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Register of the Tibor Eckhardt Papers, 1921-1972

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Tibor Eckhardt Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1921-1972
Collection number: 80026
Creator: Eckhardt, Tibor, 1888-
Collection Size: 24 manuscript boxes (10 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, notes, memoranda, clippings and other printed matter, relating to twentieth-century Hungarian politics, anti-communist movements in the U.S., and Hungarian emigré politics.
Language: Hungarian and English.

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Anti-communist movements--United States.
Hungarians--United States.
Hungary--Politics and government--20th century.
United States--Politics and government.

Biographical Note

1888, October 26 Born, Makó, Hungary
  Doctor of Law, Peter Pazmany University of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
  Doctor of Law, University of Berlin, Germany
pre-1914 Served in the Royal Hungarian Ministry of Interior
1914-1918 Attached to the General Staff of the Austro-Hungarian Army and the Administration of Transylvania
1919 Organized active resistance with police force against the communist regime of Bela Kun in Hungary
1920 Chief of Press Section, Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, later in the Prime Minister's Office
1922 Elected to the Hungarian Parliament as member of the Government Party
1923 Went into opposition against the conservative government
1929-1930 Visited the United States upon the invitation of President Butler of Columbia University; lectured at American universities under the auspices of the Carnegie Endowment
1930 Founded the Hungarian Small Holders' Party and became its leader
1934-1935 Chief Delegate of Hungary to the League of Nations, Geneva
1935 Leader of the democratic opposition in Hungary
1940 Visited the United States for the second time, received by President Roosevelt, who invited him to come to the United States in case Hungary was overrun by the Nazis
1941, August 8 Arrived in the United States
1941, September Founded the "Movement for Independent Hungary"
1941-1945 Collaborated with the U.S. State Department
1948 Participated in organizing the Hungarian National Council and accepted membership in its Executive Committee
1954 Resigned from the Executive Committee of the Hungarian National Council
1954 Participated in organizing the Assembly of Captive European Nations and became Chairman of its Hungarian delegation
1956, October Launched the organization: "First Aid for Hungary," with Herbert Hoover as Honorary Chairman

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Biographical data and personal documents, arranged alphabetically by subject
Box Boxes 1-2


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Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent
Box Boxes 3-5


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Arranged alphabetically by title within those two categories
Box Boxes 5-24

SUBJECT FILE, 1941-1972.

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Clippings, correspondence, essays, memoranda, arranged alphabetically by subject
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Clippings and phonorecords

Container List



Box 1

Articles on Tibor Eckhardt (hereafter TE), 1938-1968


Attacks upon TE


General, 1921-1967


And on communist infiltration of American-Hungarian organizations


Defense of TE, 1942-1954


Extensions of stay in the United States, 1945-1954, and American citizenship


Resignation from the Executive Committee of the Hungarian National Council, 1954


Well wishes when in hospital, 1972



Box 1

America: National Catholic Weekly, N.Y., 1945-1946


American Foundation for Hungarian Literature and Education, Ltd., N.Y., 1971


American Hungarian Federation, Washington, D.C., 1970


American Hungarian Federation of Churches and Societies of Youngstown, Ohio, 1942


American Lithuanian Council, N.Y., 1958


Apor, Baron Gabor, 1959


Associated Clubs, Inc., Princeton, N.J., 1951


Austrian American Federation, Inc., N.Y., 1969

Box 2

Babo de Vagvecse, Baron Tivadar, 1952-1957


Bachkay, Bela, 1958-1971


Balassa, Bela, 1950


Balkunas, John, 1958


Balogh de Almas, Dezso, 1942


Barcza, Ferenc, n.d.


Beliczey, Miklos, 1970


Bessenyey, Gabor de, 1951


Bethlen, Count Istvan, 1941-1944


Beukema, Col. Herman, 1950


Boros, Ladislas, n.d.


Borshy-Kerekes, Gyorgy E., 1958


Broich-Oppert, Georg von, 1957


Brooklyn Alumni Sodality, 1955


Caracasi Magyarok Barati Kore, 1951


Chiang Kai-shek, Madame (Mayling Soong Chiang), 1950


Comite der Soforthilfe fur Ungarn, Vienna, 1957


Council on Foreign Relations, N.Y., 1941


Csonka, Emil, 1968-1969


Czermann, Antal, 1952-1953


Czikann-Zichy, Moriz, 1951


Daruvar, Yves de, 1972


Emmet, Christopher, 1958


Eross, Ferenc, 1951


Fabian, Bela, 1956


Fabry, Dr., 1952


Geber, Antal, 1941-1942


Georgian Association in the United States of America, N.Y., 1959


Gereben, Istvan, 1972


Ghika, George, 1950


Gower, Margaret, 1947-1948


Habsburg, Archduke Otto von, 1951-1969


Hartmann, Janos, 1951


Havas, Eugene, 1941


Hennyey, General Gusztav, 1950-1970


Hokky, Karoly, 1963


Horthy de Nagybanya, Miklos, Jr., 1957


Huzianyi, Stephen, 1942


International Commission of Jurists, The Hague, 1957


Jako, Geza J., n.d.


Jancso, Livia, 1964


Jelic, Branimir R., 1963-1964


Kanadai Magyarok Szovetsege, Toronto, 1963


Kardos-Talbot, Bela, 1970


Kereszteny Nemzeti Ujjaszuletes Partja, Solothurn, Switzerland, 1957


Kertesz, Istvan, 1949


Kirkconnell, Watson, 1947


Kresz, Geza, 1956


Krudy, Ferenc, 1972


Kuthy, Jose, 1942


Lengyel, Bela, 1957


Lukacs, Janos, 1965


McFadden, H.M., 1951-1953


Mallon, Winifred, 1946


Marosy, Ferenc, 1957-1972


Mester, Klaus, 1970-1971


Mikes, Imre, 1948


Mindszenty, Cardinal Joseph, 1971


Montgomery, John Flornoy, 1944-1954


Nadas, Janos, 1962


The New School of Social Work, Columbia University, 1957


Nyaradi, Miklos, 1952-1971


Olah, Gyorgy, 1970-1971


Onody, Dezso, 1962


Overseas Rotary Fellowship, N.Y., 1956-1958


Palffy, Jozsef, 1952-1953


Pasztor, Laszlo, 1972


Pelenyi, Janos, 1950


Peyer, Karoly, 1954


Pogany, Andras, 1966-1970


Radnoczy, A. von, n.d.


Revay, Count Istvan, 1958-1972


Riposanu, Pamfil A., 1958


Ronai, Zoltan A., n.d.


Rupprecht, Pal, 1963


Scitovszky, Tibor, 1953


Sevilla-Sacasa, Guillermo, 1957


Sulyok, Dezso, 1962


Szegedi-Maszak, Aladar, 1945


Sztankovich, V.E.A., 1944

Box 3

Tamas, Andras, 1944


Tollas, Tibor, 1969


Toth, Laszlo, 1963


Ugocsay-Geletey, Janos, 1962


Ullein-Reviczky, Antal, 1953


Union Familia Escolapia Cubana, Inc., N.Y., 1968


U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C., 1970


U.S. War Department, General Staff, Military Intelligence Division G-2, Washington, D.C., 1944


Varga, Laszlo, 1958-1962


Veres, General Lajos, 1970


Wellesley College Forum, Massachusetts, 1956


Zilahy, Lajos, 1963


Zsolnay, Nicholas M., 1971



Box 3



Untitled - Miscellaneous notes, handwritten
















Africa. Address at the Hungarian Piarist Congress, December 4, 1956. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


All American Conference to Combat Communism. Seventh Annual Meeting, Omaha, Nebraska, November 9-10, 1957


America the Last Hope of the World. Speech delivered on several different occasions, 1950-1952. Handwritten notes


American foreign policy from a European point of view. Y.M.C.A. Handwritten notes


American Hungarian Literary Society. Ronconcoma, N.Y., March 19, 1966. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


Aradi Vertanuk Emlekunnepelye. Meghivo. Az unnepi beszed szovege hianyzik (Invitation). Bridgeport, Connecticut, October 15, 1960


Assembly of Captive European Nations, Plennary meetings, September 20-21, 1954. First Session. Carnegie Endowment International Center, N.Y.


Behodolas, vagy fwelszabadulas (Surrender of liberation). Speech on the 5th anniversary of the founding of the Hungarian Helicon). Toronto, Canada, April 7, 1956. Handwritten notes, clippings and correspondence in English and Hungarian


"Brandt tevedesei" (The errors of Brandt). Handwritten notes


Bridgeport, Connecticut, January 5, 1968. Speech outlines. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


"The Direct Communist Action in the Satellite Countries." Knights of Columbus, New York State Council, November 26, 1946. Handwritten notes


Az Egyesult Europa, 1963 (The United Europe, 1963). The Szechenyi Istvan Society, Inc., N.Y., October 23, 1963. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


Erdelyi Magyar Kozmuvelodesi Egyesulet - EMKE (Hungarian Transylvanian Cultural Association). 75th year jubilee celebration. Handwritten and typewritten notes in Hungarian


France and European unity. Overseas Rotary Fellowship, N.Y., May 7, 1960. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


Hogy veszett el Erdely? (How Transylvania was lost?). American Hungarian Federation, Eastern District, N.Y., December 5, 1959. Typewritten text and clipping in Hungarian


Hungary. Parliament. House of Representatives.


Excerpts from speeches and notes, 1922-1926. Typewritten in Hungarian


Stenographic records. Photocopies in Hungarian


Speeches and notes




















Speeches against election frauds, 1931-1935, 1937-1938


Speeches concerning the Jewish question, 1938-1939


Leones Cubanos en el Exilio. Centenario del Grito de Yara (Centennary of the Independence Day of Cuba). Banquet, N.Y., October 6, 1968. Handwritten notes


Luncheon given by Mr. and Mrs. James Beck, N.Y., April 29, 1947. Handwritten notes and typewritten list of main points of speech


Magyar Cserkeszet (Hungarian Boyscouts). 60th Anniversary, N.Y., May 16, 1970. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


Magyar Cserkeszszoevetseg Nagytanacsa (General Council of the Hungarian Scout Association in Exile). Reunion commemorationg the 25th anniversary of the death of Count Paul Teleki, N.Y., March 31, 1966


Magyar Helikon Tarsasag (Hungarian Helikon Society), Toronto, December 11, 1971. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


Magyar Piarista Kongresszus (Hungarian Piarist Congress), February 1, 1959. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


Magyar Radiobeszed Valasztas (Hungarian radio speech, election), October 19, 1968. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


"Magyarorszag es a Szabad Vilag" (Hungary and the Free World), Cleveland, Ohio, December 14, 1957. Handwritten notes, correspondence in Hungarian and typewritten excerpts in English


"A Magyarsag 1970-ben nem unnepelhet" (The Hungarians must not celebrate in 1970), St. Stephen Memorial Committee Conference, N.Y. Clippings in Hungarian


1st part, January 24-25: Hungary will turn into a battlefield in case of war

Physical Description: (3 folders)

2nd part, February 22: The struggle without principles has been going on since June 1942

Physical Description: (2 folders)
Box 4

Marcius 15, 1848 (March 15 - National Holiday)


March 13, 1947. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


March 16, 1958. Freedom Festival, N.Y. Typewritten text in Hungarian


March 15, 1959. Mikoyan's visit to the United States. Bridgeport, Conn. Typewritten text in Hungarian


March 13, 1960. Freedom Festival, N.Y. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


March 17, 1963. Canadian Hungarian Federation, Toronto and Hamilton, Canada. Handwritten notes and clippings in Hungarian


March 13, 1966. Freedom Festival, N.Y. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


March 10, 1968. Hungarian Committee of Norwalk and its Region, South Norwalk, Connecticut. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


March 17, 1968. Canadian Hungarian Federation, Toronto, Canada. Handwritten notes and clippings in Hungarian


1970? Handwritten notes in Hungarian


March 14, 1970. Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation of Canada, Petofi Commemoration Dinner, Toronto, Canada. Handwritten notes and clippings in Hungarian


March 15, 1970. Hungarian Cultural Club of Oshawa, Canada. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


"Mikent kerult Erdely ketszer is roman kezre?" (How has Transylvania fallen twice under the Romanians?). American Hungarian Federation, New York Chapter, January 15, 1966. Clippings in Hungarian


"Mistakes of Peacemaking," Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois, November 2, 1953. Handwritten notes


"A Nemet-Szovjet Szerzodes megkotesenek hatasa Europa jovojere" (The effects of German Soviet treaty on the future of Europe). American Hungarian Federation, New York Chapter, October 24, 1970. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


New Brunswick, New Jersey, November 3, 1968. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


"The North Atlantic pact and World Peace," Easton, Pennsylvania, October, 1949; Chicago, November 20?; Washington, D.C., February 21, 1953. Handwritten notes


October 23, 1956 - Anniversary Celebration


October 27, 1957. Our Lady of Hungary Rectory, Welland, Ontario, Canada. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


October 18, 1959. Magyar Harcosok Bajtarsi Kozossege, Newark, New Jersey. Handwritten notes and clippings


October 25, 1959. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


October 1960. Passaic, New Jersey. Clipping in Hungarian


October 20, 1968. World Federation of Hungarian Freedom Fighters, New York Chapter. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


"One world and the basic human rights," Johnstown, Pennsylvania, February 8, 1950. Handwritten notes


"Az orosz veszedelem" (The Russian danger), October, 1968. Handwritten notes and clippings in Hungarian


"Peacemaking," Georgetown University, Senior Class Dinner and Pathfinders Club, Washington, D.C., November 13, 1946. Handwritten notes


"Political disintegration of Europe," a series of lectures, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., January 31 to May 23, 1946. Handwritten notes


Republican Rally, Elizabeth, New Jersey, July 20, 196? Handwritten notes in Hungarian


Szechenyi Istvan Emlekvacsora (Istvan Szechenyi Memorial Dinner), N.Y., December 2, 1955. Published text in Hungarian


"Szent Korona sorsa" (Fate of the Holy Crown), American Hungarian Federation, New York Chapter, May 24, 1970. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


Szuletesnapi beszed a 80-ik szuletesnapon (Birthday address on the 80th birthday of TE), 1968. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


Teleki Pal grofol, emlekbeszed a Magyar Cserkesz Szovetseg Nagytanacsa megalakulasa alkalmabol (Memorial address about Count Pal Teleki, delivered on the occasion of the founding of the Grand Council of the General Council of the Hungarian Scout Association in Exile), N.Y., April 29, 1963


"Varhatunk-e valtozast a nemzetkozi politikaban es Magyarorszagon 1966-ban?" (Can we expect a change in the international politics and in Hungary in 1966?). Federation of Free Hungarian Jurists roundtable conference, Carnegie Endowment Center, N.Y., March 11, 1966. Printed text and clippings






Historical events in Hungary. Incomplete manuscript, part handwritten and part typewritten


Memorandum. Handwritten draft to the White House, January 24, 1969. It became the basis of the memorandum presented to Henry Kissinger by the American Hungarian Federation on March 21, 1969


Notes and comments. Handwritten


Agriculture - Hungary


Benes, Eduard






Ein Kaiser Kampft fur die Freiheit, by Ludwig Windisch-Graetz


Khrushchev's visit to the United States in August 1958


Vilaghoditok, by Lajos Marschalko


"Alarm," October-November 1968. Published article in German


"An Alternative to EDC," January 11, 1954. Typescript of full text and summary


"American policy in Europe, memorandum on," January 15, 1970. Handwritten and typewritten copies


"Amerika es az europai egyseg," unpublished memorandum, October 23, 1948. Carbon copy typescript


A brit birodalmi politika magyar vonatkozasarol. Vazlat (The British imperial politics and their Hungarian relations), draft, September 15, 1946. Carbon copy typescript


"Defense of Europe." Handwritten notes


"Drop the R please, Mr. President." Handwritten notes


"Az egyseg utja" (The road of unity). Typescript


"Foreign Aid, memorandum" July 29, 1960. Handwritten draft and typescript


"The Ghost of Teheran." Handwritten notes


"Hogyan veszett el Erdely?" (How Transylvania was lost?)


Original handwritten manuscript


Published article in two parts, November and December 1968


"How has the Hungarian minority been treated in Romania since 1920?" Handwritten draft


"How peace lost?" Handwritten draft


"Hungary and the problem of nationalities, notes on," August 13, 1970. Typewritten draft


"Igy nem marad..." (It will not last this way...). Handwritten notes


"Independent Hungary," proclamation, New York, September 27, 1941. Printed leaflet. Radio speech on the BBC, October 2, 1941 (explanation of the proclamation). Mimeographed typescript in Hungarian. Movement of Independent Hungary, Minutes of the Executive Committee, Washington, D.C., October 2, 1941


"Indulunk!" (Let us go!), February 9, 1951. Published article


"Intelligence test for law makers and columnists." Handwritten notes


"The International Organization for Free Enterprise, memorandum on," July 28, 1960. Typescript


"A kiegyezes szaz ev tavlatabol" (The compromise, viewed hundred years later), January 27, 1968. Published article


Letters to the Editor, New York Times






"Lucza-napi elmelkedes" (Lucza-Day reflections). Typescript


"The Mediterranean Community," memorandum with two attachments, July 28, 1960. Typescript


"Nem, nem, soha!" (No, No, Never!), March 22 and 29, 1970. Published article in two parts and photocopy of a typescript


"New Terminology for Surrender. Decline and Fall of American Democracy." Handwritten notes


"On economic and financial relations between the U.S.A. and Egypt," memorandum, December 20, 1957. Carbon copy typescript


"Oreg Dipi notaja az Uj Vilagrol" (Old D.P.'s song about the New World), Christmas 1943. Handwritten


Press statement on the Danube Valley and self-determination pulished in Uj Europa, Munich June 1970. His five points excerpted in Hungarian


"Soviet colonialism, memorandum on," July 29, 1960. Carbon copy typescript


"The Soviet Master Plan for World Domination," unpublished essay, October 1947. Typescript


"Subsistence Farming in Latin America, memorandum on," unpublished essay. Handwritten and typewritten copies


"Trianon, Peace Treaty of," September 1971. Handwritten notes in Hungarian


"Ujevi Uzenet, 1970" (New Year's Day Message, 1970), January 1970. Published article, typewritten manuscript and commentaries published in several Hungarian newspapers


"Uzenet a vilag magyarsaganak" (Message to the Hungarians of the World). Clipping from the National Guard Yearbook, 1970 and the original manuscript in Hungarian


"Zsidokerdes" (The Jewish Question). Handwritten notes


SUBJECT FILE, 1941-1972

Box 5

Abortion - Hungary. See also Kapotsy, Bela


Acheson, Dean


Aczel, Gyorgy


Aczel, Tamas


Adenauer, Konrad


Adonyi, Ferenc. "A karpatmedence hadaszati jelentosege, 4 vazlattal" (The strategic meaning of the Carpathian Valley, with 4 sketches), unpublished essay, January 1, 1951. Typescript




African leaders


African nationalism




Agh, Laszlo


Agnew, Spiro


Agricultural laborers - United States




Communist Countries



Physical Description: (5 folders)

Unites States

Box 6

Aehrenthal, Count Aloys Lexa


Alexander I, King of Yugoslavia - Assasination, 1934


American Hungarian Committee for Defense of Hungary, founded June 20, 1957, Washington, D.C. Memoranda, proclamations, 1957, 1959. Printed and mimeographed in English and Hungarian


American Hungarian Federation, founded in 1907


Bylaws, November 17, 1947


Membership lists, 1941-1942


Official declaration (Let Us Gather under the Unfurled Flag!), 1941


Resolution, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 27, 1941


The American Hungarian Federation to the People of Hungary, Detroit, Michigan, April 9, 1942


Memorial submitted to the White House, June 4-5, 1942


Letter to the President of the United States, June 5, 1944 and Answer from the White House, June 8, 1944


Statement on the establishment of the temporary new Hungarian Government and names of the members of the government, 1945


The Voice of the People. Truth about Hungary, by Grace Fleming, editor, Portland Press Herald, Portland, Maine, January 30, 1945


Solemn protest against the Hungarian Peace Treaty, Washington, D.C., January 30, 1947


Memorandum to the Secretary of State concerning the Hungarian problem, June 1947


Proclamation to the Hungarian People, Chicago, Illinois, November 18, 1947


Resolution, 1958


Appeal to the United Nations General Assembly, August 13, 1958


White House reply to the President of the American Hungarian Federation, May 7, 1959


"Valasz a szirenhangokra" (Reply to the siren's voices), February 1963


Protest. Reverend Andras Hamza's statement about Hungary, November 8, 1963


Resolution, 1964


Memorandum to Henry Kissinger, March 21, 1969


Agenda of the Director's Meeting, April 29, 1970


"Blueprint for a neutralization of Central Europe," February 1971


Invitations for memorial celebrations, 1971-1972


Meeting of the Directors celebrating the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Federation, January 1, 1972


American Hungarian Library and Historical Society, Inc. - List of books donated by the Archduke Otto von Habsburg, and related correspondence in German


American Hungarian Student Association, Meeting of the Executive Council and Supervisory Committee, New York, December 27-30, 1957


American way of life


Americans of Central-Eastern European Descent, the Conference of, 1957-1959, 1961


Amerikai Magyar Reformatus Egyhaz puspoki tanacsanak hatarozata (Decision of the Episcopal Council of the American Hungarian Reformed Church), Perth Amboy, New Jersey, November 1963


Amerikai Magyar Reformatus Lelkeszegyesulet (American Hungarian Reformed Clergyman's Association)


"Angol tarsutasok vakmero hazugsagai Magyarorszagrol" (English fellow-travelers' reckless lies about Hungary), Hungaria, September 12, 1952






Arab countries




Asociacion Cultural Argentina pro Hungria


Assembly of Captive European Nations













Box 7

Asylum, right of


Atlantic Council of the United States


Atlantic Partnership, Conference on the Concept of. American Institute of Problems of European Unity, Washington, D.C., October 1969


Atom bomb


Auer, Pal




Bachkai, Bela


Baker, Robert G.


Balassa, Bela


Baldwin, Hanson W.


Baltic states


Bandholtz, General Harry Hill


Bang-Jensen, Povl


Barankovics, Istvan


Barcza, Gyorgy


Bartok, Bela


Bartok, Laszlo

Physical Description: (2 folders)

Batori, Jozsef


Bazna, Elyesa


Beky, Bishop Zoltan


Belaunde Terry, Fernando


Beldy, Bela


Belgiumi Magyar Ifjusag (Hungarian Youth of Belgium), Leuven, Belgium, July 1957


Belton, Rabbi Albert B.


Benes, Eduard


Benstead, Horace M.


Berlin crisis






Bess, Demaree


Bessenyey, Baron George B.


Bethlen, Count Istvan


"Bethlen Istvan eletenek utolso szakasza" (The last period of Istvan Bethlen's life), by Pal Bethlen


"Emlekirat a dunai foederacio targyaban" (Memorandum re a Danubian Federation). Composed in Hungary in February 1944 and submitted to the British Government. Carbon copy typescript in Hungarian and English translation


Bethlen Otton (Bethlen Home), Ligonier, Pennsylvania


Binder, David




Bocskai, Prince Istvan of Transylvania


Bocskay von Felsobanya, Katalin


Boldizsar, Ivan


Bolles, Blair


Book reviews


Borsody, Istvan


Braziliai Magyar Segely Egylet (Brazilian Hungarian Relief Association)


Brezhnev, Leonid I.


Brezhnev Doctrine


Browne, Mallory


Buckley, William F., Jr.


Budapest, Hungary


"Budapesti level" (Letter from Budapest), Nemzetor, March 1971


Bulganin Doctrine


Byng, Edward J.


Calasanctius Preparatory School, Buffalo, New York




Campbell, W. Glenn. "Campbell new head of Hoover Library," November 19, 1959. Clipping


Camus, Albert

Box 8

Central and Eastern European Commission, Executive Committee Meeting, Paris, France, June 4, 1956


Central Europe, Blueprint for a neutralization of, February 16, 1972


Chamberlain, John


Chambers, Whittaker


Chiang Kai-shek






Armed Forces






Foreign relations






United States




History - Cultural Revolution


Chorin, Ferenc


Chou En-lai


Church and State - Hungary


Churchill, Winston

Physical Description: (2 folders)

Civil rights


Clevelandi Magyar Atletikai Club Unnepi Estelye (Hungarian Athletic Club of Cleveland)


Coalition of American Patriotic Societies




Columbus Forum










Council for Liberation of Southern Hungary


Counterattack, May and July 1968


Courts - United States


Crime and criminals - United States


Croatian Freedom Congress


Csaszari Konstantin Rend (Imperial Constantine Order)


Csavossy, Leo


Csizmadia, Zoltan


Csonka, Emil

Physical Description: (2 folders)



Cultural relations



Box 9

Daladier, Edouard


Dalnoki-Veress, General Lajos


Deak, Ferenc


Debreceni magyar nyelvi konferencia (Hungarian Language Conference of Debrecen), Debrecen, Hungary, August 1-15, 1962


Delamerikai Magyarok Szovetsege (South American Hungarians' Federation)




Deportation - Budapest, May 1951


Djilas, Milovan


Dollar (U.S.)


Dominican Republic


Dunakurir (Danube Courier), 1950


Eckhardt, Ilka, 1926


Edelweiss (Anti-Nazi Movement)


Eden, Anthony








Eichmann, Adolf Otto

Box 10

Eisenhower, Dwight D.




Visits abroad, 1959


Elections - Hungary, 1958


Eszterhas, Istvan


Eszterhazy, Count Janos




Europai Magyar Felszabadito Bizottsag (European Hungarian Liberation Committee)


Europai Magyar Folelkeszek kozos nyilatkozata a Szentszek es a Magyar Kormany kozott letrejott megallapodassal kapcsolatosan (A concerted statement of the European Hungarian leading clergymen relating to the agreement between the Holy See and the Hungarian Government), September 16, 1964


Europai Parlament a magyar politikai foglyokert (The European Parliament for the Hungarian political prisoners), 1958


Europai Szabad Magyar Kongresszus (European Congress of Free Hungarians)






And War


European Economic Community


"European Governments in Exile," compiled by Helen Lawrence Scanlon, Washington, D.C., Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1942


European security


Evelit, Juris


Fabian, Bela


Farkas, Laszlo


"A Feher Konyv szerint Amerika is osszeeskuvo" (According to the White Book America, too, is a conspirator), 1947


Fekete, Sandor


Feketekuty, Laszlo


"Felhaborito iteletek a szegedi szabadsagharcosok ugyeben" (Outrageous sentences in the case of the freedom fighters of Szeged), 1958


Fiala, Ferenc


First Slovak World Congress, New York, June 21, 1970


Fleming, Grace


Ford, Henry


Ford Foundation


Foreign aid - American


Fox, Robin




Franco, General Francisco


Free Europe, Inc.


Freedom and equality




Frey, Andras


Gabor, Aron


Gabriel, Asztrik


Galilei Kor


Gandhi, Mahatma

Box 11

Gaulle, Charles de


Genscher, Hans Dietrich






Soviet-West German Treaty, August 12, 1970


Gettysburg Address




Goebbels, Joseph


Goldwater, Barry


Great Britain


Foreign relations - China


Politics and government


Greece, The Federation of the Students' Board of






Habsburg, Archduke Albrecht von


Habsburg, Archduke Felix von


Habsburg, Archduke Jozsef Arpad von


Habsburg, Archduke Otto von




Articles and essays


Books and pamphlets








Habsburg, Archduke Robert von - Wedding


Habsburg, Archduke Rodolph von - Wedding


Habsburg, Archduchess Sarolta von - Wedding


Habsburg, House of - Genealogical table


Hahn, Otto




Hamza, Andras


Hennyey, General Gusztav. Detailed description of the political, military and general situation in Hungary during World War II


Hertz, Frederick


Hess, Rudolph


Hevesy, Paul de


Himler, Marton


Hiss, Alger

Box 12

Hitler, Adolph


Horthy de Nagybanya, Miklos. Correspondence relating to the Regent's alleged plans to become King of Hungary


Hosok Napi Emlekunnepely. Magyar Harcosok Bajtarsi Kozossege New Yorki Csoportja, 1959 (Commemorative Heroes Day. Fraternal Community of Hungarian Fighters, New York Group). Clippings and correspondence


Humphrey, Hubert H.


Hungarian American National Republican Federation


The Hungarian Digest, Lancaster, Massachusetts


Hungarian Freedom Fighters' Federation. Clippings, circulars and correspondence


Hungarian Institute at Rutgers University, New Jersey


Hungarian minorities


Hungarian-Nazi activities in the American zones of Germany and Austria, memorandum on


Hungarian newspapers


Hungarian poetry


Hungarian refugees




United States


Hungarian School Foundation, New York


Hungarian Students in North America, Association of


Hungarians in foreign countries








United States






Hungarians in the Free World


Hungarista Mozgalom (Hungarian movement)




Allamvedelmi Hatosag (State Security Authority). Clippings relating to the murder of Attila Kovacs, 1950


Economic conditions


Emigration and immigration


Foreign relations






United States






1944-1945 - News and radio broadcasts during the last stage of World War II


1945- Soviet occupation


1956, Revolution

Physical Description: (10 folders)



2. Hadsereg. Don kanyari csata (A German General's letter commenting upon the Battle of the Don and the Hungarian 2nd Army, Munich, September 30, 1959


9. hv. dd. pk. Torzsszallas (Report of Colonel Pisky describing the flight of the Romanians into Transylvania, pursued by the Soviet Army, 1944


Karpatalja (Carpatho-Ukrainia)


Kulugyminiszterium. Sajtoosztaly (Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Press section), 1944


Orszaggyules (Parliament)


Elections, 1947


Excerpts from the 203rd session of the Hungarian House of Representatives, April 28, 1937

Box 13

Permanent Mission to the United Nations


Politics and government



Physical Description: (2 folders)

1944 - Arrests



Physical Description: (6 folders)



I.R.O. - Italy. Report about the Hungarian refugees in Italian refugee camps


Igazmondo (Truth Teller), N.Y., August 25 - December 24, 1941 (some missing issues)


Ignotus, Pal




Institute of Ethnic Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.


International Committee for the Study of European Questions










Jambor, Louis


Jaszi, Oszkar


Jelic, Branimir R.






In Hungary


In Poland


Juvenile delinquency - United States


Kadar, Janos


Kallay, Miklos - Affidavit relating to the Jewish question in Hungary, 1952


Kanadai Magyarok Szovetsege (Canadian Hungarian Federation)


Kapotsy, Bela


Karoly, Peyer


Karoly IV


Karolyi, Count Mihaly



Box 14





Kennedy, John F.


Kennedy, Robert F.




Kenyatta, Yomo


Kerekes, Tibor


Kertesz, Stephen D.


Kethly, Anna


Khrushchev, Nikita S.




Visit to Hungary, 1958


Visit to the United States, 1959

Physical Description: (4 folders)

Khrushchev's Doctrine


Kiraly, General Bela


Kiss, George


Knights of Columbus


Kocsis, Gabor


Konkoly, Kalman


Korda, Geza


Korea, South


Korean War


Prisoners and prisons


Truman-McArthur controversy

Box 15

Kosygin, Aleksey N. - Visit to Ottawa, Canada, 1971


"Kossuth Lajos emlekezesei a lengyel forradalomrol..." (Reminiscences of Lajos Kossuth relating to the Polish revolution...)


Kovacs, Attila (murder victim, Austria, 1950)


Kovacs, Bela


Kovacs, Gyula


Koevago, Jozsef


Koezi-Horvath, Jozsef


Koezoes Magyar Kueluegyi Bizottsag (Common Hungarian Foreign Committee)










Kristol, Irving


Kun, Bela


Law and order


Lawrence, David


Lawyers - Budapest, Hungary


Lazar, Emry


Lekay, Laszo


Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich Ulianov


Leopold, King of Belgium - Surrender, 1940


Liang, Chi-chao


Lindsay, John


Liszay, Colonel




The Little Entente


Loden, Barbara


Lukacs, Gyorgy


Madariaga, Salvador de


Magyar Bizottsag (Hungarian Committee)


Membership list


Executive Committee - Plan of Work


1948. Minutes of the July 14 session


1949. Articles, correspondence, decisions, declarations, statistical data relating to Hungarians abroad in in the Free World




Articles, correspondence, minutes of sessions, reports, statements, statistical data relating to Hungarians abroad in the Free World


Refugee Service, Central Bureau


1951. Correspondence, statements, clippings and bylaws of the Magyar Bizottsag


1952. Articles, correspondence, "Deklaracio," minutes of sessions, speeches and clippings

Box 16

1953. Correspondence and statement: "Soviets undermine genocide convention in the U.N."


1955. statement


1956. Statement: Let us establish the Hungarian National Committee


1957. Memoranda, questionnaire statements and clippings


1958. Legal section: "Rejection of the credentials of the Present Hungarian Delegation to the United Nations," by Laszlo Varga


1959. Memorandum


1963. The Hungarian issue and the international situation


1964. The Hungarian Symposium


1965. Statements, protests, correspondence


1969. Statement


1971. Statement in connection with Matyas Rakosi's death


1972. Statement


Magyar Cserkesz Szoevetseg (Hungarian Scouts Association) 1970

Physical Description: (2 folders)

Magyar Demokratikus Szocialistak Szoevetsege (Hungarian Democratic Socialists' Association)


Magyar emigrans folyoiratok es koeroezvenyek (Hungarian emigrant periodicals and circulars), 1949-1968


Magyar Felszabadito Bizottsag (Hungarian Liberation Committee), 1970


Magyar Forradalmi Tanacs (Hungarian Revolutionary Council), 1957


Magyar Harcosok Bajtarsi Koezoessege (Hungarian Veterans' Federation), 1958-1959


Magyar Iskola Emlekkoenyve, 1960-1970. A New Brunswicki Hetvegi (Memorial Book, 1960-1970 of the New Brunswick Hungarian Week-end School), Rutgers University, New Jersey, 1970


Magyar iskolai tankonyvek (Hungarian schoolbooks), 1970-1971


Magyar iskolak emigracioban (Hungarian schools in emigration), 1970-1971


Magyar kerdes a jog merlegen (Legal aspects of the Hungarian question), 1963


Magyar Koezoesseg (Hungarian Community)


Magyar Koordinalo Bizottsag (Coordination Committee of American-Hungarian Organizations), 1971


Magyar Nemzeti Fueggetlensegi Front (Hungarian National Independence Front), January-February 1945, no. 20


"A Magyar Nephadsereg" (The Hungarian People's Army), a description


Magyar Oktober 23 Mozgalom (Hungarian October 23 Movement, Inc.), 1964


"Magyar orientatio" (Hungarian orientation), a clipping, 1949


Magyar Parasztszoevetseg Emigracios Szervezete (Hungarian Peasant Federation's Organization in Emigration)


Magyar Piarista Diakszoevetseg (Hungarian Piarist Alumni Association)

Physical Description: (3 folders)
Box 17

Magyar politikai ueldoezoettek Vilagszoevetsege (World Federation of the Hungarian Persecuted)


Magyar Szabadsaghasrcos Szoevetseg (Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation, Inc.)


Circular no. 21, January 8, 1965


American Chapter








Washington Chapter, 1972


Magyar Szabadsagharcos Vilagszoevetseg (World Federation of the Hungarian Freedom Fighters)








American Chapter










Periodic information


New York Chapter


Magyar Talalkozo (Hungarian Meeting), Ohio, Cleveland, November 29, 1970


Magyar Tanulmanyi Alap (Hungarian Scholarship Foundation), 1962


Magyar Toertenelmi Szemle (Hungarian Historical Review), 1970


Magyarok hazatereset eloesegito Bizottsag (Hungarian Repatriation Aid Committee), 1955


Magyarorszagi Hirek (News from Hungary)


Maisky, Ivan M.


Malnasi Oedoen. A magyar emigracio toertenete (The history of the Hungarian emigration)


Mao Tse-tung


Marcuse, Herbert


Marschlko, Lajos


Marshall, George C.


Mate, Imre


Meany, George


Mental illness - United States


Mikoyan, Anastas Ivanovich - Visit to the United States, 1959


Miksche, Ferdinand Otto


Mindszenty, Cardinal Joszef


Minorities - Czechoslovakia


Modern art


Molnar, Jozsef


Molnar, Miklos




Montgomery, John F.


Moral decay - United States


Moral rearmament




Movement for the defense of the Hungarian nation in the United Nations


Munkas Hirado, 1959


Munnich, Ferenc

Box 18

Nadanyi, Paul


Nagy, Ferenc


Nagy, Imre


National Resistance Party


Nemet-Szovjet Megegyezes (German-Soviet Agreement), 1970




New Left


New York


News From Hungary, N.Y., 1955-1971


Nicolson, Harold




Nixon, Richard M.




"Khrushchev's Hidden Weakness"




U.S. Foreign Policy for the 1970s; Building for Peace


Visit to China


Visits to Moscow and Prague


North Atlantic Treaty Organization


Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, 1945-1946




October 23, 1956 - Memorial meeting, N.Y., 1963


Onody, Desider de


Ordass, Lajos Bishop


Oszlanyi, Robert


Padanyi-Gulyas, Bela




Palestine-Arab delegation at the United Nations, N.Y.


Paloczi-Horvath, Gyorgy


Papp, Gyula


Pasztor, Laszlo


Peaceful coexistence




Eastern Europe




Petofi Kor


Pfeiffer, Zoltan


Pogany, Andras






Treasures to be sent back by Quebeck


Pompidou, Georges


Powell, Paul


Prohaszka, Ottokar


Push, Ludovik

Box 19

Radvanszky, Baron Antal


Rakosi, Matyas


Rattkay, R. Kalman






School prayer


Republican National Committee, Washington, D.C.


Republican National Committee, Nationalities Division, Hungarian Section, State of Illinois


Revay, Istvan




Reynaud, Paul




Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, 1939


Romania - Politics and government


Roosevelt, Franklin D.




Communist party


Concentration camps - Maps


Foreign relations - China




Naval power


Politics and government






Khrushchev removes Molotov and others


Soviet memorandum, December 27, 1961, Reply to

Box 20

Salazar, Antonio de Oliveira


Sandor, Laszlo


Schell, Peter


Schwarz, Rudolf




Sermon on the Mount


Sigray, Count Antal


Simonfay, Ferenc


Skadegard, Povl




Smith, Truman




Sopron University in British Columbia


South Africa


Speer, Albert






Russian - Great Britain, 1971


West-German - West Germany


Sri Lanka


Stalin, Joseph




As Czarist spy


Reply to the Chief Correspondent of the British Reuters Agency, May 28, 1943


Stalingrad, Battle of, 1942-1943


Stimme der Freiheit, November-December 1969 and February 1971


Strauss, Franz Josef




Suicide - Hungary


Sulyok, Dezso


Sulzberger, Charles L.


Sun Tsu, the 13 points of


Suranyi-Unger, Theodor


Switzwerland - Army


Szabad Magyar Jogaszok Szovetsege (Federation of Free Hungarian Lawyers)


Szabad Magyar Mozgalom (Free Hungarian Movement)


Colorado Chapter


New York, N.Y., September 27, 1941


Szabad Magyar Szemle (Free Hungarian Review)


Szabad Magyarok Vilagszovetsege (World Federation of Free Hungarians)


Szabad Magyarorszag Nemzeti Kepviselete (National Representation of Free Hungary)


Szabadsagert Kuzdok Egyesulete (Union of Freedom Fighters)


Szabo, Miklos






Szalas, Sandor


Szamoskozi, Istvan


Szatmari, Jeno


Szechenyi, Count Charles


Szechenyi, Istvan - Dinners given in honor of


New York, December 2, 1955


November 20, 1971


Szechenyi Istvan Cserkesz Szabadegyetem (Stephen Szechenyi Boyscout Free University)


Szemle: Tudomanyos Irodalmi es Muveszeti Folyoirat (Szemle: A scientific literary and artistic journal


Szent-Gyorgyi, Albert


Szent Istvan (St. Stephen's Day), August 20, 1952 and 1961


Szent Istvan Emlekbizottsag Anket (St. Stephen Conference of Commemorative Committee), January 24-25, 1970


Szent-Ivanyi, Sandor


Szent Korona (The Holy Crown)

Box 21

Szeredas, Jeno


Slovak Vilagkongresszus (World Congress of Slovakians), 1971


Tabori, Gyorgy


Tartasdijegyezmeny (Nemzetkozi) es a Magyar Emigransok (The (International) Maintenance Fund and the Hungarian immigrants)


Teaching, freedom of


Teleki, Count Geza


Teleki, Count Pal






Three-Power Conference, Moscow, December 16-26, 1945 - Joint communique




Tildy, Zoltan


Tisza, Count Istvan


Tito, Joseph


Tollas, Tibor

Box 22



Erdely Vedelmeben Mozgalom (Movement in Defense of Transylvania)


Erdelyi Tajekoztato (The Transylvanian Informer)


Ethnographic Map of Hungary


Hungarians - Persecution of


O'Konskj, Alvin E. "The Historical Background of the Transylvanian Question," U.S. Congressional Record


Szent Ivanyi, Sandor. Vallasszabadsag Erdelyben Egykor es Most


Trials (Political crimes and offenses)






Trianon, Peace Treaty of (June 4, 1920) - Commemoration




Butztown, Pennsylvania


New York City






Round Table Discussion


Trotsky, Leon


Truman, Harry S.






Tyler, William R. - Statement, and the cause of captive nations


Ugron, Gabor


Uj Magyar Ut (The New Hungarian Way)


Ukrainian Congress Committee of America


United Nations




Membership - Admission of new members, 1955


Hungarian Revolution, 1956


General Assembly


12th session, 1957


13th session, 1958




25th Anniversary session - Nixon's Address, 1970

Box 23

United States




Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776


Elections, 1968


Foreign policy (reappraisal)


Foreign relations




Great Britain












Summit meeting, 1960


Policy mistakes


Vangel, Gyula


Varga, Bela


Varga, Laszlo


Vasvary, Odon






Veres, Peter


Vietnam, South


Vietnamese Conflict






Volt Politikai Foglyok Szovetsege (Federation of Former Political Prisoners)


Wallace, George


Warren, Earl


Warsaw Pact, 1955


Wass, Albert


William Penn Fraternal Association


Winnipeg Hungarian Literary Circle, 1961-1962


Wittfogel, Karl A.

Box 24

Women's National Press Club


World politics, 1945-


World Radio University




Letters from France, 1940-1941, nos. 1-12


Yalta Conference, 1945


The Young Magyar-American, N.Y., July 1938




Zelloy, Karoly


Zilahi, Lajos





Box 24

Clippings - Hungarian


Phonorecords (45 rpm records in Hungarian) - Hungarian National Council, 1952


September 18 (3)




1 (2)


2 (11)


10 (9)


15 (7)


28 (8)




25 (9)


26 (6)