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Title: Eritrean Subject Collection
Date (inclusive): 1941-2003
Collection Number: XX815
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 4 manuscript boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 1 phonorecord (2.8 linear feet)
Abstract: Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, press releases, speeches, printed matter, memorabilia, and video tape, relating to drought and famine in Eritrea, the independence movement led by the Eritrean People's Liberation Front, the establishment of Eritrean independence in 1993, and political, social and economic conditions in Eritrea.
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Scope and Contents note

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, press releases, speeches, printed matter, memorabilia, and video tape, relating to drought and famine in Eritrea, the independence movement led by the Eritrean People's Liberation Front, the establishment of Eritrean independence in 1993, and political, social and economic conditions in Eritrea.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Eritrean People's Liberation Front.
Hezbāwi genbār ḥārenat ʼÉretrā.
Sound recordings.

Box 1-4

Subject file

Box/Folder 1:1

"Address by H.E. Isaias Afwerki 29th OAU Summit, Cairo" 1993

Box/Folder 1:2

The Atlantic Monthly "The Loneliest War" by robert D. Kaplan 1988

Box/Folder 1:3

"Cooperative Project within the Archival Sphere between Eritrea and Switzerland" Final Report. Dr Manz Matthias 1996

Box/Folder 1:4

"The Eritrea Community-Based Theatre Project" Plastow, Jane 1996

Box/Folder 1:5

Health 1997

Box/Folder 1:6

Information Development "Library Development in Eritrea, a new struggle in a new country," Macmillen, Sandy 1996

Box/Folder 1:7

"A New Beginning in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Guidelines to the Healing of the land through a proper Federal Solution." Dent, Martin 1990

Box/Folder 1:8

"Proposal for the Establishment of an Eritrean National Archives (ENA)." Tesfamariam, Issayas 1994

Box/Folder 1:9

Referndum in Eritrea 1993

Box/Folder 1:10

Eritrea 1st year Anniversary "Never Kneel Down" 1992

Box/Folder 1.11

Postcard: "Eritrea: Revolution Until Victory" ELF Foreign Information Center 1979

Box/Folder 1:12

Seasons Greeting Card "Freedom and Peace: The Aspiration of Eritrean People" Eritrean People's Liberation Front (E.P.L.F.) 1990

Box/Folder 1:13

Invitation Card "Sahel as Country, EPLF as Government" Memories from North-Eastern Sahel Front. On the 30th Anniversary of the Demise of the Wukan Iz (Command) 2014

Box/Folder 1:14

Satra Traditional Weaving, a business card and a pamplet

Box/Folder 1:15

"September 1st 1991, 30th Anniversary of the Eritrean Peoples Armed Struggle" 1991

Box/Folder 1:16

"Brigade 4: Tidy" Commemorative paper hat for the 30th Anniversary of the demise of Wukaw Iz 2014

Box/Folder 1:17

Bumper stickers "Eritrea may 24th," "Eritrea 1991: Free at Last," "I will see you in Asmara soon," "Eritrea: People's project for a Democratic Constitution". 1991-1997

Box/Folder 1:18

Washington Post Commentary "Can Somalia Survive the UN?" by Isaias Afwerki 1993

Box/Folder 1:19

"African Charter on Human and Civil Rights: This charter was passed on may 1981 by African Leaders on O.A.U.'s 18th conference held in Kenya" In the Tigsigua language produceed by Constitutional Commission of Eritrea

Box/Folder 1:20

"Constitutional Process for Debate" Constitution Commission of Eritrea (CCE) produced for Public Debate in Tigsigua language 1995

Box/Folder 1:21

Constitutional Commission of Eritrea (CCE), Draft Constitution in English, Arabic, and Tigsigua 1996

Box/Folder 1:22

"Draft Proclamation on the Formation of Political Parties and Orginizations" 2001

Box/Folder 1:23

"Elementary (ABC's) of a Constitution" CCE in the Tigsigua Language 1994

Box/Folder 1:25

"Message of the Constitution Commission of Eritrea" (n.d.)

Box/Folder 1:26

Flyer Africa Table. Stanford University "A First Hand Account of Peace Talks between EPLF and the Ethiopian Government" Saleh Meky 1990

Box/Folder 1:27

"An African Affaire: Charity Banquet. Fade School Project. Eritrea" Guest speaker: Thomas Keneally, Author of Schindler's List 1994

Box/Folder 1:28

Flyer: Eritrean and Stanford African Students Association Present: "Eritrean update: The Afar Question/Referendum, Dr. Roy Pateman; Ecology/Reforestation, Dr. Scott Jones; Women's Role/Psychology, Dr. Belainesh Araia; Economics/History, Dr. Araia Tseggar 1991

Box/Folder 1:29

Flyer: Stanford African Students Association of Eritreana present: "Dawn After a Long Night: The Rebirth of Eritrea" Dr. Araia Tseggai, Dr. Belainesh Araia, Dr. Roy Pateman and Dr. Scott Jones 1991

Box/Folder 1:30

Fund Raising "Plant Your Love: Help Eritrean Farmers Grow Their Own Food" Speakers: Jeanmarie Condon, Dr. Asmarom Legesse, Testa A. Seyoum 1989

Box/Folder 1:31

"Share Your Warmth: Isn't it too Hot in Africa for Blankets" Eritrean Relief Committee (E.R.C.) San Jose, CA branch 1988

Box/Folder 1:32

Application form for Eritrean Identity Card 1992

Box/Folder 1:33

Blank form. "Provisional Governmentof Eritrea (E.P.L.F.) Application for Entry or Tourist Permit 1991-1993

Box/Folder 1:34

Gazette of Eritrea Laws "Eritrean Nationality Proclamation No.21" 1992

Box/Folder 1:35

Gazette of Eritrean Laws "Investment Proclamation No.18" 1991

Box/Folder 1:36

Gazette of Eritrean Laws "Investment Proclamation No.59" 1994

Box/Folder 1:37

Associazione Italia-Eritrea 1975-1976

Box/Folder 1:38

Celebration Program "30th Anniversary of the Demise of the Wukaw Iz (Command)." "Sahel as Country EPLF as Government by the Holiday Coordinating Committee Zoba 2014

Box/Folder 1:39

Informacao Eritreia by Centro de Informacas e Documentacao Amilcar Cabral 1980

Box/Folder 1:40

Informational Package "Eritrea: Africa's Newest State" 1993

Box/Folder 1:41

Information Package "Eritrea: Three Decades of Struggle for Self-Determination" EPLF 1991

Box/Folder 1:42

"Equality Through Equal Participation in Work" National Union of Eritrean Women

Box/Folder 2:1

Geneva Conference on African Refugees, Eritrea 1981

Box/Folder 2:2

International Committee for the Eritrean Blind. "Eritrea: Healing a Nation and Beyond 1994

Box/Folder 2:3

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Basic information on Eritrea) 1991

Box/Folder 2:4

Ministry of Information and Culture 1992

Box/Folder 2:5

United States Mission to Eritrea 1998

Box/Folder 2:6

"War and Famine in Eritrea, Refugees in Sudan" Unitarian Universalist Service Committee 1985

Box/Folder 2:7

Asmara University Fact Sheet 1991

Box/Folder 2:8

Eritrean Liberation Front Foreign Mission - People's Liberation Forces, Mogadiscio Office 1972-1974

Box/Folder 2:9

Eritrea Profile 1994-2001

Box/Folder 2:10

Eritrea Related News Items 1993

Box/Folder 2:11

Eritrea Weekly Newspaper "Nai Ertra Semunawi Gazeta" 1940

Box/Folder 2:12

Hadas Eritrea (New Eritrea) Vol. 73, 99 1993, 1996

Box/Folder 2:13

"The Legacy Continues: Eritrea in World Prints" 1990

Box/Folder 2:14

News items on Eritrea-Ethiopia War 1998-1999

Box/Folder 2:15

Newspaper Clippings 1987-1993

Box/Folder 2:16

"Text of Agreement Between Eritrea and Ethiopia" 2000

Box/Folder 2:17

Eritrea Free "A Newsletter of U.S. Committee for a Free Eritrea" 1990-1991

Box/Folder 2:18

Eritrean Development Foundation (E.D.F.) 1999-2000

Box/Folder 3:1

"Eritrea" Monthly newsletter of the Bay Area 1991

Box/Folder 3:2

"La Lettre de Nakfa," Mensuel publie par le Bureau Central des Relations Exterieures du Front Populaire de Liberation de L'Erythree 1984

Box/Folder 3:3

"13th Eritrean Book Fair" Flyer 2014

Box/Folder 3:4

Brigade 44. May 1977-March 1984. Brief History and Poems. Pamphlet on the 30th anniversary of the demise of Wukaw Iz 2014

Box/Folder 3:5

"Eri-TV (Eritrea Television) America's First and Only Eritrean Television Channel" brochure

Box/Folder 3:6

"Eritrea: Tre Diverse Stagioni in Due Ore" Tourism Pamphlets: "Three Seasons in two Hours"

Box/Folder 3:7

"The Eritrean Independence Struggle". Eritrean People's Liberation Front: Central Bureau for Foreign Relations

Box/Folder 3:8

Food, Yes!! Bombs, No!! A campaign for food and peace in Eritrea and Ethiopia

Box/Folder 3:9

"Let's Build Eritreas National Martyrs Park" pamphlets in English, Arabic, and Tigrigna

Box/Folder 3:10

"Memories from NorthEastern Sahel Front (1979-1984)" 2014

Box/Folder 3:11

"Referedum: Yes to independence" 1993

Box/Folder 3:12

Research and Information Center of Eritrea (R.I.C.E.) 1983

Box/Folder 3:13

Thirst for Learning Foundation

Box/Folder 3:14

"Women who are the main force of Social Change and Development!" National union of Eritrean Women 1988

Box/Folder 3:15

"Young People! Let's Touch the Future Together" Eritrean Relief Committee 1980's

Box/Folder 3:16

Eritrean Liberation Front Revolutionary Council (ELF-RC) International Relations Office 2001

Box/Folder 3:17

Eritrean People's Liberation Front Press Releases 1986-1990

Box/Folder 3:18

"Draught Disaster Continues in Eritrea: An urgent Appeal to Humanity" Eritrean Relief Association (E.R.A) 1983

Box/Folder 3:19

Eritrean Relief Committee, Inc. N.Y. New York 1983-1993

Box/Folder 3:20

Referendum Commission of Eritrea (RCE) Press Releases 1993

Box/Folder 3:21

"Adulis" Monthly magazine published by the central Bureau of Foreign Relations of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front 1985

Box/Folder 3:22

"Asmara Palace: A Five Star Hotel for the New Millennium"

Box/Folder 3:33

"Eri Tour: On the Occasion of the 10th Eritrean Liberation Anniversary" 2001

Box/Folder 3:24

"Eritrea Art Time: Crossroads of Art in the Horn of Africa" by Alliance Francaise of Asmara 2011

Box/Folder 3:25

Eritrean Public Health Program "Primary Healthcare in Rural Eritrea" 1985

Box/Folder 3:26

A booklet "Eritrean Relief Association" Khartoum Sundan

Box/Folder 3:27

"An Exhibition of Art Works by Eritrean Fighters" National Guidance Department Eritrean People's Liberation Front 1990

Box/Folder 3:28

"Health Millennium Development Goals Report, Abridged Version: Innovations Driving health MDG's in Eritrea" 2014

Box/Folder 3:29

"History of Eritrea from Ancient up to Independence" Educational Literature by EPLF 2012

Box/Folder 3:30

Kensington Publication 1996

Box/Folder 3:31

Liberation: Monthly Publication by the Eritrean People's Liberation Front Central Bureau of Foreign Relations 1981

Box/Folder 3:32

"The mineral resources and Investment Opportunities in Eritrea" Ministry of Energy, Mills and Water Resources 1995

Box/Folder 4:1

"Mekeyero/Game Changer: Stories from the Experiences of Gedhi (fighter for Eritrean Independence)" Issue #2 2014

Box/Folder 4:2

"The National Insurance Corporation of Eritrea (N.I.C.E): Offering Eritreans an Investment Opportunity to Participate in the Governement Privatization" 2004

Box/Folder 4:3

"Participants of the Fighters War 1984" by Colonel Gebreigz'dbiher Menau" 2013

Box/Folder 4:4

"A Research that Looked into the Condition of Women" by Research and Information Department of the National Union of Eritrean Women. 1999

Box/Folder 4:5

Sagem: Monthly Publication of Eritrean People's Liberation Front Issue #3 1987

Box/Folder 4:6

"Sahel: The Enemy's Graveyard" Brief History of the EPLF and the Various Offensives by the Ethiopian Forces". 2014

Box/Folder 4:7

"Special Issue Prepared by the National Holidays Coordinating Committee on the Occasion of the Fifth Independence Anniversary" 1996

Box/Folder 4:8

"State, Government, Party" by Provisional Government of Eritrea 1992

Box/Folder 4:9

"Treaty on the Rights of Children" Passed by UN General Assembly 1989

Box/Folder 4:10

"UN General Assembly Resolution 2263 Proclamation to prevent Discrimination against Women". 1967

Box/Folder 4:11

"UN Resolution on Rights of the Public towards Peace Passed by the General Assembly" 1984

Box/Folder 4:12

"UNESCO Proclamation on Universal Understanding of Cultural Exchange. Proclamation on the Structures of Progress" 1966

Box/Folder 4:13

"Universal Declaration of Human Rights," "International Treaty on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights," "International Treaty on Civil and Political Rights" As passed described and explained by UN General Assembly Decision 1948

Box/Folder 4:14

"Voice of Eritrean Women" National Union of Eritrean Women 1988-1989

Box/Folder 4:15

"Women in Traditional Eritrean Society. Part One" by National Union of Eritrean Women 1999

Box/Folder 4:16

"Women in Traditional Eritrean Society. Part Two" by National Union of Eritrean Women 1999

Box/Folder 4:17

"To Commemorate the days of Referendum in Eritrea" Postage stamps 1993

Box/Folder 4:18

Referendum Ballets "Yes"/"No" 1993

Box/Folder 4:19

"The Referendum Bulletin" Referdendum Commission of Eritrea (RCE) 1993

Box/Folder 4:20

"Special Report on Eritrea" Eritrean Relief Association (ERA) Canada 1992

Box/Folder 4:21

"Summary Report: The 3rd Congress of the National Union of Eritrean Women" 1988

Box/Folder 4:22

"Statement by H.E. Mr. Isaias Afwerki, at the 48th session of the United Nations General Assembly, N.Y." 1993

Box/Folder 4:23

"20th Anniversary of National Union of Eritrean Women 1979-1999" Calendar 1999

Box/Folder 4:24

35th Anniversary of NUEW, Women's Day 2015

Box/Folder 4:25

"Agezo: Special Issue 20 years in Struggle and Resistance" on the 20th anniversary of the founding of National Union of Eritrean Women 1999

Box/Folder 4:25

"Constitution of the National Union of Eritrean Women" 1998

Box/Folder 4:26

"The State of Eritrea Postal Service 20th Anniversary of National Union of Eritrean Women" Postage and Postcard 2000

Box/Folder 4:27

"National Union of Eritrean Youth (NUEY). Experiences and Horizons" 1994

Box/Folder 4:28

Resistance, Bimonthly Newsletters of National Union of Eritrean Students 1980

Box 5-6

Memorabilia and videotape

Box 5

Eritrean flags (3) undated

Box 5

"Shida," a plastic sandal worn by Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) fighters

Box 5

Referendum Commission of Eritrea hat

Box 5

Eritrea flag place mat and Eritrean map place mat

Box 5

"Eritrea 2000: Under the Sycamore Tree and more," VHS videotape 2003

Box 6

Martyrs Memorial, 5 pins

Box 6

Eritrea is Free keyholder

Box 6

EPLF emblem and Eritrean flag shoulder badges

Box 6

"Sahel as a Country, EPLF as a Government: 30th Anniversary of the Demise of Wukaw Iz" tote bag, 2014

Record cabinet

"Chants et Danses d'Erythree (Songs and Dances of Eritrea) and Eritrean Revolutionary Songs" sound recording, 1980

Track A1

"The Eritrea People Is Wall"

Track A2

"THe Flame of the Fight to Extend"

Track A3

"After Retreat"

Track A4

"Our Red Sea"

Track B1

"Layeye Lale Lalena"

Track B2

"Eritrea Ba Ba"

Track B3

"Ana Sefalelku"

Track B4

"Our Popular Army"

Track B5

"Never Go Back After A Challenge"