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Register of the Shimeall (Eleanor) California Water Collection, 1972-1995
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1.1.1: 1972---Maps/Tables/Notes/Other


1.1.2: 1973


a--Correspondence & Memos






1.1.3: 1974




b-Minutes & Agendas, May-Dec; 11/21 [notice only]


c-Corresp. & Memos




e-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.1.4: 1975




b-Minutes & Agendas, 2/6, 2/20, 4/17 [notice only], 5/15


c-Corresp. & Memos


d-Policy Statements/Resolutions




f-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.1.5: 1976


a-Minutes & Agendas, Feb-Mar, May, Jun [notice only]


b-Corresp. & Memos






e-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.1.6: 1977


a-Corresp. & Memos






1.1.7: 1978/79


a-Corresp. & Memos




c-Procedural/Legal docs.






1.2.1: 1980


a-Minutes & Agendas, May-Jun, Aug-Oct, Nov [notice only], Dec


b-Corresp. & Memos






e-Policy statements/Resolutions




1.2.2: 1981


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan-Feb, Mar [notice only], Apr [agenda only], May-Aug, Sep [notice only], Nov, Dec [notice only]


b-Corresp. & Memos






e-Policy statements/Resolutions




1.2.3: 1982


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan-Feb, Mar [notice only], May [agenda only], Aug [agenda only], Oct


b-Corresp. & Memos




d-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.2.4: 1983


a-Minutes & Agendas [all minutes lacking], Jan [notice only], Feb-May, Jul [notice only], Aug-Nov


b-Corresp. & Memos






e-Policy statements/Resolutions


f-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.2.5: 1984


a-Minutes & Agendas, Feb-Apr [agendas only], May-Dec


b-Corresp. & Memos






e-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.2.6: 1985


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan-May, Jun [agenda only], Jul-Oct, Dec [agenda only]


b-Corresp. & Memos




d-Policy statements/Resolutions




f-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.2.7: 1986


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan-May, May 21 [special meeting], Jun, Aug-Dec


b-Corresp. & Memos




d-Policy statements/Resolutions




f-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.2.8: 1987


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan-Apr, Apr 29 [rescheduling], May-Sep, Nov-Dec


b-Corresp. & Memos




d-Policy statements/Resolutions




f-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.2.9: 1988


a-Minutes & Agendas, Feb-Apr, Apr 27 [special meeting], May-Nov


b-Corresp. & Memos




d-Policy statements/Resolutions




f-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.2.10: 1989


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan-Dec


b-Corresp. & Memos




d-Policy statements/Resolutions




f-Procedural/Legal docs.










b-Minutes & Agendas, Jan, Jan 26 [special meeting], Feb-Jul, Aug [agenda only], Sep-Nov


c-Corresp. & Memos




e-Policy statements/Resolutions




g-Procedural/Legal docs.




1.3.2: 1991


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan, Mar-Sep, Nov




1.3.3: 1992


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan-Apr, Jun-Sep




1.3.4: 1993


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan-Jul, Sep-Nov


b-Calif. Dept. H20 Resources Reports, Jan. & Apr.


1.3.5: 1994


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan-Apr, Jun-Dec


b-Calif. Dept. H20 Resources Reports, Apr., May, Aug.


1.3.6: 1995


a-Minutes & Agendas, Jan-May, Jul [agenda only], Aug-Sep


b-Corresp. & Memos


BOX 4: SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY PUBLISHED STUDIES & REPORTS [items arranged by date, then alphabetically]


1.4.1-City of Stockton. General Plan: Report No. 3, 1968.


1.4.2-Cities & County of San Joaquin. Advisory Planning Assn. Comprehensive water & sewerage study, 1972.


1.4.3-California. Dept. Water Resources. Delta levees: What is their future?, 1973.


1.4.4-Water Crisis Committee of San Joaquin County. Report & recommendations of the ..., 1973.


1.4.5-McDonald & Smart, Inc. Special district study: San Joaquin County, 1974.


1.4.6-McDonald & Smart, Inc. Survey of Special Districts of San Joaquin County, 1974.


1.4.7-California. Dept. Water Resources. Plan for improvement of the Delta levees. Bull. No. 192, 1975.


1.4.8-Chandler Public Relations. Stockton-East Water District, c1975.


1.4.9-Do. Stockton-East Water District: Director Divisions, c1975.


1.4.10-City of Stockton. Public Works Dept. 1974/75 Annual Report: Water Division, 1975.


1.4.11-"Port of Stockton: Multimodal concepts in motion," Intermodal World (Jan. 1975).


1.4.12-Port of Stockton. Diversified & still growing, c1975.


1.4.13-Port of Stockton. Port Stockton, 1975.


1.4.14-Port of Stockton. "Port Stockton in reflection," c1975. [anonymous history of port]


1.4.15-California. Dept. Water Resources. Phase II: Alternative courses of action to provide Delta protection & adequate water supplies for California, 1976.


1.4.16-City of Stockton. General Plan 2000: Review draft, October 1977.


1.4.17-City of Stockton. Wastewater Reclamation Project, 1977.


1.4.18-City of Stockton. Office of the City Manager. City of Stockton: Past, present & future, 1977.


1.4.19-Bookman, Edmonston Engineering, Inc. Water action program for Stockton-East Water District, 1978.


1.4.20-California. State Water Resources Control Board. Summary: Draft Water Quality Control Plan; Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta & Suisun Marsh, 1978.


1.4.21-California. State Water Resources Control Board. Water Right Decision 1485, 1978.


1.4.22-Community Forum of San Joaquin. Report of the Community Forum Water Task Force, 1978.


1.4.23-Community Forward of San Joaquin. Policy recommendations submitted by the Water Policy Commission of ..., 1978.


1.4.24-Stockton-East Water District. Water Action Program, 1978.


1.4.25-California. Dept. Water Resources. Interim public use recreation & wildlife plan, 1979.


1.4.26-University of the Pacific. Community 1979.


1.4.27-California. State Water Resources Control Board. Delta water quality conditions: Implementation of water quality standards of Decision 1485, 1980.


1.4.28-Sacramento District Corps of Engineers. San Francisco Bay to Stockton (John F. Baldwin & Stockton Ship Channels), Avon to Stockton: Information Summary, 1980.


1.4.29-San Joaquin County Grand Jury Report, 1979-80.


1.4.30-Murray, Burns & Kienlen. San Joaquin County Flood Control & Water Conservation District: Report of engineer on Investigation Zone No. 1 Groundwater Study, 1982.


1.4.31-Stockton-East Water District. Stockton-East Water District Annual Report, 1981-82.


1.4.32-U.S.G.S. Preliminary evaluation of the potential for artificial ground-water recharge in eastern San Joaquin County, California. Report 82-123, 1982.


1.4.33-URS Corp. City of Stockton: Draft Report; Wastewater Revenue Program update, Vol. 1. Findings & conclusions, 1987.


1.4.34-U.S.G.S. Evaluation of the potential for artificial ground-water recharge in eastern San Joaquin County, California---Phase 3. Report 87-4164, 1987.


1.4.35-California. Dept. Water Resources. South Delta Water Management Program, 1988.


1.4.36-San Joaquin County. Flood Control & Water Conservation District: Semi-Annual Groundwater Report, Fall 1988.


1.4.37-San Joaquin County. Flood Control & Water Conservation District: Semi-Annual Groundwater Report, Spring 1990.


1.4.38-Stockton-East Water District, 1990.


1.4.39-Mintier, J. Laurence & Assoc. City of Stockton: General Plan; Draft revised background report,1992.


1.4.40-Mintier, J. Laurence & Assoc. City of Stockton: General Plan; Draft revised policy document, 1992.


1.4.41-Paoli, Michael & Assoc. Draft environmental impact report: City of Stockton 1992 General Plan revision.




BOX 1: MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS, A-D [N.B.---Folder titles & organization are largely derived from Shimeall's original files; these folders contain a mixture of clippings, brochures and reports, with some correspondence]


2.1.1-Agricultural lands---Conservation [League of Women Voters Study] (1979-83)


2.1.2-Agricultural lands---Use (1977-81)


2.1.3-Agricultural water conservation (1979-86)


2.1.4-Auburn Dam/Folsom (1977-88)


2.1.5-Committee for Water Policy Consensus/Bay-Delta Quality (1985-89)


2.1.6-Conservation (Water)---General (1977-83)


2.1.7-Conservation (Water)---League of Women Voters kit (1983)


2.1.8-Contra Costa County Water (1973-74)


2.1.9-Delta/Bay (1977-82)


2.1.10-Drought (1976-79)




2.2.1-Energy (1980-83)


2.2.2-Environmental Impact Statements or Reports (1978-79)


2.2.3-Fresno Groundwater Conference (1977)


2.2.4-"Friends of the River" [Stanislaus River] (1978-81)


2.2.5-Ground water (1978-93)


2.2.6-Growth---Measure "A" (1977-88)


2.2.7-Instream water use


2.2.8-Kesterson Reservoir (1986-88)


2.2.9-League of Women Voters---San Jose Convention (1981)


2.2.10-League of Women Voters---Statements & Corresp. (1962-84)


2.2.11-League of Women Voters---State Water Committee (1985-87)


2.2.12-"National Land for People"


2.2.13-Non-agricultural land use & conservation (1977-82)


2.2.14-"160 acre" [farm unit] (1976-82)


2.2.15-Owens Valley/Mono Lake (1977-78)


2.2.16-Pollution (1974-81)


2.2.17-Population (1977-81)


2.2.18-Public Land Trusts (1982)


BOX 3: Miscellaneous Topics, R-Z


2.3.1-REAP [Rural Economic Alternatives Project] (1982-83)


2.3.2-Racanelli decision (1986)


2.3.3-Reclamation/Reuse (1978-81)


2.3.4-Renewable Resources Investment Program, SB 547 (1979)


2.3.5-Resources Agency (1977-79)


2.3.6-Rivers---Northern California (1972-87)


2.3.7-San Joaquin Valley Drain (1979-84)


2.3.8-State Water Project (1973-77)


2.3.9-State Water Resources Control Board (1978-82)


2.3.10-Stout, Marilyn K.---Papers & corresp. (1977-80) [LVW member & aspiring journalist]


2.3.11-Solid waste (1979-81)


2.3.12-Tahoe (1982)


2.3.13-208 planning (1978-79)


2.3.14-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation---Central Valley Project (1978-84)


2.3.15-Water rights policy planning (1978-79)


2.3.16-Westlands (1973-81)


BOX 4: CALIFORNIA DEPT. OF WATER RESOURCES PUBLICATIONS [Items are arranged by date, then alphabetically]


2.4.1-Preview of the California Water Plan, 1956.


2.4.2-Water facts for Californians, 1958.


2.4.3-California State Water Project Annual Report, 1971.


2.4.4-The California State Water Project Annual Report, 1972.


2.4.5-The California State Water Project Summary: 1971. Bull. No. 132-72, App. C.


2.4.6-The California State Water Project Summary: 1972. Bull. No. 132-73, App. C.


2.4.7-Wastewater reclamation: State of the art. Bull. No. 189, 1973.


2.4.8-California State Water Project Annual Report, 1974.


2.4.9-The California Water Plan Outlook in 1974. Bull. No. 160-74, 1974.


2.4.10-Do. Summary Report. Bull. No. 160-74, 1974.


2.4.11-Central District. A profile of California agriculture, 1974.


2.4.12-The California State Water Project in 1976. Bull. No. 132-76, 1976.


2.4.13-Report of the consulting panel on health aspects of wastewater reclamation for groundwater recharge, 1976.


2.4.14-Water conservation in California. Bull. No. 198, 1976.


2.4.15-Key Elements - SB 346, 1977.


2.4.16-California Water. Bull. No. 201-77, 1978.


2.4.17-Delta Water Facilities Program For: Delta Protection & water transfer; water conservation;water recycling; surafce & ground water storage, Bull. No. 76, 1978.


2.4.18-Advisory Panel on Agricultural Water Conservation (May 1979): Report of Findings.


2.4.19-The California State Water Project - 1978 activities and future management plans. Bull. No. 132-179, 1979.


2.4.20-California Water. Bull. No. 201-78, 1979.


2.4.21-Ground water basins in California, 1979.


2.4.22-San Joaquin Valley Interagency Drainage Program: Agricultural drainage & salt management in the San Joaquin Valley, 1979.


2.4.23-The California State Water Project - Current activities & future management plans. Bull. 132-80, 1980.


2.4.24-The Peripheral Canal...and other SB 200 facilities, 1980.


2.4.25-The Peripheral Canal & other SB 200 facilities, 1981.


2.4.26-State Water Project - Status of water conservation & water supply augmentation plans. Bull. No. 76-81, 1981.


2.4.27-Robert B. Robie. Report of the activities of the Department of Water Resources, 1982.


2.4.28-David N. Kennedy. Report of activities of the Dept. Of Water Resources, 1983.


2.4.29-The Floods of February 1986, 1986.


2.4.30-Report of activities of the Dept. Of Water Resources, 1986. [January]


2.4.31-San Luis Reservoir, c1986.


2.4.32-California laws related to water conservation; Water conservation programs of the ..., 1987.


2.4.33-Report to the California Water Commission, 1987. [November]


2.4.34-North Delta Water Management Program, 1988.


2.4.35-Report to the California Water Commission: Dept. Of Water Resources activities of August 1989.


2.4.36-Report to the California Water Commission, September 1992.


2.4.37-Report to the California Water Commission Dept. Of Water Resources activities of October 1992.


2.4.38-Report to the California Water Commission activities of November 1992.


2.4.39-Report to the California Water Commission December 1992.


2.4.40-Report to the State Water Commission on activities of the Dept. Of Water Resources, 1993. [incl. March]


2.4.41-Report to the State Water Commission on activities of the Dept. Of Water Resources, 1994. [incl. November]


2.4.42-Report to the State Water Commission on activities of the Dept. Of Water Resources, 1995. [incl. January, March, April, October]


BOX 5: OTHER CALIFORNIA WATER PUBLICATIONS [items are arranged by date then alphabetically]


2.5.1-University of California. Cooperative Extension. Water development and the environment: Issues of water policy in California. Report No. 27, 1973.


2.5.2-Aqueduct 41:4 (Win 1974/75).


2.5.3-Delta Advisor [publ. by Assoc. State Water Project Agencies] 1:1 (Spr 1974).


2.5.4-Meter [Metropolitan Water District of So. Calif.] 1:1-4 (Jan-Apr 1974).


2.5.5-Aqueduct [Metropolitan Water District of So. Calif.] 42:1-3 (Sp-Wn 1975).


2.5.6-Bureau of Outdoor Recreation. Regional Forums: Flood Plain Management for Outdoor Recreation & Open Space, 1975.


2.5.7-California's Environment No. 27-28 (Sep-Dec 1975).


2.5.8-Delta Advisor 2:1,3-4 (Feb,Apr,Jul 1975).


2.5.9-Meter 2:2-12 (Feb-Dec 1975).


2.5.10-State Water Resources Control.Board. Rights Quality, 1975.


2.5.11-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Waste water reclamation & reuse pilot demonstration program for the Suisun Marsh, 1975.


2.5.12-Aqueduct (Fall 1976).


2.5.13-Assn. Of California Water Agencies. The impact of power plant siting on California's water resources, 1976.


2.5.14-California's Environment No. 34 (Nov-Dec 1976.)


2.5.15-Delta Advisor [Assn. State Water Project Agencies] (Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct 1976).


2.5.16-Meter 3:1-6,8 (Jan-Jun, Aug 1976).


2.5.17-PG & E. Imagine making a billion dollar trip to the gas station!, 1976.


2.5.18-U.S. Soil Conservation Service. Assistance available from the Soil Conservation Service, 1976.


2.5.19-Delta Advisor (Feb,Apr 1977).


2.5.20-Aqueduct (Fall 1977).


2.5.21-Kelley, D.W., Acquatic Biologist. Position papers of the Delta Environmental Advisory Committee, 1977.


2.5.22-Meter 4:4 (Apr 1977).


2.5.23-Santa Clara Valley Water District. Reclamation, 1977.


2.5.24-State Water Commission Reports (1977).


2.5.25-Governor's Commission to Review California Water Rights Law. Draft Report, 1978.


2.5.26-Governor's Commission to Review California Water Rights Law. Summary Final Report, 1978.


2.5.27-Aqueduct (Sp 1978).


2.5.28-Bratt, Miki. Water: Bridge to understanding. League of Women Voters of Claremont, 1978.


2.5.29-State Water Resources Control Board. Wastewater reclamation: A guide for local agencies, 1978.


2.5.30-State Water Resources Control Board. Water Resources Control Board in 1976-77, 1978.


2.5.31-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Special Task Force Report on San Luis Unit. Public Law 94-46, 1978.


2.5.32-U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Irrigated agriculture & water quality management, 1978.


2.5.33-University of California. Division of Agricultural Sciences. Marketing order program alternatives: Use & importance in California, 1949-1975, 1978.


2.5.34-Western Water (Jul-Aug 1978)


2.5.35-California Today [publ. by The Planning & Conservation League] 7:1 (Jan 1979).


2.5.36-Central Delta Water Agency. Delta Water Transfer Without a Peripheral Canal, c1979.


2.5.37-Davenport, David C. & Robert M. Hagan. Agricultural Water Conservation in California, 1979.


2.5.38-Erlenkotter, Donald et al. The economics of water development & use in California, 1979.


2.5.39-Goodall, Merrill R. & John D. Sullivan. Water district organization: Political decision systems, 1979.


2.5.40-Jefferson Assoc. Inc. San Francisco Bay Area Regional Water Reuse Study, 1979.


2.5.41-John Muir Institute for Environmental Studies, Inc. Erosion & sediment in California watersheds: A study of institutional controls, 1979.


2.5.42-Soil Conservation Society of America. California Chapter. Toward a state water policy, 1979.


2.5.43-State Water Resources Control Board. Industrial water recycling, 1979.


2.5.44-California Environment No. 57 (Sep-Oct 1980).


2.5.45-Davoren, William T. San Francisco Bay: Tragedy of the Bay Commons, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, 1980.


2.5.46-Focus on Water No. 5 (1980).


2.5.47-Headwaters [publ. by Friends of the River] 5:1,3 (Jan-Feb, Jul-Aug 1980).


2.5.48-Jefferson Assoc. Inc. San Francisco Bay Area Regional Water Reuse Study: Phase II Midcourse Report, 1980.


2.5.49-Do.; Summary, 1980.


2.5.50-National Land for People (Dec-Jan 1980).


2.5.51-State Water Resources Control Board. Draft Water Quality Plan: Lake Tahoe Basin, 1980.


2.5.52-U.S. Dept. Interior. Heritage Conservation & Recreation Service. Nationwide Rivers Inventory, Phase I, 1980.


2.5.53-Waterlog [publ. By Working Alliance to Equalize Rates] (Fall/Win 1980).


2.5.54-ACWA News [publ. by Assn. Calif. Water Agencies] 9:14-15 (Jul 6-20, 1981).


2.5.55-California Water Resources Assn. Newsletter 25:4-5 (7-10 & 9-15-81).


2.5.56-California Water Resources Assn. The Peripheral Canal: An environmental necessity, c1981.


2.5.57-Focus on Water No. 1,5 (1981).


2.5.58-The Mono Newsletter 4:2 (Aut 1981).


2.5.59-People, Food & Land [publ. by Land for People] 2:2 (Sum 1981).


2.5.60-San Francisco Bay Area Regional Water Reuse Study. Summary Report, 1981.


2.5.61-State Resources Agency. Investing for prosperity, 1981.


2.5.62-Waterlog vol. 3-4 (Spr-Oct 1981).


2.5.63-Wellman, Theodore C. The Peripheral Canal: Its Impacts North & South, 1981.


2.5.64-Western Water Education Fdtn. Layperson's Guide to San Francisco Bay, 1981.


2.5.65-Aqueduct 48:3 (1982).


2.5.66-California Opinion Index (Jan 1982).


2.5.67-California Water Resources Association Newsletter 26:1 (Feb 1, 1982).


2.5.68-League of Women Voters. California Agriculture: Land, Economy, Ecology, 1982.


2.5.69-State Commission for Economic Development. Report of the Task Force on California's Water Future, 1982.


2.5.70-U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California, 1982.


2.5.71-Western Water (Nov/Dec 1982).


2.5.72-Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District. Water Conservation...Managing a Valuable Resource, 1983.


2.5.73-Waterlog Vol. 6 (Win 1983).


2.5.74-Association of California Water Agencies. A Water Policy, 1984.


2.5.75-Banks, Harvey O., Consulting Engineer, Inc. The Burns-Porter Act: A California high water mark, 1984.


2.5.76-East Bay Municipal Utility District 1984 Annual Report.


2.5.77-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Drainage & salt disposal. Information Bull. No. 1, 1984.


2.5.78-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Kesterson Reservoir & waterfowl. Information Bull. No. 2, 1984.


2.5.79-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. The San Luis Unit Special Study. Information Bull. No. 3, 1984


2.5.80-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Waterfowl protection program at Kesterson Reservoir. Information Bulletin No. 4, 1984.


2.5.81-University of California. Cooperative Extension. California's Groundwater Resource. Leaflet 21393, 1984.


2.5.82-Do. California's Water Resource. Leaflet 21379, 1984.


2.5.83-Do. Everybody's Guide to Water Terms. Leaflet 21403, 1984.


2.5.84-Do. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Leaflet 21401, 1984.


2.5.85-Western Water (Jan/Feb, Jul/Aug 1984).


2.5.86-Western Water Education Fdtn. Layperson's Guide to the Delta, 1984.


2.5.87-Do. Layperson's Guide to Water Quality, 1984.


2.5.88-Jackson Valley Irrigation District. Lake Amador, 1985.


2.5.89-State Water Contractors. Draft Report on Future State Water Project Development, 1985.


2.5.90-Western Water (Mar-Apr 1985).


2.5.91-California Water Commission. A Summary of recently published policies on statewide water issues by groups from throughout California, 1986.


2.5.92-Committee for Water Policy Consensus. San Francisco Bay Area-Delta Water Quality/Water Rights (Decision 1485) Hearings Conference, 1986.


2.5.93-Superior California Water Assn. Water---A view from Superior California, 1986.


2.5.94-Water Education Foundation. Laypersons Guide to Agricultural Drainage, 1986.


2.5.95-Western Water (Jul/Aug 1986).


2.5.96-University of California. Div. Of Agriculture & Natural Resources. Proposed water policy actions & some possible impacts in California, 1987.


2.5.97-University of California. Div. Of Agriculture & Natural Resources. Water policy positions in California: Analysis & discussion, 1987.


2.5.98-East Bay Municipal Utilities District. Water Supply Management Program Summary, 1988.


2.5.99-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Contra Costa Unit Offstream Storage Investigation. Study Bull. No. 1, 1988.


2.5.100-U.S. Army. Corps of Engineers. Lower San Joaquin River, California Clearing & Snagging. Draft [Revised]: General design memorandum and environmental statement. Design memorandum no. 6, 1989.


2.5.101-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Kellogg Unit Reformation Study: Public involvement summary report, 1989.


2.5.102-Do. San Joaquin Valley Drainage Program, 1989.


2.5.103-San Francisco Estuary Project Facts, 1992.




2.6.1-Peripheral Canal (1979-82)


2.6.2-SB 200 Referendum (1980)


2.6.3-League of Women Voters Corresp. On SB 200/Peripheral Canal (1980-81)


2.6.4-Peripheral Canal alternative (1981)


2.6.5-Peripheral Canal Clippings (1980-81)




2.7.1-CONFERENCES: Public participation concepts & skills [Environmental Protection Agency], Pacific Grove, 1976


2.7.2-CONFERENCES: Calif. Water problems, LA, 7/77


2.7.3-CONFERENCES: 11th biennial conf. on groundwater, Frsno, 9/77


2.7.4-CONFERENCES: Jobs & environment conf., SF, 10/77


2.7.5-CONFERENCES: Environmental management plan, SF, 6/78


2.7.6-CONFERENCES: How should water be managed in California?, UC Davis, 6/78


2.7.7-CONFERENCES: Water rights legislation symposium, Sacto., 8/78


2.7.8-CONFERENCES: Calif. Dept. Conservation workshop, Sacto., 9/78


2.7.9-CONFERENCES: California's energy future, Sacto., 9/78


2.7.10-CONFERENCES: Farm Bureau energy regulation conf., Sacto., 9/78


2.7.11-CONFERENCES: California's water planning & policies conf. II, Pacific Grove, 2/79


2.7.12-CONFERENCES: Assn. California Water Agencies workshop, 3/79


2.7.13-CONFERENCES: Conf. on western water issues, Cal Tech, 5/79


2.7.14-CONFERENCES: The future of the Delta conference, UC Davis, 3/80?


2.7.15-CONFERENCES: Water strategies for the 1980's conf., Monterey, 11/80


2.7.16-CONFERENCES: Calif. History Inst.: Calif. Water History, Stockton, 4/82


2.7.17-CONFERENCES: Bridges over troubled waters, Pacific Grove, 10/86


2.7.18-Tours: State Water Project (No. Calif.), 11/73


2.7.19-Tours: Do. (So. Calif.), 3/74


2.7.20-Tours: Calif. Aqueduct & Oroville Dam, 12/77


2.7.21-Tours: Inyo-Mono Area, 5/78


2.7.22-Tours: Fresno Area [National Land for People], 4/78


2.7.23-Tours: Colorado River Aqueduct, 6/78


2.7.24-Tours: Helms Creek PG & E facilities, ?/78


2.7.25-Tours: Moss Landing, ?/79


2.7.26-Tours: Diablo Canyon Power Plant, 10/80


2.7.27-Tours: Water Management Field Trip: San Joaquin Valley, 7/83


2.7.28-Tours: Mountains to the Seashore Tour, UC Davis, 4/85


























3.1.1-White House Water Policy Message (1978)


3.1.2-Equal Rights Amendment (1977-78)


3.1.3-Conservation Foundation Newsletter (1979-82)


3.1.4-American Farmland (Spr 1990)


3.1.5-Miscellaneous publications on national water issues (1977-80)


3.1.6-League of Women Voters Publications: Information brochures; lists of publications


3.1.7-League of Women Voters Publications: Annual Reports, 1978,80,88


3.1.8-League of Women Voters Publications: Broadcasting


3.1.9-League of Women Voters Publications: Education


3.1.10-League of Women Voters Publications: Energy


3.1.11-League of Women Voters Publications: Environment


3.1.12-League of Women Voters Publications: Government


3.1.13-League of Women Voters Publications: Housing


3.1.14-League of Women Voters Publications: International relations


3.1.15-League of Women Voters Publications: International trade


3.1.16-League of Women Voters Publications: Juvenile delinquency


3.1.17-League of Women Voters Publications: Law


3.1.18-League of Women Voters Publications: Social services


3.1.19-League of Women Voters Publications: Transportation


3.1.20-League of Women Voters Publications: Voters' guides


3.1.21-League of Women Voters Publications: Voting rights


3.1.22-League of Women Voters Publications: Water


3.1.23-League of Women Voters Publications: Welfare