Guide to the Lander Family Papers, 1848-1863

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Guide to the Lander Family Papers, 1848-1863

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Title: Lander Family Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1848-1863
Collection number: Special Collections M102
Creator: Lander Family

Lander, Edward, 1816-1907

Lander, Frederick West, 1822-1862
Extent: 200 items
Repository: Stanford University. Libraries. Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives.
Language: English.

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Deposited December 16, 1954, by Mrs. Lander-West McDonnell.

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Edward Lander (1816-1907) was born in Salem, Mass. and died in Washington, D. C. He graduated from Harvard in 1835 and then studied law. In 1841 he moved to Indiana where he was a prosecuting attorney for eight counties. At the outbreak of the Mexican War he enlisted and raised a company of light infantry which later served with Gen. Taylor's Army. He was honorably discharged in 1848. In 1850 he was appointed to the Indiana Court of Common Appeals. In 1853 he was appointed by President Franklin Pierce to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Washington Territory. In 1857, he declined reappointment and became counsel for the Hudson Bay Company in a case heard before the International Commission at Washington in 1865-70. Henceforth he practiced law in the nation's capitol.
Frederick Lander (1822-1862) was born in Salem and died as a result of wounds received fighting in the Civil War. In 1854 Frederick became Chief Civil Engineer for Gov. Stevens, and explored the headwaters of the Mississippi to Puget Sound to find a pass for the Pacific Railroad.


The papers of Edward Lander consist of a photograph of the bust of Edward; letters from his father and relatives, 1853-1858; miscellaneous legal, military and financial documents; political and military broadsides; printed speeches and poems; and numerous clippings.
The papers of Frederick Lander include six letters to Frederick or by him (two of the letters are by Frederick to Edward). There are a considerable number of clippings relating to Lander's activities in Washington and the Northwest; and the Civil War.
The collection also includes a few items pertaining to a sister Louisa.


Box 1, Folder 1

Frederick W. Lander. Papers


1. 1861. Nov. 10.Northhampton "Father to Edward" Chs. NP TLS. 4pp. with attached. Edward wounded at Cumberland.


2. ND. NP. Photograph. lp. containing two portraits of Lander, a poem by Lander and a poem about him.


3. ND. "Virginia Dare" reprint lp. poem by F.W. Lander.


4. 1854, Mar. 18.Salem. Father to Edward and F.W., Olympia, W.T. ALS 2 1/2 pp. with self cover. Fred. organizing a survey, news of home and Europe.


5. 1857, Jul. 14,S.F. Charles to "Dear Ned" NP. ALS. 3 pp. with self-cover and attached clipping. Mail delivery, Steamer "Constitution", money and politics, [an ambrotype?].


6. 1860. Sept. 19,Glouchester. Father to Edward, Chas. and Fred, S.F. AL. 4pp. with attached clips. Horse fair, European news. ANS by Sarah.


7. 1859. Oct. 1,East Poland, Maine. Father to Edward and Charles. S.F. AL. 4pp with attached clip, Lander's wagonroad completed, steamer "Great Eastern".


8. ND. Envelope to Uncle Fred with 3 photos of General Lander.


9. 1906. Feb. 4.Clippings mounted re: Edward and General Lander.


10. 1853. Nov. 26.Andover Advertiser clipping re: Isaac I. Stevens.


11. 1853. Nov. 2.NP. Clipping discovery of the Northwest Passage by Capt. McClure.


12. 1854. Mar. 18.Clip. F.W. Lander.


13. 1854. Mar. 18Clip re: F.W. Lander


14. ND. Dec. 6.Clip re: South Pass Wagon Road Expedition.


15. ND. June 21.Clip re: Union Forces at Richmond.


16. 1861.2. clips re: Gen. F. Lander's leg wound suffered Oct. 23, 1861, Edward's Ferry.


17. ND. clip. 2pp. interview with F. Lander and wife by N.P. Willis.


18. 1862(early). ND. clip biographical sketch of F. Lander after wound, before death.


19. 1862. Jan. 26."News from the Upper Potomac" clip.


20. 1860. May 26.Clip. "Lander's Explorations Upon the Great Plains."


21. 1859. Nov. 6clippings. Clip re: Republicans.


22. ND. Clip. from Wash. Territory re: difficulties with surveying during the Indian Wars.


23. ND. Oct. 22.Clip. re: Battle of Bull's Bluff.


24. 15 clippings re: General Lander's death and the battle which caused it.


25. ND. 1 clip. The Egyptian Gazette. re: horserace results. On back: "Puritans and postage stamps."


26. ND. I clipping. June 22. "Letter from New Orleans."


27. ND. small notice re: Mrs. J. Pierce [F. Lander's sister].


28. Copy of a legislative bill "To provide for the construction of a Railroad from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean" empowering F.W. Lander to build the railroad.


29. ND. 3 clippings re: The Pacific Railroad.


30. 1856.2 clippings re: "Affairs in Oregon" pertaining to Governor Stevens and his arrest of Judge F.W. Lander.


31. ND. 4 clippings re: the contested will of Mr. Codman.


32. 2 photographs of 4pp. explanation of the Statue of Virginia Dare, sculpted by Miss Louisa Lander.


33. 1 photograph. Louisa Lander's statue of Virginia Dare with a clipping re: Louisa Lander's activities in Rome and her next project.


34. 2 mounted clippings plus address of F.W. Lander. All pertain to the Pacific Wagon Road and the first proposal for the Pacific Railroad.

Box 1, Folder 2

Edward Lander. Letters and Legal Papers.


1. 1854. May 19.Salem. "Father to Edward" Olympia, W.T. ALS. 4pp. With attached clippings re: F.W. Lander.


2. 1858. Sept. 18."Father to Edward" Olympia, ALS. 4pp with note to Charles.


3. 1853. Oct. 19.Salem. "Father to Frederick W. Lander" Olympia, ALS. 4pp.


4. 1853 Dec. 3.Salem. "Father to Frederick W. Lander" Olympia ALS, 2 1/2pp. with self cover


5. 1854. Jan. 4.Salem. Father to F.W.L. (Olympia?) ALS, 4pp. (with attached clippings)


6. 1855. Mar. 20.New York. Father to Edward Lander., Olympia ALS 4pp. with selfcover.


7. 1854. May 4."F" to "E" and "Fred". Olympia. ALS 3 1/2 pp. with attached clipping and selfcover.


8. 1858. May 10.Salem, Father to Sarah and Louisa. NP. ALS. 2pp


9. 1858. Aug. 3.NP. Father to "Ned" NP. ALS. 4pp with ANS from Sarah. Indiana. E.L. to Chas. H. West. ADS. Power of Attorney.


10. 1850. Aug.EL to C.H. West. ADS 2pp. Power of Attorney. With attachments 1852 Oct. 16;and 1854, June.


11. 1848. July EL. ADS 1 1/2pp. Discharge with docket.


12. 1856. May 13.Olympia, W.T. Isaac I Stevens. Priest Broadside declaring martial law lp.


13. 1856. Aug. 2.Olympia. I.I. Stevens lp. ptd. Broadside call for volunteers.


14. 1850. Apr. 12.Note from U.S. Army to F. Lander. Enclosure for Mary Collins, widow. Check or draft for extra duty pay. lp. partially printed.


15. 1853. Aug. 24.Partially ptd. doc. from Dept. of State to Edward Lander. lp. sending 14th vol. of Howard's reports.


16. 1853. Mar. 21.ptd doc. s. Franklin Pierce. lp. appt. of E. Lander as Chief Justice of Washington Territory.


17. 1857. Sept. 25.Edmund Sylvester to E. Lander. Deed to property in Thurston Co., Wash. Terr., partially ptd. doc. with docket. 2pp signed by principals, witnesses and recorders.


18. 1855. Sep. 10Salem (Mass.) Ptd. invitation to Salem Light Infantry 50th Anniversary. Selfcover. hand addressed to C.H. West of San Francisco. 2pp.


19. 1855. Oct. 9.Ptd. song for anniversary noted in #18. lp.


20. 1902. May 24.E. Lander ptd. speech at memorial exercises for Albert Gallatin Riddle. 2pp.


21. 1863. May 29.Democratic Union Convention at Vancouver, W.T.. Resolutions re: the rebellion. Ptd. broadside lp.


22 & 23. ND. Thurston County Democratic Ticket. Ptd. doc. (2 copies) lp.


24. ND. Printed circular from Wm Webster "to Merchants. . ."

Box 1, Folder 3

Edward Lander. Newspapers and clippings


1. 1862. Mar. 6. Salem Register. clip 2pp. Death of Brig. Gen. F.W. Lander.


2. 1933.Clip. lp. Will of F. Lander West filed for probate by Anna L. McDonnell.


3. 1844. Aug. 30.Shelbyville, Ind. The Indiana Sun newspaper, 4pp


4. 1856. Oct. 13. Salem Register. newspaper, with name of Edward Lander handwritten on first page. 2pp


5-7. ND. Three small clippings re: Justice Lander and Gen. Lander.


8. 1860.N.Y. Newspaper. clipping. lp correspondence between F.W. Lander and others re: a duel.


9. 1860. July 17Calif. Newspaper clip. lp. "Lander's Wagon Expedition."


10. 1856. Oct. 4. Salem People's Advocate. newspaper. 2pp ll. Three clips.


12. 1856. Sep. 12.Olympia, W.T. Pioneer and Democrat. newspaper. 2pp


13. 1856. Apr. 28. Salem Register. newspaper. 2pp.


14. & 15. 1853. Dec. 31. Washington Pioneer. newspaper 2pp. 2 copies.


16. (1856?)Olympia, W.T. Pioneer and Democrat. newspaper fragment. 2pp


17-27. 1905-07.Eleven small clippings.


28. ND. NP. Photograph of bust of Judge Lander with two obituary notices.