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Oil Industry in California 1911-1914
BANC PIC 19xx.129--ALB  
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BANC PIC 19xx.129:1--ALB Nearby view of Bunk House (sleeping quarters) builiding 50% complete. April 12, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:2--ALB Mess House and Bunk House. April 12, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:3--ALB Interior view of derrick from engine bed. April 12, 1911.


Load of stuff en route to Lease. April 12, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:4--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:5--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:6--ALB View of derrick. Out of focus. April 12, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:7--ALB View of derrick, showing engine house and boilers on ground. April 12, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:8--ALB View of derrick. Out of focus. April 12, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:9--ALB Load of water pipe in Kettleman Hills on Section 32.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:10--ALB Drilling water well. Section 32. 120 feet deep. Contract cost $2.50 per foot. February 25, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:11--ALB Esperanza Consruction. Corrugated iron clad barn on Section 32.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:12--ALB Location selected for well no. 1, California Counties Oil. Co., Section 4, red cross.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:13--ALB Showing location of center stake, Section 4.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:14--ALB Site selected Section 4 for camp house.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:15--ALB Site for office building, Section 4. View south looking over entire section. Lost Hills in the far distance.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:16--ALB View to the west from camp site. See the dim outline of main Coast Range on the left.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:17--ALB View looking north from office building site over the Kettleman Hills.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:18--ALB California Counties Oil Company derrick and cable way. Two tanks distillate and engine oil in foreground. April 25, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:19--ALB California Counties Oil Company Looking into engine room. Engine on bed block not connected. April 25, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:20--ALB California Counties Oil Company View of derrick, 100 barrel fuel tank in the foreground. Men still rigging up. April 25


BANC PIC 19xx.129:21--ALB California Co. Oil Co. bunk house finished. Capacity 4 men. Possible fire space cleared around building. April 25, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:22--ALB California Counties Oil Company. Office building, front view. Pierce's machine foreview. April 25, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:23--ALB California Counties Oil Company Office building completed. Unfurnished. End view. April 25, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:24--ALB California Counties Oil Company Boilers set. Stacks on the ground. Connections partially complete. April 25, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:25--ALB California Counties Oil Company. Boilers showing location re engine room. Stacks on the ground. Also sand fine. April 25, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:26--ALB [California Counties Oil Company derrick]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:27--ALB California Counties Oil Company derrick, boilers, fuel and water tank. April 25, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:28--ALB California Counties Oil Company Rigging up cables, coke and tools in the foreground. April 25, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:29--ALB View of camp looking west across section. Ribbon-like line in foreground is fire line surrounding property. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:30--ALB View looking north from lease. Arnold's estimated anticline placed just about on top of the hill on the right. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:31--ALB Avenal Gap. Rich piece of land in foreground. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:32--ALB Abandoned schoolhouse, Section 23-24-18. Water stands in well 18 feet below surface. Good drinking water, and possible source of supply should all others fail us. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:33--ALB View of Independent Producers Pipe Line pumping station on Section 22-24-18. We will get our fuel supply for our first well from this station. 16 mile haul. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:34--ALB Tank wagon loading oil at Independent Producers Pipe Line on Section 32. Large tank 35,000 bbls. Smaller tanks owned by oil companies buying fuel.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:35--ALB Tank wagon hauling fuel. Capacity 17 barrels, total load, 3 1/2 tons. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:36--ALB Light's Ranch Avenal Gap, Section 17. Lands on Section 9 in the center distance. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:37--ALB Water well, Section 11-24-18. Used for watering sheep. Good drinking water. Stands in well about 30 feet below surface. Possible source of supply for us though 5 miles from camp.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:38--ALB Ground just below the derrick. Good location for storage reservoir. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:39--ALB Interior view of pumping station. Pumps operate under 800 pound pressure. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:40--ALB Showing alsmost absolutely flat formation of rock outcrop directly over Arnold's estimated anticline.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:41--ALB Another view of same. Camera not being quite level with this formation makes it appear dipping toward the east.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:42--ALB View of derrick from the east. Stack on second boiler not yet in place. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:43--ALB What John found while hunting for the southwest corner [rattlesnake].


BANC PIC 19xx.129:44--ALB Teams hauling water and fuel. Good view of Kettleman Hills. May 14, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:45--ALB Front view of boilers, showing set up. Very well done. June 2, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:46--ALB Rig showing 750 feet - 15 1/2 inch casing on the ground. June 2, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:47--ALB Cartercar Truck on lease after 260 mile run, all in good order. June 2, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:48--ALB Well spudded in. Made 10 feet first 1 1/2 hours. June 2, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:49--ALB Spudding in crew. [left to right] Joe Devani, Phil Kauffman, J.H. Guy. June 2, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:50--ALB Pumping plant Esperanza Construction Oil Co. Section 32. Bulldozer pump, capacity? 4 HP? Fairbanks Morse Engine.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:51--ALB Fuel tank wagon connection. 3 inch discharge, 2 1/2 inch connection to 3 inch pipe leading to 100 barrel supply tank. August 22, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:52--ALB 17 barrel tank wagon showing connections. August 22, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:53--ALB Looking southeast from tank site over lease. August 22, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:54--ALB Looking south over Section 4 from office buildings. August 22, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:55--ALB Showing elevation of reserve water tank above camp buildings and derrick. Bottom of tank is about 60 feet above floor of derrick.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:56--ALB Site of water supply reserve tank. August 22, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:57--ALB Corral, mess house and bunk house. August 22, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:58--ALB 600 barrel redwood reservoir. September 1, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:59--ALB J.H. Guy, Phil Kaufman. September 1, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:60--ALB Medallion Camp, Section 20, Kettelamn [sic, Kettleman] Hills. September 1, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:61--ALB Medallion Camp, Section 20. Kettleman Hills.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:62--ALB Packard truck en route for lease crossing Pacheco Pass. September 21, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:63--ALB Tank for hauling fuel oil. September 21, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:64--ALB Going through Cantua Creek Sand on the intermediate. September 30, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:65--ALB Trouble in the Cantua Creek Sands. September 21, 1911.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:66--ALB Cantua Creek Sands, hard top crust which we broke through. September 21, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:67 --ALB Passing the "Oasis" thirteen miles south Coalinga. September 21, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:68--ALB Hauling first load to lease. Weight 4,400 pounds. September 21, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:69--ALB Load 3,000 feet of one inch wire line, weight 5,050 pounds. September 21, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:70--ALB Load ten inch casing, two joints 21 feet 9 inches long, weight 5,800 pounds September 21, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:71--ALB Wear of blocks after 426 miles run. September 30, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:72--ALB Another view of the same thing. September 30, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:73--ALB Another view of the same thing. September 30, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:74--ALB View of another wheel after 426 miles run. September 30, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:75--ALB Another view of the same wheel. September 30, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:76--ALB View of fossil oyster shells top of Jacalitos formation, on top of ridge 600 feet east of derrick. October 27, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:77--ALB Looking across lease from ridge of shells. Water tank in the extreme distance, corner of office building on the right. October 27, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:78--ALB New ironclad barn with corral. October 27, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:79--ALB Load of 8 1/4 inch casing, six joints, longest 25 feet. Later loads carried loaded forward each side driver's seat. October 27, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:80--ALB Formations Kettleman Hills near Coalinga - Kettleman Well. October 3, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:81--ALB Formations Kettleman Hills near Coalinga - Kettleman Well. October 3, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:82--ALB Fuel Tank Calllows. October 3, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:83--ALB Kettleman Plain, Main Coast Range west of camp.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:84--ALB View over section four, looking north from near south boundary.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:85--ALB Pleasant Valley South of Coalinga


BANC PIC 19xx.129:86--ALB 5,000 pounds of baled hay


BANC PIC 19xx.129:87--ALB Ed. Gately, James Kimbley, C.B. Lightner, J.H. Guy, H.M. Bacon, Wm. Strack, John Nickels, and dog


BANC PIC 19xx.129:88--ALB Ed. Gately, James Kimbley, C.B. Lightner, J.H. Guy, H.M. Bacon, Wm. Strack, John Nickels, and dog


BANC PIC 19xx.129:89--ALB Ed. Gately, James Kimbley, C.B. Lightner, J.H. Guy, H.M. Bacon, Wm. Strack, John Nickels, and dog


BANC PIC 19xx.129:90--ALB John Nickels


BANC PIC 19xx.129:91--ALB Reading from left to right: Ed. Gately, James Kimbley (and dog), C.B. Lightner, J.H. Guy, H.M. Bacon, Wm. Strack, John Nickels


BANC PIC 19xx.129:92--ALB Truck unloading fuel oil on lease


BANC PIC 19xx.129:93--ALB View over lease, looking south. Outline of hills south of Avanol Gap in distance


BANC PIC 19xx.129:94--ALB Kettleman Hills along the Dudley Lemoore Road


BANC PIC 19xx.129:95--ALB Nine joints damaged 8 1/4 inch casing, ten inch six joints good order marked by casing clamps, 12 1/2 inch one joint good order, 15 inch bailer, 12 1/2 inch bailer, 10 inch bailer, stem for heavy string tools; beyond casing 2-15 inch, 2-12 1/2 inch bits,


BANC PIC 19xx.129:96--ALB Nine joints 8 1/4 inch casing damaged by fall owing to defective joint. Note corkscrew twist in joint by stick. J. H. Guy, Superintendent


BANC PIC 19xx.129:97--ALB Casitas campsite for well number one. April 24, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:98--ALB Casitas, mountain near well site. April 24, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:99--ALB Casitas, mineralized spring 250 feet above well number one. April 24, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:100--ALB Casitas, view up canyon location well number one. April 24, 1912


Casitas, oak timber on mountain side. April 24, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:101--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:102--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:103--ALB Casitas, site of well number one. Arnold and Lewis. April 24, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:104--ALB Casitas, location of well number one. April 24, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:105--ALB Steep hillside on Casitas Ranch Road.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:106--ALB Casitas, Ranch Road construction


BANC PIC 19xx.129:107--ALB Casitas, Ranch Road construction


BANC PIC 19xx.129:108-ALB Casitas Road, a 25 percent grade. Note cutting we had to do.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:109-ALB The big grade, looking down.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:110--ALB Casitas Ranch Road


BANC PIC 19xx.129:111--ALB Looking up a 20 percent grade


BANC PIC 19xx.129:112--ALB View on big grade


BANC PIC 19xx.129:113--ALB Casitas Ranch Road


BANC PIC 19xx.129:114--ALB A rough bit of rock work


BANC PIC 19xx.129:115--ALB Note amount of cutting done here


BANC PIC 19xx.129:116--ALB Hard rock work


BANC PIC 19xx.129:117--ALB Casitas Ranch Road


BANC PIC 19xx.129:118--ALB Lower end of road


BANC PIC 19xx.129:119--ALB Road gang at lunch


BANC PIC 19xx.129:120--ALB Cord wood for fuel. Upper end of road


BANC PIC 19xx.129:121--ALB [Camps for well number one]


No captions


BANC PIC 19xx.129:122--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:123--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:124--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:125--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:126--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:127--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:128--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:129--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:130--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:131--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:132--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:133--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:134--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:135--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:136--ALB Views of Camp for well number one


BANC PIC 19xx.129:137--ALB Office tent, Casitas. August 6, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:138--ALB Land cleared, number one well site


BANC PIC 19xx.129:139--ALB Casitas, rock ridge we had to cut away to get to well


BANC PIC 19xx.129:140--ALB Casitas, lowering timbers to well site, July 22, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:141--ALB Well site in canyon. Men clearing away for lowering rig timbers. July 22, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:142--ALB Land cleared. Number one well site.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:143--ALB [Well site in canyon. Men clearing away for lowering rig timbers. July 22, 1912]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:144--ALB Casitas, view of well site in canyon. Every foot of space cleared of underbrush. July 22, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:145--ALB Looking across Coyote Valley. August 6, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:146--ALB Ten mule team, our wagon. Load of rig irons resting on grade. August 6, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:147--ALB [Mountainous terrain, possibly near Casitas?]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:148--ALB [Horses hauling wagon]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:149--ALB [Horses hauling wagon]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:150--ALB Derrick and engine room in course of construction. August 18, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:151--ALB Casitas, lowering equipment on wire cable with traveling block. August 8, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:152--ALB Casitas, derrick in canyon 60 percent finished. Looking towards camp.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:153--ALB Casitas, boiler set ready for bricking in. August 18, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:154--ALB Casitas, spudded in. September 10, 1912.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:155--ALB Well site in canyon. Men clearing away for lowering rig timbers. July 22, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:156--ALB Casitas, well number one. September 10, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:157--ALB Top view of derrick. Nickels in left hand corner


BANC PIC 19xx.129:158--ALB Rigging derrick. October 10, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:159--ALB View of mountain from foot of grade. October 10, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:160--ALB Casitas, ten mule team hauling on grade. Some dust. October 10, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:161--ALB Casitas, ten mule team hauling 5,800 pounds casing line up the grade. October 10, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:162--ALB View along top of mountain, Casitas. Parcel number one


BANC PIC 19xx.129:163--ALB Landscape with derrick


BANC PIC 19xx.129:164--ALB Casitas, ten mule team hauling 16 inch stove pipe casing


BANC PIC 19xx.129:165--ALB Casitas, ten mule team hauling 16 inch stove pipe casing


BANC PIC 19xx.129:166--ALB Casitas, ten mule team hauling 16 inch stove pipe casing


BANC PIC 19xx.129:167--ALB Casitas, mountain top grazing lands, Section 9


BANC PIC 19xx.129:168--ALB Panoramic view looking over Coyote Creek and Ventura River from top of well number one, parcel number one.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:169--ALB Mountain top, grazing lands, section 9. Possible walnut orchard land


BANC PIC 19xx.129:170--ALB Extra heavy, specially built 12 1/2 inch bit, 1,200 pounds


BANC PIC 19xx.129:171--ALB No caption


BANC PIC 19xx.129:172--ALB Casitas, lowering drilling tools on wire line, 20 foot stem


BANC PIC 19xx.129:173--ALB Casitas, lowering drilling tools on wire line, 20 foot stem


BANC PIC 19xx.129:174--ALB Casitas, lowering 20 foot stem to derrick


BANC PIC 19xx.129:175--ALB Casitas, lowering 1,250 pound bit on wire line


BANC PIC 19xx.129:176--ALB Casitas, lowering 1,250 pound bit on wire line


BANC PIC 19xx.129:177--ALB Casitas, damaged ten inch pipe on job


BANC PIC 19xx.129:178--ALB New 10 inch bit, Casitas


BANC PIC 19xx.129:179--ALB Specially made 10 inch bit, Casitas


BANC PIC 19xx.129:180--ALB Casitas, going up a heavy grade


BANC PIC 19xx.129:181--ALB Casitas, load of casing leaving well site. Note brakes on wagon


BANC PIC 19xx.129:182--ALB Casitas, hauling 10 inch casing. 3,200 pound load on eight mules


BANC PIC 19xx.129:183--ALB Casitas, proposed site of well number three, on Government location, looking north. Think this good place for permanent camp


BANC PIC 19xx.129:184--ALB Casitas, team on the grade


BANC PIC 19xx.129:185--ALB Casitas, proposed site for well number two


BANC PIC 19xx.129:186--ALB Casitas, proposed site for well number three on top of mountain, looking south


BANC PIC 19xx.129:187--ALB Casitas, collar which came off upper end of spear joint. Note condition of metal in collar which tore out and would not unscrew though very little power was used in effort to do this. August 21, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:188--ALB Casitas, collar which came off upper end of spear joint. Note condition of metal in collar which tore out and would not unscrew though very little power was used in effort to do this. August 21, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:189--ALB Casitas, lower end of spear joint remaining in collar of joint below spear joint. The lower end of this joint was broken off a clean, smooth break all the way around, at about three threads down inside the collar. Note that threads have not been stripped


BANC PIC 19xx.129:190--ALB Casitas, lower end of spear joint. Note how pipe has torn out rather than unscrewed from collar. August 21, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:191--ALB Casitas, another view of lower end of spear joint, pipe opened in weld when men endeavored to cut it from collar. August 21, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:192--ALB Casitas, showing break in ten inch lower end of joint, above joint in which spear was lodged. August 21, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:193--ALB Casitas, Upper end of joint in which spear was lodged showing the condition of pipe at point from which spear was removed. August 21, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:194--ALB Casitas, another view of same. August 21, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:195--ALB Debris washed over our road at mouth of China Canyon


BANC PIC 19xx.129:196--ALB Debris at our gate. Road cut out eight feet deep


BANC PIC 19xx.129:197--ALB Coyote Creek through the park


BANC PIC 19xx.129:198--ALB Coyote Creek through the Wadleigh Ranch


BANC PIC 19xx.129:199--ALB Coyote Creek, park on the right


BANC PIC 19xx.129:200--ALB Coyote Creek through the Wadleigh Ranch


BANC PIC 19xx.129:201--ALB Wreck of Foster Park Bridge looking down stream


BANC PIC 19xx.129:202--ALB Bed of Ventura River looking north from Foster Park Bridge


BANC PIC 19xx.129:203--ALB Bed of Ventura River just below the bridge


BANC PIC 19xx.129:204--ALB Looking up Ventura River from the Bridge


BANC PIC 19xx.129:205--ALB Young orchard on the Casitas ranch along Coyote Creeek


BANC PIC 19xx.129:206--ALB County Road where it passes through the Ranch Buildings


BANC PIC 19xx.129:207--ALB View of the Ranch Buildings on the Casitas Pass Road


BANC PIC 19xx.129:208--ALB View across the Ranch south side of Coyote Creek, looking toward Red Mountain


BANC PIC 19xx.129:209--ALB View of Ranch Corral


BANC PIC 19xx.129:210--ALB Looking west up Ayers Creek. Just below top of ridge on right hand side may be seen the basal sandstone beds of the vaqueros formation.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:211--ALB Ridge looking toward Casitas pass near the oil spring on branch of Coyote Creek


BANC PIC 19xx.129:212--ALB View of grazing lands of the Ranch


BANC PIC 19xx.129:213--ALB Summit of East Casitas Pass on the country road called El Camino Real, meaning King's Highway. Trail used by Spanish in the Mission days. Ranch boundary line runs along top of the ridge.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:214--ALB View westward down the grade of the East Casitas Pass


BANC PIC 19xx.129:215--ALB View from location of the old oil well number one, and is looking toward the south.The immediate foreground is underlain by vaqueros shales in the trough of the syncline that passes through this point. The lefthand background shows the west end of Red Mountain anticline.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:216--ALB View of damage done at rig. March 1, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:217--ALB View of damage done at rig. March 1, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:218--ALB Removing debris at engine March 1, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:219--ALB Sluicing away debris around engine house. March 1, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:220--ALB Coyote Creek just above the park. Wilson Ranch on the right. March 1, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:221--ALB Coyote Creek through Foster Park. Former stream bed was about 20 feet wide. March 1, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:222--ALB Looking down Coyote Creek through the park. March 1, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:223--ALB Casitas, commissary team fording the river after the water went down. April 5, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:224--ALB Casitas, commissary team fording the river after the water went down. April 5, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:225--ALB Auto bridge over Ventura River at Casitas. April 5, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:226--ALB Team unloading wood. Used full eight mule tream on the haul


BANC PIC 19xx.129:227--ALB Fog in the early morning in the valley of the Coyote Creek and the Ventura River, with Silver Mountain and Mount Topa Topa in the distance.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:228--ALB Drillers and tool dressers quarters, main camp


BANC PIC 19xx.129:229--ALB View of the Big Slip in Adams Canyon from Red Hill


BANC PIC 19xx.129:230--ALB View of the ridge from south side of Ayres Canyon


BANC PIC 19xx.129:231--ALB Closer view of the Big Slip showing where rock is fractured


BANC PIC 19xx.129:232--ALB Closer view of the Big Slip showing where rock is fractured


BANC PIC 19xx.129:233--ALB Looking westward from about the center of Ayres Canyon


BANC PIC 19xx.129:234--ALB Looking down Ayres Creek toward the valley of Coyote Creek. Sky line Oak field in the foreground


BANC PIC 19xx.129:235--ALB Hauling wood Casitas eight mule team up a 45 degree grade. One half cord load


BANC PIC 19xx.129:236--ALB November 18, showing fire swept woods on parcel two


BANC PIC 19xx.129:237--ALB November 18, fire swept woods showing proposed location of well number two


BANC PIC 19xx.129:238--ALB November 18, Hillside on parcel number two after the fire


BANC PIC 19xx.129:239--ALB [Mules hauling wagon]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:240--ALB [Mules hauling wagon]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:241--ALB [Mules hauling wagon]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:242--ALB Views of camp for well number one


BANC PIC 19xx.129:243--ALB Casitas, pulling the ten inch


BANC PIC 19xx.129:244--ALB Casitas, showing the spot where Lewman was hurt


BANC PIC 19xx.129:245--ALB Miscellaneous tools on rack


BANC PIC 19xx.129:246--ALB Casitas, view of Ventura River crossing


BANC PIC 19xx.129:247--ALB Casitas, miscellaneous tools on rack


BANC PIC 19xx.129:248--ALB Casitas, pipe stored at Ayers barn


Casitas, pipe stored at Ayers barn, 12 1/2-10-8 1/4 inch


BANC PIC 19xx.129:249--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:250--ALB


BANC PIC 19xx.129:251--ALB Fifteen 1/2 inch section four, Kettlememan Hills lease


BANC PIC 19xx.129:252--ALB Section four, Kettleman Hills, December 15, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:253--ALB Nearby view of camp House, buildings completed, April 12, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:254--ALB California, counties oil company, camp house, mess house, bunk house, and derrick, showing construction. April 12, 1911


BANC PIC 19xx.129:255--ALB Fossilized rock, sticks, leaves, ferns, small animal tracks, February 22, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:256--ALB Fossilized rock, Section four, Jacalitos, formation rock on loft, from cellar of well number one


BANC PIC 19xx.129:257--ALB Ketleman plain, ranch on headwaters of Zapata Creek, February 22, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:258--ALB La Belle Oil Company, well number one, camp buildings and 1,500 barrel galvinized iron water storage tank. Derrick for well number two at end of tank. View looking toward Buena Vista Hills.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:259--ALB La Belle Oil Company looking over the eight acres from the southeast corner. Well number two derrick in the foreground. Well number one prominent derrick on left. Storage tanks and camp buildings in center. North line approximately corner post flag and boilers


BANC PIC 19xx.129:260--ALB La Belle Oil Company, view across eighty acres, showing flat surface of ground.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:261--ALB La Bell Oil Company, view across eighty acres. Storage tanks, telephone, telegraph, telegraph and S.J.L.&P. Company, line, camp and well number one in center looking toward Section five


BANC PIC 19xx.129:262--ALB La Belle Oil Company, view across eight acres. Boiler plant and derrick for well number two on right. Well number one on left. Camp and storage tanks shown in center. Well on Section five in background, looking toward main coast range


BANC PIC 19xx.129:263--ALB La Belle Oil Company, new derrick well number two, 1,500 and 2,000 barrel galvanized iron storage tanks.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:264--ALB La Belle Oil Company, three 45 H.P. Oil Well Supply Company boilers, being set up at new derrick well number two


BANC PIC 19xx.129:265--ALB La Belle Oil Company, view from mess house, south, S.J.L.&P.; Company transmission line crossing property. Wells of Santa Fe on Sections four and nine in foreground


BANC PIC 19xx.129:266--ALB La Belle Oil Company, view from mess house looking east.Well number two in foreground, wells on section two. Buena Vista Hills in distance


BANC PIC 19xx.129:267--ALB La Belle property mess house. April 6, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:268--ALB La Belle property, 8 1/4 casing on ground, April 6, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:269--ALB La Belle property drill stems at well number two, April 6, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:270--ALB La Belle Oil Company, receiving tank at well number two, showing gas rising from the tank during flow. Gas is exceedingly rich with gasoline. Propose to test same at my first opportunity


BANC PIC 19xx.129:271--ALB Pacific crude gusher recently burned, flowing 7,000 bbls. 26 degree oil


BANC PIC 19xx.129:272--ALB Another view of same


BANC PIC 19xx.129:273--ALB Standard oil well section 36, flowing approximately 10,000 bbls. gravity oil. This well is about three miles east of us.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:274--ALB Another view Standard oil well. Note discharge of oil to the left of derrick. Oil sprayed in vapor form around derrick for over 1,000 feet.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:275--ALB Another view of Standard oil well


BANC PIC 19xx.129:276--ALB Foundation 5,000 barrel tank, La Belle


BANC PIC 19xx.129:277--ALB 5,000 barrel tank, completed. La Belle


BANC PIC 19xx.129:278--ALB Camp of Equitable Petroleum Company, Section ten. June 2, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:279--ALB Oil fire Buick and Pacific Crude properties burning. June 2, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:280--ALB Same. Pacific Crude gushing 8,000 bbls. of oil under ball of fire on right. June 2, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:281--ALB Start of Sunday fire. View taken from La Belle camp building. Buick property burning, June 2, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:282--ALB Pacific Crude gusher burning daylight view after general fire had been out. View from La Belle camp house.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:283--ALB La Belle well number two, first flow of gas and water. Cleaning itself out, June 6, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:284--ALB Same. Well ten minutes later shooting gas,water and oil through six inch connection under heavy gas pressure. June 6, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:285--ALB Another view of same. Cheifly mud and water thrown out during this gush. June 6, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:286--ALB Another view of same. Cheifly mud and water thrown out during this gush. June 6, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:287--ALB Gush of oil from well number two Sunday afternoon. Estimated 50 to 75 bbls. in ten minutes. 5,000 bbls. tank on left. June 9, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:288--ALB Another view of the Sunday afternoon gush. Note this is coming through a six inch pipe. June 9, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:289--ALB Another view of Sunday afternoon gush. June 9, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:290--ALB Another view of same. Well was throwing at this time with six inch valve only 1/3 open. After ten minutes, flow gas pressure decreased. Pressure immediately thereafter ran up to 75 pounds


BANC PIC 19xx.129:291--ALB View of trench cut through the soil by discharge from six inch outlet.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:292--ALB Oil flowing from six inch outlet through trench into sump, Sunday afternoon at 2:00, June 9, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:293--ALB Oil and gas gushing through six inch pipe Sunday afternoon at 2:00. June 9, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:294--ALB Another view of same


BANC PIC 19xx.129:295--ALB Another view of same. Note six inch pipe completely filled


BANC PIC 19xx.129:296--ALB Another view of same. Oil running through trench into sump


BANC PIC 19xx.129:297--ALB La Belle small sump, large canyon immediately in back of this was also dammed for storage purposes


BANC PIC 19xx.129:298--ALB One of the rotary crews that brought in well. Ross on the left. Gates fourth man from left.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:299--ALB View of derrick, showing valves.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:300--ALB Inside connection of valves


BANC PIC 19xx.129:301--ALB Inside connection of valves


BANC PIC 19xx.129:302--ALB Well number two


BANC PIC 19xx.129:303 --ALB Well number one


BANC PIC 19xx.129:304--ALB Four inch drill stem standing in derrick after Sunday accident, May 26, 1912


BANC PIC 19xx.129:305--ALB Another view of same. About 800 feet of drill stem was damaged


BANC PIC 19xx.129:306--ALB New Santa Fe Well, Section six, flowing 2,500 bbls. 20 gravity oil. Note enormous quantity of sand this well has thrown off


BANC PIC 19xx.129:307--ALB New Santa Fe Well, Section six, flowing 2,500 bbls. 20 gravity oil. Note enormous quantity of sand this well has thrown off


BANC PIC 19xx.129:308--ALB La Belle well number three, boiler plant, rear view


BANC PIC 19xx.129:309--ALB Boiler plant La Belle well number three, front view


BANC PIC 19xx.129:310--ALB 2,500 of six inch drill stem at La Belle well number three


BANC PIC 19xx.129:311--ALB La Belle derrick number three in course of construction


BANC PIC 19xx.129:312--ALB La Belle derrick number three in course of construction


BANC PIC 19xx.129:313--ALB Walren Siding. La Belle loading rack. Horse and runabout we recently purchased


BANC PIC 19xx.129:314--ALB La Belle rig number three. Ten inch and 8 1/4 inch casing


BANC PIC 19xx.129:315--ALB La Belle new cook house


BANC PIC 19xx.129:316--ALB La Belle new cook house


BANC PIC 19xx.129:317--ALB La Belle. Another view of the disc bit compared with old fish tail bit


BANC PIC 19xx.129:318--ALB La Belle. Fish tail bit on right, new disc bit on left. First bit of this character which has been made and used


BANC PIC 19xx.129:319--ALB La Belle. 2,605 - four inch drill stem in foreground. 1,800 foot-ten inch and 2,950 foot -8 1/4 inch casing behind it


BANC PIC 19xx.129:320--ALB La Belle, Santa Fe loading rack at Midland. Total capacity eight cars


BANC PIC 19xx.129:321--ALB La Belle number three fifty feet over the crown block. Oil so thin and sprayed as to be almost invisible


BANC PIC 19xx.129:322--ALB La Belle number three coming in


BANC PIC 19xx.129:323--ALB Running the swab in La Belle number three


BANC PIC 19xx.129:324--ALB La Belle number three going 50 feet over the crown block. Oil so thin and sprayed as to be almost invisible


BANC PIC 19xx.129:325--ALB La Belle number three, showing boiler gas trap and two 100 bbls. receiving tanks. Note gas escaping from top of tanks


BANC PIC 19xx.129:326--ALB La Belle number three coming in April 9, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:327--ALB La Belle number three coming in April 9, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:328--ALB View of La Belle lease showing wells number two and three, and storage tanks


BANC PIC 19xx.129:329--ALB La Belle number three coming in. April 9, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:330--ALB La Belle number three coming in. April 9, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:331--ALB Rear view of boiler gas trap, looking toward number four well


BANC PIC 19xx.129:332--ALB La Belle number four rig not quite complete


BANC PIC 19xx.129:333--ALB La Belle number four. April 25, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:334--ALB La Belle number four boiler plant


BANC PIC 19xx.129:335--ALB La Belle number four, April 27, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:336--ALB La Belle bunkhouse, hauled from Kettleman Hills and rebuilt


BANC PIC 19xx.129:337--ALB La Belle bunkhouse, hauled from Kettleman Hills and rebuilt


BANC PIC 19xx.129:338--ALB La Belle, cleaning out well number two


BANC PIC 19xx.129:339--ALB La Belle loading rack, May 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:340--ALB La Belle loading rack, May 1913. Saint Lawrence wells in distance


BANC PIC 19xx.129:341--ALB La Belle 12 x 4 x 12 pump for six inch line


BANC PIC 19xx.129:342--ALB View of Midway Field from Buena Vista Hills, section 36


BANC PIC 19xx.129:343--ALB View of Midway Field from Buena Vista Hills


BANC PIC 19xx.129:344--ALB View of Buena Vista Hills from section two


BANC PIC 19xx.129:345--ALB Gate Valves of Honolulu gas well


BANC PIC 19xx.129:346--ALB Honolulu gas well discharging under 550 pounds pressure


BANC PIC 19xx.129:347--ALB La Belle lease looking toward Buena Vista Lake from Superintendent's house


BANC PIC 19xx.129:348--ALB La Belle, new office building on lease, June 18, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:349--ALB La Belle showing barn, little bunk house, superintendent's house, well number one and water tank


BANC PIC 19xx.129:350--ALB La Belle looking south. Twenty five Hill in distance


BANC PIC 19xx.129:351--ALB La Belle


BANC PIC 19xx.129:352--ALB Swabbing La Belle number four, November 2, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:353--ALB La Belle number four, open flow. Total flow estimated ten to fifteen barrels. August 26, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:354--ALB Set up of valves on La Belle number four, November 2, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:355--ALB La Belle number four, open flow. August 26, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:356--ALB Swabbing La Belle number four, November 2, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:357--ALB La Belle number four, open flow. August 26, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:358--ALB K.T.&O. Well burning on section 22, November 2,1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:359--ALB La Belle number four, open flow. August 26, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:360--ALB Swabbing La Belle number four, November 2, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:361--ALB K.T.&O. Well burning on section 22, November 2, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:362--ALB K.T.&O. Well burning on section 22, November 2, 1913


BANC PIC 19xx.129:363--ALB [Devil's Den Saloon]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:364--ALB La Belle. These five strands of wire pulled 1,000 pound string


BANC PIC 19xx.129:365--ALB Pulling the swab in number four


BANC PIC 19xx.129:366--ALB [Landscape with many derricks, and telephone lines. Possibly La Belle]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:367--ALB Gates, Mrs. Gates and Lee in their new Ford. June 24, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:368--ALB [Panoramic of landscape with many derricks]


BANC PIC 19xx.129:369--ALB La Belle, view of coast range west of lease. July 12, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:370--ALB La Belle, view eastward along north line of property July 12, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:371--ALB La Belle, view eastward along north line of property July 12, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:372--ALB La Belle, looking northward along west line of property. July 12, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:373--ALB La Belle, looking westward across lease from top of number three tank. July 12, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:374--ALB Miocene Oil Company's well number two, flowing 7,000 bbls.


BANC PIC 19xx.129:375--ALB Miocene Oil Company's well number seven sump - four inch discharge inside housing under four feet of water


BANC PIC 19xx.129:376--ALB Miocene Oil Company's sump well number two


BANC PIC 19xx.129:377--ALB Gas pump at number four La Belle rig


BANC PIC 19xx.129:378--ALB Gas pump at number four La Belle rig. Vacuum pressure 17 1/2 pounds


BANC PIC 19xx.129:379--ALB La Belle number three gas regulator. December 14, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:380--ALB La Belle number five. December 14, 1914


BANC PIC 19xx.129:381--ALB Cross section diagram showing sands on section 32-12-23


BANC PIC 19xx.129:382--ALB Cross section diagram showing sands on section 32-12-23


BANC PIC 19xx.129:383--ALB [Landscape with many derricks, and some buildings]