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Guide to the Yamato Ichihashi Papers
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Box 1, Folder 1

Biographical material; newspaper clippings concerning Japan's seizure of Manchukuo and Ichihashi's views on the possibility of war.

Physical Description: Several documents and papers in Japanese.
Box 1, Folder 2

Foreign relations between Japan and the West, including the United States


The Nation, concerning the Shantung question 20-Sep-19


Speech made by Baron Kato at Mr. Balfour's residence, 19-Dec-21


Report on objects, organization, procedure and personnel of Washington Conference; "The Washington Conference and After, An Historical Survey," by Yamato Ichihashi, 1928

Box 1, Folder 3

Washington Arms limitation talks, 1921-22


Uncorrected texts from Washington Arms limitation talks, 1921-22


List of Japanese delegates


"The World Views of the Japanese People in the face of the Washington Conference" by Takashi Hara


Typescripts of speeches made by members of the Japanese delegation to clubs and organizations


Baron Kato's speech at the second session of the Conference, 15-Nov-21


Baron Kato's speech at the third plenary session, 21-Nov-21


Memorandum of committee of Naval Technical advisors, Washington, D.C, 23-Nov-21


Sub-committee on Limitation of Armaments, first meeting, Dec 15, 1921


Subcommittee on Naval Limitation, third meeting, 17-Dec-21


Conference press release, 20-Dec-21


Mr. Hanikara's remarks at the full committee on the limitation of Armaments, Dec 22, Dec 28, 1921


Committee on Limitation of Armament and sub-committee on naval Limitation, Dec 28, Dec 29, 1921


Kato's speech, 30-Dec-21

Box 1, Folder 4

Washington Limitation of Armament Conference:


Resolutions, Adoptées par la Commission des Questions du Pacífíque et de l'Extrême-Oriental par la Conference


Extrait du Compte-Rendu de la Cinquieme Seance Sous-Commission des Quinze sur la Limitation Navale le 25 Janvier, 1922


Compte-Rendu de la Déclaration de M. Sarraut


T.L. Ichihashi to E.D. Adams, Stanford, 8-Feb-22


Address of President Harding, undated


"Thoughts on certain phases of Japanese American relationships" undated


Several undated speeches presumably made by members of the Japanese delegation

Box 1, Folder 5

Institute of Pacific Relations, Feb-Jul 2, 1925


List of Attendants at Institute of Pacific Relations Discussion, N.Y. Yale Club, 22-Feb-25


Letter concerning plans for upcoming institute to be held in Honolulu, T.L. May 19, 1925


Address by Dr. Arthur L. Dean, June 30, 1925


Bibliography, alphabetically by title


Members of the institute, who's who in the Institute of Pacific Relations


Booklet of the Institute held in Honolulu


Information on Daily meditation, delegates of the American Group, officers and counselors of American Group


Statement of Australia's point of view


Outline of Canadian point of view


Outline of Chinese view of Pacific Relations


Outline of problems confronting Japan; Korea


Outline of statements for New Zealand


Outline of problem of the Philippines


Outline of the statement from the point of view of the United States


The important problems involved in Pacific relations from the viewpoint of Hawaii


Opening paper on Korea by Hugh Cynn, General Secretary, YMCA, Korea


Pacific Situation from the viewpoint of Hawaii by Romanzo Adams, professor, Univ. of Hawaii


Canada by John Nelson


A Chinese View of Pacific Relations by T.Z. Koo


Preliminary statement for the United States by Ray Lyman Wilbur


"The Far Reaching Effects of the Industrialization of the Far East", by C.C. Batchelder


"The Viewpoint of the Philippines" by Conrado Benitez


Opening Statement for Japan by Dr. M. Sawayanagi


"Industrialization of Japan" by Eakashi Komatsu


"Application of the Teachings of Jesus to Interracial and International Problems" by D.J. Fleming


"The Industrialization of China" by S.N. An-Young


American law in regard to Immigration, Landownership and citizenship by Payson J. Treat


"Buddhism facing Modern Inter-Racial and International Relations" by Professor M. Anesaki

Box 1, Folder 6

Speeches delivered at Institute of Pacific Relations, 1925


"The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Industrialization of China" by S.T. Wen


"The Governmental Organization of New Zealand," by J.B. Gow


"Chinese Immigration in the Pacific" by T.A Chen


"The Economic Aspects of Immigration in the Pacific," by C.C. Batchelder


"Immigration in the South Pacific" by Stephen H. Roberts


"Historical Survey of Oriental Immigration: Origin, Nature and Development," by Payson W. Treat


"The Race Relation Survey on the Pacific Coast" by Dr. Robert E. Park


"What China Desires to see Rectified in her International Relationships," by Ta Chen


Address of President Ray Lyman Wilbur at Rotary Club, Honolulu, July 7, 1925


"The Economic Aspects of Immigration," round table discussions


"Standards of Living in the Pacific" round-table discussion


Origin, operation and accomplishments of the Honolulu institute Conference


Institute of Pacific Relations, Extracts from letters received from members, Dec 26, 1925

Box 1, Folder 7

Institute of Pacific Relations. 1926 and undated


Asilomar meeting, agenda 1926


"Japan and World Relations," by David Starr Jordan, undated


"Westernized Japan" by Yamato Ichihashi


"The Racial Superiority"


"Abstract of Dr. Sawayangi's statement"


Outlines and texts of a series of lectures on Japan presumably by Ichihashi.

Box 2, Folder 1

Studies of Japanese in the United States 1915-31:


Japanese Immigration, Its Status in California by Ichihashi, 1915


Letters concerning Ichihashi's book of immigration; anti-Japanese immigration pamphlets circa 1920


"The California Alien Land Law and its Effect" by T. Takimoto, 1924


Studies made by Ichihashi on immigration restriction of orientals in the late 1920's and 1930's


Interviews with School principals in Calif. discussing Japanese enrollment


Statistics on Japanese in Walnut Grove, California


Japanese in Fresno County


American feeling toward the Japanese in Los Angeles ca1924


Japanese in other Western states

Box 2, Folder 2

Studies of Japanese in the United States:


Study of Japanese in the San Francisco florist business


Japanese in the San Joaquin delta region


"Supplementary report on the Japanese in the Watsonville District," by Y. Ichihashi


Studies of other writers works concerning Japanese immigration to the U.S.


Study of the situation of Japanese Nursery and its related business in San Francisco and the Bay Region


Law for Protecting Imin (Emigrants)


Annual reports of Commissioner- General of Immigration 1900-07


Japanese on the Pacific Coast


"Some aspects of the Second Generation Japanese Problem in the United States"


Letter to President Woodrow Wilson (Undated and signed The Japanese Association of America) concerning the plight of Japanese in the United States

Box 2, Folder 3

Round table discussions, (held at Yosemite National Park, California) 1936:


Round table topic II - Japan - August 18-20


Entertainment notices


Roundtable topic III - U.S.S.R. - August 21


Peace Machinery in the Pacific" by Kenkichi Yoshizawa

Box 2, Folder 4

Correspondence, 1920-42 and undated




ALS. Lloyd M. Crosgrave to Ichihashi, 24-Mar-20


T.L. Ichihashi to Professor Anesaki, June 5, 1924


T.L.S. George S. Mizota, Tokyo, Japan to Ichihashi, 8-Nov-29


T.L. Charles G. Gardner to Ray Lyman Wilbur, 19-Sep-36


T.L.S. Ray Lyman Wilbur to Ichihashi, 21-Oct-36


Rockefeller Foundation:


T.L.S. Ray Lyman Wilbur to Ichihashi, 19-Oct-36


T.L.S. Ray Lyman Wilbur to Ichihashi, 21-Oct-36


T.L. Ichihashi to Ray Lyman Wilbur, 25-Oct-36


T.L. Ichihashi to Ray Lyman Wilbur, May 31, 1937


T.L. David R. Stevens to Ray Lyman Wilbur, June 16, 1937


T.L.S. Ray Lyman Wilbur to Ichihashi, June 18, 1937


T.L. Ichihashi, to Ray Lyman Wilbur, July 11, 1937


T.L. Ray Lyman Wilbur to A.F. Wright, June 20, 1937


T.L. Ray Lyman Wilbur to David H. Stevens, June 20, 1937


Oriental studies:


T.L.S. Warren D. Allen to Vincent Canzoneri, re: Oriental Music Instructor. May 8, 1941,


T.L.S. W. D. Allen to Ray Lyman Wilbur, re: study of oriental music. May 8, 1941,


T.L.S. Ray Lyman Wilbur to Ichihashi, re: appointment to Committee on Research. May 29, 1941,


T.L.S. Inez G. Richardson, Hoover Library, to Ichihashi, 13-Oct-41


T.L.S. Ralph H. Lutz, Hoover Library, to Ichihashi, re: oriental history readings. Mar 2, 1942

Box 2, Folder 5

Articles, reviews and talks by Ichihashi:


Fourth of July speech at San Jose, 1917;


Japanese Appreciation of American Diplomacy, 1918;


The War and Japanese Intellectuals, 1918


Westernized Japan, Jan-19


Admiral Baron Kato, New Premier of Japan, Aug-22


Count Yamamoto, New Prime Minister of Japan, Nov-23


Review, Jan 1925;


The Eventful Era of Taisho, Feb 1927;


Japan's Influence and Interests in China, March 1928;


Review of Japan's Economic Position by John E. Orchard, 1930;


Review of Food Supply and Raw Materials in Japan by E.F. Penrose, 1930


Speech "One London Naval Conference," May 2, 1930


Review of Japan's Special Position in Manchuria by C. Walter Young, 1931


Review of Japan, An Economic and Financial Appraisal by Harold G. Moulton, 1931


Article "Economic Life in Japan" by Ichihashi, Nov, 1931


"Living Art" by Ichihashi, 1935


Review of Japanese Trade and Industry, 1936


Review of The Industry and Trade of Japan by S. Uyehara, 1936


Series of newspaper clippings re: Ichihashi speech in 1938


Speech "Japanese American Relations" October 3, 1938

Box 2, Folder 6

Article, reviews and speeches by Ichihashi, undated, and many untitled:


"Japan and the War"


"Modern Japan as I see it"


"Some of the More Obvious Changes I saw in Japan"


"The Future of Western Civilization in Japan - Relatons between Japan and Foreigners";


"The Awakening of the Orient"


"Japanese Catastrophe and American Humanitarianism"


"Common-Sense in International Relations"


"The Pacific and the Orient"


"The Currency System of Japan"


"The Man from the East"


"Japanese Women"


"Study of Economics in Japan"


"A Leaf from my notebook"


"Understanding Japan"


"Americanizing the Japanese"


"Will Adams, the English Pioneer in Japan"

Box 2, Folder 7

Reviews, articles and speeches by Ichihashi, undated:


"The Imperial Family of Japan"


"The Reign of the Emperor Yoshihito, the Era of Taisho"


Review of The Japanese Population Problem by W.R. Crocker


Review of Economic Aspects of the History Of the Civilization of Japan

Box 3, Folder 1

Outline for History 116 - the History of Japan

Box 3, Folder 2

Outline for Economics I

Box 3, Folder 3

Outline for History 169 - History of Japanese Civilization

Box 3, Folder 4

History Department correspondence, meetings and circular letters graduate study committee 1929-32,

Box 3, Folder 5

Student Papers, 1921-1924:


"Admiral Baron T. Kato" by J. B. Millet, 1921


"The Thirty-Six views of Fuji-Yama" by Harrison Chandler


"A Quota for Japan?" by Reginald Bell;


"The Twenty-One Demands as made by Japan on China in 1915" by N.T. Nowell, 1923;


"Japanese Conception of Family and its Influence upon the Government" by Harriett Greenwood, 1924


"The Japanese Mikado versus the English King" by Hal Rorke, 1924

Box 3, Folder 6

Student Papers, 1925-1938:


"Important Events in China-Japanese Relations from 1894 to 1924 stressing the Shantung Question" by Elizabeth Renton, 1925


"The Organization, Composition and Budgetary Procedure in the Imperial Diet of Japan" by Victor Hunt Harding, 1925


"The Submarine Question at the Washington Conference," by Ellen Mead, 1925


"The Imperial Diet of Japan" by Inez Grosfield, 1926


"The Development of Japan's Trade Since 1913" by Clem Imost, 1936


"Literary Creations by Women of the Heian Period" by Audrey Brumfield, 1938


Series of essays on Japanese government and foreign affairs by Norris N. Everett, 1938

Box 3, Folder 8

Student Papers: Delmer Brown, 1939


"Application of the Kellogg Pact to the Manchurian Incident of 1931" by Delmer M. Brown, 1939


"Political Factors Underlying the Marked Development of National Unity in Japan between 1573 and 1598" by Delmer Brown, 1939

Box 4, Folder 1

Student Papers, authors B - K, 1939:


"The Mongol Invasion of Japan" by Frank Bush, 1939


"The Hokku" by Jean Campbell, 1939


"The Rise of the Military Families Taira and Minamoto" by W. Doheny, 1939


"Pictoral Art of the Ashikaga Period" by Ruth Harris, 1939


"American Policy toward the Manchurian Incident" by Tsuneo Buddy Iwata, 1939


"The Historical Significance of the Japanese Isolation Policy 1638-1854" by Don P. Kennedy, 1939

Box 4, Folder 2

Student Papers, authors L - S, 1939-1940:


"The Open Door" by Phyllis Ladensohn, 1939


"Cabinet-Diet Relationship, 1884 to 1938," by Dallas A. Tueller, 1939


"Roman Catholic Christianity in Japan 1549-1638" by Masago Shibuya, 1940

Box 4, Folder 3

Student Papers, 1941-1942:


"Japanese Haiku Poetry" by Matsuye Takeshita, 1941


"Far Eastern Agreements of the Washington Conference" by Matsuye Takeshita, 1941


"The Internal Economic Structure of Japan and Her International Economic Position" by Walter A. Radius, 1942

Box 4, Folder 4

Student Papers, authors A - H; undated:


"The Russo-Japanese Conflict Negotiations" by K. Asakawa


"Life of Hideyoshi" by Muriel Bogge


"The Operation of the Gentlemen's Agreement between 1911 and 1921" by Carol Gray


"Government of Japan" by William E. Hagen

Box 4, Folder 5

Student Papers, authors I - T, undated:


Series of papers on Japanese Government by Buddy Iwata


"Japanese Poetry and its Influence upon the Imagist School of Europe and America" by Kay Kitagawa


"The Imperial Prerogatives of the Japanese Emperor" by Ethel Oliver


"The Romance of a Sixteenth Century Adventurer, Mendes Pinto, In East Asia," by Matsuye Takeshita

Box 4, Folder 6

Student Papers, authors V and unknown, undated:


"Federal Action Concerning Japanese Immigration" by Mary Valentine


"Development of the Constitution"


"The Japanese Woman in the Home"


"The Downfall of the Shogunate and the Restoration of the Imperial Regime, 1868."

Box 4, Folder 7

Miscellaneous Papers:


"Japan and Future Labor Legislation"


"The Body Build of American-Born Japanese Children" by P.M. Suski, M.D., 1933

Box 5, Folder 1

War Relocation - 1942


2 Receipts for U.S. War Savings Bonds purchased by Ichihashi, April 8, May 8, 1942


Information bulletin concerning living routines at relocation assembly center, May 26, 1942


Report on Conditions at Manzanar Relocation Center, May 26, 1942


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson and Jessie Treat, re: conditions at Manzanar. June 7, 1942


American Citizens' Reaction to the War Relocation Work Corps, June 1, 1942


"Concentration Camp: U.S. Style" by Ted Nakashima June 15, 1942


National Student Relocation Council questionnaire, June 23, 1942


T.L. Ichihashi to Dr. Wilbur, re: conditions at relocation center. July 3, 1942


T.L.S. Ichihashi to L.W. Frader, assistant manager, Santa Anita Assembly Center, re: Japanese books in Ichihashi's possession. July 10, 1942


Request for repatriation form, 18-Jul-42


T.L.S. Howard H. Quint to Ichihashi, re: happenings at Stanford July 21, 1942


T.L.S. Edgar E. Robinson, Acting President, Stanford University, to Ichihashi, re: letter of recommendation Robinson wrote on behalf of Ichihashi concerning relocation to Tule Lake July 23, 1942


Manual for Block Representatives, Tule Lake, July 30, 1942


T.L.S. Grayson N. Kefauver to Ichihashi, re: an educational program for Japanese in relocation centers. July 30, 1942


T.L.S. W.O. Mendenhall, President, Whittier College to Ichihashi, re: thank-you note July 31, 1942


T.L.S. Ray Lyman Wilbur to Ichihashi, re: Ichihashi's move to Tule Lake. July 31, 1942,


T.L.S. Common sense magazine editor to Ichihashi, re: possibility of writing an article on Japan 3-Aug-42


A.L.S. Charles Barker to Ichihashi, re: happenings at Stanford. 3-Aug-42


T.L.S. George H. Knowles to Mrs. Payson J. Treat re: renting vacant Ichihashi home Aug 4, 1942


T.L. Robert E. Gibson to Dr. Grayson Kefauver re: consideration for Ichihashi at relocation center. Aug 4, 1942


A.L.S. Jessie Treat to Ichihashi, re: rental of home Aug 5, 1942


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Ichihashi, re: happenings at Stanford Aug 5, 1942


T.L. Circular, re: conditions at Manzanar Relocation Center Aug 6, 1942


A.L.S. C.S. Stottenberg to Ichihashi, re: Stanford campus activities. Aug 8, 1942


A.L.S. D. Kuyon(?) to Ichihashi, re:. Santa Anita Assembly Center Aug 10, 1942


T.L.S. Kay Sugahara to Ichihashi, re: Santa Anita Assembly Center riot. Aug 10, 1942


A.L.S. Ichihashi to Edgar [Robinson], re: trip to Tule Lake Relocation Center Aug 12, 1942


T.L.S. Grayson N. Kefauver to Ichihashi, re: letter of introduction. Aug 12, 1942


Form letter dated from Department of Justice, Alien Enemy Control Unit Aug 13, 1942


T.L.S. Robert E. Gibson to Ichihashi, re: educational work possibilities Aug 12, 1942


T.L.S. Robert Warren to Ichihashi, re: renting Ichihashi home. Aug 13, 1942


T.L.S. Kay Sugahara to Ichihashi, re: Conditions at Santa Anita Aug 18, 1942


T.L.S. Edgar Robinson to Ichihashi, Aug 21, 1942


T.L.S. Editor of Common Sense Magazine to Ichihashi re: article on Japan


War Relocation Authority (WRA) notice of interview, Sep 3, 1942


T.L.S. Carolyn Strouse Baer to Ichihashi, re: letter of appreciation for his fine teaching Sep 7, 1942


WRA instruction, re: procedure in handling complaints made by colonists Sep 29, 1942


"Outlawing Japanese-Americans?" Article in Common Sense, Sep-42


Memorandum re: furniture factory workers, Oct 2, 1942


Charter of Tule Lake Relocation Project, Oct 13, 1942


A.L.S. Lynn White to Ichihashi, re: hopes for removal of restrictions Oct 19, 1942


A.L.S. Olive Cole Smith to Ichihashi, re: regrets over relocation Oct 26, 1942


T.L.S. _____? to Ichihashi, re: . discontinuing of purchase of bonds. Nov 9, 1942


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Ichihashi,. Nov 13, 1942


T.L. Ichihashi to Treat, re: Tule Lake Conditions Nov 20, 1942


T.L. Ichihashi to Edgar [Robinson], re: conditions at Tule Lake Nov 22, 1942


WRA - office memorandum, Nov 24, 1942


T.L.S. Payson [Treat] to Ichihashi, Nov 24, 1942


Community Frontiers, vol. 1, #4, Nov-42


Supplement to balance sheet, Nov-42


WRA memorandums, Dec 14, 1942, Dec 18, 1942


Tule Lake Project Personnel list, Dec 10, 1942

Box 5, Folder 2

War Relocation - miscellaneous papers and undated. 1942,


Notice and general instructions to Japanese seeking repatriation.


By-Laws of Tule Lake Co-operative Enterprises, Inc.


Instructions for keeping personal family accounts.


"What we're fighting for" by Japanese in U.S. Army.


Several documents or letters in Japanese.


Evacuee Problems, his adjustment. Administration and future.


Notes made by Ichihashi concerning the evacuation to the Santa Anita Assembly Center.

Box 5, Folder 3

War Relocation - survey, lists of pupils and teachers of the center schools. 1942 -

Box 5, Folder 4

War Relocation - Santa Anita Assembly Center Administrative notices, 1942-Apr-Sep, 1942

Box 5, Folder 5

War Relocation - Council Meeting Minutes [Tule Lake], 1942-Sep 26-Oct 27, 1942

Box 5, Folder 6

War Relocation - 1942 - Sharp Park Mirror - mimeograph publication, Aug 22-Oct 24, 1942

Box 5, Folder 7

War Relocation, 1943, January -June


WRA memo, Jan 5, 1943


T.L.S. Daisuke Kitagawa to Ichihashi, re: Juvenile Problem Committee. Jan 6, 1943


Various WRA memos.


T.L.S. Harvey M. Coverley, WRA, to Ichihashi, re: program planning problems. Jan 15, 1943


Study - Age of American-born and foreign-born Japanese, Tule Lake Relocation Project by Nativity and Sex, Jan 29, 1943


T.L.- National Geographic Society to Ichihashi, re: refund. Feb 15, 1943


Harvey M. Coverley, WPA, re: meetings.


A.L.S. Lynn [White] to Ichihashi, Feb 18, 1943


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Ichihashi, - Feb 22, 1943


T.L. Major Sam L.A. Marshal, re: swearing allegiance to the U.S. Feb 23, 1943


Questions and answers about the family internment camp, Feb 26, 1943


Warnings re: removal of food from Mess Halls, Mar-43


Planning board memo- Mar 4, 1943


T.L.S. Hiroshi Kaniko to Ichihashi, re: Young People's Christian Conference. Mar 20, 1943


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Schumashi, Mar 22, 1943


WRA memos, Apr-43


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Ichihashi - Apr 27, 1943


T.L.S. Edgar E. Robinson to Ichihashi Apr 28, 1943


A.L.S. Lynn [White], to Ichihashi, Apr 29, 1943


Repatriation applicants, May 1,1943,


Cultural problems of the Japanese in America, May 1, 1943


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat] re: conditions of Tule Lake. May 4,1943,


T.L. Ichihashi to Edgar [Robinson], May 5, 1943


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Ichihashi, May 9,1943


A.L.S. K. Kawakami to Ichihashi, May 19,1943


Relocation of Japanese Americans, WRA, May 1943


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Ichihashi, Jun 2, 1943


WRA Administrative Instruction: Community Evacuee Government, June 5,1943,


Report on Evacuee resistances to relocation, Jun 8, 1943


Memorandum re: Spanish Consul's inquiry into the threat of Japanese in U.S., June 18,1943


"An Appeal to All Americans of Japanese Ancestry and their Parents" Jun 23, 1943


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Ichihashi, Jun 24, 1943


WRA memo - re: Employment quota, Jun 30, 1943


Hospital Koenkai, June Report, 1943

Box 5, Folder 8

War Relocation - 1943, July -December


WRA memos


List of possible Japanese repatriates, Jul 8, 1943


"Chronology - Segregation" July 12,1943


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat] re: conditions at Tule Lake July 8,1943, July 24,1943,


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Ichihashi, July 29,1943


WRA Application for Leave Clearance, July 31,1943


Hospital Koenkai, July report, 1943


2 telegrams from Woodrow Ichihashi, Aug 4, Aug 11, 1943


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat] re: WRA policy of segregation Aug 11, 1943


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Ichihashi, re: trip from Tule Lake Aug 19, 1943


Japanese government message, expression of sympathy, Aug 20, 1943


A.L.S. Frank Matsumoto to Ichihashi, re: trip from Tule Lake Aug 20, 1943


T.L.S. Edward L. Tatum to Ichihashi, re: rental of Ichihashi home. Aug 20, 1943


Postcard, Frank Matsumoto to Ichihashi, Aug 21, 1943


WRA memo, formation of an official community representatives committee, Aug 24, 1943


"Segregation of Persons of Japanese Ancestry in Tule Lake Relocation Center," WRA August, 1943


"Things to do and remember in preparing for your train trip" Aug 26, 1943


A.L.S. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat]


T.L. Ichihashi to "Ito Kun" re: trip to Amache, Colorado. Oct 25, 1943


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat] re: trip to Amache Oct 31, 1943


T.L. Ichihashi to Dr. Opler, Nov 1, 1943


"Creative Evacuee Committee to aid resettlement" Nov 13, 1943


Memo, Granada project, Amache, Colorado, re: proposals for special counseling, Nov 19, 1943


Copies of newspaper clippings re: Japanese Americans


List of members of Relocation Advisory Board.


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat], re: Japanese Relations with Korea and China Dec 28, 1943


Calendar of Events 1942,1943


WRA Minidoka Project, information.

Box 6, Folder 1

War Relocation, Miscellaneous and undated material 1943-


Poem - "at Tulelake Project"


Report on the Segregation with Special Reference to the work of the Community Representatives (Jikyaku-IIN) to date


"Problems of Cultural Assimilation"


Suggestions for conduct of Segregation Interviews


T.L. Ichihashi to Hon. Edward J. Ennis, Department of Justice, re: release from status of parolee


"Welcome Tuleans!" informative booklet published at Amache, Colorado


Key Reporter (Phi Beta Kappa), Autumn, 1943


"Our 110,000 New Boarders"


Schedual (sic] of train trips


Administrative instruction #78: storage and transportation of household goods, etc.


WRA: request for transportation of property and power of attorney


IKE NO BO - Flower Arrangements


"Outcasts" by Caleb Foot


"These are Our Parents" by George Morimitsu


Congressional record proceeding re: Pearl Harbor


WRA Administrative Instruction: Repatriation and Exchange


"Steel Facts"



Box 6, Folder 2

War Relocation - 1943


Questionnaire, survey and results of questions asked of Japanese-Americans at Amache.

Box 6, Folder 3

War Relocation - Daily Tulean Dispatch, 1943

Box 6, Folder 4

War Relocation - Ichihashi - History of Tule Lake Relocation Center - Handwritten copy

Box 6, Folder 5

War Relocation - Reports and Diary, 1943-


Description of the relocation center


Are the Japanese ancestry here loyal to the U.S.?


Loyality of the Nisei by Frank Hijikata


The Social Background of Nisei prior to evacuation


A Nisei Diary

Box 6, Folder 6

War Relocation - The Tule Lake Interlude, May 27, 1942-1943, introduction by Yamato Ichihashi

Box 6, Folder 7

War Relocation - 1944


T.L.S. Payson Treat to Ichihashi, Jan 4, 1944


T.L.S. Kenji Ito (?) to Ichihashi, re: conditions at Minidoka Project, Hunt, Idaho. Jan 7, 1944


Minidoka Irrigator, Nov 8, 1944


T.L.S. Kenji Ito to Dr. and Mrs. Ichihashi, re: conditions at Minidoka Jan 11, 1944


T.L. Ichihashi to "Shirai Kun," re: conditions at Amache Jan 15, 1944


"Americans facing a problem" Jan 16, 1944


T.L. Ichihashi to "Ito Kun" re: conditions at Amache Jan 16, 1944


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat] re: History of relations between Japan and Korea Jan 19, 1944


T.L.S. Kenji Ito to Ichihashi re: report on labor relations at Minidoka Project Jan 19, 1944


T.L. to Edward H. Spicer from John Rademaker, re: reinstitution of the draft for Nisei Feb 16, 1944, Feb 22, 1944


Amache Consumer Enterprises, Inc., income and expense statement, March 1-31, 1944


T.L. Ichihashi to Dillon S. Myer, re: short history of WRA Mar 14, 1944


Minutes of the Special Joint Committee for giving information to draft-age nisei, Mar 17, 1944


Information on Granada Project, Amache, Colorado


T.L re: Rohwer Co-operative Enterprises, Inc. May 31,1944 to June 15,1944


Granada Project Memorandum, Community Analysts trip to California and back. July 10,1944,


WRA Administrative notice, re: adult education. July 17,1944,


Factors and Attitudes in Resettlement Problem


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat] re: conditions at Amache Sep 22, 1944


Personal questions of the undersigned (George Sakiyawa) Sep 23, 1944


WRA - Relocation outlood


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat] re: conditions at Amache Nov 5, 1944


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat] re: conditions at Amache Nov 26, 1944


T.L. Ichihashi to Payson [Treat] re: possibility of evacuees returning home. Dec 19, 1944

Box 6, Folder 8

War Relocation - 1944-


Miscellaneous and undated papers.


The problem of re-settlement


The Nature of Residual Population in the Center, Summer 1944


Some papers in Japanese.

Box 6, Folder 9

War Relocation - 1944-


Miscellaneous reports and studies


Studies on population and re-location


Re-settlement after the removal of exclusion order

Box 6, Folder 10

War Relocation - Amache Community Council Minutes, Oct-Dec, 1944

Box 7, Folder 1

War Relocation, 1944-


Adult Education program reports, surveys, list of participants.

Box 7, Folder 2

War Relocation - 1945


T.L. Ichihashi to "Ito Kun", re: problem involved with evacuees returning home Jan 15 , 1945


WRA, memorandum, Jan 29 , 1945


A Summary of problems and questions submitted by center residents, Feb 10, 1945


Reports on Reactions of Center Residents on newly announced policy of the center closure.


Amache Community Council Minutes, Feb 27, Mar 1, Mar 13, Mar 6, 1945


Telegram - P.J. Treat to Ichihashi, re: Ichihashi trip back to Palo Alto Apr 24 , 1945


A.L. Ichihashi to "Kawashiri San" re: trip back to Palo Alto May 30 ,1945


T.L.S. Stanford University, Assistant Business Manager to Ichihashi, re: rental of campus housing June 9 ,1945


T.L. Ichihashi to McFarling, re: requirements of parolees after their re-settlement June 25 ,1945,


T.L. Ichihashi to "Kiyowaza Danzo" re: trip from Amache June 27 ,1945,


T.L.S. Sakae Kawashiri to Ichihashi re: Yakohoma Specie Bank of San Francisco


T.L.S. James G. Lindley, Granada Project director to Ichihashi, July 23, 1945


T. L, S. "Delmer" to Ichihashi, Aug 1 , 1945


T.L. Ichihashi to "Kawashiri San" 3-Aug-45


T.L.S. Sakae Kawashiri to Ichihashi, re: relocation plans, Aug 6 , 1945


T L. Ichihashi to "Sto Kun," Aug 19 , 1945


A.L.S. S. Kawashiri to Ichihashi, re: relocation plans. Aug 30 , 1945


T.L. Ichihashi to "Kawashiri Kun," re: relocation conditions Sep 4 , 1945


T.L.S. Alice Westbrook to Ichihashi Sep 6 , 1945


T.L.S. S. Kawashiri to Ichihashi, Sep 11 , 1945


T.L.S. H. Hamatani to Dr. and Mrs. Ichihashi, re: resettlement in Sacramento Sep 12 , 1945


T.L. S. "Delmer" to Ichihashi, re: plans for future Sep 17 , 1945


T.L.S. Alice Westbrook to Ichihashi, re: bills to be paid. Sep 18, 1945


A.L.S. Sakae Kawkishiri to Ichihashi, re: settlement in Berkeley Sep 19, 1945


T.L.S. Kenji Ito to Ichihashi, re: resettlement problems Sep 19, 1945


T.L. Mrs. Ichihashi to State Banking Department, re: claim against Yokohama Specie bank. Sep 24, 1945


T. L. Ichihashi to "Ito Kun," Sep 24 , 1945


T.L.S. Ichihashi requesting return of telephone service to his home, Sep 28 , 1945


A.L.S. S. Kawashiri to Ichihashi, re: working as a gardener in Berkeley Sep 29 , 1945


T.L.S. Kenji Ito to Ichihashi, re: plans for resettling family Oct 4 , 1945


T.L. Ichihashi to "Ito Kun," Oct 7 , 1945


A.L.S. "Delmer" to Ichihashi, re: trip from Honolulu to Washington, D.C. Nov 4 , 1945


T.L.S. denial to Ichihashi to have telephone installed in his home, Nov 9 , 1945


T.L. Ichihashi to "Ito Kun," Nov 1 , 1945, Dec 10 , 1945


Various undated papers, some in Japanese

Box 7, Folder 3

War Relocation and Resettlement - 1946


T.L.S. Kenneth Yasuda to Ichihashi, re: Japanese copyrights Jan 2, 1946


A.L.S. "Delmer" to Ichihashi, 3-Jan-46


T.L.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service to Ichihashi, re: possible repatriation to Japan Jan 14, 1946


A.L. Ichihashi to Professor Trotter, re: internment experiences


A.L. Ichihashi to Delmer Brown, Jan 6, 1946


T.L.S. Kenji Ito to Ichihashi, Jan 19, 1946


T.L. Ichihashi to "Ito Kun" Jan 22, 1946


A.L.S. Hamatani to Dr. and Mrs. Ichihashi re: problems faced by resettling Japanese Feb 1, 1946


T.L.S. Kenji Ito to Ichihashi, re: post war conditions Feb 10, 1946


A.L.S. S.V. Christianson to Ichihashi, re: snapshot taken of Ichihashi's sister Feb 18, 1946


T.L.S. Stanford Committee on Public Exercises to Ichihashi, re: participation in Founder's Day Feb 25, 1946


T.L. Ichihashi to Shizuko (sister), Feb 21, 1946


T.L.S. Hamatani to Ichihashi, re: Civil Rights Defense Union Mar 3, 1946


A.L.S. Delmer [Brown] to Ichihashi, Mar 5, Mar 11, 1946


T.L.S. Payson [Treat] to Ichihashi, Mar 19, 1946


T.L.S. Kenji Ito to Ichihashi, Apr 9, 1946


T.L.S. Delmer [Brown] to Ichihashi, re: research Apr 20, 1946


A.L.S. Ichihashi to his sister, n.d. general greetings Apr 24, 1946


T.L.S. Talbot Bielefeldt to Ichihashi, re: delivering Ichihashi's letter to his sister Apr 28, 1946


T.L.S. Delmer [Brown] to Ichihashi, re: research May 5,1946,


T.L.S. Bielefeldt to Ichihashi, re: future plans uncertain May 7,1946,


T.L.S. Kenji Ito to Ichihashi, re: housing problems May 14,1946,


T.L. Ichihashi to St. Colonel [Bielefeldt], re: sending packages to Japan May 21,1946,


T.L.S. Bielefeldt to Ichihashi, re: uncertain plans on going to Japan, May 26,1946,


T.L.S. Kenji Ito to Ichihashi, re: alien land law June 24,1946,


T.L.S. "Geo" to Ichihashi, re: stay in Japan Sep 5, 1946


A.L.S. Shizuko to her brother Ichihashi, Sep 12, 1946

Box 7, Folder 4

War Relocation's aftermath - Damage claim


Correspondence and forms, 1951-52

Box 7, Folder 5

War Relocation - miscellaneous newspaper clippings, 1942 ,1945

Box 8, Folder 1

War Relocation - Tule Lake - 1942-


Minutes of Council Meetings:


June 16,1942


June 23,1942


June 30,1942


July 7,1942


July 14,1942


July 21,1942


July 28,1942


Aug 5, 1942


Aug 11, 1942


Aug 18, 1942


Aug 25, 1942


Sep l, 1942


Sep 5, 1942


Sep 7, 1942


Sep 13, 1942


Sep 15, 1942


Sep 22, 1942


Report to Councilmen - Aug 29, 1942


Memo: Election of Fair Practice Committee Members - Sep 15, 1942


Charter of the Tule Lake Relocation Project in Japanese


Charter of Tule Lake Planning Board

Box 8, Folder 2

War Relocation - 1943


WRA office memorandum re: registration and registration notices, Feb 13, 1943


Daily Tulean Dispatch, Feb 17, 1943


Registration forms filled out by Ichihashi family


Statement of U.S. Citizen of Japanese Ancestry filled out by Woodrow Wilson Ichihashi


Application for leave clearance filled out by Woodrow W. Ichihashi


Special Council Meeting minutes, Feb 12, 1943

Box 9

Diaries, 1943-1946

Box 10

Diaries, 1947-1951

Box 11

Diaries, 1952-1957

Box 12

Diaries, 1958-1963