Inventory of the Papers of Henry W. & Anna Lohrenz, 1874-1945

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Inventory of the Papers of Henry W. & Anna Lohrenz, 1874-1945

Record Group No.: M25

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Papers of Henry W. & Anna Lohrenz,
Date (inclusive): 1874-1945
Record Group No: M25
Creator: Lohrenz, Henry W., 1878-1945
Extent: 5.0 linear ft.
Repository: Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies (Fresno, Calif.).
Fresno, California
Language: English.

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[Identification of item], Papers of Henry W. & Anna Lohrenz, M25, Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies, Fresno, Calif.


Henry W. Lohrenz was born in Harvey County, Kansas, on 2 February 1878 to Heinrich and Elizabeth Wiens Lohrenz. He joined the Ebenezer Mennonite Brethren Church in Buhler, Kansas, in 1896. From 1900 to 1908 Lohrenz attended McPherson (Kan.) College, from where he received an A.B. degree in 1908. While a student at McPherson, the Ebenfeld Mennonite Brethren Church near Hillsboro, Kansas, called Lohrenz to the ministry in 1904. He was ordained there in 1907. In 1908 Lohrenz was called to be president of the newly-founded Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas. He held that position until 1931. During most of those years Lohrenz was also a professor of biology at Tabor. From 1929 to 1932 he was the Dean of the Tabor College Bible School. Lohrenz received an A.M. degree from the University of Kansas in 1911 and a D.D. from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago in 1929. He also briefly attended Columbia University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Chicago, and the University of Wichita. In 1932 Lohrenz left Tabor and became an assistant professor of Biology and Bible at Bethel College in nearby Newton, Kansas. He stayed there only until 1934, when he accepted a position as Bible instructor at Corn Bible Academy in Corn, Oklahoma. He returned to Tabor in 1935 as Dean of the Bible School, a position he held until 1941. From 1941 until 1945 he was a professor of Bible there. H. W. Lohrenz's service to the Mennonite Brethren Conference was wide ranging. He is perhaps best remembered in that regard as the chairman of the Board of Foreign Missions from 1919-1936 and Executive Secretary of that board from 1936-1945. His other conference positions included Conference Moderator (1919-1924, 1927-1930 and 1943-1945), Conference Assistant Moderator (1936-1939), Conference Secretary (1905-1906), Conference Assistant Secretary (1909-1915), chairman of the Constitution Committee (1930-1936), Secretary-Treasurer of the Education Committee (1936-1939), Vice Chairman (1936-1939) and Chairman (1943-1945) of the Board of Reference and Counsel, member of the Christian Education Committee (1924-1927), and member of the Peace Committee (1919-1927). Henry W. Lohrenz died 16 March 1945 in Hillsboro, Kansas.

Scope and Content

This record group contains academic transcripts (1900-1927), student papers written by Lohrenz (1900-1927), material relating to McPherson College (1888-1910), material relating to Tabor College (1908-1932), essays, addresses, sermon and lecture notes, correspondence with a wide variety of persons, particularly other leaders in the Mennonite Brethren Church, material relating to conscientious objectors in World War I, Lohrenz family genealogical material, and other items relating to the life of Henry W. Lohrenz. The record groups also contains a small amount of papers from Lohrenz's wife, Anna Friesen Lohrenz

Series Description


Series I: Biographical and personal information


Series II: Administrative records of Tabor College and the General Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, 1908-1944


Series III: Sermons, lecture and course materials, [19--]-1944


Series IV: Materials relating to conscientious objectors in World War I


Series V: Correspondence, 1894-1945


Series VI: additional material added in 1983, 1874-1945

Container List


Series I: Biographical and personal material

Box 1

Information on Lohrenz family and poetry


Anna Friesen Lohrenz papers


Personal notebooks


Educational transcripts and student writings, 1900- 1927


Series II: Administrative records of Tabor College & the General Conference of MB Churches

Box 1

Tabor College


Board of Directors, 1908-1932


Corporation, 1907-1927


Committee reports, financial reports and fund-raising reports, 1909- 1933


Faculty minutes and curriculum planning reports, 1912- 1925


Reports to Mennonite Brethren conferences, 1908- 1945


Chapel addresses, 1919-1945


Youth presentations, 1919-1936


General Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches


Board of Reference and Counsel, 1920-1943


Board of Foreign Missions, 1932-1943


Series III: Sermons, lecture and course materials

Box 1



Christmas and New Year


Given in hospitals


Birthdays and family events


Harvest festivals, communion and footwashing


Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost and Ascension Day


Funerals and farewells


Weddings and baptisms

Box 2





Conference events


Bible schools


Partial index to sermons and preaching itinerary


Sermons arranged chronologically, 1919-1944


Course syllabi and notes

Box 3



Bible doctrine




English Bible


History of the Mennonite Brethren Church


Christian education


Teachings of Jesus


Life of Jesus






Romans and I Corinthians


II Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians and Hebrews


I and II Thessalonians


I, II and III John, James


I and II Peter




Series IV: Materials relating to conscientious objectors in World War I

Box 3

Position statements and minutes of meetings, 1917- 1922


Data on Mennonite Brethren men called to military service


Correspondence with government agencies and military, 1917- 1918


Correspondence with Peace Committee, 1917-1920


Correspondence with drafted men, 1918-1919


Series V: Correspondence

Box 4

Adrian, H., 1928-1930


Adrian, P. P., 1922


Baker, Newton, 1917-1918


Balzer, Benjamin, 1919


Balzer, Peter H., 1917


Balzer, Peter V., 1924-1940


Barkman, J. R., 1933


Barnley, H. J., 1918


Bartel, D. D., 1917-1919


Bartsch, Heinrich and Anna, 1930


Bauer, John, 1917


Bechthold, Philip, 1917


Becker, A. J., 1917-1922


Bender, Harold S., 1938


Berg, John, 1917-1929


Berg, P.H., 1935


Bergthold, Daniel F., 1917-1939


Bergthold, D. P


Bese, John, 1917


Bestvater, William J., 1931-1938


Bethel Deaconess Home and Hospital, 1942-1944


Block, John, 1927


Boese, John H., 1917


Borntrager, E. J., 1918


Brandt, H. F., 1926-1932


British Embassy, 1918


Buller, John J., 1918


Buller, Peter, 1917


Burkhard, C., 1917


Claassen, P. W., 1911


Conference on Fundamentals, 1920


Congo Inland Mission, 1919


Culler, A. J., 1920


Curtis, Charles, 1918-1920


Dahl, Henry E., 1918


Dahl, Henry F., 1918


Dahl, John E., 1908


Dahl, P. E., 1931-1932


Dahl, Tena, 1935


Detweiler, I. R., 1918


Dick, A. A., 1931-1944


Doolittle, Dudley, 1916-1917


Duerksen, J. F., 1894-1927


Dyck, David, 1920-1925


Ebel, B. E., 1918


Edwards, John A., 1920


Eitzen, A. A., 1918


Eitzen, D. C., 1921-1930


Enns, J. M., 1917-1918


Epp, A. P., 1936


Epp, Jacob, 1921


Epp, J. B., 1917-1922


Esau, Johann, 1919-1920


Ewert, J. G., 1926-1938


Ewert, W. F., 1917


Fadenrecht, John H., 1944


Fast, Peter, 1917


Flaming, G. A., 1917


Flaming, H. C., 1927


Flaming, H. H., 1917-1939


Flaming, Jacob H., 1917


Foote, Paulina, 1925-1927


Ford, Guy Stanton, 1918


Foth, J. H., 1917-1918


Foth, J. S., 1913-1920


Frantz, A. I., 1931


Franz, J. J., 1918-1922


Friesen, B. J., 1923-1926


Friesen, J., 1927


Friesen, P. C., 1916-1918


Fruechting, Friedrich, 1919


Gaebelein, A. C., 1917


Gebhardt, Guy T., 1917


Goebel, P. N., 1917-1918


Goertz, P. S., 1915-1931


Goerzen, F. S., 1910-1911


Gray, Alfred G., 1928


Groening, A. A., 1927


Groening, Abr., 1930


Guenther, John, 1917-1918


Guenther, Peter, 1920


Hamilton, H. G., 1931


Hanneman, Anna, 1922-1935


Harder, D. E., 1921-1925


Harder, P. E. J., 1925


Harding, President Warren G., undated


Harms, A. J., 1918-1922


Harms, J. F., 1903-1932


Harms, O. F., 1906


Harms, Tina C., 1922


Hartford Theological Seminary, 1925


Hartzler, J. E., 1922


Heide, Peter C., 1918


Heidebrecht, C. C., 1911-1919


Hein, J. J., 1919


Heinrichs, A. and H., 1917


Heinrichs, Abraham, 1917


Heinrichs, J., 1922


Heinrichs, J. R., 1928


Heinrichs, John, 1917


Heiser, Heinrich, 1917-1918


Herbel, Mrs. Fred, 1917


Heszler, Ludwig, 1918


Hibbard C. V., 1916


Hiebert, Abe E., 1918-1919


Hiebert, D. F., undated


Hiebert, J. K., 1908-1930


Hiebert, J. N. C., 1927-1936


Hiebert, John D., 1917


Hiebert, N. C., 1918


Hiebert, N. N., 1909-1938


Hiebert, P. C., 1907-1942


Hillsboro (Kan.) Mennonite Brethren Church, 1934


Hoch, Homer, 1917-1920


Hodel, John J., 1917


Hoeppner, D. R., 1920


Hofer, D. M., 1918-1925


Hole, Allen D., 1919-1920


Hoover, Herbert, 1918


Hoover, William A., 1918


Huebert, G. B., 1926-1944


Janz, B. B., 1928-1935


Janz, Henry P., 1917


Janzen, A. E., 1916-1935


Janzen, C. C., 1915-1931


Janzen, F. A. & Elizabeth, 1920-1923


Janzen, F. F., 1917


Janzen, H. A., 1917


Janzen, Herman, 1918


Just, M. M., 1913-1919


Justice, Department of (U.S.), 1918


Kansas Department of Education, 1926


Kansas, University of, 1917


Kaufman, Ed G., 1929


Keile, Jacob, 1917


Keppel, F. D., 1918


Kiehn, P. D., 1922


Klassen, C. F., 1944


Klassen, G. S., 1918


Klassen, Susie & Gerhard, 1916


Kliewer, J. J., 1917-1931


Kliewer, J. W., 1917-1920


Kohfeld, Henry, 1930


Koller, Charles W., 1941


Koop, Jacob, 1917


Kornelson, Tina, 1929


Kroeker, Helena, 1925


Kroeker, Jacob, 1922-1923


Kroeker, M. A., 1936


Krehbiel, H. P., 1917-1924


Kurtz, D. W., 1917


Labor, Department of (U.S.), 1917


Lange, P. R., 1923-1934


Langeman, Peter, 1937


Langenwalter, J. H., 1921-1922


Langhofer, Henry, 1917


Lathem, A. L., 1921


Lohrenz, Anna, 1925-1931


Lohrenz, Anna & children, 1925


Lohrenz, G. W., 1919-1935


Lohrenz, Katharina, 1913


Lohrenz, John H., 1919-1945

Box 5

McMullen, R. J., 1944


Martin, Paul, 1925


Mendenhall, W. O. 1925-1932


Mennonite Relief Committees, 1920


Mosiman, S. K., 1922


Musselman, S. M., 1921


Neufeld, A. J., 1925-1931


Neufeld, H. A., 1919-1920


Neufeld, K. G., 1927-1931


Nickel, B. P., 1922


Nickel, P. E., 1911-1935


Nickel, T. R., 1923


Pankratz, H. J., 1908-1933


Pankratz, J. H., 1913-1944


Pauls, A. W., 1918


Pauls, B. P., 1928


Penner, A. A., 1923


Penner, H. F., 1917


Penner, P. C., 1917


Penner, P. E., 1931


Peters, Diedrich G., 1935


Red Cross, 1917


Redekop, J. F., 1922


Reedley (Calif.) Mennonite Brethren Church, undated


Regehr, J. K., 1918-1926


Regier, Mr. & Mrs., 1909-1918


Regier, Mary J., 1926-1927


Regier, Peter, 1928


Reimche, Christian, 1917


Reimer, Catherine, 1928


Reimer, Heinrich E., 1917


Reimer, J. D., 1933


Reimer, Jacob, 1917


Reimer, John, 1919


Rempel, P. P., 1911-1919


Rempel, Henry D., 1935


Rempel, K., 1939


Revision der Statuten der Konferenz, Komitee für die, 1933


Richert, A. J., 1916


Richert, Abr., 1906


Richert, Herbert, 1922


Richert, J. H. & Anna, 1922-1927


Richert, P. H., 1917-1918


Rogalsky, H., 1922


Ross, Adam G., 1917-1924


Rosthern District Mennonite Brethren Churches (Saskatchewan), 1933


Royer, Galen B., 1918


Sawatzky, A. G., 1930-1933


Schapanski, T. M., undated


Schellenberg, A. L., 1917-1923


Schellenberg, Abraham, 1909-1929


Schellenberg, Katharina, 1921-1945


Schellenberg, P. E., 1922-1942


Schenkofsky, Henry, 1921-1922


Schlichting, M. H., 1921-1922


Schmidt, August B., 1931


Schneider, C. F., 1917-1918


Schneider, Samuel, undated


Schroeder, Abr., 1918


Schroeter, A. A., 1922-1938


Schroeter, Elizabeth, 1924


Seibel, J. J., 1913-1929


Seibel, Mr. & Mrs. John, 1918


Seibel, Ludwig J., 1917-1928


Seibel, R. C., 1930-1944


Siemens, John, 1923


Smith, A. A., 1933-1943


Snead, A. C., 1933


Spahn, Adam, undated


Stobbe, H. H., 1927-1931


Stoesz, A. D., 1923


Stoesz, Dietrich, 1918


Strand Mission, 1919


Strauss, A. F., 1931-1940


Strauss, D. F., 1927-1939


Suderman, J. M., 1936


Sudermann, Anne, 1915


Sudermann, D. E., 1918


Sunday School Times, 1918


Swigart, W. J., 1917


Tabor College Board of Directors, 1927-1933


Taft, G. W., 1931


Thiersten, J. R., 1923-1924


Thiesen, Margaret L., 1927


Thiesen, Ph. E., 1924


Thiessen, H. C., 1917-1933


Thiessen, Herman H., 1927


Thiessen, J. C., 1917-1918


Thiessen, J. F., 1918-1924


Thiessen, N. J., 1917-1918


Thieszen, Jakob M., 1914


Thomssen, G. N., 1916-1917


Toews, David, 1917


Toews, H. F., 1913-1922


Toews, J. B., 1937-1945


Toews, P. F., undated


Torrey, R. A., 1920-1924


Troyer, E., 1923


Tschetter, J. M., 1923-1925


Unruh, A. A., 1937


Unruh, A. H., 1926-1940


Unruh, Cornelius, 1923


Unruh, D. P., 1912


Unruh, H. E., 1917


Unruh, P. H., 1917-1922


Vogt, J. W., 1923


Voth, George, 1917


Voth, H. S., 1928-1940


Voth, Heinrich, 1914


Voth, J. H., 1921-1935


Wall, A. C., 1931-1932


Wall, Elizabeth, 1937-1941


Wall, Isaac, 1925


Wall, P. F., 1922-1925


War Department (U.S.), 1918-1924


Warkentin, C. H., 1922-1925


Warkentin, G. D., 1919


Warkentin, J. K., 1927-1930


Warkentin, J. W., 1927-1932


Warkentin, K. H., 1920-1921


Wedel, B. C., 1917


Wedel, P. J., 1924


Western [i.e. Pacific] District Conference of MB Churches, undated


Weyand, G., 1927


White, W. P., 1931


Whitmer, Paul E., 1921-1936


Wiebe, A. J., 1921-1923


Wiebe, F. F., 1928


Wiebe, H. D., 1931-1945


Wiebe, J. J., 1929-1934


Wiebe, John A. & Viola, 1913-1945


Wiebe, John P., 1923


Wiebe, P. Z., 1927-1928


Wiens, Bernard, 1921-1924


Wiens, F. J., 1913-1929


Wiens, Gerhard, 1917-1925


Wiens, J. W., 1917-1935


Wiens, John, 1928


Wiens, Peter F., 1927-1932


Willems, G. D., 1936


Williams, Governor R. L., 1917


Wilson, President Woodrow, 1917


Yoder, A. B., 1918


Zabriskie, George A., 1918


Zionsbote, 1918


unsigned or incomplete, 1918-1928


Series VI: Material added in 1983

Box 4

Funeral service, misc. manuscripts, list of H. W. Lohrenz material in possession of Marian Remple


Correspondence with wife and children


McPherson College


Tabor College


Correspondence with various persons