Inventory of Papers of Arthur Dunning Spearman, S.J., 1899-1977

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Inventory of Papers of Arthur Dunning Spearman, S.J., 1899-1977

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Title: Inventory of Papers of Arthur Dunning Spearman, S.J.,
Date (inclusive): 1899-1977
Creator: Spearman, Arthur D.
Repository: Santa Clara University Archives
Santa Clara, CA 95053
Language: English.

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Biographical Essay

by Mary Shipsey
Arthur Dunning Spearman was born August 26, 1899 at Wheaton, Illinois. His father, Frank Hamilton Spearman, was a well-known author of Western novels and short stories. He was the sixth child of Frank and Euginie Amelia Lonergan Spearman. The six children listed in his genealogical table are Thomas Clark, Thomas Lonergan, Eugene, Elaine, Frank Hamilton and Arthur Dunning. Of these only four are pictured or mentioned in his papers; Thomas Lonergan and Elaine do not appear.
The Spearmans moved from Wheaton to Hollywood, California in 1905 after Frank Hamilton Spearman's best-selling novel, Whispering Smith, was purchased by early filmmakers to make a movie. In 1906 the family spent a year in Rome and Florence. An audience with the Pope made a deep impression on ADS (see his autobiographical notes, folder 27). The family spent summers on Nantucket, perhaps also visiting relatives in Maryland.
Spearman's education began at parochial schools in Rome, Evanstown and Chicago (Loyola). He attended Saint Vincent's Preparatory School in Los Angeles, before entering the Society of Jesus at the University of Santa Clara in 1918. ADS spent two years as a scholastic at Santa Clara before continuing his studies at Gonzaga. In 1921, constant insomnia and headaches forced a break from his studies at Gonzaga. He was sent home to live with his parents for a year. Subsequently Spearman was stationed at St. Ignatius Mission, Montana. There he began to write stories, which were related to him by the old missionaries, and these stories were published regularly in the Western Jesuit.His interest in Indians increased.
ADS returned to Gonzaga and completed his BA in Theology in 1926 and his MA in English in 1927. In 1927-28 he taught high school English and history as a scholastic at Gonzaga. Spearman began studies for the Sacred Theology Licentiate (STL) in 1928 at Weston College in Weston, Illinois. The rector at Weston thought he was "too meticulous" to be ordained; ADS was transferred to St. Louis and ordained a week later on June 25, 1931. He was awarded the STL at St. Louis University in l932.
After ordination ADS suffered a physical breakdown from which he never fully recovered. He attributed this to the "over-intensity and mild friction" of 13 years of novitiate and difficult study. It is unclear how long this illness lasted, or where he was when it overtook him. ADS returned to Santa Clara in 1933-34 as a teacher of English and religion, before moving to Los Angeles as director of the Loyola library from 1935 to 1947. He was transferred to San Diego in 1947 to work in Spanish-speaking and African American parishes. During the 1949 to 1954 period he began his research in the history of early Maryland and Delaware, and he compiled a four-volume family history.
In 1954 Spearman moved to Loyola University in Los Angeles and began his research on the early Mission Santa Clara and Santa Clara College. He returned to Santa Clara in 1957 as the university archivist, and he continued his historical research. From 1957 to 1971 ADS also served as chaplain of the Santa Clara Carmelite nuns and of the Catholic Daughters. He was chairman of the Historical Landmarks Commission from 1960 to 1964, and was curator of Mission exhibits at the DeSaisset Museum from 1960 to 1971.
Spearman was a prolific writer, producing books, essays and articles on the history of Mission Santa Clara and Santa Clara College, family history, religion, and Indians. His first major book was The Five Franciscan Churches of Mission Santa Clara, 1777-1825, published in 1963; in 1967 he published a biography titled John Joseph Montgomery, Father of Basic Flying. The guide to the Spearman collection includes a complete bibliography of his writing.
ADS suffered a stroke in 1971, which sharply curtailed his involvement in local history and research, although he continued as archivist. Spearman died at Santa Clara on April 9, 1977.

Scope and Content Notes

The Spearman papers consist of notes, correspondence, manuscripts, books, photos, albums, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, videotapes and audiotapes. The collection is divided into eight primary subject areas: biographical materials; family materials; subject files dealing with mission, local and California history; Spearman's writings about the mission and the University; his research on Jesuits and other religious; ADS' research and writing about John J. Montgomery; his miscellaneous writings on religious and patriotic themes; and his correspondence.
A detailed item index of the collection, on 4x6 cards, forms box #8 of the collection. Boxes 1 to 5 contain the bulk of the collection, 203 files of correspondence, research and manuscripts. The files are numbered consecutively, and are referred to in this guide by file number. Boxes 6 and 7 contain memorabilia and book production materials, and are referred to by box number. The collection also includes an additional eight boxes of photos, each photo numbered consecutively, and the photos are referenced here by these numbers. Other items, such as books, bound manuscripts, oversize materials, and tapes, are indicated here by the appropriate form number.

Inventory of the Papers


Biographical and Personal Papers

Additional Note

(see also Box 9 for oversize)
Folder 1

Resumes, biographical notes and articles

See also videotape: "Arthur Dunning Spearman" (biography and interview), produced by Scott V. Martin, Jean Dodds and Katy McGuire, 1973, 16 min., 3 copies. -97v.

Folder 2

Personal documents, educational and religious: transcripts, diplomas, ordination papers, priestly faculties

Folder 3

Personal memorabilia

See also: oversize, Mass card for parents, -99; and box #7, greetings to ADS, Oberammergau Passion Play, Carmel de Liseux, books of notes and clippings on religious themes, diary/address book, book of poetry.

See also photos #1-252, 310-342: ADS, family, friends, including the Plascencia family 1932;1960

Folder 4

Clippings about ADS (see also oversize clippings, -87)

Folder 5

Golden Jubilee memorabilia, 1968 (Spearman describes himself as struggling with "debilitated and broken nerve system" for last 46 years)

See also photos for Golden Jubilee scrapbook/photo album,-90

Folder 6

Golden Jubilee: Cards, letters and certificates of congratulation see also audiotape of greetings from Carmelites to ADS: songs and poetry, c. 20 min.-95

Folder 7

Financial records: ADS

Folder 8

Correspondence: Jesuit community and provincial matters, including ADS' letters of complaint to the bishop and the pope, 1965-72

Folder 9

Retreat notes, c. 1942 Copy of the Queen's Page [student] magazine (March 1941) for which ADS was the advisor

Folder 10

Events honoring ADS, 1967 and 1972; 1966 Resolution by City of Santa Clara.

See also Arti--Box 26

Folder 11

Manuscripts and class planning notes for teaching English literature

Folder 12

Invocations delivered by ADS, 1959-73.

See also audiotape of D.A.R. dedication ceremony for Mission Santa Clara plaque with blessing by ADS, 1969, 90 min.-95

Folder 13

Historical Landmarks Commission, City of Santa Clara: minutes and correspondence (commission chaired by ADS, 1960-63), 1951-72

Folder 14

Historical Landmarks Commission, City of Santa Clara: correspondence dealing with erection of historical markers, plus discussion of street names,1961-63

See also f. 110-112

Folder 15

Historical Landmarks Commission, City of Santa Clara: St. Clare of Assisi monument for civic center, 1961-1965.

Folder 16

Santa Clara Woman's Club and the Old Pena Adobe (c. 1790): clippings, correspondence and notes about the Woman's Club activities and about the Old Adobe, including 1916 ms. by Alice Hare, "The Old Adobe", 1859-71 and information on Warburton family.

See also: photos #471-79, -90;

Folder 17

Santa Clara (city of) Historical Society, correspondence and minutes, 1970-73

See also photos of 1957 Santa Clara County fair- Spearman and model of Santa Clara Mission (Perry Collection) in ADS. 8 negs, #420

Folder 18

Catholic Daughters of America, Court #281, San Jose; includes Chaplain's Messages by ADS


Family Materials

Additional Note

(see also Box 9 for oversize family materials)
Folder 19

Financial papers of Frank and Eugenie L. Spearman: deeds, probate documents, royalty reports

Folder 20

Spearman family wills, plus related documents and correspondence

Folder 21

Poetry: Eugenie L. Spearman, Charles Tally

Folder 22

Clippings about family and friends: obituaries, wedding announcements, etc.

Folder 23

Family memorabilia, including ADS' temporary family scrapbook of Frank Hamilton Spearman clippings and publications; FHS bookplate.

See also: Spearman, Sheridan, Candle Against the Sun, New York: P.J. Kenedy, 1954. -12

Folder 24

Frank H. Spearman: Publications and manuscripts; short stories, essays, television script

See also: oversize clippings, -87; an "From the Cab Window", The Outlook.June 2, 1900, p. 253, box 7.

Note: Orradre Library holds 20 volumes of fiction by Frank H. Spearman. These were transferred in 1980 from Arthur Spearman's collection.

Folder 25

FHS's collection of articles on railroads, 1870's to 1880's


Spearman, Arthur, Rails to the West: Life of Frank Hamilton Spearman (also subtitled The Spearman and maps, 1955, -12

See also: photos #1-305, family photos, and documents for family history, f. 25A and 25B

Folder 26

Index and Appendix C (lines of descent for ADS',ancestors) for Rails to the West, plus notices related to the typescript

Folder 27

Correspondence: family history and genealogy, and FHS's publisher

Folder 28

Miller, Herbert, "Frank Hamilton Spearman, A Catholic Novelist," thesis typescript, including photos and clippings, 1933

Folder 29

Spearman family history, ADS's research: Lonergan, Lancaster and Spearman lines

Folder 30

Family history: Presley I. Lancaster's research, including discussion of Jesuits in Maryland, 1740-50

Folder 31

Family history: research on Lancaster line, including 1824 letter of Benjamin Lancaster Lewis (legal size folder)

Folder 32

Family history: Lonergan genealogy, including narrative of Eugenie L. Spearman

See also "Conversation of A.D.S. with Theresa A. Taylor, Beth Haas, and Joy Haas re Spearman family history." San Jose, January 1975. Tape cassette, -95

Folder 33

Correspondence: C.P. Schrank to ADS, 1964-65, referring to FHS's writings

Folder 34

Correspondence: excerpts of Elisabeth Stuart letters, containing Spearman genealogies in Maryland to 1690

Folder 35

Correspondence: letters from family members discussing family history

See also: oversize, deeds, maps and family crest, -99

Folder 36

Correspondence: ADS to various relatives (not family history), 1917-69

Folder 37/37A

Correspondence: Mother Mary Magdalene, O.C.D. (Grace Swinton Lewis, cousin of ADS), 1950-61

See also: photos #7-21, -90

Folder 38

Correspondence: Elizabeth Lovell (cousin) to ADS, 1967-74


Subject Files on Mission Santa Clara, Local, and California History

Additional Note

(See also the "Spearman Manuscript," a bound collection of research materials) (Box 13 contains relics and historical objects)
Folder 38A

Agriculture: photo copies of publications re: Mission agriculture

Folder 39

The Alameda: correspondence and research

See also: photo #417, -90; El Camino Real, file #53

Folder 40

Alemany, Joseph Sadoc: research and manuscripts

Folder 41

Battle of Santa Clara: notes and correspondence, including notes and manuscript of Dr. A.E. Osborne, newspaper series based on Osborne manuscript, 1922

Folder 42

Brands, cattle: clippings and correspondence

Folder 43

Catala, Magin: Spearman, Arthur, "Mission Padre of Santa Clara: the Life and Work of Catala," typescript, 159 pp.

Folder 44

Catala: ADS's writings, research and clippings

Folder 45

Catala: various publications about Catala, plus Spearman's research and writings on Aloysius S. Stern, S.J., including the pamphlet by ADS, "Two Padres from Nookta," 3rd edition, 1967.

See also photos, #390-406, Stern and Catala.

Folder 46

Catala: Aloysius Stern memorabilia

Folder 47

Catala: articles and clippings about Catala and Stern

Folder 48

Catala: correspondence to, from and about Aloysius S. Stern, including Stern's 1935 testimony in support of Catala's canonization

Folder 49

Cemetery, Mission Santa Clara: clippings and correspondence

Folder 50

Churches, Santa Clara Valley: research and articles by ADS, including "Parishes founded from S.C.C." St. Clare's Parish history, and "Santa Clara--Mother Church of the Valley," including letter of Fr. Maher, S.J., to Spearman 1960 re St. Clare's Parish land

Folder 51

Churches, Santa Clara Valley: correspondence about St. Joseph of Cupertino; and notes on Methodists in Santa Clara

See also Stocklmeier, Louis, "The Heritage of the City of Cupertino: the Bequest of Col. Juan Bautista de Anza", Box 9 (oversize).

Folder 52

Donner Party: Mendenhall family materials

Folder 53

El Camino Real markers (bells)

Folder 54

Indians, Santa Clara Valley: bibliographies and clippings

See also: oversize clippings, -87; and photos, -90

Folder 55

Indians, Santa Clara Valley: typescripts of A.E. Osborne, "When De Anza Saw the Bay," "Notes on Gen. Vallejo," "Indians of Santa Clara Valley," "Historical Landmarks"

Folder 56

Indians, Santa Clara Valley: various articles, poem "The Vision of the Indian Chief" 1884

Folder 57

Indians, Mission: Old Gabriel and Estanislao (legal size folder) (Box 3A)

Folder 58

Indians, Mission: including Marcello, Ynigo (legal size folder) (Box 3A)

Folder 59

Indians, Mission: Mission San Jose records dealing with Mission Santa Clara Indians

Folder 60

Indians, Southwestern U.S.: articles and clippings Mission San Luis Rey

See also Box 9, Indian basket patterns


Newspaper series "Valle de San Jose" by Myron V. Depew. San Diego Sun, June 5-9, 1933

Folder 61

Indian languages: Tipton glossary with Spearman additions of mission Spanish

Folder 62

Indian languages, Mission Santa Clara: ADS's research and correspondence

Folder 63

Landclaims, Santa Clara Valley: transcripts of 1850's court cases

Folder 64

Madonna from Crete: research, correspondence and clippings.

See also: photos, -90

Folder 65

Metates (Indian grinding stones)

See also: photos #446-460, -90

Folder 66

Mission Santa Clara library, 1777-1837: list of books and correspondence. Includes "California=s First Library" by H. J. Downie, Curator Carmel Mission 1966 (5pp)

Folder 67

Mission Santa Clara, history of: chronology, 1955.

Includes notes from the Taylor Collection Diocese of S.F. Archives

See also: oversize clippings, -87.


Galindo "Early Days at Mission Santa Clara" 1959

Folder 68

Mission Santa Clara, history of: correspondence and research dealing with cornerstone, interior, cross, art, and adobe bricks of Mission Santa Clara, including manuscript by ADS, "Cornerstone Coins of Santa Clara''

See also: photos #414-418, -90; f 112: hand-drawn maps

Folder 68A

Mission Santa Clara bells

Folder 68B

Mission Santa Clara Archeology: clippings re: 1967 discovery of millstone and building foundation. 1959 letter requesting President Donohoe test Engineering site. 1920 correspondence of George Bray and A.E. Osborne

Folder 69

Mission Santa Clara, history of: research documents, reminiscences, and clippings. Includes "Early Days in Santa Clara" by S. Encarnacion Pinedo. (S.F. Sunday Bulletin, June 9, 1901).

Folder 69A

Mission Santa Clara clippings and information re: Andrew Hill painting AMission Santa Clara 1849"

Folder 70

Mission Santa Clara records: inventory of records plus copies of selected documents, including Informes of 1777, 1778, 1779, 1784

See also: photo #469-470, -90

Folder 71

Mission Santa Clara, sites of research, correspondence and clippings about the relocation and dedications of various sites 1920-1973

See also:photos #411, 490-496, -90

Folder 72

Missionaries: ADS's lists of North American missionaries; brochure California=s Mission Trails [1935] Gleason, Rev. Jos. M. Lesson of the Missions

Folder 73

Missions, California: Mission Dolores (San Francisco) Informes

Folder 73A

Collection of booklets from Santa Barbara, San Juan Capistrano, and San Luis Rey

Folder 74

Missions, California: Mission San Juan Bautista [Account Book] copy. Source unknown.

Folder 75

Missions, California: Mission Santa Rosalia, Baja California, records and correspondence

Folder 76

Missions, California: Mission Santa Cruz notes and correspondence

Folder 77

Missions, California: translation of letters from Franciscan missionaries about Mission de la Soledad

Folder 78

Missions, California: translations of document and correspondence dealing with administration of the missions

Folder 79

Missions, California: correspondence of Alexander Taylor, c. 1799, to the missions, including Mission Santa Clara (Box 3A)

Folder 80

Missions, California: narrative of Julio Carillo regarding the Sonoma mission

Folder 80A

Monterey: clippings regarding families, paintings of the Presidio.

[See also Local-drawing]

Folder 81

Music of the mission period: research and clippings

Folder 82

Quicksilver mines, Almaden: correspondence and articles

See also: oversize clippings, -87

Folder 83

Nobili, John, S.J., and Italian immigration: research materials, including Nobili's correspondence

Folder 84

Nuestra Senora del Refugio: research and various drafts of manuscripts by ADS for his booklet "Nuestra Senora del Refugio: Patroness of California" *Published book in Orradre, California Collection

See also: photos #354-390, -90 for ADS' research collection on Madonnas

Folder 85

Nuestra Senora del Refugio: notes, correspondence, and reproductions of the painting

See also history/homily by R.R. John T. Dwyer on Our Lady of Refuge 3VV- July 8, 1987

Folder 86

Nuestra Senora del Refugio: correspondence, including Jesuit Censor's comments on ADS's manuscript

Folder 87

Old Spanish Bridge: notes and correspondence with J.N. Bowman and Aubrey Neasham; Photo of site 1920s?

Folder 88

Older, Mrs. Fremont [Cora Baggerly]: correspondence from Older to ADS, clippings, and "The Diary of Cora Baggerly Older"

See also photos for Older's collection of local, mission and California pioneer family photos, -90

See also 1HO-14 for Older" newspaper series, "When Santa Clara County Was Young"; "When San Jose Was Young."

Folder 89

Pioneer families, Berryessa: records, clippings, notes, and 1934 interview with Berryessas by ADS (legal size folder) (Box 3A)

See also: file 63, landclaims

Folder 90

Pioneer families, Fatjo: Family tree, clippings

See also: oversize clippings, -87

Folder 91

Pioneer families, Forbes: family history notes for Jason Alexander Forbes

Folder 92

Pioneer families, Isbell, Olive Mann: research notes from Osborne and Spearman, clippings and correspondence

See also: photo #477, -90

Folder 93

Pioneer families, Murphy: research and correspondence on Martin Murphy, Jr.

See also Local History file - Sunnyvale Historical Society

Folder 94

Pioneer families, Murphy: notes and correspondence on Murphy family


Pioneer families, Pellerano, Nicholas: see 5IP and photo collection POR

Folder 95

Pioneer families, Splivalo

Folder 96

Pioneer families, Santa Clara pioneers: correspondence and notes (legal size folder) (Box 3A)

Folder 97

Pioneer families, Bandini: correspondence and translation of diary

See also: file 52, Donner Party

Folder 98

Pioneer families: Eddy, Brackett, Bray, Koch, de Lopez, Baker, Graham, Menton

Folder 98A-98C

Pioneer families: Peralta (Box 3A)

See also: photos #471-480, -90


Pioneer families, Bond: see photos for family album; owned present Carmelite monastery property; this setting also used in Jack London's Call of the Wild

Folder 99

Posadas: clippings, music and inquiries

See also: audiotape, Spanish songs for Posadas and Navidad, 60 min., -95

Folder 100

Olive oil: correspondence regarding tradition/obligation for Santa Clara to supply olive oil to the bishop

Folder 101

Pastorela of Mission Santa Clara: script and correspondence regarding Santa Clara version of pastorela, a dramatic presentation of the nativity common to the missions

Folder 102

Pastorela, California Missions: scripts and research

Folder 103

Phelan, Sen. James D.: correspondence and poetry of the Markham Poetry Society meeting at Villa Montalvo, 1928-29. Clippings regarding Villa Montalvo, 1973. For a photo of Phelan with Z.Maher, S.J., see photo collection, POR-Maher.

Folder 104

Pioneer families, Galindo: Reprint of 1820 Jesuit catalogue mentioning Hilary Galindo, S.J.

Folder 104A

PIOUS FUND Clipping re: settlement of U.S. and Mexican Catholic property dispute, Aug. 1967.

Folder 105

Railroads and the historic West: clippings

See also: photos #295-305, 316-326, -90

Folder 106

Rainfall, Santa Clara Valley: clippings and notes

Folder 107

Rambo, Ralph: clippings, publications, and correspondence

See also: oversize, Box 9

Folder 108

Rancherias mentioned in baptismal records of Mission Santa Clara: list and research notes, including material on Alviso and Arguello families

Folder 109

Redwoods, California: clippings and correspondence about Big Basin State Park, A.P. Hill and Fr. Kenna

Folder 109A

San Jose history. Includes information on the naming of Mt. Hamilton.

See also Box 9 for Wheels of the West and Early Day San Jose, a collection of Maps and Drawings by Leonard McKay.

Folder 110

Santa Clara, city of, street names: clippings and maps.

See also file #14.

Folder 111

Santa Clara, city of: notes and correspondence

Folder 112

Santa Clara city. Street maps of city and Mission sites, hand-drawn (Box 3A)

Folder 113

Schools, Catholic, government support of, 1960's

Folder 114

Seminaries, California. Notes from F. Kenneally, OFM. The Seminaries as Educational Institutions, 1840-1950. Unpublished Thesis: University of Toronto, 1956. (26 pp).

Box Box 11

"Spanish coins." Coins [fraud] and articles about them 1958-1960.

Folder 114A

Tannery, Eberhard.

See also photos (SCU): Bldgs-Eberhard Tannery

Folder 115

Time and California Missions: Wm. B. Stephens publications and correspondence regarding clocks of the mission era

Folder 116

University of Santa Clara, baseball: notes on history of baseball at Santa Clara

Folder 117

University of Santa Clara, buildings: ADS's notes for 1959 Redwood

Folder 118

University of Santa Clara, charter date: dispute with Univ. of the Pacific about founding dates


Incorporation: copies of docs

Folder 119

University of Santa Clara, history of: various articles

Folder 120

University of Santa Clara, history of: college as described by visitors in 1850 and 1860

Folder 120A

University of Santa Clara, Seal of -

See also Photo Coll: "Emblems of SCU"

Folder 121

University of Santa Clara students: Schlichtmann manuscript of 1862 Estudillo Journal; see also Box 12

Folder 121A

SCU students: 1970 (May) disruption [Vietnam protests]

Folder 122

University of Santa Clara: Correspondence with Margaret Schlichtmann 1958-67


Women's Club in Santa Clara, (including clippings on Austin Warburton).

See also f. 16.


Publications and manuscripts about Santa Clara Mission and University


ADS, The Five Franciscan Churches of Mission Santa Clara, 1777-1825, Palo Alto: The National Press, 1963 (several copies, one containing handwritten corrections by ADS), -12

Folder 123

The Five Franciscan Churchesoriginal manuscript: with ADS' handwritten notation,"Much shortened in printed book, hence, save this"

Folder 124

The Five Franciscan Churchespublication materials: correspondence, review, material for publisher

See also: oversize, -99, advertising poster


ADS, Notes for a History of Mission Santa Clara, 2 vols., compilation of notes and source material, bound typescript, indexed, not dated, -12


Vol. 2: Riordan Papers

Folder 125

ADS,"A History of the Mission and College Periods of the University of Santa Clara (from the ms. of the late Henry Walsh . . .)" plus outline and references on Mission Santa Clara history

Folder 126

Correspondence and bibliographies on Mission and University history

Folder 127

Mission and University history, various articles by ADS: "School of the Padres," "Mission Santa Clara," "California Mission Notes," Men who Made Santa Clara"

See also: "A Visit to Early Santa Clara,'' Santa Clara Journal, 1961, -12


"The First Stage in California" [mss] draft of article re: drama in Missions published in Callboard[magazine of California Actors Association] c. 1935.

Folder 128

Missions, California, articles by ADS: " Lecture on California Missions," "The Jesuits in California, " "Kino and Salvatierra"

Folder 129

"History of Santa Clara College" for 1957 catalogue, with correspondence

Folder 129A

"Notes for the History of the Law School" 10 pages, 3 drafts (annotated)

Folder 130

New Catholic Encyclopedia, article about Santa Clara by ADS:drafts and correspondence

Folder 131

"A Visit to the Mission Santa Clara and its University Campus," two drafts

Folder 132

Guides to the Mission and the University: manuscripts; film script and correspondence; tour of De Saisset Mission Collection, 1970

See also: audiotape, "Tour of Santa Clara Grounds," 90min., c. 1970, -95. Summaries of background on historical objects in de Saisset Museum, Mission Church, gardens.

Folder 133

Visitor's Guide to Santa Clara: drafts, printed versions, and correspondence

Folder 134

Jesuit community house history, 1958-59

Folder 135

Book reviews by ADS, with correspondence, 1948, 1959


Research on Jesuits and Other Religious

Folder 135A

Harney, Paul John SJ. A History of Jesuit Education in American California. [PhD dissertation] U.C. Berkeley 1944.

Folder 136

Barrett, E. Boyd (S.J.):correspondence

Folder 137

Farmer, Francis X., S.J.: biographical materials, clippings and correspondence

Folder 138

Moffatt, John E., S.J.: ADS, "Chronicle of the Life of John E. Moffatt S.J.," plus research and correspondence

Folder 139

Moffatt, John E., S.J.: correspondence with ADS, 1921-68

Folder 140

Moffatt, John E., S.J.: clippings, Mass cards

See also: photos #420-439, -90

Folder 141

Hubbard, Bernard R., S.J.: three drafts of biographical essay by ADS, 1960's

Folder 142

Hubbard, Bernard R., S.J.: ADS's notes and correspondence for Hubbard essay

Folder 143

Hubbard, Bernard R., S.J.: ADS, "Bernard R. Hubbard, S.J.,'' Woodstock Letters, Fall 1965, pp. 466-73

Folder 144

Hubbard, Bernard R., S.J.: student term papers about Hubbard, 1973, 1974

Folder 145

Hubbard, Bernard R., S.J.: notes and correspondence about Hubbard, 1960-74

Folder 146

Malone, John T. (Santa Clara student): ADS's correspondence with Malone's niece, 1934-57, and clippings

Folder 147

Simmons, Charles, .J.: missionary martyred in China, 1941; Simmons' writings and letters to ADS


Clipping/program/info Files

Additional Note

Concerning the Jesuit order, the California Province, Jesuit schools and missions, and individual Jesuits. Files include both primary and secondary materials. Some individuals for whom there is biographical materials are
Box Box 10

Bacigalupi, S.J.


Bouchard, James S.J.


Bradstreet, John R. S.J.


Bunn, E.B., S.J.


Burns, Vincent


Cataldo, Joseph M., S.J.


Connolly, Arthur, S.J.


Daze, David


Dooling, Maurice T.


Dunne, William J.


Eberschweiler, William


Fabris, Ivan,S.J.


Fader, Gerald J., S.J.


Fallon, Timothy P.,S.J.


Fennell, William J., S.J.


Ferguson, John B., S.J.


Ferrill, Bro. William I., S.J.


Franchi, Francis J., S.J.


Garesche, Edward F., S.J.


Geary, Joseph, S.J.


Geary, John, S.J.


Graham, Robert A., S.J.


Hageman, Edward M., S.J.


Hogan, Everett J., S.J.


Houle, John A., S.J.


Huber, Lawrence, S.J.


Kavanagh, C.R., S.J.


Kearney, Raymond W.


Kearney, William


Kelley, Raymond J., S.J.


Kieferdorf, W.J.


King, Joseph J., S.J.


Koenig, Francis J., S.J.


Laherty, John J.


Leahy, Charles


Leake, Mrs. Edward E.


Leonard, Thomas J., S.J.


Leonard, Mrs.


Lipman, John, S.J.


Malone, James E., S.J.


Mans, Paul, S.J.


Martin, Norman F., S.J.


McAstocker, David P., S.J.


McCabe, Rev. Hugh


McClatchy, Carlos Kelly


McCormick, James F., S.J.


McCoy, Cornelius J., S.J.


McFadden, Edward M., S.J.


McGloin, Daniel P., S.J.


McKenna, Leo


McNally, William P., S.J.


McShane, Edward D. S.J.


Menager, Edward C.


Menager, Gabriel M., S.J.


Moneta, Br. Angelo, S.J.


Moore, Francis A., S.J. (Spiritual Bouquets)


Mootz Peter, S.J.


Morrissey, James, S.J.


Murphy, Timothy L, S.J.


Murphy, Eugene P., S.J.


O'Brien, Joseph D.


Olivo, Fr. Stephen


Patri, Angelo


Pena, Jose A., S.J.


Pereira, Br. John, S.J.


Pinyero, Padre


Rebmann, James S.J.


Ring, Harold S.J.


Rouleau, Francis A.


Schmidt, Walter E., S.J.


Schultheis, H.J., S.J.


Seeliger, Francis J.,S.J.


Sheerin, Francis L., S.J.


Shepherd, Robert H., S.J.


Skelly, Brother P., S.J.


Spieler, Fred J., S.J.


Stern, Aloysius S., S.J.


Sullivan, F.J., S.J.


Talbot, Francis X., S.J.


Tortore, Br., S.J.


Trent, Clark


Villa, Octavius


Wynne, John J., S.J.


Yorke, Rev. Peter C.


Research Materials and Manuscripts on John Joseph Montgomery 1


1Slice collection (2 boxes) used for lectures on J. J. M.
Box Box 11

ADS, John Joseph Montgomery, Father of Basic Flying, 1858-1911, Santa Clara: University of Santa Clara, 1967, 1977 (two editions), -12


Camera-read artwork for second edition of JJMbook, prepared by Kappelhoff and Associates, 1977, plus halftone negatives, box 6

Box Box 6A

Page Proofs of JJM, 1977 Acc. #997-048

See also: photos #344-347, -90

See also: slides of photos of John J. Montgomery and aeroplane, made by Spearman, 1960 [for lecture?]

Folder 149

Manuscript of JJM book, chapters 1-8, 10

Folder 150

JJM chronology and bibliography by ADS, 1959, 1965

Folder 151

Foreword, acknowledgments and appendixes from JJM book, plus notes for JJM talks by ADS c. 1960

Folder 152

Revisions and addendum for second edition of JJMbook

Folder 153

Publication materials for JJM book: list of photographs and captions, bibliography, copyright. purchase order, Jesuit censors' reports, promotional material

Folder 154

JJM book reviews, booksellers' listings, and correspondence

Folder 155

Preliminary drafts of JJM manuscript, c. 1958-59: "JJM: The Father of Controlled Flight," "JJM: Scientist of Flight"; Rough Draft of a Survey of the Life and Work of JJM, Father of Aviation"

Folder 156

Preliminary drafts of JJM manuscript, c. 1960: "Father of Flight"; see also correspondence with Don Driese, file #169

Folder 157

Articles and speeches about JJM by ADS: includes "The Story Behind the Book: JJM, Father of Basic Flying," Soaring, March 1968; and transcript of 1973 interview with ADS about JJM.

Folder 158

JJM research and documentation, including notes on Regina Cleary Montgomery

Folder 159

JJM research and documentation list of his correspondence, maps of his experimentation, eyewitness reports, sketch of plane

Folder 160

Wright Brothers and other early aviators

Folder 161

JJM case in U.S. Court of Claims: testimony, correspondence and notes

Folder 162

JJM articles and clippings from various sources including notes on construction of replicas of the JJM aeroplanes

Folder 163

Williams, George, "Reach for the Restless Wind: The Quest for a True Flying Machine," typescript; see also file #175

Folder 164

Early aviators and general aviation clippings

Folder 165

Correspondence: acknowledgments of JJM book

Folder 166

Correspondence: Montgomery family with ADS

Folder 167

JJM memorial days and monument: correspondence and notes, 1950's, 1960's

Folder 168

Correspondence, museums: Smithsonian, Museum of Science and Industry, San Diego Aerospace Museum, San Francisco Exploratorium, Aviation Hall of Fame

Folder 169

Correspondence: Don Driese, regarding possible publication of Spearman manuscript about JJM

Folder 170

Correspondence: ADS's inquiries to St. Joseph's College, where JJM taught c. 1894

Folder 171

Correspondence: Martin Cole, 1951-59, regarding Cole's publications on JJM

Folder 172

Correspondence regarding JJM, the Wrights, and other early aviators: Morgan/Spearman, Morgan/Kelly, and Spearman/Husting, 1940's-1974

Folder 173

Correspondence: R.P. Parker and ADS regarding Parker manuscript on JJM, 1957

Folder 174

Correspondence: Charles Willard, regarding JJM's plane construction, 1960-67

Folder 175

Correspondence: Arthur Bean regarding gliders and JJM, including Bean's humorous illustrations.

See also: oversize clippings and plans, Box 9; photo

Folder 176

Correspondence regarding JJM: 1957-64

Folder 177

Correspondence regarding JJM: 1965-67

Folder 178

Correspondence regarding JJM: 1968-77

Box Box 9

Walton, W., lith. Engraving of the First Carriage, the "Ariel,"... Published by Day and Haghe, lithographers to the Queen. London, 1843. Acc 963-001.


Writings on Religious and Patriotic Themes

Additional Note

See Box 13 for Spearman's collection of relics and holy or historical objects.
Folder 179

Articles, 1920's and 1930's:

review of poetry book;

"Whence Comes 100% Americanism?";

"In the Footsteps of the Giants";

"Grapes of Wrath Called Communistic,"

L.A. Examiner;

"The Message of the Second Psalm,"

The Dove;

"The First Stage in California,"

The Call Board;

"Literature and the Home";

"Flathead Pray for the Dead,"

The Indian Sentinel;

"The Lady of the Valley";

"The Jesuit Brothers";

"Story of Lourdes,"

Pasadena Star-News

Folder 180

Articles, 1940's and 1950's:

"Purposes, Methods and Background of the American Revolution";

"The Foundation Stones for our Bill of Rights";

"This is Virginia"(radio interview regarding mission history);

"George Washington, Product of a Colonial Home";

Father's Day, 1940";

"In the Last Hour,"

Messenger of the Sacred Heart;

"Jesuit Fathers at Our Lady of Guadalupe, San Diego"

Folder 180

ADS, Thoughts for the Bicentennial (essays on George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, American Revolution, etc.), bound typescript, -12

Folder 181

ADS, Spanish-English Confessor's Guide, 1942; 1953 (2nd ed.) Includes reviews and correspondence with publisher and Jesuit censors

See also ADS, compiler, The Spanish-English Confessor's Guide, Patterson, N.J.: St. Anthony's Guild Press, revised edition, 1960, -12

Folder 182

Guide. manuscript for revised edition, 1959

Folder 183

Articles, 1960's and 1970's: "How to Study"; "Source Materials for Writers"; "On Gregorian Chant"; Secular vs. Religious Music" Booklet "Our Lady Patroness of the Californias" (1966)


ADS, compiler, History of Devotion to the Sacred Heart (contains articles by ADS as well as source material on the devotion), bound typescript, -12


ADS, The Beautiful Sacrifice of the Mass (to be revised), bound typescript, c. 1960 (pre-Vatican II). -12


ADS, Essays (mostly with religious orientation), bound typescript. -12

Folder 184

Garabandal: miracles and apparitions in village of San Sebastian de Garabandal; articles and relics

Folder 185

Garabandal: reports of miracles and apparitions

Folder 186

Garabandal: more reports, plus ADS's correspondence


Correspondence, 1919-1969

Additional Note

[N.B.: I denotes incoming; O denotes outgoing; f denotes from; t denotes to)



Simpson, Leo.S., S.J. 2/21/27

Physical Description: I

LeVasseur, W., S.J. 4/3/27

Physical Description: I

Kearney, F., S.J., Gonzaga College, China 11/17/33

Physical Description: I

Soliday, G.W. 10/22/35

Physical Description: I

Osborne, Mrs. A.E. 8/18/36

Physical Description: I

Soliday, G.W. 5/7/36

Physical Description: I

Bowman, J., University of California 7/27/39

Physical Description: I

Joseph, Sr. M., M.L. (Gallery of Living Catholic Authors) 7/27/42

Physical Description: I

Walsh, C., S.J., University of Santa Clara 12/4/42

Physical Description: I

Dewy, C., U of SC 4/7/44

Physical Description: I

[anonymous] 6/3/44

Physical Description: I

Manzanares, C., Consulate of Spain, CA 10/26/47

Physical Description: I

Watkins, L. 1/16/48

Physical Description: I

Donnelly, W., S.J. 4/16/48

Physical Description: I

Perret, F., Ferdinand Perret Research Library 3/31/49

Physical Description: I

Cowdy, A., S.J., U of San Francisco 9/25/49

Physical Description: I

Perret, F. 6/17/49

Physical Description: I

Deeney, C., S.J. 5/13

Physical Description: I

Issalpiu, P. S.J. n.d.

Physical Description: I

Hogan, A. n.d.

Physical Description: I

McCormick, J., S.J. n.d.

Physical Description: I

Gay n.d.

Physical Description: I

Pascencia Family n.d.

Physical Description: I

Sister Mary Felicita n.d.

Physical Description: I

Webb, Edith 8/3/37

Physical Description: I

Webb, Edith 12/7/56

Physical Description: I

Webb, Edith 2/8/58

Physical Description: I

Webb, Edith 11/13/58

Physical Description: I



Noreterop, I. 5/4/50

Physical Description: I

Noreterop, I. 5/9/50

Physical Description: I

Noreterop, I. 6/27/50

Physical Description: I

Deeney, C., S.J. 8/9/50

Physical Description: I

Culleton, J., Academy of CA. Church History 1/12/51

Physical Description: I

Culleton, J., Academy of CA. Church History 1/27/51

Physical Description: I

Editor, San Diego Union 2/26/52

Physical Description: O

Vaughan, J., S.J., Jesuit Retreat House, Azusa, CA 3/14/52

Physical Description: I

King, Hon C., Member of Congress 2/21/52

Physical Description: O

Sister Roberta, Webster College, MI 10/10/53

Physical Description: f

McGloin, John, S.J., USF 10/12/53

Physical Description: O

Sister M. Roberta, Webster College, MI 10/21/53

Physical Description: I

Bliss, Carey S., Huntington Library 1/22/54

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Buddy, C., Bishop of San Diego 3/4/54

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J., Pauline 10/15/54

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Buenrostro, V. 12/3/54

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Buenrostro, V. 1954

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Buenrostro, V. 1/10/55

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O'Conner, Fr. T.R. 4/3/55

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Alexander, K. 3/21/56

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Conneally, Phil S.J. 2/4/56

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Boland, E., S.J. 4/26/56

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Font, M. 5/13/56

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McGloin,J.,[?]. S.J. , Univ. of San Francisco 10/15/56

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Acquistapace,F. S.J., Our Lady of Sorrows Rectory 12/17/56

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Builgoil, B. 12/22/56

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Boland, E., S.J. 2/6/56

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Geiger, Rev. Maynard, O.F.M. 1/4/57

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Hauck, H. S.J., U. of Santa Clara President 1/31/57

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McGloin,J., S.J., Univ. of San Francisco 2/21/57

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Buenrostro, V. 2/25/57

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O Hauck, H., S.J., Loyola University 4/19/57

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McGloin, J., S.J., Univ. of San Francisco 5/1/57

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Nintulmbor, J. 6/9/57

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Conmy, P. Director of Historical Research, Native Sons of the Golden West 7/2/57

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Buenrostro, V. 8/6/57

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Sister Aloyse Marie, S.N.J., College of Notre Dame 8/23/57

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Buenrostro, V. 9/1/57

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Peck,L. Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara 9/17/57

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Bliss, Leslie E., Huntington Library 10/4/57

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Hauck, H. S.J. 10/17/57

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Bowman, J. 2/20/58

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McGloin, J., S.J., Univ. of San Francisco 2/21/58

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Cook, S. Professor of Physiology, UC Berkeley 3/5/58

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Hammond,G. Director, UC Berkeley 3/11/58

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Varley, U. 4/3/58

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Culleton, J. Chancellor-Secretary, Diocese of Monterey-Fresno

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Bowman, J. 4/15/58

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Molera F. 8/13/58

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Stephens, B. 10/16/58

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Molera, F. 10/22/58

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Valdes Subercaseaux, F. Bishop of Osorno, Chile 10/26/58

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Hubbard, B., S.J. 9/58 [?]

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Rector of Univ. of Santa Clara 9/10/58

Physical Description: O

Stephens,B. 9/29/58

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Dupas, A. S.J., Universite de Sudbury, Canada 10/6/58

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Harrington, M. Curator, Southwest Museum, L.A. 10/21/58

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Temple, T. 10/27/58

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Monterop, I.[Noretrop?] 1/2/59

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Hambly,E. 1/27/59

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Bowman, J. 1/31/59

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Ahern, H. 2/11/59

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Nunis, D.B., Jr. 2/13/59

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O'Sullivan, C., S.J. 4/21/59

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Nunis, D.B., Jr. 2/25/59

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Monterop, E. 5/21/59

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Bowman, J. 6/23/59

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Maffatt, J., S.J. 11/29/59

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Swedenburg, ,R. First Methodist Church Los Gatos, CA 12/14/59

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Page, R. 12/17/59

Physical Description: I

E. Boyd 12/21/59

Physical Description: f

L. Walsh n.d. [Holy Thurs]

Physical Description: f

V. Buenrostro n.d. [Christmas]

Physical Description: f



G. Patton, Ohio State U. 1/25

Physical Description: f

H. Perry, Curator, Oakland Public Museum 1/31

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L. Janowick 2/2

Physical Description: t

H. Perry, Oakland Public Museum 2/3

Physical Description: t

W. Scully 2/14

Physical Description: f

H. Perry, Oakland Public Museum 2/24

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G. Dawson, Dawson's Book Shop 3/15

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Miss Major 3/17

Physical Description: t

General Drafting Co., Inc. 3/22

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M. Hawes, M.S.C 3/31

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R. Elliott, San Jose State College 4/25

Physical Description: f

Pauline 4/27

Physical Description: t

A. Shumate, Dr. 4/27

Physical Description: t

R. Hansen, The Stanford University Libraries 5/5

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V. Bogy 5/11

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A. Tipton 5/15

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D. Campbell 8/5

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I. Simpson, Wells Fargo Bank 8/11

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The Mike Roberts Productions 11/3

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H. Baker, Pacific Telephone 11/10

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A. Gonzales 12/15

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M. Victory, Sister, B.V.M 12/25

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M. Josara, Sister 12/25

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Carl 12/26

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Collin, Mrs. H. n.d.

Physical Description: f

Santa Clara County Historical & Geneological Soc. n.d.

Physical Description: t

Goodman, M. n.d.

Physical Description: t

Ruth, I.H. Polk n.d.

Physical Description: f

Richard, The General Theological Seminary (2 letters) n.d.

Physical Description: f

Owens, Judge 6/7

Physical Description: f



F. Weber 1/4

Physical Description: f

R. Van Dorn, Treasurer, Catholic Daughters of America 1/11

Physical Description: f

J. McGucken, Archbishop of San Francisco 2/8

Physical Description: f

M. Hancock 2/19

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R. Milliken 2/28

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J. Gallagher 3/9

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Polzer, C., S.J. 3/31

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Costo, R. 4/14

Physical Description: t

Lee, R. 4/18

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R. Milliken 4/23

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R. Karolevitz 4/25

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Sister Dominica 4/ [Holy Sat.]

Physical Description: t

R. Costo, American Indian Historical Society 4/

Physical Description: f

Joy 5/2

Physical Description: f

Elizabeth 5/2

Physical Description: t

B. Towsend, Wally Byam Caravan Club Int., Inc. 5/27

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M. Sponagle, Caravan Committee 6/2

Physical Description: t

M. Plascencia, Mr.& Mrs. 6/12

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Marion and Frank 6/17

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M. Meier, NDEA, Summer Institute in Latin American History 6/28

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M. Meier, NDEA 6/29

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M. Malone 7/29

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B. Towsend 7/30

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A. Williams 8/14

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W. Knecht, Attorney 9/7

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J. Newton, Veterans Hospital 9/21

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T. Nutters 9/27

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J. Newton 9/28

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Joy (Copy of letter to Elizabeth) 9/28

Physical Description: f

J. Pociask, S.J. 10/2

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J. Splivalo 10/9

Physical Description: f

Elaine 10/27

Physical Description: t

"Friends in Christ" 12/0ctave of Epiphany

Physical Description: t

P. Starr n.d.

Physical Description: f

Fiesta de Las Rosas Committee n.d.

Physical Description: t

Blanche n.d.

Physical Description: t

An Apostle for Our Lord n.d.

Physical Description: f



F. Fox, Diocese of Tucson 1/3

Physical Description: f

J. Haas, The University of Iowa 1/23

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J. Haas, the University of Iowa 1/29

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Frances Fox 2/5

Physical Description: f

C. Sharsmith, San Jose State College 2/1

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Mrs. Morris J. Iverson 2/21

Physical Description: t

Ruth (Mrs. H.I. Polk) 3/15

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A. Weyand 3/6

Physical Description: f

A. Weyand 3/15

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M. Gorman, University of San Francisco 3/19

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Rev. Thomas D. Terry, S.J. 4/13

Physical Description: t

Marion and Frank 4/25

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A. Weyand 5/7

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Rev. Thomas D. Terry, S.J. 5/11

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T. Terry, S.J. 5/15

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J. McGucken, Archbishop of San Francisco 5/27

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B. Bettancourt, Ricard Observatory, SCU 6/13

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L. Ballard, Chairman 6/8

Physical Description: f

F. Clune, Wr#ter 6/27

Physical Description: f

A. Hogan re: gift 6/28

Physical Description: f

Mrs. Samuel K. (Gloria) Lothrop re: Mengarini 7/11 & 7/25

Physical Description: t/f

Peggy 7/12

Physical Description: f

R. Schuyler, UC Santa Barbara 7/17

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F. Opel, Advertising Department of Disneyland 7/23

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George and Elaine 8/5

Physical Description: t

Mary 8/8

Physical Description: t

Cultural History Research, Inc. 8/11

Physical Description: t

R. Hillman, Pioneer Museum & Haggin Galleries 8/31

Physical Description: f

F. Opel 9/9

Physical Description: t

R. Hillman, Curator of History 9/17

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Jennie 9/17

Physical Description: f

D. Clarke 9/18

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A. Kulpa, Public Relations 9/20

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F. Klune 9/23

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Joseph 9/24

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J. Halpin 9/26

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J. Halpin 10/24

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M. Oi 11/5

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E. Swanstrom, Catholic Relief Services 11/11

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L. Vitale 11/19

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M. Banion, Los Banos Recreation Commission 11/23

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A. Vickery 12/14

Physical Description: f



J. Splivalo 1/8

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B. Baskett, Fiesta de las Rosas, Inc. 1/21

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J. McDonald 1/31

Physical Description: t

F. Weber, Reverend 1/31

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San Joaquin Pioneer and Historical Society 2/11

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R. Hillman, Pioneer Museum & Haggin Galleries 2/20

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T. Terry, S.J. 2/25

Physical Description: t

C. Casey, Cherokee Book Shop 3/4

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M. Callan, Finance V.P. of the U. of Santa Clara (Copy of Letter to Father Terry) 3/26

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A. Sleker 4/4

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M. Horst, California Redwood Association 4/10

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R. Wood, California History Foundation, Stuart Library of Western Americana 4/15

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L. Brannon, California Garden Clubs, Inc. 4/16

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Fr. M.A. Habig, OFM 4/21

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C. Sheperd, Cypress Chamber of Commerce 5/16

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E. Swanstrom, Catholic Relief Services 5/26

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R. Barrett 5/27

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Joy 5/29

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Tommy Temple 6/2

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F. Fava 6/20

Physical Description: t

J. Montgomery 6/24

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E. Warren, S.J. 7/2

Physical Description: f

D. Regnery 7/9

Physical Description: f

J. Hickeg 7/22

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Mrs. Milton R. Alviso 9/19

Physical Description: f

Mrs. Milton R. Alviso 9/19

Physical Description: f

V. Belluvar, Georgetown University 9/21

Physical Description: f

V. Hubbard, Malihini Orchid Society 9/22

Physical Description: f

E. Calderwood 9/23

Physical Description: f

J. Bellah 9/24

Physical Description: f

Mrs. Milton Alviso 9/27

Physical Description: t

J. Bellah 10/2

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A. Cermak 10/6

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A. Luis, C.S.J. 11/3

Physical Description: t

L. Rock, S.J. 11/3

Physical Description: f

R. Lo Buglio 11/9

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D. Hogle, Benjamin Bubb Community Club 11/10

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[Father Terry, S.J.] 11/12

Physical Description: t

M. Oi, Japan House of Art, Publisher 11/22

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J. Barrett 12/14

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E. Colosino, S.J., Loyola High School 11/26

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F. Mittruan 12/27

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K. Bwike 12/29

Physical Description: f

A. Warburton 12/

Physical Description: f