Inventory of the Edwin Bliss Hill Papers, 1737-1954, bulk 1895-1948

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Inventory of the Edwin Bliss Hill Papers, 1737-1954, bulk 1895-1948

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Edwin Bliss Hill Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1737-1954,
Date (bulk): bulk 1895-1948
Creator: Hill, Edwin Bliss
Extent: 2557 pieces
Repository: The Huntington Library
San Marino, California 91108
Language: English.

Administrative Information


Acquired from Hill's daughter, Gertrude (Hill) Muir, from 1950 to 1956, and supplemented by gifts from Vincent Starrett in 1948 and 1956.


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Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on August 17, 1866, Edwin Bliss Hill began work as a printer's devil at the age of 18. From his first job with the Michigan Christian Herald, he moved on to various positions with the Detroit Tribune, Detroit News, Detroit Times and, finally, the Detroit Journal from 1891 to 1901. His health failed in 1901 and he spent the years until 1908 living and recuperating in the woods near Lakeland, Michigan, where he continued to pursue his avocation of printing brochures and books, an activity begun in 1882.
On October 19, 1908, Hill married Clara Ella Hood. Moving to Arizona, Hill worked for the United States Reclamation Service's Salt River Project, where he was in charge of the distribution of irrigation water for the Mesa-Chandler District. In 1918, he was transferred to the El Paso, Texas, office of the U. S. Reclamation Service. Subsequently assigned to the office at Ysleta, Texas, Hill made that small town his home until 1945. His final employment was as Assessor and Collector for the County Water Improvement District No. 1 in El Paso, where he commuted from Ysleta. By 1945, Hill had been retired for several years and he and Mrs. Hill moved to Tempe, Arizona. At the age of 82, Hill died in Mesa, Arizona, on April 6, 1949.
Throughout his life, Hill devoted his interest and energy to private printing. Having begun to print in 1882 on his first press, a small Daisy, he subsequently used an Excelsior, a Caxton and a Columbian press. Devoting over 50 years to printing, Hill was the owner of the oldest continuously operated private press in the United States. From his press, he issued a variety of verse and prose works, particularly titles by and about Henry David Thoreau, in whose life and works Hill had a strong and lifelong interest. His printing also encompassed works pertaining to Charles Lamb and other authors including Mark Twain, George Moore, John Ruskin, and many others, as well as titles by bibliophiles such as Vincent Starrett and Francis Cummins Lockwood. He produced a series called Sherlockiana, composed of items about Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars, and there were works relating to the artist Frank Holme and the Frank Holme Memorial Group.
Frank Holme was a Chicago newspaper artist and one of many of the newspapermen, printers and authors Hill met through his printing and literary interests. Holme, born in 1868, worked for a number of papers in Chicago, where he began his School of Illustration. The School was run with the assistance of his wife, Ida May (Van Dyke) Holme, and Oswald Bruce Cooper. Frank and Ida Holme also began a private press called the Bandar Log Press, with the backing of George Ade and others. Traveling to Asheville, North Carolina, Holme spent the years 1901-1902 there in an effort to recover from tuberculosis. During his absence his wife and associates operated the School and ran the Press, with Holme providing supervision by correspondence. In 1902 the Holmes briefly moved their household and their Press to San Francisco and from there to Arizona, where Frank Holme died on July 27, 1904. Subsequently, in the late 1930's, Edwin Bliss Hill, together with Francis Cummins Lockwood, George Ade, Frederic Goudy and others, founded the Frank Holme Memorial Group to perpetuate the artist's memory.

Subject Matter

The collection deals primarily with Hill's activities as a private printer, as a founder of the Frank Holme Memorial Group, and as a collector of books and manuscripts. There are also materials by and about Holme, collected by Hill and others as part of the Memorial Group endeavors.
  • I. Manuscripts (274 items)
    • A. Manuscripts by Hill.
    • B. Poetry and prose to be printed by Hill.
    • C. Manuscripts by Holme.
    • D. Biographical sketches of Holme.
  • II. Correspondence (1,807 items)
    • A. To and from Edwin Bliss Hill.
      • 1. Private printing.
      • 2. Hill's press, and material to be printed.
      • 3. Frank Holme Memorial Group.
      • 4. Thoreau (scholarship, texts, etc.), and book and manuscript collecting.
    • B. To and from Frank Holme.
      • 1. School of Illustration.
      • 2. Bandar Log Press.
  • III. Printed items (476 items).
    • A. Proofsheets from Hill's press.
    • B. Miscellaneous (pamphlets, bookmarks, calling cards, etc.).
    • C. Clippings.

Important or Interesting Items

  • Brown, Ray - letter to Francis Cummins Lockwood, Feb. 24, 1927, is a lengthy recollection of Frank Holme and includes many details of his life.
  • Clemens, Samuel Langhorne - typescript of a suppressed chapter from Life on the Mississippi.
  • Dean, Eva - letters to Edwin Bliss Hill contain recollections of Frank Holme. Eva Dean had been a student at Holme's School of Illustration.
  • DeVinne, Theodore Low - two letters to Hill concerning printing.
  • Emerson, Edward Waldo - letter to Francis Cummins Lockwood about Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • Forrest, Earle Robert - letters to Hill about Forrest's life as a cowboy and about the book he co-authored with Hill, Lone War Trail of Apache Kid.
  • Hill, Edwin Bliss - list of books printed on his press; and a series of 29 letters and one postcard to Vincent Starrett (1918-1948) discuss Hill's printing and literary pursuits.
  • Holme, Frank - letters written to Oswald Bruce Cooper in 1901, when Holme was away in Asheville, discuss the details of running his School of Illustration.
  • Holme, Ida May (Van Dyke) - correspondence to Hill provides information and dates regarding Frank Holme's life.
  • Jones, Haydon - letter of June 15, 1944, to Hill recalls events in Frank Holme's life.
  • Starrett, Vincent - extensive correspondence with Hill concerning works of his printed by Hill, with enclosures of manuscripts, proofsheets and lay-outs.
  • Yeats, Elizabeth Corbet - correspondence to Hill mentioning various members of the Yeats family and discussing her Cuala Press.
  • Yeats, William Butler - an introductory essay addressed to Lady Gregory, 4 letters to Hill, and one letter to Lily Yeats.


Muir, Gertrude Hill, Edwin Bliss Hill: Pioneer Private Printer of the Southwest, American Book Collector 18 (October, 1967), 20-21.
Myers, John Myers, A Check-list of Items Published by the Private Press of Edwin B. Hill, American Book Collector 18 (October, 1967), 22-27.

Persons represented by three or more pieces




Avery, Bertha Grant


63 poems


Babson, Joseph E


17 manuscripts and notes


Hill, Edwin Bliss


5 manuscripts


Holme, Frank


10 manuscripts, and 22 volumes of diaries


Starrett, Vincent


20 manuscripts, plus miscellaneous notes




Adams, Raymond


1928-1942. 6 pieces


Ade, George


[>1905]-1942. 14 pieces


Allen, Francis Henry


1918-1942. 15 pieces


Arizona. Dept. of Library and Archives


1942-1945. 8 pieces


Arizona. University. Library


1934-1944. 10 pieces


Avery, Bertha Grant


1923-1933. 19 pieces


Baldridge, Cyrus LeRoy


1938-1944. 15 pieces


Barber, George W


1913-1914. 8 pieces


Bay, J Christian


1939-1947. 9 pieces


Chalmers, Stephen


1917-1926. 7 pieces


Comfort, Will Levington


1920-1932. 5 pieces


Coolidge, Dane


1912-1939. 6 pieces


Cooper, Oswald Bruce


1900-1938. 6 pieces


Cuala Press


1923-1941. 23 pieces


Dean, Eva


1908-1943. 75 pieces


Dobell (Percy J and Arthur E) (firm)


1915-1945. 7 pieces


Finch, Edward J


1944-1948. 14 pieces


Finger, Charles Joseph


1920-1935. 6 pieces


Fitzgerald, Percy


1897 and n.d.. 5 pieces


Foley, Patrick Kevin


1919-1935. 8 pieces


Forrest, Earle Robert


1936-1949. 24 pieces


Ganz, Charles


1934-1948. 37 pieces


Gjelsness, Rudolph H


1938-1942. 7 pieces


Hayden, Carl


1939-1946. 6 pieces


Hill, Edwin Bliss


1918-1948. 35 pieces


Holme, Frank


1899-1904. 142 pieces


Holme, Ida May (Van Dyke)


1930-1941. 21 pieces


Jaques, Bertha


1906-1941. 13 pieces


Kitt, Edith O


1933-1948. 5 pieces


Kleiner, Rheinhart


1944-1948. 7 pieces


Lamb (Charles) Society


1935-1948. 24 pieces


Larremore, Thomas Armitage


1938. 5 pieces


LaShelle, Kirke


1902-1946. 6 pieces


Lockwood, Francis Cummins


1934-1935. 10 pieces


Marshall, Vause W


1938. 6 pieces


Mazzanovich, Anton


1933-1934. 18 pieces


Mighels, Ella (Sterling)


1930-1931. 19 pieces


Miller, Cincinnatus Hiner


1888-1896. 6 pieces


Morris, Frank M


1915-1925. 16 pieces


Newton, Alfred Edward


1918-1940. 18 pieces


Phillips, Grace


1945-1946. 6 pieces


Plarr, Victor G


1894-1906. 5 pieces


Ransom, Will


1925-1948. 11 pieces


Robinson, Grace (Perley)


1938-1943. 5 pieces


Seymour, George Steele


1919-1943. 5 pieces


Shaw, Mary W


1926-1927. 5 pieces


Sloan, Charles H


1931-1944. 73 pieces


Starrett, Vincent


1918-1948. 223 pieces


West, Herbert Faulkner


1940-1948. 21 pieces


White, Viola C


1935-1949. 6 pieces


Williamson, Dan R


1934-1940. 12 pieces


Woollen, Frank David


1918-1925. 114 pieces


Yeats, Elizabeth Corbet


1914-1939. 51 pieces


Yeats, William Butler


1918-1920 and n.d.. 6 pieces