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Guide to the David Dodd Grateful Dead Collection

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Descriptive Summary

Title: David Dodd Grateful Dead Collection
Date: 1960-1998
Collection number: MS 52
Creator: Dodd, David
Extent: 7 document boxes, 1 flat
Repository: University of California, Santa Cruz. University Library. Special Collections and Archives
Santa Cruz, California 95064
Abstract: This collection contains source material on the Grateful Dead music group, and their followers and fans, called Deadheads.
Physical location: Stored at Special Collections, McHenry Library. Advance notice is required for access to the papers.
Language: English.

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Collection is open for research.

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Property rights reside with the University of California. Literary rights are retained by the creators of the records and their heirs. For permission to publish or to reproduce the material, please contact the Head of Special Collections and Archives.

Preferred Citation

David Dodd Grateful Dead Collection. MS 52. Special Collections and Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Acquisition Information

Gift of David Dodd in 1997.

Biographical History

The David Dodd Grateful Dead collection consists of original and photocopied printed source material about the Grateful Dead musical group and their followers and fans, the Deadheads. Much of the material corresponds to listings in The Grateful Dead and the Deadheads: An Annotated Bibliography, written by David Dodd with Robert G. Weiner, and published by Greenwood Press in 1997 (Music Reference Collection, No. 60). David Dodd is also the author of The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics: a Web Site.
The Grateful Dead were the longest living "acid" band to come out of San Francisco's psychedelic era. Even after more than 30 years of touring, playing, recording and partying, the "boys" still enticed thousands of fans the world over to venture out to catch a show time and time again.

- The Grateful Dead Biography. Rolling Stone, 2001 -

Scope and Content of Collection

Items in the David Dodd Grateful Dead collection were selected by the donor and given to the University Library in October of 1997. The archive includes journals, articles and newsletters, theses, papers and reports, concert flyers, tourbooks and catalogs.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.


Grateful Dead (Musical group)--Archives
Deadheads (Musical fans)

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Dodd, David G., 1957-

Related Material

  • The Grateful Dead and the Deadheads: An Annotated Bibliography, by David G. Dodd and Robert G. Weiner. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press,
    Date: 1997.
    ML134.5.G73 D6 1997
  • Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics: A Web Site: 
  • Lieberman, Fredric. Field Work Among the Dead: Portrait of a Marin Rock Band; producer-director, Brian Duggan. [Santa Cruz, Calif.] : Presentations Unit, Media Services, The University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz,
    Date: 1991
    . 1 videocassette (156 min.), call number VT1659. Available at McHenry Library's Media Center.

Collection Contents


Series 1 Correspondence & Articles, 1967-1998

Physical Description: Boxes 1-2

Scope and Content Note

This series contains a small amount of correspondence to David Dodd. The bulk consists of articles collected from magazines, newspapers, books and reviews.


The articles are arranged alphabetically by the source.
Box-folder 1:1

Correspondance (Interlibrary Loan Requests)

Box-folder 1:2


Box-folder 1:3


Box-folder 1:4

Billboard, 1967-1998

Box-folder 1:5


Box-folder 1:6


Box-folder 1:7


Box-folder 1:8


Box-folder 1:9


Box-folder 1:10

Melody Maker, 1977-1989

Box-folder 2:1


Box-folder 2:2

New York Times, 1971-1996

Box-folder 2:3


Box-folder 2:4


Box-folder 2:5


Box-folder 2:6

Variety, 1969-1995

Box-folder 2:7


Box-folder 2:8

Lexis/Nexis database list, 1983-1985

Box-folder 2:9

Unknown Sources


Series 2 Annotated Grateful Dead Bibliography & Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics Material ca. 1996

Physical Description: Boxes 3-4

Scope and Content Note

The second series consists of bibliography drafts and notes, as well as background notes for the Grateful Dead Lyrics Website designed by David Dodd.


The material is arranged according to dates assigned by the author (Dodd).
Box-folder 3:1

The Grateful Dead: An Annotated Bibliography [Draft], [Annotated] April 3, 1996

Box-folder 3:2

The Grateful Dead: An Annotated Bibliography [Further Festival Draft], [Annotated] July 12, 1996

Box-folder 3:3

The Grateful Dead and the Deadheads: An Annotated Bibliography, (Draft For Review Only) November 18, 1996

Box-folder 4:1

Notes on Bibliography

Box-folder 4:2

Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics: A Web Site [print copy]

Box-folder 4:3

Background Notes for Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics: A Web Site: 


Series 3 Papers and Essays 1990-1998

Physical Description: Box 5:1-14

Scope and Content Note

The third series contains essays and papers focusing on Grateful Dead or the Deadhead phenomenon. Bulk of the material dates to 1995-1998.


The material is arranged alphabetically by author's last name.
Box-folder 5:1

Allen, Stephen. "Across the Lazy River"

Box-folder 5:2

Bawcom, Charles Jay. "Songs of Our Own: Romanticism and the Grateful Dead"

Box-folder 5:3

Boone, Graeme M. "Mirror Shatters: Tonal and Expressive Ambiguity in 'Dark Star", Analyzing Rock Music, Pre-Publication Version

Box-folder 5:4

Cole, Chris. "Dead on the Wall: Grateful Dead and Deadhead Iconography from 30 Years on the Bus", Huntington Beach Art Center Gallery 3 exhibit , June 29 - September 1, 1996

Box-folder 5:5

Davis, Seth. "Group Improvisation & Composition in the Grateful Dead Music", Southwest/Texas/Popular Culture/American Culture Conference , January 29-31, 1998

Box-folder 5:6

Dollar, Natalie J. "Now That the Singer's Gone, Where Will We Go For the Song?", Southwestern/Texas Popular/American Culture Association , January 30, 1998

Box-folder 5:7

Ganter, Granville. "Grateful Dead and the Sound of Enthusiasm" , January 30, 1998

Box-folder 5:8

Goodenough, Mary. "The Grateful Dead Experience: A Rite of Passage in Modern Society" , 1998

Box-folder 5:9

Holt, Joseph. "The Ripple Effect"

Box-folder 5:10

Hunter, Robert. "The Giant's Harp" , 1996

Box-folder 5:11

Lane, Philip J. "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been" : The Grateful Dead, the Deadheads, and the Refiguration of Subculture", Western Speech Communication Assoc.: Sacramento, CA (selected pages only) , February 18-17, 1990

Box-folder 5:12

Noe, Jason Robert. "Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Grateful Dead: the Evolution of the Psychedelic Avant-Garde". Ames, IA: Iowa State University [Master's Thesis, no title page] , 1996

Box-folder 5:13

O'Donnell, Shaugn. "Space, Motion and Other Musical Metaphors", Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association , January 30, 1998

Box-folder 5:14

Slabicky, Ihor. The Compleat Grateful Dead Discography, 11th revision 1993


Series 4 Newsletters, 1982-1997

Physical Description: Box 5:15-5:24

Scope and Content Note

The fourth series consists of band newsletters that are devoted to reporting on and following the band.


The material is arranged alphabetically.
Box-folder 5:15

Archives Network

Box-folder 5:15

Fall Number, 1982

Box-folder 5:15

XMAS Number, 1982

Box-folder 5:15

The Archives: The Newsletter of the Archives

Box-folder 5:15

v.6:1 Fall 1984

Box-folder 5:15


Box-folder 5:15


Box-folder 5:15

v.11:1 May 1988

Box-folder 5:15

v.11:2 Sep. 1988

Box-folder 5:15

The Dead by Hank Harrison [Archives Newsletter #4]

Box-folder 5:16

Awesome Comics: The Official Comic Book of the Deadheads [photocopy]

Box-folder 5:17

Deadheads Japan News Letter

Box-folder 5:17

no.5 Feb. 1995

Box-folder 5:17

2nd ed. Nov. 1993

Box-folder 5:18

Deadheads Unite Newsletter, 1990

Box-folder 5:19

Dedletter: The Tape Collectors Newsletter, v.1:1 Mar. 1978

Box-folder 5:20

The Golden Owl, v.1:3 [1991]

Box-folder 5:21

Ripple, Dead, v.1 Dec. 2, 1989

Box-folder 5:22

Sunshine Roses, concert flyers, 1983-1987

Box-folder 5:22

Marin, Halloween Special, no. 1:1-2 1983

Box-folder 5:22

Christmas Special, Merry Christmas and Shake It,Shake It Sugaree! no. 1:3-4 1983

Box-folder 5:22

Keep On Dancin'! no. 2 1984

Box-folder 5:22

Marin Civic Center Mar. 28-Apr. 1, 1984

Box-folder 5:22

China Cat Into Th' New Year 1984

Box-folder 5:22

Cal Expo Special, King Solomon's Marbles Jun. 9-10, 1984

Box-folder 5:22

Christmas/New Year's, When the Drum Solo Comes 1984

Box-folder 5:22

Chinese New Year, Mr. Myke and Cosmic Chimpout 1985

Box-folder 5:22

Berkeley Community Theatre, The Dead Okays Voluntary, Prayer at Shows, Thinking Weird Thinks, Mar. 9-10, 12-13, 1985

Box-folder 5:22

Frost Amphitheatre, Apr. 27-28, 1985

Box-folder 5:22

Lost Sailor

Box-folder 5:22

Record Time

Box-folder 5:22

Boreal Ridge, "They Love Each Other" with Dancing Bears. "Uncle Dires Mountaineering Tips.", 1985

Box-folder 5:22

H.J. Kaiser Convention Center, Sep. 1985

Box-folder 5:22

Who's Got My Deadhead?

Box-folder 5:22

China Cat and His Friends

Box-folder 5:22

It's New Year, 1985-86

Box-folder 5:22

Ain't Superstitious

Box-folder 5:22

Frost Amphitheater Shows, 1986

Box-folder 5:22

Look Out for Rainbo

Box-folder 5:22

High At the Frost

Box-folder 5:22

Henry J. Kaiser Auditorum, 1987

Box-folder 5:22

New Years!

Box-folder 5:22

Friends, A Toast

Box-folder 5:23

Catalogs (6)

Box-folder 5:23

KEY-Z Productions, Eugene, OR, 1997

Box-folder 5:23

Author Autographed Grateful Dead Books, 1997

Box-folder 5:23

Hulogosi Catalogue, Eugene, OR

Box-folder 5:23

Dead Art 1984, San Francisco, CA, 1984

Box-folder 5:23

Club Dead, 1996

Box-folder 5:23

ArtRock Gallery, no.29

Box-folder 5:24

Miscellaneous material: album release and air play announcements, band updates, sketches for movie animation, Grateful Dead Sound System for Hollywood Bowl, History of the Diga Rhythm Band, etc.


Series 5 Magazines & Newspapers 1972-1998

Physical Description: Boxes 6-8

Scope and Content Note

The fifth series holds a collection of more widely distributed magazine and newspaper issues focusing on, or citing Grateful Dead. Bulk of the material dates to 1995-1998.


The material is arranged first by format and then alphabetically; magazines and newspapers by title.
Box-folder 6:1

Acoustic Guitar, no. 32 Aug. 1995

Box-folder 6:2

Acoustic News Issue, no.5 Summer 1996

Box-folder 6:3

American Libraries, v.27:8 Sep. 1996

Box-folder 6:4

BAM Issue

Box-folder 6:4

No. 466 Aug. 25, 1995

Box-folder 6:4

No. 474 Dec. 15, 1995

Box-folder 6:5

Entertainment Weekly

Box-folder 6:5

Special Commorative Issue Aug 1995

Box-folder 6:5

No. 348 Oct. 11, 1996

Box-folder 6:5

No. 353 Nov. 15, 1996

Box-folder 6:6

George, Inaugural Issue Oct/Nov 1995

Box-folder 6:7

Guitar for the Practicing Musician, , v.3:4 Feb. 1986

Box-folder 6:8

Guitar Worldv.8:9 Dec. 1987

Box-folder 6:9

Guitar World Acousticno.17 1996

Box-folder 6:10

Interviewv.21:7 Jul. 1991

Box-folder 6:11

Keyboardv.17:3, (no.179) Mar. 1991

Box-folder 6:12

Mix Jul. 1987

Box-folder 6:13

Musician, no.215 Oct. 1996

Box-folder 6:14

Newsweek, Aug. 21, 1995

Box-folder 6:15

The Nose, Fourth One 1990

Box-folder 6:16

Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Assoc.

Box-folder 6:16

v.47:4 Jun. 1991

Box-folder 6:16

v.48:1 Sep. 1991

Box-folder 7:1

People Weekly

Box-folder 7:1

v.44:8 Aug. 21, 1995

Box-folder 7:1

Special Issue Sep/Oct 1995

Box-folder 7:1

v.46:2 July 8, 1996

Box-folder 7:2

Playbill: The National Theatre Magazine, v.87:10 Oct. 1987

Box-folder 7:3

Playboy, v.191:3 Mar. 1972

Box-folder 7:4

Psychedelic Illuminations, no.8 Winter 1995/96

Box-folder 7:5

Rock! v.2:12 Nov. 1985

Box-folder 7:6

Rock 'N' Roll Comics, no.46 Dec. 1993

Box-folder 7:7

Rolling Stone

Box-folder 7:7

no.717 Sep. 21, 1995

Box-folder 7:7

no.724/725 Dec. 28, 1995-Jan.11, 1996

Box-folder 7:8

Rolling Stone

Box-folder 7:8

no. 726 Jan. 25, 1996

Box-folder 7:8

no. 740 Aug. 8, 1996

Box-folder 7:9

San Francisco Examiner Magazine, May 25, 1997

Box-folder 7:10

Schwann Spectrum, v.7:4 Fall 1996

Box-folder 7:11

Program Guide, The Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Assoc. & the Southwest/Texas American Culture Assoc., 19th Annual Conference, Jan. 29-31, 1998

Box-folder 7:12

Time, v.148:5 July 22, 1996

Box-folder 8:1

Express: The East Bay's Free Weekly, v.18:11 Dec. 22, 1995

Box-folder 8:2


Box-folder 8:2

v.9:8 (no.87) Aug. 1983

Box-folder 8:2

v.22:17 (no.419) Aug. 16, 1996

Box-folder 8:3

Looking Ahead: Music & Arts Newspaper, no. 10 Sep. 1995

Box-folder 8:4

San Francisco Chronicle, Section A, pp.1-12 Jan. 6, 1995

Box-folder 8:5

UR: University Reporter, Spring Break Edition, Colorado State University Feb. 1996

Box-folder 8:6

Westward Aug. 8-14, 1996