Lone Mountain College Collection of Stereographs by Eadweard Muybridge, 1867-1880

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Lone Mountain College Collection of Stereographs by Eadweard Muybridge, 1867-1880

Collection number: BANC PIC 1971.055--STER, ALB, PIC, AX, B

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Lone Mountain College Collection of Stereographs by Eadweard Muybridge
Date (inclusive): 1867-1880
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1971.055--STER, ALB, PIC, AX, B
Photographer: Eadweard Muybridge
Extent: 1700 stereographs, 6 albums and 39 oversize prints 1727 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
Phone: (510) 642-6481
Fax: (510) 642-7589
Email: bancref@library.berkeley.edu
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Abstract: The Muybridge Lone Mountain Collection of photographs consists of 1700 stereographs, 6 albums and 39 individual photographs taken during the years 1867 to 1880.
Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English

Information for Researchers


Originals restricted. Viewing prints are available under the call number BANC PIC 1971.055--PIC. Individual prints, original stereographs and albums may be viewed only with the permission of the Curator of Pictorial Collections.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Lone Mountain College Collection of Stereographs by Eadweard Muybridge, BANC PIC 1971.055--STER, ALB, PIC, AX, B, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley

Digital Representations Available

Digital representations of selected original pictorial materials are available in the list of materials below. Digital image files were prepared from selected Library originals by the Library Photographic Service. Library originals were copied onto 35mm color transparency film; the film was scanned and transferred to Kodak Photo CD (by Custom Process); and the Photo CD files were color-corrected and saved in JFIF (JPEG) format for use as viewing files.

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Materials Cataloged Separately

Identifier/Call Number:
Identifier/Call Number: BANC MSS 71/189c:
Title: Eadweard Muybridge Papers: additions, 1818-1839.
Removed from photographic collection.
Identifier/Call Number: xF870.P5M82 1893:
Title: Descriptive Zoopraxography; or, the Science of Animal Locomotion Made Popular
Identifier/Call Number: xffF870.P5M75:
Title: Animal Locomotion: an Electro-Photographic Investigation of Consecutive Phases of Animal Movements, 1872-1885
Identifier/Call Number: xfF870.P5M76 1899:
Title: Animals in Motion ; an Electro-Photographic Investigation of Consecutive Phases of Animal Progressive Movements. Commenced 1872, completed 1885.

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Central Pacific Railroad Company -- Pictorial works.
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Modoc Indians -- Wars, 1873 -- Photographs.
Panama -- Pictorial works.
San Francisco (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Spanish mission buildings -- California -- Photographs.
Vancouver Island (B.C.) -- Pictorial works.
Woodward's Gardens (San Francisco, Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Yosemite National Park (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Photograph albums.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The Eadweard Muybridge Photographic Collection was part of the Monsignor Joseph M. Gleason Library of the San Francisco College for Women (Lone Mountain College). The Collection was purchased by The Bancroft Library in March of 1971.


Edward James Muggeridge was born on April 9, 1830 in Kingston-on-Thames, England. He was the second of four sons born to John Muggeridge and Susannah Smith Muggeridge. John Muggeridge was a grain, coal and timber merchant and Susannah Smith Muggeridge came from a prosperous family engaged in the business of carrying by barge. At the age of 22 Edward decided to go to America and he changed his name to Eadweard Muygridge. He took the spelling of his first name from the "Coronation Stone," which had been discovered in Kingston in 1850. Seven Saxon kings had been crowned upon this stone and two kings named Eadweard appeared on its plinth. As for the spelling of his last name, the "muy" may have been added to reflect some Spanish ancestry, and "gridge" was later changed to "bridge."
Upon his arrival in New York, Muybridge secured employment as a commission merchant for the London Printing and Publishing Company. One of his first friends in the U.S. was daguerreotypist Silas T. Selleck, who sparked Eadweard's interest in photography. When Selleck went West and established a successful photography studio, Muybridge soon followed. In 1855 he settled in San Francisco, where he opened a bookstore at 113 Montgomery Street. In his free time Muybridge explored California; he was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the state that he began to think about photographing landscapes. Muybridge was aware of the potential of new photographic markets in America and he considered the possibility of photography as a second career. In 1860 he returned to England where he spent several years regaining his health (he was injured in a stage coach accident during the trip from SF to NY) and studying photography more seriously. Around 1866 he returned to America, altering his surname from Muygridge to Muybridge. When he arrived in San Francisco he joined Silas Selleck in the photography business. The following year Muybridge took his "Flying Studio" to Yosemite and made numerous photographs which were presented in 1868 under the pseudonym "Helios." Over the next couple of years he made photographs of the San Francisco Bay Area, Alaska, and the Pacific Coast.
In the Spring of 1871 Muybridge married Flora Shallcross Stone. A year later he became acquainted with the Leland Stanford family and this marked the beginning of his motion photography. Over the next couple of years, in addition to his motion studies, he photographed the Modoc Indians and U.S. soldiers in Northern California, Central Pacific Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad. In February of 1875, after being acquitted for the murder of his wife's lover, Muybridge went south to photograph Panama and Central America. He returned to San Francisco in November upon hearing of his wife's death. The rest of his career was spent primarily on the motion studies, first at Stanford University and later at the University of Pennsylvania. Eadweard Muybridge died May 8, 1904 at 2 Liverpool Road, Kingston-on-Thames.

Scope and Content

The Muybridge Lone Mountain Collection of photographs consists of 1700 stereographs, 6 albums and 39 individual photographs taken during the years 1867 to 1880. Most of the albums contain single stereo size images arranged in Muybridge's series number order and are imprinted with his "Helios" trade name. These albums may represent his own record of his work. He spent most of his time from 1867 to 1873 photographing California, Alaska and the Pacific Coast; this work is documented in Catalogue of Photographic Views Illustrating the Yosemite, Mammoth Trees, Geyser Springs, and Other Remarkable and Interesting Scenery of the Far West, by Muybridge , published by Bradley and Rulofson in 1873. The greatest number of these images are in stereographic form, intended for mounting and sale on cards, but some were made in larger sizes for framing or albums. Photographs 1-278 do not appear in the Catalogue.
Subjects covered in this collection include: Alaska (1868), Big Trees (Calaveras and Mariposa Groves), British Columbia, Buena Vista Winery, Sonoma Co., Calistoga, Chinese, the Earthquake of 1868, Farralon Islands, Geysers, Indians of Yosemite, Light Houses, Marin County, Missions, Modoc War, Panama and Central America (1875), Railroads, San Francisco and The Bay Area, and Yosemite Park.


Former accession number: 1905.16892. Some copy negatives are available under this number.

Container Listing


Series 1: ALBUMS. BANC PIC 1971.055--ALB

Physical Description: 6 VOLUMES


The column in the listing titled "stereo copy" indicates whether or not a duplicate of the image is available as a stereograph (the number will be the same).

Volume 1

Physical Description: 1-400


Helios album. Yosemite, San Francisco. Single stereo images with Muybridge item numbers.



[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:01--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:03--ALB


Series 1: ALBUMS. BANC PIC 1971.055--ALB

Physical Description: 6 VOLUMES


The column in the listing titled "stereo copy" indicates whether or not a duplicate of the image is available as a stereograph (the number will be the same).

Inspiration Rock from Merced River. BANC PIC 1971.055:06--ALB


Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Rock. BANC PIC 1971.055:07--ALB


El Capitan. BANC PIC 1971.055:08--ALB


Po-ho-no (Spirit of the Evil Wind), Bridal Veil Falls. BANC PIC 1971.055:09--ALB


Yosemite (Po-ho-no). BANC PIC 1971.055:10--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:11--ALB


Po-ho-no. BANC PIC 1971.055:12--ALB


Merced River from base of Pohono. BANC PIC 1971.055:13--ALB


Cathedral Rocks. BANC PIC 1971.055:14--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:15--ALB


Tutochanula (Great Chief of the Valley). BANC PIC 1971.055:16--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:17--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:18--ALB


Loya, The Sentinel; reflected. BANC PIC 1971.055:19--ALB


Tutochanula (Great Chief.) BANC PIC 1971.055:20--ALB


Charon at the ferry. BANC PIC 1971.055:21--ALB


The valley from the base of Pompomparos. BANC PIC 1971.055:22--ALB


The Domes from Rock of the Spirit (Rock Point.) BANC PIC 1971.055:23--ALB


Yosemite -- view on the Merced, Spirit of Tutoch[!] BANC PIC 1971.055:24--ALB


Confluence of Yosemite Creek and the Merced River. BANC PIC 1971.055:25--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:26--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:27--ALB


Loya. BANC PIC 1971.055:28--ALB


Poo-se-nah chuck-ha-jet; Cathedral Rock. BANC PIC 1971.055:29--ALB


Cathedral Rock. BANC PIC 1971.055:30--ALB


Deserted village. BANC PIC 1971.055:31--ALB


Yosemite Fall (large Grizzly Bear). BANC PIC 1971.055:33--ALB


Yosemite Fall reflected. BANC PIC 1971.055:35--ALB


First fall of the Yosemite. BANC PIC 1971.055:36--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:37--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:38--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:39--ALB


Base of the first fall Yosemite. BANC PIC 1971.055:40--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:41--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:42--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:43--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:44--ALB


Yosemite flume from below. [Photo lacking] BANC PIC 1971.055:45--ALB


Cataract below first fall of Yosemite. BANC PIC 1971.055:46--ALB


Yosemite cataracts below 1st fall. BANC PIC 1971.055:47--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:48--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:49--ALB


Second fall of the Yosemite, low water. BANC PIC 1971.055:50--ALB


Second fall, Yosemite, low water. BANC PIC 1971.055:51--ALB


Quarry. BANC PIC 1971.055:52--ALB


Summit of the third fall from Cascade Arc. BANC PIC 1971.055:53--ALB


Summit of the third fall, Yosemite, low water. BANC PIC 1971.055:54--ALB


Third fall from Cascade Arc, low water.


BANC PIC 1971.055:55--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:56--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:57--ALB


Third fall of Yosemite from the rear. BANC PIC 1971.055:58--ALB


Yosemite Hotel [Same as stereo 261]. BANC PIC 1971.055:59--ALB


Yosemite - Arrow Peak. BANC PIC 1971.055:60--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:61--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:62--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:63--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:64--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:65--ALB


Tu-lool-we-ack Canyon.


BANC PIC 1971.055:66--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:67--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:68--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:69--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:70--ALB


Yosemite--Woo-yow-wah (great rock of the Elk-Glacier rock). BANC PIC 1971.055:71--ALB


View from the Tu-lool-we-ack Canyon. BANC PIC 1971.055:72--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:73--ALB


Tisayack from the Tu-lool-we-ack Canyon. BANC PIC 1971.055:74--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:75--ALB


On the trail to Piwyack. BANC PIC 1971.055:78--ALB


Lake shore. BANC PIC 1971.055:79--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:80--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:81--ALB


Yosemite - Pi-wy-ack (Vernal Fall). BANC PIC 1971.055:82--ALB


Pi-wy-ack, cataract of Diamonds (Vernal Fall). BANC PIC 1971.055:83--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:84--ALB


Pi-wy-ack - cataract of Diamonds. BANC PIC 1971.055:85--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:86--ALB


Pi-wy-ack - cataract of diamonds. BANC PIC 1971.055:87--ALB


Piwyack. BANC PIC 1971.055:88--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:89--ALB


The Ladders. BANC PIC 1971.055:90--ALB


Summit of Pi-wy-ack.


BANC PIC 1971.055:91--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:92--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:93--ALB


Summit of Piwyack. BANC PIC 1971.055:94--ALB


Trio of Pi-wy-ack. BANC PIC 1971.055:95--ALB


Trio of Piwyack. BANC PIC 1971.055:96--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:97--ALB


Kah-choo-mak; Wildcat Fall. BANC PIC 1971.055:98--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:99--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:100--ALB


Kah-choo-mak flume. BANC PIC 1971.055:101--ALB


Cataracts on the Merced River. BANC PIC 1971.055:102--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:103--ALB


Wildcat Bridge. BANC PIC 1971.055:104--ALB


Yosemite - Pilaster Rock. BANC PIC 1971.055:113--ALB


The Flying Studio. BANC PIC 1971.055:114--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:115--ALB


The Sentinels, Calaveras Grove. BANC PIC 1971.055:116--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:117--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:118--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:120--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:121--ALB


Grant and Sherman, Calaveras Grove. BANC PIC 1971.055:122--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:124--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:125--ALB


Abraham Lincoln, Calaveras. BANC PIC 1971.055:126--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:127--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:128--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:129--ALB


Father of the Forest, Calaveras. BANC PIC 1971.055:130--ALB


Father of the Forest. BANC PIC 1971.055:131--ALB


Hercules, Calaveras. BANC PIC 1971.055:132--ALB


San Francisco and San Francisco Bay


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:133--ALB


The Golden Gate from Black Point (Fort Mason.) BANC PIC 1971.055:134--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:135--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:136--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:137--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:138--ALB


Fort Point from Clay St. hill. BANC PIC 1971.055:139--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:140--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:141--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:142--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:143--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:144--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:145--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:146--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:147--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:148--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:149--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:150--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:151--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:152--ALB


Mt. Tamalpais from Russian Hill. BANC PIC 1971.055:155--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:156--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:158--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:159--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:160--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:161--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:162--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:164--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:165--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:166--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:167--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:168--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:169--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:170--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:171--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:172--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:173--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:174--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:175--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:176--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:177--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:178--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:179--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:180--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:181--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:182--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:183--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:184--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:185--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:186--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:187--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:188--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:189--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:190--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:193--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:194--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:195--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:196--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:197--ALB


San Francisco, from Protestant Orphan Asylum. BANC PIC 1971.055:198--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:199--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:200--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:201--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:202--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:203--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:204--ALB


San Francisco. [Photo missing from album] BANC PIC 1971.055:205--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:206--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:207--ALB


San Francisco. BANC PIC 1971.055:208--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:209--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:210--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:211--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:212--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:213--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:214--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:215--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:216--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:217--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:218--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:219--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:220--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:221--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:222--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:223--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:224--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:225--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:226--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:227--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:228--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:230--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:231--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:233--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:234--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:235--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:236--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:237--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:238--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:239--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:240--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:241--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:242--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:243--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:244--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:245--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:246--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:247--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:248--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:249--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:250--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:251--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:252--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:253--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:254--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:255--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:256--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:257--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:258--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:259--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:260--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:261--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:262--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:263--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:264--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:266--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:267--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:268--ALB


[No caption]


BANC PIC 1971.055:269--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:270--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:271--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:272--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:273--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:274--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:275--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:276--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:277--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:278--ALB


San Francisco, from Bay View Railroad. BANC PIC 1971.055:279--ALB


San Francisco, from the Potrero. BANC PIC 1971.055:280--ALB


Bay View Hotel. BANC PIC 1971.055:281--ALB


Ross' Garden. BANC PIC 1971.055:282--ALB


Bay View and Presbyterian University. BANC PIC 1971.055:283--ALB


Bay view from Lewis' Ranch. BANC PIC 1971.055:284--ALB


Magdalen Asylum from the Haley Track. BANC PIC 1971.055:285--ALB


Magdalen Asylum, from Silver Avenue. BANC PIC 1971.055:286--ALB


Saint Mary's College. BANC PIC 1971.055:287--ALB


San Francisco, view from Second (1st?) street near Harrison street.


BANC PIC 1971.055:288--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:289--ALB


The Mission, from Leavenworth and Clay. BANC PIC 1971.055:290--ALB


Russian Hill, from Jones and Washington. BANC PIC 1971.055:291--ALB


Telegraph Hill, from Jones and Washington. BANC PIC 1971.055:292--ALB


San Francisco and Mission Bay from the Potrero. BANC PIC 1971.055:293--ALB


The Mission from Harrison street near Hawthorne street. BANC PIC 1971.055:294--ALB


San Francisco from Jones and Washington streets. BANC PIC 1971.055:295--ALB


Russian Hill, Jones street near Washington street. BANC PIC 1971.055:296--ALB


Mission Bay from P.M.S.S. Co's Wharf. BANC PIC 1971.055:297--ALB


City Front from foot of Beale street. BANC PIC 1971.055:298--ALB


The Bay from Long Bridge. BANC PIC 1971.055:299--ALB


City Front from Mission street Wharf. BANC PIC 1971.055:300--ALB


North Point Dock. BANC PIC 1971.055:301--ALB


India Dock. BANC PIC 1971.055:302--ALB


Naval Boat Landing, Davis street. BANC PIC 1971.055:303--ALB


P.M.S.S. Co's Wharf, from First street. BANC PIC 1971.055:304--ALB


C.P.R.R. Co's Ferry, Davis street. BANC PIC 1971.055:305--ALB


Lumber Ships at Stuart [Steuart] street. BANC PIC 1971.055:306--ALB


Friedlander's Wharf. BANC PIC 1971.055:307--ALB


View from the Long Bridge.


BANC PIC 1971.055:308--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:309--ALB


City Front from the Potrero. BANC PIC 1971.055:310--ALB


At North Point dock. BANC PIC 1971.055:311--ALB


Rolling Mill Point, Potrero. BANC PIC 1971.055:312--ALB


Angel Island from Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:313--ALB


Sunset over Mount Tamalpais.


BANC PIC 1971.055:314--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:315--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:316--ALB


Richardson's Bay. BANC PIC 1971.055:317--ALB


The Golden Gate from Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:318--ALB


French Admiral Cloué and staff at Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:319--ALB


San Francisco from Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:320--ALB


Richardson's Bay from Alcatraz Island.


BANC PIC 1971.055:321--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:322--ALB


1670 and 1870 at Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:323--ALB


Ordnance Yard at Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:324--ALB


Pirate's Cove, Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:325--ALB


The Golden Gate from Goat Island.


BANC PIC 1971.055:326--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:327--ALB


Moonlight effect from Goat Island, Steamer El Capitan. BANC PIC 1971.055:328--ALB


Military Post at Goat Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:329--ALB


The Golden Fleece [vessel.] BANC PIC 1971.055:330--ALB


Mission Bay from foot of 4th Street. BANC PIC 1971.055:331--ALB


View from foot of 4th Street. BANC PIC 1971.055:332--ALB


North Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:333--ALB


View from foot of Beale Street. BANC PIC 1971.055:334--ALB


Mission Bay from Rincon Hill. BANC PIC 1971.055:335--ALB


Telegraph Hill from Clay street. BANC PIC 1971.055:336--ALB


On the Beach at Fort Point.


BANC PIC 1971.055:337--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:338--ALB


California street. BANC PIC 1971.055:339--ALB


Savings and Loan Society, Clay street. BANC PIC 1971.055:340--ALB


Fireman's Fund Building, California street. BANC PIC 1971.055:341--ALB


Pacific Bank, Sansome street. BANC PIC 1971.055:342--ALB


Battery street.


BANC PIC 1971.055:343--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:344--ALB


Front street. BANC PIC 1971.055:345--ALB


First street. BANC PIC 1971.055:346--ALB


Market street.


BANC PIC 1971.055:347--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:348--ALB


House Moving in San Francisco. BANC PIC 1971.055:349--ALB


Grand Hotel, Market. Montgomery and Second streets.


BANC PIC 1971.055:350--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:351--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:352--ALB


Masonic Temple, Montgomery Street front. BANC PIC 1971.055:353--ALB


Montgomery street, North from California.


BANC PIC 1971.055:354--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:355--ALB


Merchants' Exchange, California street. BANC PIC 1971.055:356--ALB


U.S. District Court Building, Battery street. BANC PIC 1971.055:358--ALB


Murphy, Grant & Co's Block, Sansome street. BANC PIC 1971.055:359--ALB


Bancroft's Block, Market street. BANC PIC 1971.055:360--ALB


S.E. view of California Street from near Sansome Street. BANC PIC 1971.055:361--ALB


Lick House, Montgomery street. BANC PIC 1971.055:362--ALB


Oriental Block, Market street. BANC PIC 1971.055:363--ALB


Young Men's Christian Association, Sutter street. BANC PIC 1971.055:364--ALB


St. Ignatius Church, Market street. BANC PIC 1971.055:365--ALB


Montgomery Block. BANC PIC 1971.055:366--ALB


California street, West from Montgomery. BANC PIC 1971.055:367--ALB


Odd Fellows' Hall. BANC PIC 1971.055:368--ALB


Montgomery street, North from Pine. BANC PIC 1971.055:369--ALB


Bank of California. BANC PIC 1971.055:370--ALB


Friedlander's Building.


BANC PIC 1971.055:371--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:372--ALB


Occidental Hotel, Montgomery street. BANC PIC 1971.055:373--ALB


Montgomery street, North from Sutter. BANC PIC 1971.055:374--ALB


Montgomery street, West from Sutter. BANC PIC 1971.055:375--ALB


Montgomery street, North from Market. BANC PIC 1971.055:376--ALB


Catholic Cemetery Entrance. BANC PIC 1971.055:377--ALB


Yachting on San Francisco Bay, near San Rafael.


BANC PIC 1971.055:379--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:380--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:381--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:382--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:383--ALB


California Theatre and Pacific Music Hall. BANC PIC 1971.055:384--ALB


Maguire's Opera House. BANC PIC 1971.055:385--ALB


St. Mary's Cathedral.


BANC PIC 1971.055:386--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:387--ALB


California Market. BANC PIC 1971.055:388--ALB


California street, East from Webb street. BANC PIC 1971.055:389--ALB


The Plaza.


BANC PIC 1971.055:390--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:391--ALB


Russian Hill, from Telegraph Hill. BANC PIC 1971.055:392--ALB


Moonlight Effect, from Spear street wharf. BANC PIC 1971.055:393--ALB


Trinity Church, and Jewish Synagogue. BANC PIC 1971.055:394--ALB


Pacific Museum. BANC PIC 1971.055:395--ALB


Donman School, Bush street. BANC PIC 1971.055:396--ALB


Golden Gate, from Alcatraz Island.


BANC PIC 1971.055:397--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:398--ALB


Gardens on Alcatraz Island.


BANC PIC 1971.055:399--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:400--ALB


Volume 2

Physical Description: 401-800


Helios album. San Francisco, Alaska, Vancouver Island, Studies, Central Pacific Railroad. Single stereo images with Muybridge item numbers. Some captioned by Muybridge, some in another unidentified hand.

San Francisco


Lincoln School, Fifth street. BANC PIC 1971.055:401--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:402--ALB


Mechanic's Institute, Post street. BANC PIC 1971.055:403--ALB


Dashaway Hall, Post street. BANC PIC 1971.055:404--ALB


Cosmopolitan Hotel, Bush street. BANC PIC 1971.055:405--ALB


Alhambra Theatre, Bush street. BANC PIC 1971.055:406--ALB


St. Mary's Hospital. BANC PIC 1971.055:407--ALB


Brooklyn Hotel and Mercantile Library.


BANC PIC 1971.055:408--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:409--ALB


Kearny street, North from Pine. BANC PIC 1971.055:410--ALB


Montgomery and Market street, Fourth of July.


BANC PIC 1971.055:411--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:412--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:413--ALB


The Golden Gate, in a Fog.


BANC PIC 1971.055:414--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:415--ALB


U.S. Marine Hospital. BANC PIC 1971.055:416--ALB


Presidio Reservation, from Leavenworth street. BANC PIC 1971.055:417--ALB


Moonlight Effect on the Bay.


BANC PIC 1971.055:418--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:419--ALB


Mechanic's Institute Fair Building. BANC PIC 1971.055:420--ALB


Jewish Synagogue, Sutter street. BANC PIC 1971.055:421--ALB


Mission Hills, from Leavenworth street. BANC PIC 1971.055:422--ALB


Spear street Wharf. BANC PIC 1971.055:423--ALB


U.A.O. Druid's Hall. BANC PIC 1971.055:424--ALB


I.O. Red Men's Hall. BANC PIC 1971.055:425--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:426--ALB


San Francisco, from top of California street. BANC PIC 1971.055:427--ALB


Panorama, from Rincon Hill.


BANC PIC 1971.055:428--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:429--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:430--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:431--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:432--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:433--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:434--ALB


U.S. Marine Hospital, from Beale street. BANC PIC 1971.055:435--ALB


Lumber Vessels at Beale street Wharf. BANC PIC 1971.055:436--ALB


Irish American Hall. BANC PIC 1971.055:437--ALB


Fort Point Wharf. BANC PIC 1971.055:438--ALB


Breakers at Fort Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:439--ALB


Angel Island, from Fort Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:440--ALB


Church of the Advent, Howard street. BANC PIC 1971.055:441--ALB


Montgomery street, North from California street. BANC PIC 1971.055:442--ALB


At the Velocipede Training School.


BANC PIC 1971.055:443--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:444--ALB


Battery street after Earthquake, October 21, 1868. BANC PIC 1971.055:445--ALB


Railroad House, after Earthquake, October 21, 1868. BANC PIC 1971.055:446--ALB


California street after Earthquake, October 21, 1868.


BANC PIC 1971.055:447--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:448--ALB


Miscellaneous Views


House at Haywards [Hayward] after Earthquake, October 21, 1868.


BANC PIC 1971.055:457--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:458--ALB




Sitka, from Japanese Island.


BANC PIC 1971.055:459--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:460--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:461--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:462--ALB


Sitka, from the Northeast. BANC PIC 1971.055:463--ALB


Sitka, from the Governor's garden. BANC PIC 1971.055:464--ALB


Sitka, Indian Village. BANC PIC 1971.055:465--ALB


Sitka, Harbor from the Governor's Garden.


BANC PIC 1971.055:466--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:467--ALB


Sitka, Parade Ground. BANC PIC 1971.055:468--ALB


Sitka, Lincoln street. BANC PIC 1971.055:469--ALB


Sitka, Russo Greek Church. BANC PIC 1971.055:470--ALB


Sitka, Russo Greek Church, Interior. BANC PIC 1971.055:471--ALB


Sitka, Russo Greek Priests. BANC PIC 1971.055:472--ALB


Sitka, Customs House. BANC PIC 1971.055:473--ALB


Sitka, Hospital and Priest's Residence. BANC PIC 1971.055:474--ALB


Sitka, The Double Decker. BANC PIC 1971.055:475--ALB


Sitka, Group of Distinguished Chiefs.


BANC PIC 1971.055:476--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:477--ALB


Group of Indians.


BANC PIC 1971.055:478--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:479--ALB


Fort Wrangle, from Rock Cod. BANC PIC 1971.055:480--ALB


Fort Wrangle, Military Post. BANC PIC 1971.055:481--ALB


Fort Wrangle, Indian Village from Rock Cod. BANC PIC 1971.055:482--ALB


Fort Wrangle, Indian Village. BANC PIC 1971.055:483--ALB


Fort Wrangle, Indian Monumental Carvings.


BANC PIC 1971.055:484--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:485--ALB


Fort Tongass, from Pine Cove. BANC PIC 1971.055:486--ALB


Fort Tongass, Military Post. BANC PIC 1971.055:487--ALB


Fort Tongass, View from the Fort. BANC PIC 1971.055:488--ALB


Group of Indians.


BANC PIC 1971.055:489--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:490--ALB


Wreck of the Steamer Suwanne. BANC PIC 1971.055:491--ALB


Entrance to Grenville Passage. BANC PIC 1971.055:492--ALB


Cone Mountain.


BANC PIC 1971.055:493--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:494--ALB


Steamer Pacific, in Safety Cove. BANC PIC 1971.055:495--ALB


Safety Cove, from Steamer Pacific. BANC PIC 1971.055:496--ALB


Steamer Pacific on her Voyage. BANC PIC 1971.055:497--ALB


Vancouver Island


Bella Bella, from Steamer Pacific. BANC PIC 1971.055:498--ALB


Steamer Active at Nanaimo.


BANC PIC 1971.055:499--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:500--ALB




BANC PIC 1971.055:501--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:502--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:503--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:504--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:505--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:506--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:507--ALB


Esquimault Harbor.


BANC PIC 1971.055:509--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:510--ALB


Steamers Zealous and Scout in Esquimault Harbor. BANC PIC 1971.055:511--ALB


Victoria. BANC PIC 1971.055:512--ALB


Moonlight Effect, from Rincon Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:513--ALB


Moonlight Effect, from Telegraph Hill. BANC PIC 1971.055:514--ALB


Moonlight Effect, Mission Hills, from Russian Hill. BANC PIC 1971.055:515--ALB


Moonlight Effect, Telegraph Hill, from Russian Hill. BANC PIC 1971.055:516--ALB


Moonlight Effect, North Beach and Goat Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:517--ALB




Studies of Trees.


BANC PIC 1971.055:518--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:519--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:520--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:521--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:522--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:523--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:524--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:525--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:526--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:527--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:528--ALB


Studies of Trees.


BANC PIC 1971.055:529--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:530--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:531--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:532--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:533--ALB


Studies of Clouds.


BANC PIC 1971.055:534--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:535--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:536--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:537--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:538--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:539--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:540--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:541--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:542--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:543--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:544--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:545--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:546--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:547--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:548--ALB


San Francisco


Views in Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:549--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:550--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:551--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:552--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:553--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:554--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:555--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:556--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:557--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:558--ALB


Views in Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:559--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:560--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:561--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:562--ALB


Statues at Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:563--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:564--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:565--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:566--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:567--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:568--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:570--ALB

Additional Note

Image was not digitized

Conservatories at Woodward's Gardens. BANC PIC 1971.055:573--ALB

Additional Note

Image was not digitized

Aquatic Birds at Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:577--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:578--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:579--ALB


Animals at Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:580--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:581--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:582--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:583--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:584--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:585--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:586--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:587--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:588--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:589--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:590--ALB


Animals at Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:591--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:592--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:593--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:594--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:595--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:596--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:597--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:598--ALB


Moonlight effects from Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:599--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:600--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:601--ALB


Views from Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:602--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:603--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:604--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:605--ALB


Japanese Performers at Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:606--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:607--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:608--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:609--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:610--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:611--ALB


The Heathen Chinese Giant, 8 ft. high, at Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:612--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:613--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:614--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:615--ALB


Arsenal and Ordnance Yard at Alcatraz. BANC PIC 1971.055:616--ALB


Market street, East from Third street. BANC PIC 1971.055:617--ALB


Sacred Heart Presentation Convent, Taylor street. BANC PIC 1971.055:618--ALB


Geary street, West from Market. BANC PIC 1971.055:619--ALB


Union Hall, Howard street.


BANC PIC 1971.055:620--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:621--ALB


Powell street, North from Geary street. BANC PIC 1971.055:622--ALB


Calvary Church, Powell street. BANC PIC 1971.055:623--ALB


First Unitarian (Starr King's) Church. BANC PIC 1971.055:624--ALB


Russian Hill, from Moigg's [Meiggs] Wharf. BANC PIC 1971.055:625--ALB


Telegraph Hill, from Moigg's [Meiggs] Wharf. BANC PIC 1971.055:626--ALB


Merchant's Exchange. BANC PIC 1971.055:627--ALB


South Park.


BANC PIC 1971.055:628--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:629--ALB


Howard street, East from Third. BANC PIC 1971.055:630--ALB


Second street Cut. BANC PIC 1971.055:631--ALB


Yachts of the S.F.Y.C. at Rolling Mill Point.


BANC PIC 1971.055:633--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:634--ALB


San Francisco Rolling Mill. BANC PIC 1971.055:635--ALB


San Francisco from Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:636--ALB


Moonlight Effect from Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:637--ALB


Steamer McPherson, at Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:638--ALB


Powell street, North from Post street. BANC PIC 1971.055:639--ALB


Post street, East from Taylor street. BANC PIC 1971.055:640--ALB


St. James Church, Post street. BANC PIC 1971.055:641--ALB


Mercantile Library, Interior. BANC PIC 1971.055:643--ALB


Mercantile Library, Ladies' Reading Room. BANC PIC 1971.055:644--ALB


Mercantile Library, Museum and Picture Gallery. BANC PIC 1971.055:645--ALB


A view from Fort Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:646--ALB


Ocean Beach from Fort Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:647--ALB


City Front, from Long Bridge. BANC PIC 1971.055:648--ALB


Smelt Fishing on Long Beach.


BANC PIC 1971.055:649--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:650--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:651--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:652--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:653--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:654--ALB


Calistoga Springs from Mount Lincoln. BANC PIC 1971.055:655--ALB


Mount Helena from Calistoga Springs.


BANC PIC 1971.055:656--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:657--ALB


Hotel at Calistoga Springs. BANC PIC 1971.055:658--ALB


Bath house at Calistoga Springs. BANC PIC 1971.055:659--ALB


Residence at Calistoga Springs. BANC PIC 1971.055:660--ALB


Village of Calistoga.


BANC PIC 1971.055:661--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:662--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:663--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:664--ALB


Calistoga homestead. BANC PIC 1971.055:665--ALB


Gardens at Black Point Reservation. BANC PIC 1971.055:666--ALB


Fifteenth Avenue.


BANC PIC 1971.055:667--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:668--ALB


South Mission Bay.


BANC PIC 1971.055:669--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:670--ALB


Fifteenth Avenue.


BANC PIC 1971.055:671--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:672--ALB


------- Street, Oakland. BANC PIC 1971.055:673--ALB


A view near Lake Merritt, Oakland. BANC PIC 1971.055:674--ALB


Mission Hills, from the City Gardens. BANC PIC 1971.055:675--ALB


Norton, Emperor of the United States. BANC PIC 1971.055:676--ALB


Military Exercises on Goat Island.


BANC PIC 1971.055:677--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:678--ALB


Military Exercises on Alcatraz Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:679--ALB


Headquarters at Black Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:680--ALB


San Francisco from Rincon Hill.


BANC PIC 1971.055:681--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:682--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:683--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:684--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:685--ALB


Start for the S.F.Y.C. Prize. BANC PIC 1971.055:686--ALB


Central Pacific Railroad


Mount Stanford, from Western Summit Sierra Nevada Mountains. BANC PIC 1971.055:687--ALB


Snow Sheds, Western Summit Sierra Nevada Mountains. BANC PIC 1971.055:688--ALB


Lake Donner, from Western Summit Sierra Nevada Mountains looking North.


BANC PIC 1971.055:689--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:690--ALB


Interior of Snow Sheds, Western Summit Sierra Nevada Mountains. BANC PIC 1971.055:691--ALB


Lake Flora, (Crater of an extinct volcano) near Summit Valley, Sierra Nevada Mountains. BANC PIC 1971.055:692--ALB


Mount Stanford, from Lake Flora, near Summit Valley, Sierra Nevada Mountains. BANC PIC 1971.055:693--ALB


Lake Flora, (Crater of an extinct volcano), near Summit Valley. Mount Stanford in the distance. BANC PIC 1971.055:694--ALB


Lake Flora, (Crater of an extinct volcano), near Summit Valley. Mount Crocker in the distance. BANC PIC 1971.055:695--ALB


Mount Crocker, looking South from Lake Flora (Crater of an extinct volcano), near Summit Valley. Mount Crocker in the distance. BANC PIC 1971.055:696--ALB


Lake Flora, (Crater of an extinct volcano), near Summit Valley. Mount Crocker in the distance. BANC PIC 1971.055:697--ALB


The Railroad from Lake Flora, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:698--ALB


Rhinoceros Rock, Mount Volcano, Western Summit, Sierra Nevada Mountains. BANC PIC 1971.055:699--ALB


The Railroad from Rhinoceros Rock, Mount Volcano. Western Summit, Sierra Nevada Mountains. BANC PIC 1971.055:700--ALB


Western Summit, Sierra Nevada Mountains. BANC PIC 1971.055:701--ALB


Palisade Lake, near Western Summit Sierra Nevada BANC PIC 1971.055:702--ALB


Palisade Lake, near Western Summit Sierra Nevada Mountains. BANC PIC 1971.055:703--ALB


The Devil's Peak, from Palisade Lake, near Western Summit Sierra Nevada Mountains.


BANC PIC 1971.055:704--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:705--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:706--ALB


The shore of Lake Tahoe, near Tahoe City.


BANC PIC 1971.055:707--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:708--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:709--ALB


Tahoe house on the shore of Lake Tahoe. BANC PIC 1971.055:710--ALB


The shore of Lake Tahoe, near Tahoe City. BANC PIC 1971.055:711--ALB


Lake Donner, Western Summit Sierra Nevada Mountains in the distance. BANC PIC 1971.055:713--ALB


Lake Donner, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mount Stanford in the distance. BANC PIC 1971.055:714--ALB


Cisco, Red Mountain in the distance. BANC PIC 1971.055:715--ALB


Snow sheds at Cisco, from the East. BANC PIC 1971.055:716--ALB


Snow sheds at Cisco, from the West. BANC PIC 1971.055:717--ALB


Snow sheds at Emigrant Gap, from the East. BANC PIC 1971.055:718--ALB


Snow sheds at Emigrant Gap, looking West.


BANC PIC 1971.055:719--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:721--ALB


Emigrant Gap, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:722--ALB


Bear Valley from Emigrant Gap.


BANC PIC 1971.055:723--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:724--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:725--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:726--ALB


Boca, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:727--ALB


Boca, and crossing of the Little Truckee from the West. Mount Davidson in the distance. BANC PIC 1971.055:728--ALB


Lake Boca, Little Truckee River, looking North. BANC PIC 1971.055:729--ALB


Bridge over the Truckee River, near Boca. BANC PIC 1971.055:730--ALB


First crossing of the Truckee, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:731--ALB


Lumber Mill at Rocky Glen, Truckee River. BANC PIC 1971.055:732--ALB


Second crossing of the Truckee, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:734--ALB


Third crossing of the Truckee, looking North. BANC PIC 1971.055:735--ALB


Truckee River, near the Third crossing. BANC PIC 1971.055:736--ALB


Moonlight effect on the Truckee River. BANC PIC 1971.055:737--ALB


Tunnel No.15, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:738--ALB


View from top of Tunnel No.15, Truckee River, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:739--ALB


[No caption] BANC PIC 1971.055:740--ALB


Wadsworth, on the Truckee River. BANC PIC 1971.055:741--ALB


Humboldt Palisades, looking West.


BANC PIC 1971.055:743--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:744--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:745--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:746--ALB


Humboldt Palisades, looking East. BANC PIC 1971.055:747--ALB


Trestle constructed by the U.P.R.R. between Promontory and Blue Creek. BANC PIC 1971.055:748--ALB


Trestle constructed by the U.P.R.R. between Promontory and Blue Creek, Great Salt Lake in the distance. BANC PIC 1971.055:749--ALB


Rock Cut between Promontory and Blue Creek. BANC PIC 1971.055:750--ALB


Corinne, from the Railroad Station. BANC PIC 1971.055:751--ALB


Bear River crossing, near Corinne, looking East. BANC PIC 1971.055:752--ALB


Bear River crossing, near Corinne, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:753--ALB


Shoshone Indians at Corinne. BANC PIC 1971.055:754--ALB


Shoshone Indian Camp, Wasatch Mountains. BANC PIC 1971.055:755--ALB


Approaching storm, Wasatch Mountains, from the Weber River, near Ogden. BANC PIC 1971.055:756--ALB


Utah Central Railroad, crossing of the Weber River, near Ogden. BANC PIC 1971.055:758--ALB


Weber River, near Ogden, Wasatch Mountains in the distance. BANC PIC 1971.055:759--ALB


Wasatch Mountains, from the Weber River. BANC PIC 1971.055:760--ALB


Colfax, from the Southeast. BANC PIC 1971.055:761--ALB


Bloomer Cut, near Auburn, 85 foot drop. BANC PIC 1971.055:762--ALB


Long Ravine Bridge, 113 feet high, looking East. BANC PIC 1971.055:763--ALB


Long Ravine Bridge, 113 feet high, looking North. BANC PIC 1971.055:764--ALB


Long Ravine Trestle, 113 feet high, looking North. BANC PIC 1971.055:765--ALB


Long Ravine Trestle and Bridge, 113 feet high, 878 feet long, looking East.


BANC PIC 1971.055:766--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:767--ALB


Long Ravine Bridge and Trestle, 113 feet high, 878 feet long, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:768--ALB


Cape Horn Vallet from below, looking East. BANC PIC 1971.055:770--ALB


Cape Horn from Mineral Bar Bridge, 2,500 feet below.


BANC PIC 1971.055:771--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:772--ALB


Cape Horn, looking West.


BANC PIC 1971.055:773--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:774--ALB


View from Cape Horn, looking West.


BANC PIC 1971.055:776--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:777--ALB


View from Cape Horn, looking South, Mineral Bar Bridge 2,500 feet below.


BANC PIC 1971.055:778--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:779--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:780--ALB


View from base of Cape Horn. BANC PIC 1971.055:781--ALB


Gold Run, looking South.


BANC PIC 1971.055:782--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:783--ALB


Flumes for Hydraulic Mining at Gold Run. BANC PIC 1971.055:784--ALB


Alta, from the West. BANC PIC 1971.055:785--ALB


Winter view of Alta. BANC PIC 1971.055:786--ALB


Cut at Alta, looking East. BANC PIC 1971.055:787--ALB


Cut at Alta, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:788--ALB


Alta, from the East. BANC PIC 1971.055:789--ALB


Eureka Cut, between Shady Run and Alta, looking West.


BANC PIC 1971.055:790--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:791--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:792--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:793--ALB


Green Valley from Eureka Cut, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:794--ALB


Eureka Cut, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:795--ALB


Eureka Cut, looking East. BANC PIC 1971.055:796--ALB


Green Valley from Eureka Cut, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:797--ALB


Tri-Kanyon, point between Shady Run and Alta, looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:798--ALB


Tri-Kanyon, point between Shady Run and Alta, looking East. BANC PIC 1971.055:799--ALB


Giant's Gap from Tri-Kanyon, point looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:800--ALB

Additional Note

Image was not digitized

Volume 3

Physical Description: 4101-4172


Helios album. San Francisco, Sonoma and Farralone Islands. Larger format album containing prints approx. 8 x 10 in. bearing Muybridge item numbers.

San Francisco


Fort Point, from the Government Wharf. BANC PIC 1971.055:4101--ALB


Fort Point, from the Ocean Beach. BANC PIC 1971.055:4102--ALB


San Francisco, from Fort Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:4103--ALB


The Presidio. BANC PIC 1971.055:4104--ALB


Military Exercises at the Presidio. BANC PIC 1971.055:4105--ALB


Presidio Chapel. BANC PIC 1971.055:4106--ALB


Alcatraz Island, from Black Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:4107--ALB


Military Post at Goat Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:4108--ALB


Parade Ground, Goat Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:4109--ALB


Officer's Quarters at Goat Island.


BANC PIC 1971.055:4110--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:4111--ALB


The Golden Gate, from Goat Island. BANC PIC 1971.055:4112--ALB


California, Miscellaneous Views


Menlo Park, a Study of Trees. BANC PIC 1971.055:4117--ALB


A view on the 15th Avenue.


BANC PIC 1971.055:4118--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:4119--ALB


San Leandro Court House, after Earthquake October 21, 1868.


BANC PIC 1971.055:4120--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:4121--ALB


California Floating Dock and Dry Dock. BANC PIC 1971.055:4122--ALB


California Dry Dock, and Steamer Golden City. BANC PIC 1971.055:4123--ALB


California Dry Dock, and Steamer Colorado.


BANC PIC 1971.055:4124--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:4125--ALB


Engineers and Constructers of the California Dry Dock. BANC PIC 1971.055:4126--ALB


Woodward's Gardens.


BANC PIC 1971.055:4127--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:4128--ALB


Church of the Advent. BANC PIC 1971.055:4129--ALB


Black Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:4130--ALB


Black Point, Residence of General, Commanding Department of California. BANC PIC 1971.055:4131--ALB


A view from Black Point. BANC PIC 1971.055:4132--ALB


Calistoga Springs. BANC PIC 1971.055:4133--ALB


Village of Calistoga. BANC PIC 1971.055:4135--ALB


The Pacific Coast


Point Reyes Light-house, First Order Scintillating Light, 296 feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4136--ALB


Amador City, on the Great Mother Quartz Lode.


BANC PIC 1971.055:4137--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:4138--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:4139--ALB


The Geysers, from the Hotel. BANC PIC 1971.055:4140--ALB


The Devil's Canyon. BANC PIC 1971.055:4141--ALB


Geyser Springs Hotel. BANC PIC 1971.055:4142--ALB


View on Pluton Creek. BANC PIC 1971.055:4143--ALB


Bay of San Diego, Point Loma from La Playa. BANC PIC 1971.055:4144--ALB


Point Loma Light-house, Third Order Fixed Light, 492 feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4145--ALB


Santa Barbara Light-house; Fourth Order Fixed Light, 180 feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4146--ALB


Point Concepcion Light-house; First Order Revolving Light, 258 feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4147--ALB


Point Pinos, Bay of Monterey, Light-house; Third Order Fixed Light, 91 feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4148--ALB


Santa Cruz Light-House; Fifth Order Fixed Light, 69 Feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4149--ALB


Farralone Islands


South Farralone Island, Fisherman's Bay, The Ramparts, Funnel Rock and Sugar Loaf. BANC PIC 1971.055:4150--ALB


South Farralone Island, Point Shubrick, Light-house, Parrot Rock and Gull Peak, from Abaloni Trail. BANC PIC 1971.055:4151--ALB


South Farralone Island, The Sugar Loaf Light house, Main Top and Main Top Bay, from the West End. BANC PIC 1971.055:4152--ALB


South Farralone Island, Tower Hill, Point Shubrick and South Cove, during a Fog. BANC PIC 1971.055:4154--ALB


South Farralone Island, The Murr Bridge 102 feet high, and rookeries of the Murr, (Uria Californica). BANC PIC 1971.055:4155--ALB


South Farralone Light-house, First Order Revolving Light, 360 feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4156--ALB


South Farralone Island, View from Light-house, looking West Southwest. BANC PIC 1971.055:4157--ALB


South Farralone Island, View from Light-house, looking Northwest. BANC PIC 1971.055:4158--ALB


Point Arena Light-house; First Order Fixed Light, 156 feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4159--ALB


Crescent City Light-house, Fourth Order Fixed Light, Varied by Flashes, 80 feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4160--ALB


Cape Blanco, Light-house and Dwelling. BANC PIC 1971.055:4161--ALB


Cape Blanco Light-house, First Order Fixed Light, 256 feet above Sea-level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4162--ALB


Cape Gregory Light-house, Fourth Order Fixed Light, Varied by Flashes, 75 feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4163--ALB


Cape Disappointment, Mouth of Columbia River, Light-house, First Order Fixed Light, 232 feet above Sea level. BANC PIC 1971.055:4164--ALB


A Vintage in California


Buena Vista, Sonoma, Distant View of the Vineyard looking West. BANC PIC 1971.055:4165--ALB


Buena Vista, Sonoma, The Vineyard, from the South Hills. BANC PIC 1971.055:4166--ALB


Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma, a Winter morning, Plowing. BANC PIC 1971.055:4167--ALB


Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma, Transplanting the Young Vine. BANC PIC 1971.055:4168--ALB


Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma, Cutting Grapes. BANC PIC 1971.055:4169--ALB


Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma, Loading Grapes for the Press House. BANC PIC 1971.055:4170--ALB


Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma, the Press House and Cellars. BANC PIC 1971.055:4171--ALB


Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma, Disgorging the Sediment and Re-corking Sparkling Wines. BANC PIC 1971.055:4172--ALB


Volume 4

Physical Description: 9001-9033


Helios Album. San Francisco mansions, construction of the U.S. Branch Mint and Railroads.

[San Francisco]


Residence of Wm. M. Lent, Esq. BANC PIC 1971.055:9001--ALB


Residence of T.B. Lewis, Esqre. BANC PIC 1971.055:9002--ALB


Residence of T.B. Lewis, Esq. BANC PIC 1971.055:9003--ALB


Residence of General Heath. BANC PIC 1971.055:9004--ALB


Residence of R.A. Magill, Esq. BANC PIC 1971.055:9005--ALB


Residence of Charles H. Sawyer, Esqre. BANC PIC 1971.055:9006--ALB


Residence of Robert C. Rogers, Esq. BANC PIC 1971.055:9007--ALB


[Residence of Robert C. Rogers.] BANC PIC 1971.055:9008--ALB


In the garden of General Simpson. BANC PIC 1971.055:9009--ALB


Raising of Duncan's Block, California Street. BANC PIC 1971.055:9011--ALB


Stoddart's Machine Shop. BANC PIC 1971.055:9012--ALB


Governor Haight's lot, Laurel Hill Cemetery. BANC PIC 1971.055:9013--ALB


Mrs. Knight's lot, Laurel Hill Cemetery. BANC PIC 1971.055:9014--ALB


Progress of construction, U.S. Branch Mint.


BANC PIC 1971.055:9015--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:9016--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:9017--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:9018--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:9019--ALB


BANC PIC 1971.055:9020--ALB