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Finding aid to Scrapbooks of Photographs and Cartoons Dealing with the Spanish-American War from the Graupner Family Papers, 1898-1899
BANC PIC 1964.026--fALB and BANC PIC 1964.066--PIC  
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Scrapbook assembled in 1899


[No. 1-20. Camp Merritt]


Camp Merritt was located in the City and County of San Francisco, in the district lying North of Golden Gate Park, and bounded by Fulton Street, First Avenue, Point Lobos Avenue, and Fifth Avenue. The Camp was named after General Merritt, the first Governor General of the Philippine Islands. Most of the Troops intended for the Phillipines were encamped there.

Troops coming off the Oakland Ferry and marching to the Red Cross Headquarters BANC PIC 1964.026:001--fALB


Camp Merritt from the West BANC PIC 1964.026:002--fALB


Company Inspection 1st Montana Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:003--fALB


Brigadier General Charles H. King, U.S.V. and Staff BANC PIC 1964.026:004--fALB


Brigadier General Otis and staff marching down Market Street to embark for the Phillipines BANC PIC 1964.026:005--fALB


Cook Tent, 1st Montana Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:006--fALB


Mascot of the 1st Montana Volunteers "Abe"


BANC PIC 1964.026:007--fALB


BANC PIC 1964.026:008--fALB


Mascot of the 1st North Dakota Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:009--fALB


51st Iowa Volunteers on parade, July 4, 1898 BANC PIC 1964.026:010--fALB


Batter "A" Utah Volunteers relieving the guard BANC PIC 1964.026:011--fALB


Battery "A" Utah Volunteers at Drill BANC PIC 1964.026:012--fALB


Battery "A" Utah Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:013--fALB


Mascot "William Jennings Bryan" of the 1st Nebraska Volunteers. This Eagle was named after the giver. BANC PIC 1964.026:014--fALB


Battalion Drill 1st Nebraska Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:015--fALB


Guard Tent of the 1st Nebraska Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:016--fALB


1st Tennessee Volunteers on parade July 4, 1898 BANC PIC 1964.026:017--fALB


1st Tennessee Vols. [Volunteers] Company Inspection BANC PIC 1964.026:018--fALB


Sentry 1st Tennessee Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:019--fALB


The Old Guard awaiting the new 1st Tennessee Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:020--fALB


[No. 21-30. 20th Kansas Volunteers]


The 20th Kansas Volunteers arrived at Camp Merritt totally devoid of uniforms and discipline. Their Commander, Colonel Funston, joined them after their arrival and in a remarkably short space of time he developed them into diciplined [sic] soldiers. Colonel Funston had served with the Cuban Army during their war. The "20th" served with distinction in the Phillipine campaign and Colonel Funston was promoted for bravery displayed in battle.

20th Kansas Volunteers immediately after their arrival at Camp Merritt BANC PIC 1964.026:021--fALB


20th Kansas Volunteers marching from Guard Mount BANC PIC 1964.026:022--fALB


20th Kansas Volunteers no Dress Parade


BANC PIC 1964.026:023--fALB


BANC PIC 1964.026:024--fALB


Skirmish Drill 20th Kansas Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:025--fALB


Camp of the 1st Colorado Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:025b--fALB


Dress Parade 1st Colorado Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:026--fALB


1st Colorado Volunteers in heavy marching order ready to march to the ferry to embark for the Phillipines BANC PIC 1964.026:027--fALB


Camp Visitors BANC PIC 1964.026:028--fALB


1st California Volunteers marching down Golden Gate Avenue to embark for the Phillipines. The 1st California Volunteers were the first troops ever sent by the United States to invade foreign territory in the other Hemisphere.


BANC PIC 1964.026:029--fALB


BANC PIC 1964.026:030--fALB


[No. 31-36. 7th Regiment of California Volunteers]


The 7th Regiment of California Volunteers was organized in the southern portion of California and was, before being mustered into the service of the United States, the 7th Regiment, National Guard of California. This regiment was never permitted to leave the state and after spending a long perior [sic] in camp was mustered out.

7th California Vols. [Volunteers] May 30th, 1898 BANC PIC 1964.026:031--fALB


Mascot of the 7th California Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:032--fALB


In line for mess; 7th California Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:033--fALB


1st New York Volunteers on the march BANC PIC 1964.026:034--fALB


Guard Mount 7th California Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:035--fALB


Around the Guard fire 7th California Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:036--fALB


[No. 37-45 The Astor Battery]


The Astor Battery was so called for the reason that it was entirely uniformed and equipped by Colonel John Jacob Astor. It was officered by officers from the regular Army and was composed mostly of men from the different eastern colleges. The Battery saw services in the Phillipines and participated in the capture of the City of Manila. The pictures were taken while the Battery was in camp at Camp Merritt.

The Camp of the Astor Battery BANC PIC 1964.026:037--fALB


The Astor Battery BANC PIC 1964.026:038--fALB


The Cook Tent BANC PIC 1964.026:039--fALB


Drilling without gun mules


BANC PIC 1964.026:040--fALB


BANC PIC 1964.026:041--fALB


One of the Hotchkiss Howitzers BANC PIC 1964.026:042--fALB


In line on pay day BANC PIC 1964.026:043--fALB


Already [sic] to march to embark on the Transport Newport BANC PIC 1964.026:044--fALB


Breaking Camp BANC PIC 1964.026:045--fALB


[No. 46-70. Troop "A" Nevada Volunteers]


Troop "A" Nevada Volunteers. This troop was raised among the Nevada Cow Boys and saw rough service in the Phillipine Islands during the war against the natives.

Entrance to Camp BANC PIC 1964.026:046--fALB


[Number not used] BANC PIC 1964.026:047--fALB

Additional Note

Image was not digitized

The Picket Rope BANC PIC 1964.026:048--fALB


Practicing in Throwing Horses BANC PIC 1964.026:049--fALB


Troop ready to be Dismissed BANC PIC 1964.026:050--fALB


Troop "A" on the march BANC PIC 1964.026:051--fALB


Filing into Camp after Drill BANC PIC 1964.026:052--fALB


Troop at Drill BANC PIC 1964.026:053--fALB


At mess, 13th Minnesota Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:054--fALB


In line for mess 13th Minnesota Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:055--fALB


A company mess cook 13th Minnesota Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:056--fALB


Ready for tent inspection 13th Minnesota Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:057--fALB


13th Minnesota Vols. [Volunteers] returning from drill BANC PIC 1964.026:058--fALB


Dismissing a company after drill, 13th Minnesota Volunteers


BANC PIC 1964.026:059--fALB


BANC PIC 1964.026:060--fALB


Camp fun - Hotel de Hog. 13th Minnesota Volunteers


BANC PIC 1964.026:061--fALB


BANC PIC 1964.026:062--fALB


Wash day among the 13th Minnesota Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:063--fALB


The relieved sentries sleeping. 13th Minnesota Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:064--fALB


Relieving the Guard BANC PIC 1964.026:065--fALB


Awkward Squad 23rd Infantry BANC PIC 1964.026:066--fALB


Hospital Tents 18th Regulars BANC PIC 1964.026:067--fALB


Bayonet Exercise 18th Infantry BANC PIC 1964.026:068--fALB


18th Infantry leaving camp to embark for the Phillipines BANC PIC 1964.026:069--fALB


18th Infantry on their way to the Transports BANC PIC 1964.026:070--fALB


[No. 71-88. The 14th Regiment of Regular Infantry]


The 14th Regiment of Regular Infantry was recruited mostly in San Francisco and was composed mostly of College men and Clerks. They saw extended service in the Phillipines.

Camp of 14th Regulars BANC PIC 1964.026:071--fALB


Company Street, 14th Infantry


BANC PIC 1964.026:072--fALB


BANC PIC 1964.026:073--fALB


The Camp Barber 14th Infantry BANC PIC 1964.026:074--fALB


Setting Up Exercises, 14th Infantry Recruits BANC PIC 1964.026:075--fALB


Coyote Mascot 14th Infantry BANC PIC 1964.026:076--fALB


Returning from Drill 14th Infantry BANC PIC 1964.026:077--fALB


Company F, 14th Infantry in heavy marching Order BANC PIC 1964.026:078--fALB


14th Infantry in heaving marching order, ready to march to the transports BANC PIC 1964.026:079--fALB


Corporal Emory Smith and Private Walter Turnbull, 14th Infantry BANC PIC 1964.026:080--fALB


14th Infantry, Breaking Camp BANC PIC 1964.026:081--fALB


14th Infantry on the march, to go on board the transport BANC PIC 1964.026:082--fALB


Major Robe, commanding officer of detachment of 14th Infantry at Camp Merritt, at the head of the column on the march BANC PIC 1964.026:083--fALB


Guard Tent 13th Minnesota Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:084--fALB


Getting ready to go on Guard; 13th Minnesota Volunteers BANC PIC 1964.026:085--fALB


Filing into Camp 13th Minnesota Vols. [Volunteers] BANC PIC 1964.026:086--fALB


Marching away to war BANC PIC 1964.026:087--fALB


Troops landing from the Ferry Boat BANC PIC 1964.026:088--fALB


[No. 89-96 at the Presidio]


When the locality of Camp Merritt was found to be unhealthy the remaining troops were moved to the Presidio and camped there.

Lieutenant Joseph Morse Battery "D", California Volunteer Heavy Artillery BANC PIC 1964.026:089--fALB


Some of the Non Commissioned Officers of Battery "D" BANC PIC 1964.026:090--fALB


The Buglers BANC PIC 1964.026:091--fALB


Camp of the 1st Tennessee Volunteers after moving from Camp Merritt to the Presidio


BANC PIC 1964.026:092--fALB


BANC PIC 1964.026:093--fALB


BANC PIC 1964.026:094--fALB


The Mascot BANC PIC 1964.026:095--fALB


Battalion 1st Volunteer Engineers at Drill BANC PIC 1964.026:096--fALB


[No. 97-99. The Red Cross Society]


The Red Cross Society had a branch in the State of California who did a great deal in furnishing the Troops bound for the Phillipines with necessities and luxuries. They had a branch headquarters in the Union Ferry Depot and fed all the incoming Troops.

Lunch Counter in the Red Cross Rooms BANC PIC 1964.026:097--fALB


Outside the Red Cross Headquarters at the Ferry BANC PIC 1964.026:098--fALB


Reading Room of the Red Cross Society BANC PIC 1964.026:099--fALB


[No. 100-138 Spanish and Austrian Cartoons on the War]


S. F. [San Francisco] Evening Bulletin, April 16, 1898, after destruction of U. S. Battleship Maine in Havana Harbor BANC PIC 1964.026:100--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, April 28, 1898, Pending hostilities BANC PIC 1964.026:101--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, April 30, 1898, after the destruction of the California Powder Works, Santa Cruz, by explosion BANC PIC 1964.026:102--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, May 7, 1898, Spanish Riots caused by financial panic BANC PIC 1964.026:103--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, May 9, 1898, after battle of Manila Bay BANC PIC 1964.026:104--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, May 9, 1898, after battle of Manila Bay BANC PIC 1964.026:105--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, May 16, 1898, after departure of Cervera's Fleet from Spain for Cuban waters BANC PIC 1964.026:106--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, May 26, 1898, departure of the First California Volunteers For Manila, P.I. BANC PIC 1964.026:107--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 3, 1898, on friendly relations existing between the United States and England BANC PIC 1964.026:108--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 4, 1898, Run on the Bank of Spain BANC PIC 1964.026:109--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 5, 1898, after sinking of the Collier Merrimac in the entrance of Santiago Harbor BANC PIC 1964.026:110--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 6, 1898, after sinking of Merrimac and imprisonment of Lieutenant Hobson in the Morro Castle BANC PIC 1964.026:111--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 8, 1898, Bombardment of forts at Santiago, Cuba BANC PIC 1964.026:112--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 11, 1898, bombardment of forts at Santiago, Cuba BANC PIC 1964.026:113--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 13, 1898, after battle of Guantanamo BANC PIC 1964.026:114--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 14, 1898, after Sagasta's Note to the powers saying that Spain was full of hope BANC PIC 1964.026:115--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 18, 1898 Spain's endeavor to organize a fleet for Admiral Camara BANC PIC 1964.026:116--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 25, 1898, Copied from New York Journal BANC PIC 1964.026:117--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 30, 1898, inability of Spain to obtain a supply of coal for her navy BANC PIC 1964.026:118--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, July 5, 1898, after July 4 Celebration of the destruction of Admiral Cervera's fleet BANC PIC 1964.026:119--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, July 15, 1898, after overtures for surrender of Santiago De Cuba BANC PIC 1964.026:120--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, July 16, 1898, after overtured for surrender of Santiago de Cuba BANC PIC 1964.026:121--fALB


Examiner July 22, 1898, German interference in the Phillipines BANC PIC 1964.026:122--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, July 27, 1898, after peace overtures were made by the French Ambassador BANC PIC 1964.026:123--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, July 27, 1898, after peace overtures were made by the French Ambassador BANC PIC 1964.026:124--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, August 2, 1898 belligerent attitude of Aguinaldo and Phillipinos BANC PIC 1964.026:125--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, August 6, 1898, belligerent attitude of Aguinaldo and the natives around Manila BANC PIC 1964.026:126--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, August 9, 1898 BANC PIC 1964.026:127--fALB


N.Y. [New York] World, General Toral's departure from Santiago de Cuba for Spain, after the surrender BANC PIC 1964.026:128--fALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1964.026:129--fALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1964.026:130--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, September 4th, 1898 BANC PIC 1964.026:131--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Chronicle September 4th, 1898 BANC PIC 1964.026:132--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner BANC PIC 1964.026:133--fALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1964.026:134--fALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1964.026:135--fALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1964.026:136--fALB


Spanish Cartoons on the situation BANC PIC 1964.026:137--fALB


S. F. [San Francisco] Examiner, December 5, 1898, Phillipine Rebellion BANC PIC 1964.026:138--fALB


Scrapbook assembled in 1898


Bugle Echoes, 1898 [cover] BANC PIC 1964.066:001--PIC


June 15. The second Philippine Expedition leaves for Manila. Transports China, Colon, Zealandia and Senator commanded by Gen. F. V. Greene. BANC PIC 1964.066:002.1--PIC


Flag ship China with 1st Colorado Volunteers. BANC PIC 1964.066:002.2--PIC


Company inspection. Co. "B," 1st Montana Vols. BANC PIC 1964.066:003.1--PIC


Battery "A" Utah Vols. BANC PIC 1964.066:003.2--PIC


Kilchen Co. "G," N. Dakota Vols. BANC PIC 1964.066:003.3--PIC


Troop "A," Utah Vols.: In line. BANC PIC 1964.066:004.1--PIC


Troop "A," Utah Vols.: The camp. BANC PIC 1964.066:004.2--PIC


The "Astor Battery." This Battery was entirely equipped by Col. John Jacob Astor. The camp. BANC PIC 1964.066:005.1--PIC


The "Astor Battery." This Battery was entirely equipped by Col. John Jacob Astor. The kitchen BANC PIC 1964.066:005.2--PIC


The "Astor Battery." This Battery was entirely equipped by Col. John Jacob Astor. In line on pay-day. BANC PIC 1964.066:005.3--PIC


Troops of the Second Phillipine Expedition breaking camp. 18th Regulars marching out of camp. BANC PIC 1964.066:006.1--PIC


Troops of the Second Phillipine Expedition breaking camp. 23rd Regulars leaving camp. BANC PIC 1964.066:006.2--PIC


Troops of the Second Phillipine Expedition breaking camp. 1st Colorado Vol's. falling-in. BANC PIC 1964.066:006.3--PIC


The Colon [ship] BANC PIC 1964.066:007.1--PIC


The Colon [ship] BANC PIC 1964.066:007.2--PIC


The China [ship]. Receiving visitors. BANC PIC 1964.066:008.1--PIC


The China [ship]. In the stream. BANC PIC 1964.066:008.2--PIC


Mess. 7th Cal. Volunteers.


BANC PIC 1964.066:009.1--PIC


BANC PIC 1964.066:009.2--PIC


Mess. 14th Infantry. BANC PIC 1964.066:009.3--PIC


Troop "A." Filing into camp. BANC PIC 1964.066:010.1--PIC


Troop "A." Fall-in. BANC PIC 1964.066:010.2--PIC


Troop "A." Throwing horses. BANC PIC 1964.066:010.3--PIC


13th Minnesota Volunteers. Arms port. BANC PIC 1964.066:011.1--PIC


13th Minnesota Volunteers. Company dismissed. BANC PIC 1964.066:011.2--PIC


13th Minnesota Volunteers. Camp from 12 W. BANC PIC 1964.066:011.3--PIC


The "Astor Battery." At drill. BANC PIC 1964.066:012.1--PIC


The "Astor Battery." Breaking camp to embark on the Newport. BANC PIC 1964.066:012.2--PIC


The "Astor Battery." One of the Hotchkiss guns. BANC PIC 1964.066:012.3--PIC


May 25th, 1898. The first Phillipine Expedition consisting of the 1st California Volunteers and the 2nd Oregon Volunteers left on the transports City of Pekin, City of Sydney and Australia. Gen. T. M. Anderson commanding. 1st California Vols. marching down Golden Gate Av. to embark on the City of Pekin, May 23rd.


BANC PIC 1964.066:013.1--PIC


BANC PIC 1964.066:013.2--PIC


Privates Smith and Turnbull, 18th Infantry. BANC PIC 1964.066:014.1--PIC


Hospital tents, 23rd Inf't. [Infantry] BANC PIC 1964.066:014.2--PIC


Hospital tents, 23rd Inf't. [Infantry] BANC PIC 1964.066:014.3--PIC


The Colon starting off.


BANC PIC 1964.066:015.1--PIC


BANC PIC 1964.066:015.2--PIC


Catching oranges thrown from tugs. The Zealandia. BANC PIC 1964.066:016.1--PIC


Catching oranges thrown from tugs. The China. BANC PIC 1964.066:016.2--PIC