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Register of the Cannon-Walker Family Collection, 1891-1950
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1.1.1-Biographical & Historical Background


a-Standiford. The Pattern of California History, pp. 256-57


b-Hichborn. California Politics, 1891-1939, Vol. 1, pp. 106-110


c-Delmatier. The Rumble of California Politics, 1848-1970, pp. 99-112


d-Marion Cannon. [Diary of a train trip east in 1872; typescript transcription; 9 l.]


e-Marion Cannon Farmers' Alliance Biography in Pacific Rural Press (12-12-90)


f-"A Populist Leader," Riverside Enterprise (2-24-93)


g-"Hon. Marion Cannon visits Nevada City," n.s., n.d. [c1910]


h-"Wedded fifty years they celebrate golden wedding," n.s. (4-30-10)


i-"Over 100 friends," Ventura Post (4-30-20) [60th anniv.]


j-"Death takes honored man; Hon. Marion Cannon answers call," n.s. (Aug. 1920)


k-"Ventura park will be dedicated again," [Marion Cannon Park] Ventura Star Free Press (7-1-1983)


l-"Let the People Rule," 1908 [cert. of campaign contr. by MC for Wm. Jennings Bryan]


1.1.2-President of the California Farmers' Alliance, 1890-92


a-"The People & Their Money," SF Examiner (Jan 1891?)


b-"The aims & future of the Order," PRP (March 1891?)


c-"Farmers' Alliance picnic at Lodi," PRP (3-10-91)


d-"Stirring words for all by President Cannon," PRP (Apr. 1891)


e-"The President's gavel taps," PRP (May 1891)


f-"A cannon of good metal," PRP (May 23, 1891)


g-"President Cannon on the Sub-Treasury Land-Loan Bills," n.s., (May 1891)


h-"The Sub-Treasury Discussion," 1891


i-"On Land-loan bills," PRP (May 30, 1891)


j-"Uncle Sam's cash box & the Alliance A-B-C," PRP (6-6-91)


k-"The President's gavel taps," PRP (10-3-91)


l-"California State FA & IU," PRP (10-27-91)


m-"Circular from the state President," PRP (Nov. 1891)


1.1.3-Farmers' Alliance news from the Pacific Rural Press, 1890-91


a-"National Farmers' Alliance & Industrial Union," (12-90?)


b-"The moral import of the Farmers' Alliance," (12-27-90)


c-"State & District Fairs," (Jan 1891?)


d-"Farmers in Council," (Feb 1891?)


e-"From national organizer Barbee," (Mar 1891)


f-"The Alliance business arm," (Mar 1891)


g-"A little plain talk by G.L. Gilbert," (3-28-91)


h-"Open Alliance at Temescal," (Apr 1891)


i-"Alliance meetings in Solano & Yolo Counties," (5-9-91)


j-"Meeting of Ventura Co. Farmers' Alliance," (7-7-91)


k-"Watsonville Alliance meeting," (9-7-91)


l-"The long roll is beating," (10-1-91)


m-"Alliances," [lists of delegates to State Convention] (10-8-91)


n-"Napa County farmers' convention," (10-17-91)


o-"Alliance Convention at Los Angeles," (10-24-91)


p-"The Annual Session," (10-31-91)


q-"The People's Party," (10-31-91)


1.1.4-Clippings on Populist issues


a-"An honest dollar & Cleveland too," The Virginian (3-19-91)


b-"Do., pt. II," The Virginian (3-26-91)


c-"Free coinage," The Virginian (4-23-91)


d-"Shall we have free coinage?" The Virginian (5-7-91)


e-"Adjourned sine die," n.s. (May 1892?)


f-"The platform," n.s. (1892?)


g-"This is the way the three political parties stand," The Political Economist (1892?)


h-American Bimetallic League. True volume of money at the close of the war (1893?)


i-"The currency," LA Star (8-13-93)


j-"The monometallist creed," Philadelphia Public Ledger (Dec. 1893)


k-"Resolutions passed by the Los Alamos FA & IU," Farmer & Labor Review (Feb. 1894?)


l-"Committed to free silver," SF Examiner (4-30-94?)


m-"Increased wealth of farmers under the Walker Tariff," (1894?)


n-John M. Horner. Public Money, 1899


o-"Gold product," n.s., n.d.


p-"The little table which I have appended...," n.s., n.d.


q-"It is a matter of secondary importance," n.s., n.d.


r-"Rates for money," n.s., n.d.


s-"The fact that the Iowa State Farmers' Alliance has....," n.s., n.d.


1.1.5-Congressional election campaign, 1892


a-Acceptance letter, Salinas, 9-29-92


b-"The Democratic Congressional position in the 6th District," (Oct. 1892)


c-"Harrison Panic" [campaign broadside] (1892 or 93)


d-"Money is not only a national, but an international affair," n.s., n.d. (1892?)


1.1.6-Currency proposals sent to Cannon


a-Robert M. Widney. A National Currency, 1891


b-Do. Our Finances, 1891


c-Do. Gold Standard of Value, 1891


d-Do. A Proposed Substitute for the Sherman Act, 1893


e-William G. Amberg. A Plan for Funding the National Debt...,1894?


f-Mr. Bland. HR 4956: A Bill directing the coinage of the silver bullion held in the Treasury, 1894


g-James B. Murray, Assn. of the Bar, NY. [Analysis of the Free Silver controversy with a solution], n.d.


1.1.7-Cannon's term in the House of Representatives, 1893-95


a-"Cannon's speech at Redondo," Ventura Weekly Democrat (3-23-93)


b-"Congressman Cannon explains," LA Times (Jun 1893?)


c-"The White Metal--Congressman Cannon on," LA Times (7-26-93)


d-"Letters to the Times," [JC Sherer] LA Times (7-27-93)


e-"The gold bugs have made a great parade...," LA Herald (9-1-93)


f-"Now and then there are some very amusing features in American politics," LA Herald (9-6-93)


g-"Letter from Congressman Cannon," Ventura Observer (9-6-93)


h-"Editor Tocsin, Sir:" n.s., (9-16-93)


i-"Difference in treason," LA Herald (Sept. 1893)


j-"Mr. Cannon's excuse," n.s. (Sept. 1893)


k-"Congressman Cannon as a mudslinger," LA Times (Sept. 1893)


l-"Cannon is consistent," Santa Barbara Herald (Sept. 1893)


m-"Cannon went off," LA Examiner (Sept. 1893)


n-"Credit to Cannon," SF Examiner (Sept. 1893)


o-"The vote in detail," n.s. (Sept. 1893)


p-"Principle or expediency?" Ventura Observer (10-18-93)


q-"Representative Cannon believes the measures enacted...,"SF Examiner (Nov. 1893)


r-"The honorable Marion Cannon, whose name has been...," (1893)


s-"Clearing up matters," LA Times (2-11-94?)


t-"How the Democracy treated San Pedro," LA Express (8-15-94)


u-"Marion Cannon's answer," Santa Maria Times, n.d.


v-"Cannon true to his pledge," Modesto News, n.d.


w-"Silver under debate," n.s., n.d.


x-"Congressman Cannon," n.s., n.d.


y-"Sun strokes," The Daily Sun [Colusa Co.?], n.d.


z-"The following letter from a member of the present Congress," Texas Miner (1-8- 95)


1.1.8-Marion Cannon Speeches


a-"Free coinage of silver," 2-25-93 [printed version]


b-"Ten percent tax on State Bank Notes," 6-6-94 [ms. & printed versions]


c-"On Pacific Railroad debts," n.d. [printed version]


1.1.9-Correspondence, 1893-94


a-MC to JC Sherer, 7-17-93 [6 l.]


b-EB Whitney to JS McCue, 8-19-93


c-JS McCue to President Cleveland et al., n.d. [2 l.]


d-JS McCue to MC, 9-14-93 [5 l.]


e-Geo. Campbell, Vallejo to Sen. Stephen M. White, 8-25-93 [10 l.]


f-GC to MC, 9-8-93


g-Henry R. Whitmore to MC, 10-24-93


h-Los Alamos Committee to answer MC response to Bond Resolution, 3-17-94


i-W.D. Hobson to MC, 5-16-94 [7 l.; incl. biogr. of Hobson]


1.1.10-Correspondence in Stephen White Papers [Green Library./Stanford U.] [all corresp. is MC to SW]


a-MC to ___, 11-25-92 [2 l.]


b-2-11 [2 l.]


c-3-1 [2 l.]


d-4-20 [2 l.]


e-5-2 [2 l.]


f-5-4 [4 l.]


g-5-9 [2 l.]


h-5-13 [2 l.]


I-5-27 [1 l.]


j-5-30 [2 l.]




l-6-11 [2 l.]




1.1.11-Clippings after leaving office


a-"The bankrupt Treasury," Equity n.d. [after April 1895] [MC letter to editor]


b-"Free coinage," The Civic Record (May 1895) [MC letter to editor]


c-"The silver question," Ventura Observer (6-4-95) [MC letter to editor]


d-"Ex-Congressman Cannon," SF Examiner[?] (1895?) [interview w/ MC]


1.1.12-Other background materials


a-US Treasury Dept. Stament of the public debt & of the cash in the Treasury of the United States, Oct. 1893 [6 l.]


b-Charles F. Outland. "Dr. Stephen Bowers, [Editor of the Ventura Observer] controversialist," Ventura Hist. Soc. Quarterly 4:1 (Nov. 1958) [9 l.]


1.1.13-Excerpts from Donald E. Walters. "The Populist Party in California, Ph.D. Diss., Stanford U., 1957 pp. 121-70


1.1.14-Philip M. Walker. [Bibliography on Marion Cannon & the Populist Party in California], 1992-93






2.1.1-Campaign biographies


2.1.2-Campaign brochures & newspaper advertising


2.1.3-MRW corresp., 11-49


2.1.4-MRW corresp., 12-49


2.1.5-MRW corresp., 1-50


2.1.6-MRW corresp., 2-50


2.1.7-MRW corresp., 3-50


2.1.8-MRW corresp., 4-50


2.1.9-MRW corresp., 5-50


2.1.10-MRW corresp., 6-50


2.1.11-MRW corresp., 7-50


2.1.12-MRW corresp., 8-50


2.1.13-MRW corresp., 9-50


2.1.14-MRW corresp., 10-50


2.1.15-MRW corresp., 11-50


2.1.16-MRW form letters


2.1.17-Ed Kraus corresp.


2.1.18-Others' corresp. [incl. Bob Andrews, John Pinkerton, Fred Farr]


2.1.19-MRW notes


2.1.20-Campaign photos:


a-MRW portrait [5 x 7 glossy]


b-MRW speaking before microphone [5 x 7 glossy]


c-MRW shaking hands w/ John Walsh [5 x 7 glossy]


d-MRW w/ wife & parents [5 x 7 glossy]


e-MRW w/ man & woman in institutional kitchen [5 x 7 glossy]


f-MRW w/ man & two women in wheel chairs [5 x 7 glossy]


g-MRW outdoors w/ men in wheel chairs [5 x 7 glossy]


h-MRW w/ gavel before microphone [8 x 10 glossy; incl. neg]


i-MRW w/ 2 men & 2 women at County Fair booth [?] [8 x 10 glossy; 2 copies]


j-MRW outdoors w/ taller blond man [8 x 10 glossy]


k-MRW w/ unidentified man in VFW cap


l-unidentified man




2.2.1-MRW Speeches


a-"Another Congressional campaign is drawing to a close..."


b-Do. [draft]


c-"I am happy to have a final opportunity to speak..."


d-Do. [draft]


e-"Good evening, fellow Americans. I am happy to have this last opportunity to talk to you..."


f-"5 Minute Speech Marion R. Walker"


2.2.2-MRW News Releases


a-"San Luis Obispo, Nov. 28--Marion R. Walker, Ventura rancher, was chosen yesterday by the Democratic party leaders..." [2 l.]


b-"It is a distinct honor to be invited by the people of the 11th Congressional District to be the Democratic candidate for Congress"


c-Statement of Policy by Marion R. Walker: Housing; Health Insurance; Water & Conservation; Labor; Agriculture; Pensions; Foreign Policy


d-"Statement by Marion R. Walker on vote of change in the rules of the House of Representatives, Jan. 22, 1950"


e-For release Thursday, March 30 [biogr. stmt.]


f-"My position in regard to foreign policy..."


g-"To Ernest K. Bramblett, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. Since you are now in the area..."


h-Do., 4-13-50 [ink draft]


i-"In answer to a suit filed by John J. Walsh...," 6-2-50 [2 copies]


j-"Congressman E.K. Bramblett's recent statement that Formosa had been "sold out" to the Chinese Communists..."


k-"Walker expresses belief in need for continued foreign aid programs"


l-"Bobby, here is a copy of the telegram to Truman on wage-price ceilings..." 9-22- 50


m-"In a press statement today Marion R. Walker repeated his call for action immediately to halt inflation..." 9-22-50


n-"In what he termed a heart-to-heart talk," New Mexico's beloved senior senator Dennis Chavez told..."


o-"Since Ernest K. Bramblett is now present in the 11th Congressional district campaigning for re-election, I challenge him for the second time to meet me in public debate..."


p-"Congressional candidate Marion R. Walker of Ventura is winding up the last two weeks of the campaign..."


q-"To the teachers of the 11th Congressional District..." 10-25-50


r-"Spots for KVVC Spanish program" [Nov. 1950]


s-"Spots for Marion R. Walker/KVEN" [Nov. 1950]


t-"Spots for Democratic ticket/KVEN" [Nov. 1950?]


2.2.3-Financial Records


2.2.4-Campaign Planning






c-lists of radio stations, newspapers




2.2.5-Press Clippings


2.2.6-Campaign Advertising of Rep. Ernest K. Bramblett


2.2.7-Petitions for MRW candidacy


2.2.8-Sample Ballots and miscellaneous




2.3.1-Rep. Bramblett (R), 11th California, Voting Record of, 1949-50




2.3.3-Foreign Affairs


2.3.4-Health & Welfare






2.3.7-Rivers & Harbors


2.3.8-Platform & Policy






3.1.1-Thesis Drafts & Deletions


a-"Appendix D: Statistical Abstract of Non-White Names Roster" [30 computer-printed pages numbered 324-353]


b--"Appendix D: Roster of Non-Whites in San Joaquin Co., 1900-1925" [44 computer-printed pages numbered 354-398]


3.1.2-Bibliography Draft


3.1.3-Notes on various ethnic groups: Chinese


3.1.4-Notes on various ethnic groups: East Indians


3.1.5-Notes on various ethnic groups: Filipinos


3.1.6-Notes on various ethnic groups: Japanese


3.1.7-Notes on various ethnic groups: Koreans


3.1.8-Notes on various ethnic groups: Mexicans


3.1.9-Notes on various ethnic groups: General or multiple groups


3.1.10-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: Chinese


a-"Chinese potato growers' trust," Central California Record (1-4-13) [3 l.]


b-"Lee Yuen, Court Interpreter, Dead," Stockton Record (3-26-10)


c-Photograph of Chinese on cartload of potatoes from SJ Co. Hist.Museum collection


3.1.11-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: East Indians


a-"Members of the Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society in front of the Temple in Stockton...," Stockton Record (1915)


b-"Hindus will be put in Class I...," Daily Report (4-30-18)


c-Jacoby, Harold. "More Thind against than sinning" [5 l.]


d-LaBrack, Bruce W. "The Sikhs of Northern California: A Socio-historical Study," pp. 98-99, 102-111, 116-17, 120-21, 124-25, 140-43, 162-63, 198-201, 226-27, 234-39


e-Photograph of 2 Sikh laborers from SJ Co Hist. Museum coll.


3.1.12-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: Filipinos


a-"Filipino population San Joaquin County, California," 1925 [2 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


b-Hemminger. "Little Manila," Pacific Historian 24:1,3 (1980)


c-Kim. The Filipino in America, 1898-1974..., pp. 129-30


d-E.D. Merrill, Dean, UC College of Agriculture, to Eliot G. Mears, Stanford U., 3-18- 25 [2 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


3.1.13-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: Japanese


a-Carey. Mountain Men to Astronauts, pp. 78-79 [history of Lodi, Calif.]


b-"Important Japanese landmark for sale" (5-22-78) [Nippon Hospital]


c-Kawakami. Asia at the door, pp. 161-64


d-Ichihashi. The real Japanese question, p. 266


e-Ichikawa. "Cooperative movt. among Japanese farmers in Calif.," pp. i-v, 1-13, 52, 58-68 [original at Hoover Institute]


f-"To educate east on Japanese problem," Willows Daily Journal (2-7-21)


g-Everett Swedenburg. "Policies of segregation in Stockton," 1947 [13 l.]


h-"George Shima denies potato corner," Daily Report (2-25-17)


i-"Ninety-five carloads are stored in south," Daily Report (2-26-17)


j-"Oriental women & children in agriculture," pp. 1-26 [original at Hoover Institute]


k-Mrs. Park. "Visit w/ Mr. George Shima, Potato King of California, July 14, 1924" [4 l.; original at Hoover Institute]


l-Yoshimura. George Shima: Potato King & lover of Chinese classics [67 pp.]


m-"Interview w/ Mr. Uyeda, Secty. Japanese Assn. Stockton (11-24-24)" [2 l.]


n-Naka. "Social & economic conditions among the Japanese farmers of California," pp. 4-20, 37-47, 65-74


o-Excerpts from children's essays in Guy Cook Nisei Collection, MS 33, Holt Atherton Spec. Coll., UOP


p-The other side of infamy


q-Ichihashi. Japanese immigration: Its status in California, pp. 19, 23-24, 29-34


r-"The Literary Digest reproduces this ridiculous libel...," no source


s-"Japanese Association of Stockton," Stockton Evening Mail Special Booster Issue, c1908


t-"The Joe Sunshine Company sold tea, herbs, food, hardware & wine," Lodi Historical Calendar, 1987


u-Photos from books and the San Joaquin Co. Hist. Museum Coll. [Lee Phillips, George Shima; Japanese workers in fields (2 different views); George Shima w/ boat; Sacks of potatoes in field; George Shima at one of his banquets; George Shima's potato exhibit at Stockton Potato Festival]


3.1.14-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: Mexicans


a-Joseph M. Santos. "Poverty & problems of the Mexican immigrant," pp. v-vi, 84- 85, 88-95, 186-201


b-"Interview No. 50. 6-5-18, Dr. Hewitt, one of the leading archeologists of the United States..." [1 l.; original at Hoover Institute]


c-"Investigation of Mexican affairs, Sixty-Sixth Congress, 2d Session, 1919-1920" [5 l.; original at Hoover Institute]


d-"Thesis by F. Bryan/Mexican immigrants in the United States" [2 l.; original at Hoover Institute]


e-"From information service, Saturday, Nov. 1, 1924, Race Relations Number" [1 l.; original at Hoover Institute]


f-Mark Reisler. By the sweat of their brows, pp. 1-95


3.1.15-Photocopies of source materials on various ethnic groups: Miscellaneous


a-Interview w/ Mr. Schwartz re Asian farming in Delta, 12-9-24 [2 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


b-Interview w/ Mr. Wilhoit re Asian farming in Delta, 12-2-24 [4 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


c-Interview w/ C. Grunsky re Asian farming in Delta, 12-19-24 [3 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


d-Interview w/ W. Atherton re Asian farming in Delta, 12-2-24 [2 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


e-Interview w/ Mr. J.M. Bigger of Bigger & Inman Realty, Stkn., re Asian farming in Delta, 12-3-24 [5 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


f-Interview w/ Henry Hansen, Mgr. Geo. Shima's Empire Navigation Co. re Asian farming in Delta, 12-9-24 [2 l.; original in Hoover Institute]


g-Interview w/ G.E. Melone, Melone & Perry Grain Buyers, Stkn., re Asian farming in Delta, 12-12-24 [2 l.: original in Hoover Institute]




3.2.1-"Race relations & specialty crops: A history of San Joaquin County agriculture, 1900-1925" [draft of MA Thesis, CSUS; black vinyl binder]


3.2.2-Non-White Crop & Chattel Mortgages Index notes


3.2.3-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1900 [created by DW]


3.2.4-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1901


3.2.5-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1902


3.2.6-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1903


3.2.7-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1904


3.2.8-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1905


3.2.9-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1906


3.2.10-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1907


3.2.11-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1908


3.2.12-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1909


3.2.13-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1910


3.2.14-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1911


3.2.15-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1912


3.2.16-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1913


3.2.17-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1915


3.2.18-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1916


3.2.19-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1917


3.2.20-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1918


3.2.21-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1919


3.2.22-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1920


3.2.23-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1921


3.2.24-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1922


3.2.25-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1923


3.2.26-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1924


3.2.27-San Joaquin County newspaper index for Non-Whites: 1925


3.2.28-Index to Names & Subjects in James Earl Wood interviews, James Earl Wood Papers, Env. 3, Bancroft Library


3.2.29-Photocopies of San Joaquin County Directory pages listing Non-Whites, 1900, 1913, 1915,1920, 1925, 1927


3.2.30-Stockton street maps showing Asian Ghetto areas, 1908-25




3.3.1-SJ Co weather patterns & effect on agriculture, 1900-25


3.3.2-SJ Co Soils


3.3.3-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Crop generalities


3.3.4-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Almonds


3.3.5-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Asparagus


3.3.6-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Barley


3.3.7-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Beans


3.3.8-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Celery


3.3.9-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Cherries


3.3.10-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Grapes


3.3.11-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Onions


3.3.12-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Peaches


3.3.13-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Potatoes


3.3.14-Notes on miscellaneous crops: Sugar Beets


3.3.15-Photocopies of source materials


a-German. A brief history of the South San Joaquin Irrigation District, [pages unnumbered; 11 l.]


b- "George Shima, `The Potato King of California'" Stockton Evening Mail San Joaquin Valley Development Edition (1911)


c-Thompson. Manteca: Chapters from its history, pp. 129-30, 135- 36, 141-43


d-Thompson. "The Settlement geography of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California," pp. 1, 63-66, 68-72, 74, 76, 78-80, 219, 223-30, 232-37, 301-06, 308, 311-18, 328-32, 334-36, 338-44, 347-49, 351-58, 365-67, 369, 371-73, 375-76, 378-80, 382-88, 394-96, 406-07, 409, 411-13, 415-17, 421-24, 458, 460-65, 477-79, 482-83, 486, 537-50 [bibliography]


e-10th Development Edition of the Byron Times, 1926/27


f- Wm. J. Rogers. "The Delta Story," Stockton Record (July 1951)


g-"Lodi grew rapidly from the start," Lodi Historical Calendar, 1981


h- "When Lodi was the watermelon capital of the world," Lodi Historical Calendar, 1980


i-San Joaquin County Assessor's Office. 1911 Plat Book, T4NR4E, T4NR5E, T4NR6E


j-Fisher. San Joaquin County pp. 13, 15


k- Weir. Soils of San Joaquin County, pp. 1-3