Register of the Cannon-Walker Family Collection, 1891-1950

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Register of the Cannon-Walker Family Collection, 1891-1950

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Title: Cannon-Walker Family Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1891-1950
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personal name

Cannon, Marion (1834-1920)
Walker, Marion R. (1915-)
Bramblett, Ernest K.
Ushijima, Kinji (1864-1926)
Chin Lung
Walker, Donald Burke (1941-)

corporate name

People's Party of California
California State Farmer's Alliance & Industrial Union
Democratic Party (Calif.)


Populism -California
Economics -United States -19th century
Politics, Practical -California
Political corruption -California
Chinese Americans -California -San Joaquin County
Japanese Americans -California -San Joaquin County
Filipino Americans -California -San Joaquin County
Mexican Americans -California -San Joaquin County
Korean Americans -California -San Joaquin County
East Indian Americans -California -San Joaquin County
Agricultural laborers -California -San Joaquin County
Agriculture -California -San Joaquin County -History
Crops -California -San Joaquin County
San Joaquin County (Calif.) -History
San Joaquin County (Calif.) -Race relations


The Cannon-Walker family came to California in 1850. The family have been particularly active in mining, agriculture and public affairs. They are represented in this collection by the papers of men from three different generations: Marion Cannon (1834-1920); Marion R. Walker, Cannon's grandson (1915-); and, Donald B. Walker, PhD., Cannon's great grandson, (1941-). Trained in blacksmithing, Marion Cannon practiced that trade near Nevada City, using his earnings to acquire mining claims. By 1857, he owned the Vulcan Mine, the fourth largest hydraulic operation in Nevada County. Cannon gradually became involved in public affairs, being first elected State Grand Steward of the Masonic Order (1860) and subsequently Recorder of Nevada County (1867). In 1873, he purchased land in Ventura County and moved his family there. Cannon farmed barley, beans, apricots, and walnuts for more than a decade before again involving himself in public life. As a farmer, he came to know at first-hand the railroad's strangle-hold on the distribution of farm produce. Although a lifelong Democrat, Cannon saw that neither political party in California was sufficiently free of railroad influence to fight its excesses for the popular good. Thus, he helped to organize farmers, outside the two party system, in opposition to the railroad's power: first, through the Farmers' Alliance, and, later, through the Populist Party. An effective leader, Cannon was chosen first President of the California Farmers' Alliance (1890) and two years later, when the Alliance joined with labor organizations to create the Populist Party, delegates to the State Convention chose Marion Cannon to run for the 6th Congressional District seat, representing the voters of Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. He was subsequently nominated by the Democratic Party, as well, and, in November 1892, Cannon was elected to the House of Representatives, where he served one term before being abandoned by the Populist Party as a result of disagreements with other Party leaders over his association with the Democratic Party. Cannon's political views were generally those expressed in the Populist Party platform of 1892. He favored woman suffrage, government ownership of railways and the popular election of senators, but was less committed to the cause of Free Silver.
Marion R. Walker was born and raised on his grandfather's Ventura ranch. Following his graduation from Stanford University (1936), Walker returned to Ventura and began a career in agriculture. He soon became involved in state-wide efforts to revitalize the Democratic Party through creation of the grass-roots California Democratic Clubs. These efforts led to his being nominated as a candidate for the 11th District Congressional seat (1949). Although Walker ran well, the district had a Republican majority registration and he was defeated by the Republican incumbent. His political views, like those of his grandfather, were liberal. He was pro-labor, pro-civil rights and spoke out against the "witch hunt" tactics of the House Un-American Activities Committee and Senator Joseph McCarthy. In 1959, Governor Edmund G. Brown appointed Walker to the State Water Commission, where he served ten years, participating in the planning and construction of the California Aqueduct.
Donald B. Walker, Ph.D., great grandson of Marion Cannon, is an Archivist and Historian living in San Joaquin County.

Scope and Content

Marion Cannon is largely represented in this collection by correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, political pamphlets and biographical materials relevant to his most important years of public life (1890-1895). Also of interest is his diary of a train trip from Emigrant Gap to Wheeling, West Virginia (1872). Marion R. Walker is represented by correspondence, speeches, position papers, clippings, government and party publications, and biographical materials related to his congressional election campaign (1949-50). Donald B. Walker is represented in this collection chiefly by notes he has taken on non-White minorities in San Joaquin county agriculture. Of particular interest are Walker's indexes of minorities and agricultural topics derived from local newspapers and county land records (1900-1925).

Container List






1.1.1-Biographical & Historical Background


a-Standiford. The Pattern of California History, pp. 256-57


b-Hichborn. California Politics, 1891-1939, Vol. 1, pp. 106-110


c-Delmatier. The Rumble of California Politics, 1848-1970, pp. 99-112


d-Marion Cannon. [Diary of a train trip east in 1872; typescript transcription; 9 l.]


e-Marion Cannon Farmers' Alliance Biography in Pacific Rural Press (12-12-90)


f-"A Populist Leader," Riverside Enterprise (2-24-93)


g-"Hon. Marion Cannon visits Nevada City," n.s., n.d. [c1910]


h-"Wedded fifty years they celebrate golden wedding," n.s. (4-30-10)


i-"Over 100 friends," Ventura Post (4-30-20) [60th anniv.]


j-"Death takes honored man; Hon. Marion Cannon answers call," n.s. (Aug. 1920)


k-"Ventura park will be dedicated again," [Marion Cannon Park] Ventura Star Free Press (7-1-1983)


l-"Let the People Rule," 1908 [cert. of campaign contr. by MC for Wm. Jennings Bryan]


1.1.2-President of the California Farmers' Alliance, 1890-92


a-"The People & Their Money," SF Examiner (Jan 1891?)


b-"The aims & future of the Order," PRP (March 1891?)


c-"Farmers' Alliance picnic at Lodi," PRP (3-10-91)


d-"Stirring words for all by President Cannon," PRP (Apr. 1891)


e-"The President's gavel taps," PRP (May 1891)


f-"A cannon of good metal," PRP (May 23, 1891)


g-"President Cannon on the Sub-Treasury Land-Loan Bills," n.s., (May 1891)


h-"The Sub-Treasury Discussion," 1891


i-"On Land-loan bills," PRP (May 30, 1891)


j-"Uncle Sam's cash box & the Alliance A-B-C," PRP (6-6-91)


k-"The President's gavel taps," PRP (10-3-91)


l-"California State FA & IU," PRP (10-27-91)


m-"Circular from the state President," PRP (Nov. 1891)


1.1.3-Farmers' Alliance news from the Pacific Rural Press, 1890-91


a-"National Farmers' Alliance & Industrial Union," (12-90?)


b-"The moral import of the Farmers' Alliance," (12-27-90)


c-"State & District Fairs," (Jan 1891?)


d-"Farmers in Council," (Feb 1891?)


e-"From national organizer Barbee," (Mar 1891)


f-"The Alliance business arm," (Mar 1891)


g-"A little plain talk by G.L. Gilbert," (3-28-91)


h-"Open Alliance at Temescal," (Apr 1891)


i-"Alliance meetings in Solano & Yolo Counties," (5-9-91)


j-"Meeting of Ventura Co. Farmers' Alliance," (7-7-91)


k-"Watsonville Alliance meeting," (9-7-91)


l-"The long roll is beating," (10-1-91)


m-"Alliances," [lists of delegates to State Convention] (10-8-91)


n-"Napa County farmers' convention," (10-17-91)


o-"Alliance Convention at Los Angeles," (10-24-91)


p-"The Annual Session," (10-31-91)


q-"The People's Party," (10-31-91)


1.1.4-Clippings on Populist issues


a-"An honest dollar & Cleveland too," The Virginian (3-19-91)


b-"Do., pt. II," The Virginian (3-26-91)


c-"Free coinage," The Virginian (4-23-91)


d-"Shall we have free coinage?" The Virginian (5-7-91)


e-"Adjourned sine die," n.s. (May 1892?)


f-"The platform," n.s. (1892?)


g-"This is the way the three political parties stand," The Political Economist (1892?)


h-American Bimetallic League. True volume of money at the close of the war (1893?)


i-"The currency," LA Star (8-13-93)


j-"The monometallist creed," Philadelphia Public Ledger (Dec. 1893)


k-"Resolutions passed by the Los Alamos FA & IU," Farmer & Labor Review (Feb. 1894?)


l-"Committed to free silver," SF Examiner (4-30-94?)


m-"Increased wealth of farmers under the Walker Tariff," (1894?)


n-John M. Horner. Public Money, 1899


o-"Gold product," n.s., n.d.


p-"The little table which I have appended...," n.s., n.d.


q-"It is a matter of secondary importance," n.s., n.d.


r-"Rates for money," n.s., n.d.


s-"The fact that the Iowa State Farmers' Alliance has....," n.s., n.d.


1.1.5-Congressional election campaign, 1892


a-Acceptance letter, Salinas, 9-29-92


b-"The Democratic Congressional position in the 6th District," (Oct. 1892)


c-"Harrison Panic" [campaign broadside] (1892 or 93)


d-"Money is not only a national, but an international affair," n.s., n.d. (1892?)


1.1.6-Currency proposals sent to Cannon


a-Robert M. Widney. A National Currency, 1891


b-Do. Our Finances, 1891


c-Do. Gold Standard of Value, 1891


d-Do. A Proposed Substitute for the Sherman Act, 1893


e-William G. Amberg. A Plan for Funding the National Debt...,1894?


f-Mr. Bland. HR 4956: A Bill directing the coinage of the silver bullion held in the Treasury, 1894


g-James B. Murray, Assn. of the Bar, NY. [Analysis of the Free Silver controversy with a solution], n.d.


1.1.7-Cannon's term in the House of Representatives, 1893-95


a-"Cannon's speech at Redondo," Ventura Weekly Democrat (3-23-93)


b-"Congressman Cannon explains," LA Times (Jun 1893?)


c-"The White Metal--Congressman Cannon on," LA Times (7-26-93)


d-"Letters to the Times," [JC Sherer] LA Times (7-27-93)


e-"The gold bugs have made a great parade...," LA Herald (9-1-93)


f-"Now and then there are some very amusing features in American politics," LA Herald (9-6-93)


g-"Letter from Congressman Cannon," Ventura Observer (9-6-93)


h-"Editor Tocsin, Sir:" n.s., (9-16-93)


i-"Difference in treason," LA Herald (Sept. 1893)


j-"Mr. Cannon's excuse," n.s. (Sept. 1893)


k-"Congressman Cannon as a mudslinger," LA Times (Sept. 1893)


l-"Cannon is consistent," Santa Barbara Herald (Sept. 1893)


m-"Cannon went off," LA Examiner (Sept. 1893)


n-"Credit to Cannon," SF Examiner (Sept. 1893)


o-"The vote in detail," n.s. (Sept. 1893)


p-"Principle or expediency?" Ventura Observer (10-18-93)


q-"Representative Cannon believes the measures enacted...,"SF Examiner (Nov. 1893)


r-"The honorable Marion Cannon, whose name has been...," (1893)


s-"Clearing up matters," LA Times (2-11-94?)


t-"How the Democracy treated San Pedro," LA Express (8-15-94)


u-"Marion Cannon's answer," Santa Maria Times, n.d.


v-"Cannon true to his pledge," Modesto News, n.d.


w-"Silver under debate," n.s., n.d.


x-"Congressman Cannon," n.s., n.d.


y-"Sun strokes," The Daily Sun [Colusa Co.?], n.d.


z-"The following letter from a member of the present Congress," Texas Miner (1-8- 95)


1.1.8-Marion Cannon Speeches


a-"Free coinage of silver," 2-25-93 [printed version]


b-"Ten percent tax on State Bank Notes," 6-6-94 [ms. & printed versions]


c-"On Pacific Railroad debts," n.d. [printed version]


1.1.9-Correspondence, 1893-94


a-MC to JC Sherer, 7-17-93 [6 l.]


b-EB Whitney to JS McCue, 8-19-93


c-JS McCue to President Cleveland et al., n.d. [2 l.]


d-JS McCue to MC, 9-14-93 [5 l.]


e-Geo. Campbell, Vallejo to Sen. Stephen M. White, 8-25-93 [10 l.]


f-GC to MC, 9-8-93


g-Henry R. Whitmore to MC, 10-24-93


h-Los Alamos Committee to answer MC response to Bond Resolution, 3-17-94


i-W.D. Hobson to MC, 5-16-94 [7 l.; incl. biogr. of Hobson]


1.1.10-Correspondence in Stephen White Papers [Green Library./Stanford U.] [all corresp. is MC to SW]


a-MC to ___, 11-25-92 [2 l.]


b-2-11 [2 l.]


c-3-1 [2 l.]


d-4-20 [2 l.]


e-5-2 [2 l.]


f-5-4 [4 l.]


g-5-9 [2 l.]


h-5-13 [2 l.]


I-5-27 [1 l.]


j-5-30 [2 l.]




l-6-11 [2 l.]




1.1.11-Clippings after leaving office


a-"The bankrupt Treasury," Equity n.d. [after April 1895] [MC letter to editor]


b-"Free coinage," The Civic Record (May 1895) [MC letter to editor]


c-"The silver question," Ventura Observer (6-4-95) [MC letter to editor]


d-"Ex-Congressman Cannon," SF Examiner[?] (1895?) [interview w/ MC]


1.1.12-Other background materials


a-US Treasury Dept. Stament of the public debt & of the cash in the Treasury of the United States, Oct. 1893 [6 l.]


b-Charles F. Outland. "Dr. Stephen Bowers, [Editor of the Ventura Observer] controversialist," Ventura Hist. Soc. Quarterly 4:1 (Nov. 1958) [9 l.]


1.1.13-Excerpts from Donald E. Walters. "The Populist Party in California, Ph.D. Diss., Stanford U., 1957 pp. 121-70


1.1.14-Philip M. Walker. [Bibliography on Marion Cannon & the Populist Party in California], 1992-93






2.1.1-Campaign biographies


2.1.2-Campaign brochures & newspaper advertising


2.1.3-MRW corresp., 11-49


2.1.4-MRW corresp., 12-49


2.1.5-MRW corresp., 1-50


2.1.6-MRW corresp., 2-50


2.1.7-MRW corresp., 3-50


2.1.8-MRW corresp., 4-50


2.1.9-MRW corresp., 5-50


2.1.10-MRW corresp., 6-50


2.1.11-MRW corresp., 7-50


2.1.12-MRW corresp., 8-50


2.1.13-MRW corresp., 9-50


2.1.14-MRW corresp., 10-50


2.1.15-MRW corresp., 11-50


2.1.16-MRW form letters


2.1.17-Ed Kraus corresp.


2.1.18-Others' corresp. [incl. Bob Andrews, John Pinkerton, Fred Farr]


2.1.19-MRW notes


2.1.20-Campaign photos:


a-MRW portrait [5 x 7 glossy]


b-MRW speaking before microphone [5 x 7 glossy]


c-MRW shaking hands w/ John Walsh [5 x 7 glossy]


d-MRW w/ wife & parents [5 x 7 glossy]


e-MRW w/ man & woman in institutional kitchen [5 x 7 glossy]


f-MRW w/ man & two women in wheel chairs [5 x 7 glossy]


g-MRW outdoors w/ men in wheel chairs [5 x 7 glossy]


h-MRW w/ gavel before microphone [8 x 10 glossy; incl. neg]


i-MRW w/ 2 men & 2 women at County Fair booth [?] [8 x 10 glossy; 2 copies]


j-MRW outdoors w/ taller blond man [8 x 10 glossy]


k-MRW w/ unidentified man in VFW cap


l-unidentified man




2.2.1-MRW Speeches


a-"Another Congressional campaign is drawing to a close..."


b-Do. [draft]


c-"I am happy to have a final opportunity to speak..."


d-Do. [draft]


e-"Good evening, fellow Americans. I am happy to have this last opportunity to talk to you..."


f-"5 Minute Speech Marion R. Walker"


2.2.2-MRW News Releases


a-"San Luis Obispo, Nov. 28--Marion R. Walker, Ventura rancher, was chosen yesterday by the Democratic party leaders..." [2 l.]


b-"It is a distinct honor to be invited by the people of the 11th Congressional District to be the Democratic candidate for Congress"


c-Statement of Policy by Marion R. Walker: Housing; Health Insurance; Water & Conservation; Labor; Agriculture; Pensions; Foreign Policy


d-"Statement by Marion R. Walker on vote of change in the rules of the House of Representatives, Jan. 22, 1950"


e-For release Thursday, March 30 [biogr. stmt.]


f-"My position in regard to foreign policy..."


g-"To Ernest K. Bramblett, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. Since you are now in the area..."


h-Do., 4-13-50 [ink draft]


i-"In answer to a suit filed by John J. Walsh...," 6-2-50 [2 copies]


j-"Congressman E.K. Bramblett's recent statement that Formosa had been "sold out" to the Chinese Communists..."


k-"Walker expresses belief in need for continued foreign aid programs"


l-"Bobby, here is a copy of the telegram to Truman on wage-price ceilings..." 9-22- 50


m-"In a press statement today Marion R. Walker repeated his call for action immediately to halt inflation..." 9-22-50


n-"In what he termed a heart-to-heart talk," New Mexico's beloved senior senator Dennis Chavez told..."


o-"Since Ernest K. Bramblett is now present in the 11th Congressional district campaigning for re-election, I challenge him for the second time to meet me in public debate..."


p-"Congressional candidate Marion R. Walker of Ventura is winding up the last two weeks of the campaign..."


q-"To the teachers of the 11th Congressional District..." 10-25-50


r-"Spots for KVVC Spanish program" [Nov. 1950]


s-"Spots for Marion R. Walker/KVEN" [Nov. 1950]


t-"Spots for Democratic ticket/KVEN" [Nov. 1950?]


2.2.3-Financial Records


2.2.4-Campaign Planning






c-lists of radio stations, newspapers




2.2.5-Press Clippings


2.2.6-Campaign Advertising of Rep. Ernest K. Bramblett


2.2.7-Petitions for MRW candidacy


2.2.8-Sample Ballots and miscellaneous




2.3.1-Rep. Bramblett (R), 11th California, Voting Record of, 1949-50




2.3.3-Foreign Affairs


2.3.4-Health & Welfare






2.3.7-Rivers & Harbors


2.3.8-Platform & Policy






3.1.1-Thesis Drafts & Deletions


a-"Appendix D: Statistical Abstract of Non-White Names Roster" [30 computer-printed pages numbered 324-353]


b--"Appendix D: Roster of Non-Whites in San Joaquin Co., 1900-1925" [44 computer-printed pages numbered 354-398]


3.1.2-Bibliography Draft


3.1.3-Notes on various ethnic groups: Chinese


3.1.4-Notes on various ethnic groups: East Indians


3.1.5-Notes on various ethnic groups: Filipinos


3.1.6-Notes on various ethnic groups: Japanese


3.1.7-Notes on various ethnic groups: Koreans


3.1.8-Notes on various ethnic groups: Mexicans


3.1.9-Notes on various ethnic groups: General or multiple groups


3.1.10-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: Chinese


a-"Chinese potato growers' trust," Central California Record (1-4-13) [3 l.]


b-"Lee Yuen, Court Interpreter, Dead," Stockton Record (3-26-10)


c-Photograph of Chinese on cartload of potatoes from SJ Co. Hist.Museum collection


3.1.11-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: East Indians


a-"Members of the Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society in front of the Temple in Stockton...," Stockton Record (1915)


b-"Hindus will be put in Class I...," Daily Report (4-30-18)


c-Jacoby, Harold. "More Thind against than sinning" [5 l.]


d-LaBrack, Bruce W. "The Sikhs of Northern California: A Socio-historical Study," pp. 98-99, 102-111, 116-17, 120-21, 124-25, 140-43, 162-63, 198-201, 226-27, 234-39


e-Photograph of 2 Sikh laborers from SJ Co Hist. Museum coll.


3.1.12-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: Filipinos


a-"Filipino population San Joaquin County, California," 1925 [2 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


b-Hemminger. "Little Manila," Pacific Historian 24:1,3 (1980)


c-Kim. The Filipino in America, 1898-1974..., pp. 129-30


d-E.D. Merrill, Dean, UC College of Agriculture, to Eliot G. Mears, Stanford U., 3-18- 25 [2 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


3.1.13-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: Japanese


a-Carey. Mountain Men to Astronauts, pp. 78-79 [history of Lodi, Calif.]


b-"Important Japanese landmark for sale" (5-22-78) [Nippon Hospital]


c-Kawakami. Asia at the door, pp. 161-64


d-Ichihashi. The real Japanese question, p. 266


e-Ichikawa. "Cooperative movt. among Japanese farmers in Calif.," pp. i-v, 1-13, 52, 58-68 [original at Hoover Institute]


f-"To educate east on Japanese problem," Willows Daily Journal (2-7-21)


g-Everett Swedenburg. "Policies of segregation in Stockton," 1947 [13 l.]


h-"George Shima denies potato corner," Daily Report (2-25-17)


i-"Ninety-five carloads are stored in south," Daily Report (2-26-17)


j-"Oriental women & children in agriculture," pp. 1-26 [original at Hoover Institute]


k-Mrs. Park. "Visit w/ Mr. George Shima, Potato King of California, July 14, 1924" [4 l.; original at Hoover Institute]


l-Yoshimura. George Shima: Potato King & lover of Chinese classics [67 pp.]


m-"Interview w/ Mr. Uyeda, Secty. Japanese Assn. Stockton (11-24-24)" [2 l.]


n-Naka. "Social & economic conditions among the Japanese farmers of California," pp. 4-20, 37-47, 65-74


o-Excerpts from children's essays in Guy Cook Nisei Collection, MS 33, Holt Atherton Spec. Coll., UOP


p-The other side of infamy


q-Ichihashi. Japanese immigration: Its status in California, pp. 19, 23-24, 29-34


r-"The Literary Digest reproduces this ridiculous libel...," no source


s-"Japanese Association of Stockton," Stockton Evening Mail Special Booster Issue, c1908


t-"The Joe Sunshine Company sold tea, herbs, food, hardware & wine," Lodi Historical Calendar, 1987


u-Photos from books and the San Joaquin Co. Hist. Museum Coll. [Lee Phillips, George Shima; Japanese workers in fields (2 different views); George Shima w/ boat; Sacks of potatoes in field; George Shima at one of his banquets; George Shima's potato exhibit at Stockton Potato Festival]


3.1.14-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: Mexicans


a-Joseph M. Santos. "Poverty & problems of the Mexican immigrant," pp. v-vi, 84- 85, 88-95, 186-201


b-"Interview No. 50. 6-5-18, Dr. Hewitt, one of the leading archeologists of the United States..." [1 l.; original at Hoover Institute]


c-"Investigation of Mexican affairs, Sixty-Sixth Congress, 2d Session, 1919-1920" [5 l.; original at Hoover Institute]


d-"Thesis by F. Bryan/Mexican immigrants in the United States" [2 l.; original at Hoover Institute]


e-"From information service, Saturday, Nov. 1, 1924, Race Relations Number" [1 l.; original at Hoover Institute]


f-Mark Reisler. By the sweat of their brows, pp. 1-95


3.1.15-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: Miscellaneous


a-Interview w/ Mr. Schwartz re Asian farming in Delta, 12-9-24 [2 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


b-Interview w/ Mr. Wilhoit re Asian farming in Delta, 12-2-24 [4 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


c-Interview w/ C. Grunsky re Asian farming in Delta, 12-19-24 [3 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


d-Interview w/ W. Atherton re Asian farming in Delta, 12-2-24 [2 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


e-Interview w/ Mr. J.M. Bigger of Bigger & Inman Realty, Stkn., re Asian farming in Delta, 12-3-24 [5 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


f-Interview w/ Henry Hansen, Mgr. Geo. Shima's Empire Navigation Co. re Asian farming in Delta, 12-9-24 [2 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


g-Interview w/ G.E. Melone, Melone & Perry Grain Buyers, Stkn., re Asian farming in Delta, 12-12-24 [2 l.: original in Hoover Institute]




3.2.1-"Race relations & specialty crops: A history of San Joaquin County agriculture, 1900-1925" [draft of MA Thesis, CSUS; black vinyl binder]


3.2.2-Non-White Crop & Chattel Mortgages Index notes


3.2.3-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1900 [created by DW]


3.2.4-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1901


3.2.5-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1902


3.2.6-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1903


3.2.7-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1904


3.2.8-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1905


3.2.9-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1906


3.2.10-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1907


3.2.11-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1908


3.2.12-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1909


3.2.13-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1910


3.2.14-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1911


3.2.15-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1912


3.2.16-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1913


3.2.17-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1915


3.2.18-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1916


3.2.19-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1917


3.2.20-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1918


3.2.21-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1919


3.2.22-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1920


3.2.23-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1921


3.2.24-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1922


3.2.25-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1923


3.2.26-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1924


3.2.27-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1925


3.2.28-Index to Names & Subjects in James Earl Wood interviews, James Earl Wood Papers, Env. 3, Bancroft Library


3.2.29-Photocopies of San Joaquin County Directory pages listing Non-Whites, 1900, 1913, 1915,1920, 1925, 1927


3.2.30-Stockton street maps showing Asian Ghetto areas, 1908-25




3.3.1-SJ Co weather patterns & effect on agriculture, 1900-25


3.3.2-SJ Co Soils


3.3.3-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Crop generalities


3.3.4-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Almonds


3.3.5-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Asparagus


3.3.6-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Barley


3.3.7-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Beans


3.3.8-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Celery


3.3.9-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Cherries


3.3.10-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Grapes


3.3.11-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Onions


3.3.12-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Peaches


3.3.13-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Potatoes


3.3.14-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Sugar Beets


3.3.15-Photocopies of source materials


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