On verso: pencil notations.


37 North Ophir, Scorpion & others. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper.


38 Ophir - shaft and stope maps


1) Portion of Ophir works - 2000'-2700' level


2) Mexican shaft, Walsh shaft


3) Belcher shaft, Crown Point shaft


4) Consolidated Virginia shaft




39 Ophir Claim - North Section, Potential Ore Reserves. G. Mc.M. Ross, data. Blue line print with manuscript notations and traced copy. 1934


OSBORNE, W. L., cartographer.


40 Palmyra District. West Rapidan. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper.


41 Potosi. Cross section. Ink on brown paper. MORAN, W. T., cartographer.


42 Russian Gold & Silver Mining Co. Claim and North Point Mine. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper.


43 Savage Incline. Black and red ink, pencil.


44 Savage & Norcross Combination Shafts.


45 Savage, Norcross & Co.: Sacramento Surface claims. Draft, pencil and ink.


46 Senator, showing Sutro tunnel and Julia Consolidated mine. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper.


47 Shamo Co. Also containing Fairfax, Spring Garden and Butcher. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper.


48 Sheerin & Holman, Corey Jay Boer. Surface claims. Pencil and ink draft on brown paper. On verso: two other mines.


49 Sheridan Co. Lassen Lode, Virginia Claim. Surface claims. On brown paper.


50 Silver Hill and adjoining mining claims (Succor White Lead, Snell, Justice & others). Ink draft on brown paper. On verso: Vivian Mine.


51 Silver Hill-Dageet Survey. Workings. Including Sheerin, Holman & Cory Jay. Blue print. TAYLOR, C.C., cartographer. 1908, Dec.


52 Silver Leaf. Surface claim and shaft. Ink on brown paper. 1889, Oct. 13


53 Utah, also Allen Consolidated Mining Co. located as the Peruvian Claim, and Blue Jacket. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper.


54 Utah, Ward, Orleans. Surface claims. Ink on brown paper. On verso: Atlantic Company's tunnel.


55 Unidentified.




56 Falette Tract. Surveyed for R. Marcoux. Showing also the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, Roux Gardens, and American Flat road. On brown paper. 1876, Dec. 13


57 Truckee River, proposed dam. Blue print. 1911, June 9


58 Virginia & Gold Hill Water Co. Pencil, traced copy.


59 Virginia City. Mill Street and A, B, C Streets and Mexican Shaft. Pencil draft on brown paper. 1935, Oct. 15


60 Virginia City. Official map of Virginia City, as adopted, June 6, 1865. Traced by Walter G. Reid. Blue line print. 1955, Mar.


61 Virginia City. Topographical maps for Virginia City Mining Co., showing Consolidated Virginia Mining Co. and adjoining claims. Two sheets. Blue prints. 1944, Sep.


62 Virginia City, showing Consolidated Virginia, Ophir, Mexican and Union Mining claims and town lots. Blue print. [c.1944?]