Inventory of the D. Edmond Hiebert Papers, 1928-1995

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Inventory of the D. Edmond Hiebert Papers, 1928-1995

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Title: D. Edmond Hiebert Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1928-1995
Record Group No: M205
Creator: Hiebert, D. Edmond, 1910-1995
Extent: 19.7 linear ft.
Repository: Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies (Fresno, Calif.).
Fresno, California
Language: English.

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A folder containing evaluations of Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary comprehensive examinations is restricted until the year 2050.

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[Identification of item], D. Edmond Hiebert Papers, M205, Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies, Fresno, Calif.


David Edmond Hiebert was born 27 July 1910 near Corn, Oklahoma. He later moved with his family to Kansas, where he lived in Hillsboro and Ingalls. He was baptized and became a member of the Ingalls Mennonite Brethren Church in 1925. After completing high school in Ingalls, Hiebert enrolled at Tabor College (Hillsboro, Kan.) in 1929. When Tabor temporarily closed due to financial difficulties in 1931, Hiebert transferred to John Fletcher College in Oskaloosa, Iowa. A neck injury forced him to postpone his education for a few years, and he graduated from John Fletcher College in 1935. While taking time out from his studies, Hiebert was asked to serve as a temporary minister for the Ingalls (Kan.) Baptist Church. The church eventually asked him to become their permanent pastor, which required him to transfer his membership from the Mennonite Brethren Church to the Baptist Church. He served as pastor there from 1933 to 1935. Hiebert continued to participate in the Ingalls Mennonite Brethren Church after joining the Baptists, teaching a Bible class there on Sunday afternoons and occasionally delivering the Sunday evening message. In 1936 Hiebert and his new wife, Ruth Kopper, moved from Ingalls to Louisville, Kentucky, where he enrolled at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Hiebert received his Th.M. from that school in 1939 and his Th.D. from there in 1942. His dissertation was entitled, "Teaching Christian Doctrine in the Church-Related College." While in graduate school, Hiebert served as a part-time pastor of Baptist churches in Vevay, Indiana, and Garnetsville, Kentucky. He also taught religious education at Simmons University in Louisville from 1939 to 1942. Upon completion of his doctoral studies, Hiebert returned to Hillsboro, Kansas, where had been appointed Professor of New Testament at Tabor College. Soon thereafter the Hieberts rejoined the Mennonite Brethren Church. Hiebert contracted undulant fever in 1944, from which he nearly died. Several months after his apparent recovery, it became evident that he was losing his hearing, and by 1946 Hiebert was completely deaf. Following a recurrence of his illness, Hiebert resumed teaching at Tabor in fall of 1947. In 1955 Hiebert joined the faculty of the newly-established Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary in Fresno, California. He served as a professor of New Testament there from 1955 to 1975. In 1975 he was named Professor Emeritus at MBBS, and continued to teach on a part-time basis there until 1985. Despite his deafness, Hiebert was a successful and respected lecturer in New Testament studies during his long career at Tabor and MBBS. A special issue of the journal Direction (October 1974) was published in his honor shortly before he retired from full-time teaching. Despite his great contributions in the classroom, Hiebert's most significant legacy was his writing. His first book, Working By Prayer, was published by the Mennonite Brethren Publishing House in 1953. Hiebert was, however, best known for his commentaries on the New Testament. His first such book, An Introduction to the Pauline Epistles, was published by Moody Press in 1954. Over the next four decades Hiebert published seventeen books, most of them studies of New Testament books and topics. Several of these books were subsequently reissued or translated into Spanish. Hiebert also wrote many articles for periodicals such as The Christian Leader, The Defender, The Journal of Church & Society, Bibliotheca Sacra, and Direction. D. Edmond Hiebert continued to write until almost the end of his life. He suffered a heart attack in October 1994, and died in Fresno on 30 January 1995. The funeral took place on February 3 in the Butler Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church, where Hiebert and his wife had been members since 1957.

Scope and Content

This record group includes general biographical information on D. Edmond Hiebert and the Hiebert family, 1942-1995; student materials created by Hiebert, 1928-1948; correspondence, ca. 1946-1995; course syllabi, notes and exams from classes taught by Hiebert, 1942-1985; public presentation notes and manuscripts, ca. 1943-1985; publications, manuscripts for publication, and other material related to publications, 1933-1994; Sunday school lesson outlines, 1950-1973; undated outlines of New Testament books; mostly undated collections of poetry; undated biblical text study material clipping files; undated biblical text illustration clipping files; mostly undated topical clipping files; and a sermon manuscript collection for Butler Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church, 1958-1966, 1979-1994.

Container List


Series I. General information

Box 1

Biographical material, 1948-1989


Vitae, ca. 1975-1980


Faculty personnel data, 1951-1955


Commencement program, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1942


List of books read, 1954-1994


Presentation from General Conference of MB Churches, 1972


Tabor College Merit Award, 1982


Correspondence re: donation to Hiebert Library, 1984- 1994


Seminary chair endowment, 1986


Funeral items, 1995


Information on Hiebert family, ca. 1963-1989


Series II. Student materials

Box 1

First sermons, 1928-1929


Student papers (high school)


"The History of Gray County," 1929


"Tobacco and its Seductive Wiles,"


Sermon notes taken by Hiebert


Tabor College Bible Normal, 1930


Mennonite Brethren preachers, ca. 1931-1934


Other preachers, ca. 1931-1934


John Fletcher College, 1931-1935


Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, ca. 1936- 1939


Class notes


Greek Exegesis, I Timothy


New Testament Greek Seminary, Galatians, 1939- 1940


Church Efficiency


Student papers (college & graduate school)


"The Literature of the Bible," 1935


"The Book of Acts," 1935


Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1937-1939


Th.M. thesis: "The Place and Results of Bible Study Among Baptist College Students," 1940


Christian Writer's Institute material, 1948


Series III. Correspondence, ca. 1946-1995


Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Individual files are available for the following correspondents and topics:
Box 1

Alfier, Jeff C., 1984-1989

Box 2

Basile, Joseph, 1989-1995


Bibliotheca Sacra, 1945, 1975-1994


Bob Jones University Press, 1979, 1986-1994


Brethren Missionary Herald Company, 1994-1994


California Theological Seminary, 1985-1986


Campus Crusade for Christ, 1973-1974


Carlton Press, 1985-1989


Christian Aid Mission, 1987-1989


Christian Communications, Inc. (Hart Armstrong), 1990- 1995


Christian Destiny, Inc., 1984-1993


The Christian Leader, 1973-1981


Committee on Bible Translation (New International Version), 1968- 1980


Dick, Henry H., 1960, 1973


Expositor's Bible Commentary, 1971-1977


Frembling, Bob (Biola College), 1978-1983


Funk, Betty & Louise Oppel, 1981-1991


Gospel Projects, Inc., 1962-1984


Hiebert, Waldo, 1945-1955

Box 3

Kasdorf, Hans, 1983-1995


Lockman Foundation, 1986-1990


Martens, Elmer, 1967-1993


Martens, Larry, 1987-1992


Mart¡nez, Juan, 1991-1993


Mennonite Brethren Publishing House, 1962-1969


Mexican Mission Ministries, Inc., 1959-1994


Moody Bible Institute, 1971-1975


Moody Press, 1956-1994


Moran, Ed, 1976-1994


Patton, Jack & Lynette, 1993-1994


Penman, Kevin, 1978-1983


Peters, G. W., 1945-1987


Rake, Tim, 1985-1989


Reimer, Roland, 1968-1994


Sale of personal library, 1989-1993


Suller, Derek John, 1972-1994

Box 4

Taiwo, Moses O., 1992-1994


Talbert, Layton, 1989-1994


Toews, J. B., 1962-1972


Universal Week of Prayer, 1961-1975


Walterick Publishers, 1981-1985


White, Gene, 1975-1986


Wiebe, Gary, 1987-1994


Wong, Willy, 1963-1985


Zeller, George, 1975-1994


Zondervan Publishing House, 1949-1994


Zuber, Michael, 1991-1993


personal notes received


Series IV. Course material

Box 4

List of classes taught, 1955-1985


Class rolls


Tabor College, 1942-1955


Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, 1955- 1985


Old Testament Literature, ca. 1967-1978


Wisdom Literature


Biblical Backgrounds, ca. 1950


New Testament Backgrounds, ca. 1968-1975


New Testament Survey (Colorado State University), 1974


New Testament Literature, ca. 1962-1966


Gospels/Synoptic Gospels, ca. 1951-1978


Life of Jesus/Life of Christ, ca. 1945-1965


Acts of the Apostles/Apostolic Age, ca. 1954-1968


Letters of Paul, ca. 1949-1968


Romans, ca. 1963-1982


Romans & Galatians, ca. 1968-1972


Corinthian Epistles, ca. 1968-1969


Prison Epistles, ca. 1967-1975


Pastoral Epistles, ca. 1970-1981


Hebrews, ca. 1967-1978


Hebrews, James & Jude, ca. 1967-1981

Box 5

James, ca. 1972-1976


Petrine Epistles, ca. 1971-1972


General Epistles, ca. 1952-1985


Revelation, ca. 1973-1974


Textual Criticism, ca. 1968-1976


Greek I, ca. 1943-1966


Greek II/Advanced Koine Greek, ca. 1943-1975


New Testament Exegesis, ca. 1954-1975


Advanced Greek Exegesis, ca. 1971-1975


Religious Education, ca. 1939-1943


Introduction to Theology, 1971


Biblical Basis of Missions, 1977


Comprehensive Exam questions, MB Biblical Seminary, 1969- 1974


Comprehensive Exam evaluations, MB Biblical Seminary, ca. 1970- 1977


Series V. Public Presentations

Box 5

Commencement addresses, MB Biblical Seminary, 1975- 1985


Bible Conference lectures, ca. 1943-1946


"The Husband of One Wife" (Butler Avenue MB Church), 1981


"Parables of Jesus" (Bethany MB Church), 1984


"Why and How Does God Want Us to Intercede (MBBS Chapel), 1991


Presentations to MBBS faculty and students, 1963- 1964


Wedding and funeral ceremonies, 1985


Sermon notebook


Study Conference presentations, Mennonite Brethren




Series VI. Publications and manuscripts

Box 5

Bibliographies of Hiebert's writings, ca. 1944-1994


"Who Will Be Taken at the Rapture?," ca. 1932-1933


"Der Rechte Weg," 1933


"Baptists in 1975," 1939


"The Vacation Bible School A Church Agency," 1944


"The Prayer of Jabez," 1947-1948


"Prayer-sent Laborers," 1947-1948


"The Church of Jesus Christ," 1948


"The Divine Astonishment," 1948-1949


"Enoch: A Unique Life," 1948-1949


"What Have They Seen in Thine House?," 1948, 1970


"The Pastor and His Study," 1949


"The Christian Worker as a Bible Student," 1949


"Prayer-sent Laborers" (revised), 1949-1950


"God's Unspeakable Gift," 1949-1954


"The Divine Conditions for Revival," 1950


"In Everything Give Thanks," 1950


"The Holy Spirit and Missions in the Acts," 1950-1951


"Working By Prayer," 1950-1951


"Tracts in the Ministry of the Church," 1951


"The Two Sides of Prayer," 1951


"The Need for a Christ-centered Teacher," 1951


"The Prayer Ministry of the Church," 1951


"Growing in Grace," 1951


"The Search for Security," 1951, 1962


"God's Creative Masterpiece," 1952


"The Fate of Adoni-bezek," 1952-1953


"Spiritual Empowerment," 1953-1954


"A Symphony of Praise," 1953-1954


"The Place of Music in the Scriptures," 1954


"The Scofield Bible: Merit or Demerit?," 1954


"Some Consequences of Christ's Resurrection," 1954


"The Story of an Obscure Martyr," 1954


"As I See It," 1954


"Qualifications and Functions of Deacons," 1954


"The Tragedy of Prayerlessness," 1955, 1968


"Lightening the Burden," 1957


"The Brazen Serpent," 1957


"The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Believer's Steadfastness," 1958


"The Teaching Function of the Church," 1958


"If There Is No Resurrection," 1958, 1971


"In the World But Not of It," 1959

Box 6

New Pictorial Bible Dictionary


Correspondence, 1959-1963


Articles, ca. 1959-1963


"The Development of Conference-sponsored Schools in the MB Church," 1960


"The Assurance of Salvation," 1960


"Pressing On: Philippians 3:13-14," 1960-1961


"The Holy Spirit in Teaching," 1962


"The Grace of God," 1962


"Glimpses of Bible Lands," 1963


Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia, 1963-1964


"Study-Graph: The Pauline Epistles," 1964


"Christian Literature and Missions," 1964-1967


"Enlargement: A Scriptural Imperative," 1965


Reader's Scriptural Guide, 1965-1967


Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible


Correspondence, 1966-1970


Articles, ca. 1966-1970


"What is a Christian?," 1967


Word Bible Commentary, 1967-1971


"The Futility of Worry," 1969


"Concluding Exhortations: II Peter 3:14-18," 1969


ACT translation project


James & Jude, 1969, 1971


I-II Timothy, 1971


I-II Peter, 1970-1971


"Bible Translations: Which is the Best One?," 1972


"The Woman's Role in the Church," 1972-1973


"Church Renewal in the New Testament Perspective," 1973


"How I Write a Book," 1973


Personalities Around Paul (reviews and correspondence), 1973- 1974


Mark: A Portrait of a Servant (review), 1974


"Love's Widening Horizons," 1975


"Personal Reflections on Twenty Years of M.B. Theological Education," 1975


"Life: John 11:25," 1975


"Pauline Images of a Christian Leader," 1975-1976


"Window on the Bible" (Series in The Christian Leader), 1975- 1981


"The Epistle of James: Tests of a Living Faith," 1976


"Behind the Word 'Deacon': A New Testament Study," 1976- 1983


"The Rewards of Seminary Teaching," 1977


"The Worldliness of Self-Serving Oaths," 1977


"The Unifying Theme of the Epistle of James," 1978


Series on I John (The Christian Leader), 1979


The Epistle of James: Tests of a Living Faith (correspondence), 1979


NIV Study Bible (notes on Titus), 1979-1981


"Designations of the Readers in I Peter 1:1-12," 1980


"Peter's Thanksgiving for Our Salvation: An Exegetical Study of I Peter 1:3-12," 1980


"Following Jesus," 1981


"Selected Studies From I Peter," 1982


"Whatever Happened to the Twelve Apostles?," 1984


"Selected Studies From II Peter," 1984


"Selected Studies From Jude," 1985


NAS Study Bible project (I Peter), 1986


"First Corinthians 15:20-28: Resurrection and Eschatology," 1988- 1989


"Romans 8:28-29: A Crucial Christian Message," 1991


"God's Creative Masterpiece," 1993

Box 7

"The Living Word in Life," 1994


"Biblical Exposition"


"Jesus the Master Teacher"


"The Twofold Witness"


"God's Plan of Salvation"


"The Experience of Salvation as Viewed from the Standpoint of Conversion and Regeneration"


"Books That Have Shaped My Life and Thought"


Notes on Jude (for commentary)


Commentary on Jude


Revisions for Commentary on Mark


"Working With God: Scriptural Studies in Intercession"


Biographical sketches of persons associated with the Apostle Paul


"Prayer: Working With God"


"Learning to Pray from Daniel"


"The Epistles of John: An Expositional Commentary"


"Presentation and Transformation"


"An Exposition of III John"


"Matthew 28:16-20: An Expository Study"


"An Introduction to I Peter"


"Introduction to the Second Epistle of Peter"


Devotional manuscripts


Annotations on the book of Acts


Ideas for articles


Book reviews


List of books received for reviews, 1966-1972


Reviews submitted to BCL Newsletter, ca. 1974-1982


Reviews submitted The Christian Leader,


Reviews submitted to Mennonite Brethren Herald, 1969- 1971


Reviews published in Grace Journal, 1969-1973


Bibliographic note cards with brief reviews


Series VIII. Sunday school lesson outlines

Box 8

Sunday school lesson outlines, 1950-1965

Box 9

Sunday school lesson outlines, 1965-1973


Series IX. Outlines of New Testament books


Series X. Poetry collections

Box 10

"Practical Pearls for Meditative Moments"


"131 Poems on Prayer"


"Wayside Wells for the Tested and Tried"


"Him Whom My Soul Loveth," 1972


Poetical Pearls for Daily Devotion"


"The Christian in the Face of Death"


"Comforted by God"


"Timely Testimonies"


"Prayer Portals"


"The Precious Book: The Bible in Scripture and Song"


"Precious Promises for the Pilgrim Path"


"Maranatha Bells: The Blessed Hope in Scripture and Poetry," ca. 1977- 1982


Poems on prayer and intercession


Poems on prayer


"Collected Poems" (2 notebooks)


Miscellaneous collections of poetry


Series XII. Biblical text study materials

Box 11


Box 12



Series XIII. Biblical text illustration files

Box 12

Old Testament

Box 13

New Testament


Series XIV. Topical files (undated unless otherwise noted)

Box 13







Alcoholism, Christian attitude toward


Alcoholism, effects of


Alcoholism, liquor business, prohibition/temperance


Amusements, Christian views of




Anabaptist lectures by Victor Adrian, 1980


Angeles, cherubim, seraphim








Apostasy, methods of


Apostasy, fact of


Apostasy, reactions to


Archaeology, Biblical




Atomic bomb/hydrogen bomb


Baptism, doctrine of


Baptism, infant


Believers, characteristics of


Believers, names of: Christian


Believers, two natures of


Bible, bibliography for Bible study


Bible, authority of


Bible, books of, analysis


Bible, canon (textual criticism)


Bible, criticism of


Bible, history of


Bible, inspiration of


Bible, language of


Bible, manuscripts


Bible, symbols of


Bible reading


Bible study


Bible translations


Bible translations: The New English Bible


Bible translations: Revised Standard Version


Bible translations: New International Version


Bible, uniqueness of


Bible versions, classification


Bible, versions


Bible characters










Aquilla and Priscilla






Cain (and wife of)










James and John




John the Baptist










Mary, mother of Jesus











Box 14

Bible conferences


Bible and men, influences


Bibles, famous


Biblical backgrounds (Frank McCoy Fields)


Biography: A-Z


Blood and life


Body (human)




Campus Crusade




Capital punishment


Charts of the Ages


Charts, other


Child training


Christian life, condition of


Christian life, conditions presence of God


Christian life, growth in


Christian life, nature of


Christian life, principles of (conduct)


Christian life victorious


Christian worker




Christianity vs. religion




Christmas stories


Church, discipline


Church, doctrine of the


Church, function (work) of


Church, local


Church ordinances


Church attendance


Church councils


Church officers deacons


Church, perversions (failures) of


Church, prophetic future


Church support


Comfort, Christian










Conversion, doctrine of





Box 15

Creation lectures by Allen Guenther




Crime, U.S.




general or several


Herbert W. Armstrong




British Israelism




Christian Science




New Thought


People's Temple (Jim Jones)








Seventh-day Adventism




Transcendental Meditation


Unification Church


Unity School of Christianity


Dead Sea Scrolls


Death and after


Demon possession


Denominations, Mennonite Brethren












Dress appearance


Drug addiction






Education, Christian higher


Election (theology)


Eternal security




Ethics, situation


Evangelical Theological Society




Evangelism, Conference on (February 5-6, 1964)


Evangelism, mass


Evangelism, results of


Evangelism, theory of




False doctrines


Family home


Family husband and wife


Family mother


Family parents


Family altar






Filing system











Box 16

God, attributes of


"God is Dead" Theology


God Fatherhood


God Trinity


Healing, divine Bible on


Healing, divine errors on








Holy Spirit


Holy Spirit, work of Baptism




Hymn stories




Intermediate state


International Council on Biblical Innerancy




Israel, state of




Jesus Christ ascension of


Jesus Christ atonement


Jesus Christ birth


Jesus Christ blood of


Jesus Christ burial


Jesus Christ crucifixion


Jesus Christ death/cross


Jesus Christ deity of


Jesus Christ genealogy of


Jesus Christ incarnation


Jesus Christ Jewish feasts and


Jesus Christ Lordship of


Jesus Christ Messiahship


Jesus Christ names of


Jesus Christ priesthood of


Jesus Christ prophecies about


Jesus Christ resurrection of


Jesus Christ suffering


Jesus Christ teachings


Jesus Christ temptation


Jesus Christ transfiguration of


Jesus Christ trial of


Jesus Christ triumphal entry


Jesus Christ uniqueness of


Jesus Christ Jewish birth of


Jesus Christ words on cross


Jesus Christ and man


Jews, the


Joy, Christian


Judgment seat of God






Law and grace


Leprosy modern


Lodge, the


Lord's Supper, the


Love human


Man nature of






Mennonites coming to America


Mennonites views of


Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary Alumni


Mercy killing


Millennialism a






Minister, the


Miracles biblical


Missionary, call of


Missionary, message of


Missionary, preparation and qualification


Missionary, principles and methods of


Missionary societies

Box 17

Missions, challenge of


Missions, rescue


Modernism, evaluations of


Modernism, nature of


Modernism, recognition of


Modernism vs. Christianity






Neo-Orthodoxy (Barthianism)


Neo-Orthodoxy myth


New Birth


New Year sermons


Nonresistance & pacifism






Ordination meaning




Palestine, prophecy on


Pastoral office




Peace symbols


Prayer, conditions for


Prayer, intercessory


Prayer, intercessory illustrations


Prayer, nature of


Prayer, private


Prayer, results of


Prayer and revival


Prayer meetings


Prayer quotations (maxims and poems)


Prayer, School of notes (Curtis C. Mitchell), 1978




Printed page books


Printed page missions


Printed page tracts


Probation after death


Prophecy, biblical


Prophecy, fulfillment of


Prophets, false


Quiet time


Quotes Old Testament in the New Testament


Radio broadcasters




Resurrection, human


Revival, conditions for


Revival, history of


Revival, nature of




Roman Catholicism activities & work


Roman Catholicism history


Roman Catholicism impact


Roman Catholicism teaching general


Roman Catholicism teaching authority


Roman Catholicism teaching Bible


Roman Catholicism teaching images


Roman Catholicism teaching Mass


Roman Catholicism teaching Papal infallibility


Roman Catholicism teaching Purgatory


Roman Catholicism Virgin Mary


Roman Catholics, evangelization of


Roman Empire


Salvation, assurance of


Salvation, appropriation of


Salvation, household


Salvation, infant


Salvation, plan of


Salvation, ways of


Sanctification (holiness)


Science and faith


Second coming Antichrist


Second coming attitudes toward


Second coming Rapture


Second coming signs of


Sects Bullingerism


Sects Church of God (7th-day)


Sects Churches of God (Plymouth Brethren)


Sects Pentecostalism

Box 18



Sermons, radio




Sin, nature of


Sin, the unpardonable


Sins covetousness


Sins envy


Sins swearing


Sins unthankfulness


Sins worldliness


Social Gospel/social concern




Social usage (etiquette)


Soul winning


Speech, evil


Speech, importance of


Spiritual gifts


State, the










Sunday schools


Sunday observance (activities)


Sunday vs. Sabbath




Thanksgiving (praise)


Thanksgiving Day


Theology Covenant (lectures by Grace Bible College professors), 1978- 1979








Tithing storehouse




Tongues, speaking in




Trinity Foundations, papers from the




United States, prophecy and the




Valentine's Day


Virtues, Christian






Will of God, guidance in the


Wine and the Bible


Witness, Christian


Women and the church sphere


Work, Christian




Worship, nature of


Youth organization Tabor College


Youth, perils of


Series XV. Sermons preached at Butler Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church Sermons, 1958-1960

Box 19

Sermons, 1961-1966, 1979-1991

Box 20

Sermons, 1992-1994